Regal: Movie Tickets Made Easy

4.6 (60.8K)
81.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Regal Cinemas
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Regal: Movie Tickets Made Easy

4.64 out of 5
60.8K Ratings
6 years ago, SethenAteHer
Movie Theatre Buff
I will start off by saying that because of my job, (treatment facility) i am taking my clients to the movies about every other weekend especially if it is raining. I might add that that’s a lot because i live in Miami. Because of this and always buying at least 4 tickets 5 including me (most of the time it’s about 7-9 tickets) and concession for all of us, i rack a lot of points which allows me to go just about whenever i want either with me and my girlfriend, or us and two of our three children. So i pretty much end up spending maybe $5 for popcorn and that’s it because i save the points for tickets only (i sneak snacks in) and I’ll just give my sons each ten bucks to play at the arcade. Most of that is useless information for you guys but overall i love this app because of how easy it is to use, it never glitches on me never freezes or crashes. And still loads pretty fast when I’m using only data on the road or at the theatre. If you go to the movies and spend a lot of money there, in regards to popcorn or you have a decent size family you take, this app is the bomb. Save hem points and run it up. 🤙🏻
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2 years ago, Usm1811
Good, but could be better
I have been a regal unlimited member for 18mos and overall I like the app. I like being able to purchase and select seats in advance and the ability to see my reward points accumulate. However, there are some bugs that really could use addressing. Unlike most apps where you are always logged in unless you physically log yourself out, the regal app routinely logs me out and I have to log back in 3-6 times a month. While logging in is not such a big deal, the app is notorious for providing an error message, (try again later), when trying to log in. This happens at least 50% of my login attempts and gets extremely frustrating. Another bug that has sprung up is under the “my tickets purchased” page, I used to be able to see my current movie tickets plus all the movie tickets I have previously purchased. Now, it only shows current unused tickets. I have written to their app customer service and while they are generally good at responding within a few days, they rarely give any relevant information to fix or even acknowledge the bug exists. There solution is almost always, delete the app and reinstall it. I’ve done this multiple times and it never fixes the bug. These bugs are frustrating, but the unlimited plan is worth the hassle. Being able to pick a movie, buy tickets, and select seats in advance via the app outweighs the other inconveniences so far.
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12 months ago, Melron963
Family Loves Movies!!
I have had Regal Unlimited for the past year. It truly does pay for itself. When you consider how much tickets cost and the cost of Unlimited, it’s a no brainer. When ever my husband, daughter or I want tickets, we just go onto the Regal app and make our selection for the movie, time and seats. Confirm it and go see the movie. It’s so easy! The only thing I wish the app had is confirmation for the people you get tickets for on the app. When I get tickets for the three of us I get confirmation and they get an email confirmation. I just wish they could go on the app to see the confirmation. As it is, I take a screenshot and message it to them. Overall, the app is easy and amazing to use. We get our tickets weeks in advance so we can get the seats we want. We absolutely love the Regal app and theater.
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6 years ago, Lilichavarria
Awful refund policy. Imposible to contact customer service
I bought movie tickets through the app and realized when I was getting scanned to enter the theater (popcorn and icee in hand) that they were for the wrong theater!!! I had bought them just 15 min prior to show time looking to get in fast. When I asked if I could cancel those and purchase new ones I was told to just buy the right ones and that I had to call to get a refund. So I did and they put me on hold and got a call back 2 1/2 hours later and could not answer because I was inside the theater. When I tried calling again the next day, same wait time for a call back by the way, I was told that they could not refund me even though those tickets were never used or scanned. You have to call 1 hour prior to show time (imposible if you buy right before entering) to get a refund. Also if I had known in advance I would have done something. So the lady’s advice was to go personally to the theater and talk to a manager to see if maybe they could give a movie pass. This does not seem fair at all. FYI parking in downtown LA is expensive. How much time and money will I spend “to see” if they’ll give me a credit or movie pass. This is absurd and seems like an abuse to the consumer. The app offers no options or support ni had to dig through the internet to find a stupid number to call. Ridiculous.
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3 months ago, Cmc28%!
Movie lovers dream!
I am a avid moviegoer! I recently started using the regal Movies mobile app and it has been a game changer! One thing that stands out on this app is the ease of use. Unlike some other apps I’ve tried, the Regal app does not glitch a ton, even when I am on the go using data. The app’s simplicity and reliability are its standout features. With a few taps I can easily explore showtimes, purchase tickets and even select seats in advance, saving me form the hassle of long lines at the theater itself. The rewards program is also a huge highlight. As a frequent visitor, I’ve accumulated points with every purchase, which I can redeem for free tickets or upgrades. It’s like winning an award for my movie snaking skills! However, there are some areas for improvement. The app occasionally logs me out, requiring multiple log ins per month and I have encountered bugs in the past. While the customer service is responsive, the solutions provided don’t always address the issue very effectively. Despite these drawbacks the convenience and rewards offered by the app make it worth having!
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4 years ago, Zeni1530
My one complaint
I have been using the regal app for just over 2 and a half years now. I have never had any issues with it and it is extremely easy to use. A couple months ago I joined the regal unlimited and have been enjoying being able to see movies whenever I want. However, my one complaint and it is extremely annoying is when choosing seats. It limits you and what seat you can choose because you cannot leave a seat open between another seat. This is extremely frustrating when selecting seats by myself or when I want to align my seat with friends who are going. I feel like I should be able to pick the seat I want to pick. For example, today my boyfriend and I want to see Star Wars. We found great seats in the middle. Our theater has recliners that are paired up in twos. We wanted to select seats that was next to a pair that only had one selected. The app would not let me choose that seat because I was leaving a spot open when I was choosing seats together. I even bought my seat first then tried to do his. Still same message. So now we have seats but not on the same couch. So regal please fix this.
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5 years ago, MMINNC
Stealing my gift card money that is loaded on app
I am an avid movie goer. I take my son at least a couple times a month, it is our bonding time. I have used the app for over a year with zero issues....until now. If you are like me, you load your gift cards on your app to not have to keep them and you can use the app for purchases when out and about and decide to go to a movie. Lately every purchase has been filled with glitches. Busy release nights are not allowing purchases to go through and if you happen to use a GC the balance disappears even though the purchase didn’t process. The argumentative employee on the phone said I should keep every gift card even though loaded for months with no issue because it is the same as my credit card. Also I should expect issues on busy nights and glitches are common. This is not acceptable. I did not keep the cards, I am trying to limit what I carry with me. Are they hoping we won’t try to recover the gift cards and Regal can pocket it?? Another rep did help in a positive manner and try to give me free tickets in the place of my gift cards. I feel this is a serious glitch that needs to be fixed and I may have to find a different app to buy my movies tickets.
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6 years ago, XDDDDDD)
Apple Watch App
I love this app. It (almost) always works flawlessly for me and makes the movie purchasing and point redeeming aspects easy and seamless. However, although the app supports Apple Wallet, movie tickets do not show up on the Apple Watch wallet app. Fandango recently got around this by creating an Apple Watch app of their own from which customers could pull up their ticket straight from the Watch (and I’m assuming their member number). I would really enjoy a regal watch app, as it would make it so much easier to scan my tickets while carrying all my popcorn and sodas without risking dropping them by having to maneuver to pull my phone from my pocket. It would also be handy if the app would use your location when doing this, so one doesn’t have to search through their watch app interface to pull up the ticket, and it would automatically be pulled up on the watch screen upon arriving at the theater. Other than that suggestion, this app would get a quick five stars from me. I hope this is something going into development soon!
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4 years ago, thatsit515
Subscribe to AMC if you can
The app is very buggy and has obtrusive advertisements. The app does not let you leave an empty seat next to you hen booking a single ticket. Which makes a single moviegoer with on the end and not in the middle. Even if the theater is completely empty. Even worse when me and my spouse try to get tickets together we have to both sit on the end as the app only lets you book one unlimited pass ticket per transaction. Also before you think about subscribing READ THE FINE PRINT! Each booking on the app charges a non refundable .54 convenience fee. Going to the theater and buying your ticket on the kiosk is the only way to avoid this fee. Also, I pay $23 per month and I only get to see standard movies included. If I want 3D, IMAX, 4DX, or whatever else they have that is more than the standard movie rate, I have to pay the difference. I have no choice in theaters because there is no AMC near me. I had their monthly program before I moved and although it was only 3 movies per week, it truly was ANY movie, ANY showing, and above all, ANY SEAT! It didn’t matter if I wanted to see a 3D IMAX movie and sit in the middle of the theater alone, I could, and for no extra charge. Not with Regal! Avoid them if you can.
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11 months ago, peppodapig
is FNaF a joke to you?
THE FNAF MOVIE HAS BEEN LONG AWAITED AND FINALLY HAS A RELEASE DATE. then how come it is not in the "coming soon" section of regal? i have liked this franchise since i was a little kid. and that is a very anticipated movie. i want to get good seats even if i CAN GO to the premiere. but how come it is not there? why not. this game is no joke. how will i find the lore? its not fair. how would i know when the tickets come out? regal, please fix this and tell me when the tickets comes out. i deserve this. i really do. i want to go with the people i appreciate in my life and finally be able to fully appreciate the movie been waiting for SINCE it was speculated. i waited all this time. i waited for this movie. i waited for security breach. i waited for ruin. this movie will change mine alongside many other peoples lives. tell me why regal, why you have it up to may 2024, but do not have five nights at freddys there? maybe the tickets have not come out, but there should be a reminding button i could put for when they do. i do not get this. REGAL IF YOURE READING THIS. PLEASE FIX IT. for freddy bonnie chica foxy and golden freddy. 🐻🐰🐤🦊🟡🐻
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2 years ago, shakurav1
Updated review - there is a fix! Please read
Especially if you have been having problems. I did. My original 1 star review written around Aug 27th 2022 reflects this. I love centrally was able to get to Jeff at Regal corporate in charge of customer service and he helped me solve the problem: At least for me, I kept getting the “update app” loop, and now being able to even bring their webpage up in a browser because *I WAS BEHIND A VPN*! As soon as I turned my VPN off on my phone, everything worked fine! While YMMV on this fix, I still recommend both making sure you don’t have a VPN on, you have location enabled for the app, and possibly quit out of the app and just do a soft or hard reboot on the device. It is likely that will fix the problem. And footnote: after leaving my phone and email info on Jeff’s voicemail, he *did* call me back *and* email me to help me. Just FYI. “This app has often had bugs, especially when it comes to updating account. But lately, it’s just broken. It says I need to update, and I did. And it still shows that error message. If I try to go to the website, it shows a broken link. I tried deleting the app and reloading it and still getting an error message telling me that I need to update the app! I hope they fix this soon, as I use the app a lot and go to my local Regal Theater. And now can’t log in to buy my tickets using my Regal Unlimited. Please fix and I’ll fix my rating and review.”
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5 years ago, rebekahlynn6
Get your act together Regal!
I moved my regal points over to use them for 5 movie tickets. I went through the process of selecting seats and started the payment process. It gave me an error every single time I tried to complete the purchase. I finally just used the Fandango app to buy the tickets, which means I had to pay full price and was unable to use my points. The app needs to be fixed to allow points to be used, especially since Regal states the points can ONLY be used on the app or at the theater for tickets. Another issue with the app I had was seat selection. There were 6 seats available at the end of the row and I was purchasing 5 tickets. No matter where I select the 5 seats out of those 6 available, there is going to be 1 left over. If I left the seat open between us and the next seat, I got an error that you can’t leave an empty seat between 2 people. If I shifted the seats down I got an error that you can’t leave the aisle seat empty. So basically if you have an odd number in your family you’re screwed. If Regal wants people to use their app the app needs to work!
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2 years ago, nickname4427
I wish I could give this a zero
this is a review for anyone considering joining the regal crown club or unlimited subscription. DONT DO IT. After a few years of not being able to go to the movies because of COVID I was so excited to enjoy this experience again. I live within walking distance of a regal theater and figured I'd save money if I got a membership. However, the regal near me does not put on many recent releases. Many of the movies coming out that I wanted to see we're not going to be playing in the theater and if I wanted to see them I had to go to another theater 20 miles away. this wouldn't be a big deal but membership is about 24 dollars a month and where I'm from movie tickets are already so expensive I can't justify giving another theater my money when I'm already obligated to pay regal every month. After realizing this, canceling the membership was almost impossible. The only way you can cancel is if you are physically unable to go to the movie theater because of injury or sickness. It's such a rip-off. Don't put yourself through the stress and get HBO
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5 years ago, Tammynic
I finally got through on the phone today, and was told that even though my bank still shows the money was taken out, it was not. I was told by the customer service rep that it was due to servers crashing because of the amount of people purchasing Avengers tickets yesterday, but that doesn’t explain phone calls made to them hanging up on customers. I drove to the theater, got out, had no assistance from the customer service desk and the guy actually hurried away to I assume go turn up the heat in a theater at the request of a customer that cut in front of me to ask for it to be turned up. I sat forever in the lobby trying to get someone on the phone, then finally emailed, and got no response from that either. Today I’m told sorry you missed your movie, and your bank acct was charged, you spent probably an hour of your own time attempting to buy a ticket then working on the problem, but hey, have a nice day. Thanks Regal! I live in an area with plenty of competition nearby, and although you were my favorite theater, I do have options and choices of spending my money where I am appreciated.
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5 years ago, Let_V_Pray4U
Amazing App & Amazing Theatre!!
I love being able to see the movies, trailers, and rewards from my phone instead of driving up the theatre just to see the timings of movie I want to see. Regal more specifically does an outstanding Job on the user friendly interface for all ages and you can use apple pay to purchase tickets! The only thing I wanted to mention that could be updated for iPhone Users is the ability for the app to to take an automatic screenshot to save your ticket into your camera roll instead of The Wallet App due to Apple Wallet not being compatible with all mobile digital readers in stores and movie theaters. If there was a way to add this feature and allow your app to access the camera roll to save your ticket, that would be amazing! I’m excited to see all the future integrations regal will be taking on!!
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5 years ago, Cabrown21
Too many notifications
I only got the app to begin with because it was required to use my Regal credits. The first day having it, I had so many notifications that I vowed to delete it after I used the movie tickets. I would get a notice saying that I had 15 notifications, when I opened the app there was only 1 thing in the message center and it was a promo for a new movie. I turned the notifications off, but it still has that little annoying red dot (OCD I know) and it will say anywhere from 5 to 15 or so notifications. Then when I open the app to delete them, there will be only 1. I tried to keep the app for a while, thinking it would improve, because I would like to use it for access to my credits. I just deleted it because I can’t deal with the notifications any longer! It drives me crazy. If they can remove this feature entirely, so no more red dot, I would reload. I did use it to buy the movie tickets and that worked fine, just not worth keeping because of all the other fluff.
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2 years ago, Glam~Girl
Terrible App
First off this app is extremely glitchy. The customer service is terrible to non-existent. When trying to sign up for unlimited, which you can only do by the app, it kept rejecting the picture. I tried to notify “customer service” that I spent an hour trying to sign-up for unlimited only for it to reject repeatedly because it couldn’t detect my face for a live picture and gave an unknown error for uploading an existing picture. This isn’t the first time that I have experienced this issue. Also, they charge you for unlimited before a month is over. I have also noticed that when selecting a movie it will give you a different movie title with different times. I have tried all basic troubleshooting methods. I think this will be my last time using Regal after this subscription is over. It is too much of a hassle. The movie theater that I go to in my hometown is raggedy even though it is supposed to be an uppity area. The seating is terrible.
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4 years ago, Dr_IanP
I am a HUGE movie lover and I love going to the movies. There new monthly pass is awesome because I can go any day for the low monthly fee plus I get 10% off on concession. The only thing I would recommend is an option to either “like” an upcoming movie or add it to a watch list so that you can be reminded when that movie comes out. For example, I want to watch Mulan when it comes out so I click the like button in the app for the movie and a day before I get a reminder letting me know that the movie will be out tomorrow. There are a lot of movies that I want to watch but it’s hard to keep track of which movies come out when and remembering that they are about to come out.
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6 years ago, CurtisM86
App login issues/updated possible fix
I reset my password and logged in no problem on the web browser. I log in using the app with the same information (email and new password) and it won’t log me in! I didn’t do any typos and made sure it was exactly as I logged in using the web browser. Why is this happening??? I reinstalled the app and still having the same problem!!! What’s wrong with the app? Why is it not letting me log in when I’m using the right information??? Updated: READ THIS!! For others having issues. I had SecureLine VPN running I decided to turn it off. After turning it off I tried logging in and it logged me in instantly no problem. I think it was interfering with the apps ability to connect to the server. For others having issues turn off these kinds of programs when trying to log in. Maybe try turning it back on once you get successfully logged back in and see if you stay logged in.
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5 years ago, J900100
Really liked the app when it worked
The regal app is actually pretty nice and useful especially for their rewards card and I would give 5 stars but the last two times I’ve tried to purchase a ticket through the app it has timed out and given me an error that my ticket can not be created, after it’s charged my card. The first time it happened I thought it might have been just because the WiFi I was on was spotty but the second time I tried a month later I was careful to make sure I was on good WiFi and it still messed up. The first time it happened I reached out to customer service 3 days before my showing but they didn’t get back to me until two days after my showing had already happened. I was able to use the booking number I got in my email to get my ticket when I got to the theater but that kind of defeats the purpose of buying my tickets in advance. From now on I will just use fandango to buy tickets in advance and I suggest everyone else do the same.
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4 years ago, Snaby777
Nickel and dime ya!
Very disappointed that even with Regal unlimited they charge .50 cents per movie to get your tickets through the app. Basically extortion, either wait in line or pay. Doesn’t seem like much at first but when you have multiple family members it adds up quickly over the course of a month of movies. And if they are not a Regal Unlimited member the “convenience fee” is $2.50! Per ticket!! Ridiculous. Also don’t get me started about the seat selection process. You want a space between you and somebody else (stranger) that’s already ordered a ticket in your row, too bad the app forces you to choose a seat DIRECTLY next to an already occupied seat or else you have to keep going back rows until you can find a row that hasn’t had a seat reserved yet. Honestly kind of surprised they haven’t addressed these issues yet as it is frustrating enough for me, and I would imagine many others, that once my contract is up unless they change I will definitely not be renewing.
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5 years ago, Revan1123
Great App - check movie locations for membership though!
Real quick I’ll say I almost bought the monthly movie pass with regal until I found out that practically no location qualifies for their cheapest membership price. I’d need to pay the highest membership price to be able to see movies in SoCal. Bummer. The 10% concessions stand discount is a joke when you consider everything is keystoned (they charge double (or higher) the price they paid their wholesale distributed). So 10% off $8 popcorn? No thanks. The convenience fee discount? 50¢ off the convenience fee? I just ordered two tickets online and the convenience fee was $3. Some savings. Woah...if I wasn’t considering sneaking snacks in now I definitely am now because I’m possed about that sneaky tactic. The app is nice. Fluid. Non-glitchy. It was very fast to order movie tickets. The convenience fee is a joke though. Don’t know if I’ll keep using it or just buy tickets at Costco.
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2 years ago, dbaquero80
app crashes and some updates
so thankfully I have my older device with ios 15 allowing me to access the app. however the app keeps crashing in the upcoming version, forcing me to access my regal account via the website on that device, but then it just fails with many access errors. website also doesn’t recognize my unlimited pass so that was annoying, which is why I am thankful for this backup device. as for updating payment methods, please allow to just tap the existing payment method to update the expiration date and cvc instead of having to create a new card with the same number and added expiration, hope to figure out which is which before deleting what I hope was the correct expired card. so yeah, please update account and payment detail settings UI/UX and the crash issue for the upcoming release. thanks
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3 years ago, SuperJean325
The most horrible movie app for unlimited member
I've register Regal Unlimted member this month earlier. And I only use is to watch 3 movies. Now there already more than FOUR bugs happens on me. 1- when I try to use it to book a move 30 mins before movie start on LA south gate Regal, the app keep telling me there have internet issue, can not fresh out seat map. But the booking functional well if I choose other location. 2- today (just now) I try to book a movie for TMT on LA Live Regal, when I choose the movie time, it's just to the website page to let me select the amount of ticket I wanna book instead the normal. And I have to log in again and to pay the normal amount of money instead of $1 as unlimited member, Weirdly my BF could book the ticket free on his Sumsung. 3- my BF can not book the ticket for me on his Sumsung even tho we are friend on Regal app and I always book ticket for him on my iPhone. 4- I try to book other movie on LA Live Regal, but no matter how hard how many times I push the time bottom, The app just froze on the schedule page, Not go through to the booking page, even not the web booking page. This is the most inconvenience app I've even used after I start using the IOS system. How could you making costumers making 1 year promise with this kind service? Even worse, the theater even not offer fresh Caramel popcorn, even CGV have it!!! I wanna cancel my subscription!!!
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2 years ago, scuac
App ok, except rewards section
For browsing available movies and buying tickets, the app does its job fine. The rewards tab however is a mess. It will switch up things seemingly at random, e.g. last night it would say I need one more visit to move from ruby to diamond, but after buying tickets it switched to saying I need 10 more visits, but the view shows 19 circles to be filled when before there where ten! Also, exchanging rewards, I had both a free drink and popcorn already loaded and used that at concession. But after getting those items I still had a free drink on my card and a -8000pts transaction in my account. Where did that come from? Cannot explain it, nothing in redemptions costs 8000pts and even so I didn’t ask to redeem anything. In the end these are all fantasy points but it is very annoying how poorly this works.
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2 years ago, phoebebenson
Worst app ever
I’ve been going to regal cinemas my whole life. I love the theater and always will. I recently became a regal unlimited member and while I do love the services being a member gives me, the app gives me the biggest headaches ever. You can rarely change your account effectively, sometimes it’ll miss movies that are playing and you’ll have to get your tickets online. It’s like this app was made in 1990 and was never updated. The quality of the app alone makes me wanna cancel my subscription and change movie theaters. It is also impossible to get a hold of costumer service if I need to update my account (since you can rarely do it through the app since it’s awful). You have to submit a request form and patiently wait days to hear back, and they might not even successfully answer your question. I love the theater especially regal but god it’s the worst service I’ve ever experienced. Update your app regal!
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5 years ago, Apple_user0327
Basic and outdated
This app would be great if it were 2011, but in this day and age I expect more out of an app. Yes I can purchase tickets through the app and show them at the theater. But I want an app to do more than that now, especially when I’m subscribing to the unlimited membership. The app does not provide a way to add my membership card to wallet even though here in the App Store it claims to support Apple wallet. The app does not provide clear info on what my unlimited benefits are and how to use them. The app does not provide an easy way to manage my payment method for the unlimited subscription, it also didn’t let me use Apple Pay to sign up for the subscription. And let’s talk about adding a payment method for a moment, what is with that outdated form that doesn’t support auto fill? Basically this app is basic and outdated. It does not seem to take advantage of any modern app design concepts at all.
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1 year ago, Aralexander1319
Don’t go to Manchester Theatre
My partner and I purchased tickets February 13 as it really Valentines date. Upon arrival our tickets were scanned, and then we were sent to speak with the manager, because the scanner was reading the tickets as returned. After waiting 15 minutes, we spoke with Richard who was “new”. All he had to tell us was that tickets were returned. Which was obvious, this is why we were speaking to him in the first place. After having to fuss I finally got to speak with two more managers, Xiong and Susan, who both told me the exact same thing, so we were denied to see a movie, even though our seats were clearly paid for. When you look it up on the roster, it shows the two seats as taken. My ticket shows the two seats were purchased by me. There was no customer service number to call. It has been five days and we still have not got a refund nor call from anyone we were just robbed from our experience, time, and money.
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2 months ago, notrailnameyet
Updated app is missing early schedule
We have a problem. The new app doesn’t allow our autist son to schedule and confirm his usual weekly pick. Which is very upsetting for him. There are three weekly events he looks forward to and makes him very happy to 1. purchase Regal gift card, 2 purchases and schedules a movie time, 3 shows up uninterrupted, buys snacks without wait and enters partially occupied theater. We’ve been members for 5-6 years, frequent nearly weekly for nearly 8 years, and most time we don’t get to stay to see the whole show. But that’s on us. He just like that. lol Other families caring for specials needs children/adults very much look forward to early shows with fewer people, and many use the scheduling part as a positive event for their child’s happiness. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THE APP and continue opening at 11-12:am time frame.
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1 year ago, Nunn-ya
App needs A LOT of work
I’m a Regal Unlimited Subscriber and I enjoy the service but the app is very underwhelming. It is clunky, shows it’s age and does not utilize many of the modern iOS and iPadOS features. They do not have a dedicated iPasOS app, yet AMC does, and I do a lot of scheduling to see movies on my iPad. And even the iPhone version of the app does not utilize any of the modern features. Widgets on iOS and iPadOS would be incredibly useful, as well as many of the other features available on the iPhone and iPad in 2023. It seems like the few updates to the app that they do provide are only the bare minimum for stability. I have always been on the fence about keeping my Unlimited subscription and the mobile experience is so clunky and adds just a little friction that makes me question if I really want the service. I really hope they put some work into their customer’s mobile experience.
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2 years ago, Kotyrules
Do not download
The problem with this app is two-fold. I got this app to get the Regal Unlimited program which is one of the best value propositions I’ve ever seen. However, as soon as I downloaded the app problems began to arise. It took me 5 hours to set up my account to even purchase Regal Unlimited because the app is so poorly designed and frequently just stops working. Then once you do actually get it working, the Regal Unlimited program in itself is predatory. There is no place in the app to cancel your subscription. No, you have to go to their website and email them and hope you get a response. They can ignore your email indefinitely and just keep charging you. And good luck with knowing when your current subscription is about to renew, as that information is also not present in the app. I would rate this app a 5 star app in a heartbeat if they fixed the problems with actually using the thing and made Regal Unlimited less predatory.
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1 year ago, That Tall Matt
Gift Card Issues
The app is easy to use and is informative about show times at various theaters. However, the payment methods (specifically gift cards) section should allow for more options to the user. To an understandable extent, the payments are only stored on the device to which they are added. This could make sense for security, but if a device with gifts cards saved on it were to fail, the gifts cards would need to be entered again. It also would be convenient to at least have the option to store them on the user account as well. Also, if the gift card is not physically with me, the only way to use it is to purchase the tickets through the app; there’s no way (at least not an easily finable way, if any) to bring up a digital version of the gift card to show in-person.
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5 years ago, ParakeetBot
Empty seat next to you problem :/
This app is honestly great! It’s fast to buy tickets, and it’s organized! But the only thing that ticks me off is that you can’t take a seat that has other empty seats next to you. What if someone is buying a ticket and not going with anyone and they can’t choose a seat of their choice. Having the fact that they would not like to sit next to someone. And for each person in a group buying a ticket for them to sit next to each other the last person can’t choose the seat next to the rest of the group because there is an empty seat next to them. Understandable that it wouldn’t be fair since families wouldn’t be able to sit next to each other but it would be nice to find a way to buy the seats needed for any size group. You can choose the number of seats needed maybe and you can pick anywhere?? Or a option of 2 or single?? I hope I’m making sense 😅
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1 year ago, GourmetQuicky
HACK Showtimes won’t load
EDIT: For those who’s showtimes are “unable to load”, I found a way around it. Instead of going to the movies tab, go to the theaters tab. Select a theater, and select a movie. Now the showtimes appear!!👍👍 It’s amazing how fast a good app can go down the drain. About three or four weeks ago my version wouldn’t load the times of movies for the current day, although I could see subsequent days’ times. I was the only one in my family it was happening to and figured it’d work it’s way out soon. Plus we all have Reg Unlimited so others could buy my ticket for me. Now all five of us have the problem. Gone is the convenience of purchasing tickets ahead of time and skipping the line. It makes planning a movie day harder because we have to find the times elsewhere and individually purchase our tickets either at the counter or kiosks. Ugh!
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2 years ago, Dutch Listener
Company / app disregards loyal customers
This review is for the app based on the company’s attitude toward customers. The app itself works okay. It enables one to choose a movie, reserve a seat, and accumulate points all in one spot. Where the app fails is that it does not give you any kind of warning that the theater you are selecting may not be your preferred theater. Often I have booked tickets at the “next closest” movie theater … 45 minutes away, only to arrive at my theater where I am told they are not showing my film. A warning of some type would be nice. The worst part of REGAL Cinemas is that your credits expire … even if you go frequently and are a member of their unlimited movie club. That is the reason I cancelled it and am just using my points until they are gone … and will only go back maybe 2-3 times a year😢!
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4 years ago, garywreynolds
Only one complaint Regal!
For the App Developer - it’s a great App. Cinema location, movie, movie times, previews of what’s ahead. My only complaint is the limited time allowed to peruse the information before the Regal App “resets”. What I mean is- I see a cinema location, movie, & movie time; and then I want to leave the Regal App and look at my iPad calendar to see if it will fit in my schedule. After this I go back into the Regal App to buy a ticket and voila, I am at ground zero again - the beginning of the Regal default menu - I have to go back in again - select the theater again (if I remembered), the movie, the time, and Buy Tickets. Is there anyway the information I selected be held in the Regal App, at least for one minute, while I check my schedule - and then re-enter the App and purchase my ticket?
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4 years ago, Say it As Is
Not a good program
Well, this is more a review of the program structure than the app itself. It is not a well-setup customer-friendly structure. (1) Regal charges 50 cents booking fee if you are on the unlimited plan, so unlimited service charge for unlimited movies (AMC does not do this); (2) if you and friends/family are members and want to watch a movie together, good luck trying to sit together! You have to buy tickets separately on each person’s own phone, but cannot select a seat if it results in a single empty seat. Well, inevitably it would when you are about to buy the third or fourth ticket. So we often sit in different rows (AMC down not do this); (3) if you decide to buy tickets at the theater to resolve this issue, then everyone should go, carrying their own phones. But this can be done only on the day of the show, and seats are sold out for popular movies. Everyone complains about these issues, so let’s hope Regal makes some changes soon.
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12 months ago, Sijay Southworth
Have they abandoned their own app?
App stopped working a week ago. It keeps saying it’s my internet connection, but I have tried on other WiFi systems and even on straight data, and nothing happens—just a blank screen saying something is wrong with my connection. Deleted it, downloaded it again, now not only does it not work, it won’t let me sign back in either. Used to enjoy both the app and the Crown Club program, but I don’t think I’m going to continue to pay a monthly fee for a program I can’t even access because they won’t fix their stupid app. Useless. No wonder steaming is winning out over theaters. I’m going to miss seeing things on the big screen, but this is ridiculous. Make a functional product or don’t bother. I’d be less disappointed if I’d never had it in the first place. Seems more and more of these corporation don’t care about actual customers anymore.
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10 months ago, Ajdurden25
Says free its not really free. Unlimited isn’t really unlimited.
Kept getting emails saying I could get a free Imax Upgrade for Blue Beetle. Got a push notification and checked my offers. Says free Imax Upgrade for Regal Crown Club and Unlimited members. I’m an unlimited member so I tried this and it says $6.50 for the upgrade. Last time I checked, free doesn’t mean 6.50. Every time I try to go see a movie I still have to pay. I already pay monthly for “unlimited” movies but when I get the tickets I still have to pay for them. So its not really free or unlimited. I pay monthly fees and still have to pay a dollar everytime I see a movie. You guys are shiesty. When I had the AMC movie app. I paid one fee a month, and didn’t pay anything extra when I saw a movie. No matter what screen it was on, be it Imax, be it 3D, DBX, every screen was always free. Not with Regal. There’s always a scam for money. Guess I should switch back to AMC.
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1 year ago, CellarDoor82
Can’t use app to get collectible tickets
General UI around logins, AR, and other navigation is very cumbersome. It’s possible to get stuck in some areas in iOS without a back button and you have to force-quit the app to leave the area for another part of the app. I was told I got a collectible digital ticket for a movie I saw, but my email just keeps sending to to the App Store even though I have the app installed. There’s nowhere on the app to redeem the digital tickets. Apparently a long time ago I added my digital card to Apple wallet. But I expected my barcode to still be in the app somewhere. My SO and I were late for a movie because it was so hard to find the barcode to get credit for points as we were purchasing our tickets at the kiosk. Generally feels like the app needs a lot of work. Showtimes are pretty easy to find at least
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5 years ago, Nivek27284
Ok for showtime/seating observation, but...
The app has its ups and downs during updates. For instance: revision 6.2 brought back an old issue I’ve had in the past— showing false notifications, old/delayed notifications, and accumulated notification number tag of already viewed/deleted notifications (it’ll say I have 15 new, when in fact I only have 1 or none). The biggest downfall of the app is unable to report issues to developers directly from the app. There is an APP FEEDBACK button on settings page, but I honestly believe it’s a convenience visual aid that really isn’t monitored for technical problems. A feature that should be considered is notifications for new listings/showtimes for favorite theater locations. I’ve noticed several times during premieres that a theater will add more slots for late night viewings, but never know until I check near the last minute.
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4 years ago, regal app is a scam
AVOID: Terribly designed + terrible policies.
Please avoid and look for any other service. They need to be more explicit that you are being FORCED into a full year subscription service. They do not allow you to withdraw from this subscription without photographic proof of a doctors note saying that you are physically unable to go to a movie theater. Absurd. This is LITERALLY what they told me when I called. Furthermore this app is designed awfully. You can’t buy one ticket if there is a empty seat next to you or there’s an aisle seat on the other side. This is huge flaw and makes no sense. What if I just wanted to see a movie alone? I shouldn’t be barred from sitting where I want to sit. They’d rather we not see a movie at all. This also means if you’re going to see a popular movie with another person, and you both have the app (like my husband and I) you won’t be able to buy tickets together unless there are tons of empty seats. Again, absolutely ridiculous. Customer service is terrible and all they can do is placate you nonsense about how there’s nothing to be done. They are completely useless. They also accused of us not knowing how to select seats when we mentioned the issues above, and then lied and said that it was not every theater, just the one theater I looked at. NOPE. I checked and every single one I looked at had this problem.
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5 years ago, PL&MT
Unethical Customer Service
DO NOT even think about getting a membership if you’re not going to use it every month for a year. You’re wasting your money and supporting a poorly run organization. I tried cancelling my membership after I gave up my vehicle because I had no physical way to get to the movie theatre in my area without a two hour commute. They refused to cancel claiming it was within 15 miles of my residence. Even after explaining it’s feasibly impossible for me to travel 4 hours to see a movie they still refused. They’re customer service specialists are not in the USA and speak with accents hard to understand. I am disappointed Regal tries to increase their profit margins by offering such terrible customer care. They are robots not able to make any decisions on behalf of the customer. This is VERY poor customer service. I do not wish to endorse a company that thinks so little of its patrons that this is the level of service provided.
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6 years ago, tellabella
Loyalty program is a SCAM!
Regal Crown club contradicts their loyalty program and is misleading! Regal does not stand by their Rules and Policy they advertise on their website & Mobil application. With the “Crown Jewel Program” I had 19 visits and needed 1 more visit to hit Diamond Status for the year. Regal Crown club decided to remove 8 of my visits. Customer service explained to me that the 2nd set of tickets I had been purchasing this past year should not have counted as a “visit” and was a computer error. They did this exactly 1 month before my 1 year deadline to hit my next status as Diamond. The website clearly states “a ticket must be purchased for a visit to qualify”. The rules on the app states under F.) #1. You earn one “visit” by using your club card, club card phone number attached to your club crown account when (a) purchasing admission “tickets”. Under F.) #3. Restrictions- There is no limit on how many visits you may earn in a day but bonus credits are awarded once daily. F.) #1. “Tickets” is Plural meaning “More than one”. VERY VERY VERY misleading!!! Their customer service responded that they can’t do anything. I’m pretty much at lost for those 8 visits. Regal Crown Membership has no integrity and does not stand by their LOYALTY PROGRAM!! Beware and keep track of your visits! They can take away your visits even if it goes against their policy and rules.
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4 weeks ago, Ralston Vaz
Now BLOCKING main nav
Sorry for the negative review. Not sure where else to voice my opinion to effect change. Recently, Regal’s app has added this promotional pop up that appears at the bottom of the main screen when the app first loads. It BLOCKS the main navigational links, making the user wait a few seconds before navigation to other sections of the app. In my use case, I’m usually going directly to the “Theaters” section, selecting my local or favorite theater, then seeing what’s playing and when. It’s a very quick process, so I certainly feel the friction of this nav-blocking, promotional pop up at the bottom of the screen – which, by the way, has no “X” button allowing to user to dismiss it faster than its programmed timer. Please, please remove this addition and I will update this rating and review. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Kent7373
App needs some work
This app is good for choosing seats and skipping the kiosk. I remove a star for every problem I have encountered on this app. Removal of half star - did you know you can order concessions through the app? I didn’t either and it’s not very clear that you can do it in the app. If you want to order concessions through the app you click the little tiny popcorn icon on the top left corner. It’s not just decoration. I’m just removing half a star due to it not being clear in the app you can do so. Removal of 1 star - can’t even use your redeemable points on concessions in the app. What’s the point of skipping the line for concessions if you need to be in line to use your points? It’s not like you are using 2 different apps for concessions and redeeming regal points, it’s the same app! Why can’t I use my points to get the discount in the same app that I can also order for concessions? The worst part of the movies is having to arrive an hour early to stand in line for overpriced concessions. It’s significantly easier to just bring your own bottled drink and candy. If I could rate it at 3 1/2 stars I would but 3 is close enough
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2 months ago, Captain Tal, Angel
Full of bugs and apparently unsupported
The latest update keeps asking me for the latest update. I have done everything including removing the app from my iTunes platform, my iCloud, my iphone my phone history, and reinstalled, and the same thing happens again I installed the first time, and it immediately asked for an update which doesn’t work. Endless loop getting nowhere. Previously it would never allow you to delete all credit card information and made it cumbersome every time you wanted to order a ticket that you had to make sure it was ordering from the current credit card and not the old credit card. I’ve given up trying to preorder seats as nobody at the theater has any ideas how to fix these issue. Poor support … Above was written 2 years ago and things haven’t really improved. More often than not, I can’t purchase a ticket online and I get the “Minions” screen saying they are working on it. Today it fails trying to make a purchase, and fails again when trying to update my payment method . I keep getting a message saying “unspecified error” Please fix your product…or remove it from the market. It cuases too much aggravation due to its inconsistent behavior and performance. I want to cancel my Premium subscription
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7 years ago, Gringarican
Good app, but could be better
This app allows you to purchase movies and choose your assigned seating. It also allows you to use your points towards free tickets free popcorn or free drinks. However, it does not allow you to purchase food through the app before you get to the theater so that you can avoid the lines. AMC theaters offer special lines for premium AMC card holders. To order food, you have to use the Atom app to purchase the tickets and buy food at the same time that you’re purchasing tickets. However, it does not allow you to use a Regal gift card to make your purchase neither on the Regal app nor the Atom app Update October 27, 2017 - I cannot play any of the trailers on my iPad Pro. None of them play. Please fix this!! Also, update to allow payment with Regal Gift Card, please! Using the Atom app doesn’t allow paying with a Regal Gift Card either.
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7 months ago, BookElf106
Please allow ticket cancellation
I’m rating one star because the app is so inflexible when it comes to cancelling and rebooking. I have an unlimited subscription and there is no ability for me to cancel or change the tickets I book. The customer service is slow and unhelpful. The theaters itself can’t even cancel the tickets unless I am in person which is ridiculous. There have been a few times where I have booked tickets and wanted to change to go see a show at a later time. If I have tickets booked for my unlimited subscription, it will not let me use it unless I cancel the first set of tickets. I don’t understand why the app doesn’t allow unlimited users to cancel and rebook their tickets. There are plenty of other apps that allow this kind of flexibility (ex. Fandango). Regal really needs to add a few of these features into the app.
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3 years ago, Mona nasralla
The app over charged my card
My husband and I, love going to the movies, that’s why we got the unlimited subscription before the Corona pandemic. And of course, we canceled it when we stopped going, so when the movie theater opened again we renewed the subscription again, on June 1st. They charged me for the monthly fee, then on June 14th. They charged me again. I sent an email right away to regal cinemas I didn't get any response until now, called customer service I was on hold for 30 minutes no response either, also my husband got the unlimited monthly subscription but the app still charges him full price for his ticket. I am really upset because I can't talk to anyone to solve this issue. the manager at the movie theater told me that they can't do anything it's all handled by the app. So the I hope I can get someone to contact me and try to fix these issues.
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