2.5 (61)
4.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Populi, Inc
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Populi

2.49 out of 5
61 Ratings
2 years ago, John11223344
Does not function on the iPad
I have the app on my iPad which I often use as my computer. If i ever need the app to check something in a pinch I can pretty much guarantee it will not function properly. Every time, every single time I open the app it signs me out and I need to sign back in again. And once I am signed in very often, at least once a week I am unable to access the files that my professor has posted on Populi, they will not download from the app, Just stick with the web browser if your school uses Populi.
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5 months ago, KristiHM
This App Has Saved Me
I have never reviewed an app before & nearly skipped downloading this app because of bad reviews, but this app works perfectly for me on my iPad. I can see all my classes and attachments, make posts within the app, like, upload documents, click links, it’s actually easier for me to use than the website which is amazing because I’m currently between computers.
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6 months ago, KingSam59
Super inconsistent and a ton of glitches. Sometimes assignments won’t submit. Files no longer open for me half the time unless I restart my phone. Better off using the website than this bad app
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15 years ago, Andras23
populi app
This is a truly amazing app that utilizes the mobility of the iphone/itouch. Login is only required once to stay logged in, unlike the computer web site. This provides very quick access. I really love how I can check assignments and study my Latin vocab right before class on my itouch. One of the things it doesn't include that it's computer website does is the mail. It would be nice to be able to check mail as well. All things said and done, this app is incredibly useful and helpful.
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2 years ago, Idkabouthat
Very glitchy app
I’ve had several experiences as a student where I have to restart the app because it freezes as I’m navigating through the different tabs of my classes. The most frustrating one is that I can’t access the lessons page on either of my classes. It says to “update the app” but there’s no update option available when I go to the App Store. I’ve restarted my iPhone and the app and the problem continues. Please fix and notify what the issue is. Thanks!
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14 years ago, cjones08
It could be better
Every time I try to get on the app, it seems really slow. That could be the internet connection, except for the fact that I can get on the Populi website and load much faster. As a student, it would also be nice to be able to see my attendance in the app. If you can do it on the website, why can't you do it in the app? If you can do it on the website, you should be able to do it on the app!
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2 years ago, EverKnight
Needs work
Random logouts have already been mentioned by others. Among the list of problems is also the payment section. There should be an option for payment information to be saved. It is silly to have a student enter their details in every time they make a payment.
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2 years ago, Want value
White screen of death
The app logs you out constantly. When you try to log back in, you have a o put your school name and then….. nothing. This happens over and over: to exit the white screen of death you have to force close the app and try again and again. I’m forced to use this for school. Glitchy, unreliable, frustrating. My daughters school uses blackboard and it doesn’t have any of these issues. The desktop op site is semi-decent. I loathe this constantly crashing app.
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4 years ago, ksdriver
iPad problems
Populi recently updated, which is AWESOME, and I can now access more on the app than I could before. However, there is still no iPad version, so using the app on my iPad (which is much easier than using it on my phone), just uses the center of the screen. There is an option to stretch it, but honestly it’s just easier to use a web browser than to use the app.
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14 years ago, Prof_Historyman
Educator User: Fix Attendance Method
I love the apps convenience and ease of use, and I enjoy have students' contact information so readily available. However, the attendance feature to take role is time consuming because you have to mark everyone tardy or absent then back to present to take role. There should be a save button for attendance to save the default of "present".
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15 years ago, CathlinSentz
Great app!
My favorite thing about Populi is its accessibility, both the intuitive design and the freedom to login from any computer with internet, guess it only made sense to take that mobile. Really love that a tap on a colleague's address gets me to a map!
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13 years ago, KeegM
Needs a lot of improvement!
I want to be able to view my absences. I want to view my grades for all classes even though the class has ended. Now that the classes have ended the only option is to use the main site and the app is worthless. Overall, it needs more stability. If key features like this are not present, then there is no need to use it and I can just view it on my laptop at a later time(inconvenient).
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15 years ago, mictohunan
A solid app for their web-based college management system. The ability to get course content (pdf's for example) *in* the app itself instead of going out to Safari (cough, Blackboard, cough) is great.
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5 years ago, kaylyncollier1
Good for on the go. But needs work
I really enjoy this app for school. When I’m out somewhere without my laptop, the Populi makes getting schoolwork done fast & easy. However, this app does need work. There is no way to take tests through the app. I’d like to see this option with an upcoming update.
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2 years ago, JRM golf
Deep link push notifications
I would like to be able to tap a push notification and have it deep link me into what it is referencing in the app. For example: A push about a bulletin board post should link to that post, a push about a grade on an assignment should link to that item.
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7 years ago, Kitos.
Files no longer visible
This app was already bare bones as it is, which wasn't great, but at least I was able to view files my professors posted. Now however whenever I attempt to view a file the app says, "unable to connect to Populi". Please fix this. And if possible in the future, update the app to include more of the features available on the site.
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2 years ago, Dan J Alexander
Won’t stay logged in
Main problem with this app is since the last update it keeps logging me out, definitely inconvenient when it’s needed multiple times a day. Face ID would be a great component as well. Adding the ability to comment on assignments from the app would also be helpful.
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13 years ago, A thankful student
Good app
Thanks for fixing the files bug. Really enjoy the app makes using populi on mobile decent. Some of the views load slow but overall pretty good. Could you allow files to be open in other programs on the device.
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2 years ago, THE holbear
Can’t access lessons tab
can't access the lessons page on either of my classes. It says to "update the app" but there's no update option available when I go to the App Store. I've restarted my iPhone and the app and the problem continues.
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15 years ago, bike+book
not too shabby
So I'm going to dinner at a friends house. I'm on my bike, I look her up on my Populi App, I click on her address and it immediately pulls up the directions in Maps. All on my bike, all in 30 sec. Nice.
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15 years ago, Larbone
Great app!
Now I can check my GPA, class schedule, and instructor notes all on my iPhone! Thanks Populi - you've taken the guess work out of telling my family when I graduate! Haha.
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1 year ago, alice dibble
Never had any issues using it on my phone or iPad. Worked smoothly. Easily my favorite LMS (learning management system) app.
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1 year ago, FormerSmartNewsLoyalist
Lacking in almost every aspect
This application feels like it is stuck at v1 and hasn’t seen any significant improvement since it’s initial release. * no dark mode * no ability to upload assignments directly from OneDrive or Dropbox * courses are not listed on page when you login * no integration with online meeting applications
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2 years ago, hsaddle
The mobile app is crashing every time I scroll down to read and it’s driving me crazy! Three stars because up until now I’ve not had any issues.
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10 years ago, TotalitarianOwl
Worth it.
I suppose this app is probably limited in some areas, but I haven't noticed yet. It does what it sets out to do - give you mobile (if not omnipotent) access to your populi account. I also appreciate the in-app document viewer.
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6 years ago, WinnieZpoor
Bug - menu missing after upgrading
I upgraded my app yesterday. Unfortunately, the menu on the top disappeared. I could only see the announcements, but I couldn't switch to my course pages anymore.. Otherwise I have enjoyed the app a lot.
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2 years ago, JacobGerber
Excellent App; Must Sign-in Multiple Times each Day
This is an excellent app, but the inability to stay logged in is frustrating. I saw somewhere that this bug has been fixed, but I’m still experiencing it. Please fix ASAP!
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5 years ago, Toms1499
Missing items
This app is missing a number of things that the online version has. (e.g. syllabus). Best to stick with the online version if you want all the available information and features.
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2 years ago, Frustrated iHome+Sleeper
Ok, but
It frequently loses the ability to view lessons and tests on the app. Error message says needs to be updated, but there’s no update available. Have to delete and reload to get working until the next time… iPhone 12, latest OS, plenty of memory.
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2 years ago, LynetteN7
Doesn’t work
I updated my iPhone 12 Pro and now I’m unable to login. I deleted and reinstalled the app a number of times before being able to login. The app worked for a few days, then logged me out. I haven’t been able to login since.
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6 months ago, KayD**91
Bare minimum
The app will log you out if any teachers have updated the classes or posted in Populi, and now I can’t open files through the app
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8 years ago, SiloHater
Good clean upgrade
Nice update with more functionality. Could be a little more aesthetically pleasing, but function over fashion is appropriate. Looking forward to updates. Great job guys!
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12 years ago, Srhoades
Can only view current term
It would really be helpful to view past terms as well as the degree audit in the app. Also the inability to view the class dashboard and post/respond is quite inconvenient.
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8 years ago, Zach_Righetti
It's alight..
The app is nice for what it does, however it doesn't do much.. The dashboard doesn't even work and that would be probably one of the worse things that I wished worked.
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10 years ago, concernedcitizen11
Needs Improvement
Pretty good, but needs iPad variation and ability to see full complement of populi features, including bill paying, news feed, rosters, calendars, etc. Currently not very effective.
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2 years ago, danispov
Problems with staying logged in
My college uses this app and it works well but I’ve had an issue with the app with the fact it’ll log me out almost everyday or multiple times a day which really is a nuisance.
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4 years ago, coolfizzin
Pretty lame
I’m rooting for Populi to some day displace the bloated and outdated giant called Blackboard, but this app is hardly a step forward. It doesn’t even have a function for me to email my students. It’s also not designed for iPads, but phones only.
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8 years ago, Natbum
Needs help!
This app needs a lot of work! Our school recently got populi and the website seems awesome but this app really doesn't do much at all!
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2 years ago, m&mhayes
White screen of death
It’s been 3 weeks and I’ve tried everything but whenever I log in, I get the white screen of death. I’d like to not have to lug my laptop everywhere but this doesn’t work on my phone.
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4 years ago, Kaminarihito
Where is the iPad version?
As it is, Populi is a good app, performs well. But its full capabilities will only be useful when a native iPad version is available. Until then, no more stars.
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15 years ago, Coffeebob
Why don't more people do this??!
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1 year ago, Chris Pflager
I truly have no idea why this app exists. It only works half the time and is full of bugs and crashes. Just use the web version.
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2 years ago, Josh_L
App keeps logging me out
UPDATE: Developer contacted me and said issue was fixed. It’s not. Still logs out constantly The app keeps logging me out 3-4 times a day. This app needs to be updated so that this behavior stops.
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15 years ago, Grench
Great app. Would love to see this system at my alma mater.
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2 years ago, iPhone Lover Hawaii
Still logging me out
The developer told me to update the app and the issue of logging us out was fixed. That is not true. It is still happening. This is so irritating. Worst app ever.
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4 years ago, SonnenMN
Printing option needed
I like this app a lot but it would be great to be able to print lessons.
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9 years ago, eme927
Needs improvement
This app needs an update. It doesn't communicate well with Populi server. It doesn't offer the same features as it normally does in the website. Warning: Do not download.
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5 years ago, B😴
I have stuff to turn in
Can you please add the option to submit assignments and take tests?
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10 years ago, Ham Al
Will y'all ever update the app?
It could be an amazing app if Populi would spend some money and update it. Wishing this app could do more.
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7 years ago, tonyzgirl
Something sure is wrong
Pops open and then closes immediately
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