Q StudentConnection

1.9 (352)
47.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Aequitas Solutions, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Q StudentConnection

1.95 out of 5
352 Ratings
9 months ago, I.Nna ‼️
sadly doesn’t work for me
i don’t know if this is happening with anybody else, but i can’t log into my account. It says that it doesn’t exist, but i use it on my school computer all the time. i tried retyping my user and password multiple times in case there was an error, but it still didn’t work. sigh
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9 months ago, Neaven Ward from Clovis High
Good morning or good afternoon developers. It has been made my concern that I am unable to check my grades when I am on my cellular device that I keep by my side 24 seven. This is unacceptable because kids like me who need to check their grades when they go home on their cellular device that they have on their side are unable to do so. Thankfully, I have access to a computer at home that allows me to check my grades and check what I need to do, but that isn’t as time saving as me doing that on my cellular device. Ever since you guys new update came out, I’ve been having trouble, before that I did not have trouble. This is brought to you with the maximum concern of concernviancies and I’m hoping that this gets fixed thank you. Have a blessed day.
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1 year ago, fronlie11
Horrible, and disappointing
This app desperately needs both a redesign in quality, and some proper app developers. First of all this app doesn’t work at all some times, giving a hard time to both me and others that need to check and be responsible for grades when a computer isn’t available. I expected a somewhat effective and quick way to check these things, but no I get a frequent crashing, bugs, logouts, and just poor design in general. PLEASE MAKE THIS APP BETTER.
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1 year ago, st4wbunn1e
My school changed passwords and i cant log in
everytime i unselect remeber me and press login like it says it doesnt keep it deslected and i cant log in
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2 years ago, wusgudboizzz
Love it!
I use this app to track my grades and It is so easy and helpful! It helps me keep my good grades and helps me to stay organized. I’m glad my school district uses it!
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2 years ago, taylowr
It’s okay
Every time I open this app it gives me bad news but overall works fine
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6 months ago, iavdosscs
I was gonna use this app, but…
To start using this app instead of going on safari but then it wanted me to enter a state and Alaska was not on there, so I was not able to go on there so I can’t really use this since Alaska is not on there
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10 months ago, hies callin my p
Absolutely horrible
I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app several times and it will not send me an email to reset my password and freezes without sending anything
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3 months ago, Carrotz_
It doesn’t work
I put in my log in information and all it does is clear it and not sign me in and I have to do it about a hundred times and it still doesn’t let me in. Pls fix this
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2 years ago, bates.fan101
Logs out every time
I get logged out every time I exit the app. There isn’t a way to directly message the teacher or any other staff members. I wish my child school would use the dojo app instead of this.
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11 months ago, blobbybananas
School doesn’t exist
My county, nor my school exists. I tried going through all the other county’s just in case it was a bigger one or it got put into a different one but it wasn’t there and neither was my district.
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1 year ago, daddy addii
please fix
the only reason im giving this app a 3 out of 5 rating is because it barley works for me! the last update was 3 months ago and the app barley functions for me to check my grades it gets stuck on the loading screen when you first open the app please fix this!
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2 years ago, #^#*^%<>
The loading is too slow
It will log you out every time you exit the app And it take forever to log in
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4 years ago, Major41Dano
Broken app
The app has nothing to select in the select a school district to access page when you open the app. Impossible to use if the app won’t let us choose a school!
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9 months ago, corupht
works fine yall are just old
it works better than safari
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5 years ago, Http.jasmine
Not good
Gives me anxiety every time I open the app
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2 years ago, palm weevil
Won’t work
When I try to type in my school email It says it’s invalid and the passcode for the test district won’t work as well so I can’t even get into the app.
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3 years ago, dnfjdnfjcnd
Phenomenal app.
dunno why this app randomly kicks me out 🤷‍♂️
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2 months ago, Chloe Paige2345
Not letting me choose my district
My school district uses this app for grading. I can’t even find my school district. It was very very limited to options. It was very disappointing…
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4 years ago, the app store is garbage
Doesn’t even load
I’m trying to open the app and it just shows the logo and doesn’t do anything. Garbage.
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3 months ago, Nellybelle23
Missing my county
I’m from California, and I tried to find my district. I was surprised to see that Sacramento county was not an option, considering Sacramento is our capital.
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5 years ago, alejandropicon
Great App but needs fixes
everytime you get out of the app it logs you out but overall great app!
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5 years ago, Nonchalantyana
Good quick and easy app
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4 years ago, Vkl06
Doesn’t even work the first time!!!
I got the app, and when I got to the log in page it wouldn’t let me enter my district, county, or state I couldn’t even use it ONE TIME!!
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5 years ago, sco0byDoo
The website but slower
This app has the exact same look as the website, it’s just slower.
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1 year ago, clairenovak :)
literally doesn’t open half the time
either takes 20 mins to start up or just crashes half the time. cant remember the last time it actually worked properly
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5 years ago, Studwnt99
There’s so much that can be improved, like not having to log in every single time. It’s formatted poorly to. Not satisfied at all
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4 years ago, Amh_4
Fix it
It doesn’t even let choose my school district so I never got to use the app! Fix this
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10 months ago, lol f trump
doesn't load
no matter how long i wait the app will not load and will not let me sign in. the web page doesn't work for me either so i have no way of seeing my grades
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3 years ago, Krishna.p618
Needs Update
No longer works with new mistar portal update
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3 years ago, DJ KELID
Why must I be able to check my grades.
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2 years ago, ryleighjasmyn
fix this update immediately. put it back the way it was. or else.
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10 months ago, Alderark
No Alaska
I didn’t get to log in- there’s no Alaska, please change that.
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5 years ago, Owlgirl456
i liked it, easy to use
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5 years ago, Z48070
Can’t see grades
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9 months ago, GOJO IS ALIVE!!!
Worst app ever 😮
I opened it and found out I have an F in history.
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3 years ago, mannat✨😌
Didn’t even have my county
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10 months ago, slasma4k2
I hate school and I see my bad grades and I just wanna eat my phone smh 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿
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2 years ago, fxchbixr
I can't accept the terms of use
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5 years ago, random middle schooler
Bad not that great slow and laggy
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10 months ago, Allstar003
bad redesign
the redesign was terrible and makes it super difficult to log in
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2 years ago, FROsty Foox
The app doesn’t have Alaska as a school district.
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10 months ago, TODORONI1234567890
this app suckz
delete it now
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10 months ago, lalaceols
my state aint even on there
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4 years ago, joseph🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹
Bad software
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1 year ago, lawdog mendez
F school, escape the matrix
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5 years ago, uhohbc08
bring back infinite campus everybody hates this website k bye
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2 years ago, Max Radliff
No Anchorage School District
Alaska state is not in there!
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3 years ago, lowkey...ratbix1275
This is so bad.
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4 years ago, kawwai sushi
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