Remote TV Control

3.8 (26.2K)
81.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Quanticapps Ltd
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Remote TV Control

3.79 out of 5
26.2K Ratings
3 years ago, jm8679032274
Works well
This is a great app and the purchase for premium is worth it, the ads are overwhelming otherwise... but this is designed way better and faster than the smart things remote. I like it because I hate looking for my remote and I am always on my phone so I never lose it. Got the app for me and my wife. The widget is cool because you can control basic functions on the fly. Note: updates may cause glitches if you do not update your phone to the latest version also. I have noticed a couple other glitchy things with buttons sometimes but nothing terrible and is avoidable hence the 4 stars
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5 years ago, butt uttbuttntnx
UPDATE: got a message from the developer that most of the issues were fixed and was asked to reinstall. I did so and I couldn’t get past the connection screen, it kept asking me to make sure the Roku streaming stick is within the same network. Now, it’s possible that the app won’t connect to a Samsung TV with a Roku device, but I am not willing to disconnect my Roku every time I want to control my television, and the app didn’t give me the option otherwise to connect to the television only (though I think that’s stupid that I’d have to do so). Took a star away for my pain and suffering and added a thumbs down 🤷🏻‍♀️👎👎👎👎 This remote worked great... until it stopped working. After about a month, I would try to turn the tv on or off or mess with the volume, and it wouldn’t connect. I tried resetting my WiFi, deleting and reinstalling the app, disconnecting my device and reconnecting. I even bought the upgrade that allowed multiple TVs, even though I shouldn’t have had to do so (when I deleted the tv I was using via the app and tried to reconnect, the app told me I had to upgrade to use multiple TVs... even though there wasn’t a tv connected). This app turned out to be crap and a waste of money 👎👎👎
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5 years ago, KaosVenom
I hate apps like this
The app works I will give that but I just hate that everyone who makes something great has to be so money hungry because the fact is you could’ve released a free app that controls your TV but no you wanted to create a premium version and I thought to myself who the hell is going to buy a premium version of a TV remote when you could just go by the remote from LG itself but I’ve seen a lot of people in the comments by it and it’s actually stupid but what made me give this app a one star is like I stated before a premium that is totally unnecessary I pressed the home button to try to change to HDMI one so that I could play Warframe and immediately I get a pop-up talking about upgrade to premium and I’m just sitting there speechless like why should I have to pay premium to use arrows on the remote for my phone this whole money hungry thing is very stupid you can just as easily ask for donations everybody who makes apps is so money hungry I remember when I was a child there were free apps you could play apps free and there was no hassle but this is truly ridiculous do not buy the premium and do not download this app
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3 years ago,
Here is my opinion..
So when I downloaded the app it was telling about how it works and what it does and stuff. It goes to a connecting system so I can connect my TV to the remote. Something shows up on my tv and it says something like “Do you want to connect Tv Remote?” I press yes and on my phone it says it’s not connected bc the WiFi it probably not the same. I check if the WiFi is connected on my tv. It wasn’t connected to I fixed it and when I tried it again it still wasn’t working. I have tried these a couple of times or like a few and it wasn’t working at all. And every time I tried to click on one of the buttons like right, left, up, down, etc. the same ad shows up and it way too many that I have to delete the app. I know what you are thinking. Why couldn’t you just have used your actual remote. It’s broken and just in case if we get a new one and we break it again. Therefore, I would not recommend getting this app I may work for you but I didn’t work for me. I would rather use another app than this one.
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5 years ago, Tomgotguts
Remote works fine, a little unhappy after the updates.
When I first got the remote it all worked fine. After a couple updates certain features stopped working until it didn’t work at all. Stopped using it for a while after that. Decided to try again at a certain point and it worked fine. Was mostly just upset that I had paid for the upgraded premium-version of the app at the time which had none of the ads, and after updates I’m the bottom of the “tier’d” list and can’t even do things like use the Netflix button anymore, just the basic buttons on the first screen.
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6 years ago, KirstenNinja
Works fine, too many adds
It connect to my tv in the matter of seconds, but after about five or six taps on the screen you have an add. This gets really annoying especially when your trying to type something using the little arrows and okay button. I do know that you can buy the premium pack, but five dollars is a bit much for a normal remote. I do also wish that it came with a keyboard outside of the premium pack (I only got this for a keyboard), but they don’t have that so you still will have to pay 5 dollars. I was debating if I should give this 2 or 3 stars and I decided to give this a three since it worked perfect but I really only had a problem with the adds and the absence of a keyboard.
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3 years ago, //:frank
Entitlement is the only reason this app doesn’t have 5 stars.
I felt compelled to give this app a five star review because of all the idiots complaining about paying for an app when they could just use the remote instead. That being said, I like how modern this app feels and the BIG feature of being able to use Siri Shortcuts. However...I haven’t been able to get the app to connect to my TV yet. It sees all the devices on the network so I’m chalking it up to user error. Once I’m able to test and see if this app meets my needs I’ll gladly pay.
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5 years ago, mer_cat
This is a great app that serves its purpose. It is also perfect for pulling pranks on whoever is using the TV by turning it off or on and watching the person watching TV being confused and thinking their TV is hacked. I gave it 4/5 stars because it does exactly what it is made to do. It would of been 5/5 if there were no ads. There are not a lot of ads but there are some and some of the ads shown are the ones that are really hard to get out of so you have to exit out of the app so you can make the ad go away and continue to use the remote. I think this is a great app overall though. So All in all I would recommend downloading this app if you lose your remote often and are unable to watch TV until you find it. This app is mostly used by me for just doing pranks because I haven’t lost the remote yet. But you should download this app it’s fun to use easy to use and perfect for a lot of situations.
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6 years ago, MC Haaaaps
The mass abundance of ads make this unusable
I was able to connect to my TV with no problem. The tour was a bit annoying and you cannot skip it. However what turns me away from this app is the fact that there is an ad on every three button prices. Imagine if I have to type something. Because of this it doesn’t make me want to pay either. If there are so many ads within the free version, what data am I giving away in the paid version. The idea is that when you pay is supposed to be better. However, the free version has so many ads, I’m afraid I’m going to lose my money paying for it and it is not worth it. For now I’ll Take out my good old HTC phone and use the infrared through there And remove this app immediately.
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4 years ago, 1or5 no lies
Reach to the coffee table and pick up the remote and save $10 instantly!
Connecting couldn’t even be accomplished. Tv kept asking to pair yet the app just never did then I think I’m good to go and after hitting the volume button boom! Download the premium version for such luxuries. No. I can even try it to see if I would even find it useful I’m not paying anything especially something so sneaky about it. If you want to sell a $10 app fine, that’s honorable enough to create a app and except money no problems there but to have a free version that does absolutely nothing? You and every app like you is a drain on the entire system and for that reason alone I deleted it as fast as I downloaded it and I’ll find one alittle more honest. It’s 2020 people are tired of scams
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2 years ago, Junior 650
Great App
This has been the best remote control app I’ve used so far i paid for the one time premium a year ago and i definitely think its worth the money im constantly losing my dang tv remote and this app makes it so that i don't even care where the remote is it’ll show up somewhere eventually lol Only issue I've had is that when i use the volume button repeatedly it sometimes gets stuck and turns my volume all the way down and I'm forced to close the app
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4 years ago, #1CustomerReview
Failed App
I downloaded this app because I cannot find my TV remote. First of all, when selecting my TV, it says please wait until the search is complete. This is when I found the first problem, it would NOT stop searching. Therefore, I could NOT select a tv. Clearly, all of the eligible televisions appeared on the screen but because it was still “searching” it would not allow me to click the tv I wanted to connect to. Second, they had spelling errors. I don’t know about you but I don’t trust anyone who can’t spell. Especially not with my money. The screen where it had me waiting FOREVER to search for eligible TV’s said “please wait until your smart tv SEACH within the network ends.” SEACH...? Where is the R? And this is supposed to be a Samsung app??? Like, what?
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6 years ago, LinzyNicole
I’m struggling with a rating on this app because every app I’ve ever used can’t find my tv after a day or two of use. This one has lasted about a week and it does work! However, the ads... my god the ads. By far the most annoying ad disruptions of any app ever created. About every 6-10 clicks you get an ad pop up. Typing on a keyboard? Ad every 6-10 clicks. Searching through Netflix? Ad every 6-10 clicks. I’ve only had the app for a week and will not pay $5 for ad removal until I know this app works for at least a month.
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4 years ago, Mahi815
It keeps disconnecting every now and then! Before updating to the latest version, it used to be OK, I used to just search the TV again and it would be fine. But since the recent update, I can’t get it connected at all. DO NOT UPDATE IT! Not only many features that were available before are now available to premium users (even though I have purchased the app but they have managed to define other premium accounts to take more money!), it is absolutely useless right now since it does not get connected to the TV at all. TV and router are the same, but the stupid update has ruined the connection.
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3 years ago, S. M. Klyde
Worked At First; Now Seeking Alternative
At first set up, it worked fine. Now, it continually says it can’t connect to the TV. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled more times than I can count to eek out a few clicks of the remote before it drops the connection. I really liked that it had Apple Watch support since I always know that is, and the kids love to hide the remote. I have good internet, so the constant drop out is beyond annoying. I haven’t been able to fix it or figure out what’s causing it. If it would just STAY CONNECTED it would be a great app. But, for now, I’m looking for an alternative.
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6 years ago, Kyle Boettcher
Connects with 2 adds in 10 seconds
Legitimately connects to Samsung television using WiFi and it is simple to connect. However it is not useful at all; I went to click the first button and instead of sending a command I got an add. Then the button I was pushing didn’t even end up working after the add, it said command unavailable on the tv. I moved tabs in the app to attempt a different command, this is now three clicks on the screen, so the app sent another add. Now a pop up would be one thing, full fledged video adds though with a countdown on the skip button? Really not worth the users time to struggle with using this app simply to grease the programmers pockets with add revenue.
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6 years ago, Jazzz91
When I first got this app it worked fairly well but there was a ton of ads. Every 5-7 clicks an ad would appear so I decided to purchase it for the five dollars. Honestly it only made the app worse it’s constantly glitching and at times won’t even connect to my tv. I thought the purchase would unlock special features but there isn’t even a fast forward option. Often times the app closes itself without warning it’s extremely frustrating. I would not recommend purchasing or even keeping it. I found another remote app that works without all the nonsense this one brings.
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4 years ago, Spoo Bear
Could Be Sweet
Bought the app for the watch integration and it 3% works. I give it 3% because I turn the volume down and then literally probably 45 seconds later the volume on my TV shoots down to zero. Same thing for play/pause. It’s like it occasionally works, but when it does it shows up to the party waaaay too late. Please fix this because I can see myself loving the app (like 5 stars loving the app) when my watch works.
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4 years ago, ill remain nameless
Issue with connection and ads.
For me whenever a button is pressed an advertisement will play for about 15 seconds, I think thats strange since this a remote control. Though the TV does have unremovable adds to begin with when trying to go to apps... Anyway on my Tv it will ask to give my phone permission, I click yes then it disappears. Then when I attempt to click a button on the remote an ad plays. Nothing changes for the TV and it becomes a loop. Im just annoyed how when the ad appears you cant use the remote for a couple seconds, it should be on some place maybe at the tops or sides of the screen? That would be more convenient.
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4 years ago, spitepirate
Money hungry
A subpar app from a money hungry company. I don’t mind a few ads on a free app. But to have an ad every single time you touch the screen is absolutely ridiculous. I was trying to type my Netflix password and it took me over 15 minutes! Literally every single time I pressed anything, an ad pops up. I deleted the app and went spend the $10 on an actual remote. Never again. Their goal is to annoy you with ads so much that you’ll buy premium or make the same amount of money (maybe more) off of you if you don’t get premium. Waste of time. I have better things to do than to spend over 15 minutes typing an email address.
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5 years ago, Juanjuan81
Paid $10 ads...but glitchy
I like the Apple Watch integration and Siri Functionality, but sadly the trackpad tab doesn’t function (what I would have used as my default), the widget I paid extra for can’t locate my tv, thus doesn’t function, and the Apple Watch app works but is slow. It would be great if Samsung just made the app but I realize that won’t happen. It the developer worked out the bugs and dropped the all inclusive price to $6, did away with the confusing and unnecessary premium vs custom they could sweep the whole market and I would give it 5 stars.
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4 years ago, liltechdude
Too many ads
This app has more ads than is acceptable for a TV remote app. Period. The $9.99 price to remove ads and let you add a little more customization to the app is way too high. I think a lot of people would be much more interested in buying premium if the price was either $.99 or $1.99. The developer would make much more from the higher volume of purchases than they are now with ads subsidizing the fewer people buying the $9.99 package. This is basic economics that they still don’t understand even with all of the negative reviews saying exactly the same thing.
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6 years ago, John.Shaft
Almost useless
At first I thought this app was pretty slick. But then, after paying for the upgrade, all the shortcomings began showing. For starters the app won’t turn the tv on. You need to use your regular remote for that, which kind of defeats the purpose of paying for a remote. The watch app has no way of getting the tv to go to it’s home screen, moreover, pressing on any button other than the channel or volume results in the message that I upgrade to the premium version, which I’ve already done. And as far as “support” for this application... good luck. There is none. $5 bucks flushed down the toilet.
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4 years ago, The Red1.75
Would not recommend for constant use
I get that any developer will need some sort of income for their app, but the amount of how many ads come up every time I want to lower or raise the volume is insane. I would recommend anyone who thinking about getting this app to not get it. Seriously just lowering the volume by 10 levels I got five ads that have the tiniest x to close them. To the developer, lower the amount of how much ads come up and people will use this more, just the amount of ads made me never want to shell over 10 dollars to you.
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5 years ago, Glizzbandz
I wanted to give it a 3 but I just can’t . The amount of ads that pop up is ridiculous. Literally every 3-5 clicks, you can’t even adjust your volume without running into 2. Remote functions great, this would be a 5 star app without all the ads . They don’t have to be eliminate them but they need to change how frequent they appear.
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2 years ago, gone crazy 77
Version 3.5
I have the premium package has worked fine till yesterday when I updated now it will not open I click on the app and it starts to open then goes back to the home screen what gives are there still bugs in the app thanks
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3 years ago, spoonog1
Never worked for my Apple Watch
This remote works fine on my phone but I got it specifically for my watch and it has never worked. Extremely disappointed with this app. The developer sent me a message to update my review but the app still does not work well for my Apple Watch, it is slow and unresponsive. I pressed the power button and it turned off about three minutes later. I will give more stars when it works correctly.
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6 years ago, ShellBelle07
This is a really great app except that there’s an add every 5-10 seconds. Really wish I was exaggerating, here. There were no less than 3 Final Fantasy adds in the time it took me to navigate through my input sources and scroll over to the app on the TV that I wanted to launch. While I appreciate that the developers need to earn money for their work and that equates to ads, I’d like to be able to actually experience the functionality of the app before deciding whether to pay for premium.
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3 years ago, Royin345
If you can afford the one time fee, this app is totally worth it. Price is relatively low, a 5.99 and 9.99 option. It connected instantly to my TV. It’s very user friendly IMO. A section to select any app your TV has. Some apps you can use the control pad section like a mouse. Highly recommend!
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6 years ago, organizedchaos93
Works til after you purchase the premium
This was working for about 3 days, now it’s not working at all. There was a bunch of ads, and it got to the point where you either paid to get rid of the ads or uninstalled. I paid for the premium and now it won’t turn on my tv at all! This app was good in the beginning, now it’s just absolute crap! I wouldn’t recommend this garbage app to anyone! The same thing happened to my boyfriend when he downloaded the app too, so it’s not just me! Devs, I would like a refund, but I highly doubt that will happen
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4 years ago, Cazery530
It works BUT
It works but the non stop ads are very annoying and I definitely don’t want to pay $9.99 for a premium version of something that sometimes doesn’t work. The ads pop up after you hit any button one time. So you’ll put the volume down once and boom an ad, X out of it then click the button two-three more times and boom another ad. Extremely annoying!
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5 years ago, eddiegazz
Just stupid!!!
The app on the phone works well, but the Apple Watch won’t work unless the app is open on your phone. Doesn’t make a lot of sense!!!!! Why would you go through the trouble of opening the app on your phone, and then opening the app app on your watch? By that time I could just go get a real Remote and use it. Just ridiculous! And you don’t find out that the watch does not work without the app open on your phone until after you purchase the app. I guess by then they really don’t care, they already have your money
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3 years ago, Megarushing2
Better than SmartThings app
I bought this app because there was another comment demanding me not to buy it because they offer a premium package. Well, developers need to eat, this app is way better then the default one that comes with my TV and for that alone it deserves being purchased
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1 year ago, Big Mike Mc
Works well …but recently can’t find TV
This app was wonderful for a while but suddenly it stopped working and it appears as “ cannot find the TV”. Its status says it must be on the same Wi-Fi network. My TV is connected over ethernet and not using Wi-Fi but it’s always been that way, but now it seems to not be able to find it. Advice anyone?
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5 years ago, AZWoodWorker
Read before you buy!
I wish I would have taken my own advice! I bought the app and then realized I’m having the same experience as so many others. The app works on my phone just fine, other than the fact that I have to “restore my $4.99 purchase” just about everyday. The app works on my watch, only if I first open it on my phone, which completely defeats the point of using the watch app, which, for me, was the reason I spent the money. That and the adds were out of control. Don’t waste your money!
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3 years ago, jcharlet
Barely works
I have never written a review for an app before. This app brings such irritation that I decided to write one. It will work sometimes. Majority of the time it just doesn’t. I paid for the premium version at one point but I still get constant ads any time I try to use a button. When I first open the app it looks like it’ll work fine, but as soon as you hit a button, you either get an ad or “no connection”. I have to keep reopening the app after about 5-6 button presses and it’s beyond annoying.
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4 years ago, sabrinaminerva
The ads are ridiculous
I love the ap itself but these ads are driving me crazy. After roughly every 3rd or 4th push of a button, it plays another ad. I was trying to type in my email address and like 6 ads popped up. If I had even a pinch less patience, I probably would have thrown my phone at the TV because that’s how frustrating the amount of ads is.
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6 years ago, Tomgunnz
Worked well, now it doesn’t.
It worked great for two months. I purchased the premium pack as a replacement remote for my TV is $60, and most universal remotes don’t work well with my TV (Samsung 4K smart tv). However, one day the app stopped working. It says connect to the same network as my TV (which it is), but, it keeps saying can’t connect. I guess $5 for two months is better than nothing (why it’s not a 1star rating). I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no go.
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6 years ago, jnjkkkdjjd
I love this love this is the best app I’ve ever had on my phone I can control my Siri anything I give us 500 far if I can what is this song is seven minutes from now I would definitely recommend this app for people as it was to download this app for this they can’t find them on my thinking is this app
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2 years ago, shanstu_xyz
Used to work really it’s useless
I bought the premium version and it worked really well for over a year. I could use the app to turn on the TV, control volume and use all relevant buttons. After the last update, every time I try to use the app, there is a message on the screen that asks me to use the TV’s remote to allow my phone to connect to the TV. This app NO LONGER WORKS AS AN ADDITIONAL REMOTE. You need the original TV remote every time you want to use the app.
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5 years ago, Toxic luis 707
Future updates
So I’ve have had this app for a couple of months now with the premium options and so far for a smart Samsung tv remote it’s ok one big downfall from this & can be easily fix I think is the constant crashes of the app other than that I really enjoy using this app and would recommend for a future update wish there was a landscape mode for iPad support
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6 years ago, Hornyteenager
Doesn’t turn my tv on anymore!
I’ve had this app for a few months now & it has worked wonders. Paid for the premium version bc those ads were annoying. But after having it for a few months now it won’t connect to turn my tv on. I had it on a few hours ago, turned it off & now it won’t turn back on with my app. Every time I try sending a report to the maker it says I don’t have a valid email but it is valid soooo🤷🏻‍♀️
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5 years ago, jrivera87
Not worth it
It’s not worth it. It’s really slow, and the worse part is. You have to connect the remote and allow it access each time you turn it on. You can’t even exit the apt and do other stuff on your phone, because if you try to go back, the app requires you once again to allow it access. So don’t get comfortable or exit the app. You might have to get off the couch each and every single time to manually allow it access. Super annoying and inconvenient.
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4 years ago, MagicZaddy
Hassle to use
I mean it does what it’s advertised to do but in a crappy way. I was testing it out to see if it actually worked and it did by shutting off the TV after trying to turn my TV back on a pop up came up to tell me that the power button was behind a paywall. I closed the app and it reset. Was able to turn my tv back on after spamming the hell out of the power button. I can see why people hate Samsung remotes now.
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6 years ago, Tini987pove
It works!
I purchased the premium remote to remove ads. It works perfect. At one point it stopped working and I emailed customer service. They updated the bug fixes on the app which was extremely helpful. I enjoy the remote so I rate it 5 starts! Thanks
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6 years ago, MicMaxx
Trash App
Worked for the first day which was nice and convenient but kept saying connecting the next day...of course, when you click on the “Premium Icon” it takes you to the site where you can purchase the app for $4.99 bucks??? What’s the guarantee that the app will work flawlessly after I spend my money??? Like many other apps, certain, basic features, as the app stated it’s a free app, should work and if one wants extra features, buy the premium. Poor business execution. Deleted.
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6 years ago, get_Moe
Ridiculous advertising
I wish i could give negative stars. Apple should do something about apps that say they are free but have ridiculous level of advertising. This one shows mature content advertisements on ever 5-10 button clicks. So if u want to watch tv and change channels or volume levels, the app goes to completely useless advertisements that have mature content and u are forced to wait 5 secs before closing the advertisements. So much for making you pay 4.99 to buy the premium app.
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6 years ago, RynMae
App requires permission using manufacturer’s remote
Paid for upgraded remote. When I try to use the app, a window pops up on my new Samsung qled tv that requires me to approve the app to connect to the tv. The only way to approve it is with the manufacturer’s remote. Defeats the purpose of having a remote on your phone. Once I approve it, the app works fine. But if I can’t find the other remote or say my puppy has chewed it up so it no longer functions, then this app is useless.
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5 years ago, Player14678934899
Works as advertised, but ads are annoying
The remote works really well, however the advertisements (which pop up often) always appear while I’m pressing buttons, so I often accidentally tap the ads when I don’t mean to. It would be a lot better if the ads were always on the screen as a banner or something, instead of popping up at the worst times.
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6 years ago, BoyMom001
Paid for what premium??
I’ve never written a review so this is huge for me. I paid for premium to eliminate the annoying constant ads and to eliminate every 24 hours having to delete and reinstall the app because it tells me to reconnect to WiFi when it is in fact connected. I would like my money back for the past 3 months I’ve paid for premium. It’s an ok app if you do not purchase premium. I’ll definitely change my rating if this issue is corrected.
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