Reading Trainer

4.6 (167)
172.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
HeKu IT GmbH
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for Reading Trainer

4.57 out of 5
167 Ratings
5 years ago, The New Birdman
Excellent!!!, I hope version will remain useable or be updated
I love this app. In one week I’ve nearly doubled my reading speed AND, at the same time, am comprehending more of what I read. The exercises are well designed and the power reading feature where I can practice my speed with copied text is also useful. My only concern is that it’s been 3 years since the last update. I hope that either this current version will continue to work on future versions of iOS, or that the developers will update when needed. A+, well worth the $3.
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5 years ago, GMoneySteeleBaby
Great for Dyslexia, Discalculia, and Being Fast!
I’ve actually taught speed reading and I appreciate the potential of an app that helps with screen speed reading, which is different than techniques for printed word. However, I have dyscalculia, which is like dyslexia but for numbers, and I question the veracity of basing much of your score off of finding numbers among numbers, which I would argue is an unrealistic skill to need in almost any field. Yes, numbers are important, but finding them in a sea of other numbers is not a skill I’ve ever needed, and doesn’t seem relevant to the goal of reading text on screens faster and more effectively. Otherwise, a useful app. UPDATE: I stand corrected! I’ve noticed a huge difference in how quickly I perceive numbers and how quickly I read! I’m so impressed, I can’t recommend this app enough.
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8 months ago, Hikaru.uwu.
Would like it… but…
I get the need for subscriptions. It’s in order to make money, but as a student who cannot afford to purchase subscriptions like these, it makes it difficult. Sometimes I wish that apps were like duolingo where you could still access the features that make the app worth using (with ads), and subscriptions were for very special features. This app has nothing to help someone who is attempting to learn speed reading if you want it to be free. The most that I could get out of this app is an increased understanding of word searches which was not what I was trying to accomplish when downloading this app.
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8 years ago, PSY (not really)
So far, appears to do the right things
So far, this app seems to do exactly what it says it will do. It seems as though it is written by an austere group of people like college professors. One of the things it could use is some help from more creative graphics/colors/font choice from the people that write the app Elevate. So far, it seems to do exactly what it says it will do. If one wants to improve their reading skills, this app is right on track.
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7 years ago, LongHeartedBeast
Love it!
I LOVE books but didn't particularly enjoy reading. I am 30 and am just learning that I have a reading comprehension disability... maybe dyslexia. I never knew. I was an A/B student in school. Graduated both HS and College and have an iq of 145. Being 30 now I realize that this has affected not only my reading skills, but personal life as well. So I sought online help and came across this app. I love it!
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1 year ago, andriipopadiuk
Favourote app for years, but 2.0 is buggy....
Been using the app for years. But after downloading 2.0 - quite disappointed. Very buggy and slow, both iPad and iPhone. 15seconds to wait for an exercise to open... or an exercise over in 1/3 of the time. Hope it all gets resolved asap. Thanks
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8 years ago, MPNance
Love this app.
Now moments of waiting are made far more fruitful. 5 or 10 minutes a day has improved my slow reading spread. I did not realize that I was just fixating on words too long. The app has forced me out of the habit. I can't wait to get to all the books I've bought! Thank you!
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7 years ago, Hypro
Structured and simple
Not sure how much I've improved yet but it's programmed with several games in the format of lessons where u can consistently see how your progressing and it's teaching my eye muscles and brain to work as a team for reading . I'm sure it will work for me after a few more weeks 😁
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8 years ago, PigKilla10
Best I've found
Solid training methods. Rapid improvement. Real results. Used iPad version years ago. Glad they now have one for iPhone. Exercises quick and effective. Makes you want to train and get faster. Highly recommend.
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5 years ago, meii81
Great app!
I was looking for something exactly like this. I can’t get enough of reading now. My reading speed increased only after a few days of regular exercising, but also I have a clearer comprehension, which increases my enjoyment from reading.
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2 weeks ago, The.Bouche
Worth it!
As a teacher, I not only suggest this app to my students, but I would highly recommend and encourage them to use this app. If you are preparing for timed/standardized tests, this app is a MUST.
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6 years ago, APyck
Very solid
This program has increased my reading speed by roughly 50% in a little over a week. I will continue doing lessons to see how much faster I can get. It’s great!
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2 years ago, Magicandmayhem
Only 2 exercises unless you pay every month
Requires a monthly subscription fee to do anything past the first two exercises. I downloaded this app when it was featured as free for the day instead of $2.99. They apparently changed it to now be a subscription app so listing it as free was misleading. I absolutely loathe apps that make you pay every single month for eternity. Deleted.
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7 years ago, jNfrisco
Well done!
Great app that is challenging and never boring. Function and navigation are simple but intuitive so it leaves you wanting to come back.
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6 years ago, just another learner
Newest learner
Just got it a couple of days ago Really enjoying the challenge I feel my improvement
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6 years ago, Abdalla Warsame
The best app!
I have been using this app for 3 days, and I am feeling improvement already. Thanks guys
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8 years ago, Oscaralex1
Great reading app
Not only it has helped me to read better it helped me to improve my English as this is my second language. Please try it you won't regret it.
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8 years ago, RoninLeb
Do the Job
i like this App, very helpful. Hope they update it and add something new.
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2 years ago, PУ
Not good! Costs too much for an exercise when i can search for it in the internet!
Very bad, that you came back and made this app cost 10$ each month for a set of exercises which are NOT UNIQUE! Even one star is too much for your app!
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5 years ago, cesar tobar
Is the best
Try it
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6 months ago, #&$*$&*#
Too. Much. Money.
Tried the app, but immediately am pulled into what looks like an auto renewing recurring type money thievery. I don’t like that auto pay bull shucks. Deleted immediately. Plus the article I read said $2.99. Yeah, no. Also lovin the ai responses.
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6 years ago, WildTNT89
Downloaded yesterday
Asking for a review after 1 day? Too funny. This app makes my brain hurt, which is good.
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8 years ago, MasterandRon
Great eye opener
My work in the lab involves counting and retaining images under the microscope. This app increases my reflexes and helps develop the eye-brain connection. Thanks!
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1 year ago, chibzly
Too expensive
$14 a month for such a simple app is insane. I’d gladly spend maybe $5 one time or something, but there’s no way I’m going willing to subscribe monthly for this.
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7 years ago, Cookietggc
Wish I could get a refund. Very very buggy! And what I could use I thought was boring. Disappointing.
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2 years ago, Sherap6
While it says “Free” but exactly…
While it says “Free” for a limited time but it is asking for a paid subscription. Looks like I am in a guest status. What kind of confusing stuff is this? Note: I regularly update my review/rating for this application.
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7 years ago, amir abdolkarimi
great app!
best rapid reading app!!!
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11 years ago, Moses Rivera
You must get this APP
I tried EyeQ and 7SpeedReading and I have concluded that this app is by far the most effect speed reading trainer and the most convenient because I don't have to take my laptop out, power it up and launch the application for EyeQ or 7SpeedReading. All I have to do now is pick my iPhone or Kindle Fire and tap on the app. The app is very intuitive and user friendly. The apps FAQ are extremely helpful. For those of us that get stuck on the exercise that askes you which four digits can be divided by 2 (...yeah those of you who really use this know the exercise I'm talking about...) you easily learn from the FAQ that you only need to pay attention to last two digits of the four and confirm if the last two digits can be divided by 2. Other that 15 second exercise the first time around everything else is excellent! Once you master the one exercise I'm talking about (please see FAQ for more info) you'll love this speed reading trainer. Save $50-$129 on those PC and MAC applications and get this app for $3.99!!! You will not regret it!
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6 years ago, FlickerSoul
Doesn’t support iPhone X or Xs
The UI doesn’t support iPhone X or Xs
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12 years ago, Austin Runner
Better than $89 PC software!
I've been trying to learn how to speed read for a couple years. I've purchased several software applications for my computer that were supposed to be 'The Best'. But unfortunately most of them were very boring and somewhat passive, just telling what I should do and then showing me a screen full of text to do the exercise. I purchased this app thinking it might be fun and maybe I would get a little faster in my reading. I got both! I find that I'm excited each day to do the exercises. They are fun and very interactive almost like a reading game. Having the app on my phone meant I could do the speed reading exercises anytime, anyplace. I no longer needed to carve out a block of time every day to sit down at my computer to learn to speed read. This made it easier to stick to. I have now, after two weeks, increased my reasons speed to 434 words per minute. That's more than double what I could originally read! If you want to learn how to speed read, this is the only app you need.
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12 years ago, JamesZa
Good but not quite great
No matter what I say later, this app is worth the two dollars. I love how it paces you and throws you a variety of exercises that seem to build up different parts of the whole process of reading. Once you get to the harder levels of exercises your brain might throb a little. That said, I wish it was better at evaluating me, as an individual. I wish it could recognize my strengths and weaknesses and adapt exercises based on my individual test results. For instance, I can do all of the eye flexibility exercises I want but it's not keeping my reading comprehension up to the same speed. I wish it could recognize this and adapt accordingly. Otherwise I admit that I use it everyday and in no way regret purchasing. Thanks!
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13 years ago, Rocco777
I noticed a huge improvement. Having ADHD as well as some nos (not otherwise specified) learning disabilities this has definitely helped me increase my reading, retention, and concentration. I'm seeing a real benefit in my classes as well. I used to have to be at the lectures or with a tutor who could explain material, but I am getting so much more from the books now that my comprehension rate and time of study per new concept has seriously dropped.
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12 years ago, mrlincoln
I'm still in the middle of the program, but it really feels like I'm making progress, and most of all I'm enjoying the process. I narrate audiobooks professionally and slow reading has given me problems for years. It's also hard to narrate when my eyes jump around and the wrong words come out of my mouth at strange times. This seems to be training my eyes well in this issue.
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12 years ago, justin songs
must have for reading improvement!!!
i have bought several speed reading programs, this one is by far the best! It is very easy to follow and after only a few days of practice i already notice an improvement!! Thanks a million for developing this app, I look forward to any future apps from this developer.
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12 years ago, Doychin
Amazing application!!!
I downloaded several such applications, but this one is just way better, than the others! It really trains you and provide you with the whole information. It is pleasure to play and observe the improvement you make and it even takes care about your eyes! Very satisfied!
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12 years ago, soraSkye-
Good training so far
I have some vision problems and blind spots and the app exercises really helps me to strengthen my ability to scan and read faster. I also like the way it tracks progress. I am new to the app though, so I will update this review when I get a better idea of the long-term results.
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10 years ago, COXIME
Just what I need to succeed.
If you love to read and read well. This application is right for you. Ever find yourself going over a sentence that you just read, or have difficulty retaining and recalling what you just finishing reading? This app will help you tackle those common issues and more. I personally recommend this application. -Bookworm.
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12 years ago, Eric Peterson 24
This app is a must purchase for literally anyone who reads. After even just once or twice a day, I've been able to read circles around what I did before. Not only is it effective; but I find myself wishing they didn't put a 30 minute delay between units, it's that fun to see your progress.
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12 years ago, Kotv
Greatly improved my reading speed
Great app that's easy to get into and fun. All while being extremely helpful in getting me to read faster and focus more. Definitely recommend for the avid reader who wants to read faster.
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12 years ago, Eric Saindon
A skeptic's review
I was very skeptical of this product originally. First using it I noticed exercises used in it were also used elsewhere from a source I trust. This app is fun and effective for anyone looking to improve reading speed and, most importantly for myself, concentration.
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13 years ago, roloandbridget
Great Little App
Challenging. Easy to monitor progress. Have used it for about 2 weeks and have noted a good improvement in reading speed but more importantly an improvement in focus/concentration while reading. Worth the price. I have no regrets.
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12 years ago, Fanala
Reading trainer
Great app! The exercises are great and you really find yourself constantly trying to beat your best. Easily doable every day so it's quite easy to make practicing a part of your daily routine. The tech support is excellent; responses to questions are always prompt, courteous, and helpful.
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13 years ago, Schoenlebers
This is not a gimick. The makers have put lots of thought into the exercises and the way you interact with the whole app. Don't expect overnight miracles with regard to your reading speeds but investing a few minutes with the app now and then is worth your time and pretty fun.
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12 years ago, dcarey23
Great App!!!
I been using this app now for a few days. I can see how it challenges you and the statistics motivate you to improve. Its user friendly, fun and I can already see improvements. Whether you use it to learn or as a game, it's awesome. A total win win! Thanks!
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12 years ago, Sray63021
A great self improvement and skill building app
I found this app to be very well-made and easy to follow. The exercises are paced well and adapt to your own progress. I've been very impressed with it so far and am already up to unit 16.
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12 years ago, JacFat
After just a few days of using this app, I can honestly say that I've noticed improvements already. Even my girlfriend liked it.
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11 years ago, StevenMacDonald
Different from the rest
This app shows some real innovation and I can tell time was spent in its development. This is different than most of the others I have tried and I definitely recommend it.
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12 years ago, coxmba2010
Most valuable app on your phone/ipad!
I've compared several speed reading pc programs and this app blows them all away for pennies on the dollar. I use this every day and love it!
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11 years ago, D_or 2000
I like it so far
I am at unit 10 so probably too soon to notice progress. But the exercises are nice to do every day and it definitely helps me to be more aware of how I read. Ask me another rating at unit 20!
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12 years ago, Shadowx06
This is great!
This app has really helped my reading and especially proof reading for my job. I have to compare data every day and this has really helped! I would recommend this to anyone!!
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