Portuguese Translator +

4.8 (46)
78.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ascendo Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Portuguese Translator +

4.76 out of 5
46 Ratings
3 years ago, Kik1856
Portuguese + Brazilian, sweet
I’m thinking of taking a trip to Brazil and I’ve used apps from this developer to successfully to prepare for other trips. The translator is good for travels because it works offline in case you are stuck without wifi. You can do voice and photo translation offline too so it’s fast and efficient. Phrasebook is a bit sparse. Verb conjugation good for mastery of language 😎
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5 months ago, ltravi
Has all the words and microphone is dope
I’m a beginner learner and have been very impressed. Every word I want to look up has been in this app and the best has been the voice recognition for words I have only ever heard. They are translated perfectly. Thank you! Great app.
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3 years ago, mrpinaple
Portuguese complimentary
Downloaded a few of these apps for trip to Brazil. Finding this useful for Brazilian and Portuguese which are 90% similar but with some differences. Using Babbel for lessons but this Solis complimentary because I can translate phrases and get a lot of dictionary usage examples verb conjugation etc
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2 years ago, dms56
Very helpful
Organized very well. I can use it on my phone or iPad to do a quick translation when needed. Works without fuss.
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3 years ago, Viking Woman
Portuguese to go
Great app for learning Portuguese or Brazilian. Provides quality offline translations for text, spoken or the text in images. Verb conjugations is another big win for the app.
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3 years ago, ohmbjr
My translater
Makes it much easier to write and converse in the language of my grand parents.
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9 months ago, Dale from Virginia
Works great!
Love this dictionary. Everything you could want in one place.
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2 years ago, SherlockH19🦊
Great way to learn and retain
I already learned how to speak the language, but I tend to forget. This app helps a ton!
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1 year ago, Logophiliac
Indispensable !
I use this app all the time. Easy, accurate, thorough.
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2 years ago, Patsheli
Very good
Very good app I chast availate this app because they asked
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12 months ago, Great App. Enjoy using it
5 Stars
Great app
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2 years ago, Xdance
It doesn’t pick up a single word
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1 year ago, am40@
Muito obrigada! Great app!
Super helpful
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3 years ago, janjaustunbieber02
Loved it!!
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7 years ago, CitySlicker125
Traveling Student
I am a college student in Vermont who enjoys traveling. In my recent trip this summer, I found VidaLingua exceptionally helpful when it came to the full-length sentence feature. Prior to finding VidaLingua, I would use other dictionaries and would have to piece words together, often times the intent of the message being lost in translation. Along the same lines, the text-to-speech function sealed everything together, enabling me to click on words or phrase and here the correct pronunciation! I would highly recommend this app to anyone traveling or learning a new language.
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6 years ago, djdkdkkddk
As someone who's learning Portuguese and needs to check a dictionary 10+ times a day, this app just doesn't cut it for me, both because of its relatively small selection and some obnoxious GUI features. The search function is clunky and difficult to navigate, and the layout of the definition page combined with the sparse definitions makes it difficult to find the translation you want. You also can't search for multi-word phrases, like "do the dishes" -- you have to search for the head word (do) and scroll through a list of phrases containing that word to find the one you want, which often isn't there. I searched for "put away" and got "sacrificar" which apparently means "sacrifice/slaughter an animal". Seriously? In what universe is that a correct translation, and why would it know that but not something basic like "put away"? Even if it just had more everyday vocabulary I would suffer through it, because the competition isn't much better either. But as it is it's basically useless.
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8 years ago, Phooman
The best I've found
I looked around for a good Portuguese dictionary for school, and this is the best one I've found! Some areas for improvement: 1. There needs to be a "slowest" speed for Brazilian Portuguese. Even "slower" seems lightning fast! Some of us are noobs :) 2. Fix audio. Pronunciation only works when "use better-quality audio" is turned off...
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5 years ago, Leon from Texas
American Expatriate in Brazil
I use this app as a translator on my phone and for help with verb conjugation on my iPad. It’s great to have an easy to use language app always with me when walking around Rio or when studying the language at home.
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7 years ago, zempage
Amazing app, a little hard to begin with
I have both the French and Portuguese versions of this app and they are both amazing. In the beginning it took a little while to try and figure out how to appropriately and efficiently use the app, but want to get the hang of it it makes great intuitive sense and it’s easy to jump from place to place.
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10 years ago, Football4all
Portuguese in an app
I travel to Brazil twice a quarter for business and I have a few Portuguese apps on my phone. I just downloaded this one and I’m impressed. The dictionary has all the words I’ve tried to find and there is a translator too. You can save phrases from translator to phrasebook for future reference. Nice job on this.
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6 years ago, Awawa212
Best of 3 Portuguese–English dictionaries
I have used three Portuguese–English dictionaries for studying Brazilian Portuguese. I scrapped the SlovoEd, kept the Ultralingua a bit longer, but came to rely on this one. Its conjugation tools are handy and corpus seems to be the largest of the three.
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10 years ago, brazilianphysicist
Awesome pocket resource!
Really superb collection of useful travel resources: dictionary, quick phrases, and verb conjugation, all in one! Also love that you can tap on a phrase and hear its pronunciation. Great companion, highly recommend!
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6 years ago, JulianTaylor23
Very good
The interface is very intuitive and the response is quick. Additionally, the verb conjugator is extremely useful. The lexicon could be more expansive. It lacks some words less frequently encountered, but does well with the standard vocabulary.
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4 years ago, FckUClayton&Cowards.
Like it
I’m using it to communicate with girls in foreign countries. I have six women traveling in to the us over the next few months thanks to Tinder and this translation app.
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9 years ago, Justin10128
Good overall
The dictionary is good overall but it needs more example sentences and usage for more advanced learners. More complicated/difficult words don't have example usage they need.
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10 years ago, Lmmatgaming
Great App
I just started using this app, and so far, it's fantastic. Accurate translations and a broad vocabulary. Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, DJJacksonian
Pretty good
Not many complaints. I would just like to see the option to make customizable vocabulary lists that you can quiz yourself on like the app SpanishDict has.
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9 years ago, Collinrolexseacadet
Whenever I try and click on the phrase or word to hear the pronunciation, it gives me two options. Either to translate it or hear it. When I click "pronounce" I hear NOTHING. I turn my sound all the way up and the ringer on and still nothing. And I am using an iPhone 5s. Please fix
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7 years ago, sew fofo
good app. could be improved
it's very useful. i use both the spanish and portuguese versions. i wish they would add some basic usability features like when at a conjunction screen, link to definitions and translations. also adding a feature to translate phrases. i find myself going to the web for most of my needs when i would prefer using an app. especially in data restricted zones.
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7 years ago, Rut Rorg
Great App.
The pronunciation feature really help you understand. Best I have seen in a while.
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8 years ago, dboeren
Looks good if it worked
As others have reported, the speaking feature does not work for me. The app looks great, but without being able to hear correct pronunciation it just doesn't do what I need. Hoping it gets fixed someday...
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5 years ago, Livinglegit24
American Pronunciations?! Please fix!
The application is amazing until as of late. The pronunciations are no longer coming out Brazilian but instead american. That is a big negative. Otherwise it’s my go to app.
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9 years ago, Snausages jr
Very helpful for someone who knows no Portuguese
Used it on a short trip to Lisbon, and it was very handy.
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9 years ago, Bgray5267
Very useful
I love that this app also gives the gender of the words, which is my primary reason for using the app.
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6 years ago, Adr you
Perfect App
This app is a life saver for me, it has been a great tool in every aspect. Thank you so much 😊
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7 years ago, FrustratedWFrustratedGirl
Include other tenses
Good app. It would be perfect though if it included plurals or other tenses in the dictionary.
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4 years ago, North of Canada
Good job mostly
This app does a good job mostly. Could use more phrases.
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5 years ago, InsideOutDMC
Almost perfect.
Love this app except I thought it was supposed to be European Portuguese. Sometimes I get Brazilian translations which is not good for my European Portuguese lessons.
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8 years ago, ErnieinPilot
Good learning tool and reference
I'm using the free version to help learn the language. I like the dual pronunciations (European/Brazilian) and conjugations. Very few words are not fond here.
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7 years ago, Ekgpress
The BEST Dictionary/Translation App!
I have bought multiple versions of your app in a variety of languages that I study. I LOVE it! I have tried many apps — but I LOVE the consistent format you bring to these apps in the various languages. The BEST part — it is all beautifully linked. You type in the word you are looking for, and the app automatically finds definitions in whatever language you typed (without having to change the language, as most other apps require). Also, the VERB conjugations are wonderful! You look up a verb — click on "conjugate" in the upper right — and you instantly have access to ALL conjugations in all tenses of that verb. NO other app I have tried comes close to convenience for rapidity of verb conjugations (and I have tried MANY other apps). I have just bought the newest version ( =7.0 - on Sept. 1, 2017) of the Portuguese vidalingua app - and it now does vastly improved text translations, with option to save these for ready reference to "My Phrases", and with option to play the translation verbally (at adjustable speed!) in the foreign language! Bottom Line - This is the BEST iphone/ipad app I have found for very fast and accurate translations and verb conjugation review. Thank you! NOTE #1 — The non-paid versions are inferior. But the adds go away and the dictionary greatly expands if you get the paid apps (well worth the money!). NOTE #2 — Someone mentioned they had trouble hearing the words. I did to until I shut off "Go on-line for better quality" — after which I heard the voices well.
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7 years ago, ScrewThisApp_14
Great for learning Portuguese
This app has both a English-Portuguese dictionary and a fantastic translator
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8 years ago, amymi
No Sound
Good dictionary, but there's no pronunciation guidance. There is an option to hear the word/phrase spoken, but nothing happens when I select it.
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3 years ago, tuanmer
Very good
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8 years ago, J8patrick
Great reference
This app has been a great resource and it's easy to use.
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8 years ago, sammiepieg
No sound??
This seems like a great tool with a lot of potential - if it worked! Tapping on a word for pronouncing or translating it does NOT work. Please fix!!
Show more
5 years ago, duggie202
What happened
Doesn't function anymore. Probably stopped updating it. Dunno
Show more
6 years ago, Loren22
Deleted. Avoid all subscription apps.
You have to pay a subscription fee EVERY year to use. Avoid these types of apps.
Show more
7 years ago, Mary the Hiker
Nope - doesn't pronounce for me either
As others have said
Show more
7 years ago, Jaime Ocampo Rangel
The best
Show more
8 years ago, KingUhSpades
Why can't this app copy and paste??!?
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