4.6 (2.6K)
95 MB
Age rating
Current version
Corporacion RTVE
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for RTVE Play

4.64 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Capricorn~80
I personally love love this App, I love watching their series, shows and movies, I’m from Central America and live in USA but love other countries movies, series etc , the only thing I don’t like is that many of the tv shows it cannot be watched in this area, I wish they’ll give us more options even if we have to pay a minimum amount I would love to have access to everything they have, hope my review help them improve and to let us have a little more of the great work 😊
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6 years ago, BoobooNancy
Works great for me !
I first started watching RTVE from the U.S. ( can’t remember if it was from website or app ) and have now been using the app for 3 years in Spain. It works really well about 99% of the time. Every now and then something doesn’t load but it is a minor thing for me. I also use the spanish subtitles as it really helps with learning spanish. There are numerous series that are excellent.
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4 years ago, NorthVAResident
Really good App limited by Geolocation
This is a really good App, works great, you can mirror to your TV the programs in full HD, content is good, appearance is good...but, many of the programs (best ones) are limited by geolocation and won’t play. Is really sad that they are limiting the content/programs you can watch to regions (geolocations), which is a new change as it worked fine and without limitations or restrictions until the middle of May 2020. In summary is really good until it becomes a brick when you can’t play the programs. Most of the content does not play/work in the USA.
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1 year ago, tandem id: jim_oser
Closed captions in Spanish, available in USA
Starting in October 2022, closed captions in Spanish are available on RTVE. This is fantastic. These are closed captions not subtitles. The caption's match the Spanish audio. This is really helping me learn Spanish quickly. (Goodbye, Netflix! Netflix, disneyplus, and many other streaming services translate English subtitles into Spanish subtitles, which don’t match the Spanish audio.) My favorite show is Cuéntame cómo pasó. RTVE support told me that soon RTVE will be available for roku in the USA. However I can now watch RTVE shows on my television by using the iPad RTVE app and streaming via Apple Airplay to roku on my tv.
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6 years ago, jawafer
Loves RTVE! Why block Acacias 38!
I absolutely love this app! It has all the shows I enjoy watching, the only series that I haven’t been able to watch is Acacias 38. I really wish you would unblock this series so that everyone in the US could enjoy it better and not waste time looking through the internet to see if someone was nice enough to up load the episodes for us. If someone is reading this please listen to your viewers!
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5 years ago, pura m
I love RTVE
I love RTVE I have the Chanel buy 2 week ago the Finish The Series La Caza De Montes perdido the I love it a lot the only I don’t like is the way is finished Sara y el Cabo they don’t get together and we never know what happened with Lucia everything was to our imagination but very good series. I love la Tierra, Corazón, Noticias 24H, España Directo well I like everything for RTVE .
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5 years ago, epc1128
One of the best
I love Spain and this app gives the feeling of being there and being part of that country which I visit every chance I get because of the people and the history , I highly recommend it
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1 month ago, inamaka
Still needs updates
The app still crashes and jumps to next chapters without having seen the episode at hand. Often episodes are unavailable and after some time they will work.
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6 years ago, Yosusi
Using from USA
I live in Atlanta and love to use this app to watch el telediario and other programming. It is true that a lot of the content is not available for watching in USA, but still lots of great content that I can watch. Thank RTVE for keeping me in touch with Spain!
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3 years ago, el_muelas
Remove Geolocation for a fee
The app is great love all the content and keep us close to si ha a beautiful country … it would be great if they remove geolocation for all their original programs and live TV for a fee like ATRESplayer I am pretty sure a lot of people in the US will pay for it including me
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2 years ago, caquito36
Wish I cld be subscribed to watch all your series but no luck I paid membership but to no avail
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2 years ago, Abby/moon
It’s terrible… you can not see any program except the news and some sports… nothing else that you want to watch is “available on your area”… so what’s the point of the app if you CAN’T WATCH ANYTHING…. I turn off my cable company because I thought that with the app I was going to be able to watch all my favorite shows and now doesn’t work 😤…
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5 years ago, concha@1903
Does not work in USA
What’s the point to have an app that does not work? I can’t watch anything from the app because everything is “geolocalizado”. Atresplayer works much better. I pay for RTVE through my cable company but there is nothing available on On Demand. If i forget to schedule a recording there is no a second chance. Really disappointed. It wasn’t that way before. Do it something soon!
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4 years ago, vmvh7!
Very disappointed
Every day, less content I can watch from USA without paying some of the packages they offer. I’m from Spain and miss a lot of this programs Sometimes they allow you to watch the 1st 5 episodes of a program and after wrk 6 they block your access (ex: MasterChef) Cada día hay menos contenido que se puede ver sin pagar uno de los paquetes que ofrecen. Soy española y extraño mucho de estos programas. A veces te permiten mirar un programa por las primeras 5 semanas y después te bloquean (por ejemplo: MasterChef)
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5 years ago, MCJune2018
Why don’t all stations from Spain provide subtitles?
I love RTVE content and the fact that Spanish subtitles are available with most programs. Atresplayer close behind. Mitele- clueless about subtitles.
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4 years ago, abaipiet75
I love RTVE and have for several years now!! It has a wide array of great programs, tv series, movies and other cultural events!! Many thanks! Martha from Peru, Uruguay and the US!!
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6 years ago, lttleone
From Chicago
I live in Chicago and love this application that gives me the opportunity to keep in touch with the news in Spain and my favorite programs!
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5 years ago, Helene jovial
I love the soap operas. Definitely better than the Mexican or any other Spanish language soap operas.
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4 years ago, TATASES
Fix region
It was working perfectly for the US region. However now it doesnt work. It says that content is out of region. Can it be fixed. Theres a lot of good shows that cannot be seen because of this
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1 year ago, Dubaiisthebest
What is the use of this app
An app financed by European Union but you can’t watch anything on it because of your location outside spain, really? If I am in spain I don’t need to watch it The Spanish language will disappear because of those clever brains- check how many Italian tv channels free to air and apps for Italian speaking!
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5 years ago, vale1@
Could be great
I would prefer they would really think about the benefits of streaming overseas and here in America we are punished and we can’t access the series and some of the programs from the app. Very sad!
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2 years ago, Gfsgjorbioobdegjjudvjkkhsw
Update broke app- Zero raiting
June’s update sucked! Now the app doesn’t even open, it worked great before. Zero Rating August update: it’s slooooowwwww but once it opens works fine, just be patient.
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6 years ago, Houlatin
Does not work in USA
Most programs are blocked for USA, lets all switch to Mitele, Tele5 in Spain most programs are acailable in USA. Even Antena 3 works better
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6 years ago, Warm Blanket.
I enjoy the content
It’s a wonderful way to get a snap shot of Spain and its people, culture, history and current events. The app works most of the time.
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2 years ago, la negra Medea
Muy pobre descarga
Great content, too limited in access by region, poor downloading. The content worthy enough to merit a paying subscription; the current free access due to its limitations for viewers outside of Spain, more of a deterrent to watch, than an incentive.
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6 years ago, Lulubell2000
Love it
This app is great I can see my shows anytime
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5 years ago, Na.ta.li
Loooove it but...
I love the app but unfortunately not all the shows are available in US. I cannot watch some of my favorite TV shows.
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1 month ago, amjusakos
Need to add new series to watch
New to add more New series It’s been a while since I seen something New added
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5 years ago, rafa chicago
LOve the app and the content
Nice to be able to keep up with Spanish daily live from the USA.
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2 years ago, rosalbg
Revision del nuevo play
Antes era mas favil aceder a todo
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4 years ago, Wolf-pr
Great App
I love that when I am away from Spain, I can still watch my series and movie.
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4 months ago, Silvia Santana Vizoso
After 1 month app , I can access the app but shows do not play. No customer service number to call to get fixed.
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5 years ago, camelot'squeen
Love it
I watched all my series through this app awesome!
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4 years ago, bigonegrande
Personal concept
I love this app but I'd love to have the opportunity to see Acacias in my city NY.
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2 years ago, tac123fla
Great, I suppose, if you live in Spain
What few, and I mean few, that can be seen in the USA are great, but almost all are not available. Pity.
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4 weeks ago, Cdbrito123
The app doesn’t work
I like the content but I can’t get the app to work on my Apple TV not my smart TV
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6 years ago, llanga
Love rtve I can see all the series & Acacias 38!!
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5 years ago, José A. Berríos
Great application, no complaints. Felicidades en este nuevo año.
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9 years ago, Holg101010
App is good but out of USA
We in USA get this app blocked it is a matter of money! Money hunger!!! Jajaja that is what we have here nothing is for free,
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6 years ago, akbal
No es compatible con Chromecast Audio
Por favor implementen en el app Chromecast Audio
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8 years ago, TibyM
Does not work
This app used to work some time back. It stopped working all of the sudden. I read in the internet that it only works in some countries. I am in USA and it is not working any more here. I also read that if we want to watch ALaCarta shows, we need to pay a subscription to TVE. For me that would be like paying twice for that service as I do have Direct TV package that contains TVE. So, why do I have to pay twice to watch the same channel ? Not really what I expected TVE. Making us pay twice is not nice.
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9 years ago, Odfoudthvinfjhdf
Please make series available
I was excited to find this app and so felt more disappointed and frustrated when series that are listed as available would play for 2 seconds and end or would play the first minute and stop completely even though it looks like another hour or so are there.
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12 years ago, pmartin126
Favorite Program with a terrible last update
Por Favor , fix last update because is crushing all the time , will be very happy if you could "returned me" before last update , was working ok or please fix last update , will be waiting ! Thank You
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12 years ago, Kabacito
Love it
This app is great I live in Dallas Texas and I watch all from Spain here !!! Wow I love it thanks
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12 years ago, zenoi
Regarding this app
This is a wonderful informative add. I do not give it more stars, because it has no audio. Please fix. Thank you
Show more
11 years ago, ludiandrade
Necesita correccion
No funcciona TV a La Carta. TV a La Carta does not work on iPad. Just goes back to home screen. Please fix.
Show more
10 years ago, VeggieGarden7
RTVE is awesome but this app is not. It either seems to be loading videos but doesn't ever play them or crashes immediately when I try to use a la carta.
Show more
9 years ago, PCHPS
This app was great, could watch the 24hr news everywhere; now it not only does not work in the USAbut it doesn't work in France either. What a waste!
Show more
8 years ago, Megusq
Does not work
It used to work but not anymore
Show more
12 years ago, Alltogether
What a disaster. Crashes. Does not respond. Shame on RTVE
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