Private Pilot Test Prep - FAA

4.8 (1.1K)
110.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Aeroapps Technology
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.1 or later
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User Reviews for Private Pilot Test Prep - FAA

4.84 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Forrest L. M.
Great app for studying for the PAR
This is a great test guid and is the only reason I scored a 98% on the knowledge test, it has almost every type of question you will encounter on the Knowledge exam. I used this over my Jepson Private Pilot study materials due to the fact that it is so easy to access and use. For a lunch break, or any time you have a free minute you can just go on your phone and you have the same quality material that you would get from the Jepson test books or any of the other big aviation text book companies. The explanations are fairly good and it uses the same diagrams and references that are in the actual PAR exam, so if you have the testing supplements booklet you can use it to help answer all the questions that require a reference. If you don’t have the test supplement booklet I highly recommend it because you will need it you answer any of the plotting questions.
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5 years ago, Av8rRob
Excellent study resource
I am currently preparing to take my private pilot check ride and have enjoyed using this study guide in my preparation. This app does an outstanding job of allowing one to not only become familiar with the types of questions and topics that will be on the written exam, but it also allows users to become familiar with the many sources of information from which these questions are derived. I also like the fact that you can choose specific topics and even sub topic areas to focus on, which makes it easier to study topics that you may be weaker in. When I become a flight instructor I will strongly recommend my students to utilize this resource for two reasons: 1) Student exposure to sources such as the AIM, FAR AIM, FAA Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, etc... 2) It is relatively inexpensive compared to other test prep materials I’ve seen and used which is good for young pilots who are already on a tight budget.
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1 year ago, Incredibly awful
This app has been helpful thus far but I can’t seem to figure out how to draw lines on the charts during questions I’m not sure if I’m just oblivious to the feature or if it doesn’t exist but it’s hard to see how well your doing if you some of the questions you get wrong isn’t because you don’t know the answer but because the precision required can’t be completed because you physically can’t draw on the charts. Also a lock zoom button would be great because when I get the zoom correctly so that my in hand scale matches the scale given on the key once locked into the position you can no longer scroll the map and if you unlock it you risk the zoom changing and throwing off your calculations Update: I managed to pass my PAR with a 100%, would be five star if you were able to select the amount of zoom and keep it that way for more accurate measurements, or adding the protractor into the app.
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7 months ago, ShortTermTradingGuy
The most effective test prep app for PPL
The PPL test prep app landscape is crowded. And this app doesn’t get the right attention it deserves. I studied 100% just from this app and scored 93% on my first attempt. I have other classmates from our PPL school who have studied from famous apps like King Schools and Sporty’s; and got a much lower score than I did. Nothing against those apps, but all I’m saying is that this is a hidden gem in the crowded space of PPL apps. And I used the free version to study the whole thing. My recommendation to you is if you are preparing for PPL exam, just give this app a try and you’ll see your performance.
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3 months ago, Bravo-Mike1
Great app over all
As I said the app is great over all. Just a few changes I would like to see. A pause button for when you are doing the simulated test is the main one. Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to stop to tend to other things. Also, I wish there was a bank for all the practice tests and the simulated test to where you could go back and look at what you got wrong. Instead you get to see that right after you take the test and then if you accidentally back out there’s no way to go back in and look at it. (At least not to my knowledge). And last but not least it would be nice when you passed a section, if it left your grade beside it so you could know which ones you have passed and which ones you still need to work on. But a great study platform none the less.
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2 years ago, Bobthefukinbuilder
Great app get it now!!
Currently about to start my 2nd week in ground school and I am so overwhelmed with how much we have to learn. This app is amazing though!!! it has everything the blue book has in it and makes it way easier to go over all the questions and has a great explanation of why you got the answers right or wrong. I’ll update with my score once I actually take the written exam. I am using this app mostly and blue book to study and whatever my ground school goes over in class.
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2 years ago, sparkling4uuu
Thank you so much!
I haven’t done the PPL test yet but this is the best exam questions database that I could found! I have purchased few APPs and accounts already, but none of them is like this one, very straight forward design, very easy to understand explanation even with beautiful images! Well done! Thank you so much! Love it a lot! Hopefully I could pass the PPL test with 90% up score like others who have left comments here.
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2 years ago, JeremiahK4
Got 100% on my written exam using this app!!!
Just finished the PPL written exam and got 100% thanks to this app. I really like the user interface on this app. I felt like other apps were a tad slow and the questions weren’t categorized well. This app allowed me to quickly work through TONS of questions at a time which I think was key to my success. I also liked the clear and concise explanations for missed questions.
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3 months ago, BillyJean49
Brilliant App
I used several resources to study for my written exam and then found this gem of an app. The questions are great, but what’s better is the awesome explanations and figures they have. Truly teaching the “why” behind each question, down to the finer details. You’ll understand the root of each question an answer. Truly making better and safer pilots! Can’t recommend enough.
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1 year ago, FlyBy96
Great App, just one thing I wish could be added.
I honestly love this app and I’m leaning on it heavily as I study for my written. Just one suggestion; maybe allow users to come back and review missed questions even if they close the app. I accidentally answered a text message (without closing the app) and when I came back, I could no longer review the answers I got wrong.
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2 years ago, Mattspop77
Just get it!
While I was taking another companies ground school class…..this app is the reason I passed my Faa written and with a 95% at that. Fantastic app that covers all the questions and topics you need to know. The best part is that it’s not just a brain dump, but gives actual explanations of questions so you can actually understand the concepts. I give this app an A+!
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3 years ago, Ljkdjdy
Wow! How is this free
This really is worth the download. I like that they don’t just give you the expiation but they also include pictures, diagrams, and other visuals to enhance the explanation. That is the best part of this app. I don’t generally leave reviews, but this is worth the download!!!!!! No questions asked
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1 year ago, Mach6x
Sweet app, but there is TOO many updates
Great studying tool, and I appreciate the effort to keep the app updated, but there is seriously too many updates. Been using it for a couple months now and I can’t even remember a time I’ve opened the app and not had to do another update, either in-app, here on the app store, or both. If you don’t have great internet all the time, good luck.
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1 year ago, Ochtapas
One fatal flaw
This app could be great but it has one fatal flaw for my use case. I use this when I’m traveling, as an additional tool in my private pilot course study. But this app constantly needs to update the database, like every few times I open it. And if it wants to that when you’re on a plane or a train in Europe where you have bad internet it becomes useless. PLEASE MAKE THE UPDATES OPTIONAL so users in a bad or no internet situation can continue to use the app and update later.
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4 years ago, Cessna2e4o
The real deal!!
This is app is so helpful! Very interactive and does an excellent job breaking down each question with an explanation. Sort by category, build on your weaknesses and ACE THAT TEST! Would recommend highly to anyone looking for a simple to navigate app not loaded with ads.
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3 months ago, ProBMG
Amazing! [Free Version]
I’ve yet to purchase or try the free trial but their tests alone are top of the line. Great definitions and explanations along with them too. Great to review even if you’re getting the correct answers. I came over from Sporty’s these guys here know what they’re doing.
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4 years ago, Pilot Sairam
This is such an amazing app! I used this app as my only resource to study for my knowledge test, and I went from getting a 65% on my practice test, all the way up to getting a 92% on the real test (which I took today), in just 7 days.. Thank you so much for this amazing app!!😊❤️❤️
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5 years ago, adad78
Easy to use
I am working on my private pilots license and my instructor told me about this app. I also bought some study guide books but I use this app more since it’s easily accessible on my iPhone or iPad. The app is easy to use and well organized.
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1 year ago, D446
Awesome Flight Training App
This is BY FAR the best flight training app I have ever used. I have tried many, but this one has blown my mind, with the ease of use as well as the meticulous explanations. Great job!
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3 years ago, kagando
Free way for success.
After finishing an online ground school, I went through all the question over and over again and I just scored 95 on my written exam. Thank you for this amazing source.
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2 years ago, Norse Heeavyweight
Great app to study for the written
I normally don’t write a lot of reviews but this app really helped me pass my written exam. Very good app to use and I’d highly recommend it to others who are trying to get their PPL.
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1 year ago, Amber.Le
5 Stars
Incredible app with flash cards, tests, and exams along with links for vocabulary you may have forgotten within each explanation of an answer
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1 year ago, nychick689
Great info just crashes too much
I would give this app a 5 if it wasn’t for the fact that I am consistently being logged out and right now I’m having difficulty in logging back on to finish my almost completed course.
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1 year ago, Johns227
This app is awesome
I can’t believe this is a free app. The amount of details on the explanations is perfect for the questions they give you. Thanks for the great app.
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4 years ago, Ray dailyy
Errors in grading and needs many improvements.
Just took a test that I scored 91.6% but realized that the app was not marking my answer choices correctly so it gave me an 80%. This means that many of my previous tests were not graded correctly. It marked questions I answered correctly as incorrect. It also doesn’t save work or allow you to refer back to previous exams. Needs so much work it’s very frustrating.
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3 years ago, tim4176
Downloads whole database each time
Requires re-downloading the whole database way too often, almost every time I start it.
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4 years ago, tomorrowspilot
Excellent study tool
I scored a 98% on my FAA private pilot written test using this app as my primary study tool. Couldn’t be more pleased with this app and how it helped to get me prepared for the big test.
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2 years ago, 854768750
Very good app
Very good app, just practice practice and practice, real test questions are almost the same as the questions in this app
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4 years ago, Captain Michael M
Best app for you ACS Preparation
Much better than prepware to be honest. Explanations are more clear and in a way that makes learning much better and faster
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4 years ago, th3nproj3ct
I use these test to reference things that I am in ground school
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5 years ago, GoPro Pilot
Great Study App for Pilot’s
Everything about this app is great (questions, pictures, and examples).
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3 years ago, Bossom mc awesome
Great especially for the price
I got my private studying on this app in combination with good ground training. If you consider that this is free, this app is unbeatable.
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3 years ago, yahuahsaves
Just updated and was cut off from what I had purchased…
Just updated and was cut off from what I had purchased…hen they are trying to get more-money and treating me like a new customer…is that the scam you are running?
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2 years ago, Andrewhorvath777
Good questions but terrible app
Worked for about a week and now I can’t use it anymore. Reset password and all but still can’t login.
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5 years ago, Miciahdodge
Love it! Simple and helpful.
Great app, I love using it to study casually when I have time.
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3 years ago, cagols
Do not bother
Have spent days just trying to create a account and cannot do it. Every time I think I have done it and try to log in it does not recognize my email. Tech help is nonexistent!
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3 years ago, nolanrad
memorize it all you’ll pass
got 93% on written and my best test score on the test prep was 80%
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1 year ago, fortar
Passed with an 80%
I’m ok with that grade. I passed with strictly using this app for a month straight.
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4 years ago, Piperwarrior II
Very limited
This app is very limited without the ground school. And for any questions referring to sectional charts, you can not zoom in on the sectional chart. It will only show one view or “magnification”. That’s a ripoff for IPad users
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5 months ago, Djdonkeycock
Highly underrated very simple and efficient
I began my aviation interest as a young boy who constantly watched history and military channel. Aviation was always my favorite topics. A few years ago I began playing VR flight simulators like iL2 sturmovik. With lots of trial and error I learned how to fly warbirds from world war 1 & 2. All tail draggers for the most part. I learned a lot about flight instruments in both metric and imperial types. I got so comfortable flying I decided well why not improve my knowledge about flight and go to a ground school. I decided against the multi hundred dollar courses in my city and opted for this ground school app as it seemed to provide the best options for very affordable price. I have learned a tremendous amount using this app. It’s made me a much better pilot in my Virtual Reality games. The interface is excellent. The lessons are very straightforward and efficient. Work at your own pace is wonderful and picking whatever topic you want to learn is amazing instead of a boring ridged curriculum. Keywords are all highlighted and when clicked provide a definition. You’re never unsure about what your reading as a result. No pressure lesson reviews get you warmed up for the lesson test. If you answer a question wrong clicking the explanation button will provide you with a summary of that topic. Test scores are all recorded and progress tabs tell you which topics you are doing well in as well as others that need improvement. Stage exams are easy as it’s simple to quickly review lessons by numerous methods. Unlimited attempts reduce pressure and the ability to see what questions missed help you learn efficiently. I got this app as a aviation history enthusiast with no serious intention of getting my private pilots license. However this app has made me decide to take the written test for fun even if I don’t decide to fly. Who knows, the forecast for pilot careers is trending upward with very lucrative and exciting opportunities available. I may end up proceeding onward to a commercial pilot license route just for the adventure. I highly suggest anyone any age anywhere who have even the smallest amount of interest in flying to just go ahead and get this app. You will learn a lot and enjoy the accomplishments. Or if you have trouble falling asleep like me hop on for a quick lesson then hit the hay. Flying is what you make of it. Always remember to have fun and be safe.
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2 years ago, Cent32_
This helped me get a 95% on my written. ONTO INSTRUMENT!
Show more
9 months ago, kennethgg
Me encanta la aplicación. Ojalá sean las preguntas del examen.
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1 year ago, osmosis6135
Requires subscription
This app requires a subscription
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3 months ago, jwdonal
Just scored a 98!
I just scored a 98 on my PPL PAR exam! A lot of it was thanks to this app. In fact it’s totally crazy… just before I went in to take the exam I saw that there were seven new questions added to the test bank in the app and so I ran through them really quick and one of those new questions about GPS derived altitudes (ID: 11320) was one of the questions on my test!!!! And I would’ve gotten that question wrong had I not seen it just before my test! WOO-HOO!!! I will continue to use this app for my IFR certification!! Thanks!! Also, I memorized three questions from my exam that I had not seen yet on any of the test prep websites or apps so far. Where would I send those to?
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2 years ago, Gvpjared
Great app! I scored a 97%!
I just scored a 97% on my written. I pretty much used this app exclusively for studying for the test. I went through all the questions about 3 times on the app and read most of the explanations and also looked up things on YouTube when the explanation didn’t make sense to me. Thanks!
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2 years ago, A-a-ron from CA
Won’t install on my iPad
Downloads 154 MB then freezes at the install phase. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled to the same effect. And devs response was to be snarky. Lovely. Seems to be their response to anyone with tech issues. I’ll increase the rating because it finally works.
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4 years ago, German618
Great App
Free Version doesn’t track test scores but you can do that yourself easy enough. Test questions are on par with my 2020 Gliem Test prep book, and even beyond as i have started to see some ADS-B questions pop up here since their now mandatory. My only recommendation is to add some of the EFD questions. Many students are using G1/2000 in their C172’s now and questions about Air Data Computer Failures are on the written tests for 2020. All in all really really happy with this program and a great addition to my study plan. Testing end of Jan 2020...hoping for a 95%.
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