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Missouri Star Quilt Company
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User Reviews for Quilting Tutorials by MSQC

4.93 out of 5
25K Ratings
5 years ago, Kieran's Nana
Fantastic business
I love your stores. My daughter and I made a weekend of visiting Hamilton MO. We drove up Friday and spent the night at a very nice B&B just a few miles away. Saturday morning we drove into Hamilton. We only expected to be there a couple of hours at most. We spent the entire day shopping and looking. Everyone was very nice and so helpful. Thank goodness we got to town early and was able to park close. We made at least 2 trips to the car to unload our packages then back to shopping and looking. I must admit we did more shopping than looking! The Missouri Star Quilt Company is a wonderful company. I use the tutorials. Thank you Jenny! I purchase fabric and quilt notions from the web site. Shipping is very reasonable at $5.00 flat rate and orders are sent quickly. Usually within a couple of days I receive my order. I would encourage everyone to visit the Missouri Star Quilt Company for a day of pure heaven!
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5 days ago, 93726282917
Jenny you rock!
I had no idea the app was here!! I found these tutorials because I wanted to make a quilt for my mom, sadly she passed away before I was able to do that for her. Now with Jenny’s help I’m slowly making Memorial quilts for the whole family in my mom’s memory. If you have ever had any interest in quilting Jenny Doan is your girl!! Jenny’s tutorials are so clear & easy to understand that she makes it seem easy enough that you are willing to give it a shot! I have made 10 quilts with Jenny in the last 2 years! I had never touched a sewing machine before that. I do get fabrics from all over BUT when I want something special and wonderful I go straight to Missouri Star Quilt Company! I love their fabrics & their story! I love that they have put a town that was in need of attention back to work! Amazing! So fantastic to have everything I need in one app!!👍🏻👍🏻
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5 years ago, Sharon2665
Great pattern ideas
You can get lots of very cool patterns and they are all free. Not only free but you get a free tutorial showing you step by step how to make the quilt top. While many of them look very complicated they all have simple tricks that Jenny teaches you that make them very simple to complete. The way they are presented through the app you don’t have to worry about looking at each one and saving everything. They are always right there at your finger tips. You can also mark the ones you really like or want to try to find them more easily later. A great way to learn and take a lot of the mystery out of quilting and also a way to have beautiful quilt tops without a ton of intricate work! Jenny really makes it easy and fun and she’s a hoot to watch and learn from. A lady who is very talented but doesn’t take herself to serious and likes to have fun. Definitely download the app.
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4 years ago, goofyshirley
Love Jenny
I’m also a lefty! Funny story- several years ago, a gal friend and I set out to visit MSQC. I picked her up in Des Moines. Off we go! Being sometimes goofy, we headed for Hannibal, Mo. I thought- well, I didn’t think! That’s the problem. When we arrived in Hannibal, I went into a convenience store asking for directions to the MSQC. My friend waited in the car. I came out of the store, with a gasping look on my face! Merrie asked, what’s wrong? After composing myself, I told her that we were in the wrong town. It’s in Hamilton I said. Where’s Hamilton she asked. I told her Hamilton was way over on the other side of the state! We found a hotel room outside of Hannibal for the night. The next day- we arrived in Hamilton. You’d of had to been with us to live the goofy moments. Once we got there we had the best time shopping and checking out the stores. Wonderful!
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6 years ago, mollyy200
No vacation without a beautiful quilt
I recently was traveling out of FL to avoid hurricane Irma and stopped at a visitors center to take a short, badly needed driving break. While there, I decided to glance thru a MO travel guide and came across a nicely written article about Herman Missouri and MO Star Quilting Co. Although I have never had the pleasure of actually visiting this quaint fabric store, I felt a surge of pride fill me , as I recalled the many, many quilts I have made with the beautiful fabrics I have purchased on-line from this fabulous fabric store and the countless numbers of tutorials I watched over the years. As I got back in my car, I had to smirk at the fact that I was traveling with my sewing machine in tow and was excited to get back home to finish the quilt I started making while on vacation in FL with the beautiful fabric I had once again purchased from MO Star Quilting CO.
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6 years ago, Edistoretiree
Quilters app
Great app for quilters-- both new and experienced quilters. Jenny Doan provides tutorials on making many, many quilt projects. No ads except the links in the description takes you to her online store to buy the supplies needed for each quilt. And so many different quilt projects and patterns--both old and new are included. Plus a complete transcript is included so a purchased pattern is not needed. The only negative is she uses pre-cuts for all of her quilts, and pre-cuts can be expensive compared to yardage. However, pre-cuts do provide fabrics that always look good together. I recommend this app.
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8 months ago, tfw64
New to Quilting
I am new to quilting. Heck I am new to sewing. I have been fighting colon cancer for a while and decided to learn to make my own accessories for my Ostomy bags. Now I am hooked on the idea of making my first quilt. I spent the last 5 days in the hospital and spent most of the down time watching videos of Jenny and her family and friends. I feel I have learned so much in the last few days and am itching to put that knowledge to practice. The only thing I truly wish could be fixed (or explained) about the app is that it doesn’t seem to sync between devices. So if I add a lesson to my liked list on my iPad it doesn’t automatically show in my list on my phone. I also wish the app was available for my desktop but I can share the videos from my iPad and watch them on my laptop. You guys are great and I hope to go to see you in your shop some day soon. Just one other thing. A few more projects that would appeal to us older guy’s would be nice also. Thanking You Tim W
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9 months ago, Donna J. Luthe
A New Hobby, New EXCITEMENT !!
I LOVE watching your tutorials. I am a visual person, and watching you and learning how to quilt has been so very much fun. I am 72 and I really wish I had learned this years ago, however I am making up for lost time. I make a quilt for ALL my family members and still have a ways to go. We have a large family so I will be busy for some time. You have given me a new reason to live. I love being busy, and this is the highlight of my day. Thank you so much for teaching me how to quilt. Love to You & Your Family Donna Luthe
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5 years ago, Rosie M T
A unexpected fun surprise
All of MSQ’s tutorials are great. I anxiously awaiting each and every one. The unexpected surprise part though comes with the ‘quack’ sound that comes on my device when they’re posted. I’ve had the ‘quack’ surprise me first thing in the morning when I’m barely awake, during a meeting a work (yes, I know I should turn off the sound on my phone during meetings but it’s not as much fun unless I hear the quack 🐥), and during very quiet times at home. Each tutorial brings a smile to my face - for multiple reasons. Thank you 💖
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5 years ago, stay in the kitchen
Wish app could “hold my place”
I’m a busy mom of young kids and so my time is super limited. I wish the app would save my search, bc even a few minutes of inactivity will restore it to home screen and then I have to take time to search again and find what I’ve already found previously. I’m not sure if that’s possible. But it would help me use my time for quilting instead of searching for the same tute again and again. Thank you for the awesomeness! This seems like a small complaint. I 💗Missouri Star!
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1 year ago, Debbiep3
Love MSQC!!!
I started quilting 11 years ago and have been following Jenny ever since! I have truly been inspired over these years by watching and learning from your tutorials. I just retired and am blessed to have the passion of quilting to fulfill me. Thank you for your excellent tutorials that show the basics of quilting. When I watch you, I think I can take on any project—-and I do! What a blessing and gift you are for us quilters. Love the story of your success with your family. You are a beautiful soul💜
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3 years ago, Sewoxford
Linked Up
I like the tutorials but I wish you would list the measurements and sub cutting of fabric perhaps where you list the supplies. And on this particular one you don’t say which side of the square you put the dashing. I’m assuming the left side. I’m a beginner so I watch and read these tutorials MANY times while I’m making the quilt. Or if you use the quilt in your Block magazine let the listener know. I have also noticed you change the names of some of the quilts when you have them in the magazine. I’m a big fan and even flew to Hamilton to meet you! Thank you Karen Landry
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2 years ago, Loquaciousone
Love these tutorials!!
Jenny has so many shortcuts and innovative twists on old blocks and new blocks. I look forward to the tutorials every week, and I have made many of these quilts and projects. Always quick and easy, with beautiful results. I visit the store several times a year, and always check out the Daily Deal online and order from there frequently. I love the selection, reasonable shipping cost, and the templates. I’m a huge fan of MSQ!
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3 days ago, Oopsydoodler
Needs tweaking
As your are probably well aware the app needs a little tweaking. I always liked and used the older app for quilt tutorials. I usually would search for a quilt by its name. That search option is no longer available. Sometimes I don’t even know if it’s made using a layer cake, jelly roll or charms. More than likely I also don’t know who demonstrated the pattern. But I do know the name of it! PLEASE bring that option back! I almost exclusively use an iPad and being able to change the orientation from portrait to landscape is preferable.
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4 years ago, LKPitts
Happy Hamilton
In 2018, I drove to Iowa to attend a wedding, just so I could visit MSQC, after all northern Iowa is in the neighborhood, right? My sister and I spent 2 days shopping and shopping and shopping. I spotted Sarah walking down the street and Ron in Subway. So disappointed that I missed Jenny but . .another day. It is such a friendly, quaint town that everyone should put in their bucket list. Every shop is so well organized, that you won’t miss any gem, not even the daily deal. MSQC and Hamilton, I will be back!
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1 year ago, sad mamaw
Love your app
Just want to thank all of you for your wonderful tutorials. My grandmother quilted by hand in her 90’s and my aunt carried on the tradition. I’m the only granddaughter that got her love to sew. I look forward to Friday’s to watch your tutorials. I love that you are just you and the added stories and history you all bring. Now that I’m retired I can get back into sewing and quilting. Thank you for giving me courage and direction. Visiting Hamilton is on my bucket list.
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3 years ago, mickley woman
Cancer heart quilt.
I just love all these tutorials, they help so much as I am more a visual learner. I have made comfort quilts for years, to give to those who just need to know they are loved. Micron pens work great, I wouldn’t use sharpies. They bleed and don’t stay on permanently. I have always just made a pretty quilt, then put a light backing on it, we use the back as a card and everyone writes words of encouragement. I have so enjoyed doing this kind of thing. It works well for a person who is moving too.
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5 years ago, Tater5053
This is a "must-get" ap!!
I love, love, LOVE Jenny Doan! Jenny and her tutorials have made me love quilting again. The first time I tried to quilt on my own things just weren't going well and I gave up and didn't pick it up for 10+ years. Then I came across a Missouri Star Quilt tutorial. Jenny makes everything so easy and I love her sweet spirit. I feel like we're friends although we've never met...yet. That's on my bucket list. Anyway, get this ap, you won't regret it. Novice or pro, you will love it!
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5 years ago, Whyanother
The tutorials motivated me to take out my sewing machine out again a few years back. I now make many lap quilts for veterans hospital with mostly scraps from other quilts or fabric that others have donated to me. I always go to MSQC for ideas on how to make them different. Since I took out the sewing machine and started with MSQC I have made 3 queen size quilts, 14 lap quilts, and a few bags and zippered pouches. Thank you for bringing out the best in me and bringing joy to my day. I had forgotten how much I loved sewing.
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6 years ago, graciegagamiester
Awesome quilting tutorials
I so enjoy Jenny Doan’s tutorials. She makes quilting fun and makes it look easy and do-able by breaking it down into step by step instruction along with fabric requirements. You can go back and review as needed. Her tutorials are fast moving and to the point yet not so fast that you can’t keep up. There is no unnecessary silliness and fluff yet she has the personality that just makes it fun, interesting and informative. These are great for beginners and experienced quilters alike.
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3 days ago, $SRP$
Changes sometimes are not good!
Before you changed the MSQC app. You were a 5 star. The new app is missing some very important things for me and I’m sure many other longtime customers. My biggest concern is not being able to search for a tutorial by the name of the quilt. Going through all the tutorials trying to find the one you’re looking for is a waste of time. I’ve been a customer for many years. All the quilt tutorials I had hearts by, not longer are showing. Your now only a three star.
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3 years ago, kindlelight
Best Fabric Shop ever!!
I have been a customer for a very long time. Unfortunately I’ve never gotten to visit the store however I am online customer and have never been disappointed. I feel like Jenny and her crew is like family to me. My fabric comes beautifully packaged safe and fast. I’ve called several times to talk to customer service and they’ve always help me. I love love love Missouri star quilt company!!! Joyful stitches- Linda
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6 years ago, akludam
Jenny’s Tutorials
I started quilting one year ago next month. I started with the large beach bag made from jelly rolls and have been hooked ever since. The tutorials are so easy to follow and I’m always in a hurry to finish my housework so I can start a new project! I didn’t know anything about sewing and because of the easy peasy tutorials I have made over 2dozen quilts, several small shoulder bags 6 large beach bags, several cozy’s with pot holders to match and 3 attic window panels! Thank You Jenny😘
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5 years ago, emmebethsmom
Missouri Star Quilt Company
All of the MSQC videos are easy to follow and are very helpful to all quilters regardless of whether you are new to quilting or experienced. I like the way that they show techniques for using specialty tools. Overall, MSQC is perfect for any and all quilters looking to make something new or reinforce some skills. I have learned so much through the videos and must say that Jenny Doan is a great teacher. I have learned the most basic techniques that I use every day. Thanks MSQC!!
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2 years ago, lang,Linda
I love Jenny’s tutorials! I have a brain injury and used making quilts as part of my recovery. It challenged my brain to remember how to measure, cut, sew, read and follow directions. The first year after my accident I made a quilt a month. Mostly throws. Made quilts for each of children’s beds. Baby quilts. Sold some throws when we moved to warmer weather. But I’m still quilting after 13 years! Thanks for keeping me going Jenny!
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5 years ago, My Guardian Angel Loves Me
Charming but not always accurate
I really like to host of these tutorials but some of the one’s I have tried worked out great and others I wasted alot of yardage because the measurements were not accurate that I followed. I do love that they breakdown some complicated looking quilts into more simplistic operations. It’s like when I watch HGTV and think, oh, I can do that! And then it is alot more work to accomplish the same thing that looked so easy on the show. I think I would not feel so bad if I saw the bloopers when stuff did not come out so well then I can relate to that👩‍🌾
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3 years ago, GRISSOMZ
The BEST quilting tutorials!!
Thank you for making this app! I watch every video! I just love Jenny’s personality and humor. I have been able to try a lot of the patterns, which I was brave enough to try after watching the videos! I also enjoy triple play! Jenny, Natalie, and Misty work so well together and are a joy to watch! They give the creative process a lot of fuel! Thank You again! Cindy S. The daughter of a quilt maker!
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4 years ago, Ma2bella
I cannot thank Jenny and the MSQC enough for creating this app. The tutorials are detailed and easy to follow, they provide the viewer with a sense of confidence and desire to create! Triple play Tuesday is the BEST! The idea of taking a skill and using it in three different projects is brilliant! I love the upbeat and positive support offered by Jenny. I will admit that sometimes I just watch a tutorial as therapy! Thank you for sharing! Please keep creating and sending your love into the world! ❤️
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6 years ago, 211ssw
Jenny’s the best!
Jenny Doan has such spirit that I look forward to her videos & am eager for new ones always. I’ve gotten used to the others & while they are OK, it’s JD’s that I like best. I do wish you would give bed size when it is close in size- or call it a throw! Don’t try to change her approach since it’s perfect as she does them now. I would like to know what brand her newest sewing machine is since it’s far faster than any used earlier.
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2 days ago, retirement quilting
I wish there were more tutorials I love Jenny she is amazing I watch everyday for the deal of the days and I have made 5quilts from her tutorials and I just started 18months ago and i work a lot of hours a week I enjoy just looking at all the fabric and I am stocking up on stuff so when I retire I have a lot of things to do lol I want to thank Jenny she inspires me wish I could come and visit
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6 years ago, LadyBaker59
New to sewing
I just love how Jenny makes it so easy for a beginner sewer like me to be able to make whatever she is making. She is slow in showing and explaining how to do what is needed to put together the projects. I love how she sometimes says things don’t have to be done perfectly. She’s right. I don’t sew perfectly, but in the end what I’ve attempted looks pretty darn good. Thank you Jenny. Please keep bringing more projects to us.
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5 years ago, Texas Cotton Eyed Jo
Missouri Star Quilt Tutorials are my Jam!
In general, there is a new tutorial each Friday. New quick and nifty ways to make quilts or items for your sewing area, or quick gifts! Jenny Doan is fun to watch, and the tutorial help me visually see the process. I can rewatch them if I don’t quite get it, the first time. Wonderful traditional, new more modern designs and in a short time you can sew up the pieces to make a quilt top! My quilting bee loves them too! AAAAA+ Cotton Eyed Jo
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5 years ago, Patti60622
Awesome tutorials
I think Jenny offers simple, comprehensive information. I have learned quite a bit of information especially on quilts that look very difficult. The information is broken down easily and the directions are clear! I also love the fact that all the information is at your fingertips. I would like to see smaller quilts shown, like a lap size. Thanks!
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1 year ago, Cattp01
Best App Ever
I have had this quilt tutorial app since I subscribed to the Missouri Star Quilt Company You Tube channel. That’s been a few years now. I just love this app. I would never have learned how to quilt if it wasn’t for this app. Please don’t discontinue this app. It is such a big help to a lot of us quilters out there. Jenny and all of the people who are involved at Missouri Star Quilt Company are the best.
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4 years ago, Lighthouse Quilting
I am making a quilt and using the butterfly blocks as fillers . I had a long unicorn panel that I just couldn’t wrap my head around because of the top . It had a rainbow and Pegasus on it . I ended up cutting 12 inches off the top . I have 3 units so I am using pinwheels , butterflies and whatever else needed to complete a quilt top . I will send a picture when I am done . Thank you all for all your hard work.
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2 years ago, Fluffynana
Tutorial s and block books
As always you make it so easy to follow. I have referred many of new quilters to your sites tutorials and block book for easy learning. You are so great. I have learned a lot from you and I have been quilting a really long time. Thanks Jenny. I have met you and your husband several times at shows. Love you all. Ellie Burks
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3 years ago, Delia M.R.
I have learned so much from Jenny. I wanted to learn to quilt, but wasn’t sure where to start. She has given me the confidence by following her tutorials. Thank you so much Jenny. I’m even trying my hand at machine quilting. You are so a great teacher. I’ve been following you for quite a while. I love when your new tutorials come up on Fridays to see what I may be making next. Delia in California
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5 years ago, Mandy@BeachQuiltin'
Forever Grateful
I have learned so many tips and tricks and made things that I never would have imagined, thanks to Jenny! These quilt and project tutorials/videos are priceless since I’m a visual learner. I was thrilled to recently get to tell her in person at the Waco Jenny on the Road Trunk Show. It was fantastic to meet the legend, and get to hear more about her and her family. One of these days I will make it to Hamilton.❤️❤️❤️
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5 years ago, Blabbbbbb
Makes me happy
I am now trying my hand at quilting. It is so beautiful to watch and it seems to have a real calming effect. I’m still out on the finishing of a quilt. When (and if) I get to that point I will be back to tell you if I’ve got what it takes......wish me luck. As for this site....love love love watching these tutorials! So easy to follow and understand. Thanks for the encouragement.
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2 years ago, iamfarfaraway
Excellent application
I have learned so much with this application, I have been quilting for a while using Accuquilt dies to cut my quilt patterns but with this application they actually make it easy to cut quilts using precuts. But even if I cit my own squares I can use her way of making my quilts. I recommend this to anyone who wants to start making quilts.
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4 years ago, Beach teach 92646
Summer in the park
I Adore Jenny’s tutorials but I’m frustrated because I never get the see the completed layout. I guess I can decide how to lay them out but I’d love to get a good look st how Jenny has done it. If I could ask for any changes it would be to get a better look at the finished quilt. I can pause it then get the idea. Otherwise Jenny’s tutorials are the best on the internet. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Sew Conny
Prairie FlowerBeauties
I just absolutely love this quilt, so much that l ordered these same fabrics from Jenny. Started cutting. Couldn’t wait to finish all my cutting before had to make a trial block just for fun! Oh My! Simply a joy to make and admire. Then l moved into a small apartment. The whole shebang was packed and misplaced. Medically restricted to lifting over five pounds and climbing ladders are prohibited. So frustrating! Can’t finish my gorgeous quilt!
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3 years ago, Melrose811
Amazing Ideas and Help!
I love watching the tutorials because they don’t just give you ideas, they teach you in a plan understandable way. They give you tips and tricks to make your piecing look beautiful and flawless. Love the hacks and time saving methods they tell you about. Love the attitude and passion Jenny has for every video she makes. Thank you! You’re a great teacher ♥️
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5 years ago, Green Bsy Packer Fan 68
Sewing jelly roll strips
I love your quilt tutorials. I cut some 2 1/2 inch strips to make a quilt and when I was done sewing them all together it was arced like a rainbow. I was very sad and had to do a lot of exploring to find out that I should’ve sewn the seems in alternating directions. I wish you would explain some of that in some of your tutorials. I have not come across one yet.
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3 years ago, Mt Vernon Va
Visual learners rejoice!
I'm loving Missouri Star Quilts and the tutorials! I’m one of those people who can read through the instructions to a quilt pattern and eventually get it right. But the MSQC tutorials really do it for me. Soooooo nice! Although I find myself jotting down notes, being able to actually see it done is sooooo much better. Color choices are always beautiful.
Show more
4 days ago, Pengillymom
Great time at the birthday bash!
Thank you for hosting a wonderful birthday party! I felt guilty getting all those gifts when it wasn’t even my birthday. 😄 I have loved everything I have purchased from Missouri Star. Jenny and family seem so humble and down-to-earth. I love supporting a business run by a strong, loving family.
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3 years ago, santeal
You are so helpful
Jenny. I want to thank you for your wonderful instructions and helpful information. I have been quilting for about 13 years and you are still teaching me. I would love for you to do rectangle rug tutorial. I am praying for you and your family to stay healthy. Look forward to meeting you one day. Thank you. Sandra Shea
Show more
3 years ago, donnarn1
Ohio Star Quilt
Thank you Jenny for all of your wonderful tutorials. I have watched your Ohio Star video a thousand times. ( literally). I have finally started making my eldest daughters blue and white quilt. I plan to make another one for her sister. They were both born in Columbus, Ohio. I appreciate all of your tutorials. I would have a clue where to begin without them. Thank you Mrs Jenny!!!
Show more
5 months ago, Lisa4753842
There have been changes to the videos that now include Angela Walters. We want more of Angela’s style and teaching abilities. She takes things from basic learning to touching base on the next steps without the worries… We would love to see the midnight quilt show back! Thankyou Jenny for including Angela!
Show more
2 years ago, Auntie Terrie
What a sweetheart!
I love Jenny and the MSQC tutorials! I always learn something new. Jenny’s can do attitude and her optimism are contagious. When I watch the tutorials, I know that I will be able to do it too! I especially appreciate it when a quilter’s daily deal is paired with a tutorial. It helps me visualize how I could use the fabric.
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