Safeway Test Practice

3.3 (141)
86.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Charles Hayssen
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Safeway Test Practice

3.31 out of 5
141 Ratings
7 years ago, @Umm_wtf
I have noticed a few glitches. I had a question which was right but on the scorecard it has told me that it was incorrect. There are a few similar problems but I feel like this is a major issue because now one can't be so sure if the answer is correct or not. Other than that the app works wonderfully! Haven't taken my knowledge test yet, but I'm sure with this app I'll pass!
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11 months ago, njw25
Good way to practice for the MN Permit Test
The Safeway app is an excellent way of reinforcing the curriculum taught in the Driver’s Ed classes. The questions correlate well with many of the practice questions and study guides. The app itself is a little clunky, but on the whole, it gets the job done pretty well, so no complaints here! Do note that the questions on here are not identical to the questions on the actual MN permit test. However, the general ideas and concepts are the same on both, so if you spend a lot of time practicing with the app, you will feel very prepared when you go in to take your test.
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5 years ago, Elliot K..
A real review
I took my drivers ed though this place and they told me this is the only reliable app and test to use and the teacher lady said they spent thousands of dollars to make this app but that is BS. Anyone could make a app better than this. It crashes all the time to the home screen when your in the middle of the test so you have to restart. And when reviewing your answers it will crash again so you can’t review what is right and wrong. And they need to redo the format in that part so it’s color coded right and wrong because I don’t want to review my right questions as much as I do my wrong ones. Anyone who did 4-5 star works for the company. Because no way they believe it.
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4 years ago, Diabetes4real
Not perfect but good enough
The app worked fine for me. Sure it could be improved. It’s a little clunky and old feeling. But I used it every day for a few weeks leading up to my permit test and passed first try. It’s weird to navigate sometimes but all in all, it’s a decent app and it’s helpful
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12 months ago, Maximus37157
Life Saver
When I was done taking the classes I didn’t take the test a few months after because of activities. I got the app and immediately started studying. I was able to walk in and past the test first time. Thank you Safeway app.
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6 years ago, Rjgrinner
Helpful but it kept repeating questions
I just passed the test on my first time and I used this a lot I think it helped a lot but I used other study apps for the test and realized this was only covering half of it pretty much. Pretty good app though but once you know the questions I would look up a harder test online for practice there.
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4 years ago, Anonymous4737
Comprehensive and valuable resource
There’s not much more to say about it. Everything you need to know on the MN permit test is within this app. Even the question and answer formats are the same! Thanks to v.1.5, released recently, the experience is smooth and bug-free as well.
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10 months ago, zequilu
False information.
The one question that stood out to me the most was: "Carbon monoxide is all of the following except.. 1. Odorless, 2. Flammable, 3. Deadly, 4. Colorless" Carbon Monoxide Is all of those options. The answer was flammable... Though Carbon Monoxide is flammable. There are more, that's just the question that stands out to me. I noticed some "trick questions" too, such as, "If you lose your permit... blah blah blah" I feel like they should specify, since technically lose can mean misplace AND have it taken away. I noticed multiple of those sorts of questions. This test is supposed to be testing your knowledge on driving and helping you improve, not tricking you in to putting the wrong answer.
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3 years ago, Nazaret junior
Wrong answers
I’m noticing when taking the test multiple times some answers switch up and say there incorrect when it was the right answer last time please fix this I’m trying to get my permit ASAP and I don’t wanna fail I wanna use this app to help so could you please make an update that makes it for sure stable
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8 months ago, Vlo313
Doesn’t represent test
My son has been practicing on this app for months, getting passing and close to perfect scores, but when he tested for his knowledge exam he said only one or two questions were recognizable and furthermore most of the questions he saw he never were even addressed on the app or in his Safeway class. Bummer.
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8 years ago, Cope001
Almost the exact questions
This app helped me get only one wrong on the permit test. Was able to answer all of the questions at the DMV each under 5 seconds. Thanks Safeway!
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4 years ago, Grefkfv
Not perfect, but works well enough
The app has some downsides but it is great for studying
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4 years ago, nicccnameeee
Changing answers
On the practice tests I take I put down a certain answer and then when I’m finished I see that the answer that I selected was changed. Ive taken multiple practice tests to see if that was the case and it was, it’s pretty annoying knowing the answer and getting it wrong due to a glitch but it’s not that big of deal.
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4 months ago, a empty pickle jar
Helped me pass my knowledge test!
All questions were correct for mn! Wonderful resource for people studying for their driving test!!
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7 years ago, JOEYAWSUMNESS
App doesn't seem complete
The questions on the app are fantastic, and I'm working towards my permit, but the interface seems glitchy and unfinished. It crashes frequently, and sometimes it doesn't let me scroll down to see the correct answer. Please fix the scrolling issue, that's my #1 complaint.
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4 years ago, Supersmashbrosmaster
False Information
I studied the practice test many times, passing each time before my permit test. When I arrived, already from the first question none of the questions looked familiar to any of the questions on this app. The lady at the counter told me that some questions on this app are false information, and rather to study my drivers manual instead. Thanks for the fail.
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7 years ago, 140ffg$@!!
Great study tool, very glitchy
This app is great for studying until it starts to glitch after every other question making you start whatever you were studying all over again. This is very frustrating for me as this is the only good study tool I have that works for me. Please fix soon.
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2 years ago, #JAZZHANDS>o<
This app is amazing, i literally studied on it like 4 days before my exam and i completely aced the permit test with only 1 wrong answer
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6 years ago, that driver guy
Great questions, but...
It does get very glitchy. It won’t allow me to scroll, it crashes or it just won’t let me review. It would be nice if these problems could be fixed. Also if you could add a total score and review system at the end that would make it a lot better
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4 years ago, Amanda Birch
Helpful to study
The questions are a bit repetitive, but they are good to memorize the numbers, definitely helped me pass the knowledge test.
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2 years ago, shawnlosers
passing in 6! mins!
bro this app helped me pass in 6 mins of taking the test this app helps so much i only studied for 3-4 days and holy crap without this app i would not of passed don’t use any other app especially when they make you pay for it the questions aren’t even close to what’s on the actual test 5/5!!
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11 months ago, andy_jdjg
I passed with 7 wrong and I knew every answer on this app
There were many motorcycle questions on the test and there were none on this app. Also there were signs that weren’t on this app.
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4 years ago, Ruperts07
Inaccurate Information
This app had some inaccurate information such as saying that in a four way stop you must yield to the person on your left (it should actually be the vehicle on your right) and you may not pass 200 ft from a railroad crossing (it should actually say 100ft), so use with caution.
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4 years ago, ATheaterDude
Some of the questions are wrong. One question said that a blinking yellow turn signal and a green turn signal meant the same thing. It said it was true. That is absolutely false! That could cost someone their life! Other examples throughout.
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3 years ago, Safeway lies!
Your Safeway instructor lied to you. This will only give you the same questions over and over again until you believe you are ready to take the exam. Then, when u get to the exam there are questions that never appeared in at 15 practice test.
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5 years ago, RSC328
Content is amazing
Studying with this app guarantees you a passing grade on the test. I got 100% on the exam and studied with only this app.
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4 years ago, An angrey student
Poorly written
A lot of the questions here are poorly written where you can answer true and it’s technically false in there certain situations you can do it it would make sense if it’s written better
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3 years ago, mooshy_loo
Passed permit teat with 1 wrong. This app helped tremendously. Only complaint is that jt is slow.
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12 months ago, empiirean
super glitchy
honestly it feel like this app is just falling apart; i keep trying to change answers and it doesn’t save them, and besides that it’s really glitchy. it’s helpful in concept, but really poorly executed and in dire need of more than a few updates
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7 years ago, Logant6
Practice questions are nice, however: - I do not get a score at the end - There is no confirmation when you click "exit" meaning one accidental tap causes you to lose your progress. - There is no way to see your total progress. Additionally, the practice test is very glitchy- it will often cause the app to return to the home page and lose my progress.
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5 years ago, benson1o1
Do not rely on this app
I took the knowledge test today and failed because this hap only covered a small portion of the test
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5 years ago, dragon•heart
not helpful at all
i recently got this app so i can take my permit test next week, and for the practice test it glitched out after only one question. safeway and others have told me to use this app, but it isn't helpful to me because it doesn't work. i was willing to study for something but it was just plain infuriating. tl;dr: don't use this app unless you want to be angered by it's uselessness.
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7 years ago, The blade doctor
Horribly Disappointing
This app is quite glitchy and very rarely works accordingly to what you want.
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7 years ago, Hdhjdid
Was like 2 questions from the end, then it crashes and so I had to start all over
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7 years ago, Pug65489
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5 years ago, Han Solos moms 2145
Terrible app do not use
The next button doesn’t work and the app screws you over
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6 years ago, Jbwertish
Horrible. Every time I try to take a test on this app it times out. Very aggravating!
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4 years ago, ItzzzWavey
Do not download
Absolutely horrible glitchy app, nothing that is on this app is on the test, zero correlation
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5 years ago, laqanza
i depended on the app to pass the test and failed because none of the questions on this app are on the test!!!!!
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8 years ago, Katyperry luver
it keeps crashing 🙄
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9 years ago, Dancer girl 2014
Use something else to study
Some of the questions, correction very few of the questions actually helped. I had several questions that said the right answer was wrong. That may sound confusing,but it's true. I showed these questions to my drivers Ed instructor and she said that they had to of messed up because it wasn't saying the right answer so USE SOMETHING ELSE!!!
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9 years ago, Maggiemc19
Incredibly helpful
As a fourteen-year-old, I got my 30 hours of classroom instruction at Safeway over this past summer; however, I had to wait until my fifteenth birthday, which was in December, to take my permit test. Having to refresh my memory after 5 months, I turned to this recommended app, and I'm very glad I did. The practice questions focus on the highlight information from the Minnesota State Drivers' Manual and allow you to study it in a repetitive, fun way. It was due in part to this app that I aced my permit test, so I highly recommend it to any Minnesota drivers who would like to thoroughly prepare themselves for taking their permit tests. Thanks!
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9 years ago, Chip0007
This app randomly selects 40 sample questions from a bank of 225 questions, just like the real test. If you take the practice test once and then the real Permit Test, it is entirely possible that the questions won't overlap. Everyone of the practice questions could be on a real test.
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8 years ago, I failed my permit test
So basically I spent the past 3 days studying this app... Today I went to take my permit test and I got fricken 52% and only through 13 because I failed.. There was a good 2 questions from there on the test and it was the road signs...I mean it helps but nothing was on the test that is on this app
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9 years ago, KC358
Great study app!
I used this app on multiple occasions to study and when I went in for the test I could tell that I would not have been able to pass it if it was not for this app, thank you Safeway!!!
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9 years ago, Brutekeed
Help tons
I used the study feature until I knew every answer didn't need anything else
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9 years ago, Snitch niqqa
Not accurate
I took the the test and literally maybe there were 4 out of 40 questions that Safeway helped with, other than that I was in my own. Use something else to study.
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10 years ago, PeriodWoman101
Very helpful!
This app made studying convenient! The questions are on point as well!
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10 years ago, Grantalope's friend
Couldn't use the other name. Quite a great tool for studying. Day one and no bugs yet.
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9 years ago, Urica murica
Very poorly written
Many of the questions asked on the app do not make sense. A studying app is a good idea but it would be a good idea to spend a little more time making sure that the questions are accurate
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