PowerSchool Mobile

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PowerSchool Group LLC
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1 month ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for PowerSchool Mobile

4.54 out of 5
705.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Johanna Lozano
Great app if teachers would use it!!!
This is a great app but not all teachers use it daily to update grades on assignments Idea San Benito Texas 4th grade teachers don't use because they try to cheat the system (giving students till the last day of a quarter day to submit assignments) on the students that aren't turning in assignments on time and are not on the virtual meetings on time/don't attend which it's like let's hurt the students that are doing their part on attending the meetings and submitting assignments for the students that don't. I've addressed this with the assistant principal and the lame excuses they now are going with changes of submitting grades well when a student attends day-to-day in-person us parents see our child's daily progress same goes with PowerSchool app it allows us, parents, to see our child's daily virtual progress which helps us to see how our child is doing in a daily basis and if we need to intervene and help in an area. I don't believe Idea Public School's head administration invested in this app to misuse taxpayers' money in which teachers/principals are not using the app entirely.
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1 year ago, cbrooke2001
Glitches and sync problems-not the best app
Edited to Add I also do not understand how a grade will only change 1 point when large grades are put in. Meaning when you have 2 gold grades that are supposed to count for 60% of the final grade get put in but it does not change the final grade at all. For example the overall grade was 85% and then 2 gold grades (which count for 60% of the overall grade) that are A’s 100% are added but the overall grade only increases to a 86%. It makes no sense why 2 A’s for the highest counting grade did not increase the overall grade more?!?! I do not like how the student’s grade will show a number grade and then sometimes change 2 or 3 points when no new graded assignments have been put in to get the calculations. I do not understand why sometimes it changes the number grade when no new assignments or grades have been put in the system. Also the Syncing problems last for days at critical times when the student needs to know what their grade is before deadlines have passed. This is very aggravating for both parent and student. If the student does not know where they stand with their grade or what they made on a grade for days, it makes it impossible to talk to a teacher about a mistake in grades. When deadlines pass for the teacher with the county school system and then nothing can be corrected or changed. All of this makes this app not very helpful during critical times. Glitches need to be fixed!!!!
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9 months ago, Tobye's rde
Using this app is nicefor the parents to monitor their child’s grades, BUT IT DOESN’T POST DAILY AND THERE IS NO WAY OF TELLING IF YOUR CHILD HAS DONE THE ASSIGNMENT UNTIL YOU FIND A BIG FAT ZERO!!!! By the time the parent sees this and emails the teacher , it’s TOO LATE to FIX THE PROBLEM. I had one teacher kept telling me if I was so concerned, I should’ve scheduled a parent-teacher conference last week!!! WELL, there is no place knowing when they block their week off for conference times and NO PLACE TO SCHEDULE A CONFERENCE OR ANYTHING. Tons of improvements could be made to make this way more efficient for parents and students alike to keep track of daily work. I never was shown until my daughter was in the 8th grade even about this app when I went to the school to find out about her grades. It was very difficult to set up and the guidance counselor set mine up doing it like 5times to get it started and never explained nothing about it!!!! So, yes I observe it daily, but it’s NOT ALWAYS ACCURATE. It doesn’t need lots of IMPROVEMENT for sure. But, thank you for trying something. It just seems it’s a lazy way if NO COMMUNICATION between a teacher and the parents. We NEED TO GO BACK TO OLD SCHOOLING and the TEACHERS NEED TO TEACH AND COMMUNICATE WITH THE PARENTS BEFORE ITS TOO LATE TO FO ANYTHING ABOUT THEIR CHILDS GRADES… one simple little email to parent would work . Thank You
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4 years ago, Haritha 🥰
Helpful, but can be annoying at times
As a student, my school and grades RUN on PowerSchool, so it’s helpful to always have the app on my phone so I can check my grades anytime. Personally, I think there’s nothing spectacular about this app that gets it 5 stars, but is a problem that I find to be very aggravating at times. Mainly, when my grades are updated, I get the notification, but on the app, they are not actually updated, no matter how many times I refresh. I normally have to wait a long time for this to happen, or I just log on to my computer to check my grades (they are updated immediately on there). I would also recommend that instead of notifying us when our letter grade changes, we get notified when the actual percentage changes (e.g. “Your grade is Pre-Calculus H is now 95”). I also wish this app was less glitchy, updated quickly, AND we had access to see our grade history from previous years, as I can only see this on my computer as of now. Plus, it would be great if our GPA, shown on the home screen also updated with our grades for that quarter/trimester/semester, and not keep showing the GPA from the LAST term. Other than that, I do appreciate the convenience of checking my grades and attendance on my phone, but this app has a LONG way to go.
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10 months ago, Ozzy.6187
Awesome Convenience!!
My child is going into 11th grade & this app has kept me in the loop for many years! Kids don’t Always tell you about assignments or why their grade is lower so this helps me be able to check for missing assignments that I was not aware of. I love how I can periodically check on every class any day at anytime so long as the teachers have it all updated. I can add money to her lunch account with ease as well. Enrolling her was a bit of a hassle as I had to push the back button 2x after each form was filled out to be able to move to the next. There was not a skip option for the ones that I did not need to fill out so that was a bit of a pain trying to navigate. All in all I give this app 5stars simply for the fact of it helps keep my daughter and I on the same page of her class times & the work she is missing or has failed on even when other assignments are due.
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4 years ago, kobra3
it does its job...but the new update...🥴
I really liked using the PowerSchool app for school being able to rearrange the way I saw my GPA, recent assignments graded, and overall class scores etc. I also really liked the blue and white theme—as I’ve gone through school I’ve associated certain classes with certain colors and now this new update has chosen random colors for all of my classes. Also another thing is I like my grades to be private and now the letter grade for each class is HUGE! So prying eyes are most likely going to be able to see my grades. And my GPA is super tiny now. Weird. Also another annoying thing about this app is that it doesn’t show how your teachers weigh their grading (if like a class was 70% tests and quizzes & 30% class work) Oh one last thing: you can’t change your little profile photo. It sticks with you school photo (which 9 times out of 10 looks really awful.) You are the only person who sees this picture so why not let us change it to a picture we like better? Like I said the app works great other than the new color theme/update. There are a few things that bother me but it’s still doing it’s job: showing you your grades etc. Hope this helps!!
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4 years ago, skyebird4
I’ve just stopped using this.
This app is a EXCELLENT idea, quick access to your grades without dealing with opening your browser, however this app does not work as promised. Honestly i’ve just stopped using it altogether, I hope that this will get an update to fix all its errors but until then it’s just gonna stay in a folder on my phone. Everyone complains about how you must login several times to see your grades but that is the least of my concerns. For me I can’t even access them anymore. I used to login twice and see grades that are very out of date and a GPA that didn’t change with the fluctuations in my grades. Now I cant see anything. Don’t get me wrong, I am able to get notifications when a teacher puts a new grade into the grade book but when I attempt to login to see them I only see the word “Authenticating” and a spinning wheel. Nothing, i’ve waited 30 minutes before and nothing has happened. I’m not sure if that applies to everyone but from peers i’ve talked to they’ve just resorted to signing in through a browser like me. Powerschool please fix your app, we understand that the multiple logins can be for our safety but not being able to access it at all is ridiculous.
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3 years ago, Lirakru
Too many password updates
In general this is an easy way to keep up on my kids’ grades and any missing/late homework, but my goodness, why do we have to change password multiple times a school year?! Additionally, it seems you have to go to the website to change the password, and cannot do it from the app, which is inconvenient for mobile users. Lastly, please make a notification on the app when you open it telling you your password is expired and to change it in order to see the latest grade reporting! Nothing on the app prompts users to update or that an action is needed, so I blissfully checked my kids stuff for weeks before I realized, hey, nothing has changed on their grades in here. I went to the website, was told to change my password, and boom, there were weeks worth of grade changes I had had no visibility to in the app. Please, developers, update these few small things and it would be a 5 star rating from me. The mobile app is so much more convenient than the website. Thanks!
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7 months ago, Crazian70
Definitely A Game Changer
This app has definitely helped me get better grades. I am a Hard working student and I have been able to see if my grades have slipped and why. I am appreciative that this app has so many neat features. Honestly, I never was happy with my grades a few years back and now I’m a straight A student. The app includes many features a student would need. These include: Attendance, grades, missing assignments, grade point average, teacher comments, school announcements, lunch transactions w balance, activities, and standards progress. It has given improvements to grade formatting and assignment filtering. These improvements help people to easily connect to your district server. It constantly has improvements to expand your knowledge of your school account. Honestly, as I’ve said before this app would be an absolute game changer if you have a good work ethic and motivation to improve your grades.
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6 months ago, LuxskerC
This app caused me many troubles in the past and now. First of all, when we move to another quarter for some reason, I have to delete the app, install the app again, and log in again, for some reason. And sometimes it even tells me that my password is expired? Like for what reason y’all have so much security, I dont know but maybe hackers are not so interested on watching my GPA or my grades? Second bug I have is that when I get inside the app without Wifi and watch my schedule, ok, I understand it wont load because I dont have no wifi, the problem with this is when I get in the app again and try to load the schedule again (this time with wifi), it simply wont load again, so i had to delete and reinstall the app again, log in also (Its easier hacking the NASA than logging in again) and praying for this bugs to not happen. Last years I was with no Powerschool because y’all either put so many security on some app which you can only see your grades, or when I had this bugs in the past I had to delete the app, reinstall it, but since the password I had didn’t worked, I couldn’t log in into my account.
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5 years ago, I hit 103!!!
Fix Your App
I've been using PowerSchool Mobile for about 2 years now, and ever since I first opened the app, it's had serious issues. For starters, I have to sign in not once, but twice to check my grades. This alone wouldn't be such a large issue if it didn't take nearly a minute for the page to refresh to even allow you to sign in for a second time. I remember at the start of the 3rd quarter of last school year, the app had a massive malfunction, affecting all those attending my school at the time. We were left unable to check our grades for nearly a week. As I am typing this, the app again is experiencing difficulties, as notifications appear to be turned off all across campus. I checked my settings, and nothing seems to be preventing notifications from coming through. I've even talked to my peers about this concern, and it appears to again, be a school-wide issue. The app itself is a great concept, allowing students to check grades on the go. However, with so many issues and new ones popping up every other week, it just seems like little care and effort is put into PowerSchool Mobile.
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2 years ago, Cat prayer
My all Lordy cats
The power school has given me pain, suffering, anger, I have even thrown my phone from rage. So, that’s the reason it’s a 5 star, pain suffering and anger, it gives me strength, and it gives me the motivation to do my homework in class, and still do decent at it. I have been gives grades I love, and grades I hate, they have all given me strength to watch TV and call my friends and sleep,at it be so that I never care for doing my schoolwork, I care more about feeding my cats then I do using the bathroom, I have even only gone to the bathroom at school, to finish my area, that at witch I pray to my all Lordy cats, of names they are Alberto,Zari, And Cutie pie.I’m conclusion power school has distracted me and I have been praying to my cats for 24 hours now, I’m almost done with my prayers, so, I must be off to feed my all Lordy cats, now, good bye, they are summoning me to the land of cat heaven to feed them, and pet them. Goodbye.
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1 year ago, 🅿️erfection
Fix the Sync Issue and I Will Give 5 Stars
Update: This time when I logged out and went back in, the app now properly works. Ive been logging out and back in for two months now with the same issue. Putting you back at 5 stars! The sync issues that this app has been experiencing for the last two months are frustrating! Powerschool is not saying anything and are continuously letting us parents (who were forced to use this crap app) run in circles trying to figure out our kids grades! I can see teacher updating the grade via notifications, but when I try to look on the app, the annoying Problem Syncing error msg comes again and again and again! Make a doggone update already!!! What's the purpose of using the app if you won't fix the issues when they first arise! ALL OF YOUR RECENT REVIEWS ARE ABOUT SYNC ISSUES!!!! Is it REALLY rocket science to fix it?
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4 months ago, Dad heavy D
I am a parent
I just wanted to let everybody know that this app is awesome at helps me talk to my son and to let him know what he’s falling behind him what he needs to do better in and when he skips class or when he’s absent or tardy every single day lol well I guess that’s not funny but you know what I’m saying and yes I don’t get the grades sometimes where the only go up one or two points when there’s a big grade put in I don’t get that at all just like the other day, my son had a 30 and then I looked again later that day, and he was passing like I don’t get the grade part about it but I do love the app it does tell me if my son is doing his work like he supposed to which he wasn’t in the beginning and still kind of slacks, but he is trying to graduate this year so he is trying a lot harder than normal because like me, my son does not like school at all but unlike me, he wants to graduate and have a better life than I had growing up.
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4 years ago, Supermeegaawesome
A real review
Okay so how useful this app is depends on district involvement. The only thing my district uses through PowerSchool is grades and attendance. Not the lunch or schedule or calendar or anything. This app is pretty useful but I turned in one assignment late and it was under the late tab alllll year. Like seriously I turned it in it got graded it wouldn’t leave the late tab. Sometimes the faults in this app is the teachers fault like wrong grades or wrong icons so I can’t be mad at that. I have noticed you can do a lot more on the computer than phone with powerschool. You have all the different tabs like a+ signing up for classes and more and on app you have none sooo yeah it’s a helpful useful app with a couple annoying imperfections but overall it’s not like there’s much of an alternative but it’s a good quality app and easy to navigate.
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3 years ago, Adaline Holtzclaw:)✨🧸🧀😎🐮
Power school
I think power school is a really good app. It updates my grade right away and it notifies me every time I get a grade. Power school is really easy to use I also like how it lets u change ur profile picture. The only thing I do not like about this is that some times it will show old grades instead of ur grades at the moment and I get confused about it. Power school can be used for many ages it’s really nice to use and u can easily get into it all u have to is ur email and ur school thingy. It’s also really easy for my mom to use to see my grades and my siblings grades so we don’t have to go though a hassle to see them. And my mom can give use things like tv and stuff if we have good grades. That’s what it’s very useful for it also lets u email ur teacher if u have a question or smth. It also lets u see ur old grades from last quarter and it tells u if ur missing any assignments. This is why I give Power school 4-5 stars:)
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1 year ago, Ella.th
Not the best but still good
This app is helpful in the way that you can check your grades, attendance, and schedule but it’s lacking in certain areas. It does give notifications once your grade changes in a class but it gives you a letter grade, it would be better if it was a percentage. It takes forever for your grades to sync to the app on my phone, although i can go on my computer to the website and it is fine there. Just today I had to delete the app off my phone, restart it, then redownload the app. This is because no matter how long i waited (which was for weeks) and how many times i refreshed, it would not sync. A message would pop up saying something along the lines of “ there was a problem syncing.” That was really annoying as i couldn’t just quickly get on my phone to check my grades. It is a fairly good app to check things a student would need to check but it does need some tweaks to be a great app.
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3 months ago, Hesyjdd
Highly Disruptive and Manipulative by Teachers
Invasion of a family’s right to privacy, family time, evenings and weekends due to the fact that Teachers go unchecked with off handed comments and there is no discrimination and no racism allowed in public school. There’s laws by teachers regarding professionalism and Hana Robb is not certified as to her Teacher position. She is hateful as a human and bullies me as a parent at her second job at a grocery store. She hazed me from that job and was angry and near unwilling to face me as the Math and Coding Teacher for my youngest daughter, I ought to sue NBMS and NPS for discrimination based on race, socioeconomic status and blatant racism and the fact that the Principal violates FERPA and McKinney-Vento Act by texting, gossiping and mistreatment of former high school students and allows the Vice Principal to breach confidentiality and FERPA by showing parents other students’ test scores because he thinks it’s okay. No accountability and this application is micromanaging a student’s performance and also misuses and abuses access to family and parents regarding student progress. Hana Robb is racist.
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5 years ago, skippaderf
Few tips
It’s a good app and doesn’t seem to have many issues but I have just a few tips and things that might make it better. For starters, the class overview I believe should show the grades for your current marking period/semester. My school year is split into two semesters with three marking periods each, and the class overview shows my grades for marking period 1, but currently I’m in marking period 3. I think it’d be easier and much less confusing if it showed your current grades. Second, when you tap on a class in the overview it takes you to the grades for that class but again, not to the current marking period. Other than these small details the app seems to work well and I haven’t had many other issues with it. I think fixing it so it shows you your current grades and not grades from the start of the year will make the app much better and easier to use.
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2 years ago, Ester Said It Better
Asking for bug fixes
The average grade for each subject does not update correctly even though the graded items do update. So your app often shows a different average grade than what the student’s school device shows even though the details listed are the same for each class. Sometimes there is a big difference in the average grade due to that bug. However if you contact tech support, they are quick to blame it on the school 🙄 and ignore the bug. Makes no sense why one version of the PowerSchool app shows the correct average grade for each class on the school device, but the iPhone app shows incorrect average grades — the overall grades do not update properly. So you might not know if your kid is passing or failing a class because the overall grade doesn’t update correctly in the iPhone app. Their suggestion was to uninstall and reinstall the app which I was already doing many times each semester. No other app that I have ever required uninstalling and reinstalling weekly (or daily potentially) just to show the most important information correctly. They also ping your notifications frequently with NO explanation for what the notification was for so it’s a guessing game for what may have changed. They also were quick to blame that on the school and ignore the request to improve their software.
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4 years ago, afgargesg
Emails and current assignments
Some of the issues that I don’t like about it is that it does not allow a copy of the emails you send to a teacher and with having short term messages loss I like to keep a copy of the emails. They taught me in the Air Force to always keep a paper trail. The application does not keep up to date all the assignments. For example it may be good with keeping up with the grades from Canvas but not in AR assignments. Also some of the answers on the quizzes are wrong and need to be fix for instance an example if congruent triangles has only one correct answer and the question asks for two answers when there is only one correct one. When you answer the question with the correct answer it is counted wrong. Who are writing these questions with the wrong answers or there is more than one correct answer? It is teaching our students that it is okay to choose a wrong answer and it will be right. WRONG!
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5 years ago, abt928
The best SIS
To be honest, I don't know where all of these negative reviews are coming from. I've used a lot of different grade systems at different schools and Powerschool is by far the most effective. The new schedule feature is something that is SO convenient with my schedule at school, and it has replaced the annoying calendar on the back of my lanyard. Powerschool should continue to innovate and expand the apps functionality to accommodate new grading systems, and reduce its contracting price and market more heavily so that more schools adopt this system, because it will increase students overall effort and attendance. Seeing the grades on this app is so convenient and the app itself doesn't look like it came out 5 years ago, the user interface is very good and although it can use a few aesthetic changes, it's super effective.
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3 years ago, fhsjdhsjfhskf
Mysterious Notifications
The school will update my child’s grades in this app and I will get notifications of the changes.... for some reason this app presumes that the kids are morons and the grade changes begin at an F and then climb as the teachers make adjustments. The actual frustrating part of this app, tho, is that the notifications will come across the Notification Center and then when you go to the app to view things...... nothing. No notifications to follow in-app plus the Notification Center clears and you can’t look back. So the changes are made and you come to look things over.... but have no clue where to look. And my vestment in this app is far from enough for me to spend the time to learn my way around it... I downloaded a required app for my kid’s school.... it’s the school’s app and responsibility to make sure they communicate correctly, but the app is hampering everything by simply being confusing and in the way. It needs a lot of work to become more “parent friendly”.
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4 years ago, $Dubey123$
Pretty Good App but It needs a few more Features
This app is pretty good for the current online environment in which it is hard to see my family's grades. But I think it can be given a few more features to excel in the hybrid and online schooling environment. The first thing they could add is form support for iPad and iPhone. Doing the forms on an iPad is much more convenient then having to open the desktop version whenever you want to fill a form. This app can succeed in today's market but it needs to be a lot more like the website. The Website offers many more features that are of use to parents than the iPad. Previously I just used it to check my family's grade, but now since my school has integrated more with PowerSchool more I have found myself resorting to my desktop more. Devs if you are reading this, please make the app more like the website.
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2 years ago, Lamma2005
For Students
As a student I really like this. It lets me check my grades, check if I have missing assignments , or lates. The app is super easy to use, and it is pretty quick. You can check your grades without internet, but if your teacher had put in more grades since it last updated ( basically the last time you had internet) it might not be completely accurate. The only thing I would change, is make it so you could message your teacher through powerschool, but that is NOT A BIG DEAL. It would just be more convenient, especially for kids who don’t have an email, but want to get ahold of their teachers. Overall this is a great way for students to stay on top of their work, and would definitely recommend!
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3 years ago, Seriously Mad Mom 6
Easy-to-use Mobile app
The PowerSchool app is as smooth as butter on a mobile device. The website glitches sometimes on the web if you are using your phone, and the mobile app is the best solution for that problem. There’s not much to complain about the app except the fact that it doesn’t connect to the mySchoolBucks account correctly. It’s always going to say $0 for the food balance, but it is a small bug that can be fixed later. I am very satisfied with this app, but would like to see it integrated with Schoology in the future. instead of using the two apps for school, I can access both my grades and school work from just on app. Overall though, the PowerSchool app deserves 5 stars; must download.
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4 years ago, skcotnoir
Uncalled for.....
I would appreciate it if you updated my kids school that they are no longer to attend..... we got a call Tuesday night the day before school started at 4:55 PM telling me that my kids could not attend the school that they just had a back to school night zoom meeting with their teachers, supplies bought for their classrooms, letters in the mail from the school that they were told they could no longer attend the night before school started...... saying they were excited to start the new school year!!!!😡 PLEASE UPDATE MY CHILDREN'S POWER SCHOOL...! Your and that principal Were so quick to make my children’s life miserable. And all you have to do is type in words on a computer.... to update which school they attend....
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9 months ago, MyKidzRKute
The issues I have are with the app itself
I would give the app more stars if it weren’t for a couple of app glitches. As far as the grade updates go, I understand that those are the responsibility of the teachers. The previous app we used was exactly the same. This is the teachers issue not the app. Now my issue with the app is that it will log me out randomly which is very annoying. My biggest complaint is the notifications. I have my notifications on for this app to monitor my students attendance. He walks to school and I want to know immediately if he hasn’t made it. When I get notifications, I go to the app and there’s no way to tell what the notification was for. Was it an added assignment? A grade change? My student marked absent? I have no idea. I don’t like clicking on “new notification” and having no idea what I’m being notified of.
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2 weeks ago, Vernerser<3
Great app for school but a few errors
I love this app so I can see my grades threw my phone its faster and easier to use than logging into your school Chromebook. But there is a few downsides I hope you guys could update. So usually when I get a notification that one of my grades changed, it says that my history or cooking grade when up or down, but when I click it, it’s still the same grade as it was before. I have to reload the page multiple times ( sometimes close out and in of the tab repeatedly) just to see it, and sometimes it doesn’t work till the next day. It could just be the internet, but everywhere I t try it’s still the same. I hope you can try to fix this problem. Otherwise this app helps a lot for people in school, and I love it!
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10 months ago, Irritated543215
Nothing but trouble.
The website on a phone is poor format. The app on the phone is possibly worse. I tried to sign in on a laptop, as suggested after calling the school for advice. The laptop is now not accepting my sign in information. So I hit forgot my password, went through the hoops, never got the activation email. Not in inbox, not in junk/spam etc… not in promotions, it’s just not in my email at all. So now I’m going to seem like a pain going to each of the schools my children go to to try and get them registered somehow someway. Every time I have submitted a form in the app on the phone it will notify me as though it is submitted and when I called the school it was submitted on their end. But to go to the next form I have to close the app completely and open it back up and hop to get access to the next form. I have more children to register you guys! This is awful! Especially because you’re representing our education system. Yikes.
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4 years ago, Jxsmine H.
Its okay
I love this app because it helped me see my grades quickly and easily. Although sometimes my grades would not be shown when updated which makes me have to sign in and out I still liked the old update better. It was clearer to see my grades. Some may want to have privacy about grades since they don’t want people knowing their business but for me it was quick and easy. I would use this in class to quickly see my grades for the class and then be able to know whether or not a assignment would put me down a lot or bring me up. Also the colors I really did like the old white background with the black text but I don’t know how I feel about this one. I really hope you can add some settings where you can choose a display rather then having a display I’m not comfortable with or doesn’t work with me.
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2 years ago, EMhdjdns
Problem as a Teacher
I’m a high school teacher. We use both Google Classroom and PowerSchool side-by-side for students AND parents to see grades (PS for attendance) daily. I love having the Google Classroom app because I can do everything as a teacher (grading, creating assignments, etc) from everywhere at any time. This app would have the same concept. I would be able to input grades from anywhere if I had spare time but didn’t have my school laptop, if a student needed a grade ASAP, etc. But I can’t even use this as a teacher. It always says my log in information is invalid (when I double check my log in is fine and use the same one for desktop). Trying to fix or understand the problem my log in is having in this app is impossible because the only options it gives is for parents or students attempting to log in. Wonderful concept if it could work for everyone.
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4 years ago, coronavirus student struggle
Could be better :)
The app has logged me out and locked several times... my school has had to also reset it numerous times which has taken so long for what seems like no reason. The stars like many would probably say make you feel bad about yourself and grades because of the GPA rating system with stars they have created. If they would have never updated the app this year there would be no problems with anyone and their school probably?! Overall the idea is great and it tracks my grades pretty accurately but some things could be improved and added such as color customization and the allowance to change your ID photo. :) also are we all just trying to get this app banned?! 😂👌🏻
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5 years ago, Elmore937
Life changing for parents who want to be more involved in their kids schooling
Before downloading this app, the usually conversation between my child and I were fairly basic; “hey baby, how was school?” Followed by; “Do you have homework?”. This app allows you to check assignments and grades on the fly. My daughter failed to turn in a piece of homework and I received a notification in the middle of the afternoon through the app the her assignment was missing. When she got home, we were able to figure out what it was and get it taken care of. I’m guessing this all comes down to the school and the teachers following SOP’s and the app working properly. If there are any parents out there considering this app, give it a shot. You will not be disappointed.
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5 years ago, TennesseeTweety
New Look Makes Checking on Kids Progress Much Easier
I have to be more hands on this school year due to less than stellar grades last year. I was dreading the usual slog though the Powerschool data presentation that kept me from checking grades as often as I should have, but I was pleasantly surprised at the updates in the app for the new school year. The customizable page presentation, progress emails, and, attendance alerts help me keep up to date with my child’s progress so that I can be more proactive sooner that I was in the past, rather than dealing with damage control when it all collapses. Public school parents, teachers and students need all the help we can get. Kudos to the developers! Don’t stop striving for every little improvement.
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5 years ago, MC11112
PowerSchool has been a very helpful app to keep up with all my grades. You can log on from more than one device, such as your phone, if you have the app, or your computer. As long as I have my phone it shows me my grades and it updates them automatically soon as one is put in. More than one person can have the app too. My parents look at it to make sure I’m keeping up. It shows you how many absences you have had, it also shows you the reviews your teacher gives you after the quarter of school. You can also see grades from previous classes you had and the ones you will have coming up. It shows you the grade of each individual assignment and any comments your teacher had about it.
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5 years ago, techsabbyj
Best for school
My son likes to say that he forgot what homework assignments he has and always forgets. But this app keeps him on track and tells us exactly what needs to be done. Also the teachers are so awesome with updating the grades as they go so everything is clear and if you ever have a question, you can reach out to a student or email the teacher and there right there to help with an assignment. This is probably the best App that doesn’t only help our son but helps us as parents to also be able to watch his GPA grow since the GPA is always posted. Love that we can see his grades daily, help him when he needs help and not get surprises when reports cards come out months later. I’m definitely loving the digital age.
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3 years ago, Jenn381
I wish all the 5th grade teachers would get on the same page with PowerSchool.
I’m sure 4th-6th grade parents are are a little annoyed that grades are hardly updated. I know my daughters main teacher always finds the time to enter grades and to watch the class carefully. I Not once has SS or Science been updated. We now have 15 minutes for each of those classes🤦‍♀️ once the beginning of the year started it was bumpy, then it was smooth. Now every time they bring the kids back 5x’s a week 1/2 days “ for consistency” it’s a gigantic mess again. Half days were said to help with consistency, however it’s more confusing than ever. My child needs remote however the risk of losing her teacher, and. Of course nothing normal & of course they will be and back home. What consistency is there?
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2 months ago, MonicaM82
I would give this app all the negative stars if I could
I have never used an app more useless than this one. My user name and password works for the app but not the webpage. You can NOT see your child’s report card only the grades, not the official report on the app. Every single marking period the webpage expires my password, then I set a new one but the webpage says my old one is wrong. Then I try to reset old password and I don’t get an email. The message at the reset screen says “contact you school if you don’t get an email” but my school, my district off nor my districts board members know how to help. I haven’t seen my children’s report card for the last 2 marking periods because NO ONE seems to know how to resolve this. I go to my local FB school and community pages and it’s littered with complaints about PowerSchool because it’s literally the absolute worst app/webpage ever created. The worst, absolute worst.
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3 years ago, mahaelbahr
This is an amazing app! But..
This is an AMAZING APP! I use it all the time 24/7. There are a few problems, though. One of them is that when you want to see your grades, it doesn’t upload quickly! It takes about a minute to upload and when it does, the app gets a little soggy. By soggy, I mean quite glitchy. Another problem is, when you want to change your profile picture, it doesn’t upload it for you. Overall, this app has helped me a lot. ( I have been getting scared to check my grades, but it is not PowerSchool’s problem 😂) Thank you PowerSchool’s creators for making this app possible and working, so I can see my grades whenever I need/want to! (Without COVID-19) Thank you all! I am so grateful!
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2 years ago, Rexx xxxx
Best for Frequent Conversation Material
Without this app, I I would be lucky to have 20% as much conversation with my child about school. Because of it, I am very informed with the current events with grades, recent grade changes, and trending direction of the grade in each class. I know exactly which classes need different studying strategies. I can also see the classes that are doing so well, that I don’t feel qualified to do anything but admire them. Until I downloaded this app, I felt lost in conversations about the classes. I think knowing that I understand and care about what is going on, makes my child care more also. I love the app! I can’t think of a downside.
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4 years ago, Makbros10
A stick has a better grading system than this.
I don’t know how anyone, including students, teachers, etc. can even have the smallest cell in their brain to agree why this app is good. The algorithm first of all. Lets say If all goes well I’ll get a 100% on my next math test. I then get a 99% on my next math test. My Gpa originally was 100%, now my gpa re-created 1940s Japan. If there was a way to fix the algorithm by choosing to up the students grade at a certain level. (Meaning that if a student got a 100% on their last test and the student then gets a 99% on the current test then their grade depending on the number the teacher chose will decide if the grade for the subject will go up or down) Second, homework and classwork should each be the same amount of point loss. This can be controlled but usually the algorithm counts it as either higher or lower, meaning there is a bug. Fix the app because I don’t want to be a looser to my successful family.
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6 years ago, to the devs plz read
Helpful but very annoying.
Although it may seem this rating is harsh, the process to log in every single time you want to open this app is very annoying. I like to check PowerSchool often to see how my progress is and in each class. When I heard about the PowerSchool app I was thrilled. In order to escape from the dreadful error messages for not using PowerSchool for a certain extent of time, I downloaded this app. I was very disappointed because of the numerous times I would quickly check my grades and research more in depth half an hour later only to find I needed to log in again. To the devs, please fix these problems. It is absolutely unnecessary to log in every time you want to use the app. Such “security precautions” are unacceptable. In the meantime I will use the more convenient PowerSchool which can be found by searching it up in safari(google chrome etc.).
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3 years ago, -Kmh
Love this app!
I love this app because it makes it super easy to check your grades whenever you like. Not only does it say your grade, but it also shows all of the assignments that you have ever done in your class, and it tells you if you have a missing assignment. That has really helped me a lot by raising my grade, because I know what I am missing, and what I need to work on to get handed in. I totally recommend you to get this app if you are constantly checking your grades, and just need an app that is convenient for doing just that. Another thing that it says on PowerSchool is your meal balance, (the total amount of your lunch money) and that really helps too.
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4 years ago, maytheartist
Ofc this is a wonderful app for checking your grades and keeping update of stuff I need to work on. This app is so great that my school uses it for its main program for students. All my grades are organized and I’m always keeping track of all my grades. I don’t know what other app I would use for checking grades but this one, and it’s super simple to use (if u have never used this app) your school usually gives you an account and all you have to do is wait for your teacher to put in your grades, afterwords your final grade will show up in a bar if u click that bar it will show all you grades that averaged into your final and all the assignments names. If I could I would give this app more than five stars
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2 years ago, Lightningfoot
Great app!
As a high school student whose entire school uses this app, I think in general, it’s just really good. It has an easy-to-use interface with everything about your grades and classes you’d need to know. It updates regularly, and I love being able to get a notification when my grade changes. I also like how it lets you compare your grades to previous quarters or see them stand-alone. It’s also what I use to figure out what classes I have next and what time they start/end. In general, I highly recommend this app to any school district that doesn’t use it. It’s easy for both students and teachers to use, and has great results.
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2 years ago, Mt. View 🏔🗻
App Crashes
I would normally rate this a five-star app. It always updates right away, loads quickly, gives me my grades or attendance the moment they change, et cetera. However, since the iOS 16 update, my app will constantly crash. It won’t even load in properly before crashing. I have tried uninstalling the app and redownloading it, but now it won’t even let me sign in before it crashes. I wish this would be fixed. I don’t always have access to a stable enough network to log in via the web and it’s more awkward to go online when I normally have immediate access to the app. All complaints aside, I do find this app super helpful normally. I just wish I could still use it now.
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6 years ago, Contractorslim
Helpful but...
The app is great allowing parents and students to keep track of grades. However I am giving it 3 stars due to the complexity of the username/password issues we have had. I always save my usernames and passwords to a locked file. The app on my phone is sending me alerts daily but when I click on them I have to login again. Each time it tells me my password is wrong even when it stores it. The recover password is a complex process often saying some sort of error not letting you login so you go through the process again only to find out it did save your password and you must choose another new one. So stay logged in or lose 15min of your day. Keep in mind you will have to change your password often as well. Just a heads up to users out there.
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5 months ago, Hshsidjbsbd
Multiple problems within the app.
Sadly PowerSchool has not been working for it only me but multiple students within my high school. With multiple signing out and signing back in, deleting the app multiple times it was no use. My GPA would not change and it made me upset I could not see my grades. Powerschool does have pros and cons to it but as a corporate you should want users to feel at ease with a resourceful app and less bugs but sadly they failed. It used to WORK but as you can tell by this review it’s not hitting anymore. Dealing with this app and trying to fix it like I made it have me stress and others stress just to check there grades and stress is a form of mental health problems so now it’s not good for me. I feel bad I hopefully will be back once they fix the crashes it deep down is an amazing app before all the problems that hasn’t been changed.
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3 years ago, thatonegirl_mona
Good but really laggy
I’ve been trying to catch up on my grades for the LONGEST and I’ve been doing good. My teacher graded everything on the main app where we get our assignments and my grade went up there, get this.... if my teacher grades something it will AUTOMATICALLY upload to PowerSchool. Now this has been happening for awhile and PowerSchool needs to up their game BIG TIME! anyways yea.... if you want to keep track of your grades I recommend it but if your that type of person that does‘ like to wait long ( aka not being patient) then get another app that does it fast and doesn’t wait long to upload your grades. Okay I’m done 😂🤚🏽 Bye have a good day or night where every you are right now Duces✌🏼
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