PrankDial - #1 Prank Call App

4.8 (84.6K)
74.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
KickBack, Inc
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for PrankDial - #1 Prank Call App

4.75 out of 5
84.6K Ratings
6 years ago, Matt_CfromVS
Awesome but
Look. I have had a lot of fun listening to the fun reactions from this app. But I have 3 questions. 1, why can’t I call a person from California when clearly , when I listened to a fun reaction, some one called a person from California . So . I don’t get it . 2, why cant I fill in any of the customize options so I can preview it ?. And 3, why is it that you can’t call anyone from California?. And that’s my 3 questions . But over all the app is awesome Thanks for making a great app
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1 month ago, sp@rKelz22
So funny but changes not good
I used to think this was a 5 plus star, but after they have removed a lot of the good pranks and now made it so that you can’t choose whatever number you want it to say is calling ,it’s not as fun anymore . :-( still a good app just used to be better before they removed some of the best pranks, and definitely once you stopped being able to make it say any number you wanted was calling. Still even with these changes , it has remained one of the (or actually best overall ) prank calling apps since I found it over 8 years ago. Some how my accounts came to no longer be synced so I’m missing quite a few of my past calls, which is a big bummer, but I will also add they have a customer service group second to none! If they would put the old pranks back and enabled being able to put any number you wanted (rather than having to verify every number you want to use, as this significantly impedes the times you can use this ) this would be 5 stars times 10!!! No cap- you’ll love this app!!
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6 years ago, Ahdnsvdjf
Fake number doesn’t work anymore
Hi! While I love love love the scripting with this app, the ability to use a fake number or ghost number seems to be gone and the verification process would not work. I had 15 tokens, couldn’t get the verification to work even though I had already verified my number to login, so I deleted my account, started a new one, bought more tokens and still verification wasn’t working. And what happened to having a fake number in the list? I tried using the Textr app recommendation from PrankDial(paid for the time, tokens and number) and still the number that shows in my list is my number. That doesn’t work. I’m really bummed and have been waiting for a response. I had some seriously great pranks last year that are now gone and there are no other prank apps that have the scripting that PrankDial does.
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3 years ago, novagirl93
Bugs and errors
A lot of fun but I keep getting errors. In thePast you could report a message that got sent to voicemail and get your point back. But now I am no longer able to report pranks that are sent directly to voicemail. My other issue is that lately I’m not able to listen to playback’s because it will show that the prank is loading for me to listen but I was not able to access any of the old recordings. I still continue to use this app because it’s always a fun diversion on a boring day but developers really need to work on these issues. I’ve been a loyal customer for years now and would love to see new pranks and bug fixes.
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5 years ago, ItsChris26
Great game
I really like this game. It can get really funny sometimes. The only complaint I have is about the tokens. I know the game needs to get money somehow considering it’s a free game but it’s still pretty annoying. The thing I hate most about the tokens is how you lose one when the person doesn’t pick up. I find it so unfair that you lose a token and get NOTHING in return. The game also wouldn’t turn on for a week or two and I’m guessing it was a maintenance break because it happened to my friends too, but it was still a bit annoying. Anyway, better than most prank games and overall very good.
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5 years ago, Mr. Johnny Jam
Horrible. Pointless. Frustrating.
At this point, it’s not even considered pranking, in my state, you have to get prior consent from the person you’re pranking to record the call, so basically they’re already aware that you’re gonna be pranking them. Also, you have to call from your own number, that’s not a prank at all. You can’t make calls at certain hours unless you pay more money. Speaking of money, EVERYTHING costs money on here now. I mean yeah, you get free tokens but for what? To ask your friend for consent to prank them and call from your own number? Ridiculous .The whole thing is ridiculous. Also the app tricked me into paying for tokens when I didn’t want them, and I’ve contacted support twice and still haven’t heard back or got my refund. Very upsetting.
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7 years ago, Hchaney.1219
Fun until things go wrong
One night me and my friends were having a sleepover so we called our friend who didn’t respond. It left a voicemail which It never seemed to do and then It scared the mom and he cops got involved. All I’m saying is be really careful who you call and what you do on here. I learned my lesson.. just be careful, what seems like a fun harmless joke can be blown out proportion very easily and end up being a mess unwanted by everyone. Other than that the app is good and funny if you take many precautions. Make sure to keep the message saying t is a prank at the end to prevent people from being scared. 3/5 due to good quality app just a bad experience.
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1 year ago, Izzy thoresen
I thought I had download this app couple years ago and it was great. Forgot all about it until tonight when I wanted to prank and the thing is you have to provide a different phone number or your real phone number in order to provide a different phone number you have to actually have a number that you can answer and verify instead of them just picking a random fake number for you! And this is after I paid 599! I shouldn’t have to go and download an app to get another phone number so when I did the one prank I did, they knew who it was because my number showed up! This is dumb. I requested a refund as I only made one prank and I have 19 tokens. Don’t waste your money on it it’s terrible.
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2 years ago, Nalabeats
Prepare to use your own phone number
The app is great, except for one major flaw… you have to use your phone number. One of the crucial components to making prank phone calls is to use a fake phone number or be unable to show caller ID. This app no longer allows you to use a fake number to call people. It offers an option to use a licensed number, but the link leads to another app that never loads resulting in your phone number being the only way to send the pranks. I wish I didn’t spend $6 on the app for tokens to send pranks. In all honesty, I either want a refund after a claim through my bank or my money needs to be contributed to fixing the inability to use a a random phone number.
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12 months ago, pocketwaf
Kind of scammed me…
This app was fun to have until I payed 10$ for 25 tokens to call people, and after that I wasn’t able to make any calls. If I try to call it immediately would tell me that something went wrong, and then my screen would freeze for a while. My advice is don’t by tokens, just wait the time course until you have 2 free calls again. I really would like my money back if possible.. and actually I tried to delete the prank dial app because it wouldn’t let me do anything anyways and I clicked the save data and account option and then came back and it was all gone. So I would really like my money back.
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4 years ago, xxThatsMexx
This app is kind of good
The app is nice there are tons of choices and options, one thing I hate is that you have to have enough tokens or you can’t do anymore than 2. You can watch an add, but that doesn’t even work I watched all the adds and still no tokens, me and my friend got the game and it was going smoothly, then it said you needed more tokens, I recommend the app but I just don’t like the fact you need to pay and wait for the next day to get coins. That’s all I have to say but besides that it’s an amazing app!
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2 years ago, JChubs94
I don’t even prank call anyone….
I’ve been getting texts from a lot of random numbers asking who I am and why I’m constantly calling them. Turns out, someone was using MY cell number instead of their own for this waste of an app. Additionally, a cell number can supposedly be distributed to other people as well. Who knows how many people use my cell for pranks? So not only do I get harassed by swarms of prank call recipients, but I also can’t remove my cell number from this app since multiple people use it. Thanks to this garbage fire, I either have to get a new number or keep apologizing to strangers for crap I didn’t do. I’d give this 0/5 if I could and purge it from the App Store immediately.
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2 months ago, //Gob//
Great app! But one issue 😕
I love the app it’s been awsome 😃 most apps don’t have an option to watch adds to earn more credits forcing you to buy the premium option, which makes sense cause they gotta earn money but I love that this app has that option! Now I can nonstop prank 😀😈😈😈. The only issue I’ve noticed lately is the app works 90 percent of the time but sometimes I get, “Oops Something went wrong” alerts and it won’t fix itself and the app become unusable 😢😢. Plz fix this error🥺🙏. love the app😃😃👍
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6 months ago, Zander155.
Really good app
This is a good app. I used it to prank call some restaurants before and I had to make a couple of new accounts because of my other accounts have not been. working and they said like call failed immediately as soon as I sent the call, so I’m confused about that but if you can just tell me or when y’all fixed it, I’ll be appreciated and happy thank you. Sincerely Zander-is-kool
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5 years ago, ccdcna
How great PrankDial is
PrankDial is the most amazing prank calling game I ever used because every time I prank call someone they have something funny to say and I love when you get to prank call someone and they don’t know who called the only problem I have is that why should we lose coins every time we call someone and get one coin we should get a lot of coins but other than that PrankDial is the best of prank calls
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6 years ago, nesstheappcritic
Great App! But One Problem...
PrankDial is my go to app for pranking! The customization system is very innovative and makes the receiver of the call truly believe the prank. I also love the various pranks and how different they all are. I would’ve given PrankDial 5 stars, but there is one problem. On the computer, the call history function works perfectly, but when I try to visit it on the phone, I get Error 401, and I can’t access it. If you can fix this, PrankDial would be the perfect prank app!
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5 years ago, 😂💕Lele💕😂
So funny😂
I love how you get to prank your friends and also use other numbers to prank them. All though, I don’t get the point that we have to use coins and also wait for them to use the app. I feel like we should just be able to use the app without the coins. However, it is smart to use the coins for actually customizing the prank. In the end, the app is super funny to prank your friends, and I suggest it to everyone. Thank you for listening to my feedback😊.
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6 months ago, dude that is political
Fake numbers gone and real number won’t work
The ability to use a fake number was apparently gotten rid of for no reason. I need to be able to use fake numbers so the person who I am pranking knows that it is not me. Also, whenever I send a prank call it says always fails and says “No answer. We are really sorry, please try again.”. Not only that, other reviews that are saying the same thing get replied to and they all say “Please email us and we’ll assist from there!” No. I can’t email you. This app used to be epic, what happened?
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1 month ago, Steven431980
Prankdial is a scam
Do not waste your money on this app. It used to be an awesome app the best one on the App Store but now it’s the worst one on the App Store. You cannot make your prank Come from an anonymous number. You have to use your own phone number because you have to get it verified that defeats the purpose of a prank if they know exactly who is calling them. I spent five dollars and something on coins to make cause and have not used one single one and I have asked for a refund several times and they refused to give it to me so do not waste your money. You will regret it if you spend any money on this app it’s garbage.
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2 years ago, XxKayliexX568
So you can only do these when you have tokens and you only start off with 3 and when you run out of those basically you just have to pay money, i watched those four videos and did one of those offer things and I still didn’t get tokens. Also you have to use your real number so if your friends have your contact saved they’ll know it’s you. One more thing a certain point at night you’re not allowed to call them and why do they do this? Not because they might be asleep, a lot of us stay up. They want you to pay money. Not worth it.
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10 months ago, MrArtist59
I’m so mad TOTAL RIP-OFF
Update as of August 18,2023 Read the snarky responses from the developer to the reviewers. That says a lot about the folks you have to deal with here - should let you know what a scam and ripoff this is. You’ll regret getting this app most definitely. Downloaded the app, purchased 20 tokens. After app crashing several times I tried to make my first call without my number showing. It immediately takes you to yet another app where you can buy a disposable phone number. Guess what… that app doesn’t work at all. I want my $6 back. I’ve deleted both worthless apps
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3 years ago, Nitrostatic
Please Always Update
I don’t usually give reviews.. But This App is just one of the best in the App Store. Prices are affordable for tokens and you get to keep the recordings of such funny prank calls. There are so many options to choose from. I wish the developers to keep updating the app and find even more success for making this wonderful app.
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7 years ago, Tyler10908
App is horrible.
It isn't like it is on their regular site, it cost money now to use a fake number... What is the point of prank calling if it's your own number, then they can just call back and harass you... The fun thing about prankdial was you could use any number so people got mad and couldn't do anything about it. They also force you to make an account now, I'm assuming because people were using hot spot shield and getting unlimited calls, so they put a foot down real fast for that gotta make that prank phone call money baby😂. The owners are just greedy as hell, must need that money for making an app only 13 year olds use🤦🏻‍♂️
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6 months ago, Sydney mills
Your app fricking stinks
The ads that pop up on every call make this app garbage. Whe you try to close the app with the x, it also closes the call so you basically can’t call anyone. Probably if you spent a thousand dollars on no ads and tokens then it would be worth it but ITS NOT WORTH UR TIME. I spent 30 minutes trying to prank call ONE person. It made me make up an account and the phone verification took so long and didn’t work once on the website so I tried downloading the app and it was even worse. Thank you developers for making the worst app I’ve ever downloaded! I hate you 🥰
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4 years ago, Tommy Koa
Isn’t working
I have 27 available credits from a past purchase and can’t use them.. attempted to use the website today.. it says it’s calling, however it isn’t. I attempted to call someone in my household and their phone never rang. Tried another number and still didn’t work. Tried a few more times throughout the day and nope. still isn’t working. Also downloaded the app.. upon trying to login.. a phone number calls me and asks me to press 1.. I do this and it takes me back to the app where it just says “waiting”.. and never loads. also tried this multiple times. What a waste of money..
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5 years ago, AMPblue
Honestly, I feel like there are a lot of bad reviews. Really people are just making it a bad app. All you have to do is get another phone and call someone using “*67” and then your phone number. Just put the other phones speaker with a prank dial sound, and then call on the other phone! It’s fairly simple and super entertaining. My family had a heck of laughs. Amazing sounds!
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2 years ago, ctsavage52323
Awesome app! But just one thing.
I love this app! It has so much prank audios. But there is one problem. Every time I put my number in to login, it says it called me when it did not. All I see is a waiting screen. I tried to look around for missed calls, but it did not have any number. Is this a bug? Because it is not calling me to verify.
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6 years ago, smiley_mcgee
App has been ruined!
This used to be a very fun app and worked amazing. Now you can’t pick the call back number you have to use your own number which is pointless or you can pay for another app to get another number to use, I already paid for the tokens I don’t want to pay for a different call back number. I’m done with this app til this changes
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5 years ago, icecreamcone000
Is the best and has its issues
This app is the best but what I don’t like about it is that you have to pay for tokens and I m one of those people that don’t like to pay for games unless I have a gift card and I rarely do so what they can fix is that for how long you off line you can get tokens and it can only go up to 6 or 5. So thank you for your time bye.🤩
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Good game. But one thing is wrong.
Hi! My name is Mia. I would like to tell you the thing that I think is wrong with the game. Don’t tell me, the game is absolutely fantastic! But, when you call someone, (or somebody) if the don’t pick up, they say, Sorry! Please try again! But, when I went back to the screen, I lost my token! I was so furious! If you don’t change that, you’re going to get more comments like mine. Sorry! I’m just trying to make the game better. Bye!
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2 years ago, bye lunar :p
This game is fun!!!!!
I’ve been playing this game since I was five and now I am 21 crazy right this game is so much fun I play it every single day. This game is so much fun and I actually recommend it and if you’re reading us thank you very much and I am excited to show other people thank you if you read this
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6 years ago, Lazy 100
I’m not happy ☹️
• First of all, you only get 3 free calls in a day. Then you have to use tokens. To get tokens you either pay or watch 5 ads for 2 tokens. • Second of all, I have an iPhone 7 and it will not let me use a random number to call from. I either use my own number or it wants me to download an app. The Problem with using my own number is that whoever I call, if they have my number they will know it is me and that takes the fun out of it. But the pranks are funny and you can customize some of them.
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1 year ago, caseyishappy
Heckin worth it
I’ve never seen an app like this before!!!! It’s well worth the $0 you pay when you download!!!!! I especially loved when it wouldn’t let me use it bc it kept saying I had too many log in attempts my first try!!!!!!! Recommend it if you want to use up storage for nothing at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Johnny Bravo senior
Number option
PrankDial was much, much better and therefore a lot more fun when we had the option of putting in a number of our choosing as the return call. Now you have to get a second phone number..go back to the old way please!
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6 years ago, Sock Monkey Duude
Money thirsty ppl
The app is okay except for the fact that they’re so money thirsty, that they try to make you pay for tokens for everything. When I was trying to prank call a friend at night, it was trying to make me pay more tokens because the person might be “asleep”? What kind of app does that? Well apparently this one. The whole point is that the app tries to make you pay for everything like a fake number, more tokens to call people, and apparently more tokens to call someone when they are “asleep”.
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5 years ago, The_real Mr Grinch
Tokens are too hard to get and you wait too long to get free calls
First off, I think this app is hilarious, however the app makes you wait a ridiculous amount of time to even get free calls. Also to get tokens you either have to play a game (which didn’t even work for me) to get them or you can buy them. So overall I think that the app doesn’t allow you to really do what’s so fun about it all of the time. One last thing is that I wish if the caller doesn’t pick up then you don’t use a call.
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7 years ago, JonH2O
Silly voice actors + errors
(Thanks for the Response!) The script is laid out well for much of the calls. Some people fall right into the script 😅 but so fake. Seriously, there's a dude faking as a grandma. It's lighthearted but I don't like it. Nearly anyone hangs up immediately. My friends aren't stupid. I'm desensitized from The Jerky Boys. It's very tough to beat Frank Rizzo! 😡🖕🏻haha. I hope to see more actors with many updates but I haven't seen any new ones for 4 months. If someone doesn't say "hello" or says anything right after this stupid thing hangs up because the dumb thing thinks it's a voicemail and uses up a credit you PAID FOR (or watched 2 minutes of ads for). For those complaining about using your own number just get a free number with Flyp app or Google Voice. Other than's awesome! 😬
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3 years ago, 0liviaskeppp
I like it but...
I don’t get anything about the tokens like it is annoying!! I wish that they would delete the tokens!! Overall I think it is a cool app! I like it the most because I got a lot of good reactions!! After I told my friends about the app and that loved it!! Why I rated it three stars is because it is all about the tokens if they took out the tokens I would of reinstalled the app!. I think you should get the app if you want a lot of tokens and boring stuff
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2 years ago, Trash app is a scam
This app just stole my MONEY!
I couldn’t believe this. I wanted to purchase tokens, but it scammed me. When it happened, I used Apple Pay to pay for the tokens, when I got the message “You’re all set!” That is where things went downhill. After that message, I got another message that there was a token error and that it expired. I thought that it didn’t charge my card or just gave me a refund, but no, the statement is still there. This app just charged me for nothing and didn’t have me my money back. Don’t do the same mistake as me.
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4 years ago, frikinresdthisreviee
Hi I just watched 8 adds for 2 tokens and I got none HELP Edit: omg I’m sorry 😂 man this was a long time ago ( tho it’s wasn’t) I thought it didn’t work because I cleared all my tabs and turned off my phone for a minute twice but it just came a bit slow 😂 sorry it came, had a nice laugh pranking my cousin and friend I edited it to five
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5 years ago, Fluffy ⭐️ star
Fun but.....
This app is so fun but every time I want to listen to the reaction an add pops up. I did a prank call and an add popped up when I tried to listen to it but this time when the add was over it went straight to the App Store and forced me to get the app and once I DID download the app an x to close the add didn’t pop up and I had to close the app and couldn’t listen to the reaction. Overall this app is great and I do recommend it.
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7 years ago, Teresa's daughter
Good but....
It’s a really good app😀!! But the tokens are just a bit annoying, I get that you have to pay for the calls but maybe could you make it a bit easier to earn tokens? You could make some pranks cost money? And also the calls are obviously fake😕. But the app is still really funny! You could also make a voice changer thing that costs tokens! Amazing app!
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1 year ago, Juniorgametyme
When you use the app, they know it’s you because of the contact name so the app is pointless (all the apps that give you second phone numbers want you to pay money so I can’t do that either) so maybe if you can generate a random phone number every time instead of using ours it would be better
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2 years ago, DefiantlySub
Used to be great
To those of you that are saying you have to use your own number, the work around is using an app like text now for a second number on your phone… verify it with that number as call not text. The app will not call any number any more… immediately says call busy without it even trying to go through. Works online but not on my app on my phone. Developers have not fixed it yet and basically told me to use the web version. Which is hard to do
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2 years ago, melaniemar1
Lots of errors
This use to be a fun way to prank call people a couple years ago now your can’t even use the app or website. I haven’t people able to log in or use the website in a year. When you get on the app you have to log in and by doing so it’ll ask you to verify by call, I put my number in and it gets stuck on waiting and never goes through.. online website it won’t even let you send pranks for whatever reason when you go to send them it won’t let you.
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2 years ago, Baddie3005
Absolute Scam
On the website, it seems great. You get like two free calls and they let you choose a fake number to call from. Once you get the app, you cannot use a fake number, you have to use your own, which completely defeats the purpose. Obviously, I am in my friends contacts, so they will know it is me. Also, you cannot get free calls by watching ads, they just make you watch a bunch of ads, and don’t give you any free calls. I’ve completely wasted my money on tokens! This is a scam!
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2 years ago, LeighAnne_T
Used to be the best but left with tokens that don’t work
I can’t tell you how much fun we have had over the years with this app. So much so we bought so many tokens. I have 48 tokens remaining and haven’t been able to use them for month. I receive immediate errors and customer support tells me to uninstall and reinstall which doesn’t work. A year ago I would have touted this as one of the best apps but today I’d be careful spending any money.
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6 years ago, maadikins
Madison’s review 🤣🤣
I think prank dial is an amazing App I can really relate to it because of my funny personality but the only thing that I would fix is the amount of calls yet because you can only make three calls unless you buy more tokens and if you don’t have to wait a whole 24 hours to get three more tokens but overall I really think it’s a funny app
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4 years ago, BrittanyNicole🥴
Use to be free and fun
Use to be free completely , use to let you use the option free without having to pay for turning off prank dial recording at end of prank call. Now you need tokens. Use to be able to make up your own phone numbers to use for the call, now it tries to use yours or wants you to verify another number , what fun is that? Not sure why it changed but it’s no longer fun for me or any of my friends and family who use to use the app , we have all uninstalled the app. Need to change it back to the original version.
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1 year ago, Erika_ayeee
Sign in bug
It won’t let me sign into my account with my phone number I would put my number in and it would call me to verify my number and I would press 1 and then the screen would say “verifying” and then it would just keep staying on the loading screen I left it for 10 minutes and it was still loading. I tried to email support but it said I tried to many times even though I did not. This used to be a fun pranking app but now won’t let me sign in.
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