preppy wallpapers VSCO

4.5 (375)
14.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for preppy wallpapers VSCO

4.47 out of 5
375 Ratings
1 year ago, Buggy ducky
I absolutely love this app!! The wallpapers are aesthetic, cute, and preppy! As a 12 yr old girl, about to be 13, I use these wallpapers a lot! Only things I would recommend, it has nothing to do with the wallpapers, but the app itself can be kinda glitchy for me sometimes, and the app doesn’t look… well… clean I guess. It looks kinda boyish and unclean. That is the only thing I dislike but otherwise I love the app! Keep rockin’ y’all and have an amazing day!!! 😊 ✨✨Thank you for the app!✨✨
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2 years ago, v bff gmcmhih
This app is very good I have three friends we are have this app it is really really really good I really recommend it I will give it a five star review but over all the wallpapers are good I’m not a Preppy though but it is very good my friends were thinking we ought to have different wallpapers but we ended up having the same wallpaper this app is probably for preppies and everybody else even if they’re not a preppy but the app is very good and one of the wallpapers are so so cute I can’t find a cuter one lol 😂 but they are all so cute so what am I talking about L O L bro I can’t even start with my sister she literally goes on this app every single day changing her wallpaper every single day and every time I look at her wallpaper I’m literally laughing so hard because she literally changes it every single day and I don’t get why she changes it every day she can just keep on for like a month or so and then change it or keep it for a week I don’t really care how long she keeps it I just care if she keep her for at least one week or month she changes it every minute 😂 😂😂😂😂😂
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12 months ago, eatathingofpoop
Amazing but not quite a 5
This app is so so very good it has a tiny selection of cute and preppy wallpapers. All my friends beg me to send the wallpapers to them so they can have them LOL!!! But the reason it’s a 4 and not a 5 star rating is because 1 there is a LOT OF ADDS, and 2 is because there is not a lot of wallpapers to pick from.... Besides that I highly recommend this app to people that are I need of new, cute, and preppy wallpapers!
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2 years ago, happy person!👍👍👍😃😃
Cute 🧿🌴🌺⚡️✨⭐️ but….
I love this game it has so many cute preppy wallpapers and I LOVE that there are no adds but I wish their were more preppy wallpapers :(. When you click on the preppy category not a lot of wallpapers pop up which is kinda disappointing. If their were more preppy ones then this app would be perfect!♡☆
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7 months ago, slay -gurl
This app is great because I love it and whoever made like all of the stuff they’re really pretty so yeah I just love all of this stuff it’s perfection so yeah🌸💅🏻😝 and always you should slay the day away so yeah i’m upset and stuff so yeah anyway so yeah anyway so yeah anyways if you don’t like it give this review again thumbs up so yeah goodbye sleigh queens
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9 months ago, Dumb blond Aubs
It’s OK
I wanted to have a purple wallpaper. I typed in purple at the search bar and it said no pictures found I was very disappointed because I really wanted a purple lock screen but I found some but you have to watch ads to get them and I watched an ad to get my back screen, but I didn’t even get the back screen so I just took a screenshot of the picture we will💀
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1 year ago, chucwwr
Cute but….
I literally ✨OBSESSED✨ with this app but there is just one thing. Whenever I try to search something in the search bar it just doesn’t work, like say I typed in “Purple” or “Smiley” NOTHING would come up. But overall I’ll rate this app a solid 4/5 stars! Byeee 👁👄👁
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12 months ago, Lyndee🧝‍♀️
This app is so cute!⚡️💕
I got this app because I’m becoming a preppy! And this did not disappoint lol! The backgrounds are so cute! And there is just so much options! Plus, saving this to your camera roll or whatever is SO EASY! This app is just so good!🎀😆⚡️
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3 months ago, Slay queen all day⭐️⭐️
This app is great 👍, but it has some issues. It is different than what it says in the description. It won’t show me popular stuff, and it won’t let me share pictures with my friends. INEED HELP! Please write me back, Have a nice day 😊👍😊
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2 years ago, fruit grllllll
This app is perfect for preppy’s!when I fist became a preppy I immediately got this app! I was changing my wallpaper on my laptop,Apple Watch,phone,abc iPad like every month!Its worth five stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! I totally recommend this! Have a good day! -from: ME
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5 months ago, Avacadohippo5566
1 or 2 problems
So I loveeee this app and the wallpapers are great it’s just that I wish we can make our own or change the colors any ways Have a nice day!😊😊
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4 months ago, Frenesl
First of all I love this app because I play this game called color number and I use the pictures for that game and my wallpapers are super cute thx for making this app!
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4 months ago, coolfairy princess
It’s a good app just would recommend a couple things
I really like the app it just doesn’t have many options or color choices of wallpapers and every time I try to use the search bar it never works
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1 year ago, Lucas petro
Perfect app
It’s amazing just two clicks of a button and then you have your preppy backgrounds this app is a life savor u don’t even have to pay for the photos
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1 year ago, preppiest app
I love this
This is so preppy and the only wallpaper I use is from preppy and an app called Picsart it is also really fun and you can make your own wallpaper I really recommend this app⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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10 months ago, Kisoaq
I like it so much thank you for creating it. I will love it forever and I hope this goes forever.
Thank you so much
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9 months ago, lovepinkpreppy
I love this app because it helps my friends and I find the cutest wallpapers! It helps me get clean or not blurry wallpapers! I rated I a four because they need to and more wallpapers! Love this app! Thank you! 🌸✨🛍💅🏼🌊🏄🏼‍♀️
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11 months ago, dgsngfrhjkhfghrrikvbjkksvdf
Amazing app! ⚡️🦩💿✨⚡️💖🐬🤞🧿
This app is amazing you should really get it, there are so many preppy wallpapers and others! The only thing that is bad is the ads
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2 months ago, Uvjvufj
Pretty Good
I think that if they made more and not just the same ones every day it would be perfect
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7 months ago, Bestie1234565432
It is good but when you search up stuff just says no images available but it is a great app is appropriate for 8+or 7+ so great app
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3 months ago, dgcbhshjhhjuweducyg
Great app
I love this app but it can use more wallpapers I think you should add some country wallpaper and 🐶 Thanks for reading 🤠
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6 days ago, CarolinaMomB
Photo thing
I don’t know what it means by a photo thing and I don’t like it that much but they are cute
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1 year ago, Arianna😎😎123
I love this app
I can take pictures and use it as my wallpaper
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1 year ago, jeknxncsnkdskknxssnx
This app is pretty preppy but I do think there should be bestie wallpapers like one friend takes half. Wallpaper and the other takes the other half!
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9 months ago, Swiftie102
This app is free it has great pictures 🍄🌷🌈🌸💐😁🪷 Those are some of the tipe of pictures they have
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2 years ago, my name is maria and im 15
I love all of it:
Hey I love this game soooo much lol y’all did good I wish the President would see this and say this game is so good and it’s not fake!
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1 month ago, SHOUGII NUMBER 1
The app is amazing but theres a lot of adds and i think you should add more stitch wallpapers
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2 years ago, jaxmanissocute
So Preppy!!
These all are so cute!! I love them, they are so easy to install to your phone! 10/10!!!!!!! ⚡️⚡️✨✨🌻🌻🌿🌊🫶🏻✨⚡️⚡️
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1 year ago, The bake bean
Hi i am Celine and I love preppy but in this app there is too many adds but if there were no adds then I would love it but I like it so yah bye
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2 years ago, sky_preppe
I love this app because there are so many cool wallpapers I really hope more people sport this app ty to all🤍👻😘
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2 years ago, beacdgbnhnj
This app was so amazing and has so many wallpapers to choose from 😛😝🤍
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1 year ago, BLUE PREPPY
Worth a million dollars 💙⭐️✨💫
It’s really nice but I’m a blue preppy and there’s not a lot of blue preppy wallpapers but it kicks me out every time I get an add?
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2 months ago, player24790
Best wallpaper app ever!!!😃
I HATE the ads but everything else is amazing
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12 months ago, HALLOWEENIEGAL🤭🥵🫣
The app slayyyyyyyyys the day one tip when your out of your house it doesn’t work but it’s the best app in the worldddddd🤭🤭🥵🥵🫣🫣🤭🤭🫣🤭🥵🤭🫣🫣🥵🤭🥵🫣🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡🥀🥀🥀
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2 years ago, preppy_life!
This app is the best preppy app on the App Store I got them all and this is the only one I kept!☺️🎊🎉💕💝💖
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1 year ago, rose Leblanc
This has the most cutest pics! 💖I love the vibes it so colorful🏳️‍🌈I love how’s everyone gave a good reviews!
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2 years ago, hdjhddhyc
Preppy is amazing u should get it!!!
I give it a 10/10✨✨✨✨✨
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1 year ago, nolanpro
Hi 👋 I’m not sure if I should like the wallpaper because it’s not really my style but I think it looks really cool
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2 years ago, GIVE ME STAR BUCKS NOW!
I love this game! I just got it but just add more wallpaper’s please thank you!
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7 months ago, Bobble preppy 🎀
I love it because it is the best thing ever so much preppy stuff 🛍️🛍️🛍️
🥰 I love it so much it’s amazing 🤩 so preppy and cute 🥰 I love it
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1 year ago, mbyjvgjvh
I love this app me and my bff love it . It has so many cute wallpapers
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1 year ago, me 💀👱🏼‍♀️
Not bad
It said that there where no cyan colors.
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2 years ago, Kay minnie
This app is so cute and I really like it! Especially because my style is Preppy!!!
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9 months ago, jiceqneij qnjefn jne rjnjr.
I am so happy that I got this app called
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2 years ago, madieeeeeee45645
I love this game because the wallpapers are so amazing and preppy
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1 year ago, Preppy_girl🫧🍉🧿🧴👙
Cute but..🧿🫧🍉
It’s a bit laggy! But there are lots of cute wallpapers!
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1 year ago, preppy lover🌸🌸
Hi I Love this app I did not know that I was preppy but this app is so so so so five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, emily emilys
Wow congratulations!!
Hello my name is Emily and thank you for the free wallpapers!
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1 year ago, John Maling
The best for peppy's ☀️🏖🏖
this app is perfect for peppy's because the astedic is perfect for this theme.🏖🏖☀️💓🦩🛼
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2 years ago, peachypinker
This is really good if ur looking for preppy wallpaper
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