Rapid City Journal

1.3 (41)
30.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lee Enterprises
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rapid City Journal

1.29 out of 5
41 Ratings
3 years ago, BeachBum1960
Clunky at Best
After 9 months of giving The Rapid City Journal a chance to deliver an acceptable app, I’ve run out of patience. This is a very clunky app, loaded with ads and click bait. The biggest annoyance is trying to read the digital version of the printed paper, which is the primary reason for the subscription. I access the print replica via an iPad Air 4th gen. The top half of the page is one large ad that will not go away. After several attempts with the customer service to to find out why this is happening, still no resolution. This company has some serious issues to resolve with regards to technology and customer service.
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4 years ago, Lesha35
Why does this app get worse and worse. At least before the update I could read some of the articles, after scrolling past the same repeated story multiple times. Now any story I try to open I get a pop up that says the content is not available and to retry or cancel. I have deleted and re installed the app with the same results. I did not think it was possible, but the app is worse then the stories.
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1 year ago, 5202Heights
Simply the worst app on my phone. It’s as if they don’t want you reading their news. Difficult to navigate and reading the E-Edition is a hit and miss endeavor. I haven’t even got into their lousy news coverage. Almost all news is national news I read online the day before. When you have to go to a TV app to read local news and cannot find it in the “paper,” something is wrong. Why pay for aggravation?
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1 month ago, nanczetta
Sharing app with family
RCJ is so difficult to deal with. Every time I contact them I am told different things. Emails go unanswered. I recently cancelled the hard copy and chose to get digital only. I read this on my apple phone and was assured my family members would also have access. This is not the case. Once again no one is responding to emails. Any suggestions?
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9 months ago, Bhsu1993
Garbage App
This app is poorly designed when it rarely works. It has tons of click bait adds even with a paid subscription. They are just another one of those soulless greedy corporations that do not care about their product or their customers. However they do care about the propaganda that they are doing a poor job of spreading and they also care about the revenue that the click bait adds brings them.
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4 years ago, CurtH97
Worst app ever!
If there was a poll to vote for the “Worst App” this one would win hands down. I use many apps daily and this one is by far the worst. From locking up to opening videos automatically to impossibly slow news article access. I have the online subscription that I just might have to cancel if this doesn’t get any better.
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4 years ago, *my input*
I was considering purchasing a subscription as this is the primary source of news in the local area. So glad I hadn’t yet! The app is so poorly built and the content currently inaccessible (no articles will open), that it seems pointless to throw my hard earned money at a Journal subscription. I will continue to follow my other news sources. :(
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10 months ago, random crash
The app no longer works
I have a paid subscription and for the last week the app doesn’t work. It says content not available at this time. Check back later
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2 years ago, whitetigergrowl
Horrible. Almost no actual local news except sports. It's clunky and poorly plaid out. Seriously, avoid the app if you can until they eventually maybe possibly ever get around to improving it.
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6 years ago, SD User 1
Why is there always an alert badge on this new, improved app? I contacted the support team, no response. This app also doesn’t give you access the last app did, and I pay for the online access. Poor quality update.
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2 years ago, TlLong2
Horrible app
Horrible app, terrible newspaper. Expensive junk ads is all you get to see. Stick with the information from the tv stations instead. Still ads, but FREE!
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10 months ago, Binky747
Bad app
When I click on the app to open, it closes immediately. Appears the the IT personnel aren’t staying on top of this apps functionality.
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6 years ago, Jm485
Slanted Journalism
The app is fine. The Rapid City Journal however cannot publish fair and impartial journalism. Instead they choose to publish wild headlines that are not supported by the content of the article. I have deleted the app from all of my devices.
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1 year ago, jjk_rulz
This app never works pay for a subscription and then get an error every time you try to launch it great work RCJ
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6 years ago, Ezlong
Old Was Better
The old app with the small photos listed down the side was much more intuitive and user friendly.
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3 years ago, Dude from Cave
The app is okay for your everyday propaganda leftists news. And you wonder why newspapers and all news media is dying.
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6 years ago, shewhi
I cannot open every page of the paper on my iPad even though I have paid for a subscription.
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3 years ago, Mellburg
Ads Block Articles
Overplayed ads popping up every 10 secs remember be any opportunity to read in the app.
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5 years ago, BremerSpeck
Lazy Programming!
I downloaded the app to my iPad. It opened-up in full screen mode. BUT, it opened in portrait mode and would not switch to landscape view. Useless for me. Deleted the app.
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2 years ago, APZipsofacto
Junk app
Avoid it. This app is clunky and full of advertising. I remember growing up in the 80s when the RCJ was a great newspaper. Now it fails daily.
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4 years ago, 14smoke
Sleeps with the liberal left.
It’s the most popular rag written in western South Dakota. I don’t subscribe, let the liberal democrat party support this birdcage lining company.
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4 years ago, store floor
App refuses to work
I have an e-subscription to the RC Journal but this app refuses to work with it.
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2 years ago, Sfkrn
Terrible app
Totally crippled
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8 years ago, busyinmo
Most of the articles showing under the category latest are almost a week old. There has to be more going on in Rapid.
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9 years ago, So. Dak.
App is just terrible
The app keeps crashing when I open a article. I have turned off my phone to reset it and uninstall/installed the app again. Please fix soon. Update: now the app opens the App Store even if I haven't tapped on an ad. I think they are just trying to make the free version so annoying that you spend money for the full version. But it is way too expensive, especially just for online content. It's too bad bc this is how I try to stay up to date on local news even though I have moved.
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10 years ago, MNWildGirl
Great app!
I just relocated to Rapid City from Minnesota and this app keeps me updated on what's going on in my new hometown, which is extremely valuable!
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10 years ago, Aathera
Well done
Definitely a nicer update from the previous version. It's easy to read and very quick.
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10 years ago, Maggie Haarballen
I love this app!
This app is quick and intuitive. RCJ has done a great job at delivering quality content in a technologically relevant way.
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10 years ago, Kevinofnine
Great improvements
The Rapid City Journal's new app is slick and fast. The manual feed refresh button is a great feature for knowing you've got the latest headlines.
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12 years ago, Dave in Florida
Adding Classifieds would be nice
Good app but missing Classifieds. Adding them would be a significant improvement.
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10 years ago, Jim Wilber
RC Journal app
This is a huge upgrade. Very easy navigation and lots of local content! Way to go R C Journal.
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9 years ago, Adan Munoz
Sometimes it crashes as you open an article. Other times it just spams you when you open the app. Terrible app to say the least
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9 years ago, Jm9182
After 5 seconds of opening the app it will automatic redirect you to the App Store in an attempt to get you to purchase draft kings regardless of you touching anything. No thanks.
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14 years ago, Cody John
I live in rapid city and its nice to have an app for my ipad
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14 years ago, Bendruck47
Rapid city is beast
Rapid city is the most beast city in south Dakota Rapid city is the best town you
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9 years ago, Wade9600
Worst App Ever!
Don't bother with this app. You won't be able to read any news as it constantly opens the App Store or iTunes, even if you don't touch the ads.
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12 years ago, Amalsbury29
Needs a lot of TLC!!!!
It says classifieds but there are no classifieds? The weather forecast is all messed up and doesn't work? What a waste of time!
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7 years ago, Akxnoasin238)82:!
Worst app ever!!!! Very awful!
This app has lewd, disturbing advertisements whenever you open it. I have deleted the app and will never use it again!!!!
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9 years ago, 2ZR2
APP IS Spamming me
The app is spamming me on a link at bottom that shows a email in a folder, hard to get rid of it !!! Crap I don't need! Wasting my time and battery power!!!!
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12 years ago, Robert0001
The app is fine.
But my brain crashes every time it tries to get past the RCJ's completely biased reporting!
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11 years ago, bupadhyaya
Overall good.
It's a nice app but not much space for reading.
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2 years ago, bye bye journal
Bye bye journal
The “news” is mostly sports.The app wasn’t great to start with. Now they want me to subscribe to use it. I just deleted it! There are too many other good options available!
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8 years ago, Hazzmatt6
Yesterday's news
Great app...if you are from Belle Fourche or Hot Springs. Nothing about happenings in Rapid City.
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3 years ago, 2021 freedom
The app is essentially useless with all the ads and asking me to log in every 2 minutes. Don’t bother. It’s a waste of money. And I’m asked to pay $14.99 a month.
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