PS Deals

4.8 (10.5K)
54.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for PS Deals

4.79 out of 5
10.5K Ratings
3 years ago, fisheyeviewqqq
Great functionality iPhone 7 version 14.6
Great free app for compiling a wishlist and a (separate) price change notification list aggregated from PS Digital Store. I’ve been using the free version for 3+ years now. Honestly it’s likely helped me save conservatively well above $1000 on games/DLC cumulatively over that period. Cons >>Unpolished UI >>“Featured” tab a bit cluttered >>Ads are occasion but mostly rather short {typically 5 secs if not instantly closable} compared to most other app’s ads {30+ sec} at least in my region YMMV >>free version doesn’t offer handful of additional features I don’t miss e.g. compare region prices, price stats, full price history >>can’t add more lists than the included notify-me list / wish list / owned list Pros >>Comprehensive filter/sort controls on all tabs >>updated daily >>email or push notifications for specified games >>lists discount end dates >>game pages contain info: release date, developer, available add-ons, metacritic, limited price history (high | low | low w/PS+) links to video reviews etc >>DLC/add-on content can be tracked with premium or on free version if you watch an ad. PlayStation appears to be slowly rolling our SOME of this functionality with their services but in my experience both their website and app are sluggish and pretty useless for anything except confirming a single price. Highly recommend as a utility for tracking a list or games and never missing out when they’re 85% off.
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3 years ago, Pidetikoler
Absolutely Amazing
I downloaded this a couple days ago for black friday deals expecting it to be more or less a scam app but it works amazing! i don’t usually rate things but i need other people to see this. you can set up wish lists for games and even put games onto a list that will notify you when it goes on sale. you can look at things like vr games, ps+ free games, and just games that are on sale right now. i haven’t gotten the premium version but there’s some functions that are probably very worth it there too. All in all a great app that I will be using for a predictable couple years from now.
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7 years ago, scumbly
Ad overload & no PSN import
A remarkable amount of ads — nearly every screen from the start page to the search results is 25-50% filled with advertising. In addition, every 2-4 taps I was interrupted by an unskippable video ad or interactive ad, and when the ads repeated, the (X) close button would change position from the last time, to help you accidentally tap the ad when you are trying to dismiss it. Sometimes the video ad is followed by yet another non-video ad you also have to get past to get where you're trying to go. Some advertised features require you pay a monthly subscription instead of a one-time unlock, which is very disappointing. I'm happy to pay for apps I use, especially if it removes ten billion ads, but I certainly don't need to be billed $3 a month for an app like this. No way to import your wishlist from PSN. This may not be technically possible, but if I'd known that I'd have to search and enter every game manually (while being constantly interrupted by ads, making it very time consuming) I might have skipped this app. Easier to take ten seconds to skim the specials on PSN once a week.
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7 years ago, D. Hill
PS Deals
Just like those who are invested in the XBOX platform have XB Deals, users have PS Deals. The PS Deals app is a great resource for those who are consumers of the PS4, PS3, PS Vita and PSVR platforms. Users can easily modify from which of the four or even all the platforms they would like to see information from the main interface. Users can set their country's marketplace to receive prices from as well as others for comparisons sake and enable push notifications for when prices on wait list games drop and other promotions. The app is also useful to see aggregate reviews, video reviews, screenshots, add-one, cheats as well as what's going to be released soon. The app is quick to load and easy to navigate with category tabs located on the bottom of the interface.
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6 years ago, Sonicsp
Saved Me A Lot of Money
Great app. I especially like the part where it alerts me of any sale of games I. My wishlist, the official PSN doesn’t do that at all and it’s allowed me to save a lot of money. It’s also fairly intuitive to use. Yes, the ads can be a little annoying and you can’t import your wishlist from PSN but it makes up for it by being very alert. I get notification on a sale IMMEDIATELY when it happens. A few ads and reinserting my wishlist is more than a fair price to pay. I wish there was an app like this for the Switch platform, which I am also looking for sales alert on my wishlist.
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9 months ago, @Boedy.c
It would be a good app
But my only concern is… 1- PS3 titles are on this? Yes, but they aren’t available for purchase. When clicked to the next page like your going to buy, it disappears like it was never supposed to be on their in the first place please fix this don’t get rid of the PS3 & Vita, they deserve so much more than what was brought out to them…. My opinion! They should be able to play cross platform which is dumb if Sony wouldn’t add this to their family of PlayStation systems that are currently still able to play online today… it’s known that the ps3 could have and would have been able to play with newer gens especially if the new gens were backwards compatible but only Xbox did this and it’s sad so sad….
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5 years ago, acemcfly101
I find this app extremely helpful because I never like to pay $60+ for new games even when I know I’ll like them. I buy nearly all my games on sale and often check on weekends for flash sales, etc. But I still miss the majority of deals and this app lets you flag your fav games or potential interests and be notified when the price drops. It also tells you the reg price, current sale price and lowest sale price to date so you can decide if the current sale is substantial. If someone like me finds it’s a godsend, the avg person should like it even more.
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5 years ago, Raleighasin
A must have for playstation
Ive yet to find a decent app or notification service outside this app that gives me a reliable heads up with what games go on sale and lets me choose what games to watch for price drops. The amount this app has saved me is over $100 (at least) in price drop and doesnt have me manually checking the playstation store everyday to keep an eye on select games between my ps4 and ps3 systems. the occasional ad that might pop up now and again, but the convenience this app provides far outweights any problem with them.
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7 years ago, Rasha2189
Great tool for budget gamers like myself
I find myself to be a budget gamer, mostly buying games when they drop in price or when they are on a really good sale. This app definitely helps me with that, tracking all of the deals on the PlayStation Store and notifying you when they are happening. You could also enable it to notify you when a game on your wishlist is on sale. A must have app for any budget gamer. While it does have a few ads (and honestly it is a few ads) it is a good tradeoff for the money you save.
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2 years ago, MarcFoucault98
Life changing
Wanting to buy PS games on sale? Look no further! PS Deals give you free access to all current deals, you can have notifications sent to you when your favorite game goes on sale, and you can even see what past sales prices were to judge if you should wait for a better sale or if that sale is at the lowest it’s ever been. I’ve doubled my PS library since using this app. Could not recommend any other app for anyone who uses a PlayStation!
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3 years ago, EastCoastMTBer
Well designed for the active PS gamer
For an active PlayStation gamer this is a must-have app. Well designed with many features and information that allow you to make informed game purchase decisions. I especially appreciate the price history of each game. In my case I quickly recognized the value and paid for a one year subscription (it certainly helped that the subscription was on sale). I also can’t stand forced ads.
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4 years ago, Nesticle
Really useful, except...
I’m gonna be honest, this would have been a 5/5 were it not for the ads. I get the developer needs revenue, but who would pay a subscription for this? If there was a way to buy an Elite or Pro version without ads (meaning you buy it once, no subscription), I would happily fork over some money since I do regularly use this and the Xbox equivalent app Now if only they could make a Nintendo Switch version...seriously, these apps are really useful! Just wish there was a way to stop ads without monthly payments...
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5 years ago, Mechamania Boy
Totally Don’t Use This!
It’s a really good app that shows all the best deals, even though they might take some time, to find, because it keeps tabs on a ton of games, across multiple stores, and it has genre/physicality/ratings and nations/regional sorting, for anything you’re looking, in whatever version, across PS3/PSP/Vita/PS4, if you want it to search any/every platform. So, the more people who use this, the smaller is my advantage, in getting great prices... 😎
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3 years ago, ForceFour
Has promise… but too obnoxious with ads
Stop trying to sell me your subscription service every time I open the app! It makes for a less than pleasant customer experience. Once I say ‘no thanks’ … they should cover it… at least for awhile. Do you really think you are going to wear users out? Maybe annoy them into subscribing? More than likely you are pushing them away… some into not using the app, others to delete it. Highly unlikely someone gets worn down into an ‘oh… alright… I’ll reward this annoyance with a monthly stipend.’ Ask occasionally… even rarely.
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3 years ago, J_Viper
Good at what it’s intended for, but needs more features
As a substitute for the horrible PS Store, this app is great. It does need more features though, like being able to hide games that you own from showing up in search results, or even to just add more filters to the search. I also think the $60 purchase price is way too high and I’d probably pay a max of $25 for it right now, but if more features are added then maybe this price would become right.
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7 years ago, Cyterio
Keeps me organized and helps me save.
This app is perfect for monitoring games you're not looking to purchase on release. I'll add the games to my watch list and wait for a price drop. The only update I would like to see is to have the app launch the actual Playstation Store App instead of the browser based store. It still works fine and I'm sure that it will be added in a future update.
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7 years ago, CharlieJackson1234
AWESOME tracker app
I love games but there are so many awesome ones it's hard to get em all. I managed to add over 100 games to my wishlist here (more than PS itself can handle) and now I get notifications when brute on sale! It's also super easy to browse sales by their discount % instead of original price (another thing the actual PS app can't do), which is great cuz I typically don't buy games that aren't 70% or 80% off.
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7 months ago, Money Delshad
I love this app so much upgraded to premium (even though I didn’t need it’s features) just to support them because of all the money it saved me. I sold all of my physical games and stopped buying used ones simply because it was cheaper to buy digital using data that this app provides.
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2 weeks ago, Donng1981
I love this app
I love having a wish list and also shows when the last time it went on sale so you can gauge how soon that sounds coming and then purchasing the premium pass for a one time fee for pretty cheap to unlock regions no ads for$8.99. It’s definitely worth it.
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7 years ago, Coreboar
Don't buy a game on PSN without this app!
Since buying a PS4, I was anxious to start downloading games from PSN, but they can get expensive. Thankfully, PS Deals alerts me when the games I'm interested in are discounted; I've already purchased tons of games but most recently I bought $85 worth of games for less than $15. Do NOT buy a game on PSN without checking PS Deals first!
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2 months ago, fdidiufuitficj
Helps a lot
I’m in high school and can only really play games on the weekend when my parents aren’t trying to tell me I should play less video games so I’m not able to keep up with a lot of changes in the store so this app really helps with staying on top of prices
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3 years ago, Reaper24Seven
Love This App!
This app makes it so easy to keep track of the games you’re interested in, but not at their current price. You just tell it to notify you when the price of a game drops and it does just that as well as many other things!
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2 years ago, VMK_Great_Guy
Amazing app
Sony should legit buy this app because it’s better than anything else out there including the PlayStation app. Tracks game prices and alerts you when they’re super cheap and has saved me hundreds of dollars easily. Best app out there for a PlayStation gamer who likes saving money. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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6 years ago, erivasjr
Very convenient.
There are moments where the PS Store has different sales; which is cool but what this app offers is the convenience of grouping them all into one place. I don’t have to click back and forth between pages but can just scroll down and see what’s all on sale. Pretty sweet if you ask me!
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7 years ago, GigLoGigLo
Great App
I have been using this app for about a half a year and it's great. I can look at all the deals and buy them right from the app. It gives you a notification when games go on sale and it's very convenient. If you like to buy games on PS Store, then this is the perfect app for you.
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3 years ago, GojuBill
Must have if you own PS5/PS4
This is an essential app if you purchase at least 1 game every 2 months. I tried the free version and it’s great as well but got tired of all the ads, so yes essentially they won and I purchased a full year but totally worth it.
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2 years ago, itsRyannXD
Does what it says it does!!!
This is a great way to get deal notifications without looking, for the most part, sometimes you should always check the online store though
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3 years ago, *anonimus*
App not allowing me to log in
Please help! I liked this website, so decided to try using the app. However, regardless of if I try to create an account or log in using my iOS account, I am not being allowed to progress past selecting my PlayStation Account region. When I get to the screen that tells me to select my system, nothing shows up and it won't let me past that.
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7 years ago, ShonDeezus
Absolutely Essential for avid gamers!
This app is absolutely essential for anyone that purchases games regularly. What I mean is that the app pretty much provides a snapshot of the prices of various games across multiple vendors all in a streamlined, clean, and efficient manor. On top of providing the information concisely it also provides those who sign-up with the service the ability to be notified via email or by push-notifications when a specific game goes on sale. Absolutely essential. This app has helped me to save hundreds since I downloaded it.
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2 years ago, Sepehr93
Need to update
Hello there, first at all thank you about this application for guide me more and more but this app have a problem and that need it to be updat all games and all DLC’s I hope you can fix this problem and it will help me thanks a lot psdeals
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4 years ago, Bookreader383
Very Reliable
The app gives you access to any game’s information such as the sales and ps sales as well so finding games can be just as easy and you actually receive notifications, which again is very handy.
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5 years ago, BsgGangGang
This app is extraordinarily helpful
I recommend this app for all people who may want games on sale for the budget because we all know how expensive games can be. Thank goodness someone made an app like this, the devs get my full support and 5 stars, Thank you so much!
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5 years ago, Jmcman6104
Without paying you still get lots of features
Even without purchasing the full version you get lots of features, like adding to your wishlist, notifications, and adding stuff to your price drop watch list. I respect that. Most apps make you pay for awesome features like this.
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4 years ago, Bouchkilele
Pretty much 90% of what you need
The only thing missing from the app (but present on the website) is the history of the price. This is actually pretty relevant as it helps predict trends as to when the game may be on sale again
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6 years ago, Eric Guzman
A great app with invasive ads.
I think the only problem with this app is that has invasive ads. Every action you do and you have to watch a 15 second ad. I will not pay for this app, why? The ads. If there were less ads an less invasive of course I would pay a monthly subscription!
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1 year ago, Naif1055
Great app for tracking discounts
Great app! A few suggestions for the developer 1-an option to grey out games that are purchased. It’s harder to discern games that are purchased by just viewing the checkmark an option to grey out the game cover if marked as purchased would easier to distinguish games that are purchased at a glance. 2- there is a bug where sometime games that are marked as purchased dont show up such in the notification section Keep up the good work !
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6 years ago, BenWayneL
Do you, boo boo
This app does exactly as it states. It’s a fantastic way to keep track of your library. It also allows you to be notified when a game you are watching or have on your wishlist goes on sale on PSN and other marketplaces.
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10 months ago, crop duster dude
It wants me to set up notifications to be alerted to the price drops that I’m interested in. Then, it just ends up sending me random notifications every day that I don’t care about. So, I’m expected to sort through those in case they’re the notifications that I wanted? No thanks.
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3 years ago, The_Talking_Banana
My favorite app
This is my favorite app ever :) I use it to do all my digital shopping. With there was a way to see all the games that I currently have set for notifications though.
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3 years ago, Rocket FV
Just so obviously amazing, seriously!
It’s easy to use and I find what I want without a problem, I recommend this to others, especially if you a pan fan!
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1 year ago, dustinhill345
Very simple design
I love the simplicity of the app. Track a game through your wishlist and get notified when it’s on sale. The app is easy to use and has helped me snag some good deals
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4 years ago, captain AppleBoy
Pay to remove ads?
I understand the desire to “give away” programs and to make up for the loss with ads and offer “shareware”. Fine. But how do I pay to get rid of all the !&*#! intrusive and abusive ADVERTISING?!? Would the pay to play price really be so high that it has to be a “sell my users to the highest bidder” option? 😢 I really want to LIKE this program, but the abuse very nearly made it ONE star.
Show more
2 years ago, remfan9
Just Great
Love the UI, function, and ease of setting up alerts for game price drops. The app works fantastic on its own and even better with the very reasonable subscription offerings. Totally recommended!
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7 years ago, WordsYO!
Use Website, App Too Big
I got this app, and it's great. But it uses over 200 megs, so I just deleted it and I used their website. They even post sales before they get put up on the Playstation store site, so you know what's coming.
Show more
3 years ago, Blind65
Almost perfect, just needs to fix one issue
If a game is no longer available for purchase, this app will mark it as “free.” Other than that, PS Deals is a great app to keep track of prices and discounts. I use it all the time.
Show more
3 years ago, Pollock Whale
Great app — Inappropriate Ads
In terms of functionality, this app is perfect and is easily better than the official app offering by Sony. However, some of the ads within the app are very lewd, and it’s a shame that the only way to hide them is to pay the subscription. I don’t mind ads, but these make the app borderline uncomfortable to use.
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2 years ago, adriyan mtz
i all N
i enjoy the notifications alot “w/out payments” u have to pay extra for world sales if your into that type of sacrifice. i give it a 5/5
Show more
6 years ago, A-Shock
Love this app!
Works just as it needs to! Notifications for Games on your Watchlist is always on point! I use the Premium Subscription and it’s easily paid for itself throughout the year.
Show more
4 years ago, rmartin310
Super helpful
Love having a notification list and not having to search through all sales to see if what I wanted was on sale. Really wish there was one for switch eshop!
Show more
4 years ago, Nomock_
To much ads and they sometimes 10-30 seconds. When ad is shown It’s easier to close and reopen app then wait until ads finishes. I suggest to use their website instead. Ads don’t consider when device is in quiet mode and irritate to turn off sound manually with small tapping area that leads sometimes to tap on ad
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