PS Remote Play

3.5 (14.6K)
18.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
PlayStation Mobile Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for PS Remote Play

3.45 out of 5
14.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Maximilian L
Motion is broken
It’s incredible to use an iOS device as a portable window to the Playstation, so I’m very happy this app and functionality exists. I’ve been playing a lot of the game Dreams recently, and found a bug with the Remote Play app that makes Dreams, and games like it, almost unplayable. The app (or the Playstation 5 itself) isn’t handling motion correctly. I’ve tested with the onscreen controls, 3 DualShock 4s, and 2 DualSense’s, and the issue is the same no matter the controller type. My Imp (within Dreams) always drifts to the left edge, making me re-center the control every 30 seconds or less. All of my controllers don’t have this problem on the actual console, and I noticed this issue with no controllers connected as well. So it’s clearly an app / PS5 issue here. Luckily most games don’t use motion controls, but those that do won’t be a great experience. Please fix this Sony.
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5 years ago, $fransisco$
Great but its missing one thing or two
The thing that it’s missing is the buttons since the buttons are super big because i have a iPhone 6s Plus the buttons are big that I accidentally tap on the other buttons while I’m playing need for speed payback I accidentally put the button to tune the car or when I play fortnite (I’m lazy and don’t want to download the game on my phone because it’s a waste of battery and time and memory space on my phone so I play on the games of my PlayStation on my phone witch is fun and add a option in the the setting where you can customize the buttons where you can put them somewhere else on the screen and make them smaller and one more thing that it needs is that you can use the daulshock and play on the phone without the one thing that one thing happening and the two the two things that I’m asking please because someone’s tv or monitor might break so they can play on their phone or tablet with or without the daulshock that are the two things that I’m asking right now and other people might appreciate it a lot and I mean a lot and by the way mention the in the news and more people or going to use it
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3 years ago, Jess_Simpson13
Works great with my PS5, the default white screen is harsh though.
I recently purchased a PS5, and after being spoiled by using my Nintendo Switch away from the living room I was very happy to find the Remote Play functionality is as great as it is. I have my PS5 connected via Ethernet to my Eero primary node, and my iPad connected over wireless. Outside of a very few slowdowns it has been amazing. The only reason this is not a 5 star review is the loading screen / home screen / launch screen is a harsh white screen, which is overwhelming and requires the screen brightness to be lowered, which immediately needs to be turned back up as soon as you reach the actual PS5 Home Screen which is black. The fact its such a drastic change and is not able to be configred even to a less harsh color like a dark gray is very frustrating as I have to change the screen brightness every time I launch / open the application. I will change to 5 stars the minute they add a setting to permit a dark mode or black background launch screen to match the PS5 background.
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5 years ago, CRAZYMESCAN26
Welcome to the 21st century
I have to say I was a sceptic at first with the playstation now service being a GameFly customer for so many years but there is one thing that I noticed and I’m glad I made the switch. GameFly has always and I mean always been slow with their shipping of games and even worse not sending the right game when a new release was coming out. I got tired of it and canceled my subscription and a couple of months later I signed up for playstation now which is way cheaper than Gamefly’s advertised price for just one game out at a time. Last night I decided to try out the remote play just to see if it was all the hype that I heard about being able to use the PS4 DualShock controller with a MacBook, all I can say is bravo Sony once again for blowing my mind. This is the best thing I have ever experienced besides VR but just the ease and functionality of it has impressed me tremendously. I strongly recommend downloading this app if you have playstation now because it is worth the money especially if your still a Gamefly customer.
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5 years ago, InvisibleFace
Lots of Potential!
This app has a lot of potential for the future. After attempting to give it a test with Apex Legends, I came to the realization that I simply cannot press all the buttons needed at the same time when under combat. The controls disappeared after a few seconds and I ended up pressing outside the button boundaries. I have not yet tested an external BT controller, so I might see if it has this functionality at a later time. But as for using it to control apps and services. It works great. The chat function works great, but it would be a nice feature addition to use it for only chat with no game audio or video. The quality and framerate is amazing if you have a 100mbs+ internet connection from both host and target networks. As this app was just released this morning, I'm sure there are lots more features and functionality planned as the technology evolves. Overall, this app works great as a way to play simple arcade or basic controlled games and is a nice remote, but not ideal for playing FPS or more robust games where you need better hand eye coordination. We’ll see what time has to offer.
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4 months ago, Xoloe
When it works, it’s fantastic!
I love using this app to play PlayStation from work and out and about. The only thing I have a problem with is the ability of the app using WiFi, which is to say, no ability at all. I will say, at work, my router is pretty far and through a couple walls, so the signal isn’t great. I always blamed the inability on that, but recently I tried using Steam’s SteamLink app to do the remote play thing with my Steam library. Imagine my surprise when the WiFi connection worked flawlessly. No lag, no weird glitchy looking pixelation, just clear and smooth gameplay. So I wonder now, why does ps remote play have this issue? I use a hardline at work, because I’m awesome like that, but it would be much easier to use WiFi, as I would then be able to move my iPad to a table instead of sitting behind the desk (I work in a restaurant and play during the 2 hour break we have between lunch and dinner. Anyway, great when it works, awful performance on WiFi! Make that better, and it’ll be a 5 star from me.
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5 years ago, Warhammerh8er
Good idea just needs better execution
The app is great, it has great potential, but the execution was a little spotty. I got this app because I wanted to play PS4 games during my downtime at school. However when I tried playing it, it never connected. If there was one thing I would immediately improve is the ability to play anywhere on any WiFi network. I feel like the purpose of the app is negated when you can really only get the best use on the same network your PS4 is connected to. Also, the controls are a little hard to adapt to. The buttons are really big, and half the time I would end up pressing the d-pad instead of moving the sticks. The control delay is a major inhibitor and the unchangeable control sensitivity is difficult to work around. All in all I would recommend it if you need an extra controller or want to brag about playing Spider-Man on your phone, but at its current state, it needs some real improvements to truly be useful.
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5 years ago, DontHallucinate
Minimal use
This is a super exciting little gadget, our household doesn’t watch tv so the entertainment equipment has a separate room upstairs. It’s nice being in the kitchen and while I’m making food or laying in bed, I can access my game from my phone and doddle around. It’s great for doing menu work in fallout 76, I played the witness for several hours in bed. And path of exile just came out, sat my couch in my living room and slayed some monsters. Using the screens control (slight delay and my fingers take up most the screen) got tiring and I started googling how I can connect my PS4 wireless duel shock only to discover I can’t. It’s a real bummer, and I feel it’s a really missing of the mark on this app. All in all it works but expect delayed controls as it’s just streaming to your phone. No controller really kills it. But it’s super awesome of fiddle farting through menus. Would be perfect for old school rpgs or any game that doesn’t require precious movements. 4/5 will be my rating. First review of an app. Fun gadget
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3 years ago, Alex West Worth
Finally works like it should!
Works on MAX setting with no seriously noticeable lag over WiFi connection. No longer seems to drop connection as it always did in the past. Using mobile data over 4G LTE on the lowest quality settings. Works fine-Poor quality though. Using over mobile data on Medium or High quality settings brings the Stream to a stutter and drops out soon after. Once everyone is using 5G this should work great. So until then only the lowest quality setting is playable at the moment. The developers really can’t be held at fault for this though. It is simply the limitation of the slower mobile data uplink for the time being. Again when we are all rocking 5G when that’s standard all over (hopefully by 2025) we will all be playing remotely at the highest quality settings with no lag.
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2 years ago, DBN165
Needs an update for connecting Ps5/PS4 Without using rest mode
Everything of this app works really well, but the one thing they could do, is have a big update that allows you to connect your Ps5/PS4 without having your console on rest mode. For me I have recently bought Backbone One PlayStation Edition Mobile Controller for using Remote Play. But I sometimes I forgot to put my Ps5 on rest mode, which I would have to bring my Ps5 controller just so it can turn on the Ps5 while at work, in order to play it mobile. But it’s not the internet fault, everywhere I’m at has the best Wi-Fi including my house. I really don’t want to keep bringing my Ps5 controller every-time I forgot to put it on rest mode. There’s a reason why I only bring on controller and it’s the PlayStation Edition Mobile Controller. We will really appreciate if you fix this problem with a huge update thanks
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2 years ago, toiletooth
4 out of 5!
running ps5 + ipad pro. playing elden ring on the ps5 ethernet connected, ipad pro with controller connected via bluetooth. the app was disconnecting if i left my controller connected to the ps5. only works with controller connected to ipad. so no vibration, kind of sad, but still works. graphics look very nice, but lag is a thing. its around a 400 ms delay, enough to make things feel a bit clunky, but you get used to it. have had no disconnects (since controller is connected to ipad) sit right next to the ps5. only using it bc the lady watches a lot of tv, and i would rather this than another monitor lool. otherwise, there is proabably no way i'd play on the app. it has potential, but since you kind of can't get a better setup than what i'm running this on and there's still pretty prevalent lag, i dont know. good work though, team, and i definitely will so wow, i cant believe it even works THIS good. which honestly is pretty good!!! EDIT: a month later, a couple feature req's: -login screen be able to access ios keychains for passords, why in 2022 am i entering this everytime? and more importantly, support for multiple psn passwords stored, for us nerd families. -vibrate support for controllers (am aware this is complicated.) thats it though! thanks.
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2 months ago, Smokealotive
Good but can’t really call it remote play
This is a cool app, and when I downloaded it I was under the impression it’d work like the xbox app. But unfortunately it doesn’t. You have to be connected to the wi-fi your ps4/5 is on, or you have to do a complicated task to have it connect outside your home. I don’t think that should be the case, I think the app should stay true to it’s name and can be played remotely. There really isn’t a point, it’s cool to play games on my phone for like 5 minutes, then I just switch back over because what’s the point of playing on a significantly smaller screen? If we could have it work away from home without doing that stupid set up then I’d give it 5 stars, but with how long this app has been out I’d doubt that Sony would make the change. If you want to make money out of it then have it for just ps plus players.
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4 months ago, AndToDustYouShallReturn
Waiting for Apple TV support
I’ll be honest, I rarely use my iPhone to play games of any kind. WiFi and cellular typically aren’t fast enough for a good experience in any kind of remote-play setup. What I do want is the ability to play my PlayStation games without needing to change the input on my tv. I’d love to see my Apple TV handle remote play over a local hardwired connection, centralizing all of my home entertainment to one receiver device. With a setup like this, I wouldn’t need to move my entire console just to play on a different screen. It would also mean that I could more reliably use my console when traveling, without having to pack the monstrous machine and lug it around. If I just bring an Apple TV with me, and give it a hardwire connection, remote play on any tv screen would be much more accessible.
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5 months ago, JohnsonMiller
Works Seamlessly w/Proper Connection
Reading some past reviews and not sure reviews from 4 years ago should even count considering technology advances consistently. It should go without saying for something like this that the better your internet connection, the better the experience. I have an Ethernet PS5 connection (the best experience for this) and have traveled with a hotspot and had no major issues whatsoever. Obviously there will be lag, etc as you’re connected over time & space (as Louis CK once said “it’s traveling to space and back, can you GIVE IT A SECOND?!) but to be able to play your console anywhere in the world is magnificent. 10/10 (or 5/5 in this case), no notes. Keep the updates coming to keep it fresh. Cheers.
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5 years ago, MistaWondaBread
Best PS Feature, IF You Have The Right Setup
When first using the app I was disappointed by not being able to use a PS Controller because the onscreen controls were difficult to use (the more practice the better you’ll adapt to it, though). A few minutes into playing a game on my iPad Pro I thought to try connecting my steelseries Nimbus controller that I originally purchased to play games on Apple TV. After pairing the Nimbus to the iPad I was playing games easily on my iPad (with case the props it up) while also being able to watch news, shows, movies, etc on my Apple TV. It’s really expanded my ability to multitask and also frees up the TV for room mates, partners, kids, guests, etc. to use. If you have the right setup this could be the perfect app for you. If you only have an iPhone, or even just the iPad (no stand, controller) it may be difficult until you get used to the controls, even then it won’t be the same. *steelseries Nimbus controller will not have all buttons that the PS controller has. Missing: L3/R3, Touchpad, PS Button, Share and headset connection. Check the controls of your favorite games first. If it’s a slow paced game you can use the onscreen controls for those missing on the controller.
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5 years ago, Fire Of the 5's
Clunky but a great start
Finally for IOS users we’re getting remote play. And for the most part it’s pretty good. Connection is fairly easy once you register your Phone to PS4, framerate when playing is around 25 fps (even with a gigabyte connection) but is to be expected when your remoting in on a system so you’ll probably want to stay away from games like Apex legends or Battlefield and stick with single players game like Spider-Man and God of War. It’s controls are pretty good? While they done a good job emulating the buttons the L3 and R3 sticks are a bit finicky and hard to control. I don’t believe there is a sensitivity slider in the app so you might have some trouble getting use to it. Minus some hiccups this app mostly works as needed. So for Sony fixes to work on are framrate and better control of the L3 & R3 sticks and give us some option to hook up the PS4 controller and I can give this 5 stars. Still a great start though!!
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4 years ago, DragonPurrr
Amazing but it could have something added...
I connected a ps4 controller to my iPad and started the app, connected to my ps4. But one thing is that the PS button and the touch pad does not work. So in this case, I have to switch up some of my controls, or create custom controls so that I can switch whatever is connected to the touch pad and put it on a different button so I can use whatever it’s connected to. I just think that is would be nice to use the touch pad cause that’s what I’m used to, and the fact that I don’t want to change my controls every time I play on my ps4 using the app. The PS button, yes I understand that the button is on the screen, but if you are using a controller, it’s habit to press the PS button to exit out the game your in, I just think that having the PS button working should also be very nice. Thanks for reading.
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2 months ago, Satchal gizmo
Mouse is broken
Over all this is a great game for a man who is on the go a lot, however I have a few bones to pick with it. For one the mouse is broken for pc mode. If you don’t know, when connecting to a pc, remote play will hook up a custom key bind set for your game, however that sometimes includes clicking in some way, which unfortunately is broken. You see for some reason remote play refuses to connect a mouse, even though it will connect a keyboard. The other thing I have to say is that the game is very glitchy when using this. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand why that is, however it seems like it needs to have absolutely flawless internet connection in order to work at full resolution without any problems. Other then that, this is an absolute necessity to any ps gamer.
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1 year ago, Exnihilothereviewer
Runs well (but only if you have decent internet)
I remember the days when ps remote play was only available on the ps vita. It was a really smart idea in my opinion to put it on the AppStore. These days I don’t have a lot of opportunities to sit in front of my tv and play video games but this app makes it more accessible. So it does come in handy. And it’s free(the app itself) but I’ve had to come across a few hurdles in order to get it running the way I want it to. I purchased 2 things: a backbone PlayStation edition controller (about $100) + a Wi-Fi extender ($35). The Wi-Fi extender was really useful because it made my ps remote play experience a lot better and I would highly recommend if your internet is not the recommended speed for this. It’s a great app overall. If you think you will find this app useful, it probably will be. Just make sure your internet is fast enough. Also, if you have an original launch ps4, I would highly recommend a Wi-Fi extender even more because those ps4s don’t support 5ghz internet (faster internet, but smaller range) I also use the ps4 wired internet connection. I hope this helps and hopefully more updates will come out that improve the quality. Thanks for reading!
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4 months ago, crypto rican
It’s a wonderful service by a person who understood the importance we hold for our gaming experience but the only issue I have is the Internet speeds affecting my gameplay..Even story mode games that are offline are affected but I know it’s not just one variable..I’m pretty sure the area I’m in does not have the strongest connection/signal that would allow smooth gameplay..I’m not hardwired and multiple people are connected to the wifi along with other devices so these are a few things to consider was working smoothly for some time but not for more than 6 months, from what I can remember..I love the feature but because I can’t play I feel cheated for purchasing the backbone which was 100$ at the time and now I really can’t use it which makes me feel hesitant to purchase similar and other products in the future
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1 year ago, Kapriisunn
I’d give this 5 stars if this app didn’t constantly freeze during streaming; it makes my character be stuck in place or the camera is going every which way without me even touching it because it’s struggling to reconnect to remote play and then bad enough to where it kicks me out. I was streaming Overwatch 2 on Discord and it kicked me out over 5 times, the game even gave me a countdown about to kick me out in the middle of a match set as “inactivity” because it was struggling THAT MUCH. May just find an extension to plug into my PS5 to do this so I can continue streaming games for my friends on Discord without this problem. Like I said, it’s fine but it has lots of connection and lagging issues. Not to mention the quality is kinda boo-boo. We are way past the times and need for 720hp being the highest quality available.
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5 years ago, Scorch A.
The beginnings of a game changer for gaming
So let’s start with the bad news, because there’s not much •currently, there is no way to play without WiFi. While this is a bummer, I feel like Sony’s hard at work prepping to fix this •the button placement is SLIGHTLY awkward at first, but nothing that can’t be adjusted to •Portrait mode’s screen is a tad bit tiny. Not bad, because I plan to mostly play in landscape Alright, now let’s talk good. I was skeptical at first because the idea of pressing buttons on a touch screen rather than buttons on a Vita was likely to be jarring. Not the case. Sony has addressed this with the 3D Touch vibration that is quite responsive. The other concern would be plugging in combos and fast paced movements. I ran it through the ringer of Devil May Cry 3’s opening mission. Is it perfect? Not yet. But I was able to clear the mission with an A ranking (which is my usual average on controller). The lack of latency in a local room is also very nice, and the battery consumption is surprisingly low at default settings. This is a game changer, folks. This takes the exclusivity of the Vita’s best function and gives it away to the phones. With a bit more work, this could actually be the genesis of phones and home gaming working truly together. And I’m ALL for it
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5 years ago, Cmcoursey
Almost there
There have been a few third party apps that have done remote play in the past. They always worked okay but not super great. This app promised to fix so many gripes I’ve had with remote play. It’s free, it supports microphones for voice chat, it requires very little in the way of configuration. This app would get an absolute perfect score... ...except that I can’t remote play over cellular. This makes that app a non starter for me as the promise of “play anywhere” isn’t exactly true. I don’t have good WiFi where I work and I’ve enjoyed remote playing on my phone from apps that support LTE. Now that firmware 7.0 has come out, the other app I was using is now no longer working. So now I have no options to remote play. Anyway, this app is great for what it is. It’s just missing this one key feature to make it a must download.
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4 years ago, Frostbyte
This app will not register away from home with my iPhone XR or my iPad Pro 2020 anymore
I’ve recently been trying to connect to my PS4 away from home on my iPhone XR and my iPad Pro 2020 that I just got only 4 days ago and tried using this app on both. Both are using the latest iOS 13.4.1 and this app on both will not work no matter what I have tried. I have tried reinstalling the app, restarting both devices, manually registering them to my PS4, setting them both to the lowest resolution settings, giving them both static IP addresses, and even port forwarding my PS4 and both devices and nothing is registering them. When I’m at home this app works flawlessly on both no lag whatsoever, but the moment I try to use both devices with this app on a different WiFi router over the internet, it finds my PS4, attempts to register, and then fails. It was working perfectly on my phone a couple months ago when I was using it. Sony it’s time to update the app... 😡NOW!!!
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5 years ago, Jerome from Nibbatown
Only missing one thing IMO
You’ll see people complaining they can’t play first person shooters with this app. Well, obviously you won’t be able to play fps games. You’re on a cell phone. However, if you want to play single player games it works really well. I’ve able to play God of War, Detroit, as well as Kingdom Hearts. However, one thing is missing. The “shake controller” controls haven’t been ported over as far as I know. I wasn’t able to continue playing Detroit because of this. I know it’s probably not possible to port this by shaking our phones, but if there’s a way to add a button on screen that would easily make this a must have app for PS4 owners. It’s already worth a try but some games will be unplayable because of this control option missing. It’s still a great, well working app without it though.
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5 years ago, Playstation for life
Thanks PlayStation, very cool (but please fix some stuff)
First of all, if your gonna make us play with touch, please make the buttons much bigger. I’ll be mashing a button and wondering why nothing is happening. Then I realize that I’m not pressing the button directly, and the joystick will spawn at my thumbs. Second, set boundaries for where the joystick can spawn. For example, do not let the joystick be where the buttons are at. Third, allow a wired connection between the controller and the device through adaptors and cables. I understand that apple wont read ps4 controllers through bluetooth, so please allow a wired connection. And maybe, just maybe, one day, will you allow people to connect to remote play from ANYwhere they want to? Maybe through a cloud or something? Or just for ps plus members. That would be amazing. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Arkham-Al
4 Stars
I’m going to be honest I give it 4 stars because it lags so much. You probably been saying “It’s your internet “ but no this app loses connection and lags so much. I know for a fact it’s not my Internet because I have good internet but okay. Everything else is good, is like if you are playing ps4 games on your phone with a ps4 controller. I like this app but like how I said you can’t play relax because it lags a lot and disconnects. But I use this app when I don’t have access to my tv because I can just turn on my ps4 and play on my phone. I would give it 5 stars but the lagging and disconnection problem bothers a lot.(Fun fact I use this app where I have a good signal of wifi which is my living room where my ps4 is in my room but my room is not far from the living room because is just like right away.)
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5 years ago, Leo.shelton
Missing Key Features! PLEASE READ SONY!
Love that I can keep my PlayStation connected to LAN Cable and use it. But I wish I could use LTE on my phone to connect because sometimes the WiFi I have available is slower than my phone’s data. Also, the screen needs to fit the iPhone X. I cannot stand the black borders on the sides. So much screen space wasted... MOST IMPORTANTLY, the PS4 Controller needs to be able to connect to an iPhone’s Bluetooth... PERIOD. This app has no real value if you can’t even play real games on it because the analog sticks are basically non existent on the screen. Then once you do that make an option where I can take the digital buttons off the screen. Either make the controller compatible or trash this whole app and just remake the PS Vita with 2019 standards for a device.. such as a working remote play. Sad... Really wish the Ps vita Go would just come back.
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5 years ago, User 10372794
Great App, but some suggestions.
The app works great, I’ve used it to play at a hotel hours away from my PlayStation! Most people complain about the touch screen controls, but I have been playing 4 finger claw on mobile shooters competitively for quite some time now. It’s just a matter of getting used to it I always tell people. However, I would very much like to be able to customize the on screen controller HUD, and the ability to move and resize elements of the on screen controller. As I’ve said before I play with 4 fingers, two to control the virtual joysticks (move/aim) and two free for other actions (mostly aim and shoot) but I would like to be able to move the dpad and shape pad (is that what it’s called?) further up so that they are more accessible, being so far down they can strain my hands for extended play sessions.
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3 years ago, Tyger Stylez
Please fix the amplitude problem from the console to the app!
I have a such an issue with the disconnections on this app. It literally makes no sense into trying to play a game when all it tells me is that i don’t have “good connection” whatsoever when indeed I have great wifi service, I get cut off mid game and it’s absolutely infuriating. I go on google to see how I can get better signals for the app to stay compatible with my PS4 but nothing seems to work. And no matter how bad of a quality I set the picture per second and the rate of the high speed internet, it just simply doesn’t do much for me anyway. How can I enjoy this if I there’s no other methods to keep the connection permanent? Is this a bug on the app or did y’all think this wasn’t gonna happen? Pretty sure everyone knows this so they would rather delete the app instead of almost pulling their hair out the from scalp regarding for its lack of interest in fixing it. You're welcome.
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5 years ago, Steven801C
Nimbus Controller WORKS!!
Update: due to previous reviews asking for controller support for the nimbus controllers I assumed there was no support for ANY controllers. But I decided to try it myself and the nimbus controller worked flawlessly!! With the minor annoyance of no R3 or L3, but that is a fault of the controller not Sony’s app. Thank you Sony! Also when using the Nimbus controller there is no controller HUD on the phone screen which is another plus!! Like everyone else said. Need controller support. It runs games even multiplayer smoothly but if I can’t engage in the game properly and with ease what’s the point? The great connection and the potential only make the lack of easy controls or controller support that much more frustrating. Please add either nimbus controller or DualShock support and I will give 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Aztec crow
So much fun
I’ve been using this to play PS4 while on my exercise bike, or right before bed. It works great and reliably, though I haven’t had much luck in locations outside of my house. I would highly recommend getting a MFI controller, however. Not every controller will have all the buttons you need, but most of the time you can supplement them with the touchscreen virtual controller. That said, almost all MFI controllers lack L3 and R3 support. One option is to use the Gamevice, because it makes it easy to reach the screen while you play, so you don’t really miss the extra buttons in some games. That said, a lot of games require easy access to L3, and R3. For those, I recommend the Rotor Riot, which is what I’ve been using most of the time, and my experience has been seamless, since it supports everything you need to play. The other cool thing about controllers is that there are a ton of great iOS games that support them, so you’ll use the controllers for other things (Jade Empire, Street Fighter, Leap of Fate, etc;) I’ve spent a few hours playing on my iPhone and iPad, and I love it. This is an amazing way to play games, and I can’t recommend it enough.
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5 years ago, rickmayne201
Would be the best if...
I absolutely love that I can mess with my PS4 while I'm on break at work via WiFi. I think this app is great BUT I really wish that this app would hold up a little better. I use this on my iPhone and while I'm using the app I'll get a text and if I answer the text on the iMessage app, the PS4 remote app resets and I have to start the whole process of finding my PS4 all over again. I also tried answering texts by not leaving the remote app and just replying by pulling down the message so that the keyboard comes up while the remote app is in the background BUT whenever I get back to the app, none of the buttons register my inputs so then I'll have to exit the app and start over. Like I said, I think this app is awesome but if there's a way to address these issues, this app would definitely be 5 star material!
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2 years ago, ashanthonyn
Love it. Recommendations to make perfect.
This is amazing. I’m using this to play upstairs so I don’t have to lock myself away in a basement I play on the tv my PlayStation 5 is connected to. Great connection and really no lag that I can tell. This demonstrates that it could potentially take the place of my switch. Just a few suggestions - would be great to allow for full screen on my iPhone 13 pro. Screen is good size but it looks like this remote play app is cropping in the video a bit and makes for a pretty tiny window into the game world. Also wish there was a way to cloud stream the catalogue of classics, etc. doesn’t appear as though that’s an option. Perhaps only an issue with select games. Other than these two gripes, this app is wonderful.
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3 years ago, Snaithy83
This is amazing! The ability to play your PS4 games on your iPhone anywhere and anytime! That’s great! The update to able to use mobile data was just an incredible leap forward. My only two problems are I wish it was full screen on my iPhone X. The fact it’s boxed at 16:9 is still amazing but the ability to make it full screen would be great. But not a big deal. The second is that I hate that I’m a PS NOW subscriber and I can’t stream the games while using remote play. I realise the lag might be the reason that this isn’t possible… but not all the games are downloadable… Star Wars force unleashed for example is stream only and I can’t play it remotely… which is frustrating (hence the 4 star) But other than that… this app is incredible
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4 years ago, GermanJew42
Ps4>Xbox one
i got a xbox one and was disappointed when i found out it had to update in order to play, because at the time i didnt have internet. and id go somewhere to get it updated, and about a week later one morning, boom, xbox needs to update again, cant play or use it at all until its updated. so thats when i made the switch, and thank kelpy g i did. way more simple, way more fun, not only that, it has RECHARGEABLE controllers with speakers, lights (that can change colors for more immersive gameplay), and touch screen pad.🤯(not to mention the slick motion controls or the cool accessibility options it has like hitting the controller like a dying flashlight to get it working again in game, brings the immersion to another level.) gg
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5 years ago, JB883
Incredible! But please add DualShock support!
Please allow us to connect the DualShock 4 via Bluetooth or via a MicroUSB>Lightning connector! The only obstacle is Apple requires a MiFi certification for controllers. I mean the PS4 controller works with Bluetooth and there’s no reason it can’t connect just as the Steelseries controllers do. The Nimbus is a decent controller but I don’t like the analog sticks as they are too tall and don’t click, which removes L3/R3 functionality used in a lot of games. I usually do remote play on my MacBook Pro and iMac with the PS4 controller plugged in. Works perfect with no setup required. The controller combined with streaming in 1080p/60fps is like I’m playing on the console itself. No lag or latency whatsoever. Streaming to my iPhone XS Max works flawless also AND looks gorgeous on the OLED display. The only set back is no native PS4 controller support. Make it happen!
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5 years ago, Brady124
This is so bad...sorry PlayStation be better with this app
This app is ok it’s got 4 great features that you can use like streaming, a vertical controller, using your phone keyboard, and using your mic on your phone. But if we are gonna be honest about this app it’s not better than r-play. And the reason why? Well it’s because r-play you are allowed to take that anywhere you want without making your PS4 primary you can use your LTE and also be able to make multiple accounts for it! For the price it’s a a great app and the rating are true if you want an honest reason here it is. You are so far behind with this that you make an “update” to the app yeah it made it better but it still didn’t make it “remote play” so if you wanna make this better maybe go take to the creators of r-play and make an amazing app that you can use anywhere without doing a million things before it works
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5 years ago, Captain Planet XCIV
A marginal improvement on second screen
I’m cursed with knowing the capabilities of Microsoft’s Xbox app - it’s excellent. It’s not likely you’ll be playing any games using this app (for practical purposes) so the primary use of this app would be for media such as streaming. You can select what you want to watch, however, all controls disable, along with the second screen which is useless because I’m not watching from my phone in the first place, probably for fear that you’ll try and illegitimately record whatever it is that you’re trying to watch. No rewind, no fast forward, no pausing my live TV so I can fast forward through commercials that interrupt the game. Considering this is what I use my PlayStation for this app is essentially useless to me. Still leaps and bounds behind their Microsoft counterpart on this one.
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5 years ago, kalafalas246
An absolute game changer, with one major flaw
This app is an absolute game changer. Being able to play diablo on my iPad with a real DS4 anywhere I want is a dream come true. If you’re on the same network lag is impressively low, and quality is amazing. It’s still not perfect but it’s great, anything that’s not a FPS is perfect. The app is very well built too - properly hides the home bar and everything. Well built! It’s very unfortunate the touchpad button doesn’t recognize - it makes a lot of games simply unplayable. There has to be a solution for this. It’s very limiting, and makes me grab my laptop for remote play instead of my iPad as it works great there, but my iPad has a way better screen and I’d love to be able to use it. All in all, a wonderful feature! Thank you 🙂
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5 years ago, Darkmean11
Great Feature
I just tested this app out with my PlayStation and it works really well. This app only works on WiFi so if you plan on using it on LTE then you are out of luck. Expect some latency as it is streaming the game(s) to your phone from your base PS4 or PS4 pro. If you use on screen controls, you may find some difficulties playing games like Call Of Duty or Apex. But can work with slow relaxing games like Minecraft or Limbo. This is coming from an iPhone 8 user. I plan on trying to connect a controller to my phone to test it out fully in the future. But overall right now, it is a great feature if you want to hang out somewhere else in your home or using another WiFi network to stream your games.
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3 months ago, Jayyy5728___
Just deleting the app!
I have a great wifi connection, with my PS5, phone, and iPad all linked to the same network. Last Friday, I downloaded the app and used remote play on my iPad, which worked quite well despite a few glitches. However, when I attempted to play today, I encountered the same error messages: 1.) Unable to connect to your PS5, 2.) Unable to connect to the internet, and 3.) Unable to connect to the server. After trying various troubleshooting methods for 30 minutes, I decided to give it a shot on my iPhone, where it connected without any issues. Unfortunately, I find playing on my phone cumbersome due to the large buttons and small screen size for controller-based gameplay. I then attempted to use my iPad again without success. I'm uncertain about what app changes were made between Friday and Saturday, but I will just delete the app altogether.
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6 months ago, HippieKing420🙏
Surpassed expectations
Really surprised & thankful on how well this remote play function of my PS5 works with this app both on my IPhone 13 & and my IPad 10th gen. Paired with a ps4 controller on both. It is seamless! I’ve tried it both from home & while at someone else’s spot, at least an hour from home-on their WiFi. As long as my ps5 is in rest mode it works on all my games. (40+) although I wouldnt recommend online gaming. I’ve been using it for about a week & have had zero issues with lag or anything. My only thing I can say is that it takes longer to initially connect to your ps5 depending on how far you are from it-seemingly. The longest I experienced is like 2-3 min. Sony is really changing gaming with this function. For some reason I doing myself playing games in my library I haven’t in years like ninja giden & etc. perhaps accessibility makes more of difference in the experience. It’s great for families at home too when everyone is one third own device in the couch watching a movie. We are truly in the future.
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2 years ago, Talkingaloft
Just the internet and have to resign back in
The PS Remote app is pretty good for itself, but here’s the thing, When I play it on mobile sometimes it won’t connect, or link it nor connecting it because of internet issue. 2nd thing, is like the re-signing in thing, I just HATE it when I have to do this process in order to get into my PS Account, it just so stupid, but I know it for “Protection” reasons but like you know your the person who the account, and they randomly log you out and do the sign in thing, I know that for the first try is not that, BUT when you got to do it so much it super annoying. The Remote Control app (or whatever) is pretty good it just some Issues I have with the app itself.
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2 years ago, Helam0nster
Fantastic App but would love to see 1 feature to be everything I want
This app is really fantastic! I use it almost everyday with my Backbone One controller. Great connectivity and game inputs feel responsive with no noticeable lag as long as my console has a hard connection to the internet. Only feature that is missing that it desperately needs imo is a mode where the app recognizes I have attached a controller and it turns the entire phone screen into a touchpad instead of how it is now where I have to first tap the screen to bring up touch screen controls then tap again in upper middle part of the screen to “click” the touchpad.
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2 years ago, DanRice92
A good start
I like this app conceptually, and it basically does what it says. You can play your PlayStation games on your iOS device using the touch screen, PlayStation controllers via Bluetooth, or some third party accessories like Backbone. Pros: - Customizable video quality and frame rate - Recent release of standby mode, so you can shoot a text message to someone without closing out of your game - Support for Backbone is great. It makes your iPhone feel like the new PS Vita. Cons: - Even on a fast connection to my PS5, I find that games can freeze up regularly. I think there are some performance improvements to be made. - No way to customize the on-screen controls! The DualSense touch pad section on the screen is tiny and hard to reach, especially with a Backbone or other grip/vice-style controllers. It would be great if I could make it larger and remove the other buttons on the screen, since I have the grip controller for that. That said, most games don’t require a whole ton of touch pad inputs, so it’s not the end of the world. Definitely a great start. I’d love to see more improvements going forward!
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5 years ago, lmichaela94
A Good Start
It’s pretty cool to be able to connect to my PS4 on my phone! It works really well so long as the WiFi I’m on is strong. There are a few details I have problems with, though. 1. The black gradient at the bottom on landscape mode. I know it’s so you can see the Home, Share, and Options buttons better, but if I don’t need to see any other buttons until I press them, why do I need to see those? The gradient and buttons get in the way of some games’ hotbars but are too tiny in portrait mode to know what I’m selecting. 2. WiFi only. I wish I could use cellular. Oftentimes when I’m out and about, the cellular signal is stronger than the public WiFi. I even tried using another device as a hotspot and it didn’t work. If Sony could figure out how to make it work on cellular, too, that would be amazing.
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5 years ago, NorCal49er
DualShock should NOT turn off during connection!
I’m excited for the future of this app as this would solve a couple of nightly TV wars lol. Reaaaallllly wish I could still use the DualShock with this and simply use my tablet for a screen while I can switch my TVs input to cable. As it stands connecting the app and signing in to your ps profile immediately disconnects the DualShock. Ive been able to sign in as a guest and play using the DualShock but it’s been kind of useless to me personally as all my saves and ps now subscription is linked to only one profile. Probably easier to just make the DualShock compatible with iOS via Bluetooth. The touch controls are decent but far from ideal. The app is really close to being amazing though. Lots of room for improvement but looking forward to it.
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4 years ago, CrispyWalnut
Could not read my buttons on the controller. (Played on iPhone 11 Pro MAX)
I’m just gonna give this a 2 star review because I did not test more than 2 games. The first game I played was ghost of Tsushima and get this: I COULD NOT EVEN PRESS THE ATTACK BUTTON. My PS4 DualShock controller works just fine but for some reason I’m ghost of Tsushima I could not get my bow out because the L2 button was not working and I could not swipe up on the pad or in any other directions for some reason. But what I will say is that it runs fine and did not bother me at all. For some reason tho the square, circle, swipe up down and left on the pad and the L2 button would not even work so I could not even play the game. All I was able to do was walk crouch and that’s it. I could not even RUN. Again, I played ghost of Tsushima. If there’s a reason the buttons are not working, someone please let me know.
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3 years ago, Sofaspartan
A flexible way to play your PS4 anywhere!
I just recently discovered this app and boy am I glad I did! Remote play gives me the flexibility to play my PS4 games anywhere I want. It takes a bit of effort to get set up initially, but once it’s all connected, logging in to the console is quick and easy. I have used the app mainly on my iPad using a paired DualShock controller which has been a great experience. I would not recommend using the on screen controls as it is very difficult to use and now with the support of connecting controllers over Bluetooth it is basically obsolete. Make sure to have a stable internet connection otherwise the connection can become unstable. I have had a few minor hiccups in connection to the PS4 as I’ve played, but nothing that would take me out of the experience. I am very excited to give it a shot on my phone next! I purchased an iPhone clip for my DualShock controller which will make it much more easy with my phone. I highly recommend taking a look at the remote play app if you want to have a more flexible gaming setup.
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