Quizizz: Play to Learn

4.8 (41.9K)
108.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Quizizz: Play to Learn

4.76 out of 5
41.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Max to 12
Great For Learning
I’m a student, but the way that Quizizz makes the Quizzes. Are actually fun! In the beginning when I was first introduced to Quizizz, It’s fantastic! I have a tiny-bit of a problem though, if you search for Quizzes. There are regular math problems, Right? There are some Quizzes that make no sense.. Like there’s a Quizzes like “What is Among us?!?” Or “Guess a number 1-10?!?”. I actually found out earlier that some of these Quizzes are ACTUALLY MADE BY CHILDREN But still fantastic game to be honest The Pro’s I have are.. The transaction to another Quiz & another. It just feels very smooth, and steady! And like Kahoot, it doesn’t keep up with real time. Quizizz finally keeps up with real time! Like for example; Kahoot leaderboard if you’re in class, someone gets passed you. Even though it doesn’t say it. But then if you get a Quiz incorrect it shows that someone took you spot. Way to Go Quizizz! You’ve out done yourself, recommend Quizizz that Kahoot. Warmly -Max
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4 years ago, Ughhh...why
Terrible customer service
1- I created a quiz but was having trouble changing the order of my questions and I wanted to delete one. Even though I pushed the button to delete, the question remained. Also, there is a button to change the order of a question, but that didn’t work either. I figured it was an app issue so I tried to sign into my computer and signed out of the app. Problem was I forgot my password. I emailed and sent a message asking for a reset because when I clicked on “forgot password” it never sent an email to reset. I finally got a response and they pre-created a new account. I sent them a message saying I wanted my old account since I spent a lot of time creating a quiz. I got no response... ugh! I used the pre-created account they gave me but it only got me logged into the support page, not the quiz section. The login didn’t work for the app. Ugh... 2- I created a new account. Recreated my quiz. Then I sampled it. It shuffles the questions! I was very deliberate in the order of my questions. I searched all over to find how to turn off the shuffle. The online support forum shows a long menu where shuffle can be turned off. However in the app, I do not have that longer settings list to turn off that function. I have sent two messages to them that has still not been answered. Ugh.... I’ve now spent days to create a 9 question quiz that doesn’t work the way I want it to and no one from support will answer my question.
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3 years ago, AwesomeTravis_F
My first issue with this app is where teachers have an option where if you get an answer wrong, you only see the wrong answer you put. I am begging you, please, to get rid of this option. I have been using Quizizz for a very long time as a student and I am so so fed up with and tired of seeing a question feeling like I know an answer to it, press an answer, and end up getting it wrong and only seeing the wrong answer. Why do you think this is okay? Do you think this motivates us students? Cause let me tell you, IT DOESN’T. As a matter of fact, it does the opposite. And only the opposite. It makes me get angry. My second issue is the timer on questions. Please make the timer give 30 seconds or longer for questions. I am really sick of seeing a 1-paragraph long question, then four possible answers that are each a paragraph long, and then looking above the question to see that I have less than 6 seconds to answer it. It is literally impossible to read that fast. Please fix these and I may consider bumping my review.
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6 years ago, Barbie32526
Teacher Honest Review
I love Quizizz! I use it at least once per week (on desktops). My students love it and will actually attempt additional quizzes if he/she finishes early. Main drawback: why isn’t the app available in teacher mode? I would love to be able to create quizzes when I am not near a computer. Also, can we have more options for questions? Teacher notes: the space to write the questions is larger than competitors (mainly Kahoot). Also, the ability to adjust the quiz settings is wonderful! I change it up so some correct answers get higher points for answering more quickly, and other times, I use the standard “all points” method. Both varieties allow for student surprise and reduces possible student boredom. I also like to hide the leaderboard occasionally to help students feel less humiliated if they miss a question. Best part of Quizizz is that it is FRE!! Thank you for this awesome tool!
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5 years ago, dylan featherly
Be ready
I cannot summarize my hatred for this app it’s excruciating to even think about. It’s horrible execution is on par with IXL but Quizizz falls short for its ability to kill off my soul even more. At least with IXL you get to at least second guess yourself when you tap on a answer (sometimes). That is absent in Quizizz also instead of just a point system there is a competitive point system. I learn nothing from this app other than we can hope that our children will never have to experience the horror of this app. This app is a disgrace to education. A whole other thing is that it can be insanely buggy with it thinking you tapped a different answer to the one you chose to just completely kicking you out of the game. The kicking part infuriates me I am almost done with a already infuriating “quiz” if you can call it that I get kicked out and have to completely restart. I am deeply saddened by this disgraceful excuse for a “learning” app I feel sorry for the people who made this thing and then remember they were paid to make this abomination of a “educational” app.
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5 years ago, oOPineappleOo
Worse than paper
Paper quizzes are far superior to this. On a paper quiz or test you have a set time to finish the whole thing, this means that you can use a few seconds to answer easy questions and 5 minutes to answer harder ones. In quizizz however, you only have a few seconds to answer for all of them. There are some questions that take slow readers 30 seconds to read, which means we get little to no time to even read the answer choices, never the less think about what the question is asking. Also on paper quizzes you can second guess your answer and change it which isn’t possible with this, if I miss-tap or miss-read and answer choice its instantly wrong with no way of changing it. Kahoot suffers similar drawbacks and google forms is probably the closest to a good testing program. I don’t expect this app to change i just want to explain my complaints. There are a few things others might find beneficial like how it goes by quicker, but for me and many others its just too stressful.
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2 years ago, AWESOMEMEep2
When I was using this app for school, I had a messed up horizontal display when my phone was held vertically, so it was formatted really weird. I had to rotate it 90° so it showed the horizontal on horizontal display, then rotate it back so it could show the proper vertical display. After doing this for a bit, this display issue caused me to get a question incorrect by misclicking when rotating the display. I got every other question correct and proceeded on to the redemption question. Except the display issue caused the question to completely disappear. I was unable to proceed or answer the question. My only option was to exit and restart the entire thing. Will delete the app if this continues and just browser for my assignments because if you need it for assignments, I highly recommend NOT using it.
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5 years ago, Student @t school
As a student in school I sometimes find it hard to study by staring at words and reading things. Then in my Spanish class the teacher introduced Quizziz and I and other students loved it and found studying to be a lot easier. I did some research on it and downloaded the app so I could play what I wanted. I also introduced to other teachers because I like this so much. You can host live games with friends or play solo. Teachers have the option to put a game on their computer for the class to play. Quizziz is the main studying tool at my school and I highly recommend it.
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5 years ago, tinypool_stoneclan
Awesome learning app
This app is perfect for all sorts of things. With it I can study for tests and exams at home or at school and at school our teachers can give us a break by letting us play a game that still lets you learn about that subject. I also use this app at home to play fun trivia games on things like warrior cats (book series) and flower types. This really is an amazing app and I love to use it at home and at school I just wish I knew how to make my own quiz to test my parents and friends. I have never had any adds or lag which is verry nice. I simply cannot express how good this app is. 💜💜
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9 months ago, Video Gamer 9231
This app may seem so fun at first, with the colors, power ups, redemption and others, but believe me, it’s not! Colors- The colors in this app are too much of a distraction. I’m not saying to remove them, it just doesn’t make sense that doing one quiz a day and you get a new quiz color. And, they make sounds that sound worse than nails on a chalkboard!! PowerUPs- Don’t get me wrong- power ups are cool. But there are a few that should be removed. First, the glitch. It may be cool, but it can turn your 1st place on the stupid competitive leaderboard (another 👎🏻) to 3rd. It happened to me. Next, eraser. I don’t need to explain. Redemption- Why. Why. Why is there an option, which I know you can toggle off, to “redeem yourself” on a test or quiz! I get for studying, but even still! And sometimes, it does it more than once. Glitches and Quiz Making- It’s all a glitch if your not on a computer. Phones have small options, iPads crash a lot. And on top of that, there’s a timer, ONCE AGAIN I know you can turn it off, that times you!! What is this? Why do you time people 30secs for a long question. Devs, plz respond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Liam Reeves
As a Freshman in high school, my amazing teachers will make a quiz and share it to our google classroom. This app is one of the most effective ways of studying out there! My friends and I also make quizzes for different subjects, and we compete. Competition is one of the best ways to learn, because not only you are trying to get a good grade, your trying to beat your friends! Quizzez has an amazing simple layout, that makes studying easier unlike quizlet where you have to pay to do stuff and it’s DUMB. So I rate this 5/5 stars!
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5 years ago, Stephan-Brew
Answers get cut off
App is great apart from a few issues. My main issue is that if an answer for a question is long, it gets cut off. I have used a quiz several times on my computer (using the online page) and it doesn’t get cut off, but when I use the online website on my phone, or if I go to the app, the answers end up cut off. This is kind of concerning in a way, because there are some answers that are identical apart from a few key words, but if those key words are cut off then it’s almost impossible to know what the right answer is. I feel like this is a glitch that could be fixed easily, so I would really appreciate it if it was fixed.
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6 months ago, hsppy user 33
monetized app- used to be my favorite
Sad because I loved the app, it worked great during pandemic, and I created many assignments on it. Now priced out of using it. Unfortunately, they have gone to a pay to play mode and are gradually taking away all the things that made it great for me to use it effectively with my special education class. Today I discovered that they removed the ability to have an open ended due date so that my kids could do daily practice without me having to sign in for every game. Every attempt to contact them is met with wanting to set up a schoolwide plan, in other words, spend my budget for the one app that only I will use. Lots of ed apps- just need to find a new one now.
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8 months ago, VikingPrincessJazmin
Absolutely Wonderful!
I definitely love this app! Know why? Well, my class in school (unknown grade, sorry.) is currently in the progress of learning Numberical Expressions. And, I failed last quarter (1st) and this quarter (2), I think ima stop being a “non-studier” this time and STUDY AS HARD AS I CAN and pay attention in Class! So, Edpuzzles and Quizziz within Kahoots and a-ton of that is perfect for my class to learn with! And yes, this is Mathmatics! Thank you for creating this App, and it helps me for my Mathmatics test! -Unknown! 😀
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5 years ago, Graceannewhite
Hi, I think this game is really awesome!!! My teacher (I’m in 6th grade) uses this game LITERALLY EVERY DAY!!!!! We use it as a warm up. I do have one suggestion though. When you pick your answer I think you should have a submit button because if you are starting a new question and accident press the mouse (if you use a chrome book) twice you will accidentally hit an answer and most likely get it wrong. So plz fix this problem, otherwise I really love this game!!! Thank you!
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2 years ago, imv-r
Hi I am a student so it’s pretty fun i have so much that it’s my best friend so it’s more than it’s more good than paper because quizzes it’s amazing because it has a lot of questions and it’s easy sometimes easy and sometimes hard for me so easy and I like it so I’m a student and I’m not at school and a computer homeschool I like it so much that I even want to put everything in but I do like it so much it’s my best friend and it’s amazing!
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5 years ago, newsoulwhodis
Really useful!
I’m a 3rd grade teacher. My students love Quizizz! I find that this app is more geared towards students using it on their devices. I have an iPad Pro and I use it frequently in the classroom in place of my laptop. I was hoping the app would be just as easy as the desktop site to make quizzes, but it’s a little more challenging. My recommendation is to update the quiz making part of your app. Otherwise, the UI is gorgeous for taking the quizzes. Thanks for all the recent updates with streaks and power-ups. Really engaging and fun!
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6 months ago, kittylover❤️789
Logs me out
I love Quizzizz you get to make quizzes and play quizzes and I’m a kid and on here I play teacher but every few days it will log you out and I don’t know my password only my Email but I don’t like when it logs you out within a few days also two things my Titi (Auntie) only knows my password but even if you know your password I know it can still be overrated and I think you should fix this to stop it from logging you out -Thank you
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3 years ago, Jehdjdksjjx
Perfect in every category
You can study, learn, and even make your own quizzes! You can play with your friends and go vs each other to see who can get more points. Some of the quizzes are fun quizzes like “Who played in that movie”. So if you want to either study and make a good test grade or just want to learn about different movies, or if you just want to play around it’s perfect in every category
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5 years ago, Quizziz lover
I am a fifth grader who takes Chinese for half of the day learning sience and math in lander an Chinese. It is not hard to learn the characters but is boring just to sit there an look at the characters. When my teacher introduced quizzes my class played against each other. Now I will play by my self and sometimes my friends and I will host one for fun. My grades have been much better and now I like to study. Quizizz is the perfect app to use. This is my perfect revue.
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5 years ago, ahcincgbnkdfbbjkffbhj
OK SOOO! Quizizz I have used in school and at home. It is absolutely the MOST amazing app to learn on and take quizzes on. I personally like taking tests on math,BTS,STRAY KIDS,ASTRO,and a lot of that and I find it all! I SO recommend Quizizz for young ones and school,I hope it gets noticed more than more apps! I LOVE QUIZIZZ!!!! Hopefully this review helps all of you who want to get it,all the reviews with a bad rate are lying cause Quizizz is absolutely THE BEST app to get if wanting to learn and take tests and quizzes! .. U
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5 years ago, Briaana B
Love it ❤️
This app has made studying so much easier for me, I’m a high school student and how I found out about the app was in my math class. My teacher created a quiz on it, and I have fallen in love ever since. I usually have a hard time studying notes but with this I’m totally focused and can retain the information. What I also love about this app is the fact that it has a different subjects so I can study history, science, and math whatever I need help on.
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5 years ago, NellyJelly2019
Quizizz is a good way to learn while having fun!
Quizizz is a good game for learning but at the same time as having fun! You can join free games and you can take tests and much more! Make sure to download Quizizz for free so you can see what I’m talking about! This game is 10 times better to get students to learn at have some fun, they can look up quiz’s they want to play, they can host quiz’s,and lots more! Make sure you download Quizizz for free on your apple phone!
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2 years ago, Some dude whose not okay
Really fun but needs a fix
I have been using this app since middle school and it was awesome. However, there are some times where half of the screen does not work, especially the bottom half, only allowing you to pick only one answer, wrong or not. In times of competition, this is not fun. So please fix this as the rest of my phone's screen works when out of the app. Besides this, everything is great.
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5 years ago, LiaAiTonogawa
Perspective from a 9th grade student currently studying for midterms
I honestly love this app so much! I mean, it does have some flaws but overall great way to review. If you want it at a slow phase you can turn the timer off and if you only feel like doing work, you can turn the memes off. The best part about this app is that you can do it on one device anytime, anywhere with internet connection. I’m so glad this exists; so thankful!
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2 years ago, sirshalover
I can’t make my own quiz that was the only thing I wanted to do and it didn’t let me as soon as I entered the title my screen froze and I couldn’t click anything else don’t get its bad it’s also very laggy 😡 😡 Edit: Nevermind it’s good the issue is fixed and now I like it but also maybe you could add a true or false option? Idk it’s good 😁 I changed my rating
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12 months ago, Hippieeit
Love Quizizz, but App needs major refining
I use Quizizz as a teacher, and work from my iPad a ton. Quizizz is amazing but only works well on desktop/laptop via the web. The iPhone and iPad apps, and the web version on iPad, are barely functional. I have spent the last 30 minutes trying to add a single multiple choice questions to a quiz and no matter what I do, buttons are hidden or are misplaced on the screen, something glitches and there are pieces of three different windows on the screen at once, etc. Please put some time into fixing the apps and smaller screen functionality!
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4 years ago, cxrgi97
What I think about quizzes
I like quizzes, but it always makes me go lower even though I get the question right. For an example, one time I was playing quizzes at my house, and when I was on second place, I got the question right, and I was like YES!!! but then when I looked at the leaderboard, it made me go to fifth place and I was like why?! And then I slammed the iPad shut and I went to my room and yelled. That’s why I don’t really like quizzes, and it happened to a lot of people in my class to, I think when you’re about to go to first place, it just makes you go down 2 or more places just to make you mad or sad
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5 years ago, Brittnose
I've never been so excited to use a study tool for the first time right before finals! Studying is hard enough but switching up the game completely took me a minute. I absolutely love the meme algorithm going on when you get a right or wrong answer. Color codes are randomly put behind answers which I'm hoping is supposed to help me remember the right answer but we will see. Thanks for being free
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5 years ago, Dr.Pepper gal
Quizziz Review
Quizziz is such an awesome way to study! It’s so fun and gives you memes after each question. It also provides you with the right answers at the end of each game if you scroll down then click on the following cards that you got wrong after scrolling down to study them again before starting another round so you can get the right answers next game!
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4 years ago, HAVE A NICE DAY ❤️
This is great to learn
Quizizz helps you learn and retry when wrong and schools can use this as an online teaching study for something you had done at school because the virus is here so you can use a computer or a phone and a tablet inside at home for learning more things as a quiz in quizizz (no pun intended) so keep learning unless your an adult or graduated before or online so use this to learn something new :)
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3 years ago, Daisy Plaschke
Awesome App
Quizizz has helped me sooooo much with my school work it is so much easier on the app rather than having to go on the web browser every time we have a live game in class because my teacher always starts it before I get in and ends it before I can finish the questions because my web browser on school internet is sooo slow. But anyway Quizizz is amazing!
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5 years ago, Kit Kat Girl Reveiws
Ok, could be better.
We use Quizizz a lot in school to study for test. One possible improvement would be, being able to control if the questions are timed by yourself. Another possible improvement would be being able to do the questions you got wrong over again without having to redo the whole Quizizz. It would be great if they changed it to be more like the app Quizlet. Overall pretty good for studying.
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5 years ago, A Random Quarter
Although it is a bit overrated it’s overall a good resource for studying and interacting with your classmates in a little competition. It’s a great and fun opportunity to learn knew stuff. There’s also things like memes, slime, etc. that also have quizzes. You already have a chance to retake it if you fail or if you just want to retake the quiz. The only thing I would fix is bugs, occasional crashes and a very slow server. It’s a great app and is highly recommended.
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5 years ago, emmmaaa_kateeee
This is amazing
When I’m in class and I don’t understand what we’re learning I come here and I can review and since I don’t time myself, I have more time to understand what I’m looking for and being asked so I can prepare for quizzes and tests. This is wonderful! Definitely helps to prepare for tests and helps me understand and see things better! Highly recommended for you students and parents!
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4 years ago, one for sorrow
Quizzes is AMAZING
Quizzes gives you a fun educational way of learning and i go on it every day to do quizzes on stuff that I like to learn about so if you are reading this quizzes is awesome it even lets you make your own quizzes there is one thing I’d like to point out I don’t like that you can’t learn somethings like some of them are personal and ask like how old they are so if you can please ban those that would be great otherwise quizzes is the best learning game EVER Later😉
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6 months ago, gacha_manga1234
This app is nice!
Greetings! In general, I like this app/website. I like the option to put images, and I like how you can choose what kind of question (multiple choice, open-end, type in, comprehension, etc.) it is. I also like the explanation feature. I like the dark appearance. It is good on my eyes. Overall, this is a good website/app!
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5 years ago, AMS M Nicole
It is very helpful to memorize for a test. You get to know what questions you get wrong and then you can retry by doing it again. As a student I love using it before doing a test. A lot of the teachers use it as a useful way to study. It is also useful when you make your own about the subject you need to study about. This is an amazing app to get an A on that test. Good luck
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4 years ago, Captain Bacon Salad
Review from a student
Hi, I’m a 4th grade kid who is getting teach with 5th graders. I like how this has a completely competitive aspect, and it’s more compatible in online Zoom schools then Kahoot. I like how you can do redemption questions so you can fix the mistake that you made. My suggestion is to add more power ups! The power ups right now are really cool, but I wanna see more of competitive game power ups.
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4 years ago, rnhdisndrbjdkdbrid
Good app, frustrating when I fail
Good app, but there are a few things that tick me off. One of those things is when there is no correct answer, which has happened a few times and other little bugs that are hard to notice but are still there. Don’t worry though, this is nothing major, as the app is still mostly enjoyable, fluid, and all around a good user experience
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5 years ago, Enmdkmendkhandnciiesbdhdj
So I’m one of those people who sometimes reads reviews and just never has the time to ever wright one ,but quizzes has just helped me so much. My teachers give me quizzes and let me do it as much as possible till I make a 100 and I always end up doing great on test after taking them. I 100% recommended any student and teacher using this as strategy’s to learn
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3 years ago, Madeline 😇😀😎🙃💎
This makes Studying fun 🤩
This app is amazing and I think you should download it because it makes studying way more fun and the fact that you can try to beat your friends or whoever is so much fun I love it so much I cannot summarize how much I love this it’s amazing and I thought I think it helps a lot of kids.
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5 years ago, CoolDudeIsSlick
School like, but really cool!
This app got me into learning about religious stuff. Thus, meaning, I actually thought learning was kinda cool. With this app, you don’t sit in a classroom for seven hours straight, you actually get too experience learning in a fun way. Learning with this app, memes aside, is pretty cool. Unlike most things, this app gets straight to the point. They’re awesome, and you’re awesome.
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5 years ago, Rach5987
Love it, only one small change
Absolutely love this app for my language classes, I’m a student. The only problem I have is I wish that when you click the right answer the wrong ones don’t turn red and then fade away. It always freaks me out because I see the red flash and think I got it wrong even though I didn’t
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4 years ago, TMG Flexuh On Youtube
More music
I love this app like crazy one of my favorite app to use for tests it’s easy and simple, I LOVE the memes there absolutely rlly good and I wish my science teacher would use this app but she thinks quizlet is easier, which I don’t agree lol, but the only thing I would like more is more music maby we could add are own music ourselves. Although it’s a great app!
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5 years ago, 151515151515262626262
Love it!
This is such a good game for when I’m in the mood to play my tablet but am suppose to be learning I can finally do both at the same time! I’m a 4th grade student and is excited to learn on this app whenever I’m assigned it for homework it’s the new king of our school!Keep up the good work! But there’s one problem The answers get cut off if I hold my tablet a certain angle so I can’t answer the question,No offence
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5 years ago, SuperiorMario132
As a Student...
As a student, i love using Quizizz. I think it’s a great way to learn certain topics and it can be fun! It is a great app and not only is it used for learning it can also be used to test your knowledge on any topic that another user had made. Another thing I like about Quizizz is that there are memes after completing a question right or wrong.
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5 years ago, therewerenonicknamesavalible
As a student I often use the app quizlet, I just discovered this app last week and it makes studying way more fun. The funny details like the memes after every question really makes a difference. It also has tons of quizzes for any test you have. This game is brilliant! Highly recommend 👍
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4 years ago, plively765
Needs to be fixed
I use quizizz regularly on my computer but I decided to get it in my phone for when I don’t have my computer so I downloaded the app. When I first got on I put my email and password in and then it showed me to the quizzes that I had done recently, but when I clicked on one of them the screen would glitch and then turn all white. I’ve even deleted and downloaded it again and this still happens. Please fix this or suggest something I could do to try to fix this problem.
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5 years ago, kitan A.
This app is my go to when I I am going to be tested or quizzed on a unit in school. it’s the most fun way to grasp information and apply it to an assignment in a fun game like a way that is actually educational. I do not like studying from notes and packets but this app is a way for me to understand the concepts learned in school in the best way possible!!! Oh and it’s free!
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