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Current version
The Praetorian Group, Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Police1

1.88 out of 5
96 Ratings
5 years ago, adam101212
App crashes
I would rate police one higher since I enjoy reading about articles about police interactions. However this app used to work flawlessly until the last update. I am using an iPhone 8 with iOS software up to date. The police one app crashes every time I open the app usually after getting half way through reading an article. I have deleted the app completely and reinstalled with the same crashes occurring.
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5 years ago, Kdandoy
App Crashes-Update
They fixed the issue with the app crashing. Least on my end. Now it’s a 5 star app. Love this app but lately it crashes after viewing an article for roughly 2 minutes. I have to reopen and look for where I left off every time. Getting close to deleting it unless they fix this issue...
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5 years ago, Ifnehcydbe
App keeps crashing
The app keeps crashing for no apparent reason. I will be in the middle of reading an article and it will shut down and close out. I have to open the app and scroll back through to find the article. Some times it crashes within 30 sec. of opening an article, sometimes I can read 2-3 articles before it crashes. Also crashes during videos. Please fix.
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6 months ago, meatloaf 55
No problems since updates
Great app since the crashing problem got fixed. Only request now would be videos that are playable on the mobile app.
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6 years ago, dawgmanx2
What happened to the app?!!!!
App use to work fine. I have 24 years in Law Enforcement and I enjoyed seeing the articles and especially enjoyed reading the comments from my Brothers and Sisters in Blue across the county. I guess someone decided that they did not like reading the truth from the ones who are actually on the front lines. Does not fit the agenda to completely demoralize and destroy law and order in this country. Thank you Police one for bowing to the pressure from those against law and order in this society.
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5 years ago, F... The Army
Keeps crashing
App has worked great for a long time, a few months ago it started crashing. I’ll be in the middle of reading an article or watching a video and boom, down goes the app...please fix! Can’t even get yalls training anymore because of the issue.
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5 years ago, C Heard
Not what I expected
When in the police academy or apart of any Law enforcement agency Police One is heavily used. It’s used for training, refreshers, exams, modules etc which are ALL mandatory. I downloaded this app in hopes to get access to the mandatory training, refreshers and recertifications while at home or on the go. Unfortunately, I can not log in to my account nor can you access any or the mandatory trainings, modules and exams for any law enforcement department ...disappointing Please fix this We’d love to use this app Maximize the apps potential please
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3 years ago, StreetCop6704
Need article dates
A good source for police related news. Much of the content is drawn from mainstream news sources. Many news events garner several articles as information develops. Which article is newest? A date the article was published would be helpful.
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5 years ago, 415irishfan
Constantly crashes
I would expect a large police website such as this one have a quality app. It’s garbage and I am tired of having to reopen the app three or four times to read an article. There has to be a better software developer or server to make this better. I use information each day with my co workers from police one to improve our performance but this app is a waste of time.
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1 year ago, Maui Kid
Still Junk ⭐️
Update: came back for another try at the app. Still a one star app. No updates, looks like it should be on an iphone 5. Definitely an app the AppStore needs to delete for being abandoned. 2018 Review: It’s old and hasn’t been updated for years. Looks awful on any larger screen and won’t rotate. Cleaning out my junk apps for iOS 14 and this one is deleted! ⭐️ barely
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5 years ago, mopiedopie
App crashes
I used to be able to read an article without any issues. Lately I start to read the article and the app crashes forcing me to make another attempt. When it crashes again, which it will, I just give up. I’ve had this issue since the last update that was done. I hope it gets fixed soon.
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3 years ago, rider4791
Issues FIXED!!!
Made a complaint; they answered me and fixed the crashing problem!!! Cant ask for better than that!
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3 years ago, AWD3
Don’t waste your time
The app is not what it used to be since Police One was taken over by Lexipol. Crashes every time you use it. They removed the ability to comment on the articles, and use pretty much nothing but open source articles from AP. If you are LE, don’t waste your time on Police1. It is neither for nor by cops anymore.
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5 years ago, Syn2615
App Constantly Crashes
I used to be able to open the app and read all the articles with no issues. Now when I’m I. The middle of reading something it closes out on me for no reason. Please fix or update the app as there are people who enjoy this app.
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3 years ago, KTnic81
App Crashes
Recent update has causes the App to regularly crash after a few minutes of use. Can’t get through an article without it crashing at least a few times.
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3 years ago, ksmith607
Keeps crashing like everyone else’s
Love the articles and the information, but most of the time I can’t read more than half of an article before the app crashes. It would be very nice if they fixed the issue, instead of just updating the logo. But what do I know, I’m just a beat cop
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3 years ago, SkippyFiveO
Just don’t
Used to be a good app. Now they took away commenting to somehow be PC (because the voice of cops doesn’t matter) and since they did that crappy update, the app crashes constantly while you are reading articles. Great job making things “better” by silencing people.
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5 years ago, Night owl12343321
Crashing problem
Good app to keep up with what is going on, but for the past month or so, I get started reading an article and the app crashes and closes. Makes it tough to keep up with the news when it disappears.
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5 years ago, Texas 126
The app constantly crashes. Can’t even read a whole article without having it crash, read a little more just for it to crash again
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5 years ago, Anspiew
Fix it
This app continues to crash. I have two different phones and it crashes on both. You would think one would attempt to fix this issue with all the other reviews saying the same thing. I used to enjoy reading this app.
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5 years ago, usmc1127
App constantly closes itself
I would rate higher but even with updates downloaded the app closes while I’m in the middle of reading an article. I can’t even get through a whole article!
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5 years ago, Soon2be91
I’ve had this app on my phone for a long time now. In that time there have been many updates to the app, yet it still crashes constantly.
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3 years ago, Amcaine22
The app was a vital source of LE news. The app is constantly not working and crashes while reading an article. The ability to comment on the articles was removed with our explication. Sad to see this source go downhill so quickly.
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5 years ago, bkelly455
Used to be good
I cannot make it through more than 2 poorly written paragraphs before the app crashes. You guys have some work to do before I download your app again.
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3 years ago, Murdopd
I have been using this app for a couple years now and have loved it. But over the last month, I’m on it for about 5 minutes and the app crashes. I have tried to re-install it but the problem persists.
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5 years ago, Sneakyg91
It crashes all the time.
I'll be reading an article for no more than a half a minute and it will completely crash on my iPhone 7.
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5 years ago, Kight03
App used to work fine
This app crashes every 60-90 seconds. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling and updates it will not let you read an article without crashing.
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3 years ago, Cc2xist
After recent update, app now crashes as you’d scroll through. Otherwise great to have for any first responder/leo or those just interested.
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5 years ago, P1 feedback
App shuts down
I enjoy the app. However, since the last update it constantly shuts down while I use it. Very frustrating. I have an Apple 7
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5 years ago, Lah503
Suddenly Started Crashing
This application used to work fine. However the last 2-3 weeks it has started crashing while reading the articles.
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3 years ago, k9hondo420
Unstable App
The app is great, except for the constant crashing. I’ve deleted and reloaded the app, with no help. This has been going on for a long time and may have reported the same issue. Developers get on it. Fix the bugs
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5 years ago, lededer77
Frequent crashes
Crashes about once every couple minutes.
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5 years ago, IowaCBPD
App has worked fairly well for years. Now mid way through an article the app closes on its own.
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3 years ago, Biggest Hop
App crashes since last update.
Can’t read a single article without app crashing. Needs to be fixed.
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3 years ago, Workman4aDay
App Crashes
It’s a good idea, like what the app could offer if it didn’t crash every time I use it...
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4 years ago, ptmbrown
Search feature
The app is good, but how about a search feature??
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5 years ago, Crat37reviewer
Crashing repeatedly
Used to work fine but within the last few weeks the app crashes every minute or so. Unusable.
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5 years ago, SpicyChickenSandwhich
App use to work. Now it crashes and closes every minute. Playing a video it crashes. When scrolling it closes. The app is no longer stable to use. Please fix.
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5 years ago, Jiggyjarjardoodeedee
Sound issues
I have an IPhone X and every video I try to watch has no sound.
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5 years ago, Robert LF
Videos do not work
Articles are good but can not view videos in tips section.
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5 years ago, DeputyJL
Good app, but....
I like this app, I enjoy looking at the news and keeping track of what happens from day to day In law enforcement, but the app keeps self closing while I’m trying to look at the news. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, Justintime 421
Used to be good but now you cant get through an article without it crashing several times. Super annoying!
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5 years ago, Rubydooo
App won’t load, always crashing. Will crash after 1 min of using the app. Please fix this problem, this used to be one of my favorite apps.
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5 years ago, Slice4
Crap app
This app is trash always has server issues and crashes. Not sure what’s so difficult about running a decent app seeing there are millions in the App Store that run fine.
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5 years ago, H20togo
No good
This app crashes constantly! I can’t make it through one article without it crashing. Please fix the bug so I can read relevant news!!!
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5 years ago, J_R Smith
Crashes a lot
Will crash completely. Anytime a video is attached it will skip it and go to a news article.
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7 years ago, Vt deputy
No support
First time user. App requested name and password to join. Tried multiple time and would Default to msg: name and password not recognized. So I deleted the app. I'll just watch Fox News to get up dates.
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5 years ago, Greatabcd
Use to work great
The app used to work great. I’ve noticed that it crashes after a couple minutes every time I use it now.
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5 years ago, Excellent and on point
App crashes
The app unexpectedly closes while in the middle of reading articles or watching videos. Very frustrating.
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5 years ago, Jeffrey Smo
Just kidding, it’s wretched. Absolutely abysmal. Do not download. Constant state of instability.
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