Police Scanner +

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2 years ago
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User Reviews for Police Scanner +

4.52 out of 5
88.2K Ratings
6 years ago, Cerridwenscall
Using as a Police Scanner
I really enjoy this app! Have not delved beyond the police scanner yet, as that was main reason to use it. It works exactly as you would want for that. So many options! I live in a large city in CO and rest of my family live back in MI. This lets me not only know what is happening here in this huge city around me, but I can keep an ear out on my adult kids to👍🏼 Interesting how you learn that when police departments complain how underfunded they are, or under staffed, by hearing that on any given weekend, in any district, only 3-4 cars are on the late night shift, and complaint calls hold for over 24 hrs....you can understand the frustration from not only the people in the city, but very much so by the police who have to answer those insanely late response times! Last weekend Friday night, 2am, 4 different calls were held involving guns and knives simply because there was no one to respond! Yup. Sorry for the long story, but this app has actual learning value to it. 109% recommendation ✌🏽
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2 months ago, Sleepless in,,,??
Vert informative
This is so informative, whenever I hear sirens & helicopters in the air close to my house I download this app and put in my area info and BAM there it is, you can listen in on what’s going on, it’s great. I like it because I can find out if they’re close to my house, this way I can be prepared for anything, like if someone is going to be running thru my backyard and whether the suspect or suspects have weapons, I’ll know to get inside and lock my doors. Last one I heard was a male who was close, not in my neighborhood, but in the area and he was on foot, carrying a small handgun and was on cocaine, last heard he was in a mobile home park, which is a pretty good distance from here. It gives you a lot of info, so go for it and have some fun listening in on the action.
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7 years ago, CSRD1
One of the best for free!
I shouldn't complain about the ads since it's free but they can be a pain. Sometimes the full screen ads won't allow you to X out of them. 95% of the time it works great though. It's nice to know what's going on around my neighborhood! Since the last iPhone update, I've been getting bumped off a lot! I'll play my game, which I've done several times in the past with no problems but now it's very annoying! Now I'm conflicted on my rating. Please fix! June 2017: Since my last post, I've learned that I have to update all my apps for this to work appropriately! I quits on me if I have anything pending. Also once you've established your station and if you can successfully "X" out of the ad, go the one page back, where you chose your station and then you can listen while doing other things on your phone without getting bumped off! I think leaving it on the clock page leaves it vulnerable to quitting! Now that I've figured all of this out, I can enjoy it! Thanks!
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6 years ago, Pandora PDX
Interesting entertainment, plus has TONS of music stations
Happened across this on the App Store, and was like: “Oh yeah! That’s right! They have these thingies where you can listen in, to the police scanners”!! Had forgot these things existed LOL. Interesting to listen to. Your area, or anywhere else. Ironically, the next day, my neighbors were having a domestic issue.. I knew police had to have been called; & sure enough, I heard it.. So it’s definitely fascinating. Then I see there’s music stations worldwide, too!! Diff than my other platforms. I’m into electronic music, & the more unique styles of European deep house & minimal tech stations available for example, had me pretty dang excited! 3 stars for the tech issues, crashes, cutting out, etc., but other than that, it’s fun to clean house and listen to music, or to what’s going on in my city, crime-wise. Although I’m sure there are private, non-transmittable channels also used, it’s still cool to listen to occasionally.
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1 year ago, moddirtracer
I'm sorry I'm not going to be able to keep the police scanner
I'm not trying to be a bad guy bu knocking down the police scanner app and it's a lot better than the other one I had on my phone and I decided to get this one because it's easier and features more then my older one dud display is nicer also I don't know why when I looked up for free police scanner's it was in my list of all my free apps and I don't care what you do or say I checked it all out and I didn't see anything or find anything anywhere at all telling me to pay for it anywhere's I'm not going to pay for something that I'm downloading for free i want to use so i got it looking for my place to listen to on my police scanner app and I can't get my list to open or work right lol I think closed my police scanner app and then I got to see what was wrong with it all a sudden I got a free box and then I'm looking at the same thing with free in it bow turned out it's four dollars and some cents that's fine I'm not getting it
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7 years ago, GJCO Listener
Great Free App
I've owned a handheld digital scanner for years, and it was with me for much of my free time and always when I was in the car. Unfortunately it got knocked off a table and is not working. This app helps fill the gap pretty well. I like that I can listen to other areas from home and can tune in to home when traveling. I love that it has a timer that turns the app off if I fall asleep listening. I listen almost exclusively to law enforcement/fire. The one thing I do not like about the app is that more than one channel will run at a time. With City, County and Fire all going at the same time it is sometimes impossible to know what is happening. This is the next best thing to my handheld.
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4 years ago, Shepsclassics
Best free scanner app
I live in our state’s largest county. We have county fire/rescue/police and several cities with the county, plus marine. I live within city limits but work just outside those limits. I can bounce between channels to find out where all those emergency vehicles are headed so I can reroute my commute. I can tell what’s going on around me when I’m hearing multiple sirens. The app runs while I’m doing other things on my phone (unless I close it) so I’ll hear it if something happens near me. I can listen to what’s happening near my friends and family. The ads don’t stop the streaming like some others do. I’m sure if I upgrade I’ll have more features but I’m fine for now.
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5 years ago, DonPgh15108
A Great Source Of Music
I love this app. The police and fire scanner allows me to pick up channels from all over the world. If you are bilingual, you’ll love listening to transmissions in Spanish, German, Russian, or a seemingly endless string of others worldwide. I especially love the wide variety of available music genres. I can listen to music 24/7, if I want to, and the choices of genre lead me further to more options of the genre, including radio stations. My only displeasure involves the Calm Radio subscription commercials that air almost every time a music selection is finished playing. It’s akin to listening to public radio - you can’t get around them, unless you subscribe.
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6 months ago, rkwalters
Next best thing
Next best thing to having a physical scanner or may be better since I no longer need to carry around a list of channels. Ads are needed I understand but my only complaint is that some ads take over the sound or are hard to actually close. You hit the close for the ad and then it asks you to download you close that and the add close icon is in a different place. When you finally get some ads to close you miss some or most of a particular event. That’s a bit frustrating. But it is the best option as far as I have found.
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4 years ago, A55wanderer
Small town
Live in a small town and rarely anything happens. However, had a few occasions where this app has come into play and helped tremendously. Had a flood where most of the town was knee deep in rushing river water and on another, a stolen car had been pulled over in town where the occupants began shooting at the police officer. The 3 suspects took off on foot and it felt like the whole world came down on top of our little town of 1200 people. The scanner kept us up on what was going on as it was happening and what part of the city they were looking so as I didn’t have to worry and grab my gun as well. Great app
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3 years ago, Hwoodsr
Encrypted radio frequencies
It’s a very expensive install for most county/township. Ours paid 6.5 million 5 years ago. If anyone is wondering about their favorite or local channels missing, it’s not the apps fault, it’s the 911 centers ability to keep the criminal types from listening to dispatch. You might want to call the non-emergency phone number of the 911 center or someone in the county Sheriff’s office and ask if they encrypted their radio frequencies. 9 out of 10 times you’ll get they can’t tell you. So just Google it. Good luck scanning
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11 months ago, Andy's revenge
Five star Rating might be overrated
I love this app. The best free police scanner app. I have one complaint. As much as I love it I hate the full page game ads. Most are casino type games. I hate playing games on my phone. Having said that is there a premium option? The ads cover my entire screen and show no way to X them out until the end (if there are any at all) very annoying but I still love the best scanner in the Apple Store. The other thing some of these listeners don’t realize is that the scanner keeps going during the ad. You just can’t see or operate it until the ad ends.
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3 years ago, San Diego Drew
Getting the real scoop on what’s going on in other cities.
More and more lately I am using the app to keep up with what’s going on in cities we’re friends and relatives live. It is sometimes difficult to really know what is going on across the country just by watching the news. Listening police another emergency frequencies in a city that interests you. Is a great way to keep up on what’s really going on in a town you’re loved ones live in. On a nostalgic note. I also very much love the old time radio shows that are available through the app. It is also nice to hear classic art bell on those nights when I just can’t sleep.
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6 months ago, dlipsitz
No free trial, just ads for games
Ads will pop up within seconds of selecting frequencies to listen to. Ads require waiting until sounds stop (loud obnoxious music, guys shouting) then show a countdown. Click on what should be to exit the ad opens App Store to install game. Exit back and still no option to leave ad (click too soon gets App Store for game again). You must wait at least 30 seconds to get an actual exit to this app. Takes about two minutes to get through this whole thing. Repeat for any time you want to change to another scan group. Won’t work in background. Frequencies that should have traffic don’t. Won’t pay for any apps that don’t work during “free” trial.
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5 years ago, kjkymotttjer
Public access to Application
I think it is great for the public to have access to this type of application. It not only enlighten the public, but could be an opportunity for public to provide information. It should never be used by public in a mischievous manner! I think it could enhance the public’s outlook and understanding of what the police department deals with on a daily basis. By listening to this dispatch, officers often don’t have all information needed to do their jobs, so the public’s cooperation is desperately needed!
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7 months ago, Hour gf yfufh
It could be better
It could be better but there are pros and cons to it. The only problem I have with it is that I don’t know what the codes are so I struggle to know what they are talking about. It just shuts off if I have it as a background noise but other than that I have nothing wrong with it. I have tried different apps but I have always come back to it so it is pretty good other than the stuff that I just mentioned.
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2 years ago, speed stich Jack
Rating quality
I love quality of the voice sound is great transition from one to the other is excellent I have no complaints about it whatsoever cost is competitive and I just love itI love quality of the voice sound is great transition from one to the other is excellent I have no complaints about it whatsoever cost is competitive and I just love it Jack 1973 Olds 480 got it out of Colorado at the big Springs area. Got it off EBAY had to pay $550 transports to east cost.
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2 years ago, Slwnab
The ads are hijacking the app.
The ads are completely taking over the app. If you don’t open the app then lock your phone as soon as possible to make it run in the background, then an ad will open at max volume and you will not be able to close it. The “x” in the corner of the screen is a decoy that takes you to the App Store. *IF* I’m able to defeat the ads and actually use the app, I’m happy with it.
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4 years ago, Info broker
Great for world music...and scanner
I took my iPad to Russia with me, and scanned the genre of deep house, which I love.. I never would have stumbled so easily upon those stations...back here in Cali, I would have had to look a lot longer. I originally got app for local scanning of law enforcement...wouldn’t you know, my city doesn’t have anyone broadcasting those feeds... disappointing.. but not with the app, I love not having all the pop up ads, with the upgrade..it was worth it !
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6 years ago, TwakJobthaGOD
It's cooo
First and foremost, I am not an expert pert. Obviously, if I was my name needn't be shown giving review; it would be listed underneath ownership are designed almost identically to the other and to find one that meets all of the users needs while the others merely 'suffice'and the reasoning behind my endorsement this specific scanner because of two very different reasons once you begin your shopping and searching and comparing all the limited choices for an app that there isn't a wide range of options for the police scanner apps.
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6 years ago, Guy named Larry
It’s ok, but....
The app is ok for what it is. However, I wish it were more of a scanner and would really scan. As it is, you pick a channel to listen to and that’s it, but while you’re listening to that one something may happen on the other one you’re not listening to right now. On a real scanner, it scans all channels programmed into it. As it scans all the channels programmed wherever the action is is where it goes to so you don’t miss it. So while one may be silent the next one may have a call and it’ll automatically go to whichever one picks up traffic first.
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7 years ago, Liam the zombie killer
Interesting app, interface needs improvement
Like I said, interesting app. You will make what you will of what you hear. I see some people using it to fuel their paranoia, that's probably not the way to use it. The interface needs improvement though. It's not easy enough to navigate backwards. Sometimes you have to go through 4 or 5 steps just to get back to the home screen. I recommend adding a button that takes you back to the home screen from wherever you are.
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2 years ago, Swearta
Excitement not in a sleepy town
Strange things happen and it’s fun to be informed. My parents were in an elder abuse situation in another state and having the scanner on alerted me to the situation. When returning to my home I was able to monitor to make sure that creep stayed away from them. In an effort to protect my parents I also quickly learned how the local police department was biased and unable to address this situation professionally.
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3 years ago, Master Recourse
Monitoring Officials
It would be beneficial for the listener if scanners could cover truncated communication so that both conversations on different channels could be heard between vehicle to vehicle communications between police or sheriff as we hear with dispatch to officers. Anyway, I seem to miss out whats happening when I now of something taking place and the scanner has nothing to let me know whats happening with pursuits or other activity. Easier to tune in on app versus real scanner.
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6 years ago, Mingo89'
Scanner app
It’s actually a great app. It’s not just great it’s freakin insane. It’s asome., I would love to see in time to come the state scanner channels mixed in with this app. But besides everything else, this app is really nice. I can actually know whats going on around town, and in emergency calls I can listen in before it comes out in the morning news,. Whoever made it possible, he or she or they are geniuses, heroes and I would give them a handshake cause it’s earned.
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3 years ago, Pride/power!!!
Great travel partner
When we travel to the North the scanner comes in handy when we stay in the different states to hear what is going on in the different places we stay in!! We like to stay in touch with the police and fire scanner to know what's up and to stay away from the problem spots!! With staying off location with accidents on the 🛣 interstates comes in good and handy!!
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5 years ago, This weeks leader
Adds so many adds
I just don’t think candy crush adds should play right when you try to use an emergency app. That’s honest not cool. If you want an emergency app that’s not going to play adds multiple times before you can hear the scanner or use the app at all, than don’t buy this. Honestly just don’t download it at all. Nothing but adds and wasting time every single time no matter what when you try to open it just adds adds adds! Don’t down load it’s nothing but adds not even one star. Literally nothing but adds. Just stop with the adds I’m uninstalling this and I hate you! You made me late to hearing about a loved one dying in an accident!
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4 years ago, Mamaguchi66
Scanning other States
Being able to listen to other areas helps to give a little better understanding of the hurdles some law enforcement agencies are up against. Descriptions of suspects and vehicles, and times of incidents or reports of shots fired are so crucial and it's obvious when listening that time is of the essence... On the Edge of my chair in Chicago and hollering out loud in Hawaii. Just wish officers voices to radio weren't the same as doctors writing is to prescription pads. IJS
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3 years ago, gabriel smarr
I love this app
I love this because you just get to sit and listen you also get to listen to the Radio I never seen that before in app and it’s keeps you updated on what’s happening I would recommend this app to anyone all you have to do is listen without any complaints thank you so much for making this app I love it
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3 years ago, Mattman2812
Was good until ads got intrusive
I used to like this app but recently the ads became very intrusive. Now the ads pop up every time you put the app in the background to check something else on your phone and come back. Many times the ads are missing the x to close them so I can’t figure out how to get them off the screen to do ANYTHING with the police scanner app until I force close the app and start it again. So basically this app is becoming useless since who wants to keep getting interrupted in the middle of listening to a broadcast?
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7 months ago, Neuf71
Great app but the ads are the worst
There are WAY too many ads. I get that those of us who don’t want to pay for or can’t afford a monthly subscription have to suffer through ads, but there are too many. - Some ads are hard to click out of. Waiting to see the X to close it after the ad is done can take a while. In some cases I have not seen it at all and have had to close out of the app. - Many of the ads are long. Too long.
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3 years ago, davethegator23
Used to be good, now unusable
The continual increase in ads and intentionally frustrating placement have made it unusable. 30 second ads right when you start to play a feed without the ability to skip at all is so frustrating when you want to listen to what’s going on RIGHT now. Additionally, you can tell their 4+ star average rating is falsely inflated because of the frequent references to streaming music and non-radio traffic audio. Obviously paid reviews from people who didn’t even care to read more than a sentence of what the app is supposed to do.
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4 years ago, ThommyMac
Well worth it
this might seem like a shill or a plant but I have absolutely no connection to anyone involved with this product. When Bosco’s or whoever closed down in thus area a while back had real sales. I purchased an awesome scanner easily worth $150 for $25 & I loved it. It got lost or pinched during a move & I missed it terribly. This ain’t too shabby of a replacement, even the free version. Seriously, a great app.
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4 years ago, GelliC
Time Well Spent
My son was a security guard before his stroke a little over a year ago . He loved listening to radios and scanners on his off time . I love this app . We spend time together listening . It keeps his mind sharp . I ask him questions about calls , codes etc and he has to use his memory . Thanks ! PS This is much needed to let us know what’s going on !
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5 years ago, Chey975
Great Scanner App!
I have been using this app for quite a while now. I don't have one negative comment to make. I also love that I can record the feed I'm listening to. Keep up the great work and thank you!! P.S. For those of you who give a low rating because your area isn't available to listen to, it's not the apps fault! Some areas have made it so the public can't listen.
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6 years ago, Anonmom
Bugs and perpetual full screen ads
-When given access to my Location the app cannot find any scanners in my area-one of the largest, most populous, major metropolitan cities in the U.S. Scanners close to me, are retrievable only by working thru the menu, State>County> City etc etc. -Popup ad obliterates the entire screen and will not dismiss. The links in the ad are dead and selecting one of them does nothing to dismiss the ad, so, the user is locked out of the app. Update: downloaded another scanner app, Police5-0 and while it too has popupads, they easily dismiss and are not nearly as intrusive. They also don't make the app freeze!
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12 months ago, D-fall
No Electricity
The app is: Free police scanner, about a month and a half ago, a storm took out our electricity for three days. I enjoy listening to our local police, fire and rescue on the police scanner. But, when our electricity went out, so did the emergency departments! Now that all out electricity is on now, I can’t enjoy it because it says that the city/county emergency departments are “off line”! Our city/county is Campbellsville/Taylor County, Kentucky! Can you put them back on-line?
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2 years ago, EDCchick
Pretty Good
I like the app, it’s designed well and user friendly, but like other reviewers have said, the timing of ads needs to be worked on. It’s free I know, but I live rural and sometimes the scanner is the only immediate info. I get needing ads to keep it going, I just think they can place them better and not be so obnoxiously loud.
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2 years ago, I already have a nickname
Steams audio from broadcastify
The app seems to work, and it allows some customization and control over freely available audio streams from broadcastify. You can go to the broadcastify website and open the live streams without this app, however, so the core function of the app is nothing unique. I would be more comfortable streaming through the website since the app collects identifiers used to track you.
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4 years ago, being proactive
Police scanner
I really have found myself becoming dependent on it to know what’s going on in the vicinity of my neighborhood. A lot of what I may hear on this scanner app. I’ll then go to police reports or other internet sites to see if I can find out more of what’s going on. It does meet my expectations and I feel better known what’s going on around the neighborhood
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5 years ago, Ret SO S-9
Informed is best
I’ve used this scanner app before to keep track of critical incidents where I am at the moment and the area where I live. It’s better to know what’s going on in case you can help or even know when an imminent threat exists, and someone starts knocking on the door, you either need to keep the door locked. Or at worst, be REALLY careful before opening it!
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4 years ago, Sherribug
Police Scanner
Just downloaded and was blown away by the clear sounds of my local stations I live way out in county settings and can’t even use a tv antenna due to trees and being in deep mountain area so for this to actually get such service is unbelievable and soon as I get to check out the other options on this app I’m sure it will be 5 stars thank you for this awesome app and it’s being offered free🤗
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5 years ago, ironshepherd
Great App
I am twice retired LE and have 2 scanners in my home, however, this app allows me to listen in on activity without having to carry extra and sometimes cumbersome equipment (I.e. - handheld scanner). I can therefore listen 24/7 if wanting to. The only downfall is that I don’t think you can monitor more than one freq at a time like you can on a regular scanner.
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6 years ago, Hawaiian Isles
Ballistic Scare
I live in Hawaii and we experienced false ballistic threat on Saturday. It took 45 minutes to notify the public that this was a false report. I turned on the police scanner and heard that this was a false threat. I notified family members that this was a false report. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to not have been aware that this was a false alarm.
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2 years ago, Johnny Loc
Certified Worldwide Police Scanner +
Action speaks louder than words. All you need is this, nothing else, you are one button away from getting what you came for. Every options/features works as should be. Guarantied 100% satisfaction #1 (Live Police) app on the chart. Enjoy while you can because it's FREE!
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2 years ago, StuMarkSez
Good Enough for an Awesome Utility
Considering what these apps do, connecting us in virtually real time (only a couple of seconds delayed?) to our local or even other regional LEO agency open communications, right to my handheld device, this app does that very well. Even the buy-in at around $6, the app is pretty darn good. And, cutting out the annoying ads is a good idea for anyone using this app regularly.
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4 years ago, Rubyfish
Ads take priority over emergencies
Too many Ads in this App! The Ads pop up and even play music while you are trying to listen to a scanner emergency call. For example, I was listening to a fire dept. dispatch call to a nursing home which my mother happens to be at, then all of a sudden this App started playing some music and showing an Ad on top of the scanner call and I could no longer hear the scanner call. What is the point? It use to be an ok App years ago, but now it’s junk like so many other Ad supported Apps.
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2 years ago, danewbiz
Police scanner
Too many ads that no one cares about I agree... other than the ads, great. Find a way to mute the ads from beginning, if we want to listen we will. Some ads wont let u close them, so i close the ap and start over. If u switch between pd and ems, shdnt hv to hear more aded
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4 years ago, neurosurgnurse
Police scanner
It’s great for my small town but where I am from only offers public works. And it’s a fairly large city, one of the top 3 largest in my state. For some reason during severe weather it does not work at all. This has happened twice recently during tornado warnings. But for free it’s great especially since the Ems and fire station are almost next door to me. Recently has become very staticky. I can tell most listeners have left this sight
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6 years ago, Kim Sells
My friend is a police officer in another town and with this app I can listen to his calls. I love the Record feature, and have even personalized the app with a picture of my son. There is an endless selection of locations to listen to all over the world! Such a great app, can't believe it's free! The only problem I recently had was an ad that was pornographic!!! Where did that come from. 😳🙄😮
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