Reno Gazette Journal

4.3 (955)
190 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Reno Gazette Journal

4.3 out of 5
955 Ratings
2 years ago, stephenb64
Easy to use
Easy app to navigate and use. Recommend for anyone looking for newspaper app.
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5 years ago, Like my football
Poorly designed
Used to be the app showed the actual paper on the left side of the screen and when you clicked on the article, it would pop up on the right side of the screen where you could read it. Also, it was very easy to select “Editions” and go back and read previous versions of the newspaper. No more. After an update, it now looks like a Website search result: Pictures, headlines, videos. What is on the front page of the Reno Gazette Journal? I have no idea as the powers-that-be have decided national Top Stories should be listed first (RGJ typically has local stories on the front page but this app now shows national headlines). Further down I did identify some stories that were in the RGJ but these were yesterday’s articles, not today (there were no dates either in the head lines or in the article itself but I read a hard copy the day before so I knew it was old news). Want to call up an article from Friday’s paper? Good luck. With the previous version, you just clicked on Editions and selected the paper you want. Now, there is no option for selecting yesterday’s paper, or the day before, etc. Probably going to cancel RGJ subscription as I don’t want to spend an hour each day sifting through all the stuff they have listed - I just want to read what is in today’s paper but that doesn’t appear to be possible with the “new and improved” app.
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7 months ago, S in Carson City NV
Very buggy and overly complicated!
The latest app version as combined the two different versions (e-newspaper and online internet) and is very buggy and harder to navigate! I liked the older version where you could just open the e-newspaper directly and it opened and offered to open the latest daily version. It rarely asked for your login subscription. Now, it takes multiple clicks to get there (when the app is working) and requires multiple sign ins get the e-newspaper. It apparently doesn’t keep you logged in from day to day. You also can’t refresh the download to correct blurry images and comics. Today I got a message that the app “wasn’t working properly and try again later”. I would recommend an optional setting that prioritizes the e-newspaper upon opening the app. It also has separated the USA Today and RGJ versions which also requires additional navigation clicks to view where the old version just had the USA Today follow the RGJ e-newspaper automatically.
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4 years ago, Weather Amateur
A Newspaper That Still Investigates
In days past, local newspapers could be counted on to be truly connected to their communities. They held sway. They held those in power accountable. They served a greater good. As news organizations have been gobbled up by a corporate super structure that diminishes or eliminates local coverage, it is more than refreshing that despite its national corporate ownership, the RGJ rigorously reports on local issues. Even more stunning is that the RGJ continues to support true investigative reporting, especially where government and government actions are concerned. I live in Phoenix, AZ. Our newspaper is owned by the same company and there is rarely any substantive and investigative reporting related to state and local government. I appreciate the work of the RGJ and am a paid subscriber to their work.
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4 years ago, GES 1345
RGJ joke newspaper
What kind of business (especially news paper) cancels my years old subscription (no one could tell me why). Sunday was the last paper I was able to read. The app changed to PNJ on screen which is weird. Every time I try to open the app it gives me the option of which edition I want to read, click any one and get a message that says “Sorry” please go to website or call to rectify problem. I sent 3 emails since Monday with no response. I called and talked to someone in India who said they have no record of my existence! After a 40 min call I asked to start a new subscription. She asked when I would like my subscription to end, with the max at 5yrs, I said yes. Then it occurred to me that is roughly when I changed my old subscription so they automatically cancel subscriptions at 5 yrs. Who does that!! As of today I still cannot access their paper, soon to be canceled:)
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6 years ago, Renoes
I really like the app, except for....
The app works very well, easy to use, pages load quickly. However, the obituary section could use an overhaul. When clicking on someone's name it opened it up and, again, has to click "read more" to read the obituary. Then when you click back to go to all the obituaries it reverts back to the start, not to the list you were scrolling down, so you have to start all over. In addition, I use an iPad and for some reason about 90% of the articles will not open anymore, suddenly. I have to "save" them and then open them in the "saved" section. However, without those two challenges it is a very good app.
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6 months ago, AAK50
Poorly designed
Poorly designed and very glitchy. It constantly just closes for no reason. The option of reading a format similar to a print newspaper is super sensitive to manipulating the page and often just closes it. I also haven’t figured out how to print the puzzles (some people like to use pen/pencil and paper). Also, many of the interest stories, such as gardening advice aren’t relevant for this area; they’ve been picked by the parent company instead of tapping local talent. Unfortunately, our “local” paper is no longer local. I’m close to canceling my subscription.
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3 years ago, RenoLocal
Misleading and missing key information
I have used this app for close to two years to give it a fair chance and it has consistently published news stories with false claims. A quick glance at any other news source demonstrates the quantity of fair-sided information that is left out and this source has continued to publish information that is untrue or one-sided. The information goes as far to continue pushing stories which have been recalled in other sources for errors. I would not recommend for someone interested in a full picture of any story.
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3 years ago, OneManClan
Not Really Getting the Paper BEWARE
Was unable to leave just zero stars. I thought the $10 subscription would support my local paper and allow me to read the news, but this app does NOT show you all of the RGJ. Barely two new stories appear each day in the “Top Stories” section. If you want to view the $10 as a donation and simply delete the app after downloading it that is one thing, but if you are looking for news in Northern Nevada you will not find it here. Avoid this app! Don’t be tempted by any cheap offers it still isn’t worth it.
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4 months ago, saxlovr
It’s easy and convenient to read the paper in this app. There are choices to choose between articles and the whole paper and the app is responsive to enlarging for details. The ability to get notifications tailored to your interests is and plus.
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3 years ago, TimmyG2000
Poor app
Wanted money right away. Not going to pay just to see how well it works, definitely not sharing my personal info for them to sell to telemarketers. My experience with the paper is they are very slow to get out the news compared to the TV stations. They rely to heavily on content from USA Today and the AP to fill space. I don’t mind paying if the quality is good, unfortunately it’s not. Reno needs more than one daily for some competition. They really quit trying years ago.
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4 years ago, Julie Buuuuulie
Connection to our community
It’s easy to stay connected to our local community while also getting updates about our country.
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4 years ago, Aal89
It’s nice to have a local news source but there are limits
The news is ok. The app is bad. It is confusing to negative. There are sections like a real newspaper (sports, business, etc) but some of the stories are six months old. Please include a date on the story title so I don’t open it thinking it’s news. Or better just show the stories from the day and then allow people to go into the archives and pull up old stories. But don’t have the old stories there just to fill space.
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4 years ago, Why needed
Notifications infuriating
There's nothing wrong with the app, other than its refusal to follow its own notification settings. Important and breaking news means I only want to be notified about important and breaking news. If I want to be interrupted for sports, I will choose notifications for sports. It’s infuriating. But I guess that tells what they think is important news coverage....
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4 months ago, Minitryup67
Nice to have news while traveling
Only in Europe does it say not supported. I read it every day. I love keeping up on local news and events.
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7 months ago, ColKooch
Headline links go to blank screens on iPhone.
Links embedded in headlines go to blank screens on iPhone. That makes it pretty much useless as headlines are often written to capture one’s attention to read the article, and not always the take away from the article if it is read.
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6 years ago, whodat765
Where is today’s paper?
This app is limited to past stories that someone thinks are popular. It is not possible to find the front page or any other specific section in the traditional format. Just a feed of hyped stories. Actual Reno news is generally absent. Right now burning man is the overriding anything else.
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5 months ago, old lady Jo
Good source of local news
Good source of local news and thorough articles. I also enjoy the USA newspaper included.
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3 years ago, coachLawrence44
Subscription knocked off line
My e subscription is consistently not working and getting knocked off line
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6 years ago, house cost to cost
Best sports coverage!
Love the video that Murray leads on Monday. Great sports coverage from all 3 gentleman. Would love more videos. Like press conference videos as well. Good Wolf Pack stories. A little more boxing coverage would be nice.
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1 year ago, Mikey50d
Won’t let me sign in. I know my email and I know my password. So there must be something wrong with the Captca. But who knows betI just get sent back to the beginning with no explanation. After many attempts, I decided to reset the password. Guess what! That function is not working at this time.
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4 years ago, Bkane1994
RGJ App rocks
Way easier to navigate than the website. Also, the team at RGJ is doing a grand job covering the Covid19 stories that are affecting all of us here in Reno/Tahoe area.
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4 months ago, patenpend
Sometimes not load. Annoying pop up ads
I had to unload and load the app because it stopped loading an edition Now I get annoying pop up ads. And I cannot get to bonus content I will probably cancel Freezes on my ipad
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5 years ago, CadillacBall
Would be good if free
Most of the content in this news app requires a subscription. Pretty worthless without that subscription. In a world where most internet news content is free, I can’t understand why RGJ feels the need to charge. Other Reno-based internet news apps are free, and are just as reliable. Go with one of those.
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5 years ago, Reno Stan
A great newspaper
I really enjoy reading the print edition in the morning while I drink my coffees. I refer to the digital edition for updates and read USA Today
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2 years ago, Kabron
Can’t seem to link to subscriber information
About once a month the app starts saying I can only read a few more articles despite the fact I have automatic payments to RGJ.
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6 years ago, THgirl
Impossible to cancel
This is a subscription to the Reno journal but it is through iTunes and it is very difficult to manage. Frequently asked questions tells you to change it in your setting the automatic renewal but the option never appears. I hate it!
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4 years ago, kgsdishmon
Great news app!
Nice layout. Great notifications. Not too many ads.
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3 years ago, ChuckKB
Bug issues and spam
This app used to work but theres a bug and spam issues. I hope it get fixed and i can use it again
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5 years ago, iChrisRomero
Great news, great app.
I’m surprised at how well designed this app works and the notifications are good as well.
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3 years ago, Dirty_Todd
Too many ads
As a long time subscriber - why are there so many additional ads? And why does the app always boot you out and make you sign in again? This app hasn’t improved in years.
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4 years ago, VJ74237955
Does not work
The “print” app does not work at all. “No internet connection “ displays when every other app has no trouble connecting to the internet. There’s an icon for help which leads to a “not available” message. No contact information.
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2 years ago, bee bear ❤️
RGJ Love the viewing options
It is great that all the platforms are availble for viewing.
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3 years ago, Brandon.Haverstock
Love It
Clean presentation with all the latest news.
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3 years ago, Todd McDonald
Photos don’t load
A lot of blankety blank places on the stories as the photos don’t load (iPad iOS 14.4). But of course they make sure the ads load ok. Same issue on my iPhone. I deleted the app and canceled subscription.
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7 months ago, Decision Taker
App stopped working two days ago.
This newspaper is pretty poor quality now. I have kept my subscription to support the paper even though I left Reno years ago. Now sure I will renew!
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2 years ago, LH2098
Can’t find the e-edition on phone
Not happy that Saturday paper went to e edition only!! I followed the tutorial and I see topics but not the ”newspaper” style view. If you start reading sections, it keeps going to prior days news.
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2 years ago, Lindy@ washoe Valley
Keep it up, thank you,!
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4 years ago, Arbeet
Good app, but doesn’t work with iOS 14.
The app, separate from the news content, would rate 4 stars. It stopped working with the advent of iOS 14. It starts to open, then crashes. The news content you will have to judge yourself.
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7 years ago, mlucas20
Lacks updates
Way too many outdated articles taking up valuable real estate on the app. Please rotate stories after a week. Some stories have been on there for over a month. Lacks new relevant content.
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3 years ago, chpal9
Currently out of state keeping up on the home front. Thanks RGJ
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4 years ago, Wolf5003
Can you go back to using PNJ?
Your version doesn’t cut it, doesn’t load crisp text unless restarted. The Pensacola News Journal seems to have it figured out.
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4 years ago, Salajason
Our local news source
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3 years ago, RenoKashton
PAID subscription
Should not be forced to watch 6 video advertisements when I pay for a subscription
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4 years ago, J&P A
Great to be able to view anytime !!!
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7 years ago, wombadillo
App looping
Latest update includes pop up ads that take up the entire screen and don't always scroll away. Had to force close the app. Deleting and replacing with print edition app.
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1 year ago, WEENV
Unbelievable that a news app requires a sign in every time it is used. Unfortunate it is the only local news source.
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2 years ago, pay for useless app
App is useless
Freezes every time I log in no matter the browser. I just go on Google to access. Please address the issue.
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4 years ago, bryangeek
Icon is for another newspaper
In the latest update, the icon changed to PNJ, which I believe is the Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal, not RGJ. Great quality assurance work, guys. App also frequently crashes after a few pages.
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2 years ago, Mr Souldoubt
News at the touch of a fingertip. Love the preps baseball articles.
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