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Madison Newspapers Incorporated
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for QCTimes

2.03 out of 5
34 Ratings
4 years ago, Papa Lynch
Invasive adware is a problem
The layout has always been a bit klunky, but you could still read local news. Lately, however, as I’m reading articles, the screen keeps getting taken hostage by ads (or “congratulations winner”-type scams) that one cannot click out of. I have to force-quit the app.
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3 years ago, Keep journalism unbiased
Tougher to read the subscription emailed version now
We love local news, but not when biased comments are added. News is informative when it relays the facts. I have noticed more insertions of reporters own adjectives on their perceived views of the news. Journalism is based on facts. Keep opinions to the Opinion page. And although I subscribe to the Times, the navigation from page to page has become more difficult than in the past. You have made it harder now to read even with a subscription. Past Times reader
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7 years ago, Walda assadi
I really liked the quad city times app. Even though we take the daily newspaper, I am disabled and it's hard for me to manage the paper, I can use my iPhone or iPad. However lately, I am missing the obituaries. Why were they removed? Please put them back, I am of an age that I need to know about the death of my colleges and past friends.
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5 years ago, BenWgolf1
Q-C HS Girls Golf
I reside in AZ now, come back to coach players at the JDC almost every year. Your QC Times App has been a great way for me to keep up with one of my girl stars Shannyn Vogler. See if she grows strong enough to bring her into to ASU’s team. I couldn’t keep track of her w/o this great App. THANK YOU Q-C TIMES!!!
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7 years ago, Monti287
Little content
The content in this app is even thinner than the daily print edition. A very poor substitute for a newspaper. But as the paper is never on time it is about all I usually get for my subscription.
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2 months ago, LeeIowa
Inadequate in the extreme
Stories frequently don’t open when you tap on them. The app sometimes tells you that you need to subscribe even though you already are and denies you the story. Just a very weak tool. Not worth the aggravation which is a shame because we need good local journalism.
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6 years ago, usually silent
Dislike the new update
Prefer the last version that worked in any screen orientation. All the pictures are huge. Feel like I just want to back away from the screen. Hard to tell what is what because of the large graphics.
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6 years ago, bdetrent
So many ads that don’t go away!
This app is an enormous downgrade from what was offered before. I’ll continue to use the old app that works fine most of the time. Whatever this new thing is you’re trying to do is terrible and horribly user unfriendly.
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2 years ago, Bigsurmoonster
Used to be useful
Full of ads as anything else but now you can’t even read a story without a full screen demand to pay for a subscription. Deleting
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1 year ago, SuperShoeDiva
I just want to read the news!
Old app was so much easier to navigate, local news is sparse at best. Too many sports articles.
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7 years ago, Bonbon7997
Way too many ads
The app has way too many ads especially the video ones.
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5 years ago, Illini Scott
Bring back the old app
Why ruin a good thing? The new app is awful. No more pending obituaries and sports is terrible.
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4 years ago, mildmax63
What happened to the obituaries can’t get anything.
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14 years ago, timmeo
Great to have local news on iPhone
A refreshing local app to compliment nationwide news apps. Needs more pics with articles and could use a dedicated weather page. Otherwise, a great app. A must have for QC news on your iPhone or iPod.
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10 years ago, LindsayDevinney
Amazing App!
I love being able to easily find news on my mobile device! Everything is always updated! This app is the way I keep up with my current events!
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9 years ago, BeeGeeMoline
In a word-Awful
Previous version was bad with the ads-this one is way worse. You don't even have to accidentally touch an ad to get redirected to download a game app-just randomly goes there. Then you can't get back to news without closing app and starting over, then same thing all over again. Tried for a week and then just deleted-don't bother!
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10 years ago, Korrie N
Great app!
This app is so easy to use and I love having the most up-to-date local news just a click away on my smart phone and tablet!
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9 years ago, CoronaStew
Annoying ads
Update - You managed to make them WORSE by constantly leaping out if the app to a web browser. Absolute piece of crap. You have the MOST annoying ads of any app - EVER. Banners... OK even though they take up tons of screen real estate. In-line ads on top of that, pushing it. Now full screen pop up ads to top it off - bingo you just lost a customer. Pick one ad mechanism, not ALL of them.
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10 years ago, Jacquelyn O
Digital Marketing Expert
This app is my bread and butter for local news! I can always count on it to keep me up to date with what's happening in my community!
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10 years ago, dbriw
Great app to keep up with the local news
The Quad-City Times app is a great app because I can keep up with my local news, check on scores, and has great deals listed with in it. David W. QCTIMES
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13 years ago, Tim D'Avis
Great update to great local news app.
Nice for checking in while I'm out doing stuff. I like that you can comment on stories...
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14 years ago, QCtechie
Provides less news than mobile website
Their mobile website lets you access more information than this app. You can only get to a couple of the latest articles for each news section.
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12 years ago, Mexiangel76
Old info!
Would give a much better rating if obits were updated on a daily basis. Lots of the same stories over and over. Not refreshed much. Disappointing when I'm trying to stay in touch w my hometown.
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13 years ago, zaindada
Love the update!
Finally an update! The old version was pretty lame, but now its pretty much a full fledged newspaper app... Its a must-have for iPhone owners in the QC!
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10 years ago, xSlamberX
Using the QCTimes app is super fast and easy to use when trying to get the latest updates on news, deals and offers!
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14 years ago, jaywill
Nice but
It's nice to remain connected to my hometown area via this app but it's a bit limited in links to stories. I do like the main tabs for news, opinions, sports, and entertainment though.
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14 years ago, TeamKilian
Mobile Website is Better
App is not complete. No section button so only feeds you a few stories. Mobile website looks just the same but has the button. Incomplete App
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14 years ago, DoodlyDoo
Brilliant!  
I know so many people in the QC with iPhones. This app is great But you should add "lowest gas prices in QC" feature.
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12 years ago, BettyB1234
What were u thinking?
Ok overall, but why have an obit section if they are from 4 months ago??
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9 years ago, Plays in Peoria
Very inconsistent
App freezes quite often Very inconsistent how well it works, often slow to refresh. The ad links do not even work, but force me to close the app when they constantly open as blank pages.
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14 years ago, JayhawkerAsh
This is a great app for local and breaking news in the QC Area. A must have.
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9 years ago, BLHSMPH
Too many Ads.
This used to be a great application. Lately they have been piling on the advertisements. It has gotten to the point where you can barely read the news. I just deleted it!
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8 years ago, bufnyrick
By far the worst news app, not even comparable to circa-2009 apps. Ads are highly intrusive even with paid subscription. Worse, there is no content!!! Embarrassingly bad for a major news organization such as Lee.
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9 years ago, Susansp2
Constantly links over to ads on screen and opens new browser or App Store without having clicked on the ad to view it Unable to read much. Can't read obits.
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11 years ago, Bimmerman325
Pull to refresh please!
Good update, more usable now. Please add pull to refresh on the article lists.
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9 years ago, Pvzach2011
Fix this app!
The app crashes way too much and leaves the app for a third party ad site. Either get rid of the ads in it or find another way to fix the bugs
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8 years ago, Bdhd42
Terrible app. The older version barely worked, and this updated one ensured there was absolutely no functionality remaining. Good thing the QC never has anything worth reporting anyway.
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9 years ago, M¥ph0ne
Buggy and ad bloated
Every time I open the app I get redirected to download Draft Kings like the other reviewer said. I've gone back to using the QC Times's mobile page instead.
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9 years ago, CMan1326784
The ads are killing it.
Can't even read the story. Try and come back to finish reading and it sends you away again.
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10 years ago, computer2slow
Gotta pay
Since the update can't read much. You even have to pay to read opinion letter.
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9 years ago, jmm2740
Ads galore
Each time I open app it forces me to update location settings or cancel. Constantly goes to App Store to promote draft kings. Annoying.
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9 years ago, QC Flava
The Worst News App
This pops an ad that CANNOT be closed. You can't read any articles at all. Waste of space and time.
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9 years ago, eggerstout
Ads distracting
Leaves the app randomly with ads. Terrible implementation. I would be embarrassed if I came up with this crap app.
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8 years ago, rrbrownqc
Garbage just like the paper
Freezes and pop ups. Skip this one!!!
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6 months ago, Deszlinde
App performance is very inconsistent
App does not consistently. Many times app opens to a blank screen. Also when going from one page to the next I get a message that the page is not available for download. If I go forward or backward it will load sometimes. Same thing happens when using the page function. I’m frustrated enough with both the app and QCTimes.com website that I’m seriously considering canceling my digital subscription.
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13 years ago, Rittersmann
Great update, I love it!
I love the new videos and photos.
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