REDBOX: Rent, Stream & Buy

4.8 (531.6K)
44.2 MB
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Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for REDBOX: Rent, Stream & Buy

4.8 out of 5
531.6K Ratings
5 years ago, SohoNative
Dearest Redbox
To be honest, since I have Netflix, I haven’t used you in quite a while. I even went so far as to delete the app, it’s been that long. But today I recently discovered a game that I had never heard of before. It looked quite interesting but I didn’t want to buy it. I remembered you, re-downloaded the app and found the game on my route to pick up dinner. As I was getting ready to check out, I went to my email to see if there were any promotions from you guys as I really didn’t want to pay for this game I just wanted to try it out. Unfortunately, the last one you sent me was back in August. I figured you guys had forgotten about me as I had you so I wasn’t too upset about it; but as I went to check out I noticed the promo options said I had one available, when I checked it, it was a free night rental gift from Redbox for my birthday last month. It warmed my heart so much I had to write this review. When I was actively using Redbox I was never disappointed in the quality of the videos or games or the availability of them. I give Redbox 5 stars every day of the year, even if I am not using them.
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3 years ago, lilith nightriver
Cant watch if you download.
Just rented my first on demand movie threw Redbox. It was a horrible experience. I would not play if I had downloaded the movie. The only way it would let me watch was threw using my data on my Phone. It was terrible quality often times being so blurry and pixilated you could not see what was on the screen as well as shuddering. I would have to stop the app and restart the movie just to get the quality bad enough to see what was on the screen it buffered ever few minutes. I made sure it was updated uninstalled and reinstalled the rare time it let me delete the download it could start watching it with my data. I tryed 3 times to download and play it. It would download fine but would not play. All it would say was keep watching even before I had started watching it. And would not actually play no mater how many times you pressed keep watching. Unless of course it wasn’t downloaded and I was using my phones data. I called customer support and they claimed they “refreshed” the movie and extended the available days which it didn’t and did nothing. They could not offer any real help. Please save yourself the trouble, unless you have a kicking data plan and great connection dont bother using red box on demand if you can only use your phone. It just would not play if it was downloaded. Maybe it works better on another device. Stick with there disk rental if you use Redbox I know I will.
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4 years ago, TInYvonne
Great user experience except for the map function
This app works pretty great for when I occasionally rent a movie. My only gripe is that the Redbox locator map is terrible. You can search based on current location or even zip but you can’t pinch and zoom on the map to see the actual cross streets. Or sometimes you can pinch and zoom but not to the area you want, and adjusting the map in any other way results in it sprinting back to the zoomed out look again. The list with the addresses is there but not helpful if there are several machines on the same street but may not be that close to each other. Do you ever know the actual address of stores you visit? So my one wish is that you could navigate the map to locate the preferred machine of your choice if you could navigate the map function as it is usually easier to locate a machine based on the map, especially if the machine is located in a shopping center.
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1 year ago, Bump May
Streaming ‘Free with Ads’ Content
Regardless of which streaming service I’ve used, when watching content that is ad supported I expect to be irritated by the number and timing of the ad breaks. I’ve now watched several show episodes on the Redbox app that were ‘Free with Ads’. The first ones were bearable, but the most recent one made me want to pull my hair out well before the credits rolled. Breaks with up to 8 ads, each 15-30 seconds long. Most breaks including 3-4 Burger King ads back to back to back. I don’t ever want to hear their damned jingle again. The worst part though is sitting through 6 or 7 ads, then having the last ad not load, waiting for the show to resume and backing out once it’s obvious that’s not going to happen, then hitting resume only to be presented with another ad break! This didn’t happen every break, but it did happen enough that I finally gave up trying to watch. I’m not sure what exactly caused this issue, but hopefully it can be fixed. I’ll probably give it another try at some point in the future, but as it stands right now ‘Free with Ads’ isn’t worth the frustration.
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4 years ago, Movie Lover 1978
Redbox Issues
Only 3 stars because I’ve had numerous issues with movies I’ve rented skipping and freezing and had to continually take them out and clean them to try to finish movies...just think maybe the discs should be maintained better. Also I received a text from Redbox that the movies and games were 99 cents until November 4th...yet I just rented 3 and was charged $1.75 each for them...tried to contact customer service and their office is closed...also chat support isn’t available either. Seems like one or the other should be available at all times. I guessed I’ll try to contact them later to see if they will fix it. They shouldn’t advertise a promotion and then not give that pricing. Other than those issues I do like the convenience of renting from Redbox. New Issue...There are problems with the app...every time I try to pull up my wish list it says it’s unable to do so to “please try again later”...I contacted customer service and was told to update the app and it would fix the issue... I just updated and it didn’t fix’s still doing the same thing!! Please fix!!
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5 years ago, Housemom13
App Errors and Terrible Customer Service
We are done with Redbox. We reserved a game and drove over to pick it up. The kiosk was out of order. We tried to reserve it at another kiosk, but because I had entered a new credit card number (the old number had been compromised) it wouldn’t let me make a second reservation. I called customer service and they said they would cancel the first reservation for me and then I could place a second reservation. That seemed to work fine and we went to the second Kiosk. When we got there, it would not allow us to pick up the game. I called again and, despite the fact that I provided a screenshot of the reservation, they said they had no record of it and that my account had a hold for renting games and that the issue would be resolved within 3 business days. Since we were an hour into trying to pick up a game we were willing to pre-pay for, I told them not to bother, that we wouldn’t be using their services again. Looking at other reviews I can see we are not the only people to experience this frustration. Update: Icing on the cake - I just received an email confirming the second reservation and my credit card was charged for the rental.
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2 years ago, rg52$
Free movies
I had the misfortune of watching a Nicolas Cage movie last night on the free streaming I was so aggravated by the end of watching it I was ready to put a hammer through the TV I must’ve seen a commercial about Ted at least 40 times I was so aggravated and disgusted I would never watch another free streaming movie it was literally total aggravation why would Redbox do that?? I understand ads but that was freaking ridiculous and you can’t fast forward through them I’ve been a Redbox customer for at least the last 10 years that really soured me not only did the commercial play over and over it played four and five times each time we had a watch it it was like Applebees or Apple cross me I’m aggravated just writing this review my wife is laughing at me each time the commercial came on had no syam watching me get that aggravated As far as you’re free streaming service thanks but no thanks you really ought to reevaluate that policy and look at what you’re putting out there
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5 years ago, Roangel39
I seen this movie in the theaters and it was sooo good with this eerie, creepy vibe. However, I really wanted to understand what I saw in dept with the biblical meaning Jeremiah 11:11. So after watching this movie a second time on redbox I understand even more and realized how brilliant this movie was and if anyone says it’s not good or worth your time they totally missed what the movie was truly trying to say about how we as humans take for granted all the privileges we have on the surface and the closest people to you, really can not see the true you. The doppelgängers were a metaphor. The horror in this movie was that when all is say and done at the end of the world we will be our own destruction with ourselves for the choices we made all these years on earth and God will judge us and chaos will consume the earth. That in itself was very deep. So you if you decide to rent it know that this is a psychological horror film with some prophecy in it. Read your Bible and Pray.
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6 years ago, Canadiancricket
New Version is Screwy
I have been using the Redbox app for years and it has always been quick and convenient, especially when you only have a couple of minutes in the morning as you’re getting ready for work. This app has changed and is NO LONGER convenient. It is buggy! I went in as usual and when it can time to check out, it told my password was wrong. So I asked for a reset but the reset that was sent to my email didn’t work. I tried this twice! Then I decided to create a new email because I thought it would just be easier. Then, I went in to “create a new account” under that email. When I went to check out, it said it couldn’t accept the card and to use a different one. Really!!?! Here have NEVER been any issues in the past, and now all of these stupid issues?!? What a waste of time!? Why’d don’t you guys just leave the app alone? Such a hassle!
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6 years ago, SMPL Y
New version and the guy who made it should be fired
I have loved redbox up to this point, but the new version of the app is just plain bad. It will not take my payment no matter how many times I put it in or what I do. Can’t get anyone in the phone either- just some nice elevator music. I don’t know who I dislike more at the moment- Kenny G, or the punk who thought this version was actually a good idea. The only thing that needed to be fixed in the site wasn’t, and now it’s completely unusable for my family. And the thing that irritates me the most is that qualified leaders are unemployed while this nincompoop probably got a raise. Business as usual in America- and the moron didn’t even think that it might be a good idea to let you put in ALL of the movies you are looking for before pinning you down to a single box (the only thing that really needed to be fixed).
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5 years ago, Amerist
Could be better
The Redbox app technically does everything that I have ever demanded of it, but not without a little bit of struggle at times. Here’s my wish list: 1. I wish it was possible to reserve two discs at two different kiosks at the same location without having to make two transactions. 2. I wish instead of pulling a disc out of my bag if I switch kiosks it would instead give me an option to finalize that first transaction instead of just assuming that I don’t want it. 3. I wish as I was driving by a redbox I could get a push notification sent to my phone to remind me to return a disc if I have rented one more than 12 hours ago and haven’t yet returned it. 4. I wish I didn’t have to slide my card through the card reader to pick up a reserved disc. 5. I wish I could select movies that I want to see when they come out at redbox and get push notifications sent to my phone to let me know those movies are now available. 6. I wish when I am trying to return a disc and the kiosk is full that it would display on screen the name/location of the nearest kiosk which isn’t full. 7. I wish when I am in the middle of a transaction and someone is about to rent the last copy of a movie that I have in my cart that I would get an in-app notification telling me that I may not get the movie. I think I will stop there but I will check back often to see if any of these wishes have been fulfilled. 🧚‍♂️
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5 years ago, LoccMutt
Unfair Advantage
I was recently educated on how my RedBox and RedBox OnDemand Account is used... Considering how it works it’s an unfair advantage for the customer, see when we rent from the kiosks we are more likely to keep them over causing more fees, versus the streaming account due to the likelihood of being overcharged is lower. The point system is also a major disadvantage because if we use the kiosks to earn points then we should have the benefit of using them for streaming. As I was speaking to your CSR and the Supervisor it was brought to my attention nothing was put in place to justify why points can not be used on all platforms. I have been a loyal customer of Redbox for 5 years give or take... I would like to see some changes or at least some kind of benefit from streaming at a higher rate... Thanks Again for informing me on how to use my points at the kiosks...
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6 years ago, Ocsabot
Making renting a Redbox DISC so convenient
I use the Redbox app to search for movies, read prior ratings and check the star rating. With the location finder I check and see if the movie or game is by specific location. My only complaint is that when I take the time to search for a movie, save, pay for and then head to pick it up there’s a person there already that is using the Redbox machine to research, save, pay and then pick up a movie. One time I actually waited for ten minutes for a person to pick out a movie, as they walked away I swiped my card, pushed a confirmation button and took the movie back to my vehicle. The person the was ahead of me had also just arrived at their car. They apologized for the wait and I told them it was not a problem, he then asked how I got my movie so quick, so I showed them the Redbox app!
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5 years ago, Niki25
On Demand is a dud
I loved using the app for reserving movies so I wouldn’t have to search once I got to a box only to find it wasn’t there. So using the app to reserve movies is A+. But their On Demand feature is horrible. It took them adding it to the Xbox for it to work me. I had tried the phone, tablet and computer (all iOS devices) and none of them would work for me. I tried to call in/chat and they were never able to solve the issue (if I was even able to get to a person to begin with). I know things take time once they’re rolled out but there’s got to be a way for the process to be a little bit more streamline especially when they’re advertising that it works on all iOS devices!!!! Hopefully this will be fixed soon so I can have an easier time renting movies. I guess in the meantime I should be happy I’m saving $$$ :)
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7 years ago, inkman2000
Must Have App
The Redbox app is an essential app for any movie lover. If you watch rentals at home this app is for you. Redbox keeps you up to date on new releases so you never miss that one movie you wanted to see really bad but with time passing it slipped your mind. They also have a rewards program where you can earn free rentals. For gamers this is app also lets you know of the latest releases. I use it to make sure that the games are not going to disappoint me. This way I do not spend the money I work so hard for on a game that disappoints. It is easy quick and fast to use Redbox and the app also helps you find kiosk locations and what each location has available. Want a certain title the app will find a Redbox with it and allow you to reserve it so that it is there when you get there. Great app and well thought out. Install it today.
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6 years ago, frustratedrenter
New app is HORRIBLE!!
Renting used to be so quick and easy, but this new version is incredibly slow! It took 20 minutes to complete my reservation tonight. First it couldn’t recognize any of the boxes near me....said they were sleeping. Then when it finally found them it took forever to process the reservation. And just when I thought I was in the home took me to the login screen to sign in!! What’s up with that? With the old app I logged in once and then it remembered me on each subsequent use. But this is the third time I’ve used this new version and each time I’ve had to logon manually. At this rate I’ll just go back to doing everything at the box itself. The convenience factor has been completely compromised by this updated version.
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11 months ago, stevemillertime
Developer response wrong. On demand content confusing
I got a developer response. It doesn’t work. I logged in to the Redbox and there is nowhere it offers an early access movie. I spent much time going through every option to fun how to pay for an early access movie. I went back to the app and still no way to pay for the movie or reserve it on either app or actual Redbox. So frustrating. I’ll have to pay more for watching it on Prime I guess. I wanted to watch something that was early access and listed as on demand. I went to the movie in the app and clicked on how to watch. It says I can watch the movie on this app, but I cannot purchase it to watch it from the app? Do I have to mail a check in to the home office? do I have to go to the Redbox login purchase it and then it supposed to magically allow access on my app? The fact that I have to try to figure this out and it’s not easy is what is stupid. The directions don’t make any sense. For such a well-established company it should be a little bit easier.
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6 years ago, Very disappointed 1037373839
Update better but still needs work
Your update is a much improved from your previous so good job. However, the streaming part is super confusing. Your directions (on movie detail page) are ‘on demand movies rented from redbox are available here’ do I go to a redbox kiosk to rent a streaming movie? Seems f’d up. Had to do a google search to find out how to do this. Tell me how to do it in the app. And when I go to the ‘more’ section make ‘how it works’ info specific for an iPhone! Should be so much better than how it is, I would be streaming movies if I could only figure out how to do it. Also you need to add a ‘send feedback’ option in your app. Had you had that wouldn’t of tanked your rating here. Also on the movie detail page map. If I tap ‘show map’ and tap on a kiosk icon on the map let me know what kiosk it is... there’s 20+ kiosks in the list below and I have no way of knowing which it is but I know that’s the one I want to rent from.
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4 years ago, pitdoug1998
I’m to the app.
Customer service is terrible. I’ve been charged a rental fee that the box wouldn’t let me pick, only to have to pay for it, with the card on file that the box rejected. Yeah’, I know. I’ve also been told by emails and this clunky app I had credits, but I haven’t been able to use them. I’m trying, again, to put a hold on and pick up, ‘The Way Back’. We reserved it a week or so agao, the first movie came out, but the movie I’m trying to rent, again, just made the noises the machines make when they’re delivering a movie yet no movie ever appeared. We even went back to the store thinking maybe it came out and someone turned it in. At the end of the day if there’s a hitch in this one I’m done with the account nonsense altogether. No more apps, emails, nothing. I’ll just check for a movie the box, if it’s there, I’ll rent and returned. If not, no stress or frustration. I hate when something sells itself as making a little bit of your life more simple seems to complicate a particular area of life to the point of being mad.
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6 years ago, HollywoodAdjacent13
Works but could be better
I like to use the app to reserve movies. The new app changes should help with productivity or help streamline information; it does in a way but there have been some glitches. I have used the app several and it crashes. I also have had a tough time selecting my favorite kiosk. It seems now, the push is to make sure that people see ALL of the movies first, select a movie of interest and then find a kiosk. I prefer to look at a kiosk specifically, because I don’t care to drive all around the city to get a movie. I also had some issues with entering some of the sweepstakes events that have been advertised. I’m told to enter or play “in the app” but the app takes you to a website. Overall, to me the app is a work in progress. I will actually be calling Redbox because I entered an event but didn’t get the Perks associated.
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6 years ago, Jfdexghffsgvhfdd
It’s Tolerable
This app is so incredibly slow. I wish the UI was a bit more user friendly and intuitive as well. From not making your account settings readily available in all screens to making the location search function not resize to appropriate sizes for all phone sizes, the whole thing feels clunky and behind times. The other part I’m not a fan of is having to save a cc instead of having Apple Pay integrated or being allowed to enter my cc in each time. So for me and my preference of security that means each time I rent I have to go into my profile, add the cc I want to use, rent my items, then make sure to delete the cc off my profile. It’s a process I don’t like doing, but I’m not ok with sites storing my card info. Overall, this is an ok app. It has potential to be very good, and I like the loyalty program, but there is a lot to be improved before it doesn’t feel like a v1.0 app.
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5 years ago, ADR1RU
Loads slowly, or NEVER at all...
The more they revise the app, the slower it tends to load up. Oftentimes while out town, I will start the app...only to ever see the spinning-wheel icon busy at doing absolutely NOTHING. We just ate at Cracker Barrel our town, which is just a few blocks away from a Redbox kiosks. Started Redbox app when we were seated, ordered our drinks...still loading. Served our drinks...still loading. Ordered our food...still loading. Served our food...still loading. Finished our meal...still loading. Quit the app twice and restarted, to absolutely no effect whatsoever. They keep pushing On Demand movies, which is pointless w/o a wide bandwidth connection. I wish there was a way to TURN OFF the On Demand ads, since that’s when the app seems to have gotten sooo s-l-o-w to load.
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6 years ago, CapColaJr
New release dates are back
..... or maybe they never left and I just couldn’t find it on the latest app version. If you hit “upcoming” and you don’t see the release dates, instead of scrolling left to right tap “browse all” and you will see them in order from week to week so you know what to expect in the future. I no longer have to look on the Internet to find new release dates (like I have to with the other rental kiosk DVDXPRESS). Return time 9 pm eastern is also better with REDBOX vs 7pm DVDXPRESS. My only gripe about the REDBOX app is I can’t rent new movies at midnight like I can on DVDXpress. Years ago I’d stay up Monday night and lock up my rentals. Not sure why REDBOX changed that. Perhaps it’s only a problem in Eastern time zone.
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6 years ago, Carlkimjoe
Not perfect ..........but
Have used Redbox and the app for many/several years. Haven’t experienced many of the problems others have expressed in their reviews, nor have I have thought much about musing functionality or improvements which could be made. I have encountered a couple/ few of them over the years. My overall experience with RB has been that if anything goes wrong in the entire rental process or with the app, they always have made things right with me. The “makeup” doesn’t always fully compensate for my time and/or frustration but overall and compared to many other businesses, I think they do very well. I won’t ding them for outsourced customer service but I would prefer they hire Americans (or legal workers from any country) working in the USA. Furthermore I hope they pay “living” wages.
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3 years ago, mommy2threenow
Customer service
I haven’t used Redbox in quite some time but I was looking into purchasing one of their new plans. I logged into the system and my mobile phone number is completely wrong. I tried to update it using my internet (Safari and Chrome) multiple times and it still wouldn’t change. I downloaded the app and tried updating it there, still no luck. I contacted customer service and they were no help at all. They wanted me to try updating it using a computer, which I don’t have or go to a kiosk and I don’t have a car. The app updated my address without a problem but still won’t update my phone number. Their customer service is crap. I used to love getting Redbox movies and was going to get some through the streaming app but if they can’t even help correct a phone number then they will not be receiving any of my money.
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6 years ago, Zedgie Is Now Sad
India outsourcing customer service
REDBOX MANAGEMENT, please, please,please! Stop outsourcing your customer service! Each time I had to speak to “Customer Service”, the people/company you’ve handed over Redboxs’ customers to don’t cast a good light on the company. There is such a problem with communication and understanding that it takes so much longer to resolve an issue that, in the end, you customers are frustrated even more than when the dialog began. On top of that, it leave customer doubting that they’ve been understood or if the issue has been genuinely taken care of to meet the users needs. I certainly hope this issue is addressed at your next corporate meeting. I respect Redbox and the many services they provide. I would be saddened if it became an issue to where there would be cutback of those services due to customers loosing faith in that business. Thank you for all that Redbox provides for our entertainment.
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5 months ago, J_Money$$$
App failure
Logged into my Redbox account via the app and tried to click the ‘Accept & Add Perks’ button that just recently appeared and it will work. Not sure what the problem is but it won’t accept upon pressing it and cannot see my perks screen at all. This is indicative of Redbox’s app in recent months with various bizarre performance issues disrupting simple navigation and user interface commands. With the growing loss of disc rental options for films that have been released for several months and no option yet to rent the disc at a kiosk, I’m quickly finding Redbox to be a dying user destination for movie lovers like myself. Fix the app and continue to provide disc rentals or I will simply delete it and move on to using something other platform somewhere else. UPDATE: App deleted since it now doesn’t even show my perks points and refuses to allow me the opportunity to collect points when renting. Goodbye 👋🏻
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6 years ago, Sanjac
Could be Better
The Redbox app and the Redbox web site have issues. For some reason, the kiosks in my area rarely have the current movies. I have my location and the kiosks near me identified. I select one, and then choose the movies I want to see. It used to be that only those movies available at that kiosk would display. No longer. I might choose 10 movies, only to be told for each one that it is not available and I need to select one nearby. Same with the wish list. For some reason, Redbox decided it was a better idea to list all movies, available or not, instead of making life easier for us consumers by listing only those movies available at the kiosk we chose. Please change it back. Other than that, it is a great way to rent movies. Once I select them, I go to the kiosk, slide my credit card, and grab my movies.
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6 years ago, lh4man
Incompatible with reserving movies
Isn’t the whole point of the app so that customers can reserve movies and easily pick them up at the box with a single swipe rather than having to sign in at the box, search for the movie (hoping that the box actually has it still), pay, and then wait to be signed out all while inconveniencing anyone waiting in line? That’s how the original app worked. Ever since this has been upgraded, my credit card won’t go through. I’ve tried deleting the info and entering it again to no avail. I also contacted Redbox customer service about the issue and received no help. The girl I spoke with told me it was an issue with my credit card and that I needed to contact them, which was totally inaccurate because I could use it anywhere else including at a Redbox! I’ve seen a tremendous decline in Redbox’s customer service. It’s as if they want to force us all to stream movies online and discontinue the physical boxes.
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7 years ago, thejrb
Messages show blank page
In my Redbox App for iOS phone I could not read messages. I get the message notifier in the app. I go to messages and all I get is a blank white page that the app thinks it is displaying a valid message. I can see the message title in the list of messages but not the message. This occurs nine times out of ten. Sometimes a few days later I can read the message. In addition it takes quite some time to open the app if it opens at all. Frequently I get a message saying there was an error and I should try later. Very frustrating when I want to rent. Frequently leads me to not renting that day. Also help section in app is not much help. It is more of an FAQ section with predetermined questions answered about renting. I could not find a way to ask a new question except by going to place this review.
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6 years ago, TrainerDi
Previous version was better
This version is so much slower than the previous. And searching in a location other than your current doesn’t fully function. I like to pickup movies closer to home after work since that’s where I’ll be running errands. Even though there are tons of boxes out there, I’ll get “no search results” or just one or two. I also miss the written description of the movie. Now there’s only a trailer to play. I’m not always in a place to play audio, and I can read a synopsis in seconds compared to watching a 2 min trailer. I second the other reviewers frustration, which has nothing to do with the app. Waiting forever for someone to browse and pick and pay for a movie when I’m there to quickly just pick up my paid rental. I haven’t saved any time because of that.
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5 years ago, Kblaser7
App Crash
App crashes after latest update when entering the movies coming soon part of the app. When I select a movie coming soon it will kick me out to the home screen of my device. I would have loved to report this to a development team but could only find a platform to report issues here in the app rating. When trying to select developer it just sends you to Redbox home page. And you get lost in trying to report anything. This problem doesn’t fit one of their form questions. I would also suggest Redbox have an email just for their development team to report these specific problems. And if there is one, please make it reasonably easy to locate.
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6 years ago, Qwerty67864213
Pretty cool!
I love how quick it is to find out what movies my local box has on hand. It loads up quick, and has never let me down by showing a title that isn’t available. Customer service was awesome the one time I had a problem with a disc, (and I’ve rented tons of movies!)and they handled it to my satisfaction very very promptly! I wish I had better internet so I could take advantage of the streaming videos and the video games. I have Centurylink.... worst internet ever btw!!!! And I can’t rent games because of the time it takes to download the updates for them. I hate Centurylink! 2.5mbps.... seriously. Lol but this review isn’t about them, it’s about the box app. Give this app a try and you’ll love it! I know I do!
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6 years ago, frosty 45
I would like to say I’m very happy with Redbox but I am not happy with the customer service I had about a week ago the representative was named Carl he was very ignorant and rude to me and would not help me with my issues with the on-demand problem I had!!! I have always been courteous and try to explain everything in full detail I am a well used customer as you know by my rental history and buy my time on here all I asked for was a couple complementary Blu-ray rentals for issues I’ve had in the past and he was not accommodating and actually told me I was lying I found that very ignorant and rude I make $50,000 a year I have no reason to be concerned with five dollars worth of rentals it was about principal that’s all
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4 years ago, Steve9919
Almost useless
Yes you can reserve movies on the app. However, when you look at movies coming up, it just lists them without giving release dates. If you go on the website, the release dates are there. Why would you have dates on the website and not the app??? When I get email promotions, it has a link to click. Does it bring you to the app like any other company in the world? No. It brings you to the website where you have to log on. It’s like they couldn’t care less about the app. If the emails default to the website and the coming movie dates are on the website, why do I need the app?
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6 years ago, Philip4
UPDATE. The issues seem to be fixed with the login. Hopefully it stays that way. This app seems to forget my password constantly, which wouldn’t be bad if it was able to use the password keychain or even Touch ID... But it doesn’t. When I use password keychain it says the email/password is incorrect then locks me out for 30 minutes, forcing me to update my password. Then when I use the provided temporary password (which is a convoluted mess of dumb symbols rather than a simple uppercase lowercase passcode) it still didn’t recognize, and as a cherry on top doesn’t recognize copy and paste functionality either. Let’s be honest here I know data security is important but this is redbox, lets not pretend we have nuclear launch codes tucked away here. If this doesn’t get fixed I’m switching to a different company.
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1 year ago, LochNessie14
Not Secure, Giving me the Runaround
There is a hacker logged in to my account renting movies with my debit card. Filed a claim with my bank, card is cancelled. BUT even after removing ALL devices on my account (which was advised by customer support) AND changing my email and password (which was also advised by customer support) not a single device that my account was logged into was prompted to log back in, which means that the schmuck who hacked my account is also still logged in as well, despite the numerous changes to my account. I have called numerous times over the last 2 days to try to get this resolved, but they got my money for the 19 $10+ movies I’ve purchased, so they don’t care to help me. I keep getting conveniently disconnected, and I’m on the phone with them as I type this out. The app itself works fine, but it’s no use if there are no steps to secure your account. Buyer beware.
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5 months ago, Guy That Plays Games Sometimes
Big Name Titles Disappearing
Redbox was one of my favorite apps available to me. I’ve purchased over 35 movies on the app and used it as my “collection pile.” But as of recently I’ve noticed a steep decline in the titles available on the app. I noticed it first about a year ago, I looked up Everything, Everywhere, All At Once and it said it was only available at the kiosk. Okay.. no biggie. Then over time more movies said only available on Redbox+, which after purchasing, I learned serves no use on the app. So all that’s left now is Crackle and Tubi level titles, and I understand the app is free but I hate that I no longer get to rent or purchase box office movies. Luckily I’m still allowed to keep the movies I’ve already purchased but I’d love to see those box office titles return.
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5 years ago, lorismiles
Great & easy, only a couple of issues
I love Redbox and have for years. I do like being able to browse before going to stand and look in the rain or heat. I love the ability to reserve online, but I do not reserve games and live near food delivery places. So I wish there were perks more geared toward my needs. Also, I wish that the promo codes would not expire on the same day they were issued. I usually get home and then get one & by then it is too late. Also, it’s gotten a lot more expensive. Most of the movies I will just watch on Netflix or Prime, because they are so expensive for one night. Also, is there anybody that can come up with a better system for a cover that you don’t have to hold over your head the entire time?
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7 years ago, Timothyj85
The app in all is a decent tool to use to find a location and a movie or game to rent. However it isn’t the greatest. Nor is it horrible. I can’t seem to get it to keep a location as a home location and am constantly having to pick a location to find my movies. Now if this is an option and I can’t figure it out. Cool I’ll keep trying. If it’s not an option. Let’s make it happen. I mean heck. Why do I care what’s in the box 15 miles away when I have one 1 block away. Set it to my home location unless the movie I’m scouring for isn’t available at the location I frequent most. Then again I avoid Redbox because 1 out of every 3 rentals doesn’t work. I’ve yet to get a game to work that I’ve rented. I may just have bad luck. So. Meh.
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7 years ago, DaJaKa3
Application has problems
Overall, this application does a good job. However, it constantly loses movies on my wish list, and maintenance is done at very inconvenient times. Not related to the application, Redbox personnel need to monitor the locations where movies are available to rent. Some Redbox locations never have a specific movie. For example, I have been looking to rent the original version of John Wick since version 2 was released and it has not been available within 25 miles of my home. Therefore, to provide better customer support, Redbox personnel need to monitor availability of movies daily to ensure they are available to all customers within a reasonable timeframe.
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6 years ago, ApocalypseOnHold
Don’t love the new update
First of all, the garish new color scheme hurts my eyes and gives me a headache, it makes me want to forget the app and go back to the mobile site. It would be nice if we had the option to toggle it off, in settings, back to the white background color. I’ve always liked this app. It was very functional and user friendly. The update has added a million new places to click without really adding value. They added a place to see points, okay, but then a place to browse, with tabs dividing “at the box”, “on demand” and “collections” and then there’s a separate section called “new” that is very similar to the browse section, which is divided into tabs for movies, games, and tv. Then “upcoming” has its own tab and finding your preferred Redbox locations is tucked inside the “My Redbox” tab. This doesn’t streamline a “faster and smarter” Redbox experience for the kiosk user. I’m thinking they’re moving away from a kiosk focus and moving towards streaming. But I really do wish they’d let us opt-out of that red+purple color scheme.
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3 years ago, M. W.
Redbox does not honor in app deals
Do not expect Redbox to honor the deals in app that are displayed in the app. Calling customer service four different times they inept and cannot understand what I am asking I have screenshots to prove the deal in the app and they cannot help with it. Finally the fourth one told me that I need to do a live chat through their website with tech support rather than customer service. chatted live with two tech-support people they see the deal and said that that is not a true deal but I said why does the app offer it then they cannot help with it and would not honor or could not honor offer even though the deal as was in the shopping cart through their iPhone app. This is a poor quality company and they don’t honor their deals that are displayed in their app or care about helping their customer get the deal on purchase of the disc:
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4 years ago, Mamahen68
It’s Ok 🤷‍♀️
I hate that when Redbox was either bought out or sold to another company, things that I liked changed. I’m a longtime user and although I haven’t used them since July 2018, this new company promises points for things I’ve already done....but I don’t get the points bcuz I’ve already completed these activities 🤔I HATE having to SIGN IN at the box just to earn more points. I liked it when I reserved a movie online & all I had to do to pick it up was simply choose ‘pick up’ then swipe my card and leave with my movies. If I have to stand there and sign in, I might as well stay there and choose movies. Isn’t the whole point of picking up the movie supposed to be about faster transactions?!! No matter ‘how fast’ u try to make this process through the app, I don’t have time to ‘sign in’! So for this reason (& too many others), I’m out!
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6 years ago, JRo084
Oh, RedBox how the mighty have fallen
Ever since you added on demand it’s a mess not organized. All over the place. Can’t do on demand the perks keeps asking to sign up 😒🙄 once should be enough. Remember me doesn’t remember me. Have to login in for everything... it keeps going back and forth between the app and internet annoying everything and I mean everything needs work. Can’t even find by category anymore. I can go on but I don’t have the time. They also need to find a way to connect from internet to app or text to internet to app... like other apps do. Oh almost forgot the perks should be signed up once and done not everything week one and automatically do it for us once we signed in once!!
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7 years ago, Mama Es
Great app
This app makes an already convenient service (renting dvd's) even better. We can find movies to pick up from near workplace before we commute home or pick them up @ home, knowing the movie is ready & waiting. And I have to agree with previous reviewer - trying to judge whether to rent something based on reviews on this app is rather pointless. Their opinions illustrate little else besides the rather narrow-minded perspective of whomever takes the time to review online. Unfortunately it also seems like most want instant gratification kind of entertainment and not to be intellectually challenged.....sigh. Love the freedoms the app gives - thanks Redbox!
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6 years ago, Aaroncdjkd
app reminds me why i use browser
Flawed app (Can't say nice try). App remembers Nothing and repeatedly must sign in and set location/box and search perimeters (dvd/blu). You waste ALOT more data & time using the app than just any browser (safari/google/ffox). Point of app? Basically just to see if a coupon from time to time in messages (which is awkward alone at times to get into and manage). Don't get me started on VPN oh my nightmare.... If you DARE use a vpn to secure your account and phone data while using wifi, the app does Not Work (though as well on browser at times). Must be prepared to take off vpn and put Sensitive data at risk, just to rent a movie. Browser Works just as well and in-fact Better, skip the app unless a coupon seeker and then only for That purpose!
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5 years ago, CuppaKat
Only works some times
The app is always slow and only works some times. I’ve tried deleting and downloading again but it seems even slower. It says I have messages in my inbox but won’t load them. Seems deceiving when you make a reservation. We made a reservation after 11 PM to pick up the next day and watch that night. When we returned it we were charged for two nights even though we only had it for one after we picked it up. So beware that if you make a reservation you better pick it up that same day even if late at night and return it before 9 pm the next or they will charge you an extra night which is not right because it should be based on when you pick up the movies. Plus they’ll charge you for one night even if you don’t pick up the reservation.
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4 years ago, ECA1976
Won’t let you search only from favorite locations only
Used a feature until the idiots removed it. Why? I don’t know. I use Redbox quite a bit, so take this criticism and deal with it developers. But when I search for a movie and try to find a location from where to pick it up, I don’t care about movies available from locations are nearby. I want to be able to search only from those locations that are my favorites. Because they are my favorites for a reason! They are near or on one of the many routes I take to my house. I’m not going to ever EVER pick up a movie from a location that’s 20 miles away from my house. Why would you ever show me those locations by default? I should have to explicitly select locations near me to see those boxes. By default, I should ONLY see locations that I have selected as my favorites. Make it happen.
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6 years ago, Mike Gorski
Worst app ever!!!
This app is the worst. This version not only makes it harder to find kiosks than it was with the old one, but they advertise on demand viewing that you can’t access without first going on their website to rent the movie before coming back to the app to watch it—I’m serious! Even better, they don’t tell you that in the app! There are ZERO instructions anywhere on actually using the on demand functionality. Were these people even trying? My eleven year old could design a better app than this! Pathetic! Did I mention the log-in? I tried 5 times to log in using my correct password directly from apple keychain before being told that I needed to wait 30 minutes before I’d be allowed to try again. Then, using the same apple keychain password, I was allowed to log in the 6th time. They need to hire someone to redo this app RIGHT NOW!!!!!!
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