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User Reviews for Quizlet: AI-powered Flashcards

4.77 out of 5
804.7K Ratings
7 months ago, jellyeliiii:)
The membership is more than I could have hoped for!
As a freshman in a college preparatory highschool, this is my first time with real “finals” I would be stressed beyond belief if quizlet wasn’t so useful when it comes to studying. I’m currently using my free trial for quizlet plus but I might buy a year of it just because it’s worth it. There’s so many features I didn’t even know quizlet had! It made a flashcard set for my Honors English class just by looking at a word document and now I can study for the lit terms final without worrying. I also talked to an Ai bot who helped me learn the material for APHUG which is my worst class, and I’m confident enough for the test now! It even helped me with honors geometry; they provide tons of different textbooks with step-by-step solutions. APES was what I was most worried about, but I could just look up “APES Unit 1-5” and I found tons of quizlets that were helpful. Even when I wasn’t using the free trial and I was on basic quizlet it’s still super helpful for learning, there’s a really cool feature where you can sort flashcards into “know” and “don’t know” to help you learn the material that I’ve taken advantage of for ages and love. I highly recommend quizlet, subscription or not it’s a super useful app for studying, especially with finals coming up! Goodluck to you all, not that you’ll need it :)
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2 years ago, Madison is Great
It's meh.
Firstly: If you use a screen reader, you likely already know Quizlet has never been accessible on any platform whatsoever. But if you don't know, don't use the app. Use the web browser version if you have to and can, but if you somewhat use vision, you can use the app for class. The interface is awful on both, with or without a screen reader, but slightly less awful on browser if you use a screen reader. I'd go into detail, but if you use one you can find out without wasting my time. –– OTHER THAN THAT, if you have iPad, use that instead of the iPhone. Text size is a pretty wacky thing on Quizlet, so if you have medium-long words/phrases in your study set, you'll want a bugger screen because bigger text doesn't work out on the app or the web version. And now, unrelated to most of you reading: Since Quizlet's younger days. It became another feature downgraded cash grab. If it's worth it to you, no judgement there, but it won't stop me from criticizing an app that has you pay for a randomized study quiz and a badge by your name, compared to many other apps with similar subscription rates and more variety of useful features. This one is just one of few known studying apps, which is why it's worth it to people, whether they are happy about it or not. The app (Quizlet in general) is just limited in features, especially compared to what it used to be. But hey, maybe that's just because I'm blind and all this app ever says to me is "Button."
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3 years ago, jedikid51
Best study job ever!!!
I have been using this app since 2018. It haven’t let me down once. My science teacher required fifteen minutes a day on Quizlet and I never scored below 97% on a test. This app has helped me keep straight A’s in so many different ways. The first way is that it is a very easy app to navigate. This app keeps it very simple with only a few buttons. They also have a help button in their guide that can help you get unstuck if you’re stuck. You need minimal tech knowledge to operate this app. The second way is that you don’t need a subscription to study. Sure you need it for some features, such as, different fonts and font colors, adding pictures, scanning documents, and saving for offline use. But there are so many simple ways of getting around that. As you can tell, this is a must have app for all students of any age. Before I knew about Quizlet I never studied, because who does, right? Wrong. After hearing about Quizlet I love to study. So my advice to any parents who might be reading this is, if your kid(s) grades are dropping because they refuse to study, either have them create a set or create on yourself for them to study and have them practice fifteen minutes a day (except the weekends🙂).
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2 years ago, lunafeta
Do better.
I LOVED Quizlet. But when you risk the education of others just to make more money?? I personally paid for a quiz plus a few years ago, but when I heard from my classmates and fellow students that they had to PAY for QUIZLET and could no longer continue studying how they are expected to study for school. How is it fair that using resources like Quizlet should be at cost to struggling families and students. My fellow classmates and I use Quizlet almost every day in our classes as a part of our education. Even though there are still features on Quizlet that are free, the most vital features on Quizlet are now at cost for our own education. Now they can no longer exceed expectations that school requires for studying , with having to pay for test mode and more learning rounds— which helps millions of students study every single day?! Thousands and thousands of teachers use Quizlet to help teach their classes and help their students have a higher education. We beg of you PLEASE QUIZLET, I’m speaking on behalf of the thousands and thousands of students, teachers, & schools that use Quizlet on a daily basis. Not everyone is capable of paying in order to succeed in school. This is absolutely incredibly unacceptable and disgusting. When I first heard the news, I thought it was a joke. Please Quizlet, bring back the old you. Bring back the Quizlet we all knew and loved. Make Quizlet amazing again. Thank you. #standwiththefight #wewanttheoldquizlet #bringbackOURquizlet
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4 years ago, Caitty06
Love this app! Just a few recommendations...
This app is so helpful with studying and I 100% recommend to anyone who has classes with lots of vocabulary and/or study guides and tests. I have multiple devices that I use to study (iPad, iPhone, Mac, etc.) and I have noticed that you can only move the terms up/down on the computer. I would prefer to be able to do this on all devices, especially when I’m on the go. When moving terms, you have to do it manually... I advice the programmers to add a feature where you can have a drop down page where you can move it to a specific place immediately, rather than having the ability to only move it manually. When you have two of the same term, quizlet let’s you know. I think it would be much more productive to shoes in setting if you want to be notified if you have two of the same terms, definitions, or completely duplicated information. I have mistaken the alert notifying me of duplicate terms for alerting me for multiple of the same exact thing. Of course, like I said before, I love this app, and besides these tiny mishaps I recommend it to all looking for a productive study.
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3 years ago, Idaho Superhero geek 734562318
Learned it banner covers up the bottom of the flash card
Don’t use this app if there are any long scientific words or definitions that you need to memorize. When studying the flash cards the bottom of the card will always say learned it with a little hand pointing right, or study again with a hand pointing left. Embarrassingly for quizlet, this covers up the bottom of the flash card you are trying to study. So if you have a long enough definition, (which is super common for anyone in the STEM field, and most likely true for those outside of it) you won’t actually be able to use the whole flash card. If there was an option to change the font size of the flash card this would be easily resolved. I have no idea how they haven’t noticed or resolved this years ago considering how long quizlet has been around. Pictures also cannot be added to both sides of a flash card which really would not be that hard to program. And if you are going to pay extra money to be able to add pictures you would think the advantage would be visually memorizing things, I.e. matching a complex equation with a plot. The picture also can’t be alone on the back of a flash card. If text is not added the app will glitch and not even show the picture. In conclusion don’t use this app if you are studying STEM or anything with a long definitions. Also don’t pay to add pictures to the flash cards unless you only plan on adding a picture to one side.
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1 year ago, Zahra 2000
Flashcards from Notes Unusable for learning Languages
I have had a very frustrating morning trying to take pictures of typed vocabulary to create flashcards. Trying to create flashcards from pictures was very unwieldy because the picture was small and I had to try to select each individual tiny word. If you have a language that goes from right to left, forget about it. So then I just tried to create a list from notes just focusing on the English. I thought I could add the translation afterwards one by one. In the preview, the correct words were extracted. However, the problem happened when the AI tried to create flashcards. It was trying to provide English definitions for each term and I didn’t ask for that. When it became overwhelmed with the definitions, it threw out the scanned words and provided a completely random set of flashcards that had nothing to do with what I had scanned. It was a complete waste of time and money to get the subscription. And worse, I can’t find a way to provide feedback except through the App Store. If you’re studying a foreign language, don’t expect the scan feature to help you create flashcards. Lastly, there’s no way to quickly delete a flashcard. You can only hold down the backspace until you erase each line and then save it - it takes up time. Quizlet should offer a way to provide feedback to improve their product.
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2 years ago, AmberNoelle24
Please reconsider the paywall; accessibility matters
I’ve used Quizlet for years. It was my number 1 study tool in high school. My family didn’t have much money when I was in school so I of course had to use inexpensive/free methods of studying. I used Quizlet at school to study during my free moments because I didn’t have internet at home, therefore school was the only place I could study. My purpose for listing this information is: there are SO many students out there who deserve access to an effective study tool without having to spend money they don’t have. Additionally, Quizlet’s main user base is HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE STUDENTS, who, 9 times out of 10, do not have that much money to spare. They are likely using Quizlet to study towards getting a diploma or degree, which will ultimately lead to better career opportunities. Quizlet is an amazing and incredibly effective service for studying that worked for so long without the need for a paywall, and adding that is making this service unavailable to SO MANY loyal users, because they can’t afford it. Not to mention, costs for basic necessities are increasing like crazy, and a study tool is one of the last things anyone would consider spending money on. Truthfully, this paywall addition is likely going to destroy Quizlet, which is not what anyone wants. Please remember who uses Quizlet the most, and think of how they will be affected first and foremost when making changes to your service.
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5 months ago, Hvjfdjv6837
Not impressed anymore
I am not very satisfied with quizlet now, I used to use it all the time throughout my year and half in college. I remember when it used to be free to study, then about half way through college I ended up having to paid for the subscription last year, I clicked the monthly subscription and somehow it charged me for an annual subscription for $50. I used the app every week to study for my quizzes and I love the way it sets up different studying ways. Now it comes along that I need to study for my finals and I go into the app and my subscription had expired. Now it’s telling me that I have to get the subscription to finish studying my flash card set and now it has ads every time a new round of studying comes along. I don’t think this is fair because I’ve already poured so much money into my getting my license and going through school and now I have to pay to study so I can make sure I pass my final??! I loved quizlet and I would fly through studying like it was no one’s business AND pass all of my test because quizlet was the best way I could retain the information. Now it’s just sad and disappointing that I don’t get study the best way that was effective for me without having to pay just to get through the whole flash cards.
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6 months ago, gospelgirl one
I don’t know what happened?
I seriously don’t know what happened to Quizlet. I used to love this app. I used to use this app all the time in college to help me study. I have a new history exam coming up and I planned on using Quizlet to help me use some flashcards to jog my memory to study for the test. However, now Quizlet has completely redesigned its app entirely. I would give this app a zero stars out of five if I could. I used to play with Quizlet all the time and it would help me so much. The problem is I am 100% legally blind and this app is 100% not accessible. In the past it used to be completely accessible. I could click on the buttons and it would say what it was. now when I click on the buttons such as learn, match, test, and so forth, all they say is button. As a blind person button to me, does not mean anything I need to know what button it is I’m about to click on, which makes me very hesitant to wanna even play on the app anymore. when I click on it, even the options have changed the buttons to practice the game or to answer them have changed. The questions are now pictures of the questions which I cannot see or read. The answers are there, but the questions are like in pictures or graphs or something. I don’t know why the app has changed. If it isn’t broke please please please do not fix it. I wish Quizlet would go back to the way it used to be.
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1 year ago, Izzybell09
Great app until its not!!!!
I have had quizlet for years. I loved it and recommend to several people. I pay for the upgraded version which will gives you extra features, awesome right?! Well all of a sudden my account says nope you are using the free version, no upgraded features for you! Excuse me!?! My receipt and my monthly payment begs a differ sir! So I do what any sensible person does. I delete the app, reload the app, login back in, make sure the app is updated, make sure my iPad Pro 2nd generation is updated. Check, check, and check! Then I go to the web version because maybe it’s the app that’s just glitching. Nope, apparently it’s my account. I put three tickets in to try to get a actual human being to help me instead of automated answers form a service bot. Their response is your account is glitching p but we have fixed it, your good to go. But am I??. The answer is No! Still the same problem. It’s like pulling teeth to get someone to actually fix my account so I can actually get what I paid for. If you want an app that great until it’s not then this is the app for you! Cross your fingers and say a prayer that in the middle of preparing for your exam your account all of a sudden doesn’t work. Please provide actual help and fix your glitches!
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2 years ago, ~•Her Majesty•~
I am infuriated. The marketing team on this app needs to be fired for their incompetence. This is absolutely ridiculous. How is it that the human body has over a trillion cells and yet not one member of this team seems to have a single functioning brain cell? This is a study app, and last I checked most students aren’t rich. In fact about half of the school population cannot even afford school lunch, (percentages may vary depending on location). It is these students that truly rely on school to better their lives and making them pay for an app that has quite frankly been assisting them succeed in school is absolutely ridiculous. If they cannot afford school lunch I’m truly confounded on how you expect them to be able to pay for this app. And don’t tell me there is a free version. Not only can you only take the practice test once you can only learn for 5 rounds. Honestly I hope you go bankrupt for this lack of intelligence. If you would like to still remain a good app I suggest you revert to your old ways, as soon as possible. Stop obsessing over profits, it’s evident in your actions and is quite frankly embarrassing, you're a study app. Anyhow, (while the marketing teams collectively shares 1/132th of a brain cell to read and comprehend this review, and perhaps try to implement some changes), does anyone have recommendations for something that’s, I don’t know, broke-people friendly.
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4 years ago, Emily Klingman
Terrible Update Issues- please change it back!!!
I am so upset. I have used quizlet for years since starting in medical school and have hundreds of flashcard sets. In the past few months, it has been glitchy but the recent update in the past month really destroyed it. My cards keep getting shuffled without me using the shuffle feature and it is wasting huge amounts of time to place them back in order, especially since there is no easy way to do this. Sometimes, cards are also not saved somehow. Again, I have been using this app for years so I know it has not always been this way. Also, the phone update made it so that you cannot turn your phone sideways to see the cards which makes cards with a lot of text on them difficult to read. You also used to be able to enlarge pictures and zoom in very well on your phone, but now you can’t do either. You also can’t go through the cards on your phone as easily as before by simply swiping left or right. The new system is much more complicated and annoying to use. The appearance of the cards also do not look as clean as they did before, by trying to make them look more like a stack of paper flashcards. I have relied on quizlet for a long time and recommended it to many people. Please please please change it back to how it was before!!!!!
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3 years ago, aditi_m9289
Amazing study methods, helped so much
Before I had used Quizlet, I had a really hard time remembering content and just generally studying. After I got introduced to it by a teacher of mine, I started using it for my language class in order to remember vocabulary and grammar structures. It really helped! With the help of Quizlet and spaced repetition, I scored 100% on two of my language tests. After a while I also used it for studying for a science assessment that was a huge weight on my grade (it was also 50 questions). I procrastinated until the evening before the test, and quickly made flash cards using Quizlet. I studied them for a few hours, and the next day during the test, I got 100%. What I really love about Quizlet is their ‘Learn’ feature. It is structured in an efficient way and is an absolute asset when it comes to studying for wide-range content tests. Not to mention, they’ve also got other fun ways to review your flash cards! If you use their ‘Learn’ method along with spaces repetition, I can guarantee that you will score much higher on your tests! I would most definitely recommend this app.
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2 years ago, Dump Wonder
I started using Quizlet when I was 11 years old. This year I will be a junior in high school. I have used it every year, extensively, without fail. Without sounding way over dramatic, this app was everything to me. The learn feature, its most useful tool, was the one thing I truly used. It learned the material for you! My high school has a thriving quizlet group we use all the time. I add to it. Making quizlets for my classes is like a nice little gift from me to them. And now you are taking all of that away. Struggling students cannot afford a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION. By giving in to the apparently all-consuming urge to soak up as much profit as you can, you are taking a resource previously enjoyed by all and donating only to students who can afford it. Only to students rich enough to spend money on a subscription to an external educational app. I wish I could say I’m surprised. I am one of the people privileged enough to be able to afford the subscription you now demand to use the best features. I’m not complaining because I want the app for free. I’m complaining because of the advantage you’re stripping away from those who cannot. Quizlet corporate, I know you don’t care whatsoever, but I hope the people in charge feel at least a tiny bit bad for succumbing to corporate greed in the face of profit. This was the wrong move.
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4 years ago, Shooping jam lover
Quizlet has many cool features about it! I downloaded the app and put in my Spanish flash cards. Quizlet offers a Learn (to learn the flash cards), Test, Quiz as well as other flash cards. You also get to choice what you want on the test. Ex: True or false, Written and or multiple choice. You can play around with these. Quizlet also tracks your score and progress which is amazing. One last thing is that you can share flash cards with anybody through links! This is very helpful if you want to switch devices. Oh, I forgot to mention if you put in something similar to the answer in learn you have choose to choose if it’s correct or not. All of these are very helpful! If I had to say any new features I may have want is an email and or text message if you have questions when using a teachers flash cards. Also zoom trivia with friends would be nice. Like, if you partners with zoom or FaceTime or something and they’ll be flash cards each person has to do. I think it would be a cool way to study but quizlet is already amazing, just to go over the top, you know.
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2 years ago, 1327659'phj.kl
I was called down to the office of my high school and accused of violating academic integrity. This was all because Quizlet doesn’t automatically make all sets ONLY VISIBLE TO ME when they are made. Instead they are listed as VISIBLE TO EVERYONE, and this allows everybody to see your sets. In my freshman year I created Quizlets of each chapter’s tests in my Financial Literacy course. These were made EXCLUSIVELY for me to study for my end of course exam. Unfortunately, because Quizlet makes all sets originally visible to EVERYBODY, others in my school found them the next year. In my sophomore year I was accused of “cheating,” for what I thought was simply being a good student, and finding a way to study. Then, they accused ALL of my Quizlets as being made of answers taken from returned tests, when almost all were made off in class notes. I had to delete all of my Quizlets from my account at today. I don’t know if this is the whole punishment or if there will be something else. I’ll see where this goes, maybe they’ll ban Quizlet on school devices, but I can’t see myself being suspended or expelled. I’m a good student. Why did this happen to me?! I think quizlet is partially at fault for this. They need to make all sets originally ONLY VISIBLE TO ME and if the student wants it changed to VISIBLE TO EVERYONE they should have to do so MANUALLY.
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4 years ago, Yums3286
Great app, not loving the ads and the layout...
Regardless of the things I’m about to suggest, this app is a literal life-saver. I don’t know anyone in my school who doesn’t use Quizlet, and the Match game is so fun to play with my friends. There are a few things that would make it more convenient, though, First of all, I know adding advertisements “makes learning free” and stuff, but please don’t put an ad each time I finish a section in Learn Mode. Sometimes when I get one question wrong it’ll put that question in its own section and will keep repeating the same section a couple of times, and after I answer the question, it shows me an ad. You can skip the ads almost immediately, however, so it’s not really a huge problem...it’s just a minor annoyance. I also wish you could view your folders in a grid view rather than a list. I don’t really like how the home screen is set up... it shows your recent sets at the top, folders on the second row (which are not listed by most recent), and classes at the bottom. Could everything just be in one big grid view, like in Dropbox or PDF Expert? Anyway, keep doing what you do! It really helps make learning a bit more interesting!
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2 years ago, Viv 102
Good app but two suggestions
Quizlet is a great app to study with. Its super helpful, and even without quizlet plus is awesome for vocab practice. I have used it frequently for English quizzes and tests, and am even using it right now for my SSAT upper level vocab section. I just have two suggestions. Im using someone else’s study set with 2000 words, and I made a copy so I could edit some words I thought had a different meaning, or were incorrect. I also copied it so I could remove the images, since for some reason I find it harder to study with them. I think I would absolutely love this app if only there was an option to remove all the images, since its tedious having to manually remove every single image. My second suggestion is that it would be super helpful if there was a feature to sort of command f, and find a specific word instead of having to manually look through every word in an attempt to change its definition. Or even just have an alphabetical order option for when I am editing the words would be super helpful. Apart from these two things, its an absolutely wonderful app and totally deserves its 4.8 rating.
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4 years ago, Rajkpersaud
Lack of Intuitive Options
Paying member here who switched to Quizlet after having tried nearly every other flash card app on the market. I use it to help me remember a number of things for my job, or when prepping for meetings or even interviews. I've felt increasingly disappointed by Quizlet's lack of intuitive personal options. It blows my mind that there is no FAVORITES button or option that takes you directly to the flashcard sets you want to practice. Instead you have to navigate all the way back to the home page and go digging through your account. This is a huge issue on mobile which is where most people spend an enormous amount of time. To exacerbate issues further, Quizlet encourages you to add as many flashcard sets as you'd like. This is ideal, but it's COMPLETELY CANCELLED out by the inability to get to the specific different sets you need most, especially if they live in different folders (for example, by category or type). It would also be helpful if the Smart Scoring could ask you ahead of time what keywords to look for when you TYPE in the answer. Instead, it judges based on how exact of a text-match it is to the answer (despite their claim that it's not supposed to do that). BEWARE OF WHAT YOU'RE BUYING WHEN YOU GET QUIZLET.
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2 years ago, Raikiryu
A new helpful feature for language learners: Word search bar in sets
Quizlet has been a great help as I progress throughout my studies but as the number of flash cards rise in my set, it becomes so much harder to find and edit one. Say that I want to clarify a written meaning, or add a secondary meaning to a word on a flash card. Among currently 1093 and rising flash cards, it’s very hard to find that singular one and edit it. It’s also very time consuming and draining if I even manage to find it. And when you reach such a high amount of flash cards in a set, you inevitably have duplicates of words you thought you didn’t know yet but you indeed did, which could be rooted out by having a search bar feature to root out any potential duplicates if I’m feeling deja vu about a word or sentence ending. Having an encyclopedia of all the words you know in a language and being able to study them can help reinforce language learning, so having a search bar feature for definitions and terms would be a great help.
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11 months ago, jcrcvvcrc
Needs Improvement
First off, it’s very hard to get in touch with anyone for help, they have not gotten back to my message I sent them over a month ago. They have annoying pop ups inside the app like achievement notifications and study streaks that pop up and are very distracting. Also, I got this to put images on flash cards for studying. The images come out soo small it’s very hard to see the image details I want to look at. I’ve tried it on the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and also hooked up to my big screen tv and all the same issue, images are slightly blurred due to reduced sizing, also it’s causing eye strain trying to look at these images I need to study and not very useful right now. Also I think organization within the app needs improvement, it can get pretty disorganized with a very long list of sets. Should be able to switch terms to definitions and consolidating sets. You can merge sets, but this creates a folder of 2 merged sets instead of making them 1 set. Also purchased this year subscription because it said you can then use it offline, which I did and continually run into issues using it offline on my iPad. This app will do for now but looking for a replacement.
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1 year ago, jsshdjdhdud
My take on this app.
Quizlet is a great app for studying especially for school. Though, it does have some cons to it as-well. Cons- I love quizlet a lot. But i don’t wanna take a test once because i don’t have premium, i want to take it multiple times but i can’t since i don’t have premium. As well as when i try to underline a word, it will ask me to get premium. The same with the “Learn” option. I just wish quizlet didn’t make it so after i do it once i can’t do it again unless i have premium (this is only with underlining words, the learn and test option). But in conclusion, i love this app a lot and it comes in handy when i have a test coming up. It’s flashcards on the go and i’m all here for that. They even have a option where you can listen to it, so let’s say you were doing something and couldn’t look at the phone, you could press “ Auto” and it would read and flip through the cards by itself. I definitely recommend this app and give it 5 stars.
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11 months ago, Jakepatt99
Not the best
I have used this app for a long time, and while its a good study tool I'm going to list some things that need to be fixed: 1. Please fix the problem where if you have a picture in the study set, that it will actually pop up when doing the learn or flashcard setting to study. It is so annoying making a question based on a picture that is not even viewable.. 2. Please fix the main menu, it used to be very good but is now a disorganized mess because you tried to do too much. Its hard to find things and half the time I thought I would have saved something to a certain folder or class set and they are never there, forcing my study guides to be all over the place 3. You should have a following section or a friends list that will make it easier to access other people’s study guides rather than me having to search a person’s name every time I want to use their study guide. 4. Be more innovative.. This app has only changed for the worse in the past few years and now you have to pay a yearly subscription for features that used to be free. If you’re going to charge people for this service, than make it worth their money.
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5 years ago, Sarahmaexxx
The update ruined everything
Please fix the app. I have relied on quizlet through nursing school. It is my everything when it comes to studying. The new update, which happened a couple of days ago, has made quizlet unreliable and defective. I’m so upset. Now, when I go to add to a set, and click add notecard, it doesn’t jump to the end and continue the set. Instead, it inserts it as like, card 3. Right at the beginning. I have to scroll through 200+ notecards to get to the end. It’s way too easy to accidentally DELETE a note card! Never to know what it was again. ALSO.. if I try to delete that random blank one that was inserted in the beginning, it shuffles the order of my notecards. The order they are in is very important in what I’m studying. Then I go to “set to original order” and it doesn’t change it back. They’re stuck. It’s touchy, finicky. ANOTHER EX- If I go to add a new notecard, I type whatever question I want into the front, click the “flip”, type the answer in the back, and if I flip it back to the front to add something, what I typed has disappeared. I now have to retype it all out. It’s like I have to save each and every notecard in fear they’ll delete or the text will go away. Please... I’m BEGGING you to save my college career by bringing the original Quizlet back. Thank you
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4 years ago, Katieoc949
Quizlet is the best!
I’ve been using quizlet for three years now and I have always been able to count on it to study for my tests and quizzes. You can even make your own study sets if there isn’t a set already made for you to study. I sometimes go one quiz let for fun, and I look up random quizzes to test my iq and it’s just really fun and reliable to use. You can make your own account and make quizzes for others to use to, not just for you. There is quizlet go and premium quizlet that you can pay for to get extra fun things to do on quizlet! I love using quizlet sooooooooooooooo much and I would definitely recommend you to use it because it’s just super helpful and makes studying for tests and quizzes REALLY fun!!!!!!@!@!! Love y’all and thanks for reading this. Whoever is reading this is a really beautiful person and you deserve to be loved and cared for. You are special in your own unique way and you should love yourself for that. Sending love to those who read this and hope that you get and enjoy using quizlet! Love you beautiful people!!! 🤪🥰😘
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3 years ago, Presthao
Great app for studying
This app has been great in helping me study for my State Board test. It helps me to save time and money from having to write it out on index cards which is good for the planet as well. Win win! Also, because it’s on my phone, I have the convenience of studying from anywhere even if it’s just for a few mins. I absolutely love this app so far. The only thing I would ask the developers to change would be to add an “edit option button” while the users are going through the flash cards mode. Just in case we spelled something wrong or didn’t word things probably, it will give the user the option to correct that card versus going back out to the study set screen and then and then that will give you the option to edit and then searching for the card that you want to correct. It’s not easy searching through a study set that has over 50+ terms. It would just be more convenient for the user. Other than that, it’s an awesome app!
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9 months ago, Amberly23423
Update is suboptimal
Why must everyone change things and make them worse? All I want to do is study a set of flash cards like normal and be able to go back through them. With the new sorting feature this makes this impossible. Even if the sorting feature is disabled I can’t go back to a flash card I just looked at I can only go forward when using the app, which is really annoying. If I go online, as soon as a look at one flash card it removes it from my flash card set that I’m studying because it adds it to the category of “learning”. It has removed 15 cards from my set so far and I can’t figure out how to get them back in my set so I can continue to study them because I definitely don’t know them yet from looking at them one time. When I click reset set on the settings, it still does not add those cards I’ve looked at even just one time back to my flash cards set to where I can study it on flash cards. This is so unfortunate they changed it. It used to be so simple to use. I already wasted my time creating a 325 set thats unusable because every time I look at a card its removed from my set and I can’t seem to get it back. I will be looking for a different flash card app for future use.
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6 years ago, TheOneAndOnly_3
Amazing Great for Studying!!!
First of all this app is amazing! So what I did was an experiment with the app. Well for starters I am a Sophomore in High-school, and I have been using the app since 8th grade. So, for the experiment, every other test I used the app and the others I didn’t. I noticed that when I used my normal notes I did ok on the test, but I knew I could surely do better. On tests I did not use the app to study for, I would make around a high “C” or low “B”. While when I studied using the app I would make a high “B” to an “A”. I know that some of you are thinking why would a 10th grader take this risk for their grade in classes, but at my school you can retake every test you take once. You can only retake if you have lower than a 89% and that is the highest “B” possible. So it wasn’t a big risk because the day I would get my grades back, the same night I would go home a study again but using Quiz-let. And I would more than likely get an “A”. So I really recommend this app. Every since I started using the app, I became an all “A” student and that occasional one “B”.
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5 years ago, HILARYduffROXmySOX
Quizlet Makes Studying Easier and More Effective
Quizlet is part of the reason I am able to maintain a 4.0 college gpa! I find that simply the act of creating my flash card sets familiarizes me with the material enough that I will only have to review it a few times before the test. Flash card sets are a great way to organize the information that is actually important for the test and by having it on an app, you can look over flash cards anytime you have five minutes! I love that I can add photos to note cards! The only thing I wish is that I could put the photo on the “term”side instead of the “definition” side so that when I am studying my flash cards by term, I am shown the photo and prompted to give the indicated answer. I also wish you could have more than one diagram per study set and that there was a way to study multiple sets combined together or to bulk-edit the notecards, such as splitting one set into two separate sets by simply checking the cards you wanted to “transfer” to a new set.
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5 years ago, heathernray
Update Issues
I updated to iPad OS today and quizlet is glitching.. I’m bummed.. I love this app for the Flashcards but... I was trying to add more cards earlier and instead of being able to push tab to go to the next box I have to reach up and flip the card then once done putting the definition in I have to reach up and press done which takes me back to the list then to start another card i have to press the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.. It was way to easy to move through input sections with the tab key.. I’m baffled as to why you would change that to a much more complicated entry process.. AND once I’ve done all that and got my information in the way I would like it and get through anther card or two I look up to see that the program is duplicating my definition in the term box all on it’s own.. after having to go back and correct 5 or more of them I’m throwing up my hands.. i don’t have time to fiddle with a faulty complicated app.. I loved Quizlet until these changes were made and I pay for the subscription but I won’t be doing that anymore.. I hope you guys get these things lined out soon, but if the entry process will remain the same I’ll gladly take my money elsewhere...
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2 years ago, Baerchen123
Absolutely not worth the money
In lieu of giving some long and tedious description of all the issues this app has, here just a bullet list of negative highlights: - often very laggy, even on the newest iPhones - after the most recent update, as was the case already sometimes in the past, it nonstop crashes (for instance on an iPhone 12 pro) - no spaced repetition system, which is ludicrous for a index card learning app - poor text to voice bot - poor user interface In sum, it feels as if a random bunch of college students is tasked with developing and servicing this app. Update: so today came out another ‘bugfix’. Technically it fixed a bug, and introduced another. Now, when you study your words with the premium functions and have to choose ‘got it’ or ‘study again’, you have to redo it instantly after, no matter of your choice. So yes, each card now must be answered twice in a row - which also means no card ends up in the repeatable subfolder, since you always answer twice correctly. :) This quality coding is going on since I made the mistake of making myself huge sets of words to learn ( I am a polyglot). It’s really pathetic at this point. Update: next update everything worked fine afaik
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4 years ago, Gsass
Amazing study app
I bought the premium for $12 for a year because I knew how many Flashcards I used. I love flashcards. Buying the premium included so many other things that I really enjoy. You should really get this app if you make a lot of flashcards to study. The service also turns your cards into different varieties of questions that are very helpful to test your knowledge like multiple choice and fill in the blank. The premium also has a night setting which is great too. I have two complaints which are very frustrating. The syncing of the app between devices. I have added flash cards, appropriately exited and saved the flash cards, and exited the app on my iPad. The next day I tried reviewing the flash cards on my iPhone Quizlet app and half of the terms disappeared. Now I have to re-read 20 pages to find the terms I put down. Be mindful of this potential issue! My second complaint is editing the flash cards on my iPhone. Whenever I try editing a sentence it only lets me edit one word before it send me to the very end of the sentence. So I have to go back and forth by adding one letter and space at a time when editing words in a sentence. It is so annoying and very frustrating!
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5 years ago, Shrewd, Unethical I May Say
Unethical for...
Quizlet makes it difficult to cancel a subscription, and the company minimizes visibility in finding how to cancel. I haven't owned a subscription service that is so difficult to cancel. I will say at least an email reminder is sent that my subscription will auto-renew. (Maybe that’s mandated?) That is where making it intuitive ends. There’s no link to manage your subscription nor go to quizlet in the email. Ok, I’ll let that go to the possibility that the makers of the email aren’t great at their job. So i perform the next step to open my quizlet app on my phone and enter into my account settings. I click on the very small fine print (nice play) at the bottom to cancel my subscription service. But wait, I’m not able to cancel my subscription. The message is hyperlinked, however, it brings me to the quizlet help center. I type in cancel subscription, but then it says I need to go to where I paid for the app. (I.e. google play, apple, or quizlet). The journey to cancel doesn’t end there, but my time writing this review does. Shrewd play quizlet. Very shrewd indeed...
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2 years ago, Lizzzy93
No Longer a Good Study Tool
Until today, I would have given Quizlet a five star rating without hesitation. I have been a loyal Quizlet user for at least the last five years, and have always bragged about what an amazing study tool it is. It made it so easy for me to memorize material, create study sets, and feel truly prepared for tests. But, with the most recent update, every single feature I love and value has been moved to premium use only - and my favorite feature of all has been completely done away with. No longer can you use learn mode to review content over and over, create tests to see how you are doing, or (my favorite that is completely gone) use the “write” feature to type things again and again and again until you’ve pounded them into your own head. And worst of all, the hours I have spent creating study sets for upcoming tests are pointless, as I can no longer use the features. Unless you want to pay for premium, Quizlet is just a basic flash card platform now. Everything that made it stand apart is gone. There are plenty of other flash card apps if you are looking for that. I no longer have any reason to recommend this one over other options.
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2 years ago, fluffyisacutebunny
Amazing to Awful
I don’t use this app like every single day since not all my classes have it. But when I do after like 5 to 10 minutes of studying I’m guaranteed atleast a A- because it’s so helpful. The fact that you need to purchase some features don’t really bother me and the ads are rarely ever a problem. I do find it a bit annoying that it constantly ask you to sign up and enter your email but whatever. So yeah I guess it was worth the download! - A couple years later and look where we are. I’m trying to study for a science quiz and I get to do the test option ONE time. That feature CARRIED me and 6th grade because I could do it over and over until I got 100% now I’m in 8th grade and expected to pay your goofy subscription. I don’t like flash cards or matching, they don’t help me learn. Which is why I liked that this app because there were many features you could work with. I could deal with the ads, I can’t do anything about this. Good app if you’re willing to empty your pocket for it. Horrible if you’re a younger kid just trying to pass the semester with anything higher than a C. I guess it wasn’t worth the download.
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1 year ago, kkbigs148
Quizlet went to crap
So many students relied on quizlet. You want money? Run ads. Don’t make a tool that has been available to students for years unavailable. No one should have to pay for this crap. It has been free to use for so long. I got through high school with this. Couldn’t have passed Spanish without it. I can’t imagine how difficult you’ve made teachers lives who have relied on this for years. This was the one good source of studying, and now it’s gone. No student can afford to pay for this. All you people had to do was run ads. Instead you turned money hungry and don’t care that people need to learn. Education shouldn’t cost students in high school anything. I wanted to study to become a CNA. Seems like I’ll be doing it the old fashioned way. I can’t believe how many people who have turned away from this site and app. And the lack of creator responses on anyone discussing the need to pay in order to study more than just flash cards is ridiculous. Avoiding the biggest issue. I was a long time user of Quizlet, used it since middle school. It’s very disappointing where this company took its business. Right to where everyone else does. Asking for money. Just run ADS.
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2 years ago, iheartmybf23
I loveeeeeee
When I tell y’all you can find the answer to anything on quizlet even those courses and subjects that aren’t even common. Dmv Answers and all that. I started My Freshman year the year the pandemic hit and i already go to an online school but the teachers barely be helping and with the work overload I was struggling keeping up and actually learning so my tenth grade year i thought i was for sure done for and i wasn’t gonna pass but i decided to keep using quizlet to get me through the year and it really is god sent!! Especially those who put the sets and classes and answers on quizlet are god sent!! I can find so many answers on quizlet and i can work ahead instead of falling behind. My Junior Now (Aug 2022) and I’m gonna keep using quizlet and studying and working ahead even when i get a job, i’m gonna be working way ahead so i won’t have to think about my school work. Just can’t wait till I graduate in a year and a half lol.
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2 years ago, pumpkinpie1000
Sad :(
hello. i loved quizlet. notice how i said loved. for many people exams are coming up and i like many others have exams. as i’m studying for my class i start with the learn game. that helps me out the most and i like it. when i got done with my 5 rounds (mind u i had 6 terms that i hadn’t studied) AND IT WOULDNT LET ME CONTINUE TO LEARN THEM BC I HAD TO PAY. 😡😤😡😤 after raging for like a min i was like ok i’ll do test bc i usually do thay when i’m done learning all the terms and wouldn’t u know it i did bad bc i didn’t learn all of the terms. After being sad i was like it’s fine i’ll do it again but i was incorrect bc ITS MAKING ME PAY FOR ANOTHER TEST. and i was like ok let me do flash cards but the problem is i hate flash cards bc i just flip the card over every time bc idc the answer but i would know the answer but UR MAKING ME PAY TO LEARN MY WORDS. 😩😩😤😡😞😡😤😤 anyway i understand needing to make money i’m all for that rich life but how i’m i going to get a rich life when i fail ap gov bc idk the terms. so please idc if u show me like 5 ads just let me learn all of my words so i can pass my exam. if u do i’ll rate u 5 stars instead of 2 and i’ll use u forever!🙏🏻🙏🏻
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5 years ago, Newsie McNewsie
Love it!! Great way to study!
I love quizlet because it allows me to study and create sets for all of my exams and tests in school. It’s perfect because I can label diagrams and create flash cards to help me remember certain terms. I like to use quizlet as a “study guide” whenever I’m putting terms into a set so that I can review everything I’ll need to know for a upcoming test. This is really ideal during finals week 😂😅📚, although I would only recommend one thing. I think that it would be even more helpful if there were a couple more ways to learn my terms. I was thinking that there could be a writing feature where you can use your finger to draw/write the answers out so that they can stick in your brain a bit more. Maybe you could also have the ability to draw (I know that you could upload a picture, but..) an image on the flash card to help you remember the term a bit more. Overall it really is a great app 👍🏻 to study 📖 with whether you are on the go or just at home.
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1 year ago, JNJ0510
Why charge the consumer for the most basic feature?
Quizlet helped me countless times when I was in high school. I’m now in college and have started a job as a cook in an upscale restaurant where I am required to memorize multiple recipes at once. I redownloaded quizlet in hopes that it would aid in this process. And it did. Until after the first test, that is. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s safe to say that tests are why people download this app in the first place so why charge for the most basic feature of the app? This app was meant to be of easy access to students/kids/etc in need, such as a full time college student and worker, living on their own and scraping by as is (me and countless others in the same shoes). Coming from a billion dollar corporation (Yes, billion), this just seems greedy and hurts customer relations. I understand there will be some people that pay, but I predict they will lose hundred of thousands, if not millions of customers. But I guess that is worth it to them since they prioritize money over customer loyalty. Especially since it seems that the developer is choosing to ignore these type of comments and reviews… very disappointing and sad.
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2 years ago, Vef5
Fallen apart: Moving basic functionality behind a paywall
I’ve used quizlet since high school and they have really gotten wild. I am totally fine with them having the premium service, good on them! However, making the basic ORIGINAL functions of the app under premium now. Ridiculous. I can’t use the quiz function to quiz myself on my notes? Yeah I’ll go to the way I quiz when I’m off WiFi / cell. Without that SINGLE function, I have literally no use for this application or website. Hope other students are able to find or create the resources to do the same and move on from quizlet. I know I can no longer recommend the site to my fellow students and I will instead be sending my class notes and study guides through other means. I always tried to support by using the site, watching ads and recommending it to others. But I cannot support through direct financial resources. I am a community college student trying to work through school, my job, and my family struggles, money is tight. EDIT: You guys also took away the learn function????? Literally a pointless app now. Glad that I wasted 7+ years supporting this company for it to turn around like this
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2 years ago, lindsayykatee
Disappointing Service
Don’t get me wrong—I’m one of those kids who got by because of this app in high school and college. I got through with it because of the USERS who created study decks and helpful vocab lists for subjects I was struggling in. The best part was that it was free and accessible when other learning tools had insanely expensive subscriptions. And now, quizlet has joined them. Rather than continuing to focus on the wonderful app they had, they decided to rip this resource away from those who really need it (and those who used it the most). What’s even more bizarre is that quizlet is literally just a website essentially. They don’t produce content; they don’t create the study decks. They’re profiting from the work of students and educators who have worked harder on their decks than the corporate office of quizlet (who no doubt made this decision selfishly) ever will. Disappointing and absolutely not worth it. The horrible joke is that the app isn’t even worth spending money on!! There is no feature that is special enough to need to spend money on, especially with some of the recent changes which are just hot dumpster fires of ideas anyway. Avoid at all cost.
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2 years ago, stephilippou
Overall Great App with Room for Improvement
Quizlet gets the job done of a flash card app and goes beyond with intelligent, cool study features. One simple, big win improvement you could make is to allow sorting alphabetically when editing a flash card set. I have some sets with 200 terms that have no pre-planned order. I just add words as I discover them. If I want to make an addition or update, I have to scroll through a randomly-ordered list, searching for the right one to edit. I’ve also experienced a bug where, during editing, a term I’ve newly added will disappear and I’ll have to re-add it. This often happens when switching to other apps before saving by tapping “Done” while the app remains open in the background. I usually switch back and forth from Safari to reference my sources and check that I’m filling out my terms correctly. The app remains open and it’s usually just a few seconds of switching so the data should persist during that process and not drop any terms.
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3 years ago, cutestkittyintheworld
Best Study App
I don’t usually write reviews, but this app has changed my life. I currently self study Japanese with Genki, and for each lesson there is a list of vocabulary. I used to write flash cards by hand, but that wasted paper and was very time consuming. Then I discovered Quizlet. The actual review: I love how you can make flash card decks for free, and you can change the language. I also enjoy learning with learn and the other methods. It makes studying so much more fun. Mostly, the app is free but you have the option to buy the no ads, and the study offline, add pictures and more all in one subscription but I haven’t done that because it already has all I need without it. My only request would be to have all the features that are on computers on mobile as well. Other then that, this is the best study app you can get for flash cards and I definitely recommend it for anyone who needs to use flash cards and learn vocabulary.
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5 months ago, Krurikit
Was so good until….
OMG, I’m so disappointed at how the feature of copying the correct answer after answering incorrectly suddenly disappeared!!! What’s even worse is that it happened right before some of the most important exams in my life. I can’t take this anymore. I feel like dying, ugh, my head hurts. I paid for this app because of how good that feature was when using the “Learn” option. It played a significant role in helping me memorize lots of information. If quizlet removes the feature that I’m referring to, can they at least have smart grading for write mode cuz write mode’s grading style is soooooooo annoying. Also, the way it gives hints of the correct answer just makes it even more annoying since its so hard to read and it really doesn’t help me remember any information!!! It literally makes me break down into tears. Or can’t they give us the option to turn off/on the feature of copying the correct answer after answering incorrectly????!!! Quizlet was perfect then. I’m begging you quizlet please bring back the feature that I’m talking about. I BEG YOU WITH ALL MY HEART, MIND, AND SOUL!!!! PLEASE!!!! 😫😫
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3 years ago, jjoh858
Amazing App!
WOW! This app helped me so much to study and helps me retain it! First of all the notifications always helped me get on tracks and remind me not to get distracted. Second of all, the starring option helped me so much in helping me memorize it. Even though it’s a little tedious, but in the end you’ll always get the hang of it. And third of all, I absolutely love how it gives you short chunks of questions for the learn option and how it gives you positive messages. Even though it was great and my rating remains as a 5 star, I highly do suggest that you might want to put some positive messages if you’re doing really bad in a question segment. Second of all, I really like the meteorite game on the Web version but I am disappointed it’s not here. Lastly, I really want to see that you can copy and paste a document and it automatically creates a set, like in the Web Version. Anyways, I really like the app and I hope you follow through on my suggestions!
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5 years ago, John Klingensmith
I LOVE this app, it’s so amazing!
I’ve had Quizlet for my whole entire school career, and it has saved my grades on sooo many occasions. Especially in anatomy, Spanish and medical terminology. Having Quizlet allowed me to study efficiently and effectively. And also for having it for so long, allowed me to see the app grow. It’s enhanced algorithm allowed me to barely type a medical term and it would automatically show up in suggestions, then when I selected the definition, it too automatically had three variations of the definition without me barley even having to type a thing. This perk allowed me to build multiple sets in a breeze, and left me more time to study. There’s just so much more but I don’t want this review to go on forever. So I would highly suggest this app for anyone who needs to study a lot and to do it efficiently, even if you pay for the premium feature, it’s so helpful for when you’d need a picture or any other effect, the very few bucks you’d spend are 100% worth it!
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6 years ago, mrpandaa
Great with one glaring, obnoxious (and easily fixed) flaw
Quizlet is a life-saver for studying, especially when in a crunch and you need to get terms down really fast. The app is simple and works really quickly and well. Quizlet Plus appears to be well worth the money, although I haven’t tried it so I don’t know. I like how it’s an option but the company doesn’t shove it down your throat all the time *coughGooglecough* But it has own glaring and super annoying flaw: the “I made a typo!” in Learn mode button is tiny!! It’s so easy to miss, and if you do miss it, there’s no going back — the algorithm thinks you don’t know that card for the rest of that Learn cycle. I really hate this, because it’s a huge waste of my time to go over a card that I know but just typed wrong. And it’d be a really easy fix; just use the same button as the “Check it” button and size it down a bit. The old Learn didn’t have this problem, just saying. And quick suggestion: it’d be really nice if we could follow other users to know when they made a new set.
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10 months ago, nowhereundertherainbow
Used to be great
I used to use Quizlet a lot to study a variety of subjects. It was especially helpful for French, and I loved all the different games and features on it you could play to make studying fun. Sometimes I’d go on Quizlet just to play a game even though I didn’t have anything to study for. But after an update a while ago, you had to pay to use the most simple parts of Quizlet, such as Learn. It seems like the only things you can do on it now are the flash cards, the test, and the match (They got rid of Galaxy?!). I’ve been using it a lot less since then and resort to other study methods. I think the reason for the new update is to support the new AI technology it has, where you can personalize your studying, but honestly that always felt a bit unnecessary and you can learn just fine without it. It doesn’t add anything. They say it’s for supporting their mission so that everyone can learn, but actually it makes it so that no one can learn. I’m giving it 3 stars because it’s still a great app, but it used to be so much better.
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