Poughkeepsie Journal

4.3 (476)
190 MB
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Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Poughkeepsie Journal

4.35 out of 5
476 Ratings
4 years ago, Eahuston
Great for local news
I really enjoy the local news from the high school sports to local school news to local politics and community interest articles. The Pojo is much better than the one paragraph blurbs on social media. I would love to see more information on upcoming local events like the weekend section. In addition to the crime and tragedy coverage, I look forward to the good news reporting.
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11 months ago, Maryd1961
Keep original e-edition app and stop asking me to switch to new s
Update : another difference between the Poughkeepsie Journal Print edition app and this Poughkeepsie Journal app is that this app allows pop up ads even when in the Print Edition selection. The pop ups linger on the screen (blocking content) for 10-20 seconds before an X appears to close out the ad. Effectively, these are forced “commercial breaks” when reading the paper you have purchased. This is also likely the reason readers are being forced to this app. While the pop ups are infrequent now, I am sure they will become more frequent. While I am not happy about it, I also recognize that financial support for our 4th estate is essential. As long as the reporting quality is maintained I can live with this. This app is terrible for iPad. Keep original e-edition app and stop asking me to switch to new standalone app. Every time I see that message (and it pops up EVERY time I switch screen) it makes me think it’s time to cancel my subscription! Update- if you try to change settings on e-edition app you lose access to the app all together. Then you have to use the unusable app for iPad. An absolutely unusable app!
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6 years ago, JWBinHJ
Great app, editing needs improvement
**Update...not crashing now. Since same app version, it must have been unruly ads or backend fix. *Update: version 5.7.2 crashes repeatedly on iPad Pro iOS 11.3 This app works very well. The layout, fonts, photos, navigation and performance are superb. My only suggestion is that the editors should not "pin" insignificant articles to top of listing for days, weeks, or even months at a time. Also, I end up reading the same articles day after day because the editor marks it as updated, even though the update is not noted or obvious. The second oldest newspaper in the USA should do better.
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2 months ago, Santagate3
Previous app was much better
“0” Star but not an option. This new app is not reader friendly at all. It is unsteady on the iPad screen and hard to magnify the article you want to read. This is not an improvement at all. I used to be able to use my iPad screen to magnify while reading, not working on this new app. Advertisements at every opening, just horrible. Give us the option to stay on the previous app until developers stabilize the reader view so we are not getting impatient and cancel subscriptions.
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3 years ago, Flashnut
Still love local news
The paper is the best source for what going on with local weather, COVID, other news in Hudson valley. Would give it a five star but having a little trouble navigating the sites, only a couple of days with app.
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5 years ago, yourfriendlisa
Poughkeepsie Journal
Two pages have been hanging around for a year now and really need to be taken down. The first is titled “benefits of a Poughkeepsie Journal subscription”, and another is “how to keep seeing the Journal on Facebook”. I pay for a subscription to local news and have no problem with some ads, even in a paid subscription, but please take these two down - we’ve seen enough of them.
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5 years ago, mspitunes
Says I have account; I am being charged on my credit card for a subscription but every time I try and access content it says I don’t have a subscription. No help or customer service. Will have to call my credit card company to request charge back of subscription fee. Same thing on the online version. They must be be losing thousands of customers who try and access online and by app.
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7 years ago, DutchessJim
Great place for news
PoJo is great to staying current with everything that matters in Dutchess County and the MidHudson Valley
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5 months ago, Dny55533555
It mostly works
Frequently freezes in enewspaper mode for several seconds. Sometimes looses access to local paper or to US News. Sometimes just hangs and a forced stop is needed. This is on an iPad.
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10 months ago, Annie 07
It’s not as easy to use as before the changes. Still haven’t figured out how to send an article to someone. Can’t get the print big enough to read. Just do not like what you did,
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2 years ago, Bkchulito
Great local news
Gives me news. Everyday that I won’t get on tv. The real local news that affects me directly!!!
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7 years ago, Melissa7759
Nothing better than having local news available at your fingertips. Love the alerts as well
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2 years ago, R John R
Just changed to the online version of the Journal. I like it much better that the paper delivery.
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11 months ago, Colfny54
Difficult to navigate
Pages loaded and then went away and reloaded and ad popped up before I could sign in.
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5 years ago, okay1230331
Great place for the news!
Appreciate the news reporting anywhere anytime!
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3 months ago, Popstel
Pomo print version
Please fix the e print version. A black page and it freezes in the USA Today section.
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11 months ago, Rowan29
This new version is terrible
I like reading the paper in print version. This new version makes it almost impossible to do that anymore
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5 years ago, Stop4it
Great news
no issues with the app, keeps me informed
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6 years ago, TexMex1976
Constant Crashes
I’ve deleted and reinstalled this app several times but that has done no good. Everytime I use it, the app crashes. I do t have that problems with any other app so I know it isn’t a problem on my end.
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4 years ago, bhjoyce
Good local coverage and ny state
Good local newspaper and great coverage on NY state . I enjoy the opinion section as well.
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6 years ago, Don't spend too much
Poughkeepsie journal is a wonderful source
The Poughkeepsie journal is a wonderful source of local, regional and national news.
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2 years ago, nosilasnrub
Deserves a zero
I canceled my subscription in march and am still being charged every month.
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3 years ago, Nickdaniele
Great local news
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5 years ago, Nickster 1
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5 years ago, Hal1949
Promises big; gives little
Where’s the national and international news promised. You have to hunt, and it may look like yesterday’s. And it’s slow to load. Phooey.
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4 years ago, cealsh
Worst ever
I’m trying to halt my delivery due to vacation but i forgot my password. So I reset it but it tells me my password is invalid. I’ve tried it twice now.
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5 years ago, Twizzy1231
I love how this App keeps me informed.
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4 years ago, BcSing
I spend more time logging in than I do reading the stories.
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2 years ago, 64 Middie
64 Middie
Lots of Middletown and Hudson Valley News.
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7 months ago, Sandyscalz
USA Today
Why can’t I open it suddenly
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7 years ago, sub2017
No local reporting - I read in the NewYork Post
Poughkeepsie High School had a lock down Tuesday. Nothing in the POUGHKEEPSIE journal.
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10 years ago, Katlyne711
I am happy to have the app as it makes it much easier to read the articles. The only thing is that I wish it had a place to search for specific articles.
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12 years ago, Deleted This App!
False claims
Had this FREE app for a couple weeks and enjoyed it, but over the last few days or so the app kicks you out for no reason. Then today I go to use this app and it says there is new upgrade available, so I updated my app.....BIG mistake....now the app requires a PAID subscription to use it, although in app store it states the update is for bug fixes and photos, and DOES NOT mention that upgrading means it now requires a paid subscription! I deleted this app as fast as I could.....ba-bye
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8 years ago, Just rating to get premium!
OK but today's news not updated until the afternoon
News ap is fine, however, I like to read the news in the morning and it seems like today's news is not available until later in the day.
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10 years ago, PV64
Much improved
The new version is much improved. All content is now available and easily accessible.
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8 years ago, One 1 won
Very good app
Very good app. Updated quite frequently. Would like to see local sports scores first at lower end of page. That's not a priority. But to get local news, weather and scores, overall a very good app.
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9 years ago, shopclass
Being that everyone needs to have a subscription to read any news in the Poughkeepsie Journal, this app should have a better UX (user experience). It's downright awful and works sporadically whether you're using any network, i.e. 3G, 4G, LTE, or wifi. There's just no excuse for a poorly functioning app. Please make more user friendly with working tabs and buttons .
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12 years ago, drg0nzo
So happy that I can get my local news in a format that I want!
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7 years ago, KillerCameos
Great App
Poughkeepsie Journal is the best place to go for local news, and this app is a great way to do that. I haven't had any issues with it so far.
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8 years ago, scssm
Online Poughkeepsie Journal
Great way to be informed of new news before it shows up in the print version.
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12 years ago, Silvermac59
Still incomplete.
The app does not include the entire paper. For example, despite requests, there is still no obituary section. Even with paid subscription, it is heavy on ads. It is free if you already get the paper delivered; otherwise, do think twice.
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8 years ago, SandraJanet
Poughkeepsie journal app
I love the convenience. You can be on top of what's going on around you anytime of the day.
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12 years ago, Slp in ny
I enjoyed this free app until the update..now you need a subscription to enjoy local news and weather.
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12 years ago, Zorelo
Great !
I love this. It saves me the burden of getting the paper.
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8 years ago, Rocco Adog
Too many ads
Even the obituary page is loaded with annoying, intrusive ads.
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9 years ago, LRizz
Used to work fine
This app used to work fine but now it just tells me content can't be found 😠 This app no longer updates content in a timely fashion.
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9 years ago, jpdata
Poughkeepsie Journal
Works fairly well although is does have some bugs. Having an orientation option would be nice.
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7 years ago, Tap&Track
Old news is bad news
Leading with stories that are 21 and 29 days old (while the Freeman leads with current, often Dutchess County news) makes the Poughkeepsie Journal a joke. There is news, you need to report it.
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8 years ago, MDSnell
Horrible application
There is no way to search articles. Signed up for "free" 30 day trial and unable to find how to cancel. Terrible app - do not download.
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8 years ago, Hail Ants
Latest update broke iPhone version
Using an iPhone 6 with latest iOS and with the last update the app won't work anymore. Just keeps saying: LOADING ERROR There was a problem connecting. Please check your connection and try again. ☹️
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