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AFFIRM Entertainment, Inc.
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for PureFlix

3.63 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
1 year ago, 2rozy
So much improvement
I was a Pure Flixs member years ago. The selections were not that many. I owned most of the movies you had. I love watching true store based movies that reflect the character of God in people. Now the selections are multiple and you add new movies every week. I do wish there was a pause button that would hold my spot. Like if I need to finish the movie the next day. I have learned to move it forward and back but it’s touchy. I may not come to the same spot but close which helps a lot thanks for that. I’ve recommended the app to several. One thing I’d like is a way to mark movies I’ve seen so I don’t repeat them. I was using the heart but when a new update comes they are all removed and I have a habit of picking the same movie out over and over. I have to watch a few minutes to know I’ve seen it. I’d really like a way to mark them. Over all I’m very happy with all you have done.❤️‍🔥
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4 years ago, ShannonG1129
Love the idea, but the application needs work. LOVE the variety of movies and tv shows!
Love the variety! Can’t find a similar product for a better price! However, the site is getting more aggravating to watch. It seems very “jumpy” when I’m trying to find something to watch; then, once I find it, it often doesn’t have a visible “play” button/arrow until I click on the picture a few times and change orientation. That’s happened to me for awhile now; but the newest irritation is the movie pauses the picture in spots or drags. It seems to pick right back up again without pushing any buttons, but it’s aggravating to watch a movie and have it temporarily freeze even if it’s only a few seconds. Granted, I just had this happen to me for the first time (with a movie I’ve watched repeatedly), so I know there wasn’t anything wrong with the movie all the other times I saw it, but idk if this is happening now to only this movie or if it’s all across all movies/shows. I stream several other platforms and never have trouble. I don’t plan to call your support line because several people have reported similar problems, so I’m sure you need to adjust your platform. I’m looking forward to seeing this repair soon! I truly love & support what you’re doing, but I can’t find a benefit in continuing to pay for issues that seem to be affecting others and have been affecting viewers for several months at least. God Bless you & your efforts! I look forward to seeing the issues repaired!
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5 months ago, Colorado Family of 4
Still unimpressive
Pureflix has done a lot to fix it’s user friendliness, but it still has a long way to go. There is so much campy content to sift through on here, every other show or movie is low quality and unwatchable. I don’t imagine the content coordinators themselves would watch half the content on the platform. There categories are also strange and the set up does not prioritize better content over lower budget content, making finding something decent to watch always a task. The shows that are any good haven’t updated there seasons so you can only watch about 5 episodes. They don’t have all of Heartland which seems to be a major watched show. Also, about half the content right now won’t play on our hdmi cable, we can’t be the only people with screen casting issues, I’m sure this is a major bug. After we go through the effort to sift through the movies and shows and find something decent we are disappointed almost every time now to find that it won’t cast onto our tv. Pureflix still has a long way to go if it wants to attract customers and retain them. It is simply not a good competitor for these other streaming apps yet.
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5 years ago, Beadle2013
I wanted to like them
I love the idea of having wholesome programs to watch but because of the selection and the quality we decided not to keep the service. I canceled my subscription in July and I was billed in August. I contacted pureflix by email in September bc I cannot get anybody to answer the phone and asked them to stop charging my card bc I have been charged in August and September. It is now November and I noticed another charge from them. Contacted them and asked for the refund back from August. They said they were only going to refund November bc I didn’t contact them sooner. Well. I forwarded the email string I sent in September and I haven’t gotten a response. I did see they refunded the November payment but not August September and October. Thought this was supposed to be a Christian based company but it just feels fraudulent to me. I get this email from the developer to contact their customer care service. I have done that. They act like it’s my fault that they charge me for something I canceled. I provided cancellation confirmation. I showed them the email I sent when I first learned of the problem. I will never ever purchase anything from pure flix. I have tried to call them several times and I am unable to reach them by phone. This is a joke.
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1 year ago, MortgageMecca
Good content app needs work
update: i still can’t find the subscription kit purchase through Apple, the app takes me offsite. My first and biggest disappointment is the fact that i cannot pay for this through the app store - if it wasn’t for apple, i doubt very much Pureflix would be around, plus, i don’t trust my CC being held hostage on a poorly designed and young app. “i’ll pay the extra to apple” for security, trust, and for thanking tApple for creating an app store where i can find pureflix. Pureflix, it’s not just about you - be Christian. This channel removes all the biggest brands from the equation, instead of searching for movies we want to watch over 5 brands, every christian movie can be found here including content from the best producers, the only problem is that although you can click on the favorite tab, you probably learned that’s all you did with no trace of your movie listed in favorites. Please set up a subscription on Apple - charge extra if you need to, that’s how business works. While updating the app, please pay special attention to the Favorites feature, this should be fixed first.
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7 months ago, Anyunh
New App
Absolutely love GAPF!! I will continue to support this service with my subscription regardless-too little Christian content in this world to not do so. I am in year 3 now with Pureflix and the app for me at best has been glitchy on Samsung tv. I struggle through for kids programming mostly. The newest app has made it nearly unusable-it takes multiple times to load-often upwards of 20 minutes struggle with my Samsung tv (have read about Samsung compatibility issues with this app). I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, cleared cache and cookies from app, etc. and even with all that I can only get it working maybe -MAYBE 1/4 times… to say it’s extremely frustrating is an understatement but really hoping it improves soon as we truly desire the service and enjoy when it is working!! It does seem to work MUCH BETTER on my i-phone however (thank goodness)! Hoping different tv brand is not required to fix issue but would consider if I had to-love Pureflix itself that much! Thank you for all you guys do to provide this content to us! God bless!
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6 months ago, VikaZh
Could use improvements
First off I’d like to say that the app has a great selection of movies. Not just faith based, but clean enough for the whole family to watch. Found a few so far that even my husband has enjoyed. I love that there’s a separate kids section, my kids love getting to choose what they watch. And I feel confident that they’re not going to be exposed to foul language and indecency. Great selection there as well! However, the heart button doesn’t work so I’m unable to actually like or save any favorites and have to try to remember what movie I would like to watch next. It would also be nice to have a “continue watching” section that saves the place of the movie/show you were watching so you don’t have to go browsing thru the app to try and find that movie again. Would have to say, those are the biggest downsides of this app. Other then that, they’re doing a good job of getting movies that are enjoyable to watch, for grownups and kids.
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1 year ago, alegna321
Love the Content but not able to Fast Forward or Rewind
Love the content of Pureflix. There are lots of great shows and movies to choose from. I love the children’s shows and that I don’t have to worry about their content. My only frustration comes from the functionality of the app. There is no way to fast forward or rewind, and it doesn’t always allow you to resume where you left off. We’re not always able to sit and watch a movie in one sitting, so not having this ability is very frustrating. The other little annoyance I have is the “Favorites” option doesn’t work 99% of the time either. I will make a show as a favorite, but when I try going to rhe “Favorites” menu, it tells me there are no “Favorites” selected. Pureflix could you please address the fast forward and rewind issue? I know many others have complained about the same thing.
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6 years ago, INHIMALONE
Love This App
Great App! However, I pray that I’m missing something on my end, but when I choose to look at one of the series shows, and I see all the show listings for a season, after I look a show, where’s the indicator that I have actually looked at a particular show. Even if I go to the viewing activity area, it still takes me back to the whole season listings. If I am away for a while or have looked at other shows, I don’t remember the last show I saw in the series. Perhaps a dot or maybe shade the little enter arrow dark after a show has been fully completed and If the show has not been fully completed, let the little enter arrow read something like “resume”, and clicking it will take you right back to the point in the show where one had to stop viewing. Seems to me this would be a great feature.
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1 year ago, Lavina87
Plz read reviews
I was definitely gonna pay and watch this app I'm just glad I read all of the reviews. I have read a bunch about the pause and play button, can’t watch a movie where you leave off if you turn of off, the favorite button doesn’t work, only titles No pics or previews to the movies and shows a lot of people cancel subscription and still get money taken and get the run around. Everyone getting the same generic response. I’ve read reviews all the way to 3 years ago. It looks like all these issues never really get dealt with. The best of luck to you all but I will not be purchasing and thank goodness cuz I don’t want to be the one getting the runaround with same generic apologies and responses and no real problem solving. Reviews should be taken seriously if so many people are buying the app monthly or yearly. It’s sad to take people money and not really do anything about the situation. I’m glad I read the reviews. Hoping these people get fixed so my family and I can enjoy wholesome movies
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5 months ago, Rachel 90
Update not great!
Before it was Great American Pureflix, it was just Pureflix. We enjoyed it. The app was easy enough to use. The kids shows weren't all super engaging for my kids, but there were a few gems. Since the app updated on our tv, the screen is somehow permanently "zoomed" when trying to watch the shows, I can no longer "search" anything, only browse and unable to quickly find what I'm looking for, and it is INCREDIBLY slow. The shows and movies weren't all super wonderful, but there were some good ones in between. Now I don't even want to be on the app. I'll probably be deleting and cancelling at this point because our favorite shows are too hard to find without browsing through every other show to get to them, only half the screen is working (yes, I tried other apps on my tv and they were all normal, so it is only Pureflix), and it takes a long time between pushing a navigational button on the remote and the selector on the tv actually moving. Very disappointing!
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5 years ago, lrp6
Good clean options, but please improve...
I appreciate the selection of movies on Pureflix. However, sometimes the app decides not to work: sometimes I’ll hit “play” and I get nothing, no response. Close the app, reopen it, try again and still nothing. I check my connectivity and try other streaming apps (like Netflix) and they work just fine. This is very frustrating and happens often enough for me to write about it. Also, it would be great to have a “play all” option when watching a series, instead of having to always manually select and play the next episode after the current episode ends. Please consider adding a continuous play option. Thank you for this app and this service. Although I’ve experienced some tech issues that I believe should be improved, I’m grateful for this app and would recommend it to those who want a decent selection of faith-based features.
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2 years ago, speterson1001
Content good, service bad!
After having technical difficulties with the app on our Roku, I reached out for some troubleshooting. After weeks of no response I decided to cancel our subscription. I then get emailed about billing so I reply that I had canceled using Roku and again gave them feedback on the technical issues of why we canceled. Then they reply with how to cancel. I replied to that that due to lack of customer service I’d like them to remove me from all future emails. They relied with how to be removed from their email list. That tells me no one in their customer service cares to address the problems that were clearly stated in previous emails. I can’t use your services if you don’t fix the issues on your end. And because of the lack of customer service I will not be coming back to PureFlix. I really hope you all can get your acts together because I felt it was a worthy service that many would enjoy.
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4 years ago, Joose59
TV app...ugh...☹️
This is a really, really bad app. I’ve been thinking about canceling my subscription for some time now. Reading the developers responses to the issues doesn’t inspire high hopes for fixes. They just wanna know how the customer service interaction was. Huh? I wanna be able to use the app. A good start would be to have images along with words identifying the movie or show. I pay the annual upfront. Well, not anymore. I’ll be canceling my subscription when it comes up for renewal. See, you miss the point of my critical review. It’s not about my fav movie genre or the content. It’s about app usability! There are no images or titles for the material contained in the app. It was NEVER ABOUT CONTENT! I’ve had this app since its inception and it has ALWAYS had problem. I am onboard for clean entertainment programming. I try to support Christian businesses. I also enjoy the Christian movies, docs, shows etc. Again, content IS NOT THE PROBLEM! It’s a bad app that needs to be overhauled. At renewal, in lieu of a miracle happening to correct the problems...I’m out.
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3 years ago, Gruvy Nana to 5
Account Support EXCELLENT- CHRISTINE⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I downloaded the PureFlix app to watch God’s Not Dead 2. As is my luck (or rather the lack thereof), weather kept disconnecting my Direct TV and weakened my ability to use my WIFI or television to see this movie. I forgot to cancel the app subscription and was reminded immediately upon receipt of our bank statement just a week later. Thank God it was my birthday, lol so my husband was a bit more understanding. I called PureFlix support and spoke with Christine. She was wonderful! I told her everything about my inability to even enjoy the free preview of PureFlix. She refunded the year’s subscription and allowed me to pay for a month to see if I really enjoyed it. Thank you PureFlix. God works in mysterious ways. I witnessed to Christine and she was a true blessing to me.
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3 months ago, Sgoa
I canceled my subscription in December of 2022 even have screenshots of it being cancelled but they had a glitch in their system where it was still charging me but I had no access to anything bring it to their attention they refused to take care of the issue but keep charging me for something I had no access now they refuse to refund the money they stole from me after fighting to get it to where they aren’t charging me anymore took 7 months and that’s 7 months of me having to pay for service that I couldn’t get access to so that’s almost $60 that they stole from me. Response to their message I’ve already tried calling your customer support they where of no help and seemed like they didn’t know anything about the system I’m already done with this app and would never consider using it again I work hard for my money and to have it stolen like that is unacceptable. But thanks for the response it’s only 6 months after I left the review
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5 years ago, SVNYLICOUS
Did not meet my expectations; Needs more improvements
I downloaded the app hoping to catch Christian films that were in theaters which they didn’t have. The app should organize the movies in chronological order, new releases or recently added. And possibly have the option to see a trailer for the movie. Also, the option to continue watching because I don’t finish a movie then go back on the app and it’ll be hard to find the movie and I’ll have to fast forward to where I left off. At times I smartcast from my phone to my tv and the voice will be delayed. And when I watched the “New World Order” throughout the whole 2hr movie the scenes kept replaying then it would pause and skip. I had the app for several months my kids and I lost interest and wasn’t using it so I cancelled my membership they couldn’t say it any less in bold letters repeatedly there’s NO REFUND. Which it’s really unfair considering my current hardships and every penny counts to me.
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2 years ago, Lor phat dee
Love The Content, App needs a few Fixes
I love allll the content I love everything the app stands for it’s brilliant and they have a lot of good shows and movies that you won’t think would be good but they really are BUT: There needs to be a tv shows and movies section in the browse section to make it more organized , another way to keep it more organized is by having a cover photo for every show or movie even if you can’t find a picture of you get a white background and provide the title in words There needs to be a section that keeps track of what I watched that way when I come back I can continue watching those shows, i don’t even remember the title of some the shows and can’t find the show because there was no continue watching section which makes me not want to watch anything anymore it’s small fixes for using that app that completely changes the users experience that will keep people from canceling the subscription. I pray that whoever genuinely reads this and takes action so that more people can see this well thought out idea and stay to support this Christian based business God bless!
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1 year ago, jslomeli
Love this streaming service
I am so thankful for pureflix. We’ve had it for a year now and steadily we have seen improvement to content and quality of shows/movies. I love that they provide content that continues to point back to Christ. Not all of the content is family appropriate so we still pre-screen before watching as a family. There has been a huge improvement to the glitches and bugs but there is still some issues with the timing being out of sync with the sound, that’s easily remedied by exiting the movie and going to the main menu and then restarting the movie. Overall I am pleased with Pureflix, we have a family that ranges from ages 29-1 and there is something for everyone.
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1 year ago, Juliobray
So I subscribed to Pureflix and purchased an annual subscription August 2022 (my mistake) only to realize that the context and turnover is lacking… I understand not necessarily a popular genre… anyway in March 2023 I cancelled my renewal (I did not want to get billed again) and received an email from Pureflix that they were sorry to see me go but that my subscription was valid until August 26, 2023 and that I would have access until then. Well I decided a little over a month ago to check and see if there was anything new to watch only to not have access… I contacted Pureflix I sent them the email from Apple where I paid for the subscription, I sent them the email that they sent me stating that my subscription was valid until August 2023 and they refuse to allow me access statin that I do not have a valid account or email in their system. It is sad the company that should have character and integrity does not.
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2 years ago, crystalmandson
Charged me $100 in July I did not authorize and gave me no other options
This is year 2 and I paid $60-70 up front for the year last year to save some money. July 2022, I was charged for the year upfront and was not warned or asked and the amount increased to $100. I was not super happy with the content and had assumed I would just not renew and went in to see how to cancel. We watch Veggie Tales and Leap Frog, but there wasn’t enough content to justify the price. I was going in to cancel and realized they had charged my card $100 for an annual subscription. So, if I wanted to cancel in August, they would not pro-rate and give me back my money. Seems unethical and not really happy with how they didn’t send me a notice before charging my card, increased the price without notifying me and won’t give me a refund for the next 11 months.
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5 years ago, Tater Town
I was told you can mirror PureFlix, and you can but not without difficulty! The screen goes dark! When it does come back on the picture is frozen. Wait about 90 seconds then it starts again! I love the movies they offer! Hoping they can fix it for mirroring! I want keep it if I keep having difficulties.I live in a rual area. All I have is my phone! Hughes net way to expensive and is not worth a flip! Please fix this!! I would love to keep it!!! 😳 How many gb’s or data does it take to stream a movie on my IPhone 8plus? Everything has shown down , so I checked my data! Shock! I had used 56 FB! I have watched several movies! I still like a couple of weeks before my next billing cycle. I need to know so I can determine how many movies I can watch a month so I will not buffer!!!!
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5 years ago, Real time Movado
Need more variety BUT Great!
I really appreciate the reason why PureFlix came out; which is for the purpose of providing lighter and more positive movies for viewers. I think they accomplished that. I would only suggest having a wider variety of Jewish/Hebrew faith movie—documentaries because it seems to be mostly Christian based. Are you tying to target everyone or a specific group of people?? I just canceled my membership because I generally don’t watch TV let alone movies these days. I wanted to give this App a shot just to see the new developments that’s coming out. I have my personal preferences after giving it a chance for a month. Regardless of my suggestion to the creator of PureFlix, I would still recommend this App to anyone looking for lighter and more pleasant movies to watch with family.
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3 years ago, NuMommyG
Help, please! Missing Images.
The app streams fine but there are no images on the content listings, just a bunch of blue PureFlix logo boxes saying, “Image Coming Soon.” I have to tap a random box and go into it to see what show it is, even then it’s only a title with no image. This makes it very difficult to use the app. I have to know what show I’m looking for and use the search feature to find it. I’m sure this isn’t normal - please help me fix this issue. This is the response I received from PureFlix in response to my review: "Hello, thank you for reaching out. We did have a blip like that recently and it should now be fixed. If you are still having trouble, let us know. We appreciate the feedback. You rock! :) ​" My response: This was more than a ‘blip’ it’s been a problem for months, as long as I’ve had the app, and no - it’s not corrected. Still can’t see what’s available in the lineup.
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4 months ago, NagyMule
Good content, app needs work
80% of the movies are very good and I really like the content. The app is a pain, however. It does not allow you to watch a movie in a minimized window while performing any other functions on your phone. You can’t respond to a text, search the web, etc. If you exit the app, it does not bring you back into the same movie you were watching, so you have to search for it again. Lastly, movies often get stuck near the very end and you must completely close the app and restart in order to resume play. You also cannot contact them to give such feedback, as I’ve tried multiple times. Frustrating. Again, like the content and actors.
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5 years ago, King's Kid 👸🏾
Way + truth + life = Jesus
I actually love the fact that this app is bring back God in the society only problem is that believing that there is a God and he must be serve doesn’t make you saved. Believing is just the 1st step. One need to follow Acts 2:38 in order to be completely save. Step 1. Believe Jesus is your savior and Lord - Believe the Lord Jesus die for your sins - Be sorry for your sins and recognize your need for the savior as in Act 3:19 - Determine to turn from sin giving your life completely to him. Step 2. Be baptized by fully immersion under water in Jesus Name. (Act 3:38) - Be buried with him by total immersion under water to wash away all sin so that you can now walk in newness of life. -Have the saving name of Jesus Christ pronounced over you as in Acts 22:16. As you put on Christ you will also rise on the day he returns for his people/saints/ bride of Christ/ church - You will obtain removal of sins in baptism through obedience and faith in his name “ Jesus Christ” Step 3. Receive the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues - meet the conditions of repentance faith & obedience. - Believe God promise it and that you can receive it as in Acts 2:4 -knowing that tongues is the initial evidence of receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.
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4 years ago, Kjflan
Love it but 1 flaw
I love watching the shows and movies...BUT I hate that there is no indicator of what I just watched meaning that if I get out of the app or have to pause it for an extended period of time and I go back into the app to start watching it again, I cannot find it anywhere to resume. The names of the show or movie isn’t something that I remember and so I just wish there was a highlighted section to show what I’m currently watching or what I have past watched. So far the only way I’ve been able to find them is to search for it in my past searches...but that only works if I searched for it to begin with lol. Other than that it’s good movies! Some better than others on both quality and in acting but still- there are good values...
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1 year ago, 2012 none
Good but Room for Improvement
This is my third year with Pureflix. I am pleased with the content on the app. However, in the three years that I have used the App, there does not appear to be much of any type of enhancement in the app. It would be nice if there was an option of a playlist so you can add movies and refer to it when you are selecting or trying to find a movie. I am subscribed to other movie apps with a much lower premium and they have those basic functions. I’m just saying, the amount we pay in subscription it should have this function. I’ve always had a positive experience with their customer support.
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1 year ago, grimmwhofan87
Great app but needs to improve
First off I love this app. It’s a family friendly Christian alternative to Netflix. It just needs some minor improvements. First, it would be great if the app remembered where you left off in a show/movie if you had to stop for whatever reason. Second: add a skip back/forward 30 seconds option while viewing. Third: it would be nice if the app didn’t automatically log me out whenever I close it or if I haven’t opened it in a day. I have tons of passwords and have trouble remembering them all, let alone putting the right one in each time I want to use the app. Finally, add more content. You have an amazing selection but there are tons more family friendly christian movies out there! Add them! Especially 2002 Joshua.
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2 months ago, fortress_heart
Family friendly content, but needs an update bad…
Very frustrating app and website. I’m unable to add content to my watch list both on the app and in a online web browser. Some shows are low quality. Weirdly categorized, so it’s hard to find certain shows. Used the search to pull up a show my son was watching, because it wasn’t in the continue watching area of the app, and it wasn’t pulling up at all. Had to go threw and find it by going threw multiple categories in the kids section. This app also has a glitch on the Apple TV where you’ll be trying to scroll down and look at different shows and it keeps going back to the top of the page so you’ll have to scroll back down over and over.
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2 years ago, Dlainepatrick
They take your money, and run
I have tried contacting support. I have been in communication with the prefix support, and they say there is nothing they can do! I paid for one year of service and have not been able to use it. Pureflix keeps telling me my email address doesn't exist, even after I sent them a copy of their email saying my account was active. After over 30 emails and wasted time on the phone, nothing! All I get is your email doesn't exist, and you have to contact apple. I used to have this service when they very first came out and decided to start a new year after several years of not using the service. If they can not figure out a way to see subscriptions billed through Apple and can not activate an email address based on an email they sent telling me the service was active, then they need no longer accept payment through Apple. It boils down to I paid $70, and I am out of that money because it only cancels effect the renewal date. I am so disappointed with this company and will not be using this streaming service again! Because if this is the customer service I get after weeks of emails, it is not worth it! They are a fraud; they take your money and say our hands are tied!!
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2 years ago, Mermaid_Mama
Can y’all add the feature to replay/start from beginning? My child loves to rewatch shows and it gets really annoying to have to individually rewind each episode just so she can rewatch the series. Like, it won’t even go to the next episode because it assumes you’re finished with the series. It’s just really frustrating. Also, can you add it to where it goes to the next episode in 5 seconds? Or at least the option to change it to that? Also, profiles. Would love to have a kids profile option. Although it’s a cleaner app, there’s still too much stuff on there that is too mature for small children and I don’t want them to accidentally stumble upon something that has violence. Thank you for the consideration.
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4 years ago, Al3nk4
Needs work
I often have issues with different series, where it will show me the first and second, but then when u click on the fourth episode. Nothing happens. Restarting the app doesn’t help either. I wish there was a “to watch” list that you can build for yourself, and a recently watched list would be helpful too, especially if you haven’t finished watching a movie. Having to look for it is very frustrating especially when the app bugs out on you. My other pet peeve, is the fact that u can’t just play all the series on auto play(especially on kids shows that last about 10 mins). U have to click each series individually, so hopefully u remember where u left off, because the app doesn’t save that info. Very happy about the content, but app is rather frustrating to use.
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3 months ago, ZeeZee11•
Unusable with a VPN
Are you serious??!! This app cannot be used while location privacy is being protected with a top well known VPN using any major US city location. What??!!😡 Why??!! This app had previously loaded and worked with our VPN and now it’s no longer usable. We’ve tried logging out and in again, deleting app and reinstalling it again and even tried resetting our device but nothing fixed this issue. Of course not, because they are not allowing people the liberty of privacy anymore.😤 Great American Family PureFlix, who do you think you are to obtain people’s private location?? Congratulations on messing up a once good thing.🙄 NO APP IS WORTH LOSING PRIVACY OVER!!🤨 Especially for some possible entertainment which is actually quite unimportant in the scheme of life priorities .🙄 This app does NOT NEED TO KNOW a person’s precise location other than the country at most!!! We’re not going to disable and re-enable our VPN every time just to watch a movie!!🤨 No! It is most definitely not worth it and we can’t believe that this company is requiring such privacy invasive allowance in order to even load the this app. We’ll be closing accounts and deleting these apps on all of our devices- such a shame.😒
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4 years ago, zackmorrisforever
Needs Modernization
If this app was one of the first streaming apps, and the current year was the early 2000’s, I would have no problem. BUT...it is 2020, and this app (at least the iPad version) simply cannot compete. Here are a few things that literally every other stream app have, that PureFlix needs. - The ability to make profiles for each family member. My kids do not want to open the app and scroll all the way down to find kid content. It should be readily available for them with the click of their profile pic. - This one seems really obvious, but a CONTINUE WATCHING feature at the top of the page. I have been watching Christmas movies lately, and I can’t keep track of what their titles are! I have to search through the entire Christmas section to find which one I was watching. There isn’t any indication (that I can see) of a “continue watching” section. - Subtitles on your movies. There are no options to display subtitles on any movies that I have watched. This alienates a good chunk of hearing impaired or deaf people. That being said, I love PureFlix and what it stands for, I just think the developers could do much much better. It would make watching PureFlix something to look forward to.
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6 months ago, CFPinSD
Loved this app for years but they’ve recently removed favorites and changed
Left Behind series and God’s Not Dead series among others have recently been removed. Disappointed. There seems to be a heavy emphasis on romance stories without much depth. Sad to see. I’m hoping this changes back to more substantive Christian films. Sadly this app isn’t what it used to be. They’ve put some of the faith films back in the site but you have to work at finding them. The featured films right now are still Christmas romance stories with little if any mention of Christ. The Kendrick Brother films are gone. Many of the other classics are gone. I wish they would go back to the original mission this app used to have that ministered to me so much.
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6 years ago, 1978bri
I decided to come back to pure flicks so I downloaded the app but when I started to watch a movie, it didn’t work. So I tried 2 other ones & I had the same experience. It said to contact support. There’s not a help option in my profile so I had to go to google & locate the number. I called, even though google said they’re only open Monday through Friday & the recording confirmed this. This is Saturday & I’m only able to actually have me time on the weekends to watch movies so I’m quite surprised that they don’t have extended support for weekends. Don’t people have technical issues over the weekends or do they have to wait until the following Monday for assistance? Now I have the rest of today & tomorrow to think this over. I’m quite disappointed.
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5 years ago, mjefarm6
I’d love it if it worked...
I love the app when it loads. But unfortunately most of the time it doesn’t. I have the app on multiple iPhones and almost every time I try to open it it just sits there on the front screen and never does a thing. It happens on all of them. When we can watch we love it and it works great with our HDMI to iPhone cable so we can watch it on the TV. However, after months of frustration and no where to contact someone for help I will be cancelling. Although I can’t even cancel it until I get the app to open! Ugh!! I have unloaded the app and loaded it over and over. Sometimes it will work for a couple days and then the same thing starts to happen. If they ever fix this I’d sign back up but until then I’ll be cancelling as soon as I get in the app again....
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4 years ago, WisePapi
More than I expected
I love movies and series of all genres. As tradition for the last couple of months I have sit with my wife to watch pure flix content every Saturday night. There is great material like “The Chosen” series which has been our absolute favorite! Funny material like “What if” movie and ok stuff based on real life events. My only BIG problem with this app, and the reason the don’t get my 5th start, its the navigation logistic. This app does not remember your history, it does not automatically play the next episode within a series like you would expect OR even tell you which one was the last episode you watch. If you are ok with that, then go for it. Content is Great!
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3 months ago, Tbftrev
I was a huge fan. But because of an upgrade I have to buy a new tv?
Nothing was wrong with the service everything was fine and then. A notice that the app no longer works. Then do some research and find that their new app online supports TVs 2020 and newer. I get it TVs are cheap but why make an app that you want people to subscribe to that you have to buy a new tv to use? Sorry this is a very bad approach to app development, customer service and overall subscription improvement. So I thought maybe use airplay or screen casting. So in an effort to use new technology, they don’t allow standard screen sharing technologies either. Very sad and disappointed in the direction you took your service. Someone in your development department should have thought this through a little better.
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4 years ago, Severus2
A good app.
I’ve really been enjoying the content. The app (including Roku) is a little bizarre. There is no “continue watching” section and no “watchlist.” There is a strange favoriting system that you need to dig through menus to get to and it’s not entirely clear what it’s function is: am I saying I liked this please recommend more or is this supposed to be a watchlist? If these parts of the interface were corrected it would be a great improvement. These should be three distinct categories of grouping. With regard to the service, where’s God’s Not Dead 3? Is there a place we can go to learn of new seasons are being produced of favorites like Sons of Thunder? As I can tell the pure Flix produced material is some of the best on the platform but it’s not highlighted or nurtured at all.
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4 years ago, ohanajo7
Controls need update
Could you put 10-15 sec rewind and fast forward buttons on the app. It is frustrating to manually timeline rewind back when I miss a word or crucial plot point. I end up having to watch several minutes over bc I can just rewind a few seconds back. It would just make things much better. Also if the app would stay open like other streaming channels), even when I have to check something (a text or email message, etc) it closes the app and I have to go back and reopen the movie. Otherwise I love the content of these stories. Clean shows and faith based. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Edalt
Good programming, app lacking
I enjoy the selection of pureflix. The app however, not so much. It needs to become much more user friendly. It would be nice to have a widget that shows the programs you are currently watching, instead having to dig thru the app to find it. Plus, I’ve noticed that when I have to pause a show, more often than not, I have to exit out of it and go from the main menu to get the program to start playing. I don’t plan on dropping the subscription, but it would be nice and probably retain more customers if the app worked a little better.
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5 years ago, Jengrad9
Be careful with the FREE TRIAL offer
Be very careful with their FREE-TRIAL! They have a no refund policy so do not make the same mistake I made. I only watched one movie during the trial so I cancelled my membership. I never received monthly receipts to show that they were in fact billing me and my cancellation did not go through. I even received emails saying “we miss you” and I had no clue I was being billed for the last 13 months until my husband asked me what Pureflix was. I don’t even have the app on any devices. The best customer service could do for me was refund one month. I asked if I could have 6 months free since I had paid for 13 months and never used it. They said they have a no refund policy. So make sure when you cancel that you confirm you have received a cancellation email.
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5 years ago, Sagriff
Bad language? Where are the Parental controls?!
I love this app and the fact that my kids can watch most of the movies/shows on here. However, I wish the all titles would show the rating of each one. Also, I would love to have a way to set up parental controls so that my children can only watch things that do not have cursing and so on. I am glad that there is a way to at least mute the bad language but to be able to prevent them from watching anything rated above G would be even better. Some way to set up a PIN number or something to where they could only watch G rated and lower unless I put the PIN number in for them would be awesome! I would definitely give 5 stars if that was available!
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2 years ago, Magda Echeca
Disappointed, very little content in Spanish.
I change to this app from Netflix because as Christians not all content is good and I don't even like to look at the covers of horror or kill movies that appear when I look for something, and I downloaded this app, thinking in watching content with better values and good teachings, because I thought they would have a wide variety of content with audio in Spanish, but no, not even with Spanish subtitles. I like to watch movies in English even If I don’t understand 100% but sometimes is better to watch them in our own languages, They should add audio in Spanish to their contents, they would reach a larger audience.
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2 years ago, InsertTopSecretNameHere
Great variety of shows & movies
I appreciate the variety of choices and Pureflix shows run flawlessly on my iPad & Apple TV. Sadly, I cannot figure out how to create a list of shows/movies I’d like to view in the future. I’m comfortable “stumbling” around watching trailers and looking through all of Pureflix’s content but I’m looking for a simple way to save interesting content for future viewing. Am I missing something obvious or should I beg for a “My List” option? Or, (gasp!) must I resort to pen and paper to list interesting content? Thank you, in advance, for your help.
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2 years ago, Glammasusie
Because there are so few options available for clean, wholesome entertainment, I am thrilled to have Pureflix as my number one choice. I deleted all other channels, apps, and video feeds about 3 years ago. You are a product of what you feed your mind. I only gave 4 stars because I feel more information should be given about each show. There is a short summary, but it’s not enough information. I would also like if they offered a preview? It would be great if Pureflix could announce via email or send text notifications about upcoming releases on movies and series.
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4 years ago, alechiasiv2010
Leaves much to be desired
In the app I can’t select an episode to watch from the seasons menu. It only works some of the time. Watching on different platforms (tv, app, or browser) doesn’t integrate so I keep getting put at the wrong episode because I watched some on the tv then went to the app or vice versa. Shows continuously run even if the tv is off so I missed a bunch and can’t get back to the one I left off with. There are a couple other things but I do want to say I appreciate this service. I went from Netflix to this due to content issues with Netflix and I know a lot of other people will to. I hope you work on the user friendliness of the app both on the phone and the firestick.
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1 year ago, jello hello good
I loved the idea of this app it’s good to know that all the movies and shows are good and pure and one won’t have to worry about if the content you or your kids is watching isn’t good for them but the only thing is before I even download the app I looked up if there are movies in Spanish and if I can change it into Spanish or if there are many languages I can chose from just like Netflix and it told me that there are movies in Spanish. But turns out there there isn’t and now I was very unhappy because I was very excited to use it but the movies are all in English it needs to be more diverse in languages hopefully in the future that can be changed but for no I give it 1 star sorry but we should know more about the app and the benefits.
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