Red Eye Radio

1.8 (26)
116.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cumulus Media
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Red Eye Radio

1.85 out of 5
26 Ratings
2 years ago, dontutman
Show is grate but the app is not
I do enjoy listening to radio Netwerk when I do a lot of my nighttime driving the problem I’m having with the app is it crashes and I have to force stop to make it start working again too many times when I stop the playlist and try to go back to it to start it does not respond then I have to force stop this app and restart it again to listen to my podcast this is done on an apple iPhone 10 XR
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2 years ago, Todd Priest
Great show but……
The pop up’s are terrible. It’s so bad that you have to open and close the app a few times. Terrible.
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9 months ago, alkapal
Best radio show!
Gary and Eric are smart, funny, informative, and understand politics and culture so thoroughly. I’ve lost many hours of sleep listening to them on the radio live, but this app lets me sleep AND get my Red Eye guys, too. Win-win. Keep it up gentlemen; you’re wonderful.
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2 years ago, jupitercloudbreak
Stick with IHeart Radio
I can’t believe this app is still so horrible. Hey Mike and Gary I love your show but hate this app. As much as the app is promoted on the show you would think they’d fix the problems. I’ve tried it three times now and can’t even get through one episode without it freezing up. The only reason I come back to this app is when I Heart Radio doesn’t have the latest show.
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11 months ago, Callanja
Sooo Disapointed
I was so happy when I found this show. I spend a lot of time driving and this was my favorite. However, I’m so disappointed as the app is the most difficult that I have ever used. It’s so frustrating when you’re driving and it just hangs or goes into a loop of intro music that you can’t escape out of. So sad to say, but I’m deleting this app and will have to find a new show.
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11 months ago, White Dragon 49
Great show/lousy app
I don’t understand how a company this large (Cumulus) can be so successful and have such a useless app. … especially for a hugely popular program as Red Eye Radio! This is so very frustrating and ridiculous. I have had to delete and redownload this app every time I want to listen to the podcasts. If the Red Eye guys weren’t so much fun to listen to, I wouldn’t bother. PLEASE do something about this app!!!
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11 months ago, Reen$&!
App crashes
Love the show but app is terrible. I have to delete and add it again everyday. And if I stop listening and go back, it crashes and I have to delete and add again. There are so many similar complaints, I don’t understand why this can’t be resolved
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6 months ago, CJTA1
App trouble
Love the show and have been using the app for 2 years. Now all of a sudden it freezes up and I can’t listen to the pod casts. I wish I knew how to fix it!
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1 year ago, Joe18D
Terrible app
Love the show but despise this app, rarely works properly, yet there tons of commercials that come through perfectly. Frequently crashes and requires a reload which leads to another round of …… you guessed it. Commercials. Absolutely zero app support.
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1 year ago, thisappniwsucks
Glitchy and quits working
Love the show bit the app is garbage. Sound stops repeatedly missing large sections of content. App also quits working totally and must be repeatedly restarted. If you can’t listen live don’t bother
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2 years ago, klbSkål
Horrible App
Do not waste one minute of your time with this app, this is the worst app I have ever used, worst that the iHeart app, if you can believe that. Guys, I love your show but someone needs to fix this app so that it actually works.
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8 months ago, Petenict
Dozen+ commercials
Like the title says, way too many commercials. 5 minutes or more sometimes
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1 year ago, Steveerdamngood
Won’t load
It won’t load half the time and the ads you must watch before getting to the show is disgusting
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6 years ago, ToddSki70
Pauses, pauses, pauses!!!!!
As far as the show itself goes there's not a better conservative talk radio show on the air! Unfortunately the app does not follow suit. Listening live or the podcast the app pauses uncommanded and requires hitting the Play button to resume. This happens virtually all the time, and limits me hearing my favorite radio program, not to mention the annoyance factor. Other reviews mentioned the controls being too small and hard to use, and yes I must agree with them when using a phone app, but using a tablet works better in that case alone. PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!!! The best radio show in the good ole USA deserves a quality mobile application.
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1 year ago, yogajean
Content good when you are lucky enough to access it. Frustrating!
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1 year ago, 1976cMR
Show is great, app is terrible
This may be the single worst app that I have ever used. Constant skipping with the audio. Constant disconnects. Just pure garbage. The app designers don’t even seem to care either.
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11 months ago, FFWB
Crashes After Last Update
WAS a good app until your last update. I rarely can get it to work.
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1 year ago, not a fruend
Doesn’t work
Cannot access. Tap on desired show. Play symbol comes up but won’t play podcast!
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5 years ago, DG-2209
Runs like Windows 95
It would seem unfathomable to deal with pop-up ads in 2019 but this app finds a way to make it happen. It’s naturally slow and then you frequently have pop-up ads randomly while trying to listen. I even experienced two at once while the show was playing. This is resulted in 3 voices talking at once. You have to spend time constantly closing out of adds and trying to restart listening to the show. I don’t know who created this app but I would guess a middle school multimedia class made it in 2005. It’s that low quality. I would be absolutely embarrassed to have this app associated with my business. If you want to listen live, do yourself a favor and get the iHeart Radio app. This poor excuse for technology isn’t worth the time it takes to download and then quickly delete after you realize what a horrible decision you have made.
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8 years ago, Ghostgirlie
Controls too small
The typeface is ridiculously small on the 2016 update!!! The controls on the podcasts are way too small, especially the progress bar. The time/counter of where you are in the episode is virtually unreadable. And the skip-ahead 30 second feature is now only 15 seconds and hard to see. And users were forced to update to this version. Not cool.
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4 years ago, efallguy
Great app
Never had a problem with this app for about 3 yrs. As a truck driver I love to listen to the show when I’m on the road. I don’t understand why such bad ratings with this app, but I never had a problem. Love listening to the guys at night
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3 years ago, crzyolphart
Works nice! (when it’s not crashing)
If I’m not right on TOP OF IT when part 1 ends; The app locks up & requires shutting down & restart to go to part 2.
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3 years ago, Admodomo
Good, But…
Love the app but hate the constant disconnect. Then to restart listening, I have to go through the ads again and miss a lot of discussion I really wanted to hear. Have the same problem with the WBAP app (related). Really needs improvement on this! Irritating!
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11 years ago, Rev. Eddy
Worst "redesign" ever
Where are the "red eye radio" podcasts? The only reason I got the previous app was to listen to the podcasts. I already have stitcher and could listen to WBAP in Dallas TX already. However, the "Red Eye Radio" podcasts are not available on Stitcher or the iPhone Podcast app. This new app only sends you to their website (I could do that myself) and the podcast links do not work on the iPhone. What where they thinking?
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6 years ago, Richard75013
Sorry pice of Sh|T app. Inundated with commercials
Uninstalled, 1 sorry application with vast amounts of commercials before you can even get to the radio part. Not to mention by the time it does it crashes. To listen to 1 complete hour of radio or podcast on a solid data connection you will end up restarting or it will do so by itself at least 3 or 4 times.
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4 years ago, down2bizdiver
Quit working on iPad2 after April update
After I upgraded to the latest version a few days ago the app quit working on my iPad2. It crashes immediately upon opening. App also malfunctions on my iPad3 mini. Cannot open the website in Safari, either ... opens slowly the freezes requiring cache clearing and full reboot.
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7 years ago, jsswizard
Absolute POS
Advertisements, advertisements, advertisements, advertisements... Impossible to listen to programming for more than 10 minutes without being overridden by an advertisement that requires user intervention. The worst app I've ever seen in my life. It comes with a sleep timer that is totally useless because it gets cleared with every advertisement.
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8 years ago, BigRedneck
Disappointed in y'all
Moved away from Texas and really miss WBAP and the midnight trucking network . Y'all have so much advertising that kills this app no matter what the connection is and it's the same advertising that we all hear anyway. For as long as WBAP has been around you should know better. Come on guys you're are Texans, act like it.
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8 years ago, Pricefinner
App crashes all the time. Restarts a lot also and you have to wait for it to load. There are ads that pop up also when the app loads. Controls are to small and you sometimes hit the ads being displayed at the bottom. Please fix this app.
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11 years ago, doodude
Advertising Nightmare!
I installed the redesign & after spending the 1st 5 minutes trying to stop the forced advertising then another 5 minutes trying to find the podcast i wanted, which was impossible due to more advertising , i deleted it. I doubt any of their listeners asked for this update...
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4 years ago, pnoneman
No sleep timer
I listen to this regularly, why did they takeaway the sleep timer?
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3 years ago, pauldavis2551
Sticks in commercial loop
Don’t know if this is the app or the computer running the show. It’s starting to be just like any IHeart radio station. 20 minute ad loops then starts in the middle if the segment.
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8 years ago, GuyfromOKC
Great App
Love the show guys. Listen every night.
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11 years ago, Mato Nupai
I hate the new version
The old version allowed me to listen to RER podcasts. I cannot find the option to listen to the podcasts, and the old version keeps bringing me to this piece of ______
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3 years ago, Almostgrownup
Dishonest app
I declined to include my location. So why were all the ads specific to my location? Deleted.
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4 years ago, muchekangelo
I don’t like adds placed on app it’s bad enough I have to listen to adds during program Because of this I may delete app
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8 years ago, Chuckce
Great Right Wing Garbage.
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8 years ago, MichaelBartz
Not battery friendly
Drained my battery in less than 2 hours.
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8 years ago, A listener 63
Does it even work!
Does it work? Can't even get a connection. I have to use the website to connect.
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10 years ago, OB1rocky
Bug report
Lately, cannot close verizon intro ad and get app to run. Please fix. IPad 2, v7.01
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1 year ago, 123654038585
A lot of promotion and no plans to fix
I keep hearing this podcast/app promoted on the radio while driving to and from work and it’s been available for years but it looks like the Red Eye Radio team has no plans to fix the problems. I really would love to listen to this app but since it’s never going to get fixed and the commercials, keep breaking the. App from playing, I cannot recommend this broken app. Maybe someday in the future they will fix this thing but until then don’t bother. (UPDATE) App still doesn’t work on 4-10-2023. Maybe someday they will fix it and remove the ads that don’t play so that people who want to listen to it on podcast actually can listen to it.
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10 years ago, BoozedUzi
Crashing garbage app
Great show but this app is garbage. Crashes and stops playing far too often. I have a idea . Let iOS users listen on your web page and bypass this garbage. From my iPad v2 on iOS 7.
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