Santa Cruz Sentinel

4.4 (167)
91.3 MB
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MediaNews Group
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Santa Cruz Sentinel

4.37 out of 5
167 Ratings
4 years ago, escape2hwe
Love Sentinel On-Line
Excellent local and national content, with just enough international news to stay current. Reading on my phone each morning saves dealing with recycling paper, and is environmentally positive. The only down side is not getting news that happens late in the day or evening in the following morning addition, such as sports scores and late breaking news stories.
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3 years ago, Annoyed addendum
E- edition
I very much appreciate having the online option during the pandemic. Occasionally I experience glitches and little problems, but for the most part the e-edition seems to work well and seems to have improved over recent months. I now have a complaint: before sending my review, the system is asking me for a nickname, and the ones I tried have all been taken, and it doesn’t seem willing to let me send a review without a nickname. This has taken three times as long as writing the review, and my review is now a negative one because of this! Please do not attach my name nor nickname if you display my review!
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3 years ago, iggysc
It’s a great way to read the Sentinel!
I’m really enjoying being able to blow up the print so I can see it better, I also enjoy the reading section when the articles are very large you can click a button and follow along a little bit as it’s read out loud. Pictures are bright and clear, much better than a newspaper. I miss the tradition of going to the curb and getting my newspaper every day and having it laying around to remind me to finish reading it all day!
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2 years ago, YaWhew!
Big Improvement
The new Read/Swipe modes are a big improvement, and just what I’d hoped for. Also, the app is much more stable when idle while I do other things. I can now return from another task and pick up where I left off without the long wait, the app crashing and/or needing to navigate back to where I’d left off. Now I can love the local news AND the app. Way to go, developers! Thanks for hearing user suggestions.
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2 years ago, Harryjean
New app is NOT an improvement
If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. New app is more cumbersome to use. Worst though is that it frequently hangs up with Loading article message and no way to get out of that except to delete app. Also, I used to be able to highlight a puzzle and send to printer. That function works about 50% of the time. Puzzle won’t show up on screen and icons on the top highlight sequentially but nothing happens. And if I hit the return arrow to try again, it throws me back to the front page, not the previous page. Have contacted them repeatedly but no response and no resolution.
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3 years ago, selfdoc
Really convenient
I often awake in the early morning for a short while. The online Sentinel is there for me to read. It is really convenient to read on my iPad while in bed. I get a good start to the day before falling back asleep. I can quickly scroll through and focus on those articles of interest. I especially like the new format of the app.
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3 years ago, DadManDude
My morning paper
Reading my local paper in the format of a newspaper ( though digital) helps me start my morning right. Satisfies my nostalgia for when the morning paper delivered on your porch was a thing. And reading local news is so much better than the horror show on the big news websites.
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2 years ago, train guy pete
The on line App is flawless!
I resisted for a long time moving from paper to on line app. But now after more than 4 years of use I love it. No more missed papers or searching in the bushes. And my IPad travels with me on vacations around the world. I can also email articles of interest to friends & family.
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3 years ago, Roxy Montana
Great way to read the paper
With some glitches that I can usually figure out bit for the most part the easiest way to read the paper. I used to love getting my hands on the paper but then I felt awful for all the wasted paper. Once the delivery to my home was eliminated, this became a huge bonus for my husband and I.
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4 years ago, )$@@"
iPhone 8 Plus use
Good functionality and easy to read articles. It would be better if when toggling between apps the newspaper would not revert to top of current article.
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4 years ago, l0calgal
Easy to navigate
I enjoy reading the SC Sentinel on iPad. I like having a whole page of Editions available to catch up easily on past issues. I like the format and ease of clicking to article text and being able fwd to others via email and post to FB.
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2 years ago, sbpurnell
I use it every day!
This app is the first thing I open & read every morning for years now. I rather recently learned to swipe, rather than tapping arrows to move to the next page!
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4 years ago, JG95003
Daily newspaper
I read this every day, in place of our delivered issue. It’s much better than holding and recycling all that paper. Plus, I can read my local paper from anywhere in the world.
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2 years ago, SC Rach
E-edition harder to read on phone than website version
The Sentinels e-edition format is very frustrating and difficult to read on my small screen iPhone-though I hate this format for other documents on my desktop computer also. Maybe I am a Luddite-but give me Firefox, Safari or even a PDF instead.
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3 years ago, tydurm7
As Expected
I get the Sunday paper and rely on the app during the week. It works well. Several options to view stories. Updates quickly to current edition. I’m happy with it!
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3 years ago, Sheenwas
No more gross ads
I am so relieved the gross ear wax pop up as is gone! Ad content should be better monitored. The site generally works okay but it’s pretty glitchy. Sometimes articles don’t pop out correctly or don’t continue from the next page.
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4 years ago, kjr300
Enjoy having local news at your fingertips
The clarity of the print has improved on the iPad since it was initially released years ago.
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3 years ago, PhilR825
Daily paper online
I like reading daily paper online and not having to go outside to pickup paper that was thrown under the car or in the gutter and wet. Saving trees is important for our planet. Sometimes the app stops working and need to reload. Overall I appreciate the online copy!
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3 years ago, tb437w
Works great
It nice to read the local paper no matter where you are traveling. Easy to navigate and set up well compared to other newspaper apps!
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4 years ago, Sidd108108
Long time subscriber
More local news and less national would be nice. More positive news and less violent and negative news. More present news timing, and less two day old news.
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3 years ago, BJzAir M1
Great way to stay connected
Since subscribing I continue to get too many ads to subscribe. Enough already!
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3 years ago, alioti1
Read digital SCSentinel daily.
I look forward to reading local news and special interest stories in the SC Sentinel every morning with my coffee.
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3 years ago, nweiz
Easy to navigate
Every article is easy to get through in navigation and app layout.
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3 years ago, Trail runs
Easy to read anytime
Enjoy the easy access to our local paper.
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4 years ago, KT95060
I use it every morning
Cool to be able to read the paper without getting out of bed!
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3 years ago, 22 Waves
Read Everyday
Easy app, I can read local news from anywhere.
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3 years ago, DDF1028
Great App
I like reading the Sentinel every day even when I travel. This app makes it easy.
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2 years ago, Itsaplane
It works!
This app works great and replaces my paper paper very satisfactorily. Really, it’s even better.
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2 years ago, ankarlai Turgut
Great app for Sentinel
We just need rainfall measurements added in! 😊
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3 years ago, Dav0x0
Good source for local news.
All the time.
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3 years ago, C O P
Annoying daily pop up window asking me if I want the other edition.
I have the setting to NOT do this but it continues each time that I open the app.
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4 years ago, Soifdawg
Good local paper, but always a bit behind with the news
Good local paper, but always a bit behind with the news
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4 years ago, tduncans2
Intuitive, excellent function
Much appreciated alternative to paper.
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2 years ago, ACJ from SLV
Courageous coverage of differing views, and great local news
Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, MAGAmakesmeGAGA
Mercury App
Works great for print version online
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2 years ago, BFab2
Easy to navigate
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6 years ago, major-dude
Extremely poor
It’s barely usable at the best of times. Very poorly designed. Links from front page to back sections often never open. The ONLY virtue is the ability to see the front page of past issues.
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2 years ago, Kvbailey
Love it!
I can get my hometown paper anywhere I want!
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3 years ago, ytrudger
Sc sentinel
Great source of local news and easy to use app on my phone and iPad
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6 years ago, eye care
Clean- up
I thought it was only me. Please clean up your online newspaper. The links do not always work. My eye are straining. I get the printed paper at home but I travel for work and would like to know what is going on at home when I am away. Please fix this - clean it up
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4 years ago, RudisMom
Sentinel app
Works great Glad to have it at my fingertips on my phone
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3 years ago, Dan the solitaire man
Extremely reliable app. Intuitive.
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4 years ago, thornmew
It’s as though The Sentinel doesn’t want us to use this digital version of the paper. It’s so cumbersome and unintuitive to use. Even though it’s been promoted for well over a year it’s still an extremely poor experience.
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4 years ago, electriflyer
Great Morning Ritual
Look forward to reading the paper evert day!
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4 years ago, Piemaker4u
Great! Very easy to use.
Love the options of use.
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3 years ago, David-ladd
Clear and Precise
I find the Santa Cruz Sentinel to be well researched, well written and appropriately objective.
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3 years ago, Aced again
Good app
Easy to use
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3 years ago, Taffycat86
SC rating
Love the new format.
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3 years ago, dino two
Great newspaper
Love reading it
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4 years ago, bcestelle
Too difficult
The newspaper is too hard to maneuver My print copy is being discontinued So now all I have is the e copy. Sad
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