Richmond Times Dispatch

4.3 (1.1K)
29.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
BH Media Group
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Richmond Times Dispatch

4.27 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
6 years ago, AM BK
Works well enough not great
On a laptop the site works well. If you’re a paid subscriber and access it via the email links you still have to login, hence a 3 rating as it works but not great. Clearly the RTD organization is attempting to embrace the digital age, but have not learned to listen to and make digital functional improvements. It will be interesting to see if they can do it in time to survive.
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3 years ago, rpina
Poor iPhone Layout
The app is pretty much a porting of the RTD website to a local app. The layout is very poor and, like the website, finding the articles between the advertisements is sometimes a challenge. Overall, I’m not impressed and would rather view the RTD web over the app. The only saving grace is that you can get notifications of breaking stories. But you can get the same by setting up RSS on the RTD website. A few things that would greatly improve the app... 1) add the ability to link subscription to the app which reduces the number of distracting advertisements. (This would also be needed for #3.) 2) review the design of the GUI on smaller screens, it seems the development team either doesn’t understand the iOS system or didn’t bother to test on different sized screens. 3) add e-edition viewer directly to the app instead of porting the web version and along with this, allow automatic downloading of the e-edition to the device.
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2 years ago, rj30658
Too many ads; too hard to cancel
There is seriously no explanation on their website on how to cancel your subscription and after calling customer service, that’s the only way to do it. In my mind that’s making it PURPOSEFULLY difficult. And all the ads on the app. I get newspapers need money but don’t be car salesmen about it, especially when I’m a paying customer Update: they called me several times after cancelling. I blocked their number and they called from a different phone number. Do NOT sign a subscription with this company. It’s not worth it
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5 years ago, 1Goodjohn
Richmond Times Dispatch
It is very convenient to be able to read the news on my iPhone or iPad. Keep up the good work.
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5 years ago, &$&@&$
Hate the new format
Long time subscriber both traditional paper and on line app. Just clicked on the app first time in a while looking for restaurant reviews and discovered the new format. I absolutely hate it. I couldn’t find Restaurant news nor reviews. Had to go back and Google to logon that way. I hope they listen and change this thing. In attempting to write this review I accidentally clicked on three stars and wished I could take it back. Too many ads, too hard to navigate, An absolute eye chart... good grief
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4 months ago, rsgra
Too Frustrating
In the past the clunky software required constant logins making it a pain to use but you could open the e-edition and use the blue corner mark to read a story. The latest update took this away. You can see a picture of the page and enlarge only - just pathetic. They didn’t bother updating the guide video. Help is disabled. My NYT sub and app works great. My WaPo app also works well. Richmond is just working to drive readers away.
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1 month ago, cx5123
Poorly designed
I am constantly having to delete and reinstall app because it doesn't recognize my login. Or it limits the amount of pages I can read while I'm logged in. Or page says please login, and when I click on my profile page, it clearly shows am logged in but will not allow me to log out. So glitchy. Not so WP or WSJ apps. I would give it half star if ratings went that low. Please fix this app.
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3 years ago, pattieo4
I appreciate the landscape view in the update. I don’t enjoy being taken to another page if my finger brushes the text of the story I’m reading. Sometimes this happens when I’m simply trying to scroll through the story. Makes the experience very nearly not worth it.
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7 years ago, BeachBiddie
RTD frustrating
I am a full-time subscriber of RTD and signed up for the E-edition. It's frustrating to try to watch your breaking news blurbs and you tell me I have read my complimentary 10 and then I have to log in to see more. Is there any way that you can automatically recognize your patrons of 52 years? We love reading RTD when away.
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3 years ago, Beth NVA
Cannot access the articles at all after updating to iOS 14. I’m a subscriber. When I click on a headline, I’m taken to a screen of ads that will not scroll away. I cannot access the login setting. When I click on that I’m taken to an entirely blank screen. All I have access to is the Home Screen with headlines and ads. No response from customer support after leaving several feedback messages.
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6 years ago, The Cousin's Bff
A web app - not a newspaper app
I use the RTD app as a way to read the articles that I choose to follow from the alerts I get. It is convenient for that use. As for reading the latest news that would have been in the newspaper it is not the experience I am looking for. I will not use this app as a regular way to get news.
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2 years ago, JoAnn Winson
Ridiculously inadequate and defective
This amateurish app on the iPad is laughable in this day and age. Every single morning it takes a minimum of 3-5 tries before it stays open and doesn’t bomb out immediately. Difficult to be supportive of a local newspaper when you can’t even get to the articles due to sudden shutdowns and constant ads. I would happily pay more to get rid of the ads!
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7 years ago, JDC RVA
Better than it was
Not as cranky but ads re overbearing. I get it but, really? Content access should be more dynamic just too many layers to go through and drill down. I live here and want to like this but I've had to go back to physical paper just to get info. We can do better.
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9 months ago, Bubba3.167823410
This is the worst app on my phone. There is a reason the RTD will be dead soon. This app will speed the path to the scrapyard of local newspapers. This app locks, bait and switches, spoofs, and spams all while one is browsing the content for which one pays dearly. So annoying when it opens an advertisement or unwanted content with embedded hyperlinks. Most annoying is when it starts a video and won’t shut down. I really must hate myself to keep this awful app to read the RTD. I’m getting to the point of giving up and just going with free news media because this is so terrible. Wish I could give it 0 stars.
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2 years ago, RTDSub2022
Too Many Ads
As a paid subscriber, using the app is frustrating. The full page ad with sound blaring means I need to avoid this app, particularly when in a meeting. What is the point of a paid subscription if I’m forced to view an ad before getting to the news?
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2 years ago, Netsecuritypro
Terrible slow app compared to other newspapers
I subscribe to three newspapers. RTD is the only one where it’s almost impossible to read the e-diction of the paper. I have tried over both slow and fast internet connections and both are terrible. Why does RTD also subject subscribers to ads on the app? Garnett and USA Today owned papers do not do this?
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5 years ago, hilltopkid
I enjoy keeping up to date on Richmond
Ye, I’ll get the stories in the next day’s R TD, but fun having them immediately as posted.
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7 years ago, Klassykay106
Not a fan
I'm not a fan of the format. I live in Richmond and when I'm on the go I like to use the mobile app. The obituary section is not user friendly and there are wayyy too many ads considering times dispatch forces you to have a subscription.
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2 years ago, Allen1317
Too many ads and crashes
This app is sometimes close to unusable due to the excessive ads and the frequent crashes. You sometimes have to open the app 3-4 times in order to get it to stay up long enough to read a news story.
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2 years ago, Vgibrva
Needs A LOT of work
It freezes up so often on my iPad that I stopped reading it. Fezzes when zooming, when trying to go to next page, etc, etc. Only slightly better on phone and I hate reading on there since screen is so small. Needs a whole new redesign.
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2 years ago, jslberto
What is the point in a subscription?
After you decide to pay for a subscription to the e-edition of the paper, you are still consistently and constantly bombarded with full page advertisements. Insulting, dumb, cheap and boring. It’s 2022. Time for you people to catch up to the rest of civilization
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7 years ago, Bkg21
I read these since I no longer live in Virginia. I dislike the fact that not all of the obituaries are available to be seen. On Father's Day the only thing I was able to see were the memorials.
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4 years ago, King Kaffeine
Literally disgusted by this app
I wish I could post photos so you could see a screenshot of the DISGUSTING earwax removal ad that appears MULTIPLE TIMES ON THE SCREEN while I try to read articles for which I am PAYING A SUBSCRIPTION. It’s horrible, just horrible. Also, the format of the app itself is pretty trash. What moron designed this user interface? Don’t get this app. Blech.
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6 years ago, Ellsberry
Loving it
I’m no tech expert but it does everything I need it to. Love getting UTD info on different sections of the paper. And free to boot! Can’t beat it.
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2 years ago, Nicholas 531
The full screen ads with sounds are just offensive
I mean I’m a paying subscriber and want to read an article and have to wait ten seconds as a full sceeen ad for some idiot bear in a puzzle game plays and a minuscule x appears in the corner. It’s not a professional app at all and is embarrassing for Richmond.
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3 years ago, Rae B C
Fine until yesterday
App was fine until yesterday. Now all I get is “No content available.” Please fix this.
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3 years ago, KatieOGrady
Literally Unusable—0 stars
This app is completely non functional. Each time I open it, it says No Content. Everything is updated, I have reached out multiple times, canceling subscriptions is nearly impossible, save yourself time and money and don’t download this.
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5 years ago, BonAirGirl
App locking up constantly
I too am having continual lock ups that prevent me from being able to read content of any articles. Having paid for all access makes no difference. Closing app does not reset it. Very frustrated and disappointed.
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5 years ago, gonehomeagainforyou
Good local news
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4 years ago, IPad user 30456
Remember me!
Why can’t this app remember me after I’ve logged in several times? It’s really a nuisance to have to sign in every time I use it or even when it crashes, which it does too often.
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7 years ago, 28David
The news updates are great!!
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2 years ago, 19benny63
As a paid subscriber, I should not be forced to watch a 30 second ad every time I open the app. I should be able to go straight to the newspaper without this dreadful experience.
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3 years ago, 4th attempt to leave feedback
RTD doesn’t seem to care about the app
I believe in and am all for supporting local journalism, full stop. As a paid subscriber, I shouldn’t have to bypass an entry ad every time I launch the app. By now, RTD should have a native iOS app that works consistently. Please.
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5 years ago, Yellowjacket03
The New Picture Tile App is Horrible
The newly updated “picture tile” app is horrible. I find it difficult to navigate, no search function, and full of ads. It should be noted that paying digital subscribers also deal with the annoying ads on the app.
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5 years ago, Sjpopo
No search feature
I find articles on social media and get stuck in the paywall. I have a RTD paid account. The links on social media should prompt you to open the app and go straight to the article. Alternatively, the app should allow a user to search for the article with a search bar. For example, right now i know i want to read the article: Federal court picks redrawn Va. House map that boosts Democrats' chances of taking control Unfortunately it is impossible for me to find it in the app.
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5 years ago, Manquinboy
Getting RTD on my IPhone
As a paid subscriber-RTD- my daily life line to Virginia & what’s happening in politics in the state & DC Manquinboy
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3 years ago, Grover019
Too many ads - not much news
The page is so full of ads you can barely read the news, of which there isn’t much.
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7 years ago, Butch Sarma
Good reporting but too many ads
Really good news reporting! However the full screen ad that wants Bluetooth access is creepy.
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1 year ago, TomTerrific2019
Sends unwanted emails
Every article comment generates emails with each reply, but no way to turn it off. Blocking emails from this address seems to be the only way to restore privacy.
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4 years ago, Avljr
iPad Air
When opening this app it will only open in portrait and cannot get it to go in landscape. The slide switch has no effect. This only applies to the I-Pad Air. This app works on all my other devices in landscape. This comment also applies to the Roanoke Ties app
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7 years ago, Oldpuzzlelover
About average.
Too many time consuming ads but the only legitimate Richmond metropolitan area site. Use it everyday.
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7 years ago, saint :)
Love getting updates
Great having Rtd at my finger tips.
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7 years ago, VegasHokies
Feels like home
Military member who travels around; slice of home while deployed
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4 years ago, JoolsTAG1
Offensive number of political ads
Really, really, offensive. I’m a paid subscriber because I like to support local journalism, but ugh, it’s unpleasant and reporting to google is useless. I understand the need for ads, but can’t it be local businesses?
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5 years ago, plmswxplmspx
Where is the traffic part of the app?
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3 years ago, Sutt220
Not working
The app will not open, just displays a window that says: No content available. Nothing works to fix it.
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3 years ago, VirginianByAdoption
Can’t see anything but headlines and ads
When I click on a story, I am taken to a screen that displays multiple ads but no news story.
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6 years ago, jgyfc
Freeze Out!
The app freezes once I’ve opened it and I can not navigate at all. I’ve tried reinstalling the app and have the same problem. Very annoying.
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3 years ago, A "Gypsy" Fan
No Content
Currently receive no content using this app. Deleted and reloaded the app and continued to receive a “no content” error message.
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3 years ago, rebecca_parker26
Pink triangles on e-edition
One of the recent updates has added these annoying and distracting pink triangles to each article and picture on e-edition. Is there anyway to make this less distracting?
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