Rockford Register Star, IL

4.4 (151)
188.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Rockford Register Star, IL

4.36 out of 5
151 Ratings
4 years ago, 815Scott
Fast, easy to navigate
The website is fast and easy to navigate. It displays multimedia easily and accurately. It has plenty of points of entry into sections and articles.
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2 years ago, Trinket27
Changes are No Good
I got this app through Apple somehow. I used to be able to use the E Edition of the paper with a different app through this subscription, but the E Edition stopped working for some reason. When I contacted the paper, they told me that I got the app through a third party and could not help me. I contacted Apple and they told me they could not help me. The E Edition is not included any more and it’s four times what I pay for this app. Needless to say, I am deleting both apps and canceling my subscription. This app seems like it repeats articles and is hard to “read the paper”. I liked the other app better (the E Edition), but am not willing to pay more than my subscription for the Chicago Tribune for it.
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2 years ago, tpm-rock
Refresh the articles
I find the E-edition of the paper very irritating. Today is Feb 19th and we still have articles on finding your best live Christmas tree. Sssssoooo many articles are repeated over and over. The app should provide a way to display new articles only. I read each day. 50% of my time is looking for new articles. Even if you put a date on the article it would help.
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4 years ago, Emma Horton
Great for local news!
The Register Star has all the local news I can’t find anywhere else. It’s very reliable, and the stories are quite accurate.
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9 years ago, Duffy691977
A good way to stay in touch with the local news
This is a free app you get most the main stories that a person would get if they bought the actual newspaper I would like to see a paid app where I could get all the news stories
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3 years ago, Kaydee-Did
Keeps me in the know
Keeps me “in the know” with Rockford area news when I am in Florida for the winter.
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3 years ago, cjh 77
I like the newspaper format better
I like the newspaper format better The daily push notification for the newspaper format has been discontinued. Very disappointed.
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6 months ago, poor all around
So sad
“Old” paper e edition was much better but can’t get it now, only this poor on line “new” version. If my husband didn’t like the print version we would just drop our subscription.
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4 years ago, Holmes is $
Rrstar crashes
Crashes quite often and news isn't updated timely enough. Continues to crash. iPhone Xr
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2 years ago, nealyounggary
No news paper for 2 weeks No way to contact.
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1 year ago, Bogan54
Poor visibility
This is almost impossible to read as a “newspaper “.
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4 years ago, Kath3752
The new format is horrible!
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3 years ago, pugo46
I can’t find the e-edition.
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5 years ago, Lmv5853
I have an online subscription to the Rockford Register Star. I pay them every month. And every month I have a problem with this app. I can only read a couple articles then it tells me I have to pay for a subscription. When I click on “already have a subscription” and enter my info it says “no subscription found”. Calling them does NO GOOD. Their answer is to delete the app and reinstall it. Don’t bother unless you like paying for something and not getting it.
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6 years ago, PsychoCornDog
I only read the paper to get LOCAL stories, high school sports in particular and lately the coverage has been terrible. Nothing on Friday night games and today even had an incorrect win by Guilford over Boylan reported. A corrected version appeared on Facebook. I followed the link to the RRS ap and was asked to rate it. Oh boy, here's my chance, but there was no survey attached. Then, the corrected article said that all the conference standings would appear below, they don't. Gatehouse, you are killing this newspaper and it's painful to watch.
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13 years ago, 1evilHoney
User Friendly
I found this app to work just fine for me. No crashes. I use this app daily and I really enjoy how easy it is to navigate throughout the articles. You can even save or bookmark up to 100 articles. Definitely get this. Great job RRS. 
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11 years ago, Mweaston
Good app, needs main articles
App works fine. Would like to see the main articles that you see in the paper though. Also don't like how the web site makes you pay to read their articles.
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11 years ago, Livenextralarge
The web updates are terrible
I have had this app for over 3 years. With each update the site operates worse than the last update. Come on people, get an IT team that is worth having. Print is dead.... Soon this will be your only option & if you can not do better than this version, nail the doors shut. I get kicked off of the site at least 4 times per reading each day! That is terrible. Only in Rockford......
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11 years ago, Les in Illinois
As useless as the paper edition
Coverage, for the most part, lags considering a news app should be more timely than the print edition. And just like the print edition the quality and quantity of coverage is terrible (I see more of both in high school "newspapers"). Grammar and spelling problems abound. Articles printed from wire services are not checked for grammar/punctuation and are published "as received." Journalism is missing from the Rockford scene. Even the Rock River Times has better content.
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11 years ago, Resolvedbuckle0
Like it!
I didn't know this was available, found it on a whim
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10 years ago, Larart
Easy Local Information
The format is easy to navigate and allows me keep up with local issues in the city and Winnebago county.
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6 years ago, Gavins mom
The app closes on you every time you try to read the obituaries. Very frustrating!!! Please fix this.
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11 years ago, Queenbee0714
Ever since the app was upgraded it crashes all of the time and the articles are no longer up date. Sometimes u click on an article, the app crashes and when u go back the article is no longer there.
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13 years ago, crazycat41
Had a bug on iPhone 4
Keeps telling me I'm in offline mode and will not update or show previous stories. There is no problem with iPhone. Have repeatedly deleted and redownloaded and nothing different. Great app until then.
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11 years ago, WinnRun
Very few articles
The articles they post are few and far between and seem to remain outdated on the app. You will get a few "new articles", but when you log in, it seems like you primarily get old articles.
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11 years ago, Sunnymay1
Just like the paper version - old news
This used to be a good app. Now it only contains old news or very partial stories on new news, saying things like "no more was available at deadline." Deadline? This is not a printed paper - it can be updated anytime. And the ads when you click on an obit are really in poor taste.
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6 years ago, Hannebeth
Frequent crashes ruin the experience
Will likely cancel my online subscription because the app often crashes when I click the “read more” button on stories and obits. I wanted to reconnect with local news but this isn’t working out well.
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10 years ago, Newtonentropy
Not bad
So far this app works fine for me and I find it to be useful. I feel some of the writing could use some work. It seems they rush this out without proofreading it first sometimes.
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4 years ago, PhilHj
Becomes unstable with ipadoOS14
This app has been behaving pretty well on my iPad until now. I installed ipadOS-14 yesterday and now the app is quitting frequently. I hope the app techs will look into this quickly.
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5 years ago, So says me
Bad App
I have a subscription to read the stories in the app but almost every other day, it tells me my subscription is expired and can’t read the story. My subscription IS active and the only way to fix this is to delete the app then reload it from the App Store...EVERY OTHER DAY!!🤬
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9 years ago, YDJCL
Great App
Love that I do not get the message I've read too many articles!
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12 years ago, Rockford Power
Great Read
One of the country's best. Inciteful reporting, great photos and lots of local news. Quite a nice read.
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13 years ago, gadams4507
Not Available
Each story you click on, it says not available. What is the use of having a mobile app, if all the articles are blocked. Let's get it together Register Star. Either make it available for free, or make a paid app.
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11 years ago, Jlseas
This is just flat-out embarrassing. What a great opportunity RRS has to showcase their newspaper in a technologically advanced way, and the technology of this app is a train wreck....from annoying crashes to the failure to update to new stories. Even the look of the app needs updating.
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11 years ago, Bgans1982
App crash
App crashes whenever I select a story and the articles are never up to date.
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10 years ago, AbllDiane
Don't waste your time!
This app offers barely more info than the headlines! Not much in the way of details. I went to the entertainment section to try to find the showtimes but it does not offer that information. Very very bland.
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11 years ago, Lauren Zimmerman
Poor updates
RRS is very poor in updating the news on weekends and overnight. In addition the website doesn't have enough details in the stories they do post.
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11 years ago, Just running and running
Updated version not updating news
I was forced to update this app so I could use it, but now it's just old news on there and I have been unable to refresh it for current news.
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13 years ago, dwez
Olds not news
I just downloaded app and every article was at least 18 hours old. Also seems very left leaning for a conservative city. Save the aggravation and just get angry birds instead Just as informative and updated more often
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13 years ago, Tatonka1234
Stable and great
Great local news. Very few crashes.
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11 years ago, Steve815815815
Give an incentive to subscribers
Great app Let us sign in to avoid ads and to give delivery feedback I subscribe to the print edition and use this for breaking news .
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11 years ago, Kenny Saunders
On the media tab, the thumbnails do not match their intended photos. Otherwise, great news app!!
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10 years ago, Jamesave
Rrstar mobile
Great app. Easy to use. Very good local news and info. Weak on local prep scores. Typical anti-Bolyan and progressive bias.
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8 years ago, Cfeman
Works great
Easy to use with good coverage
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11 years ago, Tomr12
Not very good
Too many ads. Not enough current news. Limited updates
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11 years ago, Nana744
Not worth time
All section not listed, for example no link to classifieds
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11 years ago, Jenniem112
Too many advertisements for stupid apps, reading obituaries, latest news and a panda game comes up... Annoying getting ready to delete.
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11 years ago, shrumly
This is an app?
It takes forever to load, and each article tries for an eternity to load. Then it says the respective articles aren't available. Dumb app.
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11 years ago, Wschub
To many advertisements! When you scroll through obits you constantly get pop ups!
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8 years ago, Szahrt
This app crashes after 15 seconds. Obit format recently changed back to older version and is very unstable.
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