Rhode Island Lottery

2.9 (108)
56 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rhode Island Lottery
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rhode Island Lottery

2.87 out of 5
108 Ratings
2 years ago, Love the coloring options
It either works or doesn't
Egames either work or they don't. It's been over 24 hours and I can only open one game since all others have an error message. Not the first time this has happened. More testing on the backend needs to happen before rollouts.
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2 years ago, nissa.m
So upset
So I downloaded this and deposited funds to play just basic scratch off tickets until I noticed that I was being scammed so I then decided to withdrawal the money that was on there back into my account which asked me to add debt card which then I did to keep getting the message to add a debt card when I repeatedly did that with no luck so I called and was told that I had to add my ACH information so I did that to then get an error message so I called back told them that that wasn’t working as well to then be sent to a third party payment office that informed me that I was blocked from adding in my ach information because of some credit situation I had no idea about so I then proceeded to ask them how was going to withdrawal my money out they had no answer for me I couldn’t add a debt card or my ach information to withdrawal but I could add it to add funds doesn’t make any sense and feel like I have completely been scammed and truly Bothered by it
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1 month ago, No$??????100
There is no way to withdraw your money anymore I had to bank account attached then those wouldn’t work anymore and now all I get is an error message on on my bank accounts I’ve tried 5 different banks nothing works. Depositing money I have no problem it seems now like they are scamming me out of money and you can’t email them everything has to be a phone call I would take a check at this point but that is not even an option. Do not put any money in unless your bank account works because there is no way to withdraw your winnings.
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4 years ago, Blanca186
The app is ok except the Monetary issues. The cash portion of the app won’t work correctly. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still have issues. Says I have zero funds when transferring cash. Worked once but after that not at all. I even tried to add a different account to no avail. I definitely put the info in correctly and definitely have cash in my accounts. Update: now it works every so often. Keeps saying I am out of state when I am in the capital city.
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4 years ago, and u too
Scanner no longer works
Used this app for a few years now without issue. After the last big update though the scanner function hardly ever works.
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4 years ago, Jrizzo16
Would anyone one agree this apps good at taken your money
I've lost all my money tops I've hit 1 buck that I played or 2 bucks most I won was on keno 24 bucks of course I played that away 2 if you looking to hit anything more then you played look else were The only positive is I enjoy playing juicy Loot at least if I'm gonna lose my money at least I get to play match 3 or more game
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2 years ago, Desibooooo
check tickets only
i'm not a big gambler, i don't buy a ton of scratch tickets or even play Keno but i do buy lottery tickets from time to time and i'll use this app to check them. for that purpose it works for me
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1 year ago, dropkickdanny87
Never received my check
I won $77 on keno through this app, I cashed out 2 weeks ago and I never received my check , I will be making a call to the attorney general and informing them about the matter. I’ve read some of these reviews and I’m surprised this app and the people in control haven’t been shut down and arrested for stealing. Thanks for not paying me!!!
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4 months ago, Adalton567
Can’t withdraw with deposit
I won about 100 bucks. Satisfactory. Would like to withdraw. Can’t withdraw because of “problem with ach and not sufficient funds in account”. Have been on hold for 30 minutes plus. Lawyers will be contacted if this isn’t taken care of…for a company to do this is ridiculous.
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3 months ago, DisappointedinDisney
Logs out after every game
Aside from the hassle of getting everything verified and documents loaded to invest into the games… once you start playing, the game will close and app will re-open. I’ve had to log in after every game since I’ve started playing. If you play? Logged out. If you win? Logged out. If you lose? Logged out.
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4 years ago, DalyB
Fails when checking numbers
This app needs some updating in the scan mode to check your tickets. I’ve had to delete it multiple times and download in worse to get it to work for a few times and then it fails again. It would be a 5* if it would not fail so often when using the scanner.
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3 years ago, Bob AA
App suggestion
If you play keno at a retailer, and you go home and you have a winning ticket you should be able to scan your winning ticket and add it to your account balance. That would be nice for small ticket winners
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3 months ago, RFT-7
Notifications, Banners.
Notifications is no longer available after last update. No sound or vibration when scan tickets.
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4 months ago, ...upsetplayer...
Not good
With the new update now I can’t even play a game without the app shutting down and logging me out right in the middle. It worked so much better prior to this update
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3 years ago, djgxjudcnooo
Your app should take cash app a lot of people have cash app and u do not take it not right I don’t understand why not any way it’s the same thing if the money is not on card it will not go through
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3 years ago, gomer43
App is hot garbage
Trying to even deposit money is an exercise in futility. Always “something went wrong” without ever telling you what. I literally want to give them money and they won’t let me.
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2 years ago, Ks145
Scanner error
Here we go again! Updated the app and now the scanner doesn’t read the tickets .
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4 years ago, Mikieg123
Keeps giving me an error when trying to add a bank account. Telling me I’m not allowed to add an account due to not having enough money in my VIP account or something along those lines.
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3 years ago, Nunez401
Works great!
Fun app! Just don’t spend too much!
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9 months ago, Trehumps
Corrupt RI at its finest
I am completely aware how "gambling" works, however, typically you win more than 5 dollars after spending hundreds. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. It obviously doesn't go towards RI's infrastructure...
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2 months ago, carlah7171
I won money on here several times. I cashed out never received my money and now my bank account is in the negative.
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3 years ago, Junk app....
Kids games for real money
This seems marketed to kids. Video games that you can win or in most cases lose. Raimondo allows this and flavored alcohol, but flavored e-juice is banned. The things politicians accept bribes for is endless.
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3 months ago, Arya1114
Don’t waste your money
Don’t waste your money. Your chances of winning anything over $5 is about 15%. The worst chances.
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2 years ago, 76vbm
Not working
The app is not working. Dosent load any info at all. Needs to be fix. Please and thank you
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7 months ago, coreycorey123
Data not received HE 005
Man RI lot makes it hard to give them money. Do you have a QA team? Ever heard of a regression testing? Holy moly get it together.
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3 years ago, Dougs134
Glitches A lot…Odds much better with a real ticket
I’m not a gambler, I can take a loss and not try to make back the 5$ I lost or even buy tickets and forget I have them. During COVID I would buy 50$ worth at the gas station a month and there wasn’t 1 time where I hadn’t doubled or even tripled my money. The point of scratch tickets in my opinion is to okay the game and enjoy it. Be relaxed and don’t expect to win. I firmly believe that what you put out, you get back. So if your in a bad mood or being negative than your chances of winning are not good. Trust your gut on choices of tickets along with the odds posted on the RI Lottery website and it’s honestly east to win. NOW…lol, this does not stand for an application. I know exactly how this app works because I’ve worked in app development and the odds are not there like they are with a physical scratch ticket in your hand. I did what I normally do with researching odds and doing some math. When I was in the mood I went on and played to see if it was real odds like physical tickets. And please trust me when I say this that it isn’t. When you have a scratch ticket in hand that is either a winner or a looser and math/odds work in your favor if you can figure it out. When you buy a game in this app you are trusting a computer system to do what it’s suppose to do and mimic real physical tickets. It doesn’t do that, i promise you. The odds we found were so far off that we reported it with no outcome of course. If you are buying games physical or on this app because you feel that addiction please get help. You are stronger than you think. Just like any addiction you will have more adrenaline and dopamine from being proud of yourself for not going to the store or playing this app. This is coming from someone who struggled with opiate addition 15 years ago and im 35 now. Please just remember that you aren’t playing against another person like Bingo in Pocket Seven Games. Your trying to beat a very precise system that’s built to win. You won’t ever beat it. If you want to better your odds try bingo on pocket seven games. Play early in the morning when there are the least amount of players and you will win I promise.
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2 years ago, sheehantim
Dodgy app from one of the worst lotteries in the US
RI Lootery (no misspelling intended) is a terrible lottery and I live here. Playing MA! RI - let MA show you how to run a lottery!
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4 years ago, pogo86
Cant buy tickets
This app is pretty useless all yo can do is view the numbers but can’t buy the tickets
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4 years ago, Scorpion Queen92
Not even worth it
Can’t even register for an account
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2 years ago, shaunsince78
Typical Rhode Island to have a lottery app that barley works
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4 years ago, ELP81
Won’t let me add funds
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7 years ago, 1BadBigDog
Scan problems.
I’ve been using this app for a long time and like it a lot. However, I just upgraded my phone from an iPhone 6 to an 8 Plus and when I try to scan a ticket, I get an error stating that my device doesn’t support scanning????? I hope this gets fixed soon. UPDATE: scan is working. Thanks!!!!
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4 years ago, I'll take a bus
FAIL!!! Doesn’t deserve any stars
Unresponsive developer who can’t get anything right with this update. Do these clowns troubleshoot before launch? Issues encountered are not “bugs”; issues are stupid mistakes. Why launch an update that, since its inception, gives an error message when trying to use the “check my ticket” function? That’s a lack of testing. Why do you have to, according to the app, buy tickets for nightly drawings in the morning—stupidity and lack of attention to detail by developers. Rhode Islanders will understand—can you say “UHIP?”!
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4 years ago, mgendice
Scanner still now a smaller issue
I used to really like this app, mostly because of the scan ticket feature. Now the scan doesn’t seem to work properly. Better with this last update but if you scan a ticket that hasn’t played yet it says not a winner instead of a warning that it hasn’t played yet like it did before the last 2 updates. This still seems like another bug fix with the scanner feature.
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9 years ago, Micau742
Great App
I just installed this app and it worked great. I tested with some old and new tickets and I'm very impressed with the scan feature witch is really fast. Hope for more improvement in future.
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7 years ago, Jtaft83
Scanner issue
Having the same scan issue due to upgrading to the IPhone X. Just downloaded the new updated, but still doesn’t work 😞
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4 years ago, AmericanIdolAdict ADAM
Bugs have been fixed and it now scans tickets. Note....tickets can only be scanned during business hours
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8 years ago, iJpo
BEWARE: Using the scan ticket doesn't first validate you're getting the barcode. This means you could scan anywhere on the ticket without hitting the barcode and it comes back with 'Sorry Not a Winner'. I wonder how many people throw out winning tickets because of this. I've emailed the local news station.
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4 years ago, Unhappy Lot
Terrible update to the app
Not sure what was supposed to be done with this update but it ruined the app. Can no longer scan tickets and receive an error message to call a number. Should have kept the older version which worked fine.
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7 years ago, qrkybrntte
Does not work
Downloaded this app so I could scan my tickets with my phone's camera. When trying to open the feature it says "Preparing camera, please wait..." and even after waiting 20 minutes it never loads
Show more
4 years ago, deidrelois
Update Is Tacky
I opened the app this morning to check my numbers and accepted the update. Wish I hadn’t. The new app has a tack carnival look. The worst part is that it can no longer read the ticket barcodes. Error Message pops up suggesting I call an 800 number. It’s Sunday morning!
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4 years ago, Richrobard
Horrible update
This update has ruined a fairly decent app. No matter the amount of light or the game being played, you can not scan your ticket successfully. Bring back the old successful version.
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4 years ago, wihea85
Does not work
Try to register and an error message keeps coming up telling me I can’t register and to call a 1-800 number, then you call the number and they hand up on you.
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4 years ago, Missandrea729
There were some bugs but it’s all good now.
Love it.
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4 years ago, zsellscars
Horrible app
You guys just updated this new app and it is no good. You have to sign in everytime you open it and you can't scan tickets. You should of left it alone. Going to Massachusetts to play lottery. By By RI--
Show more
7 years ago, Kath4204u1
Please fix
I just upgraded from iPhone 7 to 8. When I try to scan my tickets, I get a does not support. When will this be fixed?
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4 years ago, DaBlackHammer
Doesn’t scan barcodes
After the update, the app no longer scans barcodes for my tickets. The update is absolute trash.
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7 years ago, No. Prov
Freezes up quite a bit. Are the creators of the app listening ? Please fix
Freezes up wasaay too much
Show more
4 years ago, TreeMarie84
Can’t add funds
Will not allow me to add bank account. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time!
Show more
4 years ago, TorresA1
Unable to add fumds
Unable to add funds, what’s the point in getting the verification email just to get a notification that they need to verify who I am
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