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Thomson Reuters
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12 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Reuters News

3.47 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
3 months ago, ptezco
Rethinking Reuters: A Critical Review of the Apple TV News App
We’ve been using the Apple TV version of the service for years to get our news at lunchtime. Just to be clear, this feedback refers exclusively to the Apple TV version. It might apply to other versions, but I’ve never used them and can’t say either way. We appreciate the impartiality of the news service. In general, the app is functional and visually appealing. However, there are several areas that could be improved. The welcome screen offers options for different versions of the news according to how much time you have: 5, 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Unfortunately, none of them work. No matter what you choose, it always gives you a 60-ish minute version. It seems that the feature used to work, and they probably transitioned to a one-hour-only model but never updated the interface. Recently, they’ve innovated with more segments consisting of raw footage without any comments or context. Sometimes it’s pretty self-explanatory, but other times it’s an utmost mystery. They should at least provide some written information about the footage, even if they don’t have a narrator in place. Speaking of narrators, the sound quality is often atrocious. It’s as if the narrator has the microphone inside their mouth. Some upgrading to the reporters’ microphones might be in order, perhaps? That’s my two cents.
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4 years ago, DaBigDickedPlaya
Videos are poor quality
Overall this is a solid app but I just want to bring attention to the absurd situation with the daily video briefing. It used to be that you could watch the videos no problem. But one day Reuters seeks to have determined that they would rather not show videos that may have brief and occasional buffering. So now, while I watch the daily news briefing in the exact same spot I have been for awhile, every morning I’m prompted that I can only listen to the audio without video until my connection improves. The thing is, this is occurring in the same spot (on my couch) I use my computer and iPhone in for other stuff and I consistently have a strong WiFi connection. It is so annoying not being able to see the videos. It’s like I’m listening to the radio but I’m not driving so I have nothing to look at. Bottom line: don’t be so anal. I would MUCH rather have a few instances of mild buffering than have to stare at a screen that’s essentially blank. Frankly, Reuters is a superb news organization and I’m generally very satisfied with the app. I’d say it’s 4-4.5 stars in reality but I want to get this issue some attention and they aren’t going to pay as much attention to a 4 star review.
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7 years ago, Kdhrisvdbrudbeks
Highly Recommend
The news in this app covers a variety of topics and has worldwide coverage that is unbiased, factual and frequently updated. The app itself is clean, well organized and easy to navigate. However it can be improved by adding new features such as a section dedicated for photos taken by photojournalists, the ability to play videos in the background(once the app has been closed), and more information in the market data section specifically, better stock, currency, and bond tracking. Having the Reuters TV app integrated within the Reuters News app may be beneficial but, the current design in having just the Reuters TV Now section in the news app is effective as well. As a frequent user who uses this app it would be great to see a feature that removes ads by having the option to subscribe to a paid version. Overall, this is a great app with many unique features and excellent reporting. Looking forward to future updates this app will receive.
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4 years ago, Chris Port"
Reuter’s briefing video works again, hooray
Update: a friend with previously the same issue of briefing video in the Reuter’s app not working anymore told me to give it another try. To my delight, my phone app plays video again (and in great quality). Thank you for fixing the issue!!! Old review: Apple iPhone 11 with the latest iOS updates. As of February no more ability to watch the briefing on the phone. Sure, i can watch Reuter’s video on the desktop or laptop with the same WiFi connection, or even by using my cell connection as a Hotspot (which the Reuters app falsely tells me it’s not good enough to watch video!!!!), but the briefing function is only available on the app. It’s now middle of April and the video still does not work. I’ve moved on despite still believing in your neutral reporting— many negative reviews about your content is from people that don’t realize how far to the right their other consumed media has pushed them.
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2 years ago, yldiydoyf
Video never plays
I have used the app for years; and suddenly videos no longer play. I try to watch in my home on WiFi, or anywhere and the app just has an error where the video should be, claiming the signal is too weak so only audio will render. I have a strong signal, and no issue with any other video players. I looked to see if there is a setting on the app for video quality; there is not. This is ridiculous, and very annoying. This used to be my go to app for a daily briefing, and I’ve tried to be satisfied with audio only; I am not. The stories are written for video, so refer to the video image without describing it as would be done for audio only by design. Please set the video quality threshold to a reasonable, realistic setting, or give me the control to set it myself. I never had a problem watching your videos before this restriction was added. This makes the app subpar.
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4 years ago, No news from here
Please bring back my favorite news app
Reuters has been my favorite news app for the past few years, what used to be a 5 star app that I read it every single day, but I’ve had major issues with the app recently. The Reuters TV video part of the app no longer works and hasn’t for about a month. It has audio, but no video at all, saying “Poor Connection. Playing audio only until connection improves”. My connections has never changed, and videos from my other apps work just fine, only the Reuters app updates have changed, so there in lies the problem. My other issue is the political coverage seems to be leaning more and more to the left. I’m a moderate and used to be very comfortable with Reuters political coverage. Non-bias coverage is very important to me with all the Fox News/MSNBC bias crap out there that they call “news”. The main reason I’ve enjoyed Reuters app for the past few years is because my goal is to be informed, not programed. I’ve never been a conservative nor one of these conservatives who complain about “liberal media”, but I do want fair and balanced reporting. Please fix these problems so I don’t have to go searching for another news app to make my “go to app” when my Reuters app used to be great and 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Lalcat10000
I am one of those ignored moderates in the middle wishing for political sanity. I started using this app because I am desperate for an unbiased news source. While I don’t believe that exists anywhere, the stories captured in this app were at least not as blatantly biased. Well, that is until recently. Today was the last straw. Every article I read was biased to the extreme left whether there was a political slant to the story or not. For the most part, I have given up on all news because it isn’t news. It is someone telling me how I should think. You can’t even avoid it by not reading any political stories because it is pervasive in all stories. Can we please just get the facts and leave the news corporation and editor’s opinions out? Tell stories that reflect life from all angles and stop beating us over the head with how you want us to think? Unfortunately this is another ‘news’ app I will have to delete.
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2 years ago, DrewMerkle
Reliable News Source (But App Needs Work)
Reuters is one of the most reliable sources of news and information. However, I ask the app programmers/maintainers: do you actually test the app? Do you actually use it daily? It is not a good user experience when the feed sporadically refreshes and either the article I was about to read disappears or the feed jumps back to the top. How did that kind of UI glitch pass testing? I would suggest trying to make the feed more stable and let the user decide when to refresh (we can see how many minutes/hours old the stories are). Don’t yank away a story I was keen to read and hide it deep in the hidden layers. Your advertisers undoubtedly prefer engagement rather than enragement, right?
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1 year ago, Miket3679
You’ve ruined your app
I used to love the app on my Apple TV and phone. Since their update to the new format, it’s absolutely horrible. I have the same complaints as everyone else that are having issues and dislike the updates and new format. I’ve deleted the apps but keep coming back to the App Store to see if they’ve changed it back or at least improved it. They haven’t, so I’m leaving this review. I like Reuters and hope their app development team can get it together and fix this. I’m sure with everyone that has deleted the app, they’ve noticed. Update: The Apple TV version of the app is no longer available, at least at the moment. If you delete the app, which I did, and then go back later to see if it’s been improved yet, it’s not available for download. Reuters, is this about money? If you need to charge a modest fee to bring back that app that worked and had a great format, I would pay. Key words being ‘modest fee’.
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2 years ago, Twtsngr444
Good except for the ads and a fault search function
I have loved this app for all of my news needs, but my few complaints include how sensitive the ads are to touch, and a faulty search function. I have literally looked up an article by the title word-for-word and it couldn’t find it. If it can’t find it then it sends you other top articles that may not even have anything to do with what you’re searching for. It’s quite an annoying feature when you’re trying to find out about something from the source you trust the most, but don’t have time to sift through article after article just to find it. Wish you would fix this issue. Anyways, thanks for the great journalism, Reuters. Just wish your app was a little better.
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6 years ago, jdjdjjdidjdmridjrmridjr
Great Update
Version 4.0 is a great update since it addresses a main issue: the high quantity of articles. Articles are better organized into customizable categories, and the editor’s pick sections highlight important news stories. Few suggestion: landscape mode on iPad and better information about stocks such as the company’s financials. The website version has better information about companies, including six sections: overview, news, key developments, people, charts, and financials. Hopefully, these sections will be in the app version in forthcoming updates. Currently, the news articles about the stock are very irrelevant. The news articles for a stock should be better aggregated. I look forward to forthcoming updates.
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1 year ago, 360HandymanDFW
Apple TV version
I watch Reuters news daily on the Apple TV at home. Recently, it was updated by Reuters and the format has changed. The new format makes no sense to me. There’s an option to watch five, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 minute news highlights. In the old version when you clicked on the 15 minute when you got 15 minutes of what the daily news is if you clicked on the 30 you got 30 minutes a little bit more in depth of the daily news. Makes sense. The new version it doesn’t matter which one you click it’s giving you about an hour worth of news. This has essentially made it worthless for me in order to catch up with a little bit of everything. I don’t understand why they changed it. There is, however, one good thing out of the update. You can now rewind and fast forward between news segments/stories. I really wish they would go back to allowing you to have more condensed version of the daily news so there in 15 minutes I can get a little bit of everything that’s going on or in 30 minutes I can get a little bit more of everything that’s going on.
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4 years ago, ChiBennyJets
Finally a not garbage news app!
THIS! This is what every news app should aspire to! Simple. Effective. It doesn’t require any more information than what news I’m interested in reading. It doesn’t bombard me with deceptive advertising or in-your-face tactics. Ads are very clearly marked, if a tad frequent. But I can’t even fault them for it, because it’s free. No nagging for approval and no BS. I couldn’t be happier with this app (and I’ve had it for less than a day). I’d honestly pay for this level of autonomy. But instead I’ll happily click on ads just to support their revenue stream. Kudos to you and your development team for making something that doesn’t uselessly raise ones blood pressure. It’s an humble, informative app and you should be proud.
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2 years ago, AreThereAnyNicksLeft
Good articles but advertisement hair trigger
I’d give Reuters 5 stars for the overall quality of their reporting (to-the-point, relatively unbiased, often first on the scene, & very high-impact headlines - I read every day multiple times a day) but they lose one for the ads on this platform. Not because there are ads - this is understandable - but because I barely touch one (usually this happens if I have my finger on one as I scroll) and I’m suddenly redirected out of the article I’m trying to read, or away from the homepage. I never experience this with any other apps or in-browser. It’s not my thumb. It’s not my phone. It’s clearly something about this app and it’s irritating enough to get this review out of me.
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6 years ago, DPF-ALASKA
If you’re looking for unbiased news, you found it.
Reuters is about as close to being completely unbiased as a news source can possibly get. It’s easy to spot extreme bias (ie Fox News or Huffpost). But what’s a lot harder to spot is bias in which stories are being reported on, or which views are being explained. If you find that you just can’t understand the other side’s position, or that the only possible explanation is that they’re stupid and/or evil, you need a better news source. And Reuters is it. They’re consistently rated as one of the most unbiased news sources available. Not only are they’re stories written to give both sides a voice, their choice of stories does the same thing.
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4 years ago, Sunbrnt
Great news source
I was seriously getting sick of the mainstream list of nonsense bias news that takes over our lives nowadays. I don’t care what side of the fence you are on, it’s annoying. When I look at the news I just wants the facts and information. I enjoy/appreciate the interviews that come along with it as well. I found this site as a fluke and couldn’t be happier. The complaints about it being “left leaning” seem to be coming from people who really don’t like hearing about trump in a bad light. Unfortunately, he does too much to keep himself in one and I feel it’s merely being reported factually here. Reuter’s does a good job of reporting it all, without bias emotion attached. Thank you.
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6 years ago, iohcnivek
Good new update, ugly font for body, annoying ads
This new redesign is great. The app has much more utility now and is becoming the only news app I use. The only gripe I have are ads and the font for the bodies of articles. The giant block ads in the middle of articles are the worst types of ads any app can have. The ads on this app make me really want to find an alternative with more reasonable advertisements. I might start using safari to browse Reuters with my adblock. The second gripe I have is the font. I'm not a font expert but something about the font for the bodies of articles seems terribly out of place. The font doesn't match the aesthetic of the app at all. I don't even think it matches the font used on the Reuters website.
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4 years ago, Kena2mi
Good but not great
I like the collection of articles. What I find frustrating is that notifications don’t link to the stories. I get the notification, click on it, and it takes me to the general news screen, with no sign of the story they sent me the notification for. And often the news there is outdated. Example- I get a notification that Congress has passed the stimulus bill about a little while ago (it’s 2pm). Click on it, the app opens, and the only thing in the list of stories is one from 6am saying it’s expected to pass today. Had to go to the CNN app to find an actual news story on how it went down and the outcome. I’m turning off notifications because they’re worthless.
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3 years ago, bozonbbc
Once it crashes it never runs right again -even if reinstalled
This was my main news app for about a year then after it crashed (on 2 of my devices) it now crashes upon startup. This persists even though I have removed both the app and its data many times and reinstall it - it never get beyond flashing the Zuckerberg pic and failing back to IOS at the beginning of setting up your feed. The developer needs to ensure the app store side is cleared when reinstalling, BECAUSE THE ICLOUD WITH ARROW STILL SHOWS EVEN THOUGH I HAVE DELETED BOTH THE APP AND ALL OF ITS DATA IN SETTINGS. Now I can never use this app again. The Apple Forums when asked about how to clear the it from this device and app store said to contact the developer, but Reuters is not listening. This is on IOS 14. Reuters needs to get their act together and fix this problem.
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6 years ago, SandmanToo
Beautiful presentation of the top news stories
If you only have one daily news source make it this app. Great app that loads quickly and problem free. I use the iPhone app as well but the iPad version with a great video summation gets my vote. If you are a cable cutter like me, Reuters presents the top news stories of the United States and the world. I was lacking solid news sources from radio, television and print so this app fills the gap of ‘what’s going on now’ news information gap. THIS is true journalism without leaning neither left nor right. No human source can ever be completely free of opinion or emotion, but Reuters does their best. 5 Star! Thanks Developers and Reuters!
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6 years ago, ldkccjd
I feel that one reason there is so much discord in our country right now is because we can all live in our own little bubbles where we are only exposed to what we want to see and hear. Part of this problem is personalization of the news, so each person only sees what they *think* will be important or interesting. I was really pleased with the Reuters app when I first started using it in part because it wasn’t personalized, just the main stories of the day. So of course I was very irritated when I opened Reuters today and found that it had updated to a version in which I had no option but to personalize my feed. We’ll see how this goes but I may have to find another news app.
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3 months ago, Diffner
Apple TV app needs some fixing
The app had been one of my favorite ways to get the day’s news some years ago and I recently opened it back up again. I chose the 30 minute news option but was giving a 60 minute feed. Also, I stepped out of the room momentarily and the app wouldn’t allow me to rewind at all. Considering that most of the reports are fairly cursory, the ability to rewatch a story so I can research the specific details would be very helpful. Overall, I am a very big fan of Reuters and appreciate the facts/lack of commentary that so many other “news” sources seem to have in reverse, but they really do need to fix their app.
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5 years ago, CLAST*
Good but not great just yet.
I love most of the features this app has but after a little over a year of use I’m still disappointed the app doesn’t have the ability to play the topics of interest you add to your tabs in the Reuter’s Now stream. It would only make sense they populate after you add them, yet they don’t. It’s very frustrating that the only way to hear/watch the story reporting for topics I’m interested in is by clicking on individual articles and pressing play on the videos. I’m someone that likes to listen to news while I’m in the shower; unfortunately I can’t listen to the topics I’m most concerned about along with the preselected stories.
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4 months ago, Terry & Sara
App is Fine but Ads Are Excessive and Distracting
The news is fine, though scrolling shows stories more than once, and some “new” stories are from yesterday but have since been updated. My biggest complaint is related to the approach to ads. First, I can’t mark ads as irrelevant to me. Second, video and animation ads are EXTREMELY ANNOYING when trying to read, especially when they repeat so often as you scroll. And don’t get me started on bright white ads embedded in a story while my phone is in Dark Mode. Try using this app in the dark and you’ll see how awful the bright ads are. Reuters needs a User Experience (UX) team!
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2 years ago, andtom
So much for balanced journalism … leaning more and more to the left
After POTUS Trump left office, Reuters held a more moderate (moderate left) journalistic approach (they nicely stated where they were taking information … from a left think tank or other … point is they were straightforward sharing but still tried to show a balanced approach) although over the last 4 months everything is going left. Headlines aren’t factual but rather consistently take a swipe at former POTUS Trump. I find it funny that journalists can’t let the facts speak for themselves. If Reuters can’t right itself back to a “moderate” left, it’ll be deleted off my iPhone. I’ll have to look for a new more “balanced” news app. This “seemed” to be (at that time) “balanced” even though it was still left. The fact that Reuters feels they need to slide further to the left in their journalism may say something about how POTUS Biden is doing. Either way, it’d be great if there was a news app that provided the facts and left the “entertainment pushing agendas” to another platform. It’s useless and only tarnishes the character of the News media.
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6 years ago, Irvdbdoqabd
Where did the region versions go?
I tend to agree with many reviewers that the new layout is shiny but less functional for a quick scan. What really irks me however, is that there is no longer an option to select your region. The main annoyance is that people living in Europe are bombarded with American football and baseball stories in a section entitled “global sports”. I and most other non-US based people have zero interest in these games. Less trivial is the skewing of the news stories we see: it was nice to get more stories that reflected the interests of the international audience rather than being somewhat US focused. Still, Reuters is one of the few sources I go to for quality unbiased news.
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6 years ago, TheBetterNewt
Better than Blackboard!!!
Our campus is piloting Canvas this semester (Fall 2018) as a replacement for Blackboard. And, from a student's perspective, the Canvas mobile app and service overall is MUCH more useful and accessible than the other system. Really enjoying it. The layout is intuitive and a delight to use. Mobile notifications always seem to work. And there is continuity between the web and mobile applications, which just makes sense. These things can't be said about Blackboard's apps. Looking forward to continuing to use Canvas as a graduate student. Thank you!
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3 years ago, scoble
Bring back the Top News
I first want to say I trust Reuters over any other news outlet. They provide comprehensive and factual news without the bias of most other sites. That being said, there version 5.0 changed the way I have to get my news. They have removed all the tabs and customization options that was at the top and replaced with a default side style. The problem is, I would just look at top news from everywhere. That is now gone with no way to view all top news. I don't want to focus solely on region based news as some stuff will get missed. Please bring back our choices.
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3 years ago, Jazrtd275
Better before recent update
I like the news articles and Reuters fairly unbiased reporting. However, ever since a somewhat recent update, there’s a glitch that randomly flips me back to the top of the news feed as I scroll through, which is very annoying. The home page organization also changed, leading to several stories being listed in multiple sections. I also can’t figure out how to configure the home page content, so I’m seeing stories from areas I have little interest in. I much preferred the previous layout and organization, that one I rated 5 stars.
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5 years ago, melmwood
Mostly Old News
App is littered with old news. Example: Energy is a topic to choose when you first use the app and build a feed of content. But if you go to the Energy section, you quickly see “Editor’s Choice” articles from 10+ months ago. Scroll down, and you may (if you’re lucky) find an article or two within the past month, but it’s mostly old stuff. Which is funny, as Reuter’s writes multiple articles per day on crude oil markets alone, let alone other areas of Energy. I emailed them multiple times on this via their app customer service, only to get a “Thanks” from them. Months later, nothing fixed. What’s the point of caring to read their articles if they don’t care if you read them?
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3 years ago, Time Apple
What a bad app update
Literally cannot use search to find news relevant to your search term, regional categories now show global news instead of your area of interest (“China” had a news article 99.5% about Iran that was presumably slotted because of the briefest mention about China and Covid), and some categories pop up nothing with an up-down scroll but only the horizontal editor’s pick scroll. No one wants to swipe left or right looking for news they are interested in like they are on tinder. Algorithm needs fixed or AI retrained. Current version only scored the 2nd star because Reuters is hands-down the best news source. Previous version would have been a fiver from me.
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1 year ago, sbford313
Better than most mainstream but glaring omissions in coverage
Many of the articles lack the biased narration of mainstream source so thats a definite plus. But it is shocking to see nearly no Brazil coverage (and very favorable to the communist Lula regime on the rare occasion it makes news) on whats going on: including the insane jailing of journalists, peaceful protestors, judges, and political opponents, by a president who went to jail after THREE different tribunals of judges (he himself put in place) unanimously found him guilty of massive crimes against the state. Its on par with the Iranian protests, but because its a self described socialist there isn’t much from Reuters- other than spin for this new regime, despite historic upheaval in the 12th largest economy in the world.
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6 years ago, Lara Rebooted
New layout is a bad Facebook knockoff
I wish I had read the latest reviews before updating, because I would have skipped the update if I had had any idea what I would get. The new "feed" looks like a Facebook feed, minus any of the customizations and interactive elements that redeem Facebook's fugliness. Believe it or not, I use Reuters because it's not Facebook, and I thought it had no aspirations of becoming Facebook. I hope this update will get canned, and the old, better, more compact layout will return--or, at least, that we will be given the option to use it instead--because I really don't see myself using the app much if it stays like this.
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3 years ago, burger 1449
Make reuters tv downloadable 30min podcast
This app is great but specifically for the Reuters TV, which are around 2min clips of about 15 different news stories around the world and has around 30 mins of diverse news stories. Fast, simple, fair, reports on a lot of international stories too. I wish this could be made into a 30 min downloadable podcast on the go when internet isn't accesible. As of now I treat ReutersTV as my morning podcast, beats any current news podcast to cover stories on all industries/regions
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6 years ago, Aki.chan
Wish I hadn’t updated...
This was my go-to news app and I’d have easily given it 5 stars before the update. Before, everything was compact and easy to scroll through. It made getting a fast rundown of the current news super easy. Now, that’s totally gone. The pictures are huge. The headlines are just as large. It’s a lot of wasted space that requires you to spend time sifting through and scrolling from here to eternity to see everything. And rather than just have the top headlines, it forces you to customize the feed. That’s fine for a secondary feed but sometimes you just want all the current headlines in one place. Update: I downgraded from two stars to one because the more I use this new version, the more I hate it. Please go back to the old design!
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3 years ago, Love but have one dislike
Great news source - don’t like it defaulting to top
I read Reuters at least once a day and love the coverage. My one complaint is that it sporadically goes back to the top of the homepage. This happens randomly when I’m scrolling & reviewing the home page and once I click into a story from the home page - when I go back to the home page, I’m taken back to the top instead of where I was. Then I have to scroll around to find where I left off. I’m wondering if this is on purpose to get more impressions of their ads so they can claim higher numbers to charge more for ads.
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11 months ago, iRadar user 111
Great news service, horrible app
The last Reuters app was far better. Then they updated the service and now your phone automatically goes to sleep while a video is playing so you must keep it active. Sometimes it stays awake sometimes it doesn't. Very buggy. You can also no longer watch a video in the background you must stay on the app or the video pauses. Very annoying since the update. Shame because I used to watch (more listen in the background) to their news every morning.
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6 years ago, Agile Penguin
Go back to the old layout!
The Reuters app has been my go-to source for news for the last few years. I’ve always like the concise, well-edited, well reported stories. Until this version I also liked the efficient, economical presentation in the app. I could quickly scan the headlines to assess the state of the world, and then click through the stories of particular interest to me. The new layout is clearly designed for people who have a lot of time to waste. Big pictures and text give you ~1 story per screen. A lot of swiping to get a summary of the news that you got in a glance with the old format. I also don’t like the new approach to customization and filtering. The previous version gave me a simple panel with check boxes to choose the news categories I want to see. The new app keeps trying to “engage” with me in various ways. If I want to have a conversation, I’ll call a friend. I hate the trend in news apps toward Facebook-like news feeds. I’m considering deleting the app and just using the web version instead.
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2 years ago, EarlGreyNoCup
Used to be a five-star!
Register my info for “a more personalized experience”? Heck no! Sounds like a sales pitch, not news, to me. So I’ve deleted this app. Footnote: The previous issue from my review (below) was eventually resolved, which reminds me that I should shower praise on my favorite apps when things are good. Regrets, Reuters! You offered an excellent service for years! I usually have no trouble with the app, but like a few of the more recent reviewers, I’m running into the same issue. When I return to the headlines after reading an article in detail, I get bounced back to the top rather than scrolled down to where I left off. It’s so annoying I close Reuters and skip to another news app.
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6 years ago, Organic32
Dislike the new update
The new update for the Reuters app is cumbersome and creates choices I wish I never had to make. I used this app because it gave a good quick summary of the headlines. I don’t want my news grouped by artificial categories. I certainly don’t want to choose the categories I want to follow in a ‘feed’ format. For me the app is unusable in its current form and it feels like ads have taken over ( not sure if the number of ads has changed but the layout is so much worse). I wish I could continue using the old app. If I wanted a ‘news feed’ style of app there are far better ones. The great thing about the old app is that it limited your choices to important ones. I will not be using this app anytime soon. :(
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1 year ago, GSquire86
Most horrible streaming ever experienced
Click on a specific video, and you're met with bleed-over from a previous video, or you do not see the picture and audio plays, or no audio no playing, video but no audio, no playing at all, pauses, you turn up the volume and it pauses, it pauses and you're forced to restart the app only to have it all happen all over again forever and worse. Also you cannot scroll the current video unless you want to find yourself in one of the other videos very sensitively, and numerous other problems I can't think of. Most horrible experience ever experienced with a video streaming service in my entire life.
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7 years ago, VictorianDavidJ
Amended review
The bug fixes of the most recent update do indeed solve the issues I had. This is a pleasure to use again. [Original Note] This [previous] update makes it nearly impossible to get a smooth feed of news. Scrolling down ‘the Wire’, whenever it loads new stories the display scrolls wildly and then you have to go back up and try to figure out what you were looking at previously. Could you just go back to something that actually works?
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6 years ago, Pat Man J0NES
A lot of bugs and editing errors
The bugs of this app are that section pages like ‘finance’ or ‘world’ will not load at all and there is sometimes the occasional crash. Not being able to even look at headlines because a section’s page won’t load is insanely frustrating since it makes the app almost worthless. Of course when I can actually see headlines and open articles there is almost always a decent amount of laughable grammatical or spelling errors. Reuters used to be a great news source, but their product the past few years has shaken my confidence in them as a viable media outlet.
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6 years ago, Bozata
Bad "upgrade"
What I loved about Reuters was the clean, no nonsense, to the point, view of the news. The app was awesome! It was easy to use, without clutter and with tightly packed information. The new "upgrade" is just the opposite! It seems more oriented toward delivering commercials than content. A lot of empty space (absolute no-no for a small screen device like smartphone). The stories seem all over the place. It is such a pity because Reuters was a major new source for me that I could trust. Such trust is hard to build, especially today. Update: The app is getting worse. After the latest upgrade articles are not always complete - just a paragraph or two and then white screen. App restart sometimes help.
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6 years ago, Thx1138RogerA
The best news app - NO fake news here!
This Reuters application presents the best, unbiased news on a daily basis. It serves it up and we could category should I can find what I want to read about. It is 100 times better than either CNN or Fox or MSNBC where you get 99% biased editorial and 1% real news. Let alone some of the fake stuff that CNN pushes out the doors now a days. I am huge Reuters fan really glad that they have the integrity to break the news to us, unbiased, and unfiltered.!
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3 years ago, Deeper1048
Used to be my favorite news app
I have an iPhone and Apple TV. Reuters USED to have an Apple TV app and that was great. The last several updates on the iPhone have been terrible. I usually watch the news clips when I’m eating my breakfast in the morning. Now, every single time I try to watch the videos, they NEVER load right. I have to close out the app and reload several times to the point here I don’t want to use this app anymore. It used to be my “go to” news app that I watched everyday, but these bugs and glitches have made it so it’s not worth the effort anymore. Do better.
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4 years ago, toadnow
Becoming more and more biased
I used to love this app because they seem to be more unbiased with the news reporting than other major news networks. But now they they skew to the left. I’m not on the right, but I want one major news network to be unbiased...I don’t think that’ll ever happen. I shouldn’t be told what to think, I just want the news as objective as possible. They only show long form discussions for democratas than other parties, headings/titles are misleading, only show certain stories and ignore others to promote a particular agenda, and they burry relevant counter argument details deep in articles so no one sees them. Journalism is now activism.
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6 years ago, Tko_Matt
If it ain’t broken...
I’m not a fan of the new redesign at all. I feel like I’ve lost the concise simplicity that matched Reuters’ factual, no-nonsense reporting that’s free of the sensationalism that the other news networks are rife with. Folks- the app was perfectly fine. Lucky for you, your reporting is the only fact-based, non-sensationalized outfit out there, or this confounding new design would have been enough to lose my loyalty. Please rethink this design and leave the option of something close to the old layout available to those of us who just want to know what’s occurring in the world without it being turned into a soap opera.
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3 years ago, nick is taken!
New version annoying in its behavior
The app pushed an update (50.0.0) which has at least a couple of annoyances. It now requires two taps instead of one to return to ‘home.’ This kind of change is contrary to good usability. Worse, the app keeps jumping to the top of the headlines page when you’re looking at the headlines, apparently in response to headline updates, requiring the viewer to scroll down again to find their place. This often happens to me at least twice while I’m looking over the headlines. This is maddening and should be corrected.
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6 years ago, Shawesq9
Thank you for bringing back the read offline option, but it doesn't work as it should
Edit:I'm cautiously optimistic that the new update may have improved things, I'm changing my review to 5 stars pending further problems. I like this news app, I think it's one of the better ones in terms of content, but the read offline option leaves much to be desired and the app was much better before the redesign.
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