Quiver - 3D Coloring App

3.5 (231)
169.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
QuiverVision Limited
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Quiver - 3D Coloring App

3.51 out of 5
231 Ratings
8 years ago, Occoquanmom
Simple with a big wow factor
I saw this on Tricia Fugelstad's blog and was intrigued. I ended up staying up late that night after trying one thing, I had to try more variations. For one thing you don't need to color...put anything in the dot and it becomes the visual on the ball in the Dot Day sheet. I used pictures and little trinkets...fun! I call it simple because it doesn't have a game like Pokemon associated to it...the ones I tried had small tricks coded into them. I plan to use this while teaching kids art on iPads. I can see some thinking this is a bit of a 1-trick app, but I feel much more experimental, educational than when I see the apps that put kitten noses on faces. I am giving 4 stars...it would be 5 except for the cache size, and I would keep pushing for more options from the user standpoint...for example in the summer fun sheet, could we make more things move than just the dolphin, could we choose background color, etc.
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1 year ago, AngelaBR549
Always Surprising!
I fell in love with this app for my ESL students. Quiver Coloring Pages offers a wide variety of pages that children (and adults!) can color and then scan to bring them to life. My students call them 'magic pages'. The app had added many educational pages to scan as well as ones just for fun. The educational ones offer information on a wide variety of subjects paired with cool augmented reality video. If you are looking for a way to engage your class or kids this app is a win!
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10 months ago, Amyburl
My students love it
I recommend this highly engaging app. The 3D imagery is so much fun. Have used it for years on Dot Day with Pk-5th graders and they never tire of finding new ways to view their drawings. The thing I like the most is the peer sharing that naturally happens when one child shows another the tricks and turns of Quiver. I am looking forward to using the education account this year.
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1 year ago, hfdjtf
My favorite edu app!
I have used this app with K-5 students and 9-12 students. It never disappoints. It is the most engaging library station. No matter their age students love to color, and then the magic happens when they use this app to turn their sheet 3D! Teaching the life cycle of a frog, the water cycle and the plant cycle through this app is extremely interactive, engaging, and educational! 5+ stars!
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3 years ago, 101Whoop
Great app!
If you are having difficulty getting the sheet to come to life, I was told by customer service to download ALL content, on the main pack page AND each Volume pack page. I was frustrated at first, but they were able to help solve the issue & I was super excited with the results!
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5 years ago, JD international
Great way to educate!
I love Quiver! This app is an excellent way to educate kids and adults about animals. We are using the app within indigenous reserves in Costa Rica to teach children about scarlet macaws and important reasons to protect them. The way Quiver brings the Macaw to life allows it to become an ambassador for its species. I highly recommend this app to teachers and parents.
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4 years ago, Ktmfk
Fun AND educational!
SO COOL!!! This is a great way to teach our kids about animals, conservation and other issues that are impacting them, and in a really cool way. My daughter loved coloring the picture and seeing it come alive in the app! My daughter loved seeing the scarlet macaw she colored come to life and then learn about them at the same time!
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3 years ago, Ms.artsyfartsy
Not for the classroom
I downloaded app and printed off some of the free coloring sheets from the website. It worked great on my iPad when I tested it. Fast forward to trying it out in my class and it wouldn’t work. Kept trying to load and the app would just shut down on its own. Tried with 8 iPads instead of 20 but still wouldn’t work. Would work for a single station or home use, but sadly not an activity I can use.
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5 years ago, Eddie.03
Nice app
I think this is great for children like me! I also think that it is not complex and is very easy to color everything. If there's an awesome app this could be the one I could ever wish for! I really love it! Thank you for releasing a wonderful app like this!...
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5 years ago, pokemon fan3882
No print button!!!
This is the most useless game I have ever had. The app says to press the “print button” to get a coloring page. THERE IS NO PRINT BUTTON!!! I went on the website, no button anywhere. The app, nada. This is just a useless game to sit and stare at coloring pages you want to color but CANT!!!! SO USELESS!!! If you want to do something like this and ACTUALLY color, get a color and play coloring book, and download Disney’s.
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5 years ago, Rufus.9
So far so good
A just love this, it's really fun to play and it's very easy to color. I love it so much everybody should try it and see how awesome it is. If you like coloring then you should definitely try this app.
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5 years ago, Brittaney Bech
Thanks for this creation
5 stars I am absolutely addicted to this it helps me After coming home from a stressful day at school And doing my homework. Good one among most of the apps. This app stands tall amongst all.
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5 years ago, milan.dickens
Good application!
This app is an epitome of perfection. It has a seamless design and lets us color in AR, provides all the angles for us to color. I just can't praise this app enough. Great work overall.
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5 years ago, skiles.dahlia
Highly recommend for everyone
This is an excellent app. I love all of the 3D pictures! The 3D pictures are cute, funny, and AWESOMELY AWESOMENESS!. I recommend this app for anyone that likes or loves to color, like me.
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4 years ago, Supadudd
My kid has gone missing
Please little John is 4’2, 3 years old, has brown eyes and blonde hair, and wears bathing ape clothing. He was recently seen on this app. Please if you have any info-
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5 years ago, Tobye Sterry
Wonderful app
User-friendly and hassle-free app. I love this app and everything about it. Love this app so much, it is really the best one I have used so far.
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5 years ago, disappointed teacher!
Does not work consistently
I was trying to do this with my second graders. I got the app down loaded and everyone colored their pictures. It worked for three students and stopped working. I had a class full of very disappointed second graders and a lot of waisted time! I do not recommend this app!!!!!
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The directions seem pretty easy. Print a picture, color, and come to life. But none of my pictures are coming to life? No blue as described. My camera is turned on, and there is no help area for problems. Anyone have advice? Want it to work; we are excited to figure it out.
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7 years ago, Dm4js
I wanted to contact app support, but it’s not available. I’ve been using Quiver in my classroom for a few years. However, the app won’t even load completely now on my iPhone 7+, so I’m sure it’s not an “old phone” issue. I’ve shut down the phone and the app many times. No luck.
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5 months ago, a. luminous
Yeganeh Khaleghi
I, as a nurse, must admit that quiver is definitely a useful app for distracting paediatric patients form their pain and stress. Thank you so much.
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3 years ago, dinosour 101
Boring 😑
Quiver is really boring and confusing. I tried to click on stuff and it didn’t work. I wanted to color but it told me to do stuff which I did and it still didn’t work. I wanted to play with my dot like in the ad I saw but it didn’t let me.
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9 months ago, Photosbymaggie
I want to love it
I want to love this but I can’t get the app to work. It keeps shutting down everytime I open the camera. The coloring sheets won’t open. It says it has issues connecting to the internet when I have full service.
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6 years ago, Fiveoaksranch
Great App!
I discovered this app at a teaching conference. I have been using it to coincide with lessons taught in ELA, Science, and Social Studies. My students love it! It brings their drawings to life!
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3 years ago, Fanocards
Constantly crashing
I tried this with my preschoolers—worked once, then crashed every time. Very disappointing.
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5 years ago, Allie555555555555
It hardly works. I’ve been stuck on a loading screen to “download” a page for 30 minutes. It’s really buggy, slow, and drains my battery.
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5 years ago, Jack Grantham
Something with In-app purchases : please read
I can’t even scan my pictures because of In-app purchases. I don’t even know what In-app purchases means
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3 years ago, tailsfoxit
I loved it so much and it’s good I tried doing one of my budgies Chico(leader of the flock) and it worked!
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2 years ago, EmilyTeachingOnline
Doesn’t work
I can only get to the camera and then it force quits over and over.
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4 years ago, Jasminefleur
This app is SO finicky. It is really difficult to get it to work, which outweighs any fun there might be in seeing your colored picture move. I hate it, and it frustrates my kids, too.
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3 years ago, Rick Bonzo 18482
Doesn’t work
Very disappointing. Doesn’t work. Poor.
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4 years ago, qqqqqqqqjwsiwisjxjwjdueuxhx
In app purchases are annoying
Read the title
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5 years ago, me0274794
It doesn’t work and I don’t like it
It won’t scan and it’s trash
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6 years ago, KennyGees
Can't get it to work
Tried multiples times
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4 years ago, DebbyKJ
Doesn’t work at all!
This used to be a cool app. It no longer works.
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6 years ago, vultron433
Doesn’t work....at all.
Doesn’t work in any way.
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9 years ago, Flipflopzfreak
Awesome idea! Excited for its future
As many apps as I have, this is the first time I have taken the time to write a review... That's how in love with this app I am! I love the screenshot feature that allows you to post your 3D creations to social media. Also, pressing the lightbulb on the animal cell picture opens a "quiz" where different organelles flash and then you choose the name from a list. The educational possibilities here are endless! I teach biology and am blown away at the potential. I know geography teachers that would love some map coloring pages. It would be great to have an option to scan in your own coloring sheet as well, although I'm sure that will be tricky. The app appears to still be a work in progress as it does not guide users on their first use and (from other reviews) may crash, however it is totally worth the *FREE* download to see where updates take this awesome technology!
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11 years ago, rollinrover
such great potential for a teacher
This is such a great idea, but it has not been developed to it's most powerful potential. Right now it is a geewhizz cool app, but if the color sheets had some kind of science relevance or math or really any kind of relevance at all instead of random eye candy, it could become a POWERFUL teaching tool. One example a solar system color sheet that popped up and revolved the planets around the sun with the added detail of the moons. It could become a critical teaching tool instead of just neato.
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8 years ago, FacetiousONE
The kids love it!
A really fun app for the family! I've never seen my son so enthusiastic about coloring, and the educational worksheets make learning that much more enjoyable. A little glitchy when they put their hands in the view of the camera, or when they start putting toys into the virtual environment as added accessories to the art, but nobody is perfect. A good amount of free content to get you started, and some in-app purchases to take you further if you enjoy it. Each coloring worksheet (packages in some cases) require an update for the virtual environment, which is typically a few megabytes, so be wall aware that you will need space on your device. Thanks for the fun app. We can't wait to see what's next!
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10 years ago, alyssahen
I use this to teach teachers and students about AR -- but especially LOVE the science "cell" one that you made. I think you would make a lot of $$ targeting teachers :) Ideas -- cells, Water cycle, Rock cycle, food chain, body systems, skeleton, heart, brain, skull, plant anatomy, photosynthesis, microscope parts, types of bacteria, virus life cycle, white blood cells, osmosis, transpiration, messenger RNA, DNA, plate tectonics would be FABULOUS, fault lines, transform boundaries make earthquakes, how tsunamis are made, tornado formations, the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!! Hope you listen!!! Schools could really benefit from these. Just go borrow someone's science book and you have tons of content ideas in there!!!
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10 years ago, mbrown333
Works great once camera is enabled
I previously had an issue where the camera wouldn't work. I contacted support and they got back to me quickly. Apparently the first time you open the app, it's supposed to open a pop-up a request to allow the camera. I didn't get the pop-up (even after uninstalling and reinstalling), but you can set it up manually. Go to settings - privacy - camera and make sure Colarmix is turned to "on". After doing that, it works fine. And it's a pretty cool app. The kids love it.
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10 years ago, Biff952
This is one of the coolest apps!!! Whenever I show it to anyone, they are amazed! I look forward to even more coloring pages to be released in the future! When I use it in my classroom; however, I like to mirror the iPad with an Apple TV, so the whole class can see. The only problem is that it will only mirror in portrait mode. I wish it would also mirror in landscape mode. It would also be REALLY COOL if you could record video files! Please consider in future updates. Thanks for a GREAT app!!!
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11 years ago, Jonathan David
Color me Flabbergasted
This is the first and only app that has gotten me and my kids (12 & 7) all doing the same thing for over four hours straight. We've each colored our own versions of all the pictures (more, please!), and simply can't get enough of watching "our" creations come to life. This HAS to be the best idea for iOS so far! Congratulations and thank you! Suggestion: it would be great to be able to record videos as well as still images.
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9 years ago, Jsfouts
Great idea
I love the concept and couldn't wait to color a page and bring it to life with my soon to be 4 year old. The first page we colored after opening the app found out it was going to cost 4.99 to turn into 3D. So we printed off one that said free, colored it, and brought it to life. It was neat but I wish you didn't have to hold the phone over the picture the entire time. Wish there was a way for it to save it to your phone so your kid could play with it away from the coloring page.
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10 years ago, agregory10
I am a teacher and was trying to use this app to enhance a lesson. I had downloaded and paid for the full version of the app a while ago, but when I tried to use it today with students, it kept crashing. I tried to reinstall it again, but no longer have all of the pictures available to me. I tried to contact ColAR through their web site but there is not a way to do so. Help!
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11 years ago, KUSEKu
Nice app
Very good concept and works great . Instructions needs to be clear that we need to print the predefined set and play . Also I wish once you capture the picture and when you play remove the actual camera preview . When you overlay that with projected image it distracts .all the best waiting for more images . I just shared this and hope you would get couple Moore downloads
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9 years ago, Annoying target symbol
This app was disappointing
So, I was at a restaurant with my parents, and the kids menu had an awesome picture on it of a dragon. Then, we realized that by using this Quiver app, we could make the dragon come to life! I was so excited! Then, I took the picture on the menu home and got the app. But, as soon as I tried to try it out, it said that I had to pay $3 to unlock that page! I was ssooo disappointed! One moment, I was eagerly working on the page and getting the app, then the next I was staring at the app. I wish it was all free unlocked
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9 years ago, TechiePri
I used ColAR Mix with my students all last year and had to switch to Quiver for certain pages. Now I can't download ColAR Mix which worked perfectly! My students can't get their pages to go 3D at all. We have Internet connection, enabled the camera, did the downloads, use pages with the Quiver logo, didn't color with dark colors, and it still doesn't work. We have the latest version. Please fix the problem so it works flawlessly like ColAR Mix please. My students are very bummed and I'm just disappointed with this new app.
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10 years ago, Remikuku
Great, but...
This app has been beyond helpful, informative, incredible, and fun! But it keeps crashing after each change. Also, it won't acknowledge the devices that are all synced to the same account, so I can't use the images I have paid for on any device except the original.
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11 years ago, Kudzukit
Disappointed teacher
I love this app, I use it all of the time in my classroom. But I am very disappointed that, after already paying for "upgrade" for new pages, now I am asked to pay again. I pay for apps out of my own pocket, so I guess my students will miss out on the new pages.
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8 years ago, Txt crazy lady
Love this app!
I work at a school and a friend showed me the app. I downloaded it on my phone, printed the pages and brought them into work for the kids. It's super easy and the kids love it! I would recommend this app to anyone who has children or works with them! It's even entertaining for adults
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