Powerball Lottery

4.7 (13.2K)
46.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Lottery Company
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.1 or later
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User Reviews for Powerball Lottery

4.73 out of 5
13.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Imarthurone
Most rich people got there by one kind of luck or another POWERBALL gives the rest of us a chance to get lucky too even better when the prize is $ 1 BILLION I could certainly use it and don’t know any other way to do so.
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2 years ago, U.S. Army Retired
Simple, informative and functional!
The app is simple, if you want up to date information it’s readily available. Scroll through historical data, odds and so much more. I really like the simplicity of it. Works great.
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2 years ago, 7Fairystar
First time playing even when you don’t win, it is still fun… isn’t it? Ironic, don’t you think? 🎶
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2 years ago, sub v 765
Multi draw tickets
I’ve bought multi draws for 20 drawings for twenty years. Sure would be nice if the app would notify you when your multi draw ticket has expired. Not nice to look up and see you’ve been expired for a few drawings. Same numbers for twenty years !
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8 months ago, threadfin bubblehead
William H. James.
I like it very much that the lottery people made the Powerball app available to us at our leisure at home. If, and when I hit the jackpot, I will buy everybody a beer.
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3 years ago, jefe one 4e
I think I’m a winner lol can you check my email for me now mom need help
Isn’t that that
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8 months ago, GardenerJohn
Deceptive and worthless
The app screen does not indicate that this is a paid app I show any price. When you click to install like any other free app, it surprises you with a “payment processed” message. I think this is fraudulent. Many free apps provide the same lottery information. No need at all for this deceptive app.
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2 years ago, hehehe pops
Outstanding App
Absolutely, positively outstanding !!!Yours truly (I hope I win - I hope I win - I hope I win) , T.A.S.H.
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2 months ago, Vlafish
Takes longer to check your numbers than looking up on internet
Good thing they don’t charge, that’s what it’s worth. You can have some fun poking around hoping it might do something helpful, then delete it.
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2 years ago, Scanmydocuments
Why do they have to charge .50 cents processing fee? When someone wins, more than half of it goes back to the government. You people are taking all the fun away. I think it’s ridiculous.
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2 years ago, 20932120123
No power play or double play
No results, or at least I can’t find, power play or double play results. Other applications have it right up front. This needs improvement!
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10 months ago, STATIC069
PowerBall app
Seems to be accurate, produces winning numbers, “but none of them are mine“ :-(
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2 years ago, reimi47PR
We need to play all the games in the app
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6 months ago, Powerball hopeful
I love this website
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2 years ago, Scott.Rs
Useless app
If you’re looking for a quick scanner app to scan the barcode this is not it. Colorado lottery has that not sure why this does not Don’t waste the space for this free app. Deleted 10 min after I downloaded
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11 months ago, Bovinejeff
No barcode scanner
Why doesn’t this official app have barcode scanning capability? That seems like a very obvious and basic feature.
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8 years ago, ftess
Wait forever
30 minutes after the Powerball numbers had been picked and this app was still not updated. If you want to find out right away if you won don't use this app.
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1 year ago, Wasteoftime12345
Fake or broken
Certainly not an authorized product. It couldn’t even load past lottery numbers. Maybe it was my adblocker, which should tell you what this is.
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3 years ago, Jimblue8
J blue
Need the give the both the total powerball jackpot and the cash prize if take as a one time prize
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8 months ago, ThisIsTheTruth
No scanner
This despite the Powerball tickets saying you can scan the ticket’s barcode in the app. Instead, it points you to another app you must subscribe to. So basically a scam.
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2 years ago, Runnergirljen
Doesn’t update on time
90 minutes later still shows old numbers
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3 years ago, SchTec
30 minutes later, still not updated, looked up winning numbers fast and marked of with pencil, done . Don’t download. Get another app. Waste of time.
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1 year ago, Bruce and Jean
Love the game
I love it fun to play, I have never won,.
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2 years ago, ken boat
Very hood , easy to read
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6 months ago, The Slyness
No scanner
Decent amount info but no ticket scanner, the only feature I wanted. Deleted.
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8 months ago, Boblounsbury
Poor implementation
Unable to connect to web site to “Order Tickets”. Needs work!!!!
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12 months ago, RubinaBoo
Power Ball App
This App is very informative & Deserves 5 STARS
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4 weeks ago, Don Gee ng pinas
Bring it on
Whos your daddy…
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2 years ago, Outofplctxan
You have to input your ticket numbers manually. There is no scanner.
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2 years ago, Boiler on
The advertisement
Don’t like all the advertising popping up!
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3 years ago, jimbeau
Easy app
Easy app to use
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8 months ago, TravelnNP
Cost of This App ???
I have had 9.99$ charge for this APP, and I didn’t see any fee or charge on this prior to download!!! Not happy About This
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2 years ago, Hatimkhan
It’s a good entertainment 👍
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3 years ago, Marinus821
Don’t have a review to write.
Sorry. Please do not insist. Thank you.
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11 months ago, 123132231111
Love it!
Love winning the lottery!
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11 years ago, Nurse4u1977
Love IT!!!
This app is much better than the original Powerball app. You can plug in your numbers and see which ones are drawn "more" than others. That's just a small amount of what this app offers.
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8 months ago, Raymondowens123
I am starting to think the game is rigged
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3 years ago, supersorry
I shouldn’t have explore this!!!
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2 years ago, Hector 120
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11 years ago, Dcned
It's OK
This is a reasonable app to check current lottery numbers; however, it would be nice to see the payout when some numbers match. For instance, if 3 numbers match, it would be nice to see what that's worth. It would also be nice to put in favorite numbers usually played and then see only those weeks when there was a payout. Finally, it would be good to just scan tickets rather than having to enter each number individually. Use current and available technology better developers!
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11 years ago, ME3.14159265
Headed in the right direction
Pluses: loads, shows results, has ads but they don't block anything (but no remove option). Your tickets are entered as they SHOULD be -- by tapping on circles Minus: Can only enter set of your numbers. Want to check another number? Clear the first and enter the second. Clear 2 to enter 3, etc. No save, no ticket value calculated. So... Kind of limit unless you just want the results. There are better options for just that.
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12 years ago, High Life Man
Current Value?
It needs the current estimated value!- if you can put it on billboards on the side of the freeway lets get it in the app!
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13 years ago, randycsz
Nice app
See above.
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13 years ago, RedBullTrucker
Could be better
App does what it says but itd be nice if it showed current jackpot. Keep looking, i found an app that does show current jackpot along with everything else you need all on one screen.
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12 years ago, Not you it is me ;)
Does what it says. I figured they would have a scanner by now, but they don't:(. Get a scanner to scan the tickets then it would be a great app!!!!
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12 years ago, cruisery
Doesn't update well
At least once per week this app doesn't update the previous nights numbers till late in the day.
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12 years ago, Jsolnushko
Crashing !
Fix it so it won't crash when u just open it! And get a scanner please so we can check results with this app!
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13 years ago, IGH walker
No results
The info stated re results would be published within minutes of the drawing. This didn't happen. I have refreshed it several times.
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12 years ago, Hvegmjfx
Doesn't update
This app isn't updating. Been 3 days since the drawing and the results still not here
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13 years ago, Bwired9
Why not show current value
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