Rutgers University

2.4 (26)
43.3 MB
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Current version
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rutgers University

2.42 out of 5
26 Ratings
4 years ago, Fierce_Ari
Useful, but Keeps Crashing
The app has great information, but it’s unfortunately mostly inaccessible because the app is always crashing. I’ve deleted and redownloaded it several times; this fixes the issue for a few minutes, but the app always ends up crashing again (1-5 min timeframe). I’m not sure why this issue occurs. I’ve experienced it both on cellular data and on wifi.
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2 years ago, bree480
Downloaded the app so I could upload my vaccine card. The app crashed on my 3 times, whenever I trie to take a pic directly. Finally took a pic outside the app and uploaded the file. Annoying and wasted my time. I can only assume that is the first of many times the app will crash on me.
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4 years ago, xsuix
Keeps crashing
It’s great if you can actually use it. But whenever I try to access the events section, it automatically crashes the app and then I can’t even reopen it
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4 years ago, NFL21
I only have one issue with this app
The only issue I have with this app is that it won’t allow me to drop classes. It lets me add classes, but not drop them. Other than that, the app is great.
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4 years ago, twong0121
Removed a key feature from the app
I don’t understand why the developers of the app would remove the “places tab” as it is extremely helpful to students who are trying to get around campus not knowing what stop to get off on. It was a crucial feature that is now gone for no apparent reason.
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1 month ago, NwordMARK
Busses Not Showing
App does what it’s supposed to except the busses section of the app isn’t working. Also the app hasn’t been updated in a long time.
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7 years ago, dm@7
What is this?
The food section in the main Rutgers app failed to update since Friday. Students want to know what's being served at those dining halls before they visit them.
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4 years ago, Rob-95-C
App crashes constantly and needs to be deleted and reinstalled every time. Needs to be fixed ASAP
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Rutgers app review
Helpful app and well organized but crashes frequently
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8 years ago, Me
Suggestion for another feature that could be helpful
This app has most of the information I need, like bus stops and dining hall foods, plus some more that I never use. It would be wonderful if the calorie (macronutrients and such) were listed next to the foods. Or make it like the online Rutgers Daily Menu where you can choose number of servings and such for a meal and see how much you've eaten. Additionally, I have a separate app for all locations on each campus, including parking lots and buildings. This would help with going to buildings students have never been to or park in certain lots. Again, great app; it has all of the essentials. It would be very nice to have these features.
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8 years ago, Aknowles3
Good app / Good suggestion
Great app. Has basically everything I need. The one thing that would make this app amazing is if there was a feature next to each listing of times for when busses are coming that gives you the ability to set a timer for a desired amount of time before the bus gets to a location. So if I'm in Davidson and there is a bus coming in 11 minutes, I want to be able to be notified when it is 5 minutes away. This would be extremely convenient instead of having to keep checking how much longer the bus is going to take to get here.
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8 years ago, G1235679
Only Works for iOS 9.0 & up
This app continues to keep crashing unless I updated my phone to iOS 9.1. This is really not compatible with any version below it, so if you are going to say that it is for iOS 7.0 or later, I suggest you correct it. When it does work, it's fine.
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8 years ago, Sina_Sunny
Menue Vs. Home
I personally rather a home instead of a menu that I can't arrange or change, at least we should be able to choose our favorite shortcuts (e.g. favorite bus route) But all in all it's better and more attractive now. Cheers
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11 years ago, Splat436
Great application for students.
I've used this application for many months now with very small issues. I recommend it to any student at Rutgers.
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11 years ago, NJ all day
3rd Floor Voorhees!
The best feature is Sakai because some classes require you to check it everyday. Now I don't have to pull up the Internet or use my laptop to do so. Don't trust the bus times. Due to traffic, they are inconsistent.
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11 years ago, jasonc101
Must have for any student!
NEVER MISSING A BUS AGAIN! The app does a sweet job of putting every Rutgers service in one place. User friendly design!
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8 years ago, Gerbear95
Great with latest update!
Looks more attractive and fair easier to use, all around A++.
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12 years ago, Vaibhav Verma
Must have for Rutgers students
Interface is polished. Does everything I need it to. And it's free!
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8 years ago, 283192
Glacial pace of change
Should add force touch gestures for quick access to busses and food. The busses list should also be customizable.
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10 years ago, qcd1
I absolutely love this app. I'm a MSW student and this app is extremely helpful to me. All Rutgers student should download this app. If you love apps you won't regret it. Peace Love & Blessings :)
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11 years ago, Hlywdstar2091
Keeps crashing all of a sudden
Crashes and won't show bus timing for summer routes without crashing or showing year routes. Happened all of a sudden.
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12 years ago, fluffmyboner
Everything anyone at Rutgers could need.
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11 years ago, gouthy
Nice update
Still has a few bugs though.
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10 years ago, The Phoenix Dragon
This is a much needed app for all rutgers New Brunswick students . The most useful feature is the bus locator
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10 years ago, annas2kool4u
Great when it's working. Haven't had the New Brunswick dining hall menus up for over two weeks now. Very frustrating.
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11 years ago, Sijing21
Finally, we have our own university! This is really nice! Easy to use! Portable! Great job!
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12 years ago, sluzorz
Fantastic app!
I'll never miss a bus again!
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11 years ago, Riddle015
Good app, but crashes and kind of slow
App freezes sometimes. Buttons won't work. Needs to be updated
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8 years ago, indraneel24
Fantastic app
Must be a great team of people working on it
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8 years ago, I love the updatess!
This app tho 🙌🏼
Thanks so much for all the updates! This is amazing!! 😍
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8 years ago, Achoorn
This app is all but useless unless you're an undergrad at the New Brunswick campus. Little information for the Newark campus. Very little for grad students. Limited access to ecollege. Good design though.
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8 years ago, Al Chapo
iOS 9
It gets the job done and comes in handy.
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5 years ago, Pierce Lips
App keeps crashing pls fix it
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11 years ago, Bsmith9270
Has possibilities
This is worth downloading. My complaint is when you go under Rutgers Magazine all the stories are from 2009. Why nothing more recent?
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7 years ago, Ajb1211
Where's The Medium?
Good app, but student media tab is lacking. Add The Medium. It's funny. Students want to read it.
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8 years ago, Krmncas
Where are the spring classes?
No spring 2016 yet?! and you can't add the classes on the main board anymore... I liked that because I could check if a class opened when I needed it...
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11 years ago, Mctwists
Food and Nextbus?! What more could you want
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5 years ago, Pokémon lover
Dark theme and password save.
Please allow passwords to be saved on Sakai. Also, please add a dark theme.
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11 years ago, Jaypat3l
Must have for all Rutgers students
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8 years ago, 🍁User 🍁
No longer works
After the update, it no longer opens.
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10 years ago, Starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Love it
I use this app all the time.
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8 years ago, 5
Unable to open it
Please fix it or bring back the old version
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10 years ago, Prasant Sinha
Extremely useful.
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8 years ago, natt22
this new version does not work on my phone and now I don't know when the bus is coming. please fix it.
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8 years ago, Frustrsted in NY
Keeps Shutting Down
I just updated my Rutgers App. It won't stay open. It just closes right away. Frustrating.
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8 years ago, Flightier
Poor update
Great app but the new update won't even let me open the program. Please fix it soon, thanks
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8 years ago, Lightbright520
My app won't even open anymore after I updated it.
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8 years ago, student at Rutgers Newark
The app still does not show Rutgers Newark bus routes.
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8 years ago, Headstone96
The app crashes as soon as I tap the icon to open it. Don't download it.
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8 years ago, Shonnygrl
Rutgers New Brunswick isn't the only Rutgers campus
When I tell you my campus is Newark I expect to only see Rutgers Newark related things
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