Red Alert : Israel

4.1 (762)
16 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kobi Snir
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Red Alert : Israel

4.15 out of 5
762 Ratings
6 years ago, Claire Brianna
A Reminder To PRAY For Israel
I am adding a request to the creator of this app. PLEASE CREATE A WAY FOR US TO POST THESE ALERTS ON FACEBOOK WHEN WE GET THEM! IT WILL ALERT PEOPLE TO THE CONSTANT ATTACKS ON ISRAEL THAT THEY ARE NIT AWARE OF. I feel immense sadness when I hear the alarm. But I realized I could do much more than cry, because the alarm is a reminder to pray!! When you hear the alarm, PRAY immediately for the protection and safety of the group(s) that are under attack at that moment. (The alarm tells you specifically which settlement is under attack). Pray quickly, because the people only have from 15 seconds to a minute to reach safety. This is not a time for long drawn out prayers, this is a time for a short, specific prayer to God Almighty for the protection of Israel.
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1 year ago, louanag
Ms. Louanna Goodwin, Oregon USA
It’s not that I can give a :-) or a thumbs up to see the Red Alert, it breaks my heart... and then I go into prayer for Israel and those places hit especially; for the safety and fear and dread and trauma that it will cause on the people, the destruction to the land. I do appreciate getting the notice and for that I am grateful because I can help in some little way through prayer. Hopefully all the people will remember that God loves them, that there is a plan and has evil and painful as it is on this earth right now,There can come a better day for all of us if we look to Him. God bless you, God bless your bravery… He said when we are weak he will be strong for us.
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2 years ago, starbright 💫
Repeat problem closing one particular pop up game advertisement
There is a pop up game advertisement that can only be closed by deleting the red alert app. The game’s X to close the advertisement is so high up and small in the left hand corner of the advertisement that for whatever reason no matter how you try to X out of won’t register the action and let you close the game advertisement. I have had to delete and re- download the red alert app multiple times through out the last five days to just stay connected to what was happening. Please address this problem as soon as possible. Please note that this is now going to be my 6th or 7th time of re-downloading the red alert app 😬
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5 years ago, macportland
Friends of Israel
Red Alert is very subtlety an app everyone should have. Pro or anti stands on Israel either position would get the message that the angel of death is still trying to take the first born. Mankind needs a savior and the Books of Moses tells us that when Issac asked father Abraham “where was the sacrificial lamb”, Abraham said “God would provide himself a lamb” and God has provided himself. Remember the servants that traveled to the mount? Abraham said, “The boy and I shall return.” Abraham believed in eternal life. If Issac were to be the sacrifice then Abraham trusted that God would resurrect him. So as King David said, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”, so this App reminds the world to pray and May the Love of God cover a multitude of sin as we pray!
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4 years ago, J-Dawg10
Good Alerts- a few things could be better.
Love the app- it’s made me much more aware of the situation in Israel. Notifications are great, but it’d be nice to also have a map of where rockets have been fired at. Also, the app crashes when you try to play the radio. And the comments section is pretty pointless. But the alerts are very helpful.
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2 years ago, 321654cba
Google Ads are blocking me from seeing this app for weeks.
I have used this app since 2015. Now Google Ads are completely blockome from accessing it. They put up a black page that never goes away. If i tap it, an advertisement comes on snd never goes away. And there us jo escap x. I have complained numerous times and just tried now to access Ref Alert 2 x and same mess. Plus I complained to Google Ads yet again. They are targeting your app
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2 years ago, summerlinNV
Not working - no sound
I am not getting any sound. Checked all settings many times. Tried self test and no sound. The alerts show up but no sound is playing. Deleted and re-downloaded several times and same problem. Anyone have ideas?
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5 years ago, Berry Dodd
It’s useful but not user friendly
I’ve had it for a while. But just deleted it because I could not silence the notifications. I’m at work (not living in Israel) and when Gaza wants to break bad my phone is just going off all the time and can’t silence it. An if it’s possible to do so, I can’t find it especially with the ads that always come up and cover the screen. That may sound petty considering what’s really happening but that’s my situation.
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2 years ago, heavenshome
Red Alert app
This app use to be awesome…Unfortunately due to the repeated ads that pop up upon opening it and having to wait until they’re finished just to view emergency alerts is completely ridiculous. I can understand that ads are needed to help pay for the maintenance of the app but the ads should never cover the entire viewing screen. Ads should only be viewed on a fraction of the upper or lower portion of the screen. The primary focus should be on the emergency…not ads that cover up the info.
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8 months ago, Rosenfritz
Good app, but…
The ads, while necessary, should not be allowed to be full screen - they all are. There is no way to get around them, and at least some of them never quit! Please find a way to make them smaller and / or force a close box. Again, there is, for some ads, no way to see the alert in the app, because the ad never goes away.
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1 year ago, WeBull Legal
Too many ads
Ads are fine, however the ads on this app come up every time you open the app, even if you are switching apps momentarily. This is the kind of app where you need to see the information fast and there are unfortunately no other alternatives. The ads need to stop being full page and instead should just be a banner or bar ad on the of the page. Hopefully another app by another developer comes out soon.
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4 years ago, Exosylver
Please add map locations
Add a little button when you click on the area- you can see the city on a map, it doesn’t need to be the actual place of the rocket impact (although that would be preferable). It’s just to get a visual representation of where it is.
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2 years ago, TEmomof3
Ads out of control
I get it. They want you to pay for the app, but having a screeching sound in an ad on an app that is sending alerts of rockets being sent is inappropriate. I’m ok with ads, but they shouldnt have sound. Also, you are subjected to an ad every time you refresh the screen. Way overboard.
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2 years ago, A4Yeshua
Deleted app, No longer useful
This app was great a few years ago, but now an ad in Chinese language keeps popping up and completely takes over my iPad making the app useless ... ... and I have to hit the home button just to get rid of the app and the ad to try again, but the same thing happens again. I came to the App Store looking for a premium version but got me nowhere, therefore I have deleted the app.
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5 years ago, Mattyjones465
Matt Jones
Thank you as we can report what is not being reported or is falsely reported to keep our friends in America informed and prayerful. BTW. For the previous request for. Way to post to Facebook, I do a screen shot and post the screenshots to Facebook.
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5 years ago, copatrout
Reality annoyance
Brings reality to what is going on in Israel in a very annoying way, and that is just the interruptions cost by the rocket attacks notifications. I think many who download this app will eventually delete it because of the annoyance. It’s too bad the Israelis cannot just delete the rocket attacks “annoyance“.
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2 years ago, Sgjgdfjj
Map please
I really like being kept aware of what’s happening in Israel, it would be nice though if there were a map in the app to show where these towns are.
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1 year ago, formerfoto
Terrible add policy
I’ve NEVER seen an app with this many pop up adds! I don’t mind the price, which I’d gladly pay, but not everyone can afford it and this app is supposed to notify you when there’s an attack, but unless you pay, an add pops up every time you open the app and you have to wait through it before you find out if your life is in danger!
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2 years ago, Kitjsh
This app gives us a very small taste of what the Israelis are having to live with.
This app gives us a very small taste of what the Israelis are going through with Hamas targeting civilians. It’s awful.
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4 years ago, Thelma Jones
This is a very very important App to me
And I am having a difficult and frustrating time trying to understand the settings
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5 years ago, Alan !!!
Good, except for ads
Would have given it a 5 if it didnt have ads. Can I pay a monthly fee for a commercial free version?
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2 years ago, mcmlix1959
The ads make this app deadly
Whoever thought of placing a 5 second ad in the middle of an active alert has never needed this app. When you have only seconds to find shelter and then to be stymied at getting the vital location information you need because of an advert for a game is not only crazy but deadly.
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2 years ago, IranWar2019
Very interesting, totally worth getting
This is a good app to get even you don’t live in Israel or somewhere else in the Middle East.
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4 years ago, terry deal
I’m a huge Israel’s advocate
I support Israel in more ways than 1 Thru prayers and other.. thank you for the app that I can stay alert in every direction
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5 months ago, All nicknames taken?!
Needs alert sound adjustment
Really need a way to turn off sounds! A vibrate setting would be great. Today, we wanted to be notified, but were with other people who were annoyed by the frequent alarms. My husband deleted the app in the end. Not what we want to have to do.
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2 years ago, The Klorg
An Amazingly Good App
Anyone who criticizes Israel for defending itself when terrorists fire rockets from crowded areas needs to download this app first.
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4 years ago, One Voice Among Many
Cities not recognizable
It would really benefit me (an American with limited knowledge of The Land). The app would soooo much more please me if the cities were mentioned with their English/American names. Haifa should be Haifa. JOPPA should be Joppa. It would make it soooo much more relatable for this non-Israeli app user.
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5 years ago, thehonestangler
Important app for those in Israel
Since I’m not in the land, I’d prefer to turn off the sound and just get banner updates. Otherwise it wakes me up unnecessarily at night. I have enough trouble sleeping as it is.
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6 months ago, Kuque1
When i open the app it immediately goes to ads which can’t be skipped or stopped and i can’t get out of them! I can’t imagine having to rely on this app for my safety or the safety of all Israelis!! It didn’t use to be this way! Please fix it!!!!
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2 years ago, Zeegal3
Where is a map
Would like to see a map along with the specific cities
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6 months ago, Nikiii305
Far too many adds
When you open the app you have to get through tons of add before you can even get the information. I can’t, sorry
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5 years ago, B'nai Noach
Wonderful app for anyone outside of Israel to keep up with real time news and alerts.
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2 years ago, JBinTLV
A bit buggy.
Alert sound does not activate even with volume on and turned up… with mute off.
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4 years ago, Hut5239
Remove Information
How do you remove old information ?? Doesn’t seem to be any way to remove/delete old information
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3 months ago, Mnahom
Remove spam comments
Dear author, please remove all spam users, they just turn this to chat board talking about USA politics. It inappropriate and disturbing reading real comments
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2 years ago, Arikï
Might as well be a billboard
You open the app, 2-seconds later there’s an ad that you can’t close. You re-open the app, 2-seconds later there’s another ad… *facepalm*
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4 years ago, SolomonH21
Good app but there are some bugs. The app crashes whenever you try to listen to the radio and the chat isn’t working. Please work in this.
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2 years ago, xjne47{
can’t change sounds or set to only vibrate. Limited scrolling backwards
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2 years ago, Rivka😊
Ads block notifications
Sadly, I have to delete this because the ads block the original intent of my downloading the app
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4 years ago, redamndickulous nickname
Overwhelming Pop up advertising
Can’t even view the rocket alert locations due to pop up advertisements for some kind of senior fall alert that won’t close out. This app used to be informative now it’s useless unless you want to be solicited for unneeded items.
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4 years ago, trudi7
Showing the rockets
Are used to be able to see how many kids are going on now it doesn’t show that. And now it only shows 12 Rockettes used to show her all of them
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5 years ago, liquidjoel
Useless spam
Please do something about the useless comments that pollute the app. Could be much better if things were relevant. It would also help if an accidental tap didn’t take me into an ad.
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3 years ago, dykq1
The concept of the app is great but recently I haven’t been getting any notifications... can you please fix this?
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4 years ago, Rdglady
Deteriorating App
I downloaded this to see location of rockets. I have family and friends in the target area. It is frustrating that ads cover the data. I want to see!!!
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5 years ago, 18HG18
Financial Rip Off!
The Alerts are very good. However, paying to remove ads seems like a con. I paid to remove ads via Apple App Store. Days later, and after many fresh reinstalls, and restore purchases, the ads are still there!
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2 years ago, suzkperry
How to delete???
How do you delete this app?? I have tried and it only removes from my Home Screen. When I go to library, it doesn’t give delete as an option.
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1 year ago, rkmnana53
I used to get siren alerts and they just don’t work anymore.
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2 years ago, selahthegreat1992
comments section is bad.
Comment section should be removed. Inappropriate comments being made. Not needed on this app.
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5 years ago, Prairieprairie
Too many ads. Too much non-related stuff.
Too many ads and links to questionable sites and not enough actual news about missles and safety of Israelis.
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3 months ago, Mnaabc
Failure in purpose. This app is supposed to show time critical info but you can never get to it because the pop up adds are impossible to turn off.
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