Pronto Team Communication

4.9 (13.2K)
84.2 MB
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Current version
Hit Labs
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pronto Team Communication

4.86 out of 5
13.2K Ratings
4 years ago, NMBioguy
Useful but could use improvements
This is a great app for keeping in contact with students, but it could be improved by letting us hide classes that are no longer active, or those where we are listed as a TA to help. Also, it would be nice if students who DM are listed with the course they are using to do so. Especially useful for those of us who have to teach multiple sections of a course. Please give us some flexibility as to what courses we can see, and tag people who send DMs with the course identification.
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4 months ago, rigo rodolico
Required for school but still lacking…
This is a moderately effective messaging app, with plenty of extra features to leave you satisfied. I am writing this review primarily because of one missing feature: usage on macOS. Considering I’ve only used it for educational situations, group chats within my school, as a replacement for discord, the lack of a dedicated computer client really stands out. Best you can do is to have pronto enabled on a browser, but I refuse to enable any notifications from browser on principle, so having a lightweight client which could run dedicated for the app would really help make the user experience better for those who do have Mac. It’s even more glaring considering most iPad apps apparently can be easily ported over to Mac, and that this app has APPLE VISION support without having this support extended to apple silicon desktops and laptops. Really a disappointing move to support such a right-turn technology such as apple vision before their desktop support. It’s a good app but just needs a port.
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3 years ago, H.Kelly
Needs a Display Overhaul
I am using this app at the request of my employer for work communication. Functionality works great as far as messaging and such. The only thing I don’t like about the app is the organization of the chats and how the conversations look. It is very hard to see where one text ends and another begins. There should also be a better way to view the chats. Why can’t I just have a view of all the chats in order of when they were last used (like normal) along with the organization in folders. Other messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp make it much easier to see and read text threads as well as find chats.
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2 years ago, Natedagreat775
Makes you wonder how businesses ever survived without it!
As someone who runs a sales organization, this app is a complete godsend. I can have multiple groups between company trips, management, sales teams and creative teams all managed under one roof. You can reply to individual messages and mention people individually, you can organize and mute chats and even send gifs or reactions! At the end of the day, this app is about keeping your workforce engaged, and it does it like no other!
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4 years ago, Anche_io
Great for music teachers
I been using Pronto for few months and has been an amazing experience. I am able to help my students with any trouble they have with a quick video. Great app to communicate with students. Easy to upload videos, PDF files and documents. Students are able to record a lesson for our review. Overall great app for instructors and for the students straight forward and easy to access and easy to use app. Keeps students motivated to practice and keeps them accountable to practice.
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2 years ago, Ewrcar
Productivity and Ease of Multiple Course Communication
I really enjoy how productive Pronto has allowed me to be in responding to students. I am able to respond quickly and to all students in a class in a timely manner. Also, when I teach several classes and want to communicate the same message to all class and sections I am able to easily cut, paste, and send with opening my computer and logging in to my LMS.
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4 years ago, Ayebreezy92
Love it.
I use pronto for school through CANVAS I had no idea there was an app but I was curious so I looked it up. Wish it was advertised a little more, came to find out most my schoolmates have no clue an app exists. Luckily it wasn’t hard to link it to my student canvas profile! It’s been so useful and helpful specially during this pandemic that I don’t get to meet with my peers. With Pronto, we get to ask each other or the professors for assistance, send each other photos/videos of our work, gifs (to make it fun) etc... pretty much chat with your classmates at your fingertips without having to exchange numbers. You can chat with the whole class or send private messages! It’s awesome and will only truly work if the rest of your peers are active as well.
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5 years ago, lrankin
PRonto for PLNU
I have used Pronto with two groups of doctoral and Masters students in the past year and a half. The app has increased the confidence of our students much as it allows instant interaction with professors advisers and other students. I’ve used Pronto to bring him guest speakers who have given their expertise with students using this quick interaction tool Students love the ability to connect anytime using their phones iPads and computer access through Canvas. Our statistics instructor uses it to quickly on cover misinformation and assist students with learning. After rolling it out in the graduate programs we are planning to use it for all of our undergraduate nursing students. Thanks for developing such an intuitive application for academic usage.
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2 years ago, aprilliahhh
I’m a fan!
I’m really loving the Pronto interface. I haven’t used all of the features on Pronto but the texting is great , easy on the eyes, doesn’t feel too busy, and it just feels sleek. One thing I haven’t loved is the spinning wheel when I first open the app. I’m not sure why it’s bothering me. Maybe because I just feel like it’s not “ready”? But overall I really love it. Thanks!!
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9 months ago, Aussie22222
Wonderful App!!!
I love how we use Pronto to connect with our family! A huge thank you has to go to your CTO Ben Dolman who goes way beyond the call of duty to assist us in our technology challenges. I hope you gave him a raise in pay or doubled it, the last time I suggested it! He probably could do with another pretty soon, as his work is truly outstanding! Thanks again!
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3 years ago, kpucca
Best Shortcut to contacting everyone in your class
There are times when people may have to double check their classmates’ phone numbers for a study group, group project, presentation, etc. Only one of my professors showed me and my classmates this app and I don’t know how I never used it. It’s convenient in class in case you don’t have a classmates’ contact info :)
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3 years ago, John.Appleseed
Amazing app that keeps getting better
This app has many functions that engage students and foster a virtual dorm experience. Create groups, channels, hold synchronous meetings, send/receive files, directly upload Clips vids, and more. Pronto also consumes very little bandwidth, so students don’t get lagged out or logged off. Pronto has an excellent gif library too.
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2 years ago, skylon07
Fantastic app!
I love this app! It feels super ergonomic and everything about it just flows really well. I am trying to get all my teachers at school to use it too. I do help with testing the app/QA, but even so, I’d use this app over Slack or Messenger for team management/group chat. Even before I worked here I thought the app looked really good.
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3 years ago, Daniel Angelo Caetta
Great app!
Easy to use and and a great way to contact classmates and professors without having to give out phone numbers or use social media. Gets the job done nice. Extremely convenient but also professional to use. Would recommend for all classes.
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11 months ago, Smyl-E
Great way to communicate
This has been a great tool for me and my students. This promotes communication between me & my students as well as between students. This has been a great tool for immediate help for students from me and their classmates. I could go on and on. GREAT GREAT TOOL!!! (It makes e-mail the new snail mail)
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3 years ago, Pest dude
So easy, even a Bruh can use it!
Pronto hit a home run with this app! Total touchdown. The easy-to-use features are a slam dunk. The tasks feature, message streaming, and excellent customer support make a complete hat trick. If you’re looking for a business communication app that does it all, Pronto is a hole-in-one!
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3 years ago, rock lobster 3
At first I wasn’t quite sure about it but after being a member of a pronto team for about a month I am now going to start researching it sometimes I’m a slow slow learner once I learn it and I get it very loyal
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2 years ago, Beto_Carvalho
No desktop version
Pronto is a standard team communications application, works well enough. But it is unbelievable that an app that is 12+ years old does not have a laptop version. I have to use it for my school, but when I am doing school work I am in my computer, not in my phone.
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2 years ago, host its
Best app
This is so easy to use and helpful when working with someone or a team who don’t speak any English. Everyone understands instructions completely in their own language and there’s no confusion
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2 years ago, GoddessOfDeath27
So helpful
I love this app it’s been so helpful ever since I started college since 2015. This app helps whatever classes you have and you don’t have anyones phone number for help on homework this comes in handy. 👍🏽📖
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5 years ago, disruptiveinsights1
Convenient, private
I have really enjoyed using Pronto. The app made it so much easier to start a group chat without needing to access the phone numbers of other students. I’d recommend this to any school or work group.
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5 years ago, Rand*
All things convenient
This app is AWESOME! Everyone needs to check it out. It combines the convenience of texting with the satisfaction that you feel from social media. It’s fun, intuitive, and just all around sleek. Job very well done!
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3 years ago, order#66
Very effective for communication with both class and teacher. Also live activity during zoom classes
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4 months ago, Jakegron
Tried and True
I sold door-to-door for 5 years and my teams always used Pronto. I can’t imagine trying to run a high performing team without it!
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2 years ago, UTLamb
Family and friends
Pronto allows you to have instant private connection and conversation with the people you love the most. It is SO easy to use!
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4 years ago, masterfushu
Easy and useful
It’s a regular messaging app but includes perks for teacher and student communication. I had no trouble navigating through the app and I experience no problems.
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2 years ago, JLN2022
Game changer!
I’m always on the go and this app has been a game changer for me! It’s super user friendly and beats what I have been using (GroupMe). I would recommend it to anybody!
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3 years ago, preggersWANAB
Family chat
Our family uses this as a group chat and it works so great! Perfect for sharing daily pictures and updates.
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1 year ago, michmichqt3
Pronto is the best tool that I have to communicate with my professors! Absolutely love it! Teachers can see my messages and respond instantly, saves so much time!
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4 years ago, Afraid of the monsters
So helpful!
Pronto is amazing!! We’re using it at my college for not just clubs and classes but also for our tutoring services. It has been so easy to use and incredibly helpful!
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1 year ago, 044353
Super Pronto
I thank you so much for allowing instant easy access to my students at all times ... keep it up
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4 years ago, BluubyPup
Amazing app
My students feel way more confident now that we have a reliable way to communicate.
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1 year ago, Phillips.D
This app has helped me greatly while taking courses online.
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5 years ago, Prof@GCC
Connects with students
I’ve ended the semester and all my students evaluated my feedback and communication with high numbers. Pronto made it happen
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5 years ago, Hailey22445
Love it
Pronto has really helped MCC’s student government communicate in a better manner. I would recommend this app for any group looking for a better app for communication.
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2 years ago, Almaximo4
Best messaging app
I prefer this over any app I’ve used. No glitches and lots of great features.
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4 years ago, @KDBeer
Super easy to use
Great way for our group to stay in sync with nothing falling through the cracks.
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3 years ago, mbaugh88
Pronto is the cat’s pajamas.
Pronto’s mobile app is amazing. Easy to use, clean interface, anyone can use it.
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5 months ago, Carloscoffe
Pronto for Chicano Studies
There is no better way for students to communicate with instructor! Therefore assignments, discussions and class procedures are clear as ice!
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2 years ago, kietko
Team comms on fleek
We were struggling building a community for our gig workers but now our gig worker community is thriving! Thanks Pronto!
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3 years ago, BishopWcHackworth
Bishop Hackworth
One of the greatest Apps/tools we have chosen. Thank you for your service.
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2 years ago, La Profe HH
Effective communication tool
I love using pronto to communicate with my students
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2 years ago, SIN G S
Communication made easy
It’s a great communicating system!
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5 years ago, Jararded
Solid messaging app
It’s great, I just wish I could edit messages once they’ve been sent
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2 years ago, Ralph E. Contreras
Good Application
Has not crashed. Pretty useful.
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4 years ago, Janeway76
Pronto is Pronto!
While my professor a are quick with responses, Pronto really makes that response immediate.
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4 years ago, Daffodils Abraham
I recommend
Great app for school
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2 years ago, Dalila Serrato
It’s been great resource wonderful to used 🥰
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1 year ago, 123flower
My class was using the app to communicate and it has completely crashed …. No error, no explanation and no fix has left us high and dry …
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4 years ago, bcon509
Pronto is the best !
Easiest way to communicate with all my teams.
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