Sago Mini World: Kids Games

4.4 (38.9K)
773.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sago Mini
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sago Mini World: Kids Games

4.36 out of 5
38.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Fluffy McLoudVoice
Development idea
Greetings! My son is getting a bit old for your products (8 y/o in February), so, I realize my suggestion may me outside of the realm of the scope of your products-namely, a save feature. My son LOVES your block games, especially Space Blocks. He loves Minecraft, but the stripping away of complexities that Space Blocks provides by comparison has brought him back again and again. He had a minor meltdown this morning when the landscape of neighborhoods he created last night was not remembered this morning by the program. I realize your target audience is usually in an earlier part of development that probably don’t create as complex a narrative as my 3rd grader, but a save feature would be really nice. Do you have suggestions for other developers that provide an intermediary step between your early child development target and the “sky’s the limit” flexibility of Minecraft? Thanks for providing my son MANY an hour of fun and creativity!
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3 years ago, read very important revuew
Eh...let me help you bud
So I think you got good skills at making games. I got the game just so I could review cause I am on my IPad and I used to have this on my kindle. But what do you know? If this is so much for kids, why does it involve so much money? I love your games, honestly. But there is subscriptions and in-app purchases (I mean a lot of in-app purchases) what if a five year old has a kindle and buys it? Your fault! Of course a child (if they could) whould buy! So for that reason, I think you should make basically everything free. Cause then a child would be super happy, parents wouldn’t be worried, and this app would probably be one of the top apps for children. P.S. I know this seems like one lousy review that doesn’t matter, but THIS review does. Because I like sago mini and I am an 8 year old writing this. And most people would be writing stuff like this because they want it free for themselves. But I want it free for everybody. And I would start downloading your games like crazy! Pls make everything free. And this review is not only what I want, it is what parents want, children want. Unless this money is going to something to help kids, make ever free pls.
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1 month ago, Seryna 🤩
O MY GOSH THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HARVEY JINJA JACK AND ROBIN! i am 13 but i play this for hours everyday after school PLEASE MAKE MORE SAGO MINI STUFF I LOVE YOU SAGO MINI AND PICNIC!!! ur da best and all of my 3 siblings are addicted to this game too I LOVE YOU SAGO i would give you 10 stars if i could also the apple tv show sago mini friends is AMAZING! 🤩 me and my sister are always watching it and singing the songs on long car rides i dunno whut else to says but…. IM THANKFUL, THANKFUL THROUGH AND THROUGH for good things listen while i name a few(PLEASE DO!) thankful for SAGO MINI GAMES and harvey jinja and jack i get this thankful feeling so i say thank you THANK YOU !!!!! ( from the SAGO MINI song im thankful from sago mini friends) any ways YOUS DA BEST! ten out of ten ! pls can you make an album on apple music that has the song turkey tea party from sago mini friends??? my sister keeps asking for that song but i can’t find it anywhere. pls consider my request, and remember YOUR THE BEST IN THE WHOLE INIVERSE AND KEEP ON TEACHING THOSE LITTLE KIDS! ~ ur best sago mini fan ever ~
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4 years ago, Apey252
Amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I love this app. It's worth the money for the all the games in one purchase. Besides being such a great interactive app and being so much fun to discover everything it can do, they do regular adding new games all the time so there's always something new to discover. I don't know who enjoys it more, me or my daughter. We've subscribed to SagoMini for years now. Since my daughter was 2 or 3 and I needed a distraction for her while we were at a restaurant for a looong time. She's 6 mow and they've added more things for us to subscribe to that we love. Like a monthly box of fun that comes once a month. She gets her own special mail in the middle of the month. Even the box turns into something fun and comes with a sagomini character to collect. We have 6 boxes now. Easy to store and she wants to play with them all the time. Plus they have sagomini SCHOOL now for preschoolers. We got that too be I just love this company and they do not slack on anything. 5 star all the way⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, Lethal Letha
My 3 year old has learned SO MUCH!
I’m have a daughter who is about to turn 3. She absolutely loves this game. She has been playing it for over a year now. She has learned so many things from this game that are beneficial to her growth. Of course I teach her many things but I have been surprised on many occasions when she does something new that I know she learned from this game. I honestly really enjoy playing it with her. There is so many things for kids to do within the game. There are also so many different worlds/environments they can visit within the game, I’m unsure if we have even visited them all because of the massive amount there are. If you are a parent with a little one and want them to have an educational game to play… LOOK NO FURTHER! Just try it, you will not regret it. Thank you creators of Sago Mini World for giving my daughter an environment she can learn and grow with! Can’t wait to see what other “worlds” you come up with!
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3 years ago, ENQR
Adorable but not worth the headache.
I actually love this app. It’s so cute and there’s so much for my kids to explore. The actual game design is lovely. HOWEVER, we have had the subscription for about 5 months now. (I will be canceling today.) Without fail, after I get the email notifying me that my subscription has renewed I can no longer login to the app. When I try, I receive and error message saying they cannot find my subscription. I have been in touch with customer service more than once regarding this issue and their response is always the same. Delete and reinstall the app and then you need to wait a few days for the system to reset. Like many parents, I rarely pass off my phone or tablet to my kids. When I do and they find their favorite app isn’t working and then I have to delete, re-download, re-install and wait a few days; no one is happy. I understand glitches happen, but after several months it’s pretty clear this one isn’t a priority for them to fix. Which is a shame since I have loved their various apps since I discovered them my 9 years was a toddler.
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4 months ago, rainbow☀️🌈
Wish I could give 10 stars instead of 5
This game is amazing! Even though there are people (for example 3rd graders) who actually enjoy this, it could be good anytime! I have a few suggestions that might make the game more fun. 1. Consider adding a feature when you create you character, there should be a option where you can choose different holiday-themed clothing (there could be a circle where you choose other holidays no matter the month). 2. (Might be more suitable for Sago Mini School) When you click on the character on the top right corner, (you know the one when you are choosing the game you want to play) add an activity where you could do mini jigsaw puzzles with the characters. That’s all the suggestions I have but, you don’t need to add it. I won’t force you to add it and you don’t need to rush if you want to add it. I wish everyone good luck!
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3 years ago, PCR00
Great work but...
My grand son started on sago with joy and adventure in mind and digitally it did not disappoint. I love that there is no addenda and l Love that you are parents also. Having been a parent, a grand parent, and trained as an international nanny I would like to ask if there is some way the little games can incorporate work and patience into the little sago world showing long term or building reward. Ever since Sesame Street with rapid fire learning children have no ability to hold focus and sustained thought. I worry about the building frustration and distraction when not constantly fed light input. There must be some kind of game for a little higher age level that prepares them for real life efforts that aren’t going to to tweet pop and giggle at them when they do it right but will reward them for right actions because it is right and welcome them into the fellowship of good neighbors and good people. Please accept this challenge! With Best regards, Paula Rondeau
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4 years ago, Twilight Jewel
Restructured app...
UPDATE: Sago has removed any standalone app support from Sago World, so you will now need to redownload every game onto your device to play them or subscribe to World to have it all in one app. My child loves all the games. Subscribing to World is a great option if you haven’t paid the money for the individual apps. ORIGINAL: I updated the app and now it won’t recognize all the games I have purchased and allow me to redownload them into the app, instead they are locked. I am signed into my account and everything. I shouldn’t have to purchase a subscription since that would be a waste of money since I started buying apps before World was a thing. The entire point of this app is to clean up space and make it easy for my child to access. What a facepalm. So I deleted the app and reinstalled it, but now I have limited access to the number of games unless I subscribe. So I guess I will just download all my games onto my device again instead of one of the purposes of you creating this app. What a joke.
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3 years ago, carolnasc
*EDITED* Paid for subscription. Won’t work.
**Thank you customer service for resolving my issue!! My child had a great month playing these games and we are not even bigger fans than before** My child loves these games! I subscribed, got a confirmation email, everything looked good but when I try to log in it says No subscription found. I’ve gone back-and-forth with customer support which has been the least helpful thing and they are now saying I just need to contact Apple and cancel the subscription bc it’s out of their hands. This is not an issue with the Apple subscription - my Apple account says the subscription is active. This seems to be an issue with their app not recognizing my subscription. I’m gonna lose money on this and I have a very anxious preschooler who has been waiting for a week now to play a game. SO BUMMED. You are losing a customer.
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4 months ago, chocolatemilk530
cute game but its barely even playable
all of these games are super cute and i redownload them sometimes to play them again for kind of nostalgic purposes since i used to play them when i was in elementary!!!BUT also almost everything is locked without the subscription, character creator is and almost all of the games except for like a select few are locked too. i understand why there is a premium option that unlocks more but also i think its to a point where you would probably have to buy for the app to actually be interesting enough to keep on playing i liked making the little characters in character creator but then it was locked because i dont have premium, and most of the games that had been unlocked when i first got the app were now locked? idk if it was just that i had the week trial but still
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2 years ago, mdzuskeujrdjdtdmdmtffffm
I would rate this five stars if this didn’t happen, but anyways:
Hello sago mini support team! I have been a veteran of this game since October 26, 2019. I just like this game a lot. But one thing… You have not added any games since dogs. The only updates that you’ve done since is more diversity in the character creator and adding more blocks to choose from in neighborhood blocks. I would love if you choose a new game to make. Requests: cities, beaches, planets, ultra fun run, school, Jinja‘s house (non-playset), countries, Cruise ship, and delivery. By the way, dogs is basically the same thing as pet park (whatever it’s called). And one more request for you. An aardvark named Artie. If you make at least one of these, then I will change my rating to five stars and give you another review. I hope I get a developer response. But see you later.
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4 days ago, bigboybenny21
To Sago Mini (Piknik):
I love Sago Mini. And I love Robin. She’s so cute! I also like how there’s a mode to turn the ‘farting planet’ off in Space Explorer. Cuz you may have thought it was a little annoying. Maybe for parents. And a great idea to add iMessage stickers. It’s perfect to tell parents about their young. “Out of diapers? Finally got the kid to sleep? Celebrating some potty time? We’ve got you covered,” says the description. For example: “We’ve got a diaper level 3 situation right now…” “Oh, I’ll get the baby wipes.” “We’ve got a scream fest over here!” “Oh no! Super hug heading your way!” “How did lunch go?” “I think he got the most of it on his face.” “Hah! I’ll start the bath.” “Do you need anything from downstairs?” “Yes!” “Bringing it up now!” And sometimes kids pronounce your name Sago Mini pronounced Say-go Mini, Sah-go Mini. And there’s so many games to explore!
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3 years ago, Unicornflowerss
Cool! But listen:
This app is very cool and I used to play this years ago. I have come across this app a while ago after forgetting about it. But listen, I have a idea for a update. My idea is instead of paying to play u could do this: once a day from 12 pm-midnight u get to choose one or two games to play temporarily from 12pm to midnight instead of paying to play it. What I am saying is that I want to have a new update where u can choose one game to play for the rest of the day till midnight. Then the next day at the designated time (for example 12 pm) u can choose another game. That way one day u could play the game bug maker, the next day u could play town something like that. Please take my idea into consideration! I would love it if my idea actually became a real update! I will be waiting for a response from you! Thanks for reading!
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3 years ago, The-Rod-Father
Very well designed. My 2 year old loves it.
I’m extremely impressed with how well designed this it and how thoughtful the developers were with every little detail. It seems like you can interact with everything and in so many different ways. Every experiment my toddler tries to do works to his delight. The controls are perfectly suited to him as the game gives the child the freedom to do whatever they want. If he wants to drag the boat into the sky so it flies, well it will. Details like this eliminate the frustration other games or apps for children have. So much more could be said about the well designed mechanics, the adorable worlds and characters, the amount of content, and variety of games and playgrounds. I can’t find a bad thing to say about it. It really is worth appreciating.
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1 year ago, my hart is on fire
Good but the prices.
This game is amazing! It entertains my kids but one day they asked if they could play Sago mini and I said ok but all the games they liked to play costed too much money. I did the free trial but I really did not know what to do when it was done. After the free trial finished I payed for them to play but they found another game and I wanted to delete because I was spending my money on something they don’t even use anymore. So when my kids were sleeping I went to cancel my payments and the next day they wanted to play Sago Mini so they went on and they were very sad that I canceled the payments. I let them play still but they just don’t get most of the games. Please fix this because mykids used to get to play all the games but now they can’t because it costs too much for a game. Thank you!
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3 years ago, romail
Why so much money?
I played this game like a million times already but, things changed. Why did you put so much money? My parents don’t like purchasing games and I don’t like it too, but we don’t need any money just for this game. This game used to be free but, I don’t know why you put a purchase on it. I think you’re trying to be very greedy and get enough money to literally be rich. I had so much fun with this game and, you ruined it. Why will you do this? I thought this game would be free. I just wanted to have fun but, I really want it to be free. What’s wrong with you guys? Why did you put money all of a sudden? I loved this game- you know what? That’s it! I am telling your boss to take all of this money away, so I could play every Sago Mini game.
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6 years ago, Akfyrfly
Fun for the kids!
If it were just for app development and enjoyability, I would give Sago Mini 10 stars if I could. My kid absolutely loves all things Sago Mini. She is four, and I’m dreading the day she thinks she’s too old for these games and toys, because they really are so much fun. As for now, these apps (and the toys) provide hours of fun. However, as someone who has paid full price, or bundled these games as they I newly discovered them, or waited until they were released through the last few years, it was a huge disappointment to pay an annual price to have all the games in one place, when I’ve already purchased the apps individually. Maybe if new games were released more frequently, or some kind of discount if you’ve already purchased the games individually, it would be better.
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3 years ago, NetroRika
Love it, it allows creative minds to grow.
I absolutely love this app and my 3 year old loves it too! It’s keeps her busy but also gives her room to use her creative imagination. I’ll often her her making voices for the characters and having them go on adventures! We love the update that allows her to create friends and family. Now we all go on adventures in her storytelling. Many apps just keep kids distracted but later whenever you take away the phone they can’t play with normal toys or other children because they’ve lost creativity and ability to make believe. I recommend this app to all my mommy friends. I’d love to see more updates during the holidays to keep our little ones interested.
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5 years ago, Penelopy471
My toddler son loves these games
These are great games for a toddler. He had a hard time with some of them at first but his skill and familiarity with the game increased really fast, and now he navigates to the games he wants to play and can pretty much do whatever he wants on his own. My one criticism is that the tooth brushing and in the monster game and the sponge bath in the bug builder is a bit too hard for him to do. I’m sure he will figure it out before long, but those actions are a little bit harder for some reason. Maybe the developers can tone down how much swiping that takes. Overall it’s a fantastic game. It’s really worth the subscription if you have a toddler. They will get more entertainment value out of it than you will any AAA game title as an adult.
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7 years ago, dainius.b
Very well made app for kids
Been a fan of Sago Sago apps for years and Sago Mini World is their best one, since it contains all their apps in one. Really good idea - my son (4 y. old) enjoys ability to play anything in one app and not switch from app to app. As for games inside Sago Mini World, they really are the best. I am enthusiast ipad/iphone user myself and checked out tens of kid apps on the App Store - Sago Sago is the most quality company here - games are very fun, easy to understand, considerate in all kinds of sensitive and important things (gender, relationships, etc.), have very good flow of gaming (no interuptions, etc.), also not addictive in any sense, easy to put away and start playing again. If you in any way interested in giving your child ipad/iphone to play, Sago Mini World is the best.
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2 years ago, JonD_B_Me
This is the game right here
This is the children's game you been looking for.. and without commercials. It’s a little pricey but definitely worth it just because it has so multiple mini games within it and they’re all pretty good. They have cute little ways of teaching the kids positive things which is good and the sense of humor used in the games is excellent (it has me and my grandchild laughing for what seems like hours, I personally can’t thank the makers enough for that alone). Try the game out and if you don’t like it, Just cancel and you’re only out a couple bucks.. but I’m willing to bet you’ll love it as much as me and my grandkids do and remember it has NO COMMERCIALS !!! (That’s a win in itself)
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7 years ago, GlosterMommy
Both of our daughters, ages 4 and 8, absolutely love ALL the Sago Mini apps! I love that they can have them all in one app to save storage on their iPads. They have a blast playing by themselves on the Sago Mini apps but they also love sitting side by side and playing the same Sago Mini game on each of their iPads and giggling up a storm while doing it. Even as a grown up, I'm not afraid to admit that I also think the apps are adorable. The characters are so cute and some of the things they do are hysterical. Some days I have just as much fun playing on the apps with them as they do! Thank you Sago Mini developers for creating such an extensive line of apps that not only teach children, but teach them in such a sweet and fun way. Every time a new app comes out we are all excited to sit down and see what new creative things you have come up with again! Our girls even have the plush characters and the play sets you have come out with also! As a parent, I was thankful and delighted to see all the toys were made to last - worth every penny we spent on buying 2 of each stuffy and 2 of each play set. Keep up the awesome creativity! Blessings, The Gloster Family
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3 months ago, Shamrock Pig 🫥
Way too expensive!
Hello, Piknik. Sago Mini’s games are very creative fun and well made. But $60 every year?! It is too expensive and for a game for children, that is selfish and glutinous. You also have a shop that you make money from, so it would not hurt to lower that cost. In fact, it would even help because more people would buy it for a lower price than $60. For example, Sago mini did just fine when it was $30 a year. I also think it would be best for your company and Sago mini if you take a breather from new content. What I mean is that I have read many rating complaining about renewing subscriptions and more glitched and problems like that. You should really work to fix those instead of only focusing on making games because there are plenty of those. So fixing bugs would probably be the best update currently for Sago Mini. I apologize for if this was harsh, I just want the best for this great app.
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5 years ago, MissMomLT
The game is fun, but I want two things.
I think you should have character creator. The other thing is that you should have game called Sago Mini State. In that game you first pick a state. The choices should be between a farm, a city, or a beach state. The game should have everything a city state has like in Chicago or New York City. Same goes for the farm state like California and the beach state like Florida. The characters should have a home, a car, and kids and pets. The place should start outside but if you open a door, you can go inside. The cars, airplanes, boats, and trains should take you to another state. The characters should sit on the bed only if you place he/she on the end of the bed otherwise he/she should lay down. The animals should be able to hold stuff with their hands.😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😺😺😺😺😺😺😺
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5 years ago, stick man 14006
Soooooooooo amazingly fun... but the paying🥴 🙄🤔😔
It is sooo fun once you just download it the first day!!!!! But... you go on the app the next day and you have to pay. Once... only once, it almost hit buy. It costs I think 🤔a good 14$ or less but it costs at...oh.....🤥my mistake, it costs 1.99 a year if it costs soo low and people are giving you good rewiews than put it FREE. If you want people to down load this game. And if you do not stop 🛑 that I will get 😡 angry 😠 I will send your business a feedback. I will make it 1 star ⭐️ to not five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️☄️💥🔥mmmmmm... this corn 🌽 i mean this app 🌽🧩, I get sooooo puzzled 😕🧩 you need to fix this app🔨🔧⚒🛠or else I will mick up the phone ☎️📞🏙🌠oh and happy forth of july🎆🇺🇸🎇
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2 years ago, SrirachaMan
Incredible but offline is painful
If you’re willing to pay for the annual subscription, this app is worth it. It’s the app my 4 year old continuously uses when we are on the go. However there is one bug that frustrates me to no end. All the tiny apps require downloading to play. Whether it’s an app update or something on the server side, at the moments you need to use the app the most (car ride, airplane), the app forgets these ‘downloaded’ mini apps requiring installation again. When you don’t have wifi that’s not possible, making the 40+ apps more like 8 and very frustrating for the little one who doesn’t understand why they can’t play all the games anymore. I’ve redownloaded the app and tried multiple things but this constantly occurs and seems like a massive flaw in the experience.
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1 year ago, zavalmia000
🥺😭😭😭😖😣😣I miss sago mini
I miss SAGO MINI!!! The story is when I was little I found this game and was super good. So every single day I played a lot in sago mini. But then it was locked. And my mother tried to unlocked and it work! But it locked back again and over and over and over. And this was the last time for my mother to unlocked and spent my time playing a lot. And when the day came for the game to be locked...... I cried a lot. I do not know why some games need money?🤔 But yeah and when I am a grownup I think I will still miss sago mini. My favorite game is all of then that I can not pick. But the creator of this game is smart. Hope you are having a great life.
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5 years ago, MrsLongoriaW
We love Sago Mini!
I got the first app for my daughter a while ago and didn’t think much of it. WHY SHE LOVES IT: My daughter loves playing all of the Sago mini games now because it’s free play and it allows her to use her imagination. WHY I LOVE IT: My daughter was diagnosed with ASD so she does not like games with a lot of instructions or directions much less when too much verbiage is used. Sago Mini games allow me to narrate as she plays and explain things in my own way for her to better understand. There’s room for practicing action words, naming objects, explaining seasons and so much more! We have all of the Sago Mini games and look forward when a new one is created! Thank you to the creators, these games are very beneficial.
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3 years ago, thai learner 90
They will keep charging your account
I am surprised this is editors choice, because I am sure this company is not honest. I canceled all my subscriptions with sago, it all said canceled on all my devices. But then I get charged for another month, so I try to log back in an it said my account was just restored and they charged my account again. Now, I am a fool. I fell right into that trap. No where did it say hey if you sign in we I’ll automatically charge you and renew your subscription. Now remember this is the second charge this month. I am sure if I cancel this again, which I will, they will keep trying to charge my account. I need to block them from my bank. Please be forewarned with this company’s use of subscriptions and watch your account. Now I have to figure out the puzzle they gave me to cancel this subscription because it is not in my play store subscriptions...
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5 years ago, 1tiredboymom
Great easy app for kids
I was having trouble finding an app my 2 year old could navigate and really enjoy. I know he’s young, but he wants to play games like his big brother does. So we gave sago mini a try, I bought the road trip one first. He was instantly excited about it and could easily play it! My 5 year old also loved playing it. So I looked into the subscription on sago world, and decided to do it! They both love playing it. It’s very simple things that my 2 year old can do. He loves feeding the animals, driving the boat, giving the dogs baths. My 5 year old really likes playing it too, it’s not too babyish for him. It has been worth it! I suggest it to all my friends with young children.
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6 years ago, MomLife1223
Worth the money
My grandma had the free version on her phone. My 2 year old son loved it so much I downloaded it to mine. He loved the free version so much I just bought the year subscription. That was the best decision I’ve ever made for him. He love the plane, robots, monsters, all kinds of stuff. Even if they don’t really “get it” it’s just fun that they clan rap around and change colors or make things fly with their touch. We sit together for a few minutes each night and play “the game” and he loves it. I am very satisfied with the subscription. $35 is about how much a new Paw Patrol truck toy would cost me. This is something he can play on the go, at the store, in the car, etc I love it.
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7 years ago, yesterday's pickle
Subscription model is crap and this is a bad roll out
My daughter loved the Friends app, and while it's still here wrapped in this in-app purchase subscription model skin used by many other (lesser) developers (Sago Mini, you're better than this!) I want the plain old friends app back. You could have rolled this out as a new separate app and avoided bad reviews like this one. I love the games themselves and am happy to see they are still available for purchase as stand alone purchases and in bundles... except Friends 😭 Update: Sago mini is the best developer and any issue I had was thoughtfully addressed and worked out. I love you guys, sorry it took so long to edit the review!
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4 years ago, LoveRo24
Something to keep my crazy toddler quiet...
I was hesitant to purchase this after the free trial because I’m cheap af. But my daughter kept nagging me so I got it and I’m really glad I did. She plays this thing every morning while I comb her waist length, tightly-curled hair and it keeps her from complaining. She’s very high energy and this keeps her still and quiet. I love the fact that each time she plays, it’s like a different challenge instead of a repetitive phone game she can get tired of. This app is well worth the money and also exercises your child’s problem-solving skills bc there are no directions; it prompts them to interact without guidance or too much difficulty.
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6 years ago, Ricky Badridge
Great Play Space for the Imagination
My kids could spend hours exploring these adorable towns, factories, and characters if I would let them. Both of my children (ages 3 and 5) really enjoy using their imagination to create and play in Sago Mini World. Through these apps, now in one convenient location, my kids have become space explorers, super heroes, farmers, race car drivers, architects, and more! Wonderful for entertaining during long waits, and so many different choices to avoid monotony. We love Sago Mini and have recommended to many of our friends. If I’m totally honest, I have definitely played them myself when the kiddos weren’t around to catch me!
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4 years ago, KellBelle3500
Best and cutest game ever!
This game is so much fun! And I hope that it has an update soon. I mean, who DOESN’T love sago mini World!? It’s got everything a good app has it’s got cute characters, over 30 different things to do and it’s just plain fun!😁😁😁 anyways I hope that the game gets an update soon because I have an idea for a New update sago mini school put sago mini School in The new update when you have time to do it that’s right, SAGO MINI SCHOOL ❗️❗️❗️ no 24 hour trial, none of that silly Price thing, no nothing! Just Free so whenever you want to play it would be just free nothing to pay please please I would Love if you could do it
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3 years ago, 04577383647
Good but needs a few corrections....
Really good game for a little children under the age of five but they only give you three or four games for free so with the attention span of a three or four-year-old just playing 3 to 4 games does not entertain them a lot the games they give you are good but the ones that aren’t free or better I’ve played them before so I think that they need to make a few more games free because they’re only 3 to 4 out of about 32 or so games. So sago mini if you are reading this review please take into consideration adding a few more free games to your Play time experience. Thank you!!!!🙂
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4 months ago, bruhhhhh0q3
This dang game is WAY TOO GOOD! 👏🤩🤩🤩🥳
When I was like 3 or 4 I used to play this game soooo much on my grandmas phone I recently kinda forgotten about it for about 3 years right after 2020) until today. I have recently quit this other game and I wanted to play something MY PLAY STYLE so I thought about getting a new game and was gonna just buy Sago Mini Superhero ( One of your 49+ Amazing games! ) Until my mother suggested buying Sago. Mini. World. I instantly said yes and we bought I just today. My childhood of playing these addictive games are so just stuck in my head now! The nostalgia is INTENSE!! So.. THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY CHILDHOOD SAGO MINI!! YOUR GAMES ARE AWSOME INFINITY OUT OF TEN!
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7 years ago, ellismom
Love this app! It is my kids favorite, no question.
The games are wonderful and creative. My daughters love them. They are easy enough for my 3 year old to play with no help, but also interesting enough for my 5 year old to stay engaged for as long as I'll let her play. This app is also perfectly compatible with the Guided Access feature of iPhones. You can open the app and lock the page and the kids have total freedom to pick their games and play to their hearts content with no hiccups or annoying ads. This is my go-to app every time I need a distraction for the kids. They beg to play it all the time. It's so much fun.
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4 years ago, LittleMTL
Love this app and the company
I was targeted through an Instagram ad over the summer for a free Sago Mini Box and while my kids were older (4 and 8) I love free so I ordered one. It arrived and we loved it-still play with it! and have since subscribed. Thanks to the box we discovered the app and am so thankful. My 5 yr old, who is doing PreK at home this year, uses the app every day! I love the parent portal as it sends me snippets into his activity and it has printable activities based on the app themes. We’ve made a cardboard town, had gross motor work acting like construction vehicles and just had so much fun! Thank you SO much for this variety of wonderful resources.
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2 years ago, Jurassic MEOW
Sago mini! Please respond!!!
Ok so, you know Apple TV’s new show “sago mini friends” right? So, plz I really want you to make a plushies of the sago mini crew. Ok I know you have those, but I mean Plushies of SAGO MINI SHOW if you do, I have some suggestions,, make sure you add Harvey’s bandanna and also, make sure you can make it to where his bandanna can come off, and add Jinga’s collar and make that come off too, and don’t forget Jack and Robin! jack’s bowtie will come off, And Robbins flower can come off too! Oh! And make them floppy. I hope you suggest my ideas, if so, thanks so much! Sincerely, Lily! P.S. if you make them I WILL BUY ALL OF THEM!!!
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4 years ago, DocSharpie
Fantastic games, but they keep deleting themselves!
I hate to give this a 1-star, because the Sago Mini World games are absolutely wonderful, and my daughter gets so much enjoyment from playing them. The reason I’m giving this such a low rating, however, is because for some reason, many of the games constantly “undownload” themselves from your device for no apparent reason, and you have to force download them again from the “Parents” screen, which is a rude awakening for your child when you’re on a plane ride or long car trip without access to WiFi, and they want to play their favorite game. My devices have ample available storage on them, so it’s not an issue of running out of space to keep the apps downloaded. This drives me (and my kid) absolutely crazy. While the developer says that this is iOS’s fault in the way that app data is managed under the hood, I do not have this issue with other apps, such as PocketCasts, which is able to retain over 100 GB of downloaded podcasts on the device without having to auto-purge them. I think this is a genuine bug, or at least a feature oversight in Sago Mini. The app should not be purging previously downloaded data without the users express consent.
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5 years ago, louden311
Sago is One of the Best but... Sago World
Sago is great at making engaging content for children. I own all the apps. However, as I listen to the disappointing cry of my child who doesn’t understand sago world is the same thing he already has, I will add that sago world is a 1 star for me. Sago world requires a subscription for access to all the apps I already purchased. So if I bought the subscription I would be paying for a few features and ease of access which isn’t worth $40 a year on top of the price I already paid. I do wonder why you cant have a regular access portal for non-subscribers so that my child can access all the apps in 1 single app, you can make the games we own clickable and ones we don’t non-clickable. You could also add an option for those who bought everything already to get access to the extra features too.
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3 years ago, em-em!!
Love it but
We have to pay for a lot of things and we can’t really play like anything without paying for the app and I don’t think it’s that fair for the other people who can’t afford just for like a game so I think they should let us have to buy everything because I really like the apartment thing I try to download it again and for some reason it didn’t show the free trial again but what I’m trying to say is it’s just unfair for the people who don’t have a like $30 because I can’t really pay $30 for a year for just some game that I probably wouldn’t even play that much but I would rate it five stars if we don’t have to pay everything..
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7 years ago, VanCrys
Amazing App
As a parent all you hear is how horrible you must be if you let your child have too much “screen time” 😔 Well with sago mini I don’t have to feel guilty about the time my toddler spends learning and enjoying the app. I’m still mindful of how long he spends but he is actively learning and growing a better understanding of how things work in the real world. I love the fun graphics, beautiful design, ease of operation for my toddler and the many REAL WORLD applications that are taught. Plus let’s face it, we can run from technology all we want but it’s imperative for our future success so let those babies learn a thing or two!!!
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7 years ago, CandiceSkinner
High Quality Design, User Friendly, FUN!!
I often think about how it must be pretty fun to be the folks who design kids apps. I imagine a room full of well educated adults, parents and soon-to-be's, sitting around casually dressed, cracking jokes while testing out the games. There's probably really good food involved too. While some of that may be true, or maybe all of it..(man, I'm jealous!) Sago Mini's Team truly applied their well educated minds to a new level of understanding their users, KIDS! The bold designs, bright colors, fast response and creative characters keep the kid in all of us engaged and smiling! Keep the good times rolling Team! There's nothing better as a parent than coming home from a long day at work to playing and laughing with your child. Your apps provide this fun and create the best memories. We hope Sago continues to grow and new apps can be developed for our growing children. We appreciate you! Candice, Vivienne and Olivia P.s. We love the new toys and stuffies!!!! Keep them coming!
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3 years ago, Grandpa Clark
Grandpa Clark
My Granddaughter, now 3, loves the many “worlds” in this program. She has progressively learned how to explore each world. The intuitive nature of the experience has helped her develop an understanding of the importance of interactions between the characters and the actions of the player (her). It’s great that the characters do not always enjoy every action by the player. It allows me to talk with her about what and why something may or may not be liked by the different characters in the game. So, it’s fun but can teach important lessons about our interactions with others.
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4 years ago, AMMO KKSouth
Nothing left to want
My 3 yo absolutely adores this app. I am not one to purchase apps but with everything World has to offer, I’d have been a fool not to. I can leave my little one to himself without worrying he’ll stumble into anything inappropriate or out of his age range. I don’t have to worry about him clicking adds and getting frustrated or stuck like so many of the free apps out there. World literally has everything!! I am beyond happy you all took the time to make something so age appropriate and suitable for younger kids. It’s nice to be able to put my mind at rest when he’s playing this. THANK YOU!!!!
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5 years ago, Amanda Winter
Great for early childhood!
We’ve had Sago Mini games for my daughter since she was about a year (or so) old. We limit screen time on personal devices significantly and keep tight rein on what she plays on the iPad. Sago Mini is just awesome! The games are cute and the characters are lovable. We love the subscription to Sago Mini World because you get all the games and the new ones when they come out. She’s 4+ now and still loves it. They aren’t as challenging as they used to be, but it’s some nice relaxing play time for her. She knows all the characters by name and always finds such joy when playing. 5 stars over and over.
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6 years ago, Alaskan-Bird
Best Free World for kids
My child loves this game. At first, I thought the openness of the game would bore my toddler but it’s actually the opposite. She has explored each level in depth. It’s fun that you can choose almost any character to do any of the games, along with the specific games, like Forest Flyer. Glad you came out with the zoo! I am looking forward to seeing more with these characters. This is worth your money. The only problem I had with this games is we had no idea what the names were of the characters. I had to look them up on the internet. But other than that, awesome! Get this for your child!!
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