Queens Public Library

3.8 (33)
49.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Queens Library
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Queens Public Library

3.82 out of 5
33 Ratings
1 year ago, CSG1271
Please add features
Love the app so easy to navigate and request book. Would love if they added a list where we can keep track of books we really liked maybe a “would read again” list either with a thumbs up or down something we can go back on to reference.
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3 years ago, GuaEnz31
Good but needs more features
Please add Apple Wallet support for your library cards and maybe offer notification features for people who want special notifications on events at QPL (including if the library is closed for the day, etc.)
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4 years ago, Samanthaknox
Love the new updates
The new updates are great improvements from the past version. I like the fact it is very easy to use and, we can access the ebooks on the app itself.
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5 years ago, Latrage
Messages but also Features
Very useful but ‘messages’ keeps crashing the app—bummer! Otherwise, I’m impressed to have an app like this with which to use the library. I’m sure I haven’t yet even explored half of the additional features it offers, like accessing digital books, media, music and entertainment.
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2 years ago, pavlik22
Make the app to remember me!
After having downloaded the app I discovered on my next trip to the library that the app does not remember me and I had to log in again with a membership number. Of course, I did not have the card with me and could not take a book out with the app. A kind librarian told me that I should exit out of the app and then it would remember me. Strange and inconvenient. Please fix it. Thanks. Pavlik22
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3 years ago, bigouser
More features would be stellar but i can’t complain
This place is great!! The staff is very kind and helpful and they have assisted me with a-lot of things and that was my first time going! They made a great impression.
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3 years ago, Chad von Nau
The new update is pretty nice
Thank you to the developers for fixing the recent login issues. The new app seems like a nice improvement over the old design. I look forward to using it more.
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1 year ago, rovinggastronome
Search doesn’t work on iPhone 13 mini
Not sure if this is just my phone model or a problem across the board, but the search function doesn’t work — I can put in a term, but then the screen just goes blank. I have to close and reopen the app to get the search screen back — but can’t get results.
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2 years ago, BubbleManga2121
Search Bar
Search bar won’t work after typing title of the book and entered
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3 years ago, ItsAva321
These updates are the worst
These updates are the worst, I can not access my account at all, not even on my computer, you made things worse!
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3 years ago, kikko01
Couldn’t even get my email verified
Even after trying multiple days with different email addresses, I never received the verification. This is the worst app I have ever experienced.
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9 months ago, imso_fanc
Renew materials via app
Please add a feature to renew checked out materials via the app!
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4 years ago, d-train3000
Useful for viewing your account...nothing else
I’d say to use this app if you’re checking availability of a book or the status of a request that was already put in. Otherwise, you’re better off just using the website on a a computer or a mobile device. Every time you request a book, it crashes. As a Queens Library member, you get access to a wishlist as part of your online account. This wishlist is accessible on the mobile website BUT NOT THIS APP. How does that make any sense? QPL has great resources in print and electronically but this app was a huge disappointment
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9 years ago, Lbn7790
Issues have been fixed
Though there were some problems after the recent update, the login problem has been remedied. I am also able to see an accurate accounting of my checked-out books, and was able to renew titles. However, the "request" function is still not working properly for me. When I try to request a certain title by searching for the book and then clicking on "request," nothing happens. I hope this issue is fixed soon as well! This is the primary purpose for which I use the app, often very frequently.
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5 years ago, Nicky2067183987
Please add “Wishlist” feature!
I agree with others that have asked for it...The Queens Library website has a wish list feature that the app lacks… It is a huge omission from the app because having that feature is important to readers who know they want to read a certain book, but don’t want to reserve/monopolize it until they know they will have time to read it. Otherwise this app would get 5 stars from me.
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9 years ago, Queens Library Team
Critical Fix For Login Issues
Thank you all for your valuable comments. We are excited to see such passionate users of our tools and services. Be advised the Queens Library ITD team has released a critical patch to our mobile application infrastructure to address the reported login issues. No update to the mobile application is required at this time to take advantage of the critical patch. Please close the application and restart to attempt a fresh login. We apologize for the inconvenience these issue(s) have caused. As always, we welcome your continued feedback at our website but clicking the “app support” button.
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6 years ago, shamelesstomato
Shuts Down Right After I Open The App
Loved this app before it decided to break down. I was trying to check on my books yesterday and when I opened the app, it immediately exited for me. I tried to open the app multiple times and it never worked. I then proceeded to delete the app and download it again but the same thing keeps on happening. I hope this problem gets fixed but I still love how it was like before the app decided to crash!
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10 years ago, ChenR2
I really like the new eContent integration in this update -- it makes downloading so much easier. I can use the app to download an audiobook for my morning jog, a Zinio magazine for the subway, and a children’s ebook to read something new to my daughter before bed. Every library should have something like this.
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9 years ago, Anastasia Beaverhausen I
Convenient App
For those who frequent any branch of Queens Borough Public Library, this app is great. Its convenient and easy to use. It contains all the important functions it should have: account management, including requesting items and item renewal; and a listing of the hours/locations of branches. All in all, this app gets the job done.
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5 years ago, Indecisive123
feature request
i was pleasantly surprised to see that queens library had a functioning app that’s fairly easy to use and navigate - thank you for creating this! i don’t know about other users, but it would be incredibly helpful if the app also displayed your requested books and your number in the queue. it only seems to display things that are already waiting for you instead of all of the requested books. i hope this can be an added feature for future updates, thank you
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9 years ago, Fixtheapptheupdatesucksimupset
fix the app!!!!!!
The update has completely ruined the app for me being that I can't even log in. If I can't do that the app has no use to me. Please fix this app I was working last week when I first got it. Also it be nice if it were as detailed as the mobile website which I use more than the app anyway. The mobile website not only tells you what libraries have the book and if it's checked out but when it is due and will become available again.
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6 years ago, Bangla Keyboard
Location services & Barcode Scanner
The app shouldn’t ask for location services. Indeed, the barcode scanner should be shown on plain page, shouldn’t have to toggle up or down the page.
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5 years ago, Meltzerzone
iPad version of app
The app works fine, does what it’s expected to do. My one gripe is that on my IPad, it opens in the same dimensions as on a phone, making it difficult to see things on the larger interface. Why can’t the developers modify it to open full screen size?
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10 years ago, rocksandwoks
Solid app
Great features, just wish I didn’t have to log back in. So much better than using the website.
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8 years ago, Get free resources
This app is pretty helpful if you want to find if your library has the book you want. It is also more sinple than the website.
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5 years ago, StellarAbyss
Keeps crashing
Even after the updates, the app crashes when I try place a request through the app. But I am able to renew items so the app hasn’t become completely useless to me.
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9 years ago, nc45
Not working after update
How can an app go from being great to being useless? After updating, can't login, local library shows closed when it's open. Try testing the app before providing an update or at least provide a way to use the previous version until you get it right. Very disappointed.
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9 years ago, MakeupMaven24
Update messed up my account?
I just received an update & the app is showing books I checked out months ago as Overdue. Also it's not showing my current borrowed books which is very weird. Just yesterday everything was accurate. Please fix.
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6 years ago, josephs77
Very Convinient
I find the app very convenient to request books and find the hours for library near me.
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4 years ago, Yelenanyc1
The good and the bad
I love this app when it works. Simple to request a book to my local library and keep track of due dates. Sadly it’s been crashing every time I try to request a book.
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8 years ago, MilyaAtes
I borrow a lot of books and movies from Queens library. And this app make my experience even easier! Love it! No issues so far
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10 years ago, No$for books
About time
Well it's about time. Although I haven't used it yet. Was excited to see the library is with the times......
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4 years ago, Hugs4Love
Please fix this!!!
I love this app. I use it daily to get materials and check their inventory but I had to give u one star this time because the last few days it started to crash all the time and it’s really frustrating! Please fix this please please so I can continue to use this!!! Thank you
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6 years ago, Missxsmary
worked well.. until it didn’t
After updating the iPhone, the library location information isn’t available when requesting a book.
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6 years ago, basil1229
I could use it until today, now I can’t
My card number and PIN worked fine until I tried to log in today. Now despite the fact my card number and PIN were both correctly entered, it won’t let me log in. If I could give this app zero stars I would.
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10 years ago, Yjerez90
Please fix!!
Please fix the app. I love that we could now get ebooks right from the app but I was unable to actually view the books available!
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7 years ago, JunniCa$h
Very useful
Love this app! I don't need to carry my library card as this app has the barcode. Love queens library.
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4 years ago, ohvhv
Review on app
This app is good, but it keeps logging me out when I do something for a long time and I have to sign in again, remember what I was doing, and redo everything again. It is good, so I am giving 3 stars.
Show more
6 years ago, cmdrquesadilla
omg it works now! thank you for updating for iOS 12!
Show more
4 years ago, 123MeJustMe456
Please change age rating
Works ok, but please change the age rating to 12+ so my daughter can use it, or develop a version for kids.
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9 years ago, SKHabbib
So so
Good, but u guys give me the false info about my checked out books. EX) I checked out books from June 2015, but it shows books from Dec. 2014, this made me very confused! Please fix this!!!!!
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6 years ago, Imrbilly
Crashing but...
Please update so it can work with iOS 12. Can’t even open it. When it was working, it was great !
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4 years ago, Jazzy love pies
I tried to make a book request twice but each time I clicked “request” the app just closes off and I’m back to home screen. And there’s nothing wrong with my one year old phone. Please update!!
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10 years ago, Cheeks614
Great App
This app is great, fully functional. Makes it easy to renew material and request material.
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8 years ago, just_ji
It was fine before what happened?
I used this app since early 2015 and but now it's not working! Can't log on and it just give me the black screen. Queens library- please fix! Because this app was perfect... Now it's useless.
Show more
9 years ago, NowDispleased
Broken Update
The June 11, 2015 update has broken what was a very good very useful app. Currently I cannot login to my account despite deleting and restoring the app - if I can't login, the app is almost completely useless. Please update and fix!
Show more
4 years ago, Waterbaby123
Provides not help. Constant crash
Cant do anything with out it crashing. Was really hoping for the convenience of the app, but I’ll have to stick to the website.
Show more
8 years ago, MonicaC1999
can't request books
I keep pressing the request button and a thing pops up and it says it's loading but then it just goes away
Show more
4 years ago, fantasticqiqi
Unable to request a book
Whenever I hit the request button, the app quick and jump to home screen. Please fix!
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4 years ago, wp726457
Crashing when you request book
App used to be money now it crashes every time u request a book
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