Preply: Language Learning App

4.8 (23.5K)
174.4 MB
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Preply Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
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13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Preply: Language Learning App

4.8 out of 5
23.5K Ratings
8 months ago, Rocio PR 🇵🇷
Best Language Learning App I’ve Ever Tried
I started learning mandarin last year and used DuoLingo, Du, and other websites with educational programs and nothing compares to Preply. First of all, the app is so organized. They send you notifications on things like class reminders, motivation, resources, etc. The design of the app is very user friendly. There are so many teachers in the platform, all with different experience and education, so you truly have options and range for budgeting. My teacher is amazing, her reviews were great. After every lesson, she sends me a pdf of what we worked on, and highlights the parts I have to memorize by next class. She sends me links of resources, PowerPoints, I sometime send her pics of my writing and mandarin memes, she is kind and knows when to push me further. I love how students leave detailed reviews, it really helps to choose your teacher. Also, the teachers have the option to make a video or a written introduction about themselves, and you can have a chat with them or even book a session to get to know them before you get the weekly subscription. I’m just so happy I found this app through an add, its really helping me level up my mandarin. Good luck to everyone out there on their language journey!
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4 months ago, Cinderz95
Thank you to Bryan @ Preply!
I did a trial lesson with a tutor in the beginning of February and loved her style. A few days later, I scheduled a subscription to her. Then the worst happened and I became very ill in the following days. I couldn’t schedule lessons because I was too sick and tired. I am now recovering and wanted to study to get back to lessons. I have four from that subscription I hadn’t used, and I scheduled them for the middle of March as I have a work commitment the first two weeks of March. I just got a statement from my bank I was charged for four new lessons, now putting my total at 8 that I hadn’t used. The problem is I do lessons once per week, and would continue to have a surplus of lessons if it went on. I contacted Preply in the app and was connected with Bryan, who immediately offered a refund of the latest subscription and told me I can pick it back up when I’m able. So now I can use the first subscription’s lessons and then restart the subscription! Within minutes my bank processed the refund — while I was still talking to Bryan! What amazing customer service. 10/10 would recommend. Thank you Bryan!
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4 years ago, gloria3009
Do not use this app
We’ve had a terrible experience. We started with an amazing tutor that within a few weeks told us he was going to another app because preply does not treat their tutors well or supply enough students for them. My son was very disappointed but we were told to get another tutor which we did then he quit as well and went to another app and then a third tutor. Each of the tutors was wonderful but didn’t want to stay on Preply.I have politely asked numerous times to have a refund since this is not acceptable that we’ve had to change 3 tutors within two months. My son was excited to take Spanish but now after having to be bumped around so many times he has lost interest. Now I’m still stuck with Preply having my money and not giving me a refund. They kept advertising us to buy one of their packages which I bought their best and biggest package spending a lot of money. We started with another language app called a italkie and we’ve had the same tutor for the past month and he’s wonderful and told us that many of the tutors he knows don’t work with Preply because they don’t provide students for their tutors and don’t have a good system for the tutors. It’s frustrating because it’s not our fault so we should get a refund stay away from this app. They sucked me in by enticing me with a price deal if I bought a big package which I did and now I’m stuck with them having my money.
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2 years ago, Drummer4uva72894
Disappointed as a teacher
I’ve taught with Preply for nearly three years. I think the platform is great and customer service is usually quite helpful…They take a percentage from teachers because they of course help you find students and need to pay for running the company. So I totally get that…For my first two years there were no fees when withdrawing funds from my account but over the summer fees were introduced and this has been devastating. Fees seem to run from about 5-10% depending on which option you choose. So essentially it’s a been a fat pay cut for teachers…In the past I would send former students of mine from China to Preply when they wanted to continue their lessons after I left China, and I didn’t mind giving Preply a percentage because of the convenience. But now with the added fees to withdrawal, it’s not worth it for me…So I will continue to teach my students on Preply, but when I have a former student contact me to resume classes I won’t send them to Preply. I will arrange the classes on my own, because the fees are too high…You would think there’s a way Preply could help out the teachers a little more. Maybe a direct deposit to our bank to avoid the fees? Something…I hope they can find a way to resolve this. Otherwise they’re losing potential students because I will no longer send students I have taught in person to Preply.
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2 years ago, Rivhard E.
Review for Georgia Kiritsaki
I have been studying under Georgia as a beginner for several months now. I have studied other languages for the US Foreign Service and am fluent in Arabic, Spanish and French to a certain extent. I am writing to commend Georgia for her teaching techniques and style. Even with only one lesson each week, or sometimes two per week when I can, I can feel the progress I am making. Georgia keeps her focus clearly on the areas I need to command to move beyond beginner status and ensures that I keep working to achieve those goals. She is also very supportive of the varied ideas I have to fit the program to my interests, and, finally, she is such a pleasure to spend time with each week. We both laugh at my mistakes (of which she is always 100 per cent supportive and is laughing with me, not at me, always). I finish each class having made clear progress, with a complete understanding of the next steps, and fired up with the excitement of continuing to learn under Georgia’s guidance. She is a real asset to your programs.
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1 year ago, Traveler80466
Great tutor! App is so-so…
The tutor I chose for Spanish is great! I like that I can jump on my phone and use the app for a lesson if I need to (mom of 2 young ones - life can get zany). However, the app has already had a few glitches and I’ve been using it for less than a week. The first issue is that I subscribed for 4 lessons a week, booked them, and then received an email and an app notification that one lesson next week was no longer available. I tried to use the app to reschedule and got an error message. I tried to call Preply and was only able to message them. After waiting 20 mins I got no chat response. I emailed them and am still dealing with the issue via email. This is kind of annoying as I don’t want to devote my time to scheduling errors - I’d rather devote that to my language lessons… Another unfortunate thing is that I have 4 lessons each week and can’t sync them with my google calendar (as customer support told me) because I didn’t sync with Preply first (how is one to do this, no add’l info given) so now I have to manually add each lesson to my calendar. Not the end of the world, but should be possible in 2023 ;) Bottom line: I like my tutor, but jury is still out on the platform.
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1 year ago, CzTKK
Be Careful with this App!!
The tutors are great but the app scams you out of hours so be careful and keep track!! My first time using it, I ordered a 4 hour subscription, and added 8 additional hours. When I switched to the 8 hour subscription, it immediately charged me instead of my cycle date, so I ended up with 21 hours including the trial. No biggie. I knew I’d use them. Problem is, I only used 7; and have 6 hours scheduled…but the app tells me I have 6.5 hours left. I’ve asked customer service twice now and they tell me it’s all traceable in my lessons section. Well, of course I double checked that section with my own calendar before writing in; and they matched up on my end. So where’s my 1.5 hours?? They tell me their system says I’ve used 7.5 and have 7 scheduled. But if I can go through the lesson details to track my hours, why can’t they?? Bc those hours they’re telling me don’t match up to what’s listed…so what are they looking at? Soooo bizarre! And definitely scammy!
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4 years ago, Rhooooooooooo
Amazing BUT there are a couple glitches
I have been using Preply for a little over a month now and I think it’s really amazing. I find it really convenient to learn a new language one on one with someone willing to teach you! I have been experiencing a couple glitches while using the app. During my first lesson with my Tagalog tutor, I was able to view what we went over after our first session was done. After our first lesson, I was glad that I was able to copy down what we went over until over the next month, I wasn’t able to view the lesson slides she sent me via Preply. I then told my tutor and she has been nice enough to send me the lessons via Skype! Also sometimes the audio or screen will cut out or not function properly so we usually do our lessons on Skype as an alternative option, which I’m happy about! Anyways, if you guys want to learn a second language such as Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, German, etc. learn to your hearts content with this app! ❤️
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6 months ago, llmickelson
Loved it until I got behind on lessons and you loose your money
Loved it! It was very reasonable in price. I was able to have a tutor from the country (actually in the country) that I wanted to learn the language from. But with busy life I got behind on lessons and they transfer over to the next month but only 25% the rest you loose. They say as long as you schedule them you won’t loose them but then it is a catch up that now behind but they are going to keep charging every 28 days for more lessons and it was a pit that I was going to get deeper in and loose more lessons which is actually money. I had to pause my account because there was a week or 2 that I couldn’t do lessons but knowing when I unpaused it I had more then 25% lessons left and would immediately be charged 8 more lessons when I unpaused it that I was going to loose money and be caught in a catch up cycle and possibly loose even more money. I should of had them refund 2 of my lessons and just lost the other 2. As now they have cancelled my subscription because it was paused too long and lost the whole amount.
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4 years ago, AutumnJBreeeze
App & My Instructor - Guille C.
I started using Preply a few weeks ago and have had an amazing experience. My instructor is amazing! His name is Guillermo “Guille”. He lives in Germany and speaks 4 languages. He’s very patient, professional, attentive and knowledgeable. He speaks perfect English and Spanish so he is able to provide a lot of insight to cultures, vocabulary, sarcasm, proper use of grammar and conjugations and a lot more. The lessons are fantastic because he is well prepared for his classes with a plan, and happily adjusts if I have questions about a topic. There’s optional videos, homework and documents he has to learn more on free time. I’d recommend Guille to anyone looking to learn Spanish, English, German or French. I already feel more confident in my Spanish. The Preply app is very user friendly and easy to use. Features like the messaging app, placement testing, video gallery, easy transfer of hours, and more make it appealing. I’ve used a few other platforms but Preply is the best I’ve ran across.
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3 years ago, Kwills2x
Inefficient customer service
I initially started using Preply in the summer of 2020. Found a great tutor. I got a new phone and for some reason Preply couldn’t assist in helping me reset the password for the account actually told me I never had an account. I had to give them My cc info for them to find that what I had been saying was true. I then signed up again with my Apple ID added $50 with the tutor whom I like. After a class I went to register more classes and the system is saying again that it doesn’t recognize my info. Which means I don’t have access to my money. Julia had been in contact but there has been no follow up since Friday when I initially reached out. Very frustrating bc I don’t want to lose my money that I added nor do I want to lose my connection with the tutor. Still waiting to hear from them. Very poor system if every time I’m done with a class I’ll Never be able to access it again from my phone- the same place I signed up for the service through an app. I’m Just not sure what’s going on but I know I have money in their system and can’t access it and I want my money back. Apparently their platform isn’t gonna work for me. NEED SOMEONE TO RECTIFY THIS ASAP! -thanks
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2 months ago, Piper-Marie
Used to love, but now feels scammy
I used to love this app but they changed a lot of policies. Some helped and some didn’t. However, A few of the policies now make it very difficult if you have a busy schedule. I bought 6 lesson pack and wasn’t able to use it even after rolling over (which you’re limited to one time and then the lessons expire and they take your money), but then they wouldn’t refund me because it was over 28 days ago. The thing is, you don’t get alerted until it’s too late about these policies. Now I’m out almost 100$ and the customer service is laughably bad. They just say sorry but you should block off a time and then reschedule when you’re able to come. Essentially screwing the tutors because you have to block time off THEIR schedule that you don’t intend to use, just to keep the lessons from expiring. How bad for the tutor and customer, but not Preply. Go somewhere else, it’s not worth the hassle and them trying to make money over actually having an honest policies that help both parties and not just themselves. Sheesh. Hope y’all enjoy the money.
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2 years ago, justhaley
Preply Helped Me Enjoy Learning A New Language
I really struggled learning language in school because they went through the units so quickly and were focused on getting you to pass the test over understanding the material. It made me feel like I wasn’t capable of learning a language. However preply has given me an affordable way to learn a language at my own speed and learning needs. I feel incredibly empowered after my sessions and I feel like I am actually understanding Korean instead of struggling to keep up in a class. This is allowing me to learn more about my partners culture and connect with their family. I don’t mean to sound dramatic but preply is changing my life for the better and I really can’t say that about any other app I have ever used. Huge thanks to the developers and instructors!
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2 years ago, preply student girl
4 stars because..
Preply is a good app. It’s easy to find tutors and they can reach out to you if they want to. The reason I put 4 stars is because I personally find it difficult to get to my notes from previous lessons. I spent a good 20 minutes surfing through Preply’s website on my laptop, and I couldn’t even get to my notes on the Preply app on my phone. In other words, I don’t think notes and homework are accessible through the mobile app, but I’m still slightly new to Preply. I’ve been using it for almost a month now. Even in the FAQ or answered questions, directions were very vague from other users. You would think clicking the ‘My Lessons’ button would allow you to see all your lessons; past and future with the ability to click the previous lessons that take you to your notes and all that. This is the only thing I have to complain about as a student trying to find notes and homework easily.
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2 years ago, Anu Trigram
Shady Business, Terrible Customer Service
Read this closely, it's important to understand so that you don't waste your hard-earned money. They sell their tutoring via subscription, NOT per lesson (your hours of lessons are bundled into a single purchase and your subscription is many times more expensive than a single lesson). Let's say you use just one of those hours and are unhappy with Preply... they will NOT refund you for your remaining hours under any circumstances. I'm not the only one whose stated this as a problem, check their other reviews. I encourage you to think long and hard before giving a single cent to this company. Their cancellation/rescheduling policy is also set-up in the business's best interest and NOT the student's (my tutor and I lost a few hours because of this). My tutor was phenomenal, but the Preply platform is ruthless when it comes to taking all your money. Maybe you're cool with or used to a business working like this, but there are more caring/considerate options out there. I'm not saying don't use Preply, just know what you're getting into before you give them your money.
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12 months ago, yuyucoffee
If so happen the tutor is no longer available, no refund
I’ve been use Preply for a few years now. The tutors are great. But the customers from this portal become so bad! They DO NOT CARE! When my son’s previous tutor quit, I had 48 hours left in the account, but I was told I won’t be able to get part of the refund because the purchase was made 3 months ago, and I can only transfer. But 8 hours out 48 are no good, because those are from advance payments discount. So I ended up paid for fees again and the class was canceled by the representative without notice and lost 8 hours (even though I made the advance payments) It’s disappointing not only they didn’t make the progress easy but take advantage of customer. Because they know there’s nothing you can do. You won’t hire a lawyer for small things like this. I will probably keep use the portal because the nice teachers. But I will not recommend it to my friends anymore. When you start and refill, need to think twice. If you can’t finish the classes in 3 months, you need to know you won’t get the money back.
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3 years ago, NellBelle-0kay
Bad UI/UX design & low quality tutor pool makes for subpar experience.
The app and website often have buttons that don’t work and particularly with the app it is really ridiculously hard to filter for the language you want to be tutored in. You would think a company whose job is to connect people with tutors would make them easier to find. In addition the tutor quality is weak and so it makes it hard to find qualified tutors. Sure anyone who is a native speaker can have conversations in their language but having a bare minimum certification requirement would greatly increase the credibility in their tutoring pool. If Preply wants to just take its clients money without concern about their education then I get it, but if they actually care about clients learning then they should do better. Additionally it’s clear the company does not do tutor development as the quality among tutors varies immensely and there’s no standards for post session reports or even in their lessons. These are very simple but impactful systems that are lacking. All in all, Preply is like Craigslist for tutors.
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2 years ago, Pan Bak
David B.
Carlo has been my instructor on Preply for the past several months. He is an excellent instructor. He is patient and kind. He is able to adroitly shift from basic questions about vocabulary and useful phrases, to complex grammar, to topics such as Italian history and literature. I have progressed, thanks to Carlo, from almost no competence in Italian to regular conversations with him in Italian. While in Italy this fall, Carlo was extremely helpful, giving travel advice and continued help with my spoken Italian. He is very well-organized and prepares interesting lessons on day-to- day users of Italian. His English is excellent, so that if you know little or no Italian, there is no problem whatsoever with communication in English. I highly recommend Carlo and would be happy to answer questions about the lessons I have had thus far.
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4 years ago, Grandma Amanda
My Russian Teacher is a incredible
Katrina Z speaks Russian beautifully. She started by carefully considering my goals and tastes and every lesson takes me further in direction O want to go. She incorporates challenging grammatical content, fascinating cultural notes and through it all encourages encourages me by seeming genuinely excited to be turning on so many lights for me. On the one hand she ambitious like me, but at the same time she makes grammar drills, reading and listening assignments fit my needs and my sense or fun. She corrects me without ever being condescending treats my errors opportunities to improve. I’m sure she’s decades younger than I, but in our lessons I feel like I have a kind attentive (not to mention drop dead gorgeous) Mamochka. I woke up this morning for my lesson and told myself «Мне очень повезло», (“I’m very lucky”) with such a teacher.
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5 months ago, haxamanesh
Difficult to Trust this platform
When you end a session early, there's probably a reason. The poorly constructed dialog gives you barely a handful of reasons, none of which include "tutor did not turn up". That is just a single one of numerous frustrating problems with this app. Just means that the customer in this app ends up being the one doing all the running around trying to make sure they get their lesson, or the money back. Preply happily leaves that work for you, the paying student to address. But bugs are bugs, they will get fixed, so what’s the problem? Well, these “bugs” seem to follow a pattern, they all fail in favor of Preply getting money, and that’s about the only thing that’s guaranteed. Lessons expire within a month, and trying to switch from a schedule to an ad-how mode… nope—can’t do that. Softly forcing you to forfeit your money. Only option is to cancel your tutor, then back into running around more —explain to them why you did so, then start booking sessions again. Money management and the calendar aren’t well implemented, frustrating at best. But let’s focus on the real issue —poor software is forgivable, developers will read customer feedback and address them, but setting up traps and forcing money extraction is a betrayal of trust.
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12 months ago, SpanishChineseFrenchStudent
A godsend!
I am so happy that I came across PrePly! I discovered it from an Instagram ad a little more than a year ago and I wish that I had found this platform far earlier. I took four years of Spanish classes in university, and my Spanish improved so much faster with the tutors on PrePly than it did over the course of those four years. Now, I am close to a year mark of taking Chinese classes through PrePly, and am 10 lessons in to French classes via tutors on the platform. I am always recommending this app to anyone who is interested in learning a different language. Finding excellent private tutors for very reasonable prices is a godsend. I love love love this platform. I only wish that I had found it years ago!
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3 months ago, zennkenn
Deceptive subscription policy and poor customer support
First, a warning, Preply will “expire” lessons from your subscription if you do not book them all. They will only “roll-over” 25% of any remaining lessons you have and will pocket the rest. Book all of your lessons out and push your subscription renewal date as far out as you need to. Their poorly designed web and app interface will not make this easy. I learned the hard way - they had no interest in correcting this when I sought help. Relatedly, make sure you pay close attention to cancellation times and when you can actually schedule your lessons because Preply’s website, calendar, and subscriptions are not intuitive and amateurish. When customer services does get to your issue they clearly aren’t incentivized to help you. In my experience they tried to push their issues off to the customer or the tutor in my experience.
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4 months ago, anamibisous
Needs much work
The app is mostly useless for teachers bc it lacks the following features: - editing your schedule (currently you can only schedule lessons for some students but you cannot schedule time off) - seeing your earnings and earning history - cashing out - seeing how much each student pays - editing prices for individual students - editing your profile, your pricing or anything else really. - filtering messages For me, it is crucial to be able to add time off to my calendar in the app bc students can book lessons however and whenever they like without the teacher’s approval as long as that time is “free” in the schedule. I need to be able to add time off to my schedule on the go so that students don’t add a lesson when my schedule changes randomly during the day. Otherwise, I risk upsetting the student or being punished by preply for canceling a lesson. Sorry to the devs for the harsh rating but i need you to understand how important it is for the app to allow teachers to edit their schedule more freely on the go. Next to the messaging function that is the most important function to me. It is also important for me to see who pays how much bc i can prioritize my time accordingly. Message filtering would also help (filter by pricing and unread messages) My students have complained about not being able to take their proficiency exams on the app too.
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1 year ago, Ranger@
Perfect tutor
I recently started with Daisy as my tutor before my family, and I travel to Holland. She speaks English so comfortably that she is able to understand everything that I am saying, anticipate many of my questions, and set up for exactly what I needed to learn. She makes the lessons progress so quickly that I feel like she hasn’t even spent an hour with me, but only a few minutes. Every lesson is so well planned for me personally that it just works out beautifully. I think she will be ideal for anyone who is traveling to Holland for business or pleasure. She works well for families as well as for individuals. Absolutely an amazing tutor. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
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4 months ago, Jamila Loubriel
Bait and switch techniques
Writing five stars so my review goes to the top. The thing that I don’t like is the bait and switch techniques used where the price advertised is not the price reflected at checkout. I have reported it for days with no help. The price displayed online on my laptop is also different than the app. I hope someone helps me soon and resolved this issue because as a customer who has spent a lot of money, I would like to have a fair and honest sales transaction. I also think the tutors should be paid for the trial lessons since they are charging us. The trial lesson price displayed on the profile, has been different at checkout.
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3 years ago, bjm229
Deceitful and Deceptive
These people have very dishonest and deceitful business practices. First they signed me up for automatic refills without ever notifying me. After getting automatically charged I finally found a way to turn that off. Next, I signed up for additional hours and I was sent an email saying I had not completed the transaction. I went back and repurchased the additional hours and then they charged me twice! I was not able to get this fixed because you can’t call them and they don’t respond to electronic communications. Now my tutor has quit Preply but they still charge me for a weekly lesson which obviously doesn’t happen because there is no tutor. Once again they won’t accept calls and they won’t respond to my issues through their app. Now I’m going to have to go through my credit card company to fight these charges. What a hassle! Don’t use this app.
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5 months ago, Hannah Furr
Affordable, user-friendly, personalized tutoring — THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE LANGUAGE APP
For me this has been a better experience than my university class on campus, and better than any language app or learning by platform I’ve tried. I have tried Duolingo, I’ve tried in-person classes. Nothing compares to Preply. For the amount you’re paying, the flexibility of scheduling and the control of who you learn from and how is just unlike anything I’ve found thus far. It’s as if you’re taking a personal language tutoring class but for a very affordable price. Finally I’m going to learn this language because I can afford to use the tutor a lot! THANK YOU TO PREPLY
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7 months ago, Тимофей84
Feedback and recommendations for app development
Hi guys! I like your app because I am currently living in Los Angeles, California, and I am looking for a tutor to help me improve my level. I am use your app less monthly, but I really need some future requests for improving your app. The first necessary is - recording lessons by local storage. I use another app for recording sessions, but I understand how cool use that option include your website. The next request is - mobile app. Please add the option to find a companion who also learns English. This free option will attract additional people to your site. Who will subsequently buy lessons from the tutor.
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4 months ago, Strongsamthecool
Native speaker
What an unique opportunity to work with a native speaker. My lessons are scheduled each week and the system is just amazing. The video is not crystal clear BUT the sound and picture is just fine. I can get and print my assignments thru the app and when I am on my iPad during our lesson, she can send me messages that I can read on my phone in real time. This helps if she needs to type a word or a phrase that I am not understanding orally. She does not speak one word of English (my native tongue). I was worried it might not work but after three lessons- I am sold!!! So glad I stumbled across this sight surfing the internet.
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1 year ago, ptamks
Expiration date on credits to take your money!
I paid $106 for hours. The first teacher didn’t do a great job so after a few sessions I switched to a different teacher. The second teacher’s availability barely existed and then he became inactive. I then became penalized for my new teacher becoming inactive because now they gave me a timeline as to how fast I needed to start a new lesson with another teacher before my credits (money spent for hours) expired. I don’t feel like they should be able to simply take your money because you have to reschedule in their window of time. If I paid for credits, why are they expiring in the first place? It just seems like a way to take advantage of people and their money. The credits should remain until they are used, otherwise they shouldn’t let you buy them in advance and in bulk. Just seems scammy.
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11 months ago, TassiSaeng
Exceptional Russian Teacher - 5 stars
I am thrilled to share my glowing experience with Sergey. His vast knowledge and experience earn him an easy 5-star rating. Sergey's teaching skill is exceptional, making complex concepts easy to grasp. He effortlessly tailors his approach to suit individual needs, creating an engaging and enjoyable learning environment. Sergey's passion for the Russian language is infectious, sparking curiosity among students. With patience and clarity, he encourages questions, fostering an encouraging atmosphere. Thanks to Sergey's guidance, I've gained not only language skills but also a deeper appreciation for Russian culture. I wholeheartedly recommend him for an outstanding learning experience. Thank you, Sergey!
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6 months ago, GYT808
Rating of App Policy - Not the Tutors
The tutors on Preply are amazing. This review is based on their terrible refund policy. I had to pause my subscription due to scheduling issues and had accrued unused lessons due to my tutor cancelling on me. You better remember the fine print and set a reminder to ask for a refund before 28 days. If life happens and you’re sidetracked by something like a parent’s illness and only remember to ask for a refund after the 28 days…you’re out of luck and won’t get your money back for services never rendered or used. Department stores have bigger refund windows. Shame on you, Preply. ADDED UPDATE - got the same copy and paste answer to this post, which shows they do not really read these comments. Stay away from this app unless you don’t mind bad refund policies and auto renewal set ups that just look to take your money.
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9 months ago, Jexcel10
What a discovery!!
Honestly, when I saw this online I thought it was just a floppy idea and a scam of an app. You can imagine my surprise to just give it a go and it turned out to be the best ever decision!!! Now that’s pretty funny! I love this app/idea! And the lessons are SO affordable. Way more affordable than lessons I’ve had in their respective countries. This also works so well for me since I travel a lot for work. It means I can keep doing my weekly lessons without fail. You need to get this if you’re looking to learn languages. It’s absolutely worth your time and the tutors are fantastic. I’m subscribed with french and Italian classes right through till the end of the year 😅😅😅 Also, another pleasant surprise - you can learn PLENTY of other subjects!! Maths, science, computer coding etc! So if you thought this was purely languages, you’re in for a surprise! Maybe Preply should promote that more! It’s a full on tutoring app rather than just languages. I love it.
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1 year ago, Ejk1123
BEWARE. The tutors are garbage and miss lessons and sit on their cell phones while the timers go for lessons. Preply does nothing to give your money back for missed lessons. There is no way to report tutors who turn the lesson on and then leave so they get money… This is a scam. A total predatory company trying to get money from vulnerable people just trying to get ahead and learn English like my poor mother in law.. it’s taken me so many emails to even get a response. They charged my credit card a month later WITHOUT my authorization when no lessons were purchased… I have had to report them to American Express who immediately saw the scam and sided with us and are getting my money back. I tried everything to resolve this internally and quietly. This clearly doesn’t matter to them. I’m now here to warn the public. Please be careful and use another app!!!!
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4 years ago, hjm730318
Not connecting to calendar
It would’ve been nice if my lesson could’ve connected to my calendar or used AM/PM designations. I could’ve sworn I chose a 4 pm time slot but my instructor read 4 am. I couldn’t go back to see what I’d selected but my reminder in the app only referred to 4:00. I don’t want to risk more mistakes and waste money or not get the time I booked (I had no indication that I’d not been booked for 4 pm). Also, it’s unnecessarily unclear how the session will take place. I’d expected to get some clear prompting about where to “show up” for the session, but that was left to my instructor to give me the details, so it wasn’t seamless. If this is a booking app only, that’s cool. But without the calendar connection function and any automated direction, it didn’t really make much easier.
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3 years ago, pastaCheeseButter
auto-refill charge unauthorized
I have multiple language tutors on Preply. I am a software developer. I know the UI well, and i am very deliberate in Unselecting the “auto-refill” when i purchase 6 or 12 hours. Yet, the platform still auto refills me when i’m down to 1 hour remaining with that tutor. I have to then go into settings -> Payment Methods and unselect the auto-refill AGAIN to turn it off (for each tutor!). I consider that unauthorized refill to be an unauthorized transaction on my credit card and it has very much soured my experience with this app. Fix your billing please! Very Stressful to see the charge on my card when i was so intentional in unselecting the auto-refill on initial purchase!! Perfect example of a “bug” that generates recurring revenue. Fine, have your short term rev growth but watch your NPS crash hard - shame on you preply.
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1 year ago, sheandhim93
Almost perfect
This app is great. It definitely helps keep me organized with students. However, it is extremely frustrating that I cannot schedule “time off” from the app, and have to always log into a computer to block off any time. I know I can’t be the only person who has events come up last minute, and it causes issues when I can’t block off time from the app and often have to wait the 8 hours until the end of the work day to block off that time. More than once I’ve had to cancel lessons the same day a student scheduled it because I can’t block off that time in the app. This app would be perfect to use if I could schedule time off using it.
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2 years ago, Italy Amore
Fabulous language learning experience
Learning with my tutor through Preply has made me into an increasingly intermediate Italian speaker. You can find the private tutor that fits your style and needs, watching posted tutor videos and reading profiles. My tutor and I send messages and files through the app. However, we use Zoom for meetings as the quality is better than meeting through Preply. There are lesson reminders, notifications of any cancelled or changed lessons, and indication of the amount of hours purchased and those remaining. The app is available in 4-5 languages (more please!) and I love to be able to use it (listing new words learned) in Italian.
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5 years ago, Sunfloweralpaca
LOOK what you’ve made me do
Okay. Back to one star because it has just hidden my profile again for a fourth time.. LOL, SURE! not a problem. I'm a language teacher from preply, which gave me plenty of opportunities to find students and earn decently. BUT that was what I thought until today. My profile was hidden due to certain reasons, of which I had no idea. However, with my profile hidden, new studnets won't be able to find me on the platform anymore, so I wrote to the support team to ask them what happened. A representative told me I was reported absent from more than one lesson, which had already happened to me twice. Now the third time, and we all know it was nonsense. After he told me he had to check with their tutor success team or something, he used bold letters and exclamation point to tell me that they work from MONDAY to FRIDAY(in bold) and Thanks for my patience! No! What if I am not patient? This is the third time it happened to me! So unreasonable and unfair! Now you told me to be patient? You could say I am a bit too sensitive but I actually felt bad when facing a representative harboring such a POLITE and WARM attitude! Other staff are helpful and friendly, and I do appreciate their help. I'd give five stars to them but none to this guy.
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2 months ago, Tiffanie G
Support team is awful
**Response to developer response** The support team isn’t answering! Please actually read the review I left. 🙄 It takes hours to hear back from anyone from live chat support, which is unacceptable for paying customers. I’ve been a customer for over a year, for context. The support team doesn’t answer your questions directly if their pre-written responses don’t cover it. It’s like talking to AI but worse. I even reached out to their customer support director on LinkedIn after DAYS of receiving no support via the site and still didn’t get a response. App is fine when it works. When an issue occurs with membership though, you’re on your own. I’m looking forward to the dismissive, pre-written, and unhelpful response to this review, if I get any acknowledgment at all.
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2 years ago, Old Man Dancing
Good service, poor execution
I like the Preply service very much, but they’re a little behind the curve on the tech end of things, on the app and on the website. They were having problems with uploading new profile photos. They got that fixed but now they’re having issues with Google Calendar synchronization. From the time I started using the app several months ago, there have been issues with notification bubbles that you can’t get rid of without turning off notifications altogether. None of these things are deal killers, even when taken together. And, in their defense, I will add that tech support is very responsive and eager to help, where they can.
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5 months ago, Connie Neighborhood Realtor
Progress So Far
I am really liking that I could practice while I’m on the road. This was really convenient to practice and remind me of the words I need more help with and taught me some new words as well. I did have to reschedule my appointment and noticed that the the phone app gave me a little trouble because I could not click on the new time. I switched to my laptop, and I was able to reschedule just fine, so maybe the app gets stuck sometimes. I can’t wait for my tutoring appointment tomorrow with a live person! I’ll keep my reviews posted!
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4 years ago, AVTS1
Organized - Fun
My daughter speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. She has always wanted to learn French and now she is in a French/English program for middle school. With C-19 closing schools we wanted her French to progress. We selected 3 different tutors including Fred to see which one would help her the most. I observed a huge lesson and then asked my daughter whom she thought would help her improve her French. She said Fred because he is very organized, makes the lesson applicable to daily life and used videos for fun. We are now working with Fred 2x a week for the next 12 weeks. I will provide updated reviews as we progress.
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2 years ago, Dave McA
Good tutors, bad subscription plans
I found a great teacher, and I know other users who were likewise very happy with their language tutors. Tutors at various cost levels can be found, and the user can schedule a free introductory hour with each tutor, to be able to chose the right one(s) for ongoing sessions. A lot of languages are represented, including for example Hungarian. The downfall of the Preply service, for me, was the subscription model: the user must sign up for a specific number of lessons per week, and is charged for that number. I finally closed my account. Better, in my view, would be the freedom to schedule sessions as convenient, with no obligation to have a specific minimum number per week. The user support system is quite frustrating, but ultimately it is possible to resolve problems by chatting with a human. Initial access to support is via correspondence with a useless “bot”. The lessons are held through a zoom-like Preply video feature, which naturally is subject to wifi problems, but is generally adequate. These can be accessed through mobile app or through a website.
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4 months ago, Remi M.
Great concept, App not to the level
With over 300 lessons on Preply to learn Italian over the last 4years, just passed my C1 last December, I can tell the app allows you to find the teacher of your liking at the price that fits your budget. As far as the app itself, the one on the iPhone currently doesn’t allow to book lessons. I need to use another device. The app on the laptop computer has had an update over a year ago. Definitely not better, specially when opening the chat. It covers half the screen and you see your tutor half. So the user interface would benefit of an upgrade. Microsoft TEAMS or Skype or GoToMeeting or Zoom are great examples of good user interface. The logo change not so long ago is weird. I really liked the old blue one. Why Pink? No communication whatsoever on why they did it. And last but not least, if you contact technical service, you’d better off googling the issue to try to fix it on your own. Would I recommend Preply? Yes. But I’ll let people know about the basics of the app.
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2 months ago, C43m
Be careful with guidelines for classes
I didn’t know I entered a subscription when I first bought classes through Preply and when I was going through the process of taking sessions, they charge my card for the following month, even though I didn’t know they were going to do that. I found out later that that was part of the procedure, my tutor for that month changed her availability she went on vacation and then she decided not to do classes anymore and I was left with multiple classes and not enough time to schedule them. I asked for a refund but they told me it was out of the 28 day cycle without them even understanding my situation and we’re not willing to give me my refund. I will not use this app again. all they do is take your money.
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10 months ago, kanjoos.Mackhichoos
Bad customer support- Billing issues
I will say that I took subscription 2 classes per week for past 5 months. The platform is good but they discontinue teachers sometimes and then force you to transfer subscription to other teacher and not reimburse money. Other issue is they renew the subscription without properly scheduling classes which means again you lose money. In my case paid for 8 classes for month, was scheduled only 4. When I reached customer support they could not resolve as they cant understand have no ability to reimburse. So all in all lost 40$ because of inefficiency of platform. Now I hate customer support by chat and will never use chat support from any company. I put this on dispute and will now resolve through credit card company
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11 months ago, Deb Minneapolis
Flawed Entrance Exam (Spanish)
To begin the process, one is asked to take an exam to assess the level. I took the exam and if I did not know an answer to a question, I left the question blank. The system scored the “blank” answers as “correct,” and the result was that I was rated at a higher language level than I actually am. I spent more than 3 hours in one night explaining this issue to Preply’s customer service, and have exchanged more messages with customer service since then. Some of the customer service reps that I’ve talked to understand the issue, others don’t, but all seem to think that it doesn’t matter. If it doesn’t matter, then why give the test? Having this fundamental flaw in the system makes me lose confidence in the Preply platform.
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2 months ago, cooleo1975
Payment issues
I like that there are plenty of teachers on the app. That’s about it. I don’t care for the subscription. My work schedule changes and there’s no telling how many classes I can take per month. And when I subscribe to the least amount of classes, when ever I try to add more lessons, there’s always a payment issue. Then Customer support is no help. There solution to everything is for me to use a desktop or laptop. I don’t have either of those. And when I tell them that, I don’t hear anything back from them. Update: I’ve talked to customer support. I e been pasted off to 4 different people now and all of them have told me the same thing. They they say “they’re looking into it”. Then I get past off to someone else.
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2 years ago, QC KCCO
A Bad Start
My first tutor changed the time of two scheduled sessions and Preply doesn’t give an option for the student to review the new time and accept the adjustment. The sessions were changed to a time that I could not meet, and both new times were scheduled within 4 hours of the new lesson time, so I wasn’t able to cancel them without being charged for the session. Seems like the tutor may have figured out a way to scam the system/student. I was able to report the first one because the tutor didn’t show up and avoided losing credit/payment. I’ve requested a refund via the bot chat for the second one. I loaded up about $50 to my account for lessons and I am not trying to figure out how to get it all credited back. Great concept. Poor execution.
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