Rainbow Sentences

3.7 (15)
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Mobile Education Store LLC
Last update
3 years ago
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12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Rainbow Sentences

3.73 out of 5
15 Ratings
11 years ago, They love it!
Very good!
As an elementary school English as a second language teacher, I find that many of Mobile Education Stores' apps are great. I use Rainbow Sentences because it has students think carefully about constructing grammatically correct sentences in a colorful and playful way. In the settings menu the teacher can scaffold the sentence building so that beginning kindergarteners all the way up to around the end of second grade level students can be challenged and successful. When the students correctly answer, there are some funny animated characters that come out and cheer for them. Likewise, there are words of encouragement if they answer incorrectly. The app has a statistics page so you can monitor the students' progress. One problem I have with the app is that you cannot go from a sentence that you are building to the settings or statistics page until/unless you correctly build the sentence. This creates unnecessary hassle if you want to quickly check-in on a student's progress or change the difficulty.
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4 years ago, DissappointedCC
Great - but don’t put ads in a paid app
The app is just what I have been looking for, but every time I open the app I am forced to dismiss an add for another app the company sells. If this was a free app, then I would expect that, but this is a paid app. Remove the ads, and this would be a 4-5 star app.
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4 years ago, Deb Wolke
Fantastic app for writing!
Until today!! I am used to seeing another app advertising when I open the app, but it easily is closed. I use this app in Occupational Therapy in schools. Today there is an advertisement for another Mobile app that I cannot get rid of. I don’t want to erase the app, but it is worthless like this.
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12 years ago, LilMansMom
Wonderful App!!
This app is fantastic in that it can be adjusted to fit any level. The word grouping, difficulty levels and the ability to use line color and word color coding or turn them off is amazing! I have a 5 yo with autism and a typical 7 yo and they both are learning a LOT from this app. The cartoon art is engaging, funny and well done. They adore that the reward is a puzzle that animates at the end. I am thrilled at the reporting system and the ability to record the sentence, which gets them to practice reading aloud. The only thing I would improve on is the reward system... making the child place the puzzle piece instead of it placing itself, and making the correct answer "That's right" into a variety of praise statements, like "Great job!" or "outstanding!" and maybe making more reward puzzles. The puzzles take a long time to finish and a couple more per level would be extra motivating... they are just that awesome. Also, having an option to auto-advance to the next level would be great! Keep making apps like these! They are so worthwhile.
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12 years ago, Irishmom214
Excellent App for school setting and home practice
Rainbow Sentences is a great app that allows children to learn the structuring of sentences on three levels with audio, word color and word grouping. From a teacher standpoint, this app is a great reinforcer to the 5 W's of Writing...Who, What, Where, When and Why. The lesson example that it uses if the child is struggling is both accurate and easy to understand. The difficulty of each level increases as the child masters a sentence structure concept. It records the child's progress and allows for emailing to parents or teachers. The ability to choose if the child should use word grouping, color grouping or color word lines is great because it lends itself well to lesson scaffolding. I love that it will read the sentence out loud to you so that you can hear if your sentence makes sense. It also allows the child to record the sentence after they get it right. This will help children who are auditory learners and for children like my stepson who have visual impairments.
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12 years ago, Autismteach
I was really impressed that the various levels and skills of sentence building are all within this one app. I love the video tutorial, the options to change the settings for each student, and the performance report. This makes collecting data effortless! My favorite part about this app is that the child can record their own voice. Soooo cool! This in itself will be very motivating for my students. A few suggestions: I would like to see more immediate feedback with each correct answer. Also, I think it would be better if the words at the bottom of the picture were spoken instead of printed "Get 5 more correct to unlock the next puzzle piece." Too many extra things on the page can be overwhelming and distracting. Lastly, it may be a minor glitch but I was unable to email stats when clicking on the button in the performance report tab. Thank you Gary and A4cwsn for introducing me to a great app!
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12 years ago, Jen- ABA Grad student
Pretty good
I think the app is pretty good for a large number of children. One of the concerns I have though is that a child could easily make the matches based on color, without having any true understanding of how to actually build the sentences. They could even make the matches without even being able to read the sentences. I think it would be very important when using this app that you are certain the child has the necessary pre-requisite skills, and that you are certain that the child could answer the questions used during the lesson in order to teach how to build the sentence.
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12 years ago, Linda Bradmon
very well done
First, LOVE the video tutorial that walked me through the steps of the app, very helpful, bright colors, reward/earning puzzle peices, great incentive to finish lesson, love being able to make choices of which applications we can use or want to use, my child is RTS 12 years old at a K level and non verbal, at first I thought he won't be able to use this app, TO my surprise he can thanks to the color coded sentence lines and sentences, love that we also have the option of turning those off at some point to see if he really understand the sentence or not. Love the record option although we can't use it, but can turn it off and making button options at the end of the sentence placement easier for him. Love the save option and email option also. Overall, we love the app and can't see anything to improve on. thank you
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11 years ago, Eboyle311
Multi purpose
I love this app because it is a great structured way to support syntax development for writing and speaking. The color coding also allowed us to use it to target asking and answering questions. We used color coded "question word" cards that corresponded to the parts of speech that answered each question. After a student put a sentence together, one of his peers picked a question card and formulated a sentence, the first student then answered that question based on the content of the sentence. The app also supported their articulation goals by providing them with an opportunity to record saying the sentence, then playing it back. I also love that the complexity can be increased, and the color and line visual cues can be faded. My only request would be to add the option of making the pictures more age appropriate for high school students who are working on these goals.
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12 years ago, aman6672
Amazing App! . . . As Usual
Mobile Education has given us another amazing app! I love the various levels and hints that can be used for my boys, both with ASD. This app can work for children at a wide variety of educational levels and can grow with each child separately. I love everything from the color coded words to the ability to record each sentence after they get it correct. This app will be great for teachers (which is why I gifted one to my son's teacher) so they can not only track each individual student's progress, but email the sentences and progress reports to the parents. And the bonus puzzle pieces they earn is brilliant! Rewards built right into the app. Way to go Kyle!
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11 years ago, Anniesinger
Rainbow Sentences
Rainbow Sentences is a wonderful app for early writers or struggling writers. The sentences are color coded to match the lines of entry ensuring success for students. With 3 levels of difficulty to choose from, this app is a winner for classrooms of diverse learners. Easy to navigate and reinforcing feedback will help your student stay engaged and wanting to play more. Combined with creating sentences is the opportunity to build a puzzle for addition fun. An easy to access bar at the bottom has settings, archive of student recorded sentences and stats showing number of attempts at each sentence and correct tries. This app can be set up for multiple groups or users. The ability to email the stats/data is a plus.
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12 years ago, Dad7968
Incredible app
This is an amazing app and an amazing company. I have not found anything that works as well or as quickly to teach my daughter how to build sentences correctly. Her speech pathologist liked it so much that she bought it for her practice. Even better is the customer service. I had a problem when I purchased it where the screen wasn't displaying correctly. I sent an email and go a response in less than an hour. It turned out I had one of the iPad settings wrong. Once I corrected it, it worked great!! I judge companies by their products and how they respond when there is a problem, and Mobile Education Store gets 5 stars on both counts.
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12 years ago, Rebecca Kasdon
Great speech and language app
Mobile Education has a history of quality apps and this one is as impressive as the rest. There are many apps out there to address basic skills such as vocabulary, letters, or colors but it is hard to find one to address higher level language skills such as sentence structure. This app is an intuitive way to address forming a sentence and therapists, teachers, and parents can all easily use it. Having multiple levels and being able to record responses are very useful additions. Besides it's intended use, I could also see this app being adapted to address additional goals such as reading.
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12 years ago, Rubiegem8280
Learning Fun
The mobile education Store has done it once more with Rainbow Sentences! Making learning both fun and easy, this application allowes children of all levels to try and succeed at putting together memorable phrases based on pleasant graphic art. Whether the reader needs most of the words highlighted and color coordinated for them to lead them into the proper sentence structure or has gained confidence and needs just a little support this game encourages them to keep the momentum going. Through multiplayer sign in it allows you to track each learner's engagement and ability keeping the learning curve right on track!
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12 years ago, OtterMom4
Great Educational App - must have!
Love this app! It starts easy and builds in complexity. It is nice that there are audible & color prompts to aid in learning. I like that the lesson is actually taught after you first attempt to solve the sentence presented. Hearing the completed sentence, recording it and hearing your own voice in playback is very helpful too. It slows my Autistic son down to hear what he sounds like when he races through and this helps him to self-correct. The graphics are bright and colorful helping to engage and maintain attention! I looked for a negative and couldn't find one! Mobile Education has another winner with this app!
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12 years ago, Kjacobs82
Great for educators and parents
This is a great app for teaching language and writing skills to students and your children. It starts easy and gets progressively harder, as set by the administrator. Students will syntactic difficulties will find it easy to begin putting words in order while students with difficulty putting their thoughts into writing will see words written appropriately. By allowing users to record themselves speaking the sentences, it adds an element of fun! I would love to see more apps with increased difficulty for older or more advanced users! Great job mobile education store!
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11 years ago, ewslp
Use it all the time!
I LOVE this app, I must use it at least 3-4 times a day. Great for language impaired students who cannot construct a sentence. It is particularly helpful that you can construct sentences with either word chunks (phrases) or individual words. It would be nice if you could skip to the next sentence without having to do the sentence, just in case you have a low-functioning student who does not understand the vocabulary in a particular sentence. Great job! Any chance of getting a similar app for older students, like middle school and high school special ed who might find the cartoons a little socially immature?
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12 years ago, 3Boys1Mom
Great Reinforcer!
This app is a great way to reinforce the concepts of subject/verb for use in sentence structure. The only suggested change I would have is for different interest levels to choose from when making the sentences. (By that I mean, I have an 18 year old that just happens to have Down Syndrome and while he reads any where from a first grade level to a fourth grade level his interest level can range up to a typical 18 year old boy's interest level. So, having more age appropriate interest choices would be nice for those on a lower developmental reading level.)
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12 years ago, JennieOT
Great app!
Another great app from Mobile Education Store! I'm an occupational therapist who works with children with special needs and this app is a great tool to use in conjunction with therapy! I love that you can easily grade the app to use with children of varying abilities and that the parts of the sentence is color coordinated. I agree with other reviewers that I would love a multi-player option within the app, as I work with multiple students and would love to 'store' it at the level we left off on rather than possibly having to repeat sentences. Overall great app though!!
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12 years ago, ptobin4
Love it!
This is so great for teaching sentence structure to kids who otherwise would struggle. I especially appreciate the color coding you all use; it helps a child see how a sentence is built before they may even understand the full concept. That really helps someone like my ASD son who is a visual learner! Thank you for also adding the reward system in the app! Those are always a great incentive for kids to work toward. making it more fun. This app has a lot of fun, color, and details that really work for a child who has a hard time grasping the concept. Thank you Mobile Education Store; great job!
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12 years ago, iPad SLP
Great App and a Timesaver!
This app has met the needs of so many of my speech and language impaired students, including those with autism spectrum disorder. I used to spend hours making materials (making pictures/words, laminating, velcroing) so my students could practice making sentences and this app allows them to do just that! I have used it with a wide age range range with great success. Being able to select different levels for each student really makes it a custom app for many ages/grades. It is a must have for a speech language pathologist!
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12 years ago, SGP9
Lots of supports and motivating!
This app allows you to track progress for different children. It has color coded visuals that help children easily recognize different parts of the sentence. You can also control the amount of support you give children. For example, you are able to turn the visual color coding support off to make it more challenging if necessary. My daughter was very motivated to earn the next puzzle piece after answering a certain number of sentences correct. The puzzle piece rewards, and ultimately completing the puzzle, are very motivating. Thank you!
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12 years ago, turnitin
GREAT for going over WH questions
Our autistic son still has troubles answering WH questions, especially WHY. WIth this app, the grouped components of each sentence help him so that! I greatly appreciate the clarity of the voice in the app, the clear graphics, and having 3 levels of complexity to choose from. A great app for the price! The only drawback we saw was that the icons at the bottom of the page are so faint, they're hard to see with the screen protector on.... though I suspect the develop kept them light so the children would not be distracted or tempted to use them?
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12 years ago, AutismTeacherMom
Love it!
Nice use of who and what doing for level 1, adding where for level 2, and adding why for level 3. Like that you can fade the color prompts in two steps at each level. The word grouping can also be faded if desired for very advanced learners. Great way to teach complete sentences very gradually to help avoid frustration - ABA uses this method for a reason. Like the opportunity to "try again" when student's answer is "not quite right." Thankful the rewards aren't loud and annoying like some other apps. Gotta give you five stars! Very useful app! Well done.
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12 years ago, Frances Amato
Best App Thus Far...
Like my title said, this is the best app yet from Mobile Education. It is amazing, adaptable to all children's functioning level and is highly successful. It uses many strategies that I have used in the classroom with my class that took so long to do, now can be done, practiced and mastered through the use of this app. My students are writing sentences. They are making more complete and correct sentences and this app helped but them on the road to success. A must have app along with all apps from mobile education!!!
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12 years ago, Wendygr
Thanks for another great app
Wendy Slp Another great language app from Mobile! This one focuses on grammatical structure. Easy to use and very engaging....will benefit language delayed,ESL and ASD children. Color coded grammar makes understanding sentence forming easy. Several levels with flexible support on each level makes it easy to tailor to individual needs. Multiple users allowed. Great tool for speech/language pathologists to encourage development of sentence structures. Children can record their responses to reinforce and to enjoy. Kudos to Mobile for another superior app.
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12 years ago, specialappssk
A quality, educational app
I have many apps from this developer and all are quality educational apps I use with my students. I love how this can be adjusted to the right skill level for each user. This is wonderful for my second language learners and also some of my students with language impairment. The only thing I would like to see change is the ability to set my own color coding, that would be very helpful.
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12 years ago, mmt13
This app is really amazing. The developer has taken the fairly complex subject of sentence structure and made it so simple and intuitive. I love how the words are spoken and the ability to make the play range from very easy to quite difficult. The lessons when the student is getting the wrong answer are great too. What's best is that my daughter loves playing. The rewards system keeps her so engaged. She doesn't want to STOP playing. This developer has a lot of great apps, but this one really raises the bar.
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12 years ago, LishyLou82
Excellent Resource
This app is great. I love that it's not geared toward just one age group. You can use it for multiple children with ease, and it helps kids that have various types of learning styles: Colors for the visual learner, Sound for the audio learner, and using fine motor skills while arranging sentences with your fingers. It was easy to use for my kindergartener and not too "kiddish" for my 3rd grader and a great review tool for my 5th grader. I love how it tracks their progress so they can see for themselves and have that pat on the back. Keep up the good work!!!
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12 years ago, Happymommieof3
Great app
I think this is an amazing app. I have three kids. All are under four years old so this app is a little advanced but they are already using it. I love that you can send their progress to teachers. This is especially important for my twin boys who have autism. I try to send many things that they are doing to their IEP team. We are only working in level one right now but I have looked ahead and it looks great. I know this is an app that can grow with them as well. I love it.
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12 years ago, Jeanine17
This app does a fantastic job for teaching my 4 year old child with ASD and my 8 year old child wtih receptive language delay/auditory processing disorder. I love that it spans these age groups so well and challenges my kids at every level. The color-coding is perfect for children who need a little extra help with visual cues to put sentences together correctly. I also love the reward system (putting together a puzzle) used to motivate the child to practice and progress at each level. Another great special needs app. Thank you!
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12 years ago, Missyssyp
Does not work at all
I downloaded this, tried to make it work, re-loaded it, looked for support, adjusted settings - nothing. It tells me there are words but all I get is a picture and no words. I don't know how to contact support other than to leave this feedback. Even the description page of the app only scrolls partway and I can see that there is more information that I can't get to. I don't know if this is an iPhone app that is not working on the iPad, but they certainly took my $8 even if it isn't iPad compatible (I ordered and downloaded on the iPad). Pretty unhappy right now, I was trying to find something to continue on from Reading Raven, as my daughter finished all the levels, but this app seems like a dud. :(
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12 years ago, Puddums314
Lov the options
I love how I can personailze it to each of my childs needs, (different ages,issues) & that there are 3 levels. Already my younger Son is matching the color with the words, listening to & recording himself.. all ithout my help. This is a huge start in his understanding & learning. The graphics are well drawn & match perfectly to the sentence, & the colors really pop. I found it easy to change the settings when needed to suit my other son as well. Overall I would highly reccomend this app!
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12 years ago, TheFatiguedMom
Wonderful App
Another great app for anyone wanting to improve sentence structure and increase vocabulary. I love how the app is color coded, you can adjust the sentences from less to more complex. It also has a recording feature which my son LOVES to use. I love the puzzle reward. This app is very easy to navigate for adults and children and the visuals keep them engaged. This app would be great for children 3-10 as it also reads out loud to the non readers. We enjoy this app and think it will be a hit in any household.
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10 years ago, !Teacher
It's worth the money
They put so much thought into this app, it has many levels of differentiation so I can use it with different grade levels. It's simple to sit next to a student the first time playing it and alter the level if it's too hard or too easy, AND it remembers the specific level for every student the next day. Thank you! The pictures and sentences are cute, colorful, and kid friendly. If they make a mistake, a pleasant, encouraging voice helps them. The kiddos love the record feature where they can record, playback, and save their voice (while getting reading practice). This adds another level of creativity and reinforces reading with prosody. I wish all apps were at this level of professionalism. I only wish our entire grade level could afford it. Thanks, Kari
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12 years ago, lisahaw
Yet another excellent app from Mobile Education Store. Once again the tutorial is clear and concise and walks you through the app before you begin. The color coding can be turned on or off which I like because it increases the difficulty level of the app. I was especially glad to see that if a child builds the sentence incorrectly, only the incorrect words are pulled out of the sentence in order for the child to try again. Two thumbs up!!
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12 years ago, luv2teach1stTX
Love this app!
This is an amazing app that you can customize to meet the needs of your children. I like how you can create separate profiles for each of your children. After creating their sentence, the kids love being able to record it in their own voice and save it to play for me later. It's a definite plus to have easy access to the data collected to track your children's progress. Thanks for making another great educational app!
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12 years ago, romcquill
Another Great addition to the Mobile Education Tools!
Rainbow Sentences is another example of taking an app and having the ability to use it with a wide range of learners. You can begin with creating sentences by moving two phrases to more complex. The app allows for a great amount of support to very little. It's always nice when the student can then read their work aloud and record it. Practicing sentence structure has never been so much fun!
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12 years ago, projectmomm
Reading Made Fun & Functional
This is another great app from Mobile Education. The color coding helps the learner to develop an understanding of sentence structure, with or without audio for receptive learning. The ability to edit features to help the level of learner (easy to more challenging), sound, color on/off, further helps the learner to meet their individual needs. The best part - errorless learning! It's fun, it's functional and it's a great tool!
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12 years ago, iPadsRgreat!
Great for developing writing skills!
This app is great for introducing sentence writing as well as practice for writing more advanced sentences. It has 3 levels with many options for cues and support. The child can even record the sentence after writing it, providing valuable practice in reading. This app would be great for older special needs students who are not independent readers or writers as well as typically developing first or second graders. Highly recommended!
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12 years ago, kblack112
Really helps make the connection!
An excellent app for struggling or special learners. Multiple modalities for learning... Sight, audio, and touch. Gives new learners color cues and helps develop a full sentence for those that struggle with subject-only communication. Recording mode helps with fluency and intelligibility in speech environments. Build in reward system gives reinforcement in a puzzle-style while audio feedback gives immediate verbal reinforcement. Great tracking to demonstrate progress.
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12 years ago, LynneTr
Another WINNER for Mobile Education!
WoW! Another amazing app from Mobile Education! WoW! This app hepls children learn proper sentence construction, writing and comprehension all while having fun. They will forget they are learning as they are having so much fun! Rainbow sentences is appropriate for a variety of age levels: primary through high school all depending upon their learning abilities. I am using this at home with my girls as well as at school with my SPED students. Thank YOU Mobile Education for another APPmazing app!!!
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12 years ago, threejonz
Educational and Fun!
Fantastic app even if not quite reading yet. Really helps reinforce the concept of sentences. LOVE the idea of getting "rewards" with the puzzle piece for completing a certain number of tasks. Right up the alley with what we do at home with our ASD child. Great graphics, bold colors and cute subjects keep my son entertained while learning. The colors help figure out what words go where, very clever! I like that we can track how he is doing along the way. A+
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12 years ago, McVicki51
Fantastic App
We have just had this app for a short time, but it is amazing. The developer has made sentence structure into a game that is fun for children to do and teaches them how to do it properly! My grandson with ASD has always hated reading and writing, but loves this 'game'. He finds it entertaining and therefore he plays it. He is learning so much about sentence structure that his writing is already showing a difference in just a few days. This is a win win app in my bookl
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12 years ago, kmikronis
Good app
I really like this app. My 9 year old daughter and 7 year old son with ASD will definitely benefit from this app. My only concern is that the color scheme does not match the industry standard Fitzgerald Key. This would be helpful especially when trying to market to the special needs community. My son questioned it immediately as different than that presented at school. Hopefully, you will consider changing this in the next update.
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12 years ago, Babykicks03
Great app
This is a very nice app. I love that it is going to grow with my girl. It takes a complex concept and makes it easy to understand. The ability to record your child saying the sentence and play it back really holds my preschoolers attention. That was such a smart feature to include. My only complaint is that it is only for the iPad. It would be great to be able to put it on her iPod or an iPhone.
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12 years ago, faithfulmiracles
Great app for teaching sentences!
I love this app! You can personalize it to each child and is an app that will grow with your child. We will be using this app for many years to come! If your child is a pre reader or an early reader, you will have to work this app with your child. I look forward to working more with this app and experiencing a new way to teach the concept of sentences to my special needs 7 yr old.
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12 years ago, speddavenport
Rainbow Sentences! Love it!!!!!
This app is awesome and can be used for children at different educational levels. I love the color coding as well as the ability to put a class of students onto the app and see their progress. It is wonderful to see kids who feel encouraged by their work, due to the fact that this app can be adjusted so that it is not too hard or too easy for them. Keep the great apps coming!
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11 years ago, TrainerMomof3
One wish
I love this app. The color coding and word grouping help provide support for beginning students and those who need practice to understand how to respond. The settings allow for those supports to be removed. I do wish that I could turn off the puzzle. It just distracts some of my students, and I have to manually close out of it. Then I have to get the student's attention all over again.
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12 years ago, Judd167
Great app!
This is an excellent app for children just learning how to put sentences together! The simple sentences are broken up into 2 parts and are color coded! The sentence fragment will be read to you when you start to move it. I think that it would be a little simpler to use if children could just tap the fragments and it spoke the words. The pictures and colors are bright and engaging. Excellent app in my opinion :)
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