Prodigy Math Game

4.5 (47.6K)
26.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Prodigy Education Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Prodigy Math Game

4.49 out of 5
47.6K Ratings
4 years ago, camdenM1561
Great Game!
I recently got to my max pets, and decided it was finally time to ask my parents for a membership. The membership was expensive ($8.95 USD) but they got it for me. Many people can’t afford a membership, which is very disappointing to other players without it. I used to have trouble with math and during the quarantine, I was starting to think that I would be behind more. Now, I don’t worry about being behind in math! Everything has gotten much easier. Can you make the memberships a dollar or two lower to buy, though? With that, I think you can get more people to get it and be able to afford it. (More people, more money!!) It’s also very upsetting that the price is so high for membership, but linking a parent account is free!! The small star boost is not worth it, kids might argue with their parents on getting membership, and this isn’t too bad, but I play on an IPhone10 and sometimes the screen still moves, but strangely it doesn’t pick up when I tap the screen... I just simply leave the tab open and go to the phone’s home screen, go back into the app, then it works again. Hmm... trading would be nice... Seriously, though, my name is a boy’s name and it wasn’t on the girl’s avatar name list, so I had to be a boy, which doesn’t trouble me at all, but can you make the names as the same list and make a search bar for names?) -A Random Person (Pretty sure the moving cat in the window of the pet shop glitches the window to move...)
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3 years ago, iris xxx12345fr
No complaints! It’s just..
Hi! I have no complaints about the game, it’s just that on EVERYTHING I click it says buy the membership, I thought about it. And a person I knew let me buy it. I’m not sure if it’s my computer? Or the game the my computer went off the game went away my computer went SHHHH like the glitch noise, my family thought it was broken but I tried shutting it down and it worked again! Also can you try to not put monsters EVERYWHERE? And please put more outfits in the outfit and hat shop please! And try not to give us REALLY hard questions its confusing some times ... Prodigy is VERY great I’m just confused of why it’s 9+ it’s a math game. And PLEASE let us type our own stuff because sometimes I need help with something and it won’t let us say “How did you get that?” So let us chat our own words please. Also, I would recommend putting more membership boxes in locations! Also I have another suggestion! I recommend you put more fireflies in Flora’s Forest. Overall Prodigy is a very wonderful game. Also, I have much more to tell. First, what is true use of gold if we buy everything in the outfit shop? I almost have everything in there and I’m not sure what to buy now? Also, try to make new outfits on the Lava island. Last suggestion! Please fix the hats it’s a little annoying and weird when the girls hair is inside the hat and not showing. AND PLEASE MAKE THE EPICS AVAILABLE! I WILL BE SOOO MAD IF YOU DONT! Thank you, please read this.
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4 years ago, GalaxyKitty978
Pretty good game!
I got this game about a few years ago, and I stopped playing because I earned all of the keystones, and I felt like there was almost nothing else to do without membership since I had my max amount of pets. I recently got this game again, because I found out about the new updates and all, and I just want to say I love how the pets look now! I think that’s an improvement, but I still think that it’s kind of annoying that almost everything in the game needs membership, and I feel kinda annoyed when I can’t capture any more pets. I understand that they just want to make some money out of this game, but without membership this game is just not as fun, especially when you already earned all of the keystones, there isn’t really much to do in my perspective. I am also really irritated about the fact that Gale still hasn’t fixed any other pedestals yet, and I already completed the earth tower. Right now I am just really creating new accounts, capturing the max amount of pets, and then earning all of the keystones and finishing the earth tower, and then that process will repeat :x that is pretty much the only way I can have fun in the game, and I would really appreciate it if they can add more non-member items in the game so the items wouldn’t have to be so limited. Overall I would definitely recommend for you to download this game, it could help on your math skills! Thank you for your time, have an amazing day/night!
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6 years ago, cooldawg26🐶
Great Experience
I really liked this game. I thought it was fun and lighthearted. The pets are great and I love the faces that you can choose for your character. I think prodigy is a great learning experience. However the math questions are bit simple. It’s quite easy yet fun. I really like Prodigy and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn math in a fun yet easy way. However the sad thing is is that I don’t agree with the memberships. I think it’s unfair especially since some people can’t afford memberships. Memberships put other people down. I disagree with the memberships. It’s unfair that members have to pay so much money just to be one of those important people in prodigy. It’s also unfair that they are the only ones I can have certain clothes or certain pets or certain hairstyles. I also think that you should put some of the communications back. I really liked the heart face and thought it was funny. When you took it off my whole class was disappointed. We love the heart face and thought it was really funny. You should definitely put the heart face back. In a nutshell I would recommend prodigy anybody who wants to learn math in a simple yet easy and fun way. In total I would read it four out of five stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Prodigy is a really great game despite it’s flaws. I love prodigy but I disagree with the memberships. Thank you to all those who take the time to program prodigy and make it special for us students.
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5 years ago, Garnetpage
I love it but one major glitch/problem
*Spoiler Alert* I was introduced to the game from my teacher. It is super educational and even learned a few stuff that my class would learn two years later. I loved it and played it along with my class at computer lab time. However, I had to log off while I was battling the earth titan. Then, later I logged back in only to discover that I can’t battle the titan anymore. Flora is no help. She’s all, “well done!” and drops no clue what to do or even if I am on the titan quest. The strange thing is, when my friends see my status in the earth stone quest, it says that I am finished. Since I couldn't do anything about it, I just went along and earned the others. Then the academy open and now I could restore the stones. But I had to do the earth stone first. But I did not have the stone. So now I am going nowhere. I tried going back to the place again, although it is not clear cause it happened years ago, but no luck. The titan did not rumble, and I was constantly disturbed by other monsters. Also, when I battle one and defeat it, another picks a fight with me. While I am preoccupied with that guy, the other heals, and I only make it to three defeated monsters before one recover and picks a fight with me again. Flora does not help. How do I get out of this mess? How do I fix it so I earn the earth crystal? HOW DO I FIX THE ACADEMY BRIDGE AND DEFEAT THE PUPPET MASTER?!! Please help me. Thank You.
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2 years ago, Ava parrish
Hi have have been playing this game for many years and I would just like to say that I love this game so much you get to get pa at math and it teaches you some things that you don’t already know and if you do already know what you can get better at it but there is this one thing that I don’t like about the game and it’s only one flaw it’s about membership like everything that looks cool on the game and that I really really want I like click on it and it says membership and so I clicked on it and tried membership and then it and then the price was like I tried to buy it but when you let me put some reason so unlike every time I try to buy and to get the membership it just says that and I don’t really like it but other than that the game is really really fun and like I said I hope you get better at math and other things if you don’t already know where then it gives you a chance to know it and if you already do you know it’s and you get better at it and if you go back to school and get it has been like hey you got good grades then that’s all because of this game because I love this game and it is the best but that’s my opinion maybe some other peoples opinion are different but that’s my opinion I love this game
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3 years ago, furfernurfer
Fun to an extent
It it is a very fun game but there’s a fewMinor details that make it not so fun one of them is that it alwaysLogged me out and even when I try to log back in I know the exact password because I wrote it down but it never lets me log back in and when I try to click the forgot my password button it always says the end check with your parent or teacher and it’s like well what if I am the parent like what if I am old enough that I have my own like account and I don’t have a teacher parent that it’s linked to so that’s the only thing that’s no help and it just never can log back in so that’s kind of annoying because sometimes I’ll be in the middle of doing A quest and it will have to like go to bed or something like I’ll go to bed and it logs me out every single time when I click off of the app and I always try to log back in but it never lets me log back in and The Prodigy website can’t share any help with you because you have to have like a teacher or a guardian so it’s like I don’t have one of those so what am I supposed to do and when I try to enter my email it never works either so it it’s a fun game but that’s just the only part that makes it annoying because I can never progress far enough to like get all five stones and do a lot of things in it because every single time I log out of it it’s like Reese’s my account and I can’t get in
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3 years ago, williamnebes
Cool game
I have played this game since I was in 3rd grade, and now I am in 7th, so I have played this game for 4 years now, and I still love it! I wish we could play the earlier versions of the game just to feel some nostalgia, I would love that. And I feel like in the arena, you should pare us up with players that me same level and similar leveled bets, because when I am level 86, I keep seeing level 100s in the arena and I’m like, I CAN’T FIGHT THEM, I’LL DIE, so add some sort of skilled based matchmaking please. Also, you should add some more options in your house editor, because either I make a really cluttered house or I get a house with nothing in it. Also, sometimes I finish a hard battle with the monsters, and the monsters adjacent to the monster I just fought just spawned in! And that means I have to do another whole battle! but on the other hand, I am still getting xp for my wizard and pets, so I guess it’s not the worst thing ever. Also after I came back to the game after a big update, all of my math skills reset, and it’s asking me 1+1 again I MEAN BRO! I WANT TO WORK ON PYTHAGOREAN-THEOREM, NOT STUPID ADDITION. So then I go do ixl so I can practice what I want, when I want, and how I want. I still love the game. This isn’t a 1 star hate message. I rated it 5 stars for a reason.
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3 years ago, KidGamer102
Amazing game
Quite similar to the idea of Pokémon, but you answer math equations that are organized by your grade. It’s not frustrating, as it controls the level of difficulty by the questions you answer the first few times. My cousin who struggles with math was introduced to this game by me, and he says that it is his favorite game of all time. You can play online or offline, but online is safe. There is a chat box, but the game only limits you to saying certain things. All of them, as far as I can tell, are super child friendly. You can do tasks, go shopping, catch monsters, it’s so fun. The grades are for 1-8, even though it’s shown as nine plus, that is only because of very mild fantasy violence that is not inappropriate at all. This game makes learning so fun and I’m so happy that this game exists. There are no ads besides the membership, but it does not interrupt the game, and gameplay is fine, you are just limited to name changing and clothes, but that is totally fine. I might consider getting membership, but that is only because I’m so in love with this game that I want to be able to enjoy everything and evolve my Pokémon (I mean pets!) If you are reading this, you probably are considering getting this game, so do it, you will not regret it!
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4 years ago, Jay1918838373
I love it!
Ive been playing Prodigy for 3 years now, and its really fun! No complaints about the game, just the community, they think that your forcing to buy a membership, or you cant succeed, and they don’t realize, that when you pay that real life money, you should get those advantages, because you deserve it! You can play Prodigy without a membership, and if you just started playing, and you realize that you don’t have to be a member for everything, don’t consider buying a membership, if you think your going to like this game, and you wanna have harder goals, such as the dark tower, go ahead and buy one! Now back to the game itself, Its one of the only 2 games I play and I really like it! I have one thing you could maybe try to improve, I think you should try improving the movement of your character in the game, I think you should go from click to move to something like arrow keys, or the W,A,S,D keys, but you can still keep the click to move, maybe on the settings tab (where you see the volume and stuff) make a section where its something “movement” and have 3 options, such as, click to move, arrow keys, or the W,A,S,D keys, I am still thinking of ways for mobile users to move around, besides the tap to move, again no hate on the game! I love the game!
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2 years ago, Marmotlord
I miss the old prodigy
This review isn’t really about the math part of the game, just overall gameplay. I used to love this game. I’ve been playing it since 4th grade, and it’s been many, many years since then. When my teacher first introduced it, I was ecstatic. It was an amazing rpg-like style game, with an adorable art style, cool battle techniques, and an engaging plot line. After about a year after I started playing, however, I noticed things were beginning to change. The game mechanics were slowly changing, and cool features that made the game more challenging and engaging were being removed. And not long after, the whole art style started to change. All of my pets changed, and let me tell you it was NOT an improvement. A little while later, the plot changed too, and the intro for new users had completely changed. The battle techniques and math problems started getting lamer as well, easier to complete but not as engaging and actually entertaining. I started to lose interest after these changes, and I quit playing after a while. HOWEVER I logged in recently, and what do I find? Literally the whole game has changed, and the characters have gone through a massive downgrade. It’s not a cool rpg like adorable game anymore, but something that looks like you’d find a bunch of preschoolers playing. PLEASE Prodigy, give the old game back. The new updates and “improvements” are NOT an improvement.
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1 year ago, Emmacow1000
I like it can you just add these things?
I love it but can you make the battle update for everyone? Because everyone in my class literally has it everyone but me 😔 and they where using there accounts that existed before the update and mine existed before it to. Please add trading because I have 5 sharks just from one Summerfest not spinning the wheel half of the time. If you do add trading you should also be able to trade pets tho if you are like a level 50 someone can’t just give you a level 100 or trade you a epic\mythical epic. Please put Luma back in to be gotten by buying the toy but the description says like second. Towers are taking wayyyyy to long it should take you 3 months to make a tower. More stuff on Harmony Island please more stuff on Harmony Islands because I’ve literally completed every quests and stuff that all I can do is the same stuff always more quests to? Bring back the shop where you could get buddies and stuff I never got to get any of it but I would love to have that back in the game. Battle rewards please back into the game I want to get the Chunky Cat (I think it was from battle reward until battle reward where removed). Please add that stuff I think you would have a lot more players if you did!
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6 years ago, Memory Helper
What is actually the point if the game?
As far as motivating children to practice math skills, this game is on top. The game will differentiate based on the child’s answer, steadily increasing in difficulty until the game figures out where the child’s math level is (1st - 8th). The game will also focus on specific skills planned out by the child’s teacher. The game will not teach new skills, but will review previously learned skills. (I do wish it did more to explain how they came up with the correct answers.) However, this game shamelessly markets to its players to push a monthly or annual membership. After every challenge the child completes there is a reminder to purchase a membership. Key pieces of the game are unavailable until a membership is purchased, and they even go so far as to not allow you to wear or use armor you have earned because you are not a member. Each spell battle earns you gold that you are meant to buy things with in the game, but you can only buy certain things without a membership. The child playing the game’s focus distinctly shifts from fun math review to buying pets, hairstyles and things (and then arguing with parents over purchasing a membership). A child could play for an entire day without ever completing a single math problem, which defeats the overall educational purpose of the game. If they could dial back the consumerism and the constant pressure - on Children - to get a membership this would be an excellent game.
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9 months ago, Sraccoon Lu
Art and stuff
Prodigy is really fun, or it was fun. I started when I was in first grade, and I was pretty good at it, and played it constantly. In the end, I didn’t want to restart, because I wanted to earn all of then gems and reach l.v. 100(which happened). In 3rd grade I got all the gems, but after I got all the gems, it wouldn’t let me unlock all the towers :( (but that’s not what I’m complaining about.). I stopped playing for a while, and in fourth grade, my friends told me there was a new version. I thought it would be a better a version, but I was totally wrong. What did I see? OUR CHARACTERS ART HAD BEEN TURNED TO CRAP!!!! They were all like ‘cute’ now, which was BAD(and you’re hearing this from a girl). And the battle field changed, and you couldn’t use snacks anymore. I stopped playing for some more time, and when I got on again, it was even worse. The art had stayed the same, but OMG, DID U HAVE TOO MAKE SOME OF THE MOVES MISS???!!!!! And u still can’t use snacks. And you only get like 50 coins from one battle, when back then when prodigy was still good, u could get at least 100. Pls change back to normal. The ‘new and better ‘ versions are just crap. Also, pls unlock the other towers and bring back harmony island. :)
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3 years ago, Just another emo girl
Update maybe?
Hey, I’ve been playing this game for a while at my school but it never let me level up my pet so I decided to get the app. JUST TO FIND OUT YOU HAVE TO HAVE SOME MEMBERSHIP TO LEVEL UP YOU PET. The thing is, so many things in this math game costs the membership which is kinda stupid. I thought I would be able to level him up finally but no. But somehow, my friends are leveling them up in class. Is there another way to level up your pet without money? It’s just annoying mostly anything costs money here. Everything you click on is basically “Join the membership!” Which is kinda dumb because it’s about 60 DOLLARS a month or so. To me, that’s extremely expensive! So can you either lower the price of the membership or making leveling up your pet for free because it’s very annoying that everything you just click is something you have to buy for money. The game in all is great, it’s just the fact that literally EVERYTHING costs to get the membership, which again, IS 60 DOLLARS A MONTH. First of all? Why so expensive?? Second, why add literally the more fun stuff of the game into it? Can you please just make the price of the membership lower a bit or just make leveling up your pet free? Thank you.
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4 years ago, liamiayu
I am 7 and a half years old and when I started playing I could handle 9 years math and that made me so surprised! You should super get this app because then you might be able too handle 9 years math when your under 9 years old just like me! Best of all,all of it is free with no app purchases, mmhmm you heard me right a super lot of fun and lots of educational with no adds and even kids like me love it! So are you gonna get a app that seems fun but for kids is really not?¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Come on get this app for your kids and see how they have fun with learning as much as possible! (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵) So get it today not tomorrow not in a week not in a month not in a year get it today! Let your kids have fun learning for the first time! And your kid won’t cry about wanting you to buy something because no app purchases and no adds! Love the app as much as your kid will! And you can play it with friends! And maybe later you will play it and have so much good fun and you level up! But I wish I could make my own weapons and armor but it is all so awesome! I love this! So what are you waiting for? Get this app for you or your kid or kids today! And sorry if it is this review is too long for you to read but thank you for reading it and get it now!
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6 years ago, Rjhy
It’s awesome
I love prodigy because it is a very fun way to learn and it has multiple storylines and quests which come with achievements in prizes and you can level up you can get pets that level up with you and you have to battle monsters to get to whatever you need to get to and by fighting the monsters you have to solve math facts and you can draw on the screen with pencils and like you can use counters to help you solve the math question and it’s way better than most math games because it’s very very fun it’s not like this rookie thing and you can trust it because it’s used for school and school wide and better than ABC mouse even and it’s worldwide it’s one of the top things that you can use and it really works I’ve only been using it for two days and my mom and my teacher said that I was doing great in math I was I was doing a lot better and it’s for all grades even for adults adults and teenagers and it’s for any age of kids and it’s for teachers to and refund it doesn’t only teaching math it teaches you math it also teaches reading because you have to read the story plot and it teaches you social skills and it teaches you how to be responsible around the house in the classroom hope you like it use Prodigy be the future generation
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3 months ago, notsponsoredbyprime
Used to be better
I've been playing this game since like 5th grade to put it in perspective and today i decided to pop into my account cause why not. Okay, first thing i noticed: What happened to my character bruv 💀It looks so much more different and the vendors in each world look so much more different too. And then they got rid of the little island where you could get the myth pets and easy wandering wares access. That was replaced with a battle arena (which was pretty insanely epic) I have a good winning streak going on which is an absolute win. And another thing i liked is i don't have to do h those annoying archive quests i quit doing halfway (SO tedious 😭). Also you can't heal during battles which is like 💀 and then they took away my falling star smash for a starbit blast... BUT i think my favorite thing about the new game is you can spend gold to level up your pets. I remember saving to buy some kind of pet or whatever and it was level one (10 year old me was very sad) and i got rid of it shortly after because i wanted to work on leveling up my higher leveled pets so they would fall behind. I gave it 4 stars because its a pretty good game overall, it keeps your math skills sharp, its pretty fun for a math game.
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5 years ago, Peyton Calico
I love it but it needs a little changes
It looks longer because of the explanations but please read I think it will be worth it. So I love the game altogether and it does make math fun but it could use a few changes so first the member ship should be cheaper because how are we supposed to get the whole fun math experience if it’s a little pricy in my opinion i also think we should be able to trade and if we earn a member thing and non member can’t use it hen whats the point? And I also think if you defeat a monster it should not come back until the next day because it gets a little annoying another thing is I feel like it’s not fun when you can only type certain things to your friends I get the protection but I think you should just stop like numbers and other key words that is dangerous or bad to say I read of limiting what we can say in general if that makes since and I feel like we should be able to get 1 of each normal animal if your not a member and I’m not saying the special ones but I’m saying he normal one and I think you should be able to rescue titan and other huge monsters. I’m sorry it’s liner than I expected but if you could just atleast make a few of these updates I would be so happy and enjoy he game even more thanks!
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10 months ago, XPIRED LEMON
Awsome game, but a pretty big problem
I love prodigy, great game, but there is a pretty big problem with it. I understand that the membership is supposed to allow you to access more features, and it’s a pretty great price, but not everyone can afford a membership, and the problem is that you need a membership for almost EVERYTHING on prodigy. Almost anything I try to do requires a membership. Now, stuff like the member jar and mythics make sense to be member only, but my MAIN complaint is that YOU NEED MEMBERSHIP TO EVOLVE PETS! You can’t even catch evolved pets, or even certain pets. I don’t wanna play through the whole game with a baby bat and a tiny porcupine, I want change, I want to be able to evolve. There aren’t even a lot of pet slots. I really want a membership but I can’t afford it, I wish I could evolve my pets so they can become more powerful as I do. I would get bored with the same old pets the entire game, even if I switched them. And the one time evolution gift just isn’t enough. So please, at least let evolving pets be possible without a membership. Catching evolves pets isn’t as bad of need to make the game better, it would make sense for basic accounts to have to catch the pre evolution and evolve it all the way to the top, but please, let anybody evolve their pets, membership or not.
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3 years ago, Zachary Starsteel
I’ve been playing this game for a few years and I’ve really enjoyed it. Although, can you please change the pets back to how they used to look? Because my Creators look like blobs of gelatin. Other pets also look kinda funny so please change them back. Also, I remember that the spells were different. I’ve played with the new spells and everything but I still miss the wheel of spells, ranging from weak to strong. With the wheel, you can deal less damage if you want to catch the pet you want. I used to weaker spells on some pets if they were really low. I wanted them to be at a catching level. Also, what about the skull shop and the book shop in Lamplight town? Is that going to be completed soon? I think these all would make the game more enjoyable. I also have some member stuff in my backpack but I can’t wear it, some stuff got unmemebered some how but can you make it so if it is in your pack you can use it? I have some of the dueling boots and I won them in the arena but I can’t wear them. I also have multiple of some hats and robes, can you make it so you can give the items to friends? In all, the game is great but I would like to see some more changes. Thank you!
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4 years ago, 🇻🇳Xx_Darkside_xX🇻🇳
Math learning Fun!
I am having great experiences with this! Cause I like math! And some people are bad at math. Put prodigy is a math learning fun game! I just LOVE it, prodigy is a learning experience for all ages! You can make friends and pets. Best part is battling friends or monsters. Cause you win points or stars. The game play is very nice and islands! I’m very addicted to the game, it’s really fun to play if you like battles, games,math, and friends, and also enjoyment!! Math games can be boring but not this one. You can get addicted on your first and keep playing prodigy. Tell all of your friends that prodigy can be a fun learning experience. Schools are using it already. So maybe in your school you have a prodigy experience! Even if you don’t know how to do math just practice it. You might get obsessed over prodigy:D. You will LOVE it! Don’t worry I won’t give any spoilers ;D. But it is a great game. Many people are using it even my friends, we battle a lot. I already got obsessed over the game. It’s skill and to improve your brain, that’s why I love it so much & so much fun & can improve your skills at math. It’s okay if you don’t like it you don’t really have to, but others do and I do too. I hope you fully enjoy the game Prodigy. :D
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4 years ago, hevkrvjj
Love the game
I’m an og prodigy player and have been playing since the first edition (I don’t really need it anymore it’s just fun) and um I worked really hard on it but I worked really hard to get some of the more rare monsters like dreamlets but in the more recent games you have changed the design of the monsters and are continuing to change them and I am not in love with there new looks It made me very angry when you changed the design because they looked pretty bad and it made me feel like I wasted my time so I beg of you please change them back and all of the monsters I get your trying to make it good for 6 year olds but me and all my friends agree that not even 4 year old us would like it so please change them back and on to the next issue the memberships I get it’s the only way you make money but if you even made it two dollars cheaper I think a lot more people would buy it and it would make you even with the opponents of this game also last year you made it so you could get a week membership for free you should do more of that kind of thing like during events you could buy a membership for a week that would be really great over all the game is pretty good and I just want you to make it easier to play also I really look forward to mor pedistools being unlocked!!!
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2 years ago, DANAFROMLA
Good game for kids
I personally kinda don’t like this game but I play it and it’s kinda fun, but I know kids like it! Make the arena faster because it takes AGES to get to even silver league, so can you make it 100 points per battle but with harder people to defeat? Make it easier for noobs like a free weapon for members. It will make this game much more fun. I also want to get the early pets so can you add them into the game again for a limited time? I also want a health buff in member box armor because celestial armor I can’t get and I’m stuck with Mira armor with ice dragon tooth crown or whatever you want to call it, so how about the member wizard hat giving me +6 attack boost or +12 health boost and maybe a member’s lobe with +14 health boost and member boots with +12 health boost. Just make the game easier for now, please? I got mira armor in a haircut BTW. Update: Show where the mythical epic pieces are. It’s SO HARD GETTING THE MYTHICAL EPICS BECAUSE IT DOES NOT BRING YOU TO THE PIECES. For example, collect 4 surfboard for riptide. Lead the player to the surfboards. And all the other pieces like pyrite, etc. It took me like more than two hours of fighting monsters just to get BF magmayhem. And I only have one mythical epic!
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1 year ago, rainbow cupcake😛
Members: We GET it
I understand making money, but you guys take it to an EXTREME level. I can’t evolve my pets without at LEAST getting the free trial! For RESCUING, some pets, I have to pay. To have a mount, I have to pay. For the tower and getting to battle Mira Shade, I have to pay. Six dollars for the mini package. Eight dollars for the “supreme” package. For some NAMES, I have to be a member. If I obtain a certain outfit from a conjure cube, I have to pay, despite ownership. I remember playing a game called Animal Jam awhile back in the day. They did this too. But now, they didn’t make membership be constantly shoved in my face. If you want money, make the game better. There wasn’t even a small part in epics for non-members. In prodigy, there’s no way to escape the practically knife fights. If an enemy spots you (and everywhere is LITTERED w them.) You can’t move and are forced into a battle. If we compared this to Pokémon: Pokémon: No extra purchases Prodigy: Has them EVERYWHERE. Pokémon: Allows you to avoid battle Prodigy: time for murder Pokémon: better in general Prodigy: we don’t pay attention to the smallest criticism. In conclusion, you guys really need to step up your game. Edit: Saying it’s about the “core gameplay experience” does not fix your mistakes. The fact that we have to pay for crap so my child has fun is the kind of thing you only find in Ohio.
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1 year ago, Bones_off2020
Miss old prodigy
Okay, so I get the fact that people like the ‘new and improved’ version of Prodigy, but, speaking for me and my friends, we don’t really like it any more. We’ve played since 3rd grade, which was a very long time ago, when our teacher introduced us into the game, we we’re very intrigued. Then we went through fourth and fifth grade, never played it since. But now, when our sixth grade teacher introduced us to it again, the graphics and animations had totally changed, especially the fact that non-membership owning accounts can no longer have free range of pets. You guys should definitely change that. I get that having a membership gives you perks and whatever, but speaking for one of my friends, who doesn’t have one, is missing out on a lot of things. I feel like people without memberships should be able to have unlimited pets, but can only get un-evolved ones. And another one of my friends said that she would like if Prodigy gave out 4 free evolutions to people that don’t have a membership, that way, they won’t have as many evolved pets as a member, by a long shot, but they could still enjoy actually have sick pets. I hope you guys take this to mind and add some of this stuff back into the game.
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4 weeks ago, Seabass🍤🦭
Major glitch I need help with
I have the same issue as someone who wrote a review from the user "Garnetpage" however I cannot see the replies for their review explaining what to do to fix it. When I look at my "equip" menu and go to the gems section, it only displays 3 of the gems when I really have 4. When I hover over the earth themed area it says its 100% complete and that I found the gem however I dont seem to have it. When I actually go there Flora just says "Well done!" and is of really no help so im not sure what to do to get it. I dont have the ice gem yet so maybe it will let me unlock the academy even if the earth gem doesnt appear in my inventory? Second issue I have- nothing seems to work on mobile. I played the game one day after like 5 years out of curiosity on my chromebook and it worked just fine albeit a little laggy. To see if I could get rid of the lag, I tried both playing it on safari and downloading the app however both times when it gives me the option "are you playing from school or home?" it doesnt let me click it and im stuck on that page. any replies are very appreciated i just wanna play a silly game from my childhood again😭
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5 years ago, MD2007
Such a shame...
I understand Prodigy is a for profit organization, and I do appreciate their even letting non members use lots of features of the game, but I am so fed up with my kids’ tears because they will loose all their progress when I tell them to turn it off after our set 15-20 min screen limit (or even sooner if something urgent comes up unexpectedly). Sometimes, they have to redo the same challenge 3-4 days in a row because screen time ran out, and/or the game locked them out suddenly. Also, the app’s rubbing it in my kids’ faces that they are non members after every. single. battle. is really getting old. We’re homeschoolers, and I gladly pay for may Math programs, if I think they’re worth it (like Reflex Math and Beast Academy), AS LONG AS I can make them work for me instead the program trying to work me and my family. So far, the kids are loving it, and I do think it’s a fun way to get some extra Math in, but I feel like Prodigy’s aggressive marketing strategy and especially the inability to set daily screen time limits without loosing progress is starting to become more of a headache than a help to the parent. I will probably not end up giving this company my money but at some point just delete the app, call it a day, and stick to a combination of Reflex and Beast. It’s a shame because the kids do love it—even without membership.
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5 years ago, Jelaynaa
My opinion about prodigy
Prodigy is a really fun game and all I really enjoy is my self and my friends love it!! And yet we all agree on the same problem that we just think is the game. Our problem is that when we leave the game it doesn’t save where we were in battles. And I know that’s just a normal thing that people get mad at, but I really really wanted well we really really wanted you to maybe fix that problem. It’s also that I’ve been at the bridge in the lava kingdom for so long because I’d either had to go or the game lagged me out, but I’ve been stuck in those battles and when I came back in it brand me right into the starting where I had to start my battle all over again😡 and I’m still stuck there. But either all I love the game I have learned a lot from the game, and it is one of my favorites. If your scrolling there the ratings debating if you want to get it or not. Then do it because I would really recommend it!! (I love the game so much I got the membership) and every day in my 3rd grade class we play 20 minutes of prodigy! If you are reading my rating and you got this far of reading then I really thank you for reading my rating and I hope I can get a reply back soon!!
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12 months ago, WeirdMushr00m12
What the heck happened??
Hello, I have been on this game for a very long time. I’ve been playing since second grade, and about to enter 6th! When I was in fourth grade, I was disappointed when I couldn’t evolve my charfoal when she reached level 40. I spent a bunch of time on this game, and the new game designs of battling are terrible. People who are younger then me can agree! You should listen to the people who are writing one star reviews with context, and actually listen for once. If I was in charge of a big game that’s in schools, I would listen to people to see if I should make changes to make it better, and decide what things I could do for the next update. I personally HATE the new ways we battle, which was mainly the reason why I continued for the past years anyway! The way we were able to switch our monsters and fight was beautiful. With even more complex ways to finish the quest. But now? It’s like all of that was ruined immediately. So, in conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone unless under the age of 8. The fact you can’t evolve or catch more monsters without the membership, is just stupid for younger kids with parents who could possibly be very poor. You NEED to fix the membership system for the better, or else, this is going to go down hill quickly. So, take the insight of the harsh reviews, and fix it!
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1 year ago, GEORGESMITH7
I miss old prodigy
What in the world happened to prodigy, did they sell it to Microsoft or something? This game send to be awesome, names, events were different, and most importantly I liked the design. Now it looks like every game ever, and they took away ALL THE PETS! I mean why? They were so cool, and my favorite was the Hippo griffin it was a really cool animal mythic and has awesome abilities! They had Fire leaf, Sneak attack, Slash Power, and my personal favorite, Bone Crack. I named mine “Bone Cracker” because of his ability, I played for so long but one time I got on and EVERYTHING changed! No more cool mythics, no more names, no more everything awesome, I loved this before but now? They ruined it. I got showed this in 1st grade and was the best in my class, I got all the mythical creatures by 2nd grade! I got to level 100 by 3rd grade and-OH YEAH, they need more LEVELS! I mean you can restart the game but that’s no fun, and if you do, EVERYTHING IS SO EASY. I MEAN C’MON! I could keep adding on I mean, I got all gems and got to see what happened, you fight the puppet master but he’s not even powerful! I killed him in 4 hits, 4 HITS. Nothing happens after, you get compliments but that’s it! I want the old prodigy back I miss it soooooooooooooooooooo much! The new prodigy is just, 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
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4 years ago, M gault
When I first started the game I found the pet shop and lamp light town and I was FREAKED OUT (mostly because I love animals) So I wanted to buy a pet, I looked through the catalog and all I saw were...MEMBER PETS. I tried to buy one but the membership made me NOT get one, all though I looked through the hamsters section and at least I could get ONE. Then the more I started playing the game I figured out, that almost EVERYTHING you wanted need member ship! (Buddies,Armor,Evolving Pets,Morph Marbles,Furniture for your house,More spins on the wheels,Bigger houses,Boosts for mini games,Buying pets from Dino dig and so much more!) But seriously...i would play the game more if you didn’t need member ship for EVERYTHING. Another time I went to the copper coin island sort thing, I went on one of the pads that toke you to the epics and I saw epics I never saw before that I wanted! But when I tapped it....all it said was “OnLy MemBers Can BaTtLe thE EpIcs” I was MAD. Now all I do in prodigy every day is spin the wheels. Yep..that’s right, I spin the wheels waiting to get the aquarium house furniture item or one of the sparkle pets. Also you have to link your parents account or something to get a FOX BUDDY? One day I asked if I could get member ship but I had to explain to my child that if she got membership she would have to re-start the WHOLE GAME. -Please get rid of membership-
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5 years ago, Emb3r Ambre
Look, I like it, however...
“I am in eighth grade. I love the game, it helps me a ton because very little can motivate me to do my math. The creatures are beautiful and unique, buuuuut.... Yea, the membership thing. Wouldn’t it be better if a) Instead of requiring a membership for basically everthing, why not just say ‘hey, lets just make the game cost money instead of tormenting people by putting everything under membership’ b) Make an easier way to access membership items. Me and my (three) sisters tried to save up for a membership and failed. Too expensive. Perhaps it would be better if the membership things could be bought by player coins, but double the price. (Example: Hat A cost 1,000 coins for members, but 2,000 for non-members, that way effort is still involved.) I got this for my iPod Touch with the most recent update, and I dunno who you’re trying to fool by saying it works for this device. It clearly doesn’t. It’s fine I guess on the computer, but a compleat fail on this device. It goes (In my own words) ‘Oi mate, somethin’s go amiss but don’t worry lassie, we’ve been notified!’ And then four hours later, lo and behold, still ain’t working. That’s what we Americans call really freaking annoying. If it doesn’t work on this device then good greif just say so. I haven’t yet seen the new update, but the way it sounds I’m close to not returning to Prodigy. Thank you for your time, Emb3r”
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4 years ago, 🐾🐉
Mailing ,trades,and selling
I have been playing for awhile now and I noticed that you can’t mail items nor sell them I have a lot of things in my bags that I don’t need and love to sell ,trade ,or mail to my sis for her to use.I think it would be a great upgrade to allow players like me and my sis to add these things not only to share items but also to open a gate way to allow players to barrow tools and other items and also to get rid of the things that pile up in your bag.I now what your thinking selling maybe we can do but trading and Mailing what if someone get there video hands on something that’s for a important pest you want players to do themselves well you can always bane some items from Mail and trades.I think if you do these things your game will be more fun and if you add more interactions that you can do with your buddy’s that would be awesome so like you can join them in quest and battles.I’d love if you’d add these thing’s or even just one of them because the only written this so I can better help my sister with her math in a fun way and isn’t what this game is about. Hope see some of these added soon bye.
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9 months ago, Mostlylovesgames
Great game, has some glitches
I really love prodigy and I have been playing since I was in kindergarten (2018) and I’m in 5th grade now, but I have not enjoyed the new update for the battles but it’s generally a good game, but another problem is that I can’t figure out how to use the power up/healing food, since the new update. I also don’t like how in the safari version of prodigy it takes so long for it to go through, what I mean by this is that in the actual app when you get it right you move on but in the safari it takes so much longer and in the app you usually have two chances to get it right but in the web I only have one which I think is sort of annoying, but just in general the answering questions is a little slow and even when I know the correct answer and I hit answer! It says it’s wrong bc I sometimes need to tap it more than once which is a bit annoying 🙁. But over it’s a great app definitely recommend the app but not the web but one last thing I forgot to mention I think it’s wrong not to be able to chat what you want to say but maybe you can block out some type of words?
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6 years ago, Pusheen was here
Great! But I have a problem...
So, the game is fun to play, and I like how the math questions don't take 4 hours to solve. Well... some of them... now just to bring up a point, I'm in 5th grade. But I found one subject of problems that aren't at all necessary. These problems are the ones like "the sum of the two numbers are 18 and the difference of the two numbers is 8". Now based one the math in the game, I'd say the math is 3rd-4th grade level. I myself don't understand these questions, and often give up and type random numbers. I don't know if the teach this in school now, unless it's something we learn later in 5th... anyways, another problem I have is the constant membership reminders. Now based on my friend's experience, she says it's $59 dollars a year for membership. 59 dollars!!! I don't know, but it seems unfair that players without membership can't buy half of the nice things because they don't want to pay 59 dollars on a math game! And also, it's unfair that you can only evolve your pets if you have membership! Now, I think it would be more fair if you lowered the membership price and gave more things to the non-member players.
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3 years ago, Racing for Anthoine
Used to be great…
I first got interest in this game 3 years ago, and that was back in the day where there were hardly any memberships and you could change your moves anytime. A few may of heard of the great move, “Zero”. It was amazing, and was one of the most powerful moves. The first day I played this I leveled up 5 levels in one battle. I also unlocked this move called “Batter Up”. The next day, they changed the game and many moves including Zero and Batter Up were gone forever. I enjoyed this new update and had played it for about a year, but membership stuff was getting stricter. About half the stuff I owned was members only and I wasn’t about to pay like $10 a month for that, and then they also got rid of lamplight town during school hours. That wasn’t a big effect to us non-members who just played “at home”. This new update got rid of the somewhat cute green bear and brought in this orange cretin. Then, they added even MORE membership stuff, and changed the cute “Rascals” and “Pucks” to oversized floating warthogs who look like they just threw up. This update lost my interest in this game in less than 3 years. If they could just change it back to the first version I mentioned or even the second one, it would bring back at least 20 players as I know of. This number may be a lot bigger.
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6 years ago, GarbanzoTibbs
Could use a little work
This game is AMAZING. Don’t get me wrong. The storyline, the design of the characters, EVERYTHING is all great, except for a few things... The sound, data from the computer doesn’t load to my iPad, and hard questions. Now first, I understand that prodigy was made to test your range of IQ, but when I don’t get it, and click on the hints, THOSE seem even harder to solve than the question itself!(I tried to hear what the hint sounded like on speaker, and the reader read a multiplication sign that wasn’t there) And for the sound, I really have nothing against it, (I mean, I can just play music in the background, but I don’t have much good music) but to me, without music, it makes the game less enjoyable. I think the only things I get to hear are the dialogue, and the correct (when you cast a spell) sound effect. I think it’s just my iPad, but I’m pretty sure I put speaker on. When I played this at school (on the computer), I caught a sprike. When I went home from school, I came home to find just my first creature in battle. Again, I think it’s just my iPad. Now I love this game, I really do, but it would help for me to enjoy this even more by fixing these glitches.
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3 years ago, DamianNArnold
Great Game, some issue
This is a really great game, but there is some issues. There has been an update where you can get 3x battle stars with earth pets in the earth tower. While other people have the update, other people don’t. I really want to level up my earth pets but I can’t because of this issue. Next is the membership. Almost everything in prodigy is membership, which is a huge disadvantage to non-members. They want you to pay a lot just for a year of membership. Next issue is removal of the Lost Island. The Lost Island was a fun place to battle in to level up your pets, until they removed it in March 2019. You could also get the best boots in the game here which was the Trialmasters boots. It would be great if they added it back. Another place Prodigy could add back is Clockwork Town. If Prodigy ever added back Clockwork Town they would have to redesign it because the design of Clockwork Town is outdated to the current Prodigy. If Prodigy is reading this, I hope that you guys add back Clockwork Town. I could go on and on about why this game is just bad in its current state, it would be way to long.
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4 years ago, fjnsffs
This game is awful
This game rubs the fact that you are not a member into your face every. Single. Time. You answer a series of questions. Maybe if the developers would have put in some time and made animations for the characters the world and everything else, ( instead of making 2 picture animations that just make the image change) then this game would be worth a dollar , but considering that they could have made the pets or hats or armor 10,000 coins but for members 4,000 or something like that instead of rubbing the fact that they can’t afford or that they are too bad or broke for the membership tears my heart. My 5 year old daughter always comes running up to me in tears saying that the game won’t let her do this or that and this has also been a bad influence on my child’s vision. She has been on prodigy days and days at a time and before prodigy her vision was bad enough. And I fact I let her play prodigy for 4 or 5 hours a day and the next day we checked and found out her vision went down. That’s because of how poor the graphics are and shows that the people only put about an hour of work into this whole game. No hate prodigy crew, but man your game is just lacking. And I feel really bad for my child, just because I cannot pay for some online thing. I prefer abc mouse :P
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1 year ago, Sulaiman Alfarouqi
Please Get rid of the Memberships (Developers Read This)
I do not agree with the memberships so please stop letting people have to get memberships so it costs money my mom says when I am 6 years I can get a membership but i don’t even have money on my device so can you please make the memberships for free please 😍 well I do like this app but not the memberships I want a developer right away So please get rid of the memberships immediately please 🙏 and don’t forget to remove the membership icon please 🙏 even for the premium membership I will rate this review 0 stars just to say I have the membership I don’t want to be a teacher to assign the membership to myself so please fix the issue so whatever update is next make/membership for free and also make it without having to enter password of Apple ID and pay or using PayPal Or Discovery Cards Or Cards And Maybe You Should Just Scan Credit Cards or Cash And Do not get money from the credit card and when your at school make it become a member but even if you are a member member stuff are locked
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3 years ago, GamePlayer279
Just a few problems…
This game is one of the best games I have ever seen, but I just wish that the quality was a bit better. And I’ve also encountered a few glitches. For example: there’s a glitch where it freezes up when I try to buy the membership. OK, I will admit, it is just the one glitch. I would be very happy if you would respond and take care of this. I would give this game at least nine stars if possible. Please pay attention to this. I would be happy if there wasn’t a limit to how many wizards can join a world. I wasn’t able to join my favorite world because of that. I would also be happy if there was a pet trading system in the game. This game is a lot like Pokémon. I would also be very happy if the wardrobe for your house could actually work as well as the chairs, the chest that you buy from shipwreck shore, even the bed. I would also be very happy if some of the items in the game didn’t cost as much. That will be all. Sorry for the long review. There were just so many things I wanted. I also want a system where players can say what they want to say.
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5 years ago, PJRoRo
Fun Game But Needs Some Work
As a sixth grader, this is a great game to play on a computer because of how it teaches kids math in a fun way and such, but there are some issues with the iPad version. One issue that I came across is that you can only play this game horizontal one way. What I mean by that is you can only play with the home button on the left, which doesn’t make much sense, because usually people use their iPads with the home button on the right, and it shouldn’t be hard to program the app to play like that too, since all it does is change to orientation upside down. I also really don’t like how much they push you to pay for their membership. Every time you complete a battle they push their membership in your face, which I’m not fond of. I would appreciate if the developer team could make the advertising more subtle. Oh, and one more thing, the way the game looks is pretty odd on iPads. Because the iPad has a 4:3 aspect ratio as opposed of the standard 16:9 aspect ratio, everything in the game looks squeezed in, and just looks a little off. I wish the app could be optimized so it didn’t look like that on iPads.
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3 years ago, ChocChip;)
Soooo I think this is a good game, I’m doing it for school. It’s certainly better than regular hw. But I have bought everything in some places, yet I keep getting their currency in bounty battles, chests, and wheels etc. To me that seems like a bit of a waste of my prize, so maybe you could make a bank in Lamplight Town where we can exchange currency? Also, the chat is a bit too limited. Can you make more phrases and/or separate words that can be used? Most of it is not useful at all. You can put in words like, why? And where? And have locations be words as well is a good idea. And maybe a way to communicate during battles. Some people just wait until the other person is fed up with waiting and leaves the battle, which is very rude and annoying. Not to mention disrespectful. I might be trying to do my homework or be in class, and then I’m not able to get it done because of them and also my teacher wonders why I’m taking so long. If we had an open chat during the battles, we could explain this to them. Thanks for your time and consideration!
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2 years ago, Dinora168
Not Good!
Hello, wnd thanks for reading the review. So, here’s the deal. The game is not cool whatsoever and is expensive to purchase premium , and it’s not worth the money especially because this game is not educational anxd is exploring kids, so yeah, why would people olay this game, huh? Anyways it does not “ teach “ like it says in the description of the game, but it is more like a review gwme wth no ahort explanations or videos that are eash to understand. And it distracts kids from learning new mathematics skills ans other skills from orher subjects which is a problem, right? Because many skils and things you learn in school are going to help you throughout your life whwn your an adult or atleast a teenager. Also, think about it, ok. Kids won’t be able to learn as easily as when you’re taught the material. And tbis will preent them ftom learning, keeping uo with their studies, snd keeping their grades decent or good, and completing homework and missing work, how is that? Yes, I do believe that you should make learning fun, but trust me, not like this. If you read, payed attention to 7me, and thought this review was helpful, thank you! More reviews on apps, games, and websites coming soon! I will be informative too. Have a Nice Day, Random User, 57:)
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7 years ago, Jfjfnajesnjgejngdsnu
New character design and membership.
The game has its flaws, but the new character design is like Pandora's box! The faces of me and my peer's characters is an abomination! Although some of the equipment looks better, but sadly some look a bit..."dull". Overall you need to change some of the newer designs you made, AND DEFINITELY THE PLAYER FACE MODELS, but you could keep some of the newer ones that looks better from the community's perspective. Overall it's a good game...but could you at least stop taunting us with membership only exclusives? It's extremely annoying and I'm sure 60% of the community can't afford the pricing of membership. I just don't want to pay it personally, it's a huge ripoff. Could you just put ads of other games to the side or something so it wouldn't bother us, but it would still make some money so those membership stuff would be free after a while? Or we can watch ads for coins or other currency. Also while I'm still writing, could you kindly make a map for every area (You can only see places you explored) so that I won't be wondering about trying to do certain quests or bounty hunts where they sent me where I have no idea where it is.
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2 months ago, emAWSOME♥️
Bad, Just Bad! (Please read!)
First of all, I beat the game in five days and after that there is nothing to do. Second of all, the math is way above the grade level that you choose . I am in advanced math but I picked the grade I was actually in and there were a TON of harder questions my teacher hadn’t taught us yet. I had to play almost all day to finish because I kept losing battles because I got the hard questions wrong! Finally, the membership idea is THE WORST! I know that the developers need money for the game or whatever, but I would rather you have ads. I worked VERY hard to get some of the robes I have but even though I own them, I can’t wear them because I’m not a member. You don’t get any fun perks if your not a member (which, BTW, is $100, and I finished in five days so there is no point in getting it) and the game is all about math. And it says you can get a mythical epic if you’re not a member, but when I tried to get one it said for members only! My last complaint is that it is nearly impossible to beat the puppet master if you don’t have strong, evolved pets, and you can’t have evolved pets if your not a member! It took me TWO WHOLE DAYS to beat the puppet master! So unless you want to spend $100 to play a math game for a week, don’t download!
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4 years ago, Morin_jason92
Turn my procrastination into homework!!
This game is incredibly fun I found it while looking for a curriculum for my pre-K son during quarantine. He is looking forward to working on math and trying to read so that he can battle new pets and level up. I imagine this game being an invaluable tool throughout his education. I even created my own avatar so that I could keep my math skills up while doing calculus in college. If you could please add some integrals and differentiation so that I can be doing homework while procrastinating I would be incredibly grateful. I see a few reviews saying that it’s not fair to have membership products and encourage the purchasing of memberships. I can imagine this game is time consuming to make and maintain considering how you can battle alongside your friends and i appreciate the effort to make learning fun. I also appreciate how my son is not bombarded with third party ads to god knows what kind of games. For the price of a kids meal to McDonald’s every month I think y’all parents need to do right by your kids.
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3 years ago, Big dodo thing
If you’re like me, Then you love this game! It combines math and video game into one big beautiful, fantastic, wonderful math game. But one HUGE thing that I think is turning prodigy from WHOO WOO to DOO DOO. The membership system! First off, evolving pets. I have two pets of which can evolve, but you need membership. Every time they level up the game is bugging to evolve them, I try but then it says “WaIt HoLd Up! YoU dOn’T hAvE mEmBeRsHiP!” Yes I know! Second, Content only members have access too. “Oh look! Some really cool and useful gear! Wait I need membership?” I feel like half of the clothes is only available to members! I don’t understand why you developers put member stuff in non-member chest! It is so frustrating! Lastly, (this kinda adds on to the other stuff) one day you are spinning wheels and it lands on some you don’t want. It then asks if you want to spin again. Like everyone yes click yes, only to be reminded that only members can spin again! WHYYYY!!! Also, the dark tower is only climb-able by members! Yes I know you can non-members can climb 5 MEASLY FLOORS! Thank you for listen to my reply. I love this game but I loved it more when membership wasn’t a thing. Yours truly A talkative critic
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4 years ago, seeesmfhxm dhd d
Something happened a update or some problem
So I guess that prodigy is great and all that but now it’s so bad I used to love prodigy but when I started doing my battles I put the answer in the box and on purpose it’s skipping the numbers I type in and I told my dad about this cause he’s an engineer but he doesn’t trust me because I told him in the past that prodigy is great and not only that you only have 3 colors to write the problems in the workspace if you need to and the black one doesn’t work and the eraser takes forever to erase. Usually their used to be coins and manipulates to help you on problems but now there’s nothing and it’s kind of annoying and one time there was a bug that I typed in the correct answer and it stayed I was wrong but when I clicked see answer the same answer came up that I typed I didn’t know what that glitch was called so I told my mom and she said that it was a bug now I really know what “bugs” are not bugs that crawl up your screen just technical difficulties that happen with the app. WARNING! IF YOU ARE A STUDENT 1st grade-8th grade PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IF YOU WANT TO GO TO PRODIGY AND SIGN UP NOW IM SO SO SORRY BUT YOU CANNOT NOW BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW WHATS GOGING NOW BECAUSE OF COVID 19 PROCEDURES WHATEVER BUT JUST DON’T SIGN IN IF TOU DO YOUR FIRST FEW DAYS OF PRODIGY ARE YOUR FIRST FEW DAYS OF AN EDUCATIONAL DISASTER APP SIGN IN I
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