READ 180 Universal Student App

1.8 (123)
3.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for READ 180 Universal Student App

1.85 out of 5
123 Ratings
7 years ago, ps290
This really needs a update
I hate that all it teaches me is how to Correct me like come on make a update s at the end is optional I put one Capital on the word and oh I did it wrong like come on 2 stars because it teaches me some things oh and the s in the end is optional remember that like this cars I can put car without s oh and that little thing I put one caption litter and I’m wrong I made my teacher look at it the thing looks stupid like come on.
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4 years ago, unicorntaco XD
I’m sorry not trying to be rude 🥺
I’m not trying to be rude but this is not helpful once I got the app and pressed the app all it says is “this is not configured” and I don’t know what to do so this is useless
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1 year ago, 4&7go
Did not work but I work at school
this is my favorite app to use at school and helps me learn and get better at reading language arts.
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2 years ago, 7479645796469
App doesn’t work
I’ve been trying to do read180 in my iPad and its telling me to download the app in order to do my work. When i open the app it says “ This application has not been configured”. Now i wont be able to do my work. Hopefully they can fix/upgrade this app.
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3 years ago, Hp511201
Not even related to the subject
Ok so I am in fluency zone and it’s asking me to pick the correct word as fast as I can. Well, this is crap. This doesn’t even help you and it just stresses you if you pick the wrong word or you picked it to slowly. Get rid of it, it’s not important at ALL.
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2 years ago, さよならあきら。
So much issues
I've been using read180 for a year and it doesn't really help me since it have intensive though i try and do it on my iPad and it says i need it configured for a teacher. I wished they allowed tablets to access this.
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4 years ago, Madison1318
Not too bad
I have to do online school and this work is kinda fun. It’s just how sometimes it lags and it is so annoying
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5 months ago, Huuhht
It does not work
It does not work do not get this app because l have been try to log in for 5 hours and it just says this:ask your teacher for help and that is annoying !
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3 years ago, MINI JAKE PAULER
Wont even let me in the app
When I downloaded the app after it finished downloading it told me to do it again and then I went to go open the app, and it is telling me that I need to talk to a teacher to tell me what to do.
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4 years ago, fittness pro
Don’t let me in help me
I have been trying over and over to get in but it always says configured please tell your teacher to help you what do I do
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4 years ago, 他人啊是好
Doesn’t work
I’ve tried several ways for this app to work and my mom is strict and she’s making me sit at a table until this app works,so I guess I’ll be sitting her for awhile because this app is trash
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1 month ago, Jacobheap
really bad app
It takes two long to load and it say I need a teacher to help me update the app and make it work for IPads because I have a I pad so please help me.
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2 years ago, Kris Diaz
That app doesn’t want to open…
The app can’t even open properly and is a waist of my time.
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1 year ago, JORDYN !
Terrible doesn’t work
What’s the point of the app if it doesn’t work smh
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3 years ago, Ssssssshndfqtrg
It’s good
It’s good app but it doesn’t want to work at home when I’m it at school
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4 years ago, arehanas
Online school
My teacher are already giving me to much work
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2 years ago, gianianmariaperezencin
I can never go into app it’s horrible it does not work
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4 months ago, Nickfudjcmfiff
This app should be banned. It says This app is not configured. And banned too.
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2 years ago, gggggggggvtdd d
Best software
It’s the best
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3 years ago, BlackAnemi
Won’t event let me in the app
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2 years ago, xavier10313466
It ask me to good to my. Teacher
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4 years ago, gjhxb
I hate this app, I have to learn online on read 180 but it not working.
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4 years ago, aspoqmchd
It not working
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3 years ago, Ghghgjkejejsjpa
Garbage app
This app is so goddamn garbage i cant stand it, it ruins the point of reading please delete it
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7 months ago, mindlessmiagamer
if the app is telling that something is wrong, go to your settings, go where the apps are, find read180 and where it says sit id put this h100001313 i hope this helps you
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1 year ago, Sessa31
This is a message to everyone who rated 1 star
I finally found a way to get in the app you have to put the site id in to get in the app then you have to log in your username and password and that’s all you have to do I rate is 5 stars because I like reading
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