Rube Works: Rube Goldberg Game

4 (23)
241.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Electric Eggplant
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rube Works: Rube Goldberg Game

4 out of 5
23 Ratings
8 years ago, asdqazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolp
Great game!
I'm always asking my sister to give me her iPad so I can play this game. Finally bought myself this app!!! Love it! I don't really like the "star" accomplishments for your score because if u did it right u get 3 stars anyway. Maybe, if you can give it a time bonus or something, that would solve the problem. Other than that, love the game.
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8 years ago, VT School
Great for classrooms!
This app has been a favorite in my classroom. We used it to learn about the physics of Rube Goldberg machines, including the basics of work and force, Newton's Laws of Motion, and simple machines. Our students will be building their own Rube Goldberg machine based on their own design so it was great to get some experience building and experimenting with the machines on this app. They are always asking to play, it's truly an engaging, fun, educational experience!
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3 years ago, Czarina6
Many interface issues
I loved Incredible Machine from many years ago. Well this is not it, but I see it might be fun for younger people. The UI is a problem with items disappearing into the “ceiling”, others getting “stuck” together. When these things happen, which is often, then only option is to reset and start over. A couple of free puzzles would be good to try before deciding to spend money, which I do regret.
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5 years ago, gnasett
Fun game but touch function to move pieces needs updating and it crashes
Lot of fun to see the rube goldbergs come to life. Needs a few fixes though
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5 years ago, GoatBPM
game breaking bug
this game is super fun but is unusable on iPhone X models due to the inventory overlapping the bottom of the screen. when you try to take an item out of your inventory the phone thinks you are swiping home or between apps. please fix! this breaks the game on level 7.
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1 year ago, Mushi67
Objects float off the screen
Sometimes when you place an object, it floats off the screen and can’t be used until you reset the entire level. This is annoying and makes some levels very hard to play.
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6 years ago, Bobsickle73
Sadly not enough levels!!
Great game and addictively fun, but really... only 18 levels? I could not give it more than three stars for that reason. Odd a developer released this game over 4 years ago and still no new levels. The game is NOT worth more than $.99 and I sadly paid $2.99 for this.
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10 years ago, Chuck727
Awesome Gane
Love the game. Would like to see more levels. Would be 5 stars then.
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8 years ago, Underwood9
It is the best app ever invented, this app is actually perfect for me because we are learning about Rube Goldberg in school and this app is about Rube Goldberg
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5 years ago, postdataec
Kind of entertaining but honestly not enough levels and control of the devices
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2 years ago, Zmaofhevakxkdbshakebd
Runs like garbage
Game is slow and laggy. Playing on an iPhone 13 and none of the gameplay is smooth. Do not buy.
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10 months ago, timmy cornia timothy james jr
This game might be made by god
Really good
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10 years ago, dbaraban
Ingenius Game Inspired by a Genius
Not only did this innovative little app introduce my family to the genius of Reuben "Rube" Goldberg, it also further developed our creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving an engaging, fun, addicting way! Not to mention that Electric Eggplant really nailed the graphics, music, and user-friendliness. As a teacher and mother, this is truly one of the best apps I have come across, and I highly recommend it for anyone 9-99 years old.
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10 years ago, puzzleco
My students are absolutely addicted to this game. They are using the game as a prelude to creating their own Rube Goldberg machine. Each task is just difficult enough to not frustrate students but at the same time challenge their thinking. The end of each task also provides a bit of information on Rube Goldberg. This app provides both entertainment and critical thinking.
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11 years ago, karenlela
Great for kids, fun for me too!
I meant to try this app to see if it would be good for use in schools.... And I find myself playing it too. I love the art, the challenge and the history behind it. Teachers in middle school and high school will love to use this app for team problem solving activities. I think it lends itself perfectly to collaboration and discussion!
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10 years ago, Rbwong
If you love puzzles and love Rube Goldberg, this is the game for you! I've solved the first few puzzles, and I have to say - this game is cool! You are given a task and a series of objects. Your goal is to complete the task by building a Rube Goldberg contraption. It's trickier than it sounds. I don't endorse a lot of things. With this game, I can tell you - it totally ROCK.
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10 years ago, Flashmobchangedto1230
Fun for all!
I am using this in my middle school classroom as a prelude to a Rube Goldberg project where students build real Rube Goldberg machines. The students are able to Learn about Rube and the difficulty and humor of his inventions. Fun game for all ages with learning and engagement!
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11 years ago, Nitin
Absolutely brilliant!
This game is so entertaining and just crazy amounts of fun. For adults as well as for kids. And the gameplay mechanics are so easy to pick up. There's no reason not to buy this game.
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11 years ago, Clint205
Incredible Machines!
This is such a great game! I'm loving solving these puzzles and it is very well designed. I love that getting the highest rating is for solving the puzzle most creatively. Looking forward to the upcoming puzzles!
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10 years ago, VLMaples
Serious fun!
Okay, get your convoluted thinking caps on! Be prepared for some serious fun with Rube Works, complete with original cartoons and fun animations. Must have game for my iPad!
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11 years ago, Stumper1
Fun, AND it gives your brain a little workout! Good for all ages. It might be a little tricky, but it's rewarding once you figure it out.
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11 years ago, Catlady10000
Absolutely love this game! It is a challenging puzzler and really makes you think. Super entertaining! Definitely worth the money!!
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10 years ago, Gary Neal Hansen
Great! Please add more levels...
My son and I loved working through these. Please add more levels...and more... And more...
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11 years ago, liz_nim
This game has got me LAUGHING
Challenging and SO FUN - only 3 levels in and I'm excited to keep playing. Absolutely hilarious animation and concepts, truly Rube-worthy!
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11 years ago, WalrusWinks
Rubeworks rocks
This is the real Rube Goldberg not some lame imitation. Genius. Make the connection. If you want to know how things work, get this game.
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11 years ago, jeddeth
Love Rube Goldberg, love this game!
This game uses actual Rube cartoons and drawings and lets you build actual rube machines! It's easy to play and hilarious.
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10 years ago, Annabella Rose
Awesome game! I really love playing it! Awesome idea, I love the humor in it, I've been looking for a Rube Goldberg game... That is actually fun
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10 years ago, Finn Staber
Awesome game!
Funny jokes, and clever puzzles! The artists did a great job in recreating the original artwork of Rube Goldberg!
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10 years ago, Adhdy1
My science students love this app, and so do I! Great teaching and learning opportunities!
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10 years ago, Zigme2
Great job Rube...
Love this game. I wish was 100 more levels...
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11 years ago, Artysta
Awesome Game
Very well done and fun. A keeper on my iPad.
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11 years ago, OtisRyder
Most Fun I've Had Ever
I've known David Fox, the developer behind this game, since the 1970's when with his wife he opened the Marin Community Center, the first public access personal computer center on the planet to use microcomputers (I'm not making this up - look it up on Google). MCC started in Terra Linda in the SF Bay Area introducing personal computers to kids and adults (how funny to think we called them personal because in the day computers were characterized as soulless impersonal machines). David and I worked and played together back then as we both we're trying to show computers were fun. He eventually wrote a great book with me - Pascal Primer - and it became a classic. I've watched as the Foxes career paths have kept a laser focus on helping our youth discover the marvels technology offers by using it to raise self esteem in amazing ways. David was the first game designer hired at Lucasfilm Games (which became LucasArts) way back in 1982. While there I remember he created incredible graphic adventure games. But with Rube Works they have taken the message to a whole new level. The invention machines in the Rube game overflows with creativity and fun for all ages. It challenges the analytic process in a way that is pure belly laughing joy. And though the inventions are hilarious they make total sense in the world of Newtonian physics. I just can't say enough about how much fun you'll have solving the contraptions that Mr. Goldberg is famous for. I do think you'll find the games easier to play on the iPad since you must attach things that are tiny like strings to pulleys. But I solved the orange juice maker on my phone with relative ease after I thought about it for a while. Thinking and observing is the key to completion and the fun really begins when you are rewarded with a Rube works machine that runs correctly and completes its goal. Followed by a good laugh. Mitch
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