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User Reviews for RedState

3.02 out of 5
123 Ratings
3 years ago, atlseand
Share links no longer work
I can no longer share stories from the updated red state app
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13 years ago, NatalieChantal
Not updating!!!
I love this app but it has stopped uploading since 8/31. Tried to reload it but nothing works. Since there are a few other reviews noting this problem, I hope the developers fix this glitch as soon as possible! I also wish it were possible to view and post comments to the articles. Sometimes that is the best part of the content!
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4 years ago, Al Tilley The Bum
What’s with the negative reviews?
I just downloaded this news app and it’s been very easy to use. I haven’t had a single problem. I first started reading RedState on the Apple News App but they got rid of it later on! They need better recognition and support. Bookmark it on your desktop and download this app. It proves how moronic Liberals are nowadays.
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13 years ago, Staka Lee
Doesn't seem to work when Ron Paul's name comes up.
Something must not be working. It claims to be a conservative news app, but I can't find any information here on the most popular conservative in Congress, Ron Paul. Maybe the developers got the name wrong. It should be called RedStatist, since on nearly every social issue they want more government and less freedom. I've never seen a more heavily censored comments section. It's fun to read the editor's few remaining loyalists. They somehow manage to march in lockstep while tiptoeing. Don't tread on me.
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8 years ago, Slow Twitch
It's a shame
As others have noted, this app is no longer suppored by the developer. The UI is there, but with nothing behind it. I was sorry to see that, as I was looking for a way to read Red State content on my tablet. The Red State web site shows well enough on the big screen of a PC, but its formatting is horrible when viewed on a tablet. I can't even imagine trying to read it on a phone. Perhaps the App Store should have a "Get back to me if this app is resurrected" button.
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12 years ago, Registered RedStater
Reporting a bug
App hasn't updated since August 31st. Have to go directly to the site to read the always articulate commentary. Never had any previous problems. Was just going to re-install but read a review that this didn't work.
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11 years ago, mberggren
Works Great!
No clue why some said this app doesn't work? I just downloaded it and it works great! Could use some "cleaning up" by the designer (hd logo, sharper front page etc), but a great app that every conservative should have.
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9 years ago, Michaelob83
Terrible Design/Content
This app cuts out in the middle of stories and then won't open up again. It also gives you nothing more than the opinion of extremist right-wing propagandizers. If you want to be totally uninformed and have lies told to you then this would be perfect, but if you would like to know the facts of what is going on in our nation and the world, go anywhere else. This app is terrible.
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3 years ago, elb0404
Excellent news app
Updates news stories more often than TownHall.
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3 years ago, W Spike
Get rid of Twitter
App works satisfactory and I enjoy some of the content, but then it switches over to the Twitter for some reason. Cannot stand the Twitter content - all junk as far as I am concerned and it destroys my enjoyment of the Red State. Any way of turning off Twitter?
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3 years ago, RossL123678
Read the website instead.
The app works, just not very well. Crashes on me a least one time per use of the app. Many times it crashes more than that. I tried reinstalling the app to no avail. I would just go to the website instead of using this crash-ridden app.
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12 years ago, Blueharleyman
Update Problems
I love the general content on Redstate but unfortunately the app won't update since Nov 2nd. I removed & installed the app again but still no updates after Nov 2nd. Please fix this problem.
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2 years ago, Miss R54
The best feature of this app were the comments. They were funny and reflected the views of what we all feel for the most part. But now you have to pay to be a “VIP” member in order to read the comments. I dropped the app and will not reinstall it unless they reverse that policy.
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6 years ago, J9lucky
Appears to be working now
After years..
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6 months ago, CeeMariaCee
I used to read this app
I had this app and just deleted it as the VIP articles are no longer flagged before clicking on an article. It seems every article is only available to VIP. No more. There are plenty of other sites I can get my news.
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12 years ago, Dan Gidman
No updates since November 2.
It's like it's caching the call to the server and never getting a fresh copy. I read this every day before that.
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4 years ago, Paul___M___
Format for IPad
Seems the content of the story is not formatted correctly to view in portrait mode on IPad. Have to switch to landscape mode to fully view the articles
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3 years ago, willniner2
No update in two years, REALLY???? the app is having issue after issue, but I guess judging from the update history I’ll ha e to wait 8 more years for an update. Oh before I forget, they want you to pay for vip but can’t update their app!!!! Screw this I am out of here fix your app FFS.
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12 years ago, No Nickname18
No update since 11/2
Please fix
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11 years ago, HisShadowX
Two years without an update is a problem
First this app hasn't been updated in over two years. This is a problem since every major iOS update could break the app or make it glitchy. Another reviewer pointed out the app does work but again with two major iOS updates it makes the app unstable. Two major iPhones have been released since and two major iOS updates iOS 5 and iOS 6. I recommend going to the mobile site for now.
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4 years ago, Mbrbb
The ONLY real news app!
Dump google and CNN, both big liars!
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12 years ago, Duuuuuuuuuuude yeah
Really needs improvement
Fails to update on a regular basis. Also as of right now completely blank, not even old stories showing up for me. This app is a pain.
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12 years ago, H.m.a.A
Awesome app
Great news feed and approximates the actual site.
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9 years ago, CrazyKenTheAppRater
Best Nothing App ever!
Good looking App. If you like 4 horizontal lines on a blank screen with a small red border on top then I strongly suggest you get this. Swipe down and the App quickly downloads new content. New content being 4 horizontal lines on a blank screen with a red border at the top.
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4 years ago, 9845
Sorry, but no
I am not going to pay for news. Period. Especially when you already run annoying adds all over the site to begin with. Shame on you.
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9 years ago, jkirk1626
Great publication mired by horrible app.
Management is failing to hire and manage IT personnel who have the integrity to earn their pay. IT, comments more than 3 years old say the app won't update! With iOS 8, the app won't even load content on a new iPhone 6 Plus. If I were an owner, I'd worry about what else was decaying and what I was getting for the money I was paying out for salaries. Uninstalled. Paste a bookmark to your home screen and use the web.
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3 years ago, RazrWire
Not working!
C’mon folks....good news content but hasn’t uploaded anything new, it just changes the dates of the same things.
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11 years ago, Secular Human Being
Evidently they have given up on this app, a shame. If you like Redstate, delete the app and just bookmark the site on your home screen using Safari.
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2 years ago, bbud2
Not updating even after reloading
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1 year ago, JamesAmbrose41
This app entices you with headlines but then requires a paid subscription to read the article. As if they weren’t generating enough revenue with all their ads. Disgraceful.
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8 years ago, Chesonis
Zero articles. Does NOT Work
Hey authors, the deed that your app pulls from is broken. It appears to have been broken for some time now. Do you care about this product?
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3 years ago, Bud Lite65
App won’t run
The application no longer runs. Would give it a zero star if one were available.
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12 years ago, MDTodd
No updates
App stopped working Nov. 2nd. Deleted and reinstalled and it's still Nov. 2nd at Redstate.
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8 years ago, TonyATL
Total Waste...
After all this time, I'm surprised RedState has not pulled or fixed this app. Installed it again and it still does not refresh.
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12 years ago, ADCinTX
App won't refresh
Ha been stuck on the post "This, This a a thousand times this" for more than a week. Hoping or some RNC coverage. Eh.
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5 months ago, Kingfarnut
Dylan fans only
They’re obsessed with Dylan Mulvaney and must run an article a day about him. Maybe the editor is related and is helping the creep get mo Money.
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13 years ago, Kristiwistin
I check this app every morning....where's the updates?
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9 years ago, ncso911
App is a total waste
Doesn't open, doesn't update and blank screen with no news at all.
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7 years ago, stor
App no longer works
The data feed is empty. No articles are shown
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8 years ago, Wifi phone
Flat out inoperable
Couldn't ever get it to do anything. Dumped it like the garbage it is. Man all of these conservative news sites are bad it seems
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1 year ago, Gohuskees
Not working
Deleted app and released added. Nothing loads
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3 years ago, ds-chrisJ
March 26, 2021 update 👎🏻
Love the content but strongly dislike the new layout, now only two headlines can be seen per screen.
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8 years ago, The Original Historygeek
Not working
Guess they still aren't using this app. All pages still blank
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11 years ago, Kyrianin
No updates in almost 3 years. Deleted
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12 years ago, Rb1479
Hasn't updated in over 5 days
Needs to be updated!
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12 years ago, WesternSkier
Paul supporters apparently aren't allowed to talk on this site.
Deleted within the first 10mins
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11 years ago, Hoya97
Please fix
No updates since feb.
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12 years ago, Wild peach
Pages all blank. Waste!
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6 months ago, Tony.1.19
Anti Trump Forum
If you enjoy an anti trump forum this is for you. I think it might be owned by the Lincoln Project.
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11 months ago, Lex Ghazi
One step away from being another establishment shill! Turned RINO GARBAGE OVERNIGHT!
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