Poop Map - Pin and Track

4.8 (57.2K)
51.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nino Uzelac
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Poop Map - Pin and Track

4.76 out of 5
57.2K Ratings
9 months ago, gtf get ggr
Video Option And Audio Option
I have been using this app for about 1-2 years or so now and I can say this is the best app however. As you can see we all have been asking for a (Video Option). This will be amazing and I know everyone would love this if you added this please… besides that this is app is an 10/10. Or even like a Audio Option. Everyone will prefer the video option like I do though cause everyone been asking for it. But obviously the video option will have sound. Anyways thanks for making this app❤️!
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4 years ago, Cookieman4life1
You see, my homies and I have recently been logging our poops using this app. I love the idea and think this was a very good idea. The app runs smooth and everything works well. However, I will only be giving it 4 stars because it is missing a few features that would bring this app to be the best of all time. Feature #1 is head to head. This would be so much more fun if you could do tournaments or something else in the leagues. The other thing that needs to be added is pictures. Some of our league members have been brought to believe that another league member (not to give names but Wuke F) has been lying about their poops. This issue could be easily resolved if you could add a picture to your review. PLEASE add this feature and thank you for your time. Update: I was thrilled when I saw there were pictures added however i was soon brought down by the fact that I could not see my friends pictures.
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3 years ago, I💜ART
Kinda glitchy
My friends and I love this app and have been using it for a few month now. I love the leagues and the achievements I can earn but the app is kind of glitchy. My friends and I have pooped in a few different states around the US, but after a few weeks these pins simply disappear from the map. We had poops in Idaho, Texas, and New York and now when I look at my map they’re all gone. This kind of defeats the entire purpose of the app :( we’re trying to get poops in every state which is kind of hard to do if the pins in our less frequently pooped in states keep disappearing. Also one of my friends pooped in Indiana & it said she was in Spain??? So now we have a single random pin in Spain for some reason. Location tracking is not a complicated or new innovation so it’s pretty hard to understand why this app has such an issue with it :\ 5 stars easily if this issue is fixed
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4 years ago, A stressed hs student
I love this app so much. But...
I wish it was a little easier to use. I mostly use the social media aspect of this app (as almost every other user probably does as well) and I find it a little tedious to dig through poops and leagues to find where the notification I received came from. Maybe a dot indicating a notification/new development would work. Or maybe a feature where you could directly reply to a specific comment would make it easier to spot/organize interactions. Besides that, the app is great!
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5 years ago, john the bar
Love it, could improve though
Love the idea of the app, gorgeous concept very fun. Me and my friends have joined and made leagues and it’s very fun. But i have to be honest. The app is just so low quality. People’s profiles mean essentially nothing, why don’t you see your friends’ poo feed under their profile? And why do you just anonymously add people with the follow button instead of a search bar to look up their account? But if you don’t make those changes something many people have expressed interest in is the ability to add a picture with your description, so consider that please. You guys are killing it though
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4 years ago, Chloe657435
me and my friends love this app we use it daily. it is one of our favorite apps, and we talk about it all the time. i love some of the new updates and they bring a lot more to the app but would like to see new changes. one thing i would recommend is when you take a picture that it not flip. i have to take multiple pictures to get the right thing i want because it flips and it’s very annoying so u should make it where it doesn’t flip. (like snapchat)
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5 years ago, TMESS17
Fantastic concept, but please update
A bunch of my friends and I use this app very often. We enjoy the places and the feed and notifications. However, it is disappointing that we can’t see other people’s comments or even our own. Once I write a comment, it practically disappears. Also, adding the ability to comment on others’ poops would be a great feature. And an update of the look of the interface of the app would be awesome too. Overall, it’s a great concept that just needs to be updated with useful features. I’ll definitely come back and rate 5 stars when an update comes through! Thank you!
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3 years ago, grwrn
I love this app, but it needs more
I’ve been using this app for over 2 years now. My and my boyfriend absolutely love the idea of this, but it’s needs a better achievement feature! i think the achievements can really be elaborated on and because a prominent feature of the game. First of all, there needs to be a list of what you can do before you get it. i want to know whati can strive for. Secondly, it only seems to be 10 achievements at the moment, Not a lot… i would LOVE to get more achievements and try to beat my friends.
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9 months ago, KtOC14
Some might think it’s “gross” but honestly it brings people together in a way you might never have thought of. Awesome app I definitely recommend. All I ask, is that you guys at a feature where you can put a bio in your profile. I want to see a bio so I can get more information about my fellow poopers reasonably so. This app is amazing and it brings joy to my life away. I never thought was possible.
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3 years ago, johnjacobjingleheimerschitt
Feedback on League Scoring
This app cracks me up every time I use it and the ability to form leagues is paramount. I would prefer an option for leagues however to rank based on rates per day or per week, or even on the previous week's totals. Something that doesn't make it impossible for someone who joined a league late or had an off-week to be competitive. The rankings are impossible to make dynamic with the current most poops ever metric. The scoreboard is too hard to change.
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4 years ago, amazonposition69
Required App
This app is a life saver and should automatically installed on new iPhones. After using this app for a week, you soon realize how difficult it is to remember not only when you had a bowel movement, but also the location and quality of your evacuation. This app does all that for you. Further, you no longer have to ask your friends about the logs they are dropping - it’s all right there!
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4 years ago, Fhungsdngur
Fantastic app
Deepest apologies for the low star rating, but I have suggestions that I think could make this app significantly better. Please allow leagues to go head to head for a week and see who can get the most poops. This would be hilarious and fun. You could also add a report system if someone is cheating in this clan wars like system, therefore it would be less easy to lie. Please consider this, thank you for the incredible app sir.
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9 months ago, Booshue
Hilarious, weird, informative, and smart
I love this app. It is very strange, funny as heck, and I love that you can track your dumps and see everywhere you have been. I just recently downloaded this app because my sister and brother in law told me about it. I first thought what the hey, but then once I downloaded the app I fell in love because I can now know how many times I take a dump during the day.
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4 years ago, A--345
this app is splendid
I think this app caused me and my friends to have a deeper bond. We root each other on and just hope for the best! it’s making us stay healthy. While corona is happening i’m able to have this connection with my friends. we all downloaded the app and it’s only brought us joy. we laugh at all the reviews of the poops and we now have such a better bond. truly happy with this app.
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3 years ago, Will Sims
Love the app but not the UI
The concept of this app is very unique and a great way to have fun with friends. However, the UI could use some work. The map drops multiple pins in the same location rather than having a single pin with a counter of how many times it occurred in that location. I know the app is very new so I’m not complaining much as I’m sure the developers will continue to improve it. The only other recommendation would be to add some new features such as: - Category’s with icons on what kind of event occurred (some events are a little smoother than others) - Color assigned pins on the map rather than everyone’s being purple - Enabling a 3D shortcut on the app itself to allow you to instantly jump to posting an event - An overhaul of animations rather than the plain static text.
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3 years ago, beanlort
Love the concept
This is an awesome idea for an app could be improved upon tho. It would be nice to have your friends/the people you follow poops to show up on the map or maybe a way to select what data is displayed on the map as opposed to having to click through the whole app just trying to find your friends’ map. Could be a little more user friendly but I really love it.
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1 year ago, amberandthings
Hilarious and weirdly useful
My friend and I downloaded this app as funny inside joke with each other over two years ago and to this day we both religiously still track out poops with it. It’s a weirdly good way to keep track of my digestive health (lol but srsly) and also I love the map as a sort of tracker for all the places I’ve been. And obviously pooped.
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4 years ago, fhs league
What we need!
Wow! Epic app dudes but I know what could be added. First add some competitions, something more than just rankings. Add tournaments with some kind of online prize. Next to prove we don’t have any cheating by some members (who will remain unnamed(wuke f)) we need some pictures. Make an option to upload a imagine when logging poops. Having a fun time with friends on this app! Keep up the good work.
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4 years ago, Pkozo
Decent app. Could be better
I have to agree with some of the previous reviews. It would be great to have tournaments with your friends. I’m currently in a competition with some of the top poopers in a few leagues- it’s a silent competition as they don’t know I’m trying to catch up with them, but it’s competitive pooping at its best. I’m now eating more vegetables and Mexican food because of this app so I can be #1 in the US.
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3 years ago, hunthal
I like it. But it could use some things.
Honestly, this is one of the most hilarious apps to use with your friends. I liked that you can mark on the map and you can do contests. only downside is the app is a little slow, and at lacks an intuitive menu system. Would also love to see some new features added. The phone notifications are one of the best parts too. Would love to see them add to their database of funny phrases.
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1 year ago, kyguyy123
Life Changing
I started using this app for the social aspect, but when my friends stopped I kept grinding and pivoted towards focusing on my own development. After years of focus and drive, I have dropped poops all over the world. The rest of my life can crumble, but no one can takes these poops away from me. Ever.
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3 years ago, isabellalxm
Great but needs one simple improvement
This app is amazing and so so funny. However, it would be great if we could update our profile pictures by choosing images from our camera roll. Right now, it only allows you take a picture and upload it, and I am not the most photogenic person :D I think it would be an easy addition to the app and would make the profile page a lot more personalized.
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3 years ago, 2018bw
Good concept but needs work
The overall concept of the app is great, and fun to joke around with your friends. For health reasons and actual tracking for benefit, I think there are improvements that could be made. It seems that the app is not consistent with tracking times, as when I tracked a session it shows it for that evening instead of that afternoon. The interface is okay, but mediocre and could use some updating and improvements to make it more user friendly.
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4 years ago, Guycool12
Good, needs some work
I really enjoy this app. The ability to link my bowel movements with my friends’ is revolutionary. I do, however believe this app could provide more options for description of the fecal matter discussed, such as size, weight, and color. I think a point system could be implemented. Think, like BROWN-e points for example, to make things more competitive. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work. Happy pooping!
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3 years ago, please enter your...
I have an iPhone XR and as soon as I downloaded this app my phone became extremely slow. My phone started to do things on its own like the Home Screen switching from page to page, and it was clicking on things by itself. It also caused my screen to go completely black for about 5 seconds and as soon as it came back I tried to delete the app but it seemed almost impossible to do so. It keep doing things by itself but I finally got it deleted and it immediately fixed itself. So as I said DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!
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3 years ago, mexcian man
great game but,
I have had this game for about a day and I think it's great! One thing that I don't really love about this app is how you have to turn on your location to work. I'm not a fan of having it on but, I do it to play with my friends. So creator of this app do you think you could please change this and make it so you don't have to turn location on. Thanks!
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3 years ago, JennyRay24
I can’t see pics
I love the app and making friends around the world but I can’t see the pics everyone is taking. It’s not pics of poo because that would be gross. It because I’m part of a league and you can’t see the funny pics everyone takes. Please I miss seeing the pictures. Fix thissss.
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5 years ago, hanineer777
Hilarious but also serious?
A great way to bond with the people you are close with. It’s kinda weird at first but then we all create a strong bond knowing when we are loosing the caboose. On a serious note, if you have it’s like me, it’s a great way to track how your bowls are doing 😂 wish it had more features and was a little more user friendly!
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3 years ago, Gabe6969696969
Needs update with some new features
Pretty cool app, convinced a bunch of my friends to download it so we have a decent sized league. Please provide some sort of update regarding the following features: -Achievements: Cmon, there’s only like 6-8 that you can realistically get. That’s less then an arcade game on Xbox. -Stickers: I get the need for in app purchases but giving me only two options is like a kick in the shin. -Location: the GPS tracking on this is insane, I use my home porcelain throne, yet it has me pooping in my neighbors front lawn. I look like a serial pooper when i drop because it moves me everywhere -Details on the Drop: I’d like more ratings 1-5 on the toilet seat itself, perhaps location. I can get graphic on the write in details but I’d like a rating scale instead
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3 years ago, Globglogabgalab
Great app lol, enhance the UI though
I am a big fan of the app, it’s hilarious! However, this app lacks any form of polish that would make it a GREAT app. The UI is a little basic, unorthodox to get used to, and needs more flair. The app in general has a good porcelain palate, but I feel that app needs a more toilet themed aesthetic. You really gotta draw people in with an ironically really well made app about taking a number two. This is a gold mine devs, please start mining!!!
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4 years ago, outerscientist
needs an update!!!!
i think this app is absolutely spectacular. great way to connect with my friends comfortably. really promotes self awareness in my poops; if i’m pooping too little, if i’m pooping too much, it just really helps me and my friends. however, i think the design of the app is a little outdated. it’s 2020! do something to make it fancier please!!!!! i just feel like the app has such a 2013 aesthetic to it. but besides that, AMAZING STUFF!!!!
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3 years ago, Tenuissimus
Just very funny
There’s an interesting dynamic that develops between you and your friends when you know who’s pooping where and when, especially when you’re all late to the same gathering because you were all pooping, and now you all now why.
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3 years ago, 🤑💩💩
I love this app
My cousin download it and we were out of town and I’m like why not download it. because when the doctor asked you like how you have been pooping like you don’t remember. I always forget so I just say I don’t know. but now it’s like it tells you. I love it. You should Download it
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9 months ago, Esseerexe
dark mode
I’ve been using this app for 2 years & it’s been super fun + useful! But i’m taking off a star bc of the recent update, and how dark mode makes it difficult to read the text on my feed. i would suggesting changing how the dark mode looks.
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3 years ago, Succulent_juice_box_
I love it but I need help
I love this app so much but it’s not letting me log my poops. I couldn’t access the app for a week so I logged my poops in my notes app and when I could get back on the app, I logged all the poops I’d had since I couldn’t use the app. Now it won’t let me log my regular poops :( please help :(
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3 years ago, missgurl1122
I like it but...
I like this app my friends and I found it and started a league. The thing that bothers me is we have no idea how the points in the league works. Some of my friends have pooped 3 times and have 19 points already when I have went 5 times and I only have 3 points. I’ve been looking on the app and the internet to find out how it works but nothing tells me.
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3 years ago, Jake!?
I’m in the army and this app is a great way to keep in touch with my friends and buddies that leave the unit or the army and stay in contact with them. 10/10 would invest my own money to develop this app more and can’t wait to see more updates and improvements
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5 years ago, West heater blood
Please to whoever this may concern, we need to be able to take a picture after we are done using the laboratory. This would make the app 10x better and would up the ante. Developing a standing in which our friends group can compare waste, is crucial within the group.
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3 days ago, Snatch eatter
I like the app. My wife and I both use it and always leave something funny. Just a silly way to make each other laugh. Whenever we take a road trip we always try and add to our map. Kind of immature but we have fun with it.
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3 years ago, Alice E S👁👄👁
Love this app
This app is so funny. I love sharing all of the details about my droppings and with my friends. We compete in leagues and it’s just so so fun. But it also tells you things like how many poops per day you take!! It’s fun and informative. 10/10 would recommend.
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4 years ago, sir.poopsalot
Ranking doesn’t work:(
I LOVE THIS APP. other then the fact that the ranking in leagues doesn’t really work... they don’t work by who has the most poops. It goes who was added the the league and whoever was the most recent is #1 which isn’t fair cause I’m supposed to be winning :(
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3 years ago, Bioticant
Great app! Would love more personalization.
I love sharing my poops with my friends. It’s been a great reminder to reach out every day when we don’t get to see each other as much due to covid. One thing I’d love to see implemented is the ability to favorite specific poops or pin them to your profile :) really take that special load and put it up for all to see.
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2 years ago, hazza2321
Great, however…
This app is great, fun, hilarious, and even useful. The app isn’t as easy to navigate through as I’d like it to be, but its manageable. However, it'd be cool if i could log without having to set a location to it. Im incredibly cautious when it comes to my location so for the meantime I won’t be logging anything.
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2 years ago, a kid 3241
Essentially instagram but for pooping
This app is amazing because it allows for me see where my friends are pooping. Also i put reviews that are very detailed and comedic, and my friends can like and comment on the post. 10/10 app all around.
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5 months ago, zamanj
Needs some features but good start
It’s been fun to use with friends for the past year and some but would love to be able to filter my stats to see average for a specified date range (avg poops per day for the last 6 months or year). Would also love to see this app hop on the trend of having a wrapped with random stats about the concluding year.
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4 years ago, hqlsbxoa
Should add Watch support
This app is awesome. 5 stars for the phone app. The next big step should be to add support for the Apple Watch. There are too many times where pulling a phone out is more work than it should be. If we could do it on the Apple Watch, it would make the app 100X better.
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7 months ago, [ZANO]
This app is a lot of fun, my only complaint is leagues
My friends and I have a lot of fun with this app, but leagues could use some work. Being able to sort the leaderboards by poops/day and/or number of locations instead of just total numbers would be an amazing addition.
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11 months ago, lincj007
Lately I’ve been needing to express my feelings And with my recent constipation I’ve needed poo maps more than ever with this wonderful app I’ve been able to describe not only my pooping experience, but my feeling whilst doing so! Thanks poo maps!
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3 years ago, jendawg vh
poopy groupy!!
i got this app a little over a year ago and i am in a snapchat group chat with around 15 other people i met through the app. the group chat has been active for a year now and they are some of the best people i’ve never met. it’s crazy that we met over poopmap, but i am so so grateful and without this app it wouldn’t have been possible. the app creators are also so so sweet and interactive with as many people as they can be. i have even been crowned!! i thoroughly enjoy the app itself as well as the friendships i have made through it. thank you poopmap!! <3
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4 years ago, 🐼🐼👠🧚🏻‍♀️
I can’t believe what has happened in the last few months I LOVE showing my friends where I made a dump it’s SO COOL ITS A REVALUATION AND A COMPLETE MASTERPIECE this app needs loads more credit. sometimes I do em in like China and Mexico oh! Also Spain, Fransisco, bologna, jabody, Japan AND bodigoiva. All me besties got dis app it’s a true legend😍 I’m dieing it’s so good THIS IS A MUST GET. It helps my stupid memory like UGH. GEEEET ITTTTTF NOWWW PERIOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!
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