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Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for RODEOHOUSTON

2.32 out of 5
147 Ratings
7 months ago, Ipaz Music
This APP is a tragedy!
I don’t know who from the RODEO committee thought that having electronic tickets without having WIFI access was a good idea!!!! When they perfectly Know that when the rodeo is overwhelmingly packed the network becomes USELESS, Make it make sense!! Today was so FRUSTRATING to say the least. I bought 4 packs and I couldn’t load my tickets while at the rodeo, i asked for help and they redirected me to guest services. It turns out that the waiting time to get some kind of help from someone was 1-2 hour waiting time since EVERYONE in that line where having the same issue as I was, their tickets weren’t loading and there was no access to wifi and the phone network was useless. I visit the rodeo every year, but with this experience I don’t think I will set my foot there for many years to come, especially if they keep this electronic CRAP going!
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7 months ago, No ñame given
Worst app it’s a disservice to the customer
This app is the worst designed app I have seen yet. All the app is good for is for tickets, half of the functions and buttons do not work. The information is not complete. Important information such as parking entrances, parking fees and what is required is missing, one would think that if I click the “how to get here “ tab, that the required directions would be there, not this app. All you get is the status of two or three lots. Makes for a horrible Rodeo Experience!!!!
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2 years ago, Fmlover001
Absolutely Horrible
I would give zero stars if possible. This app is the absolute worse. First off, it’s nearly impossible to access it. Had to exit app several times and retry just to get it to load. Definitely couldn’t access all of the coupons that we have used faithfully in the past. The rodeo carnival needs to do better with network and Wi-Fi signals and educate the people at guest services and the information desks so that they are able to help.
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7 months ago, Kellyc123
I cannot verify half price tickets on app
I have tried to verify my purchased half price tickets on the app and I cannot. I tried to verify my tickets but the account I created in the app does not request a phone number. I cannot find account settings in the app that will let me enter phone number details. The email sent to verify tickets requires a phone number. I need this fixed before I can use the tickets I purchased.
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7 months ago, Crusher smith
Not updated
Rodeo starts tomorrow and there’s no schedule on the app. Lineup has been out since January but it’s not available on the app. Can’t view or buy tickets. About the only thing that works is the map. Pretty useless right now, which is disappointing because it was handy in previous years.
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9 years ago, CandyCain00
Just fabulous!
SO incredibly convenient! I am especially thankful for the information regarding how full the parking lots are! This saves so much time and prevents all the driving around to find an open lot!!!
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9 years ago, DarcyYvonne
Better than last year!
So far this is much better! Should have a badge to post on my FB page so my friends know I'm using this and they can too.
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2 years ago, jose0980
Wrong don’t work
I just download this app and try to pay two times for 200 tickets in it doesn’t show my account now I wonder if I’m gonna get my money back or not
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9 years ago, Swede9876
Best for Parking
This turned out to be one of the most useful apps for getting around in a large event. Went to the rodeo twice and used it both times!! The parking info was really good...
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9 years ago, Denissetbp
Very useful!!
Way better than last year and much more user friendly than the website. This app is essential for anything Rodeo!
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6 years ago, Jdjohnson1913
This is such a great app to have for the Houston Rodeo! I love how you can set a up a schedule, how you can see all the events, and where to park! This is so useful! If you are going to be at the Houston Rodeo, you MUST download this app!!
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4 years ago, nudnick712goat
Horrible app
I bought 6 half price books so trying to navigate all of those coupons was difficult. Once the coupon was used, it should have disappeared from my screen. Instead I had to guess each time which one to use and it was so time consuming.
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11 years ago, Chessah
No direct links to buy concert or any event tickets via the schedule. Useless App. No where near as good as last years. They should've simply updated the 2012 version. One star only because I have to rate it with something. *****Update Feb 26th: thanks for fixing the app. The direct link to buy tickets is most appreciated and much improved.
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7 months ago, Latte46
This app will not send the text needed to complete my registration. I purchased carnival packs that I cannot access b/c the app won’t let me complete the registration process. I’ve emailed customer service with no response. Selling tickets that no one can access and having a no refund policy is theft.
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8 months ago, AdeleTx
Going to be a nightmare
App is already running slow on home wifi, what’s going to happen when I get out to NRG! The cell networks out there are usually overwhelmed with the concentration of people & don’t work well, and now carnival tickets are on the app. Ikes!!
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11 years ago, O.jM
Lane Frost
This app seems pretty good. I only wish It had parking app feature. Cause after the rodeo I'm usually to truck to remember where I parked my truck. Other than that I should work for me.
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10 years ago, GangGreens
Seeking rotating view
Happy to have the new season info and line-up of talent. Could you release a version that rotates in the phone or tablet view? Seeking landscape rotation on my iPad. Just a thought.
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11 years ago, Aliaglian
Glad to have this
I wish people wouldn't complain, this is very informative.. Thanks for the app!
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7 months ago, AglicaGiglica
Zero stars!!!
This app is horrible! I’ve deleted it and downloaded it multiple times. It keeps saying that my number isn’t recognized when I try to load my tickets. There is absolutely no support and no help!
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9 years ago, Jctofly
Helps a lot
I'm always wondering stuff about the rodeo and this app actually helps me
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7 years ago, Dhizz
Parking map unreliable
I like the idea of this app and all of the schedule information, but the parking lot maps do not accurately reflect how full lots are or if they're even open.
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9 years ago, Dgpf
Try it!!
Wonderful app. Easy to use. Convenient for purchasing tickets. Nice photo frames.
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11 years ago, Dante414
Going into Schedule & lineup on main page then clicking on the schedule button in bottom, then clicking on the World's Championship Bar-B-Que Contest leads to an abrupt exit (crashes) out of the app
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7 years ago, strikingloud
Which ones faster, standing inline or this app
Standing inline!!!!! Ridiculous amount of prompts to go through. Then trying to get tickets to get in takes for ever. And the interface is so huge you think your zoomed in. This is crap.
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2 years ago, jbaaaze
Can’t plan with this app
There isn’t any basic information such as: buy this ticket to see this artist and the gates will open at this time; the rodeo will begin at this time; the concert will begin at this time….
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5 years ago, dyluck
Was useful for 2018
I used this app last year to answer everyone’s questions about the rodeo last year. Was very thorough. Especially the foodie searches. But for 2019 it seems they aren’t going to update?
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4 years ago, Nece1117
Times are wrong
The app has the Junior Market Lamb & Goat shows listed at 8pm instead of 8am under the schedule portion of the app. Times are correct under the live stream.
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8 months ago, Frustrated Fan 12345
This app is terrible! I have been trying for a half an hour to find tickets to the rodeo itself, but can only seem to get tickets to the shows. Additionally, it asked for my cookie choice about six times! I don’t allow targeting or advertising cookies, I confirm my choices, and the next thing you know, it askes for my cookie setting again! Get your act together, rodeo Houston! Find someone who knows how to construct a website!!!!!!!
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8 months ago, Byrne it up
Can’t access tickets
The app immediately crashes when I attempt to open my rodeo tickets. Have restarted my phone, deleted the app and re-downloaded it. Nothing works.
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9 years ago, KohakuOtaku
Very Helpful
I loved having a representative of the Rodeo Committee right in my pocket or purse with most of the answers to the questions that I had.
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7 months ago, avallll
Won’t send confirmation text
I’ve reinstalled it so many times and have tried on different days and still no confirmation text
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11 years ago, Lukasd909
Cowboy Up!
Works great on iphone5! Must have app for getting around the events.
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11 years ago, Bccoleman33
Awesome app that is really informative and helpful! Beautifully designed as well! Very easy on the eyes!
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4 years ago, Madmom07
Go back to regular tickets. Takes forever to download and doesn’t work properly once it finally loads. Now everyone must carry a smart phone to ride or to buy food if they have a carnival pack. Bad idea.
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8 years ago, Tony60Jr
Worst app
The new update made this the worst app. No longer are the times and scores posted for each contestant. Plus it is virtually impossible to switch between events. You are stuck with just reviewing tie-down roping. Seriously?
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9 years ago, Yyeesssss!!!
Rodeo Houston
I love the rodeo and I'm glad they took the time to make an app!!! I'm so excited for this years rodeo!!!!! So close!!!!!!!!!
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9 years ago, DannyG517
Great work improving on last year's ap, team!
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11 years ago, llt7cool
Great parking info!!!
Parking maps and availability percentage updates make it an awesome app/tool on their own!!!
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7 months ago, Jyreka
Absolute garage. App crashes constantly, have to constantly log out and refresh. 3 different errors popped up, none if which were any fault of mine besides trusting in this pure GARBAGE.
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9 years ago, Bonniemybaby
very helpful and I can stay up to date on rodeo winners 😊
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6 years ago, Gruensbdhekd
Remove the parking feature
If you can’t populate the parking map with availability information, please remove it....of course a better solution would be to fix it so it works!
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7 months ago, deadmeatc
Bad service
When it got too crowded it wouldn’t loadmy tickets wasting both me and the works time
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8 years ago, HLSR Vol
Parking lot
Parking lot percentage full is only showing in one and sometimes two or three lots. Does not help for those planning to park in other lots.
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6 years ago, Donniesd
Why have a parking lot feature if it is never going to be updated?
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9 years ago, David & Cat
Houston Rodeo
Awesome app. Had a great time @ the rodeo championship cook off. Used the app for our pics!
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9 years ago, pwgs
Great way to get information.
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10 years ago, Last Call
Great app!
Love the HLSR! This app makes it easy and fun to see what's going on!
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8 years ago, Shoeba4328646
Awesome app
Love the app and used it everyday during rodeo.
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9 years ago, *ellemarie*
Great app
I think it's a big help with parking!
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9 months ago, Dagamner
Fix update again
Kick me off after y’all just update the app fix asap!!
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