Radio France Internationale

3.2 (169)
124.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
France Medias Monde
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Radio France Internationale

3.2 out of 5
169 Ratings
2 years ago, John1354576457634
App crash
iPhone XS iOS 15.3.1
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2 years ago, Salahidin
Great contents, horrible app
The app is riddled with ads. How can a news channel that prides itself in providing quality contents display the worst kind of pseudo-news click baits. The full screen ads completely kill the user experience.
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6 years ago, TumpaNOLA
Massive battery drain
In the past 24 hours, the app has spent 1 min in the foreground, and 1.9 hours doing stuff in the background, using 28% of my battery. Don’t have Background Refresh turned on for the app. Something is definitely wrong; there must be a bug of some kind.
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7 years ago, ZephyrusNYC
App is broken — please fix!
App was working beautifully until today. Now it won’t play when screen is locked. This makes it useless. Also, what’s with the annoying pop-up ad? This also appeared today, so I the two are related.
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4 years ago, Sh'ma!
Amazingly bad update
Just downloaded the latest (brand new!) version and every time I click on “International” the app crashes. FYI I have the latest iOS & an 11Pro.
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2 years ago, Billandhobbes
2 problems
The app insists on only one orientation and so often appears upside down pn my ipad. The "journal en français facile" should be on he main menu. It is too difficult to find.
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6 years ago, Tyanze
Needs improvement
The older versions worked better. Nowadays the app crashes all the time. One must always restart which is annoying.
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11 months ago, Robert Kaucher
Crashes when opened
This app will not even open. I have the latest iPhone with the latest version of iOS.
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6 years ago, probodywork
From diamond to carbon
I am mad. This USED to be in my TOP three for design and function. Poor #ux with this complete re-design. Hate the RFI iOS app has gone from navigation like a real radio to navigation like a brochure. Flat and boring.
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1 year ago, LeChatParle
Terrible app. Can’t even open because it crashes immediately
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1 year ago, Peter-ca
can't open
After reinstalling, it crashes every time I open it.
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8 months ago, skittish
Pop up ads galore
The moment I opened this app, it started presenting full screen popup ads. I quit and uninstalled immediately.
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3 years ago, Bill In Seattle
App’s broken.
Had it down-loaded for about 5 minutes! Upside down - it won’t spin upright on iPad! Rebooted, now it’s a blank screen. I have the latest iOS on my iPad. Too bad, so sad!
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1 month ago, Frequent viewer
Please fix
Recently every time I open the app I get an ad that I cannot get rid of. What is going on???
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5 years ago, RupertGiles02134
Crashes on open. Delete/reinstall didn’t help. This latest release needs a do-over.
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5 years ago, Va.97mendez
App not working
My app doesn’t work at all, I’ve updated it and deleted it but it still doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, jackyge
I suspect that the new version of the app is not well done, for several days ago my rfi APP suddenly broken!
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6 years ago, wingate19
Bad Update
Old radio style user interface was much better....
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6 years ago, Dr Tuan Jivago
Very bad app
Can not hear vietnamese program. Crash and crash, do not install.
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5 years ago, Pat Poker
App crashes
This app crashes constantly. So disappointing.
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3 years ago, sunn_uynos
can’t run
Open it but exit at once
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8 years ago, Stevie16
Problems loading articles
Fantastic app, keeps me very au courant with the notifications, but I have a lot of trouble loading articles. They never seem to finish loading on my iPhone 6.
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7 years ago, Gēgeno
a buggy app
✊✊ wont play in the background 🤔🤔
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11 years ago, Kitteh photo
Nice for listening to the programs but wish it backgrounded the audio
News, live feeds, previously recorded programming are all nice, the best of very few choices for RFI apps, but the app still feels unfinished: Can't background the audio, can't skip around by time in the prerecorded audio, UI isn't modern and not always easy to distinguish between a news item for listening or reading. Use it a few times a week but looking forward to a newer version.
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11 years ago, cisfairbanks
Unprofessional app
I really love to listen to RFI. The app was working fine until the last update. It started to go off when my screen goes off, I have to keep my screen on to listen to news, and keep keep it on for long to listen to couleur tropical, 7milliard de voisin and other. Consequently, my phone heats up, and my battery goes down in lest then 2h. I hope the tech team will immediately fix the problem with a new update. For now, my rating is 5/5 for the radio RFI and 1/10 for the app.
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11 years ago, civilizedrat
Flawed app
The audio streaming stops if the screen eventually goes dark when the phone is inactive. You apparently have to keep touching it to continue the streaming. Also, it doesn't work in the background, which makes it impossible to use another app while listening.
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8 years ago, CarlosXOM
Translation s'il vous plaît
Nice app! It would be very nice and a more complete app if text in news boxes, could be selected so I could use the 'iOS Define' option.
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11 years ago, M. Noir
Can't listen to the radio!
Until you provide the ability to stream your radio broadcast in the background and/or after the screen auto locks, I'll be using another app. It's a shame since the rest of the app is very useful.
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8 years ago, GraPhXLight
The white screen of nothingness
Suddenly, clicking on a video or anything beyond the home page causes a white screen with a red X in the upper right corner to keep showing up. No message of any kind just a white screen with a red X. There's only one way to get rid of it: dump the app. Too bad. It worked so well for a while.
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11 years ago, RFI listener in USA
Still needs (lots of) work
This is not a good app!!! Cons: Sounds doesn't work in background; the old app (RFI MCD) was not great but it worked in the background. No landscape mode. Crashes often. Sound goes away when screen auto-locks. Pros: News in text is available.
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8 years ago, Vbx123?
RFI App a total failure
As previous reviewer wrote, a screen with an X at top right corner keeps popping up. It can't be closed and so you cannot click on your radio program. Amazing that since July it has not been fixed. Fix it or lose listeners.
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10 years ago, Paper and Pencil
Crashing on iPhone 4S
Just loaded app and looks interesting but crashes 10 seconds after opening. One star because looks like an interesting news source. Should get zero stars since it doesn't work!
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11 years ago, Woyo2
Need some work
Lacking the play pause button. Confusion for the average user. needs more fixes. Too many bugs. It should have been a better version of the previous one but it's not.
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11 years ago, Xalebi13
Very, very disappointing
After the latest update you can't even listen to the radio or to anything else for that matter. This is very disappointing from rfi. Hope they fix this soon
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11 years ago, Hnngo
Additional Languages Would Be Nice !!!
I love the app and would give it a "5 star" if it has RFI Vietnamese, until then ...
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11 years ago, NT2010
Disappointing app
I listen the news on the old app but this new version removed that option. Why? Why? I would not recommend this app. I agree with all that is said by other people.
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10 years ago, Bourbadjoloff
Great radio,if you could add sleep time on it.
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11 years ago, Emmanuel140
Peace of crap
The last 2 updates are pieces of crap. Not even able to listen to the radio anymore. If you cannot deal with having an app, just give up all together.
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7 years ago, Walter Berkeley CA
Doesn't work
I'd used this app in the past and it worked fine. It's basically nonfunctional right now. Crashes and doesn't show any content.
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8 years ago, 简单英雄
It didn't works
Always refreshing and nothing shows on screen . Far behind other news apps I used.
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11 years ago, Ramatou2013
A disaster !!!
After the latest update there is no more the option to listen to the radio. I wouldn't recommend this app to anybody
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11 years ago, KasraF1
No more option to listen to the radio!!
The new app only provides articles, nothing else!
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8 years ago, MM078308
Blank screen popping up with a red X
They need to fix the bugs unfortunately that is been going on for months now.
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10 years ago, Mrs.Remy
😍Rfi is a helpful source
Because of rfi I speak FLUENT French
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7 years ago, rasmani
It's not working
Just downloaded the app and it crashes every time.
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7 years ago, Nick241682
doesn't work on iPhone
hasn't kept up with iOS updates
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7 years ago, Don Quego
Used to work great
I loved using this app when it worked. What's going on?? Please bring it back!
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7 years ago, The New-Vie
Crashed twice in less than a minute
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7 years ago, Cruizinte
Worst app
White screen pops up all the time. Can't read nothing.
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11 years ago, RFI listener in the US
Très déçue :(
I agree wz everyone else. Cannot listen to anything anymore!!! Hope thud problem is fixed really soon by RFI
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