3.2 (203)
247.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sacramento Kings Limited Partnership LP
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SacramentoKings+Golden1Center

3.22 out of 5
203 Ratings
7 years ago, ****not an upgrade
Still unstable
Great looking app, I really like it... but the login function is currently broken (using new update and iOS 11.0.3). If you don’t try to login things are fine. Once you login in it crashes and will continue crashing, even after closing and re-opening app. Currently you’re forced to uninstall and reinstall without logging in if you want it to work again. Good luck devs on getting to the bottom of it.
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7 years ago, zuly.uly
Can’t access account
The app looks great but you will not be able to access your account. I purchased the game plan tickets and a cool feature is that you should be able to log in on this app and have your tickets ... but guess what?... That’s right, if you get this app you’ll show up to the game ready to get pull up your tickets from this app, and shortly realize this app is crap and you now have to go to will call to get your tickets. I’ve tried everything, resetting password many times, updating the app, changing the settings and the app will tell me my email is not registered. Fix this app!!!! This is a shame!!!!!
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4 years ago, n.y.123
Piece of garbage
Garbage! Created an account from my laptop and tried to login from my iPhone but the app says no such user. Tried on the laptop again just to make sure the account is created properly. Works fine from the laptop. This is frustrating because golden one center will only accept tickets from the mobile app which doesn’t work. Stupid Kings. Just give the option to print out the tickets!!!!!! How hard is that!!!?!??!??? Spent nearly and hour on this stupid app and still can’t get my tickets😡😡😡😡😡😡
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4 years ago, RugbyMan1213
Garbage app don’t get it. You’ll waste your time
0 stars if I could. This app is garbage. I went to a game last night created my account and everything. You can earn points by calling plays and stuff. I ended up with like 15k points after just this first game! But whoever updates the app put the wrong info in and I didn’t get any points. Thought it was stupid so closed the app. Opened it up again this morning and all the info and stuff on my profile was deleted. I took screen shots to prove how garbage this app is.
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7 years ago, keflanag
Location Detection Has Issues
Mobile Tickets added to Apple Wallet through the app do not show up on the lock screen automatically based on location. Not sure if it is due to the location on the ticket needing to be updated or what. This feature worked the first year at Sleep Train Arena, but hasn’t worked at the Golden 1 Center.
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7 years ago, PRISON GAURD
Hidden secret
I was having the problem of the App crashing, after I logged in to my account. To fix this issue, go to settings, go to the Kings App and make sure the App Background Refresher is turned on. I closed the App completely, shut my phone off and re-booted my phone. The problem was resolved
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7 months ago, mark g3
Cannot add tix to Apple wallet
It would seem that the primary purpose of this app is for ticket access and entrance to games. The people at the arena entrance claim that internet is required in order to use the barcode rendering functionality in the app. So my preference instead is to use the Apple wallet. However when I use this app to add my tickets to the Apple wallet, the tickets will not activate. The support team at the arena acknowledge that ticket activation in the wallet is a known issue. This has been happening for over 2 weeks.
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6 years ago, KingsFan2017
Great App! Useful Tool!
This app is so helpful - I can see my season tickets and share/transfer tickets with my family. Love the calendar feature to see what is upcoming either on a calendar or list. When I can’t make it to the game, the app makes it easy to follow the progress and score of the game.
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6 years ago, Dghzhbzf
Bad Connection
I love the Kings and I love that app. However, it could be better the live radio continuously cuts in and out or just stops all together. Multiple times a quarter. Is there a chance you guys could add free live home games for those who can’t afford cable. Just think about it. Overall I’d give this app a 7.5/9
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6 years ago, diehardkingsfan
Come on kings 😢
I love the app and the game call the shot a lot. However, the most annoying thing about the game is that the selection of players to choose from NEVER CHANGE! no matter what game you can only select the same 6 players. Players like skal /Manson/Jackson can never be picked. You automatically lose points if they win the category because you can’t pick them. because of this flaw in the game it brings my grade for it way down. PLEASE FIX And then 5 stars easily! DIE HARD KINGS FAN
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2 years ago, Not Nearly Satisfied
New apps
Why are all the apps upgrading to 13.0 or above operating systems? I have an older IPHONE 6 that does everything I need it to do and since I paid $800 for it I don’t feel I should be forced to buy a new phone. It only has a 12.... system and can’t be upgraded so most apps are no longer available to me. Very frustrating, it’s very difficult to get information on my King’s tickets, can’t use the app anymore.
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3 months ago, OneSmallOpinion
Royalty Pass issue
Unable to access the perks of the “Royalty Pass section” without allowing the app to access a persons Ticketmaster account. Why would I want a second party to access that information. Give me some privacy!!! This app should go back to the option of have a choice of clicktix login or sign in with Ticketmaster account. A one star rating for now. I’ll update my review upon implementation of my request.
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4 years ago, sactownsfinest47
App has “potential,” but performs like the actual kings
The app has a lot of cool features, and one that especially interested me was “call the shot.” I played it through the first several weeks of the season before it got stuck on one of the betting screens. After several app resets, the bug would not fix itself, so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Well, I tried to login after reinstalling, but it’s saying my login and/or password is incorrect. Nbd, I’ll just click the “forgot your password” link. That link takes you to an empty Ticketmaster page. So now, I’m locked out of my account. So, as the title says, the app has a lot of potential, but leaves you frustrated and disappointed, just like the actual Sacramento Kings.
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5 years ago, Sports Fan2w
Somehow, your developers have figured out how to send out notifications to the iPhone, but when selecting the notification the content is nowhere to be found in the app. This has been happening since the first release and still not working. It begs the question, why are you sending out notifications if the information they are purporting to convey is not available anywhere?
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5 years ago, tinhimai
Needs lots of work
State of the art arena... ✔️ State of the art app... not so much. Why does it only show 4 columns for stat details? It’s inconvenient to scroll to the right for more stats. I just go to ESPN. Why can’t I update my profile picture? My favorite player still shows DMC. I can’t even change that...
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6 years ago, bpralays
Great for updates
I absolutely love the app because it gives me updates on the team. When I'm out and about and I can't watch the game, I get quarterly score updates.
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3 years ago, Joe Enzyme
Landscape view
Most people use iPads in Landscape view. It is way past time you made this app function in Landscape. Please make this update as soon as you can. Like the app otherwise.
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6 years ago, Sailorbare
Latest update. DOA!
I have used this app a lot and for the most part it’s been good. However, since the last Apple update, it won’t even start up. It’s completely useless. The worst part is, there is no way to even contact anyone and let them know there is a problem. So basically they created a piece of crap and then slammed the door so no one can complain about the smell
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3 years ago, bfaylor
Can’t access any articles
It would seem that articles no longer load within the app, but open externally in Safari. They then require me to sign into Twitter to view the content. Frankly, if I wanted to read stuff about the Kings In Twitter I’d do it there directly. No need for an app with two redirects to get into the way. I guess there not accounting for lazy content providers.
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6 years ago, Ftn360
This app was amazing about two updates ago. Then the updates came, now all it does is sit on load screen with a pinwheel. Tried multiple times deleting app and reinstalling. After setting up app getting to all functions of app with easy. Once the app is exited and reopened, it’s back to loading screen. Such a waste of space on my phone
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7 years ago, SaniBanks
Great When Working
The app is great, when it works. The concept is great , the layout is nice, but the app does not always work. Mine wont even open half the time. I’ve tried reinstalling it several times. It worked perfectly fine for me last season. Not sure what happened. And i have an iphone X..
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6 years ago, MNM916
App still buggy
App still buggy after update. When looking at the schedule, tapping on any game causes the app to crash. Needs work, great concept though. When trying to add tix to apple wallet on new iphone XS Max the app crashes
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5 years ago, sjames20
Combining the G1C in the same app was a bad idea; it’s annoying to have to scroll past concerts I don’t care about to get to the next Kings game in the schedule. The standings are also buried too deep in the UI- I want to see how far out from the playoffs my team is with a single tap and I can’t in this app
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6 years ago, Flamecrow
Message Center?
Where is the message center? Every time I’m at the game and receive reward notifications like Jack in the Box, I click the notification and see the reward briefly for half a second and then it disappears. The Notification Center doesn’t go anywhere, it just goes back to the main screen. What gives?
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7 years ago, J dilla*
Horrible app. I have the 10 big game plan tickets and can’t even access my account through mobile app. Only way I can access my account to get tickets is through my laptop. I’ve updated the version and even deleted it and redownloaded it. Now it says my email isn’t registered. Horrible experience
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4 years ago, Band critic 92
Great app
Has some issues every once in a while but awesome app for a sports arena making everything so easy
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3 years ago, jsnshjenbskxjen s
I love watching the highlights and reading the articles, but it can be buggy at times and a lot of the highlight videos stop working after a while.
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2 years ago, Ruben perez jr
How do I order food?
Is it something that activates when I’m within the vicinity of the arena? Can anyone answer that question where exactly on the app do I go to order to do mobile food orders?
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4 years ago, Sacramento King
More politics than sports coverage
The kings team and its media have gotta more and more radically political in recent years. The app has more political coverage than sports coverage. It’s completely insulting to fans with conservative views. Firing Grant for saying “all lives matter” and endorsing the violent riots that torn up Sacramento are the last straw for me. I’m done supporting this franchise.
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5 years ago, Tom Herl
The owner of the kings made Billions in computer software. You would think this app wouldn't be so glitchy. Takes forever to load. Doesn't load tickets. Constantly have to logout and log back in to get the thing functional. The kings claim to be the most digital in the NBA. Try getting the app usable.
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5 years ago, tepp44
App’s great!
Does everything I need it to, it looks clean, it’s easy to use, has the features I want.
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5 years ago, bhjvdtub
Cool reskin of the app, easy to use still and convenient for my season tickets. Excited for this new season!!
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5 years ago, icydebb
best app for King updates
i love the app, i never experienced any trouble with the app AND FREE CHICK FIL A even if you don’t show up at the games(when kings do gud)
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5 years ago, j5rillim
Call the shot
The in game app call the shot is not working properly. It resets my points/coins back to 2000 before every game. Wth is going on?
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5 years ago, Schlatté
New App?
Just noticed the cool new app designs. I love using the game day takeover where stats are front and center in the app. Good work!
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5 years ago, zach tuck
Go Kings!
Really like the new redesign! Everything is easy to find and use
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7 years ago, O.B.M.
Horrifically bad.
I’m a season ticket holder and this app is flat out embarrassing. You can use it once: login fine etc. But try again the next day: it just spins endlessly in limbo. You literally have to delete the app and reinstall it each time you want to use it. Infuriatingly bad.
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4 years ago, Byran B
This app is so annoyingly bad I want to give up on technology to go live in the woods or something. Trying to accept tickets from a season ticket holder has been the worst experience, why do I have to download an app in order to accept tickets from Ticketmaster?! This is crazy.
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7 years ago, Lowgetter
Rewards not working
I received an email to download this app and the. Go to the "rewards" section to submit for a chance at upgraded seats for tonight's GunsNRoses show. However, there is absolutely nothing showing up in the "rewards" section. So I guess I'm just SoL now.
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5 years ago, seanhalfdark
Rewards section
Why even bother offering rewards such as free chik-fil-a when it won’t load it! It’s loads the night before but when I actually go to use it, it just gets stuck at the pinwheel. Waste of space on your phone
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7 years ago, Billy Deez
Not working! Still !
Not working. I cannot log into my account. Ive reset the password numerous times. Still cant log in. Just downloaded the version to fix it, still the same. I cant login via the app.
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3 weeks ago, UrbanRio
Crashes and inaccurate
Information posted to calendar isn’t accurate
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6 years ago, Friscoborn
Won’t load keeps crashing
I have an iPhone 10, but this app used to work, even with updates it now won’t load and crashes all the time. Fix it please!
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6 years ago, Tomm M.
Cannot Open App
After the latest IOS 12 update I can’t seem to open the Kings app. It starts to open but then quickly closes and goes back to the main screen on my IPAD.
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4 years ago, StevveC
Can’t even log in
Have to use the app to get tickets but it just gives me an error every time I try to login. This app is literally worse than worthless. Embarrassing
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5 years ago, Ceec64
Super cool
Awesome new features!! Easy to use also!
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6 years ago, Mshih
App doesn’t start
Have iPhone X. App doesn’t open up. You have to delete and reinstall for it to work. Once you close the app once it won’t open up again. Please fix!
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5 months ago, Kdgdhlb77
No mobile order
The app does not allow for mobile ordering.
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5 years ago, ChuckD90
App won’t let me create an account
Have tried on two iPhones to set up an account but cannot do so. Nothing on the app directs me to any tech support. C’mon Kings- need at least a contact for support
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5 years ago, kingsmos
Super easy to use and great for concerts as well!
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