Popcornflix – Movies & TV

3.9 (5.4K)
38.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Chicken Soup For The Soul Entertainment, Inc
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Popcornflix – Movies & TV

3.87 out of 5
5.4K Ratings
5 years ago, LCR1306
Nice content - not so great app
This has a lot of variety in content. The problem is that it’s really hard to find what you want. There is no search function. While there are categories, they aren’t organized, not even alphabetically within a category. And there is no watch list so you can’t find and tag something to watch later. Also categories aren’t consistent between the iPad app and the Apple TV app. I found something on one that I couldn’t find on the other. If you don’t mind searching A LOT, you’ll find some fun nostalgic content.
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3 years ago, cyberbiker
Lots of Content, But No Watch List or Search
This app is made exclusively for impulse watching. There’s no Watchlist to save titles for future viewing. There’s no search function in the version for Apple TV to find movies you might want to see. There’s also no alphabetical or age organization; only titles in random order by category. That makes it terribly inefficient for busy viewers. For instance, if you find out a movie is available on Popcornflix using an app like Just Watch, it could take hours to actually find the movie in the Popcornflix app. The iOS version permits you to register an account, but, since the Apple TV version does not contain a signin means and neither version permits a Watchlist, registering in the iOS version serves no purpose. The app is simply not ready for prime time.
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3 years ago, DaddyCub79
The idea is great, I won’t knock that. A 90 minute movie (1 and a 1/2 hours) quickly becomes a 17 hour movie to get through with the commercials. I HATE commercials as we all do, but a commercial about every 2 minutes for a 90 minute movie makes the movie 100% unwatchable. Maybe if they offered a subscription for a couple of bucks a month that would be okay, but to have to sit through a movie that is extended from 1 1/2 hours to over 3 hours because of commercials is like watching TV, only regular television has LESS commercials. Until that gets fixed this is an immediate uninstall. After the first 35 minutes of trying to watch a movie I just gave up. It’s really just a waste of time at this point. I get that app developers need to make money, but with thousands of viewers there’s no way you aren’t making enough money to at least take half of the ads out. Uninstalled!
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4 years ago, Akuma0521
Some movies don't have audio and ads are too long.
I wanted to watch the horror found footage film called vhs and vhs 2 but the vhs 2 was strange. It had all the audio EXCEPT for human voices throughout the movie. I even forwarded to multiple scenes but still the same result. Just people’s mouths are moving only. I watched the same scene in an official trailer and it does have audio for human voices. I don’t know what but it’s just something that Popcornflix messed up on and needs to get it fixed ASAP. Also the ads are WAAAAAY too long and too frequent. Every 10 to 15 minutes, I get 2 ads which are 30 seconds long each. Sometimes even 40 seconds and the other 30 seconds. If I’m lucky I get 1 ad which is just 5 seconds and the other 30 seconds but this is rare. It just destroys the mood of the movie. Even if it’s free, I’m considering deleting this app due to its heavy repetitive ad system.
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6 years ago, Rodneydoodles
More like 2 1/2 stars really
I love how many movie choices there are , even if I haven't heard of most of the titles . What makes this app almost worthless , is how long it takes for an add to finally buffer so it plays . The movies them selves play seamlessly . But man the ads take for ever to play and they play much like a broken record . I can sit through a minute and a half of ads a few times through the film . No problem . But it takes as long as five minutes for even one of them to play . I thought it was my internet connection but my other free movie apps don't have the same issues . This app would be ideal, if not for that . I hope it gets worked out because this could be a great experience for movie lovers .
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5 years ago, SagNag123
I love this app cuz of the good selection of movies and shows, especially for being free, but why aren’t the same shows on the Xbox? I just got PopcornFlix on my Xbox One and tried watching Rango, but all the good shows including Rango, Friday the 13th, and 21 Jumpstreet weren’t there and was just a bunch of bad b movies. Now I’m not saying all b movies are bad, but it was just really low quality stuff
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6 years ago, RC Cop
super great app but needs a request a movie on it would make it better can update the app needs newer movie on it would also make it better thanks And it would also be Better if the app would run on The iPad 2 like it use too please fix this Bug and now it won’t let you request the password reset though email please fix the reset password so you can change the password if needed too
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1 year ago, Tamsharley
Not bad but....
Definitely needs work. My goodness an video streaming app, though be it free. That doesn’t have a favorites so you don’t have to hunt down what you want later, is just...well....stupid. Makes no sense! I can see why they have no search engine. They don’t have enough content to do this. A lot of their stuff is old but free. Plus they need to at least alphabetize their content. The way it is now is just a category with a mishmash of content. Idea of app...great. Format....is terrible. From what I can see, there's no real support either. When you click on it..it jumps takes you to their other apps in the App Store! Bummer
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3 years ago, Jean R
You get what you pay for
I am legally blind. When I tap on the picture of a movie or TV show it does not say the name of the movie or TV show using voiceover on an iPhone. It is very easy to make an app making sure that it is accessible to the blind. And as I said you get what you pay for it since you didn’t pay for anything you don’t really get good content. All the sci-fi movies are horror. Not bad but terrible even horrible. I don’t think I will be keeping this app. I went through the reviews and I only found one or two that were halfway decent reviews. Of the dozens of reviews I read only one came five stars and even that person complained about it.
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6 years ago, >(Tangi3)<
Thank you so very very much for the blessings of free movies and tv shows. I am a grandmother{60},disabled, surviving on a small monthly income...so naturally I cannot afford cable tv or any other pay tv. I solely depended on a couple of DVD’s at retail price from Walmart every month. I commend your service and you, because it has truly been a huge blessing for me. I did my research about Popcornflix, and Google gave you a 100% rating.* Thank you*
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5 months ago, paulyjiggs
Don’t wast your memory.
Too glitchy to be worth it. Too many commercials for themselves. “Ad Break 7/7” 5 of the ads are to watch movies you are already watching. The other 2 gun control ads. “Ad break 5/5” all 5 commercials are for movies you are watching. You get 5-7 minutes of movie for 2.5-3.5 minutes of commercials to watch a platform you are already watching. App will hang up halfway through a movie always at a an “Ad break”. With only way to watch the end of the movie is to start over at the beginning. Only to have the movie hang up halfway through again. All the free movie apps are bad. This one is the worst. The most commercials for amount of movie. The most freezing up. The worst layout to find a movie. The worst selection of movies. Every update makes the app perform worse than before the update. Save the memory and stay away from the app. You aren’t missing anything.
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6 years ago, Stephanie Solis
Wouldn’t Recommend
I Like that all the movies are free and stuff but there aren’t really any movies that are interesting just old school there aren’t movies like Happy Death Day Or Purge Or things like that not any in the time zone some of us like but if you like old school movies then I would recommend but this isn’t really for people like me who like newer movies as there aren’t any and it says that any English movie is blocked or not allowed to be viewed in my country but when I go to my country it works I kinda see that as racist and but I understand I just would recommend it
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5 years ago, X manx
This app has vastly improved over the first time i saw it, its absolutely bursting with movies a huge improvement over the limited selection before and with a huge selection of sci fi movies and horror movies i love this app sure the programs could be better organized but with such a huge selection of programs i’m not complaining plus its all free what more can you ask for. 👍 👍
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5 years ago, hcjivaauiohdiueohduihsufio
Literally no good movie
There are like 0 good movies this app is free I have to admit but there is just old movies. When I go to family movies the most recent is like from 2014 or 2015 is the Highest I’ve seen. Then under recent movies I see some from like the 1990’s and I’m like “wow NEW REALEASES”. I really would use this app more often if the movies were actually in the time zone of now. I have been searching for movie apps and so far this is the only movie app that is actually free that’s why I gave this a two star and not a one star rating.
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5 years ago, ijeoma.attai
Low on Current Content
The app has really improved but I think your app is behind on movies and series. I believe this is 2019, but I haven’t even seen 2018 movies. Movies like “ The Lion King”, “Captain Marvel”, “The Hate U Give”, “Aladdin” etc should be there and series like “Blindspot”, “Grown-ish”, “Blackish”, “Stranger Things”, “Games People Play” etc should also be there. I believe that if you can add these types of things to replace your old content, it would be much much better. Thank you, and I hope you take this into consideration 🤗
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5 years ago, Timmytimmywee
Not bad
I’d give it a 5 star rating if the search feature worked, it says it doesn’t have certain movies yet when I google “(title of movie) Popcornflix” it shows up so it is on there but just doesn’t show up in search feature. Pretty annoying. Other than that big thing, it’s a pretty awesome site,yes,you have to watch ads but hey I’m getting movies for free. I like it. But please fix search feature.
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5 years ago, BossQeen22
Movies or series from this century please
Ok I’m not a person who usually writes reviews, but on this app I had too. I was trying to look for a good series to watch after I had finished all the dance moms, Abby lees ultimate dance competition and raising Asia seasons and I downloaded this app but when I got on too the app seriously no movies or series kids or adults from this century would want to watch so if there was something possible as giving a 0 star rating I would. Thank you for spending your time reading this review I’m glad my voice was heard.
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6 years ago, Steamboat_dp
Mostly good
My only real problem with this app is that I have to choose which device to play a movie on EVERY time I play a movie. (My thinking is,) if I’m on my iPad that’s where I want to watch. If I want to watch on Apple TV, I’ll download the app on my Apple TV. Same if I want to use whatever other streaming device I may use. Not a big deal, but a little annoying that it doesn’t (at least) remember my last choice.
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5 years ago, bingertv
Found several movies I enjoyed. The worst is when commercials come on and the volume they play at, gonna blow speakers! Be prepared to watch with remote in hand and mute as soon as it goes to commercial! With that being said I enjoy Popcornflix free movies & shows 😁👍 4 stars due commercial volume 😡
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4 years ago, Jenn Hodon
After reading the reviews on this app I thought I’d give it a try. After downloading and signing up it crashed. every time I try to click on the app to sign up it would say that my email was already in use so I will go to sign in and it would crash again leaving me disappointed and forcing me to uninstall and reinstall thinking that was the issue but it wasn’t. I don’t know why it keeps crashing but I’m done and frustrated. Uninstalling this app.
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4 years ago, Junyper
Hi! Recently there is no sound when you play certain movies. That is very disappointing as I had never had any issues watching movies or shows since downloading the app. The movie Portals has really good rating and it’s disappointing that the dialogue of the actors is missing. I do hope you will fix this issues quickly. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Shhhh. im typing
No GOOD movies
All the movies I saw were really for adults or baby shows. Being a preteen, I enjoy things like the greatest showman, Deadpool, high school musical, the sandlot and K.C undercover(tv show). I think I would enjoy this app more if it has more movies for “the middle” audience. However, I definitely will give this app a plus because it’s the only one I found that has free movies. For now, I will take the app off my iPod until this problem is fixed.
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3 years ago, Mikebaqper
Unlock the Latin America region.
Dear, for pleasure only for your country the United States that they prefer you and you love it! Tired of using VPN app, enough is enough. I am an American, I am living in Latin America. Until when are you waiting to unblock the region in Latin America? Please
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8 months ago, jonesie47
Too many commercials
I get to go to pay for things somehow, however makes up the commercials. Don’t put so many of them together six or seven at a time is too much. And add into your algorithm a way to know if you’ve already shown the commercial in one movie time. Watching the same commercial every single advertising moment, which sometimes is less than five minutes is not cool.
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4 years ago, BassIsLife
I’m able to search for a title in the app but no way to save to a watch list or anything. Chromecast doesn’t work - you can hear the movie but an ad shows over top and doesn’t go away. The Apple TV version of the app offers no way of sorting and the categories are incomplete and mislabeled. I was never able to find a title in the tv app that I easily found in the iPhone app. And since Chromecast doesn’t work, I couldn’t watch it.
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4 years ago, queen kamira
I give this app zero stars
FIRST OF ALL i am really mad bc i cant watch the simple movie bird box i jave watched the move like two times but idc. i typed in the movie four times! i even went to categories and it still didnt show up i consider deleting this app bc it didnt give me the expierience i wanted and even if i do get a movis i wnnna watch therer is WAY TO MANY ADS and ut gets on my nerves😒 o and im writing this review and im forced to give it at least one star this app doesnt even deserve that😡
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5 years ago, hyd98
The movies I watch starts over every time.
The past few days I watch a film, and sometimes the content after over 15 minutes returns to the beginning of the movie. This is the problem I expected.
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2 years ago, This abs horrible
Horrible app
This app is absolutely horrible I couldn’t give it a zero so I gave it a one literally no movies that you wanna watch and other terror movies instead of normal movies I searched up so many movies I wanted to watch and they didn’t even I have them on there don’t get this app at all it takes five hours to load and there is literally ads every three seconds.
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5 years ago, fortnite= virgin
Good content but hard to find movies
This has many movies but there is no organization other than genre. I could not find the shining but there were many other great movies.
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6 years ago, K1kaye
Super like!!
This is the best movie app! I could stream them from my phone and just cast them to my smart tv and it works even after you exited the app already. Super fast and clear! I’m so happy i found this!! Thank you!
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6 years ago, x sess
I used to enjoy Popcornflix, the advertisements didnt really bother me and there is a nice selection of movies. I would give it a higher rating but there is no search. Even alphabetical order would be great. I have quit watching because I see a movie on the app on my iPad and I look at all the lists on TV and cant find.
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6 years ago, Kimmm12
ADS ‼️‼️‼️
I could just kill over for the amount of ads that interrupt the movie. If I get a phone call ... AD! If I pause It and my phone locks ... I go to unlock It and resume my movie ... AD! If I clock away from the app for two seconds and come back ...freakin AD!!!!!!!! And then it’s the same TWO! I downloaded this app today ... watched 1 movie with a million ads , and now that my movie and ads are finally over .. I am UNINSTALLING‼️‼️‼️‼️ period ‼️‼️‼️
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3 years ago, cm.barros
No Subscription Just Click and Play
Some very interesting Horror and Sci fi I didn’t see any where. The best thing not having to sign up for anything.
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5 years ago, J3ss_doit
The major downfall to this app
This is honestly a good app, with a lot of movies. However, there is no search bar which makes it beyond difficult to find movies and even movies you’ve already started watching. It is a waste of time searching for a specific movie or any movie of that matter and it is a major downfall for this app.
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5 years ago, OceaniaLulu
Screen keeps going black and ads freeze
Used to be an enjoyable app until the above issues, making it very irritating and unwatchable. The screen keeps blacking out tho the film is still playing and can hear the audio but can’t see squat. Also, when ads come on they freeze indefinitely and I need to exit the movie and try to resume again. Fix these recurring issues, please!
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4 years ago, wutupitzyourhimdawg
I get that advertisement is a big thing for promoting others, but having nearly 7 groups of ads playing before 40 minutes of a scary movie I try to watch ruins the whole feel of a scary movie. Not to mention it’s the same ads constantly.
Show more
5 years ago, Clay68
Great app for watching ads!
If you like ads, then this is the app for you. It is a great app for watching ads. Fortunately there are more ads than anything else, and they are seldom interrupted by pesky movies or TV shows. I love spending my streaming bandwidth, device battery and time on multiple, repetitive ad content. Please add more ads and nothing else...especially not updated content that people want to see!
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5 years ago, An Anonymous User...
This app...I just...I can’t even begin to tell you how disappointed I am. Old tv shows and movies? Really? Nothing up to date? Why? Just why man? Who wants to watch an old tv show or movie? You don’t even have the movie Bewitched on here? How sad. How incredibly sad. I deleted the app as soon as I downloaded it and I’m never getting it again. This app has truly left me disappointed. ☹️😞😔😭😭😭😭 You can do better.
Show more
6 years ago, abbeyxxlynn
Lots of commercials BUT
Although I’ve gotten frustrated with how many commercials interrupt the small variety of movies there is, it’s an awesome app. Variety may be small but some super good movies with good quality!
Show more
4 years ago, xHyckZillax
Great app
The is great and endless movies to watch my only down side is the casting feature doesn’t see to work for me cause after awhile of trying to watch a movie on my phone it gets kinda old if the feature was fixed it would be great
Show more
6 years ago, V6ix
This app came downloaded on my Xbox so I already knew what to expect. Corny movies you’d never watch if you had a choice but sometimes you don’t have a choice🤷🏾‍♂️ but what I wasn’t expecting was to download this app and you literally HAVE ZERO MOVIES ON IT AND ABOUT 10 TV SHOWS IN TOTAL like at least put in the description that you’re doing some kind of something to the app so we don’t waste our time downloading it
Show more
6 years ago, victordaman2252
If you love bad movies and want to waste your time this app is for you. First you cant fast forward without being interrupted with an ad. Second the movies are horrible, terminator which shows up as an available movie on the app preview in the app store isnt even an available option in the actual app, ITS NOT IN THE APP. Finally they just don't have any thing that you would want to see.!!
Show more
6 years ago, Smokeybear8558
5 star all the way
I enjoy all the movies/tv series accept kids tv series or movies. Keep up great work, please get rid of some kids tv series and put better ones
Show more
5 years ago, Raining in the sky
ME 💖💖
have more and more movie’s on here like it takes two and parent trap and child one and child two and me before you and the greatest showman and and more for me thanks
Show more
6 years ago, haile no
Doesn’t save progress
The app is on par with other free streaming apps, but the major downside is that it doesn’t save your progress. Then, when you try to go back to where you were, the movie hits you with ads every time you slide the progress
Show more
6 months ago, enter324
Tv show
I like the app but I would like to see the show “the summer I turned pretty” available to watch in the app and all the episodes too
Show more
5 years ago, ncm iphone
Mark movie as watched
I quit using because I am tired of finding a move and watch it for a few minutes to find out I already watched the movie. They need a way to mark a movie as watched. This has happened to me so many time that when I find a movie it is to late in the evening to watch. I quit.
Show more
6 years ago, robfly1683
Too many advertisements😭
It’s good but there are way to many advertisements . It makes the experience a drag, literally.
Show more
6 years ago, .???????.?????..???????
I like it but not
This is awesome but one of my favorite movies is maybe on here and I couldn’t find it it’s called Zombieland and I was look for a search and the was no search so maybe a search. But anyway so far so good.
Show more
3 years ago, nickcbarone
Where I go to watch action films
Popcornflix is hands down the best library of action and thriller movies. Their horror selection is pretty good too
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