Santikos Premiere

4.8 (2.5K)
80.7 MB
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Current version
Santikos Theatres
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Santikos Premiere

4.77 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
7 years ago, Greendragon38
Not disappointed at all
If you constantly use the Santikos website to buy tickets. You must have this app! This app streamlines the process and has a great user interface along with awesome features. Take for example I bought tickets through the app and it can save multiple cards to purchase tickets with. After you buy tickets this app has a handy feature that reminds you that you have a movie at "X" time. It also keeps you signed in under your rewards program, so you don't have to keep logging in like with the website. I have not had any problems or complaints for this app. Anyone who likes to purchase tickets ahead of time and without hassle must have this app! You can even access the ticket stub on the app! No more searching through your email to find your ticket.
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7 years ago, LadyofDreams
The app lists me as inactive
The app shows my status as inactive, and it won't allow me to do anything to activate it via settings. It also shows my accumulated points, and that I have even earned one award, but when I click on rewards, it takes me to the inactive status screen, and, again, won't allow me to activate the account (which is obviously active if I'm earning rewards). It needs to be more user-friendly, IMO.
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9 months ago, Melkaysa
Needs a lot of work
Half the time when checking out the app freezes and I have to get out and try again. Then my seats aren’t available when I go back in and have to wait until the previous time expires. Also, when looking at movie times and what seats are available you go to a certain time and check on the seats. If it’s all full or you don’t have the seats you are wanting and you go back to look at the other times available it will take you back to the very top of all the movies that are playing. You then need to scroll back down to find the movie you want and start all over again. Very frustrating if you’re wanting to look at multiple times the movie is playing for the day.
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5 years ago, Bizziemum123
rewards and points don’t show
app is pretty good- i just re downloaded it after getting a few failed attempts at purchasing tickets. once it charged my card twice, i was done. then once summer started i thought i’d give it another try. purchasing is much smoother, app gives the choice of adding ALL tickets to apple wallet- the only drawback is the rewards system. i can NEVER see my point total OR rewards. it’s not until i get to the movie theatre does the cashier tell me i have rewards. otherwise i’d prolly never know. makes me wonder if that is done on purpose 🤷🏽‍♀️ in any case, i think it could be better.
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6 years ago, Toomanychriss
Works great for me
I'm not sure what all the negative reviews are for. I know that they sold their Houston locations last year so I understand why some Houston people are frustrated but for getting tickets to San Antonio theatres it is easy and quick. I can buy a ticket while waiting at a red light and the scan my phone when I arrive. It is fast and efficient.
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7 months ago, BBM162
I love Santikos theatres and go at least 2ce a month. Have always used Fandango. Switched to Santikos app for the membership points, and quickly noticed how outdated the app experience is. Was REALLY disappointed when I tried exchanging movie tickets for a different time and there were no available options. Had to call and they could only do a refund which was ridiculous because they don’t refund their convenience fee. Even though all I wanted was an exchange for a different time literally the same day. Will never use this app again. Fandango for the win!!!
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6 years ago, Blonde player
First year I used the app sucked. Network always down. Poor and slow communications when I would ask for help on line. When their rewards program was down I never got those extra points for the inconvenience. Left app alone for awhile. This last month so far no problems. Hope it stays that way
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6 years ago, LA of SA
Must get Santikos Movie App
Newest app working great now. Preferred theater launches, easy to find seats desired and selected. Keeps track of rewards, easy to use app for ticket purchase. Better than using on-line! I like not having to worry about paper ticket or stub. All info on phone. This app makes it the ONLY way you will want to buy your tickets!
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7 years ago, A.J. Darrah
Hasn't worked in a while
This app has been pretty frustrating. Had it for a couple years. Works every once in a while. Hasn't worked in months. Can't pull up their Tomball, TX location on this app or on Flixster etc. so I have stopped going to the theater. You have to buy the tickets in advance to get seats (which I like). But I'm not driving there to get tickets then driving back to watch it and I don't want to have to go and see if their website works (just me don't judge me). I just go to the other theaters every weekend that I can purchase on my phone easily.
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10 months ago, CrissyQ98
Great App
Great app easy and convenient to use. However there seems to be some kind of glitch where saved forms of payment do not work. So I need to enter payment information each time. Other than that the app works well.
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5 years ago, toby 7654
Add ticket to apple wallet
If you are adding your tickets to your Apple wallet and you buy different types of to tickets such as child and general not all the seats will be on the Apple wallet ticket. For example if you buy two child and two general tickets, so for tickets total when you add the ticket to your Apple wallet it only shows two seats instead of all four.
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6 years ago, athenawa
Works for me!
I use this app all the time now for my tickets. It is not perfect but it is certainly improving. I have to remember some little steps that are not completely intuitive. But it beats buying from Fathom, hands down! It is less expensive, and you get your Santikos points.
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6 years ago, jnash1966
Payment never works
I have saved my card info, won’t work always gives an error. Enter new card info. Same error. If I can’t pay and get a ticket via your app for a premium, you are just infuriating your customers.
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11 months ago, zxzxxxxzzzzxxmatthew
Payment bugs
App used to be perfect! I was able to pay with Apple Pay and my card was saved if I wanted to use my debit. Now the app doesn’t have Apple Pay and every time I use my saved card it declines and I have to save my card again for it to process. And since I’m here lol, It’d be cool to use my points to buy tickets thru the app lol
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5 years ago, Dragonfly00whrr
Good but Lacks Apple Pay
I was able to quickly find the movie and select my seat, but then had to find my credit card and enter the information. I would like to use Apple Pay. I will not save my credit card information to online or app vendors for security reasons.
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10 months ago, Tremors1
Card Services
I have to put my card every single to purchase tickets even when the information has been saved.
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8 months ago, Ardnas Aral
Quick Get your tickets
I was able to quickly order tickets as I’m on my way to the theater and only a few seats were available
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5 years ago, Di Ana Rjs
I love using the app for getting my tickets and not having to wait and have the movie sold out. Convenient and easy. Bonus that I can see my rewards and everything I’ve spent.
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6 years ago, Asbach11
This app is driving me crazy
Not only the app, but website Ticket purchasing as well. Error messages everywhere. Purchasing tickets and selecting seats should be a breeze not stress. Not enough loyalty points? What do you mean? I hit plenty rewards collected every week with family visits. Can’t cancel? What? No phone calls are answered, neither is there room to leave a message. Wonder if Santikos ever uses their own website or app to see how frustrating it is.
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4 years ago, Pioneer$@!
App doesn’t work
The app stopped working all together. I’m the past it has worked intermittently. Sometimes crashes at payment other times won’t even give me apple pass for my tix. Now, it just stays stuck on the welcome screen and doesn’t go pass it to the menus screen. Please fix your app for Apple. I’ve tried deleting and downloading again a couple times and it doesn’t fix the problem. Thank you!
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9 months ago, reperking
Place to be
This app makes it very convenient. I love it and my family loves going to the movies. It’s the best place If you’re not at Santikos Then you’re not at the right place
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6 years ago, Nikkiemily87
I like the convenience
The convenience is nice but I don't know when I'm going to start getting rewards. Sure you get a free ticket and pop corn when you sign up but I have been to the movies a bunch after and haven't gotten any rewards. So if I don't start to get more rewards. I'll just go back to using the website.
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2 years ago, 9089098
Can’t get any ticket options to load for movies showing today!! All movies (currently showing) keep displaying “no tickets found” when I try to select a time. I definitely agree the app could use an update! Isn’t the mobile app supposed to be a convenience for customers?
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5 years ago, Another Honest Reviewer
Needs a few improvements but it’s a good app
The app doesn’t keep me logged in for any longer than a few minutes. So, I have to log in every time I need to use it. It would be a lot better if it will keep me logged in for a long time like other apps do. The rest of the app works well for me.
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6 years ago, DarthSunshine
User friendly!
Great app for viewing and purchasing tickets! Easy user interface. Only drawback is I can’t load the free passes I get from work as credit to purchase.
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5 years ago, Francy Alexander
This app is so easy to use!! It lists everything you need to know to purchase want your looking for.. Choose, amount, buy, and get your tickets! Simple
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12 months ago, Fireplug965
Credit card
Don’t know why, but I had my credit card saved; but every time I attempt to use it; it says declined. I have to input it every time and continue to save.
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10 months ago, gry8889
Super satisfied
It’s amazing app and easy to use with no issues with my purchases.. I love and I recommend it to my friends and family
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1 year ago, _kish
Fine app, bad practice of sneaking in additional fees
The app works fine. I’m rating it two stars for their practice of charging more for the same ticket on the app vs on their website. I remember Expedia would pull stuff like this, if they recognized you were on an Apple device versus a Windows PC, they’d attempt to charge you more.
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5 years ago, Lindam89
Rewards option!
Please add loyalty rewards option for members, when purchasing we can’t use our points!!
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3 years ago, AustinWC
Good app overall, but privacy concerns
I don’t have any problems using the app as intended, but I noticed the app reads the clipboard every time it is opened. This is a big concern if I have personal information copied, such as a password, credit card, address, or SSN, and the app reads it into plain text for no reason.
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6 years ago, jgilreath
Good app
This is an easy to use app my only improvement would be that when done buying g tickets on iPad or iPhone you can add them to The Wallet feature.
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5 years ago, B Pad64
Why would anyone stand in line to buy tickets anymore with this app. I love that I can pick my seats so I did have to arrive an hour early. Love the points too.
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3 years ago, Andre Atalaya
The app doesn’t even open
I have used this app just once with no problems. After that the app doesn’t even open and it’s not working. I have to go through a browser which is the same but they have an app for a reason. Also I can say that rewards and promo doesn’t show in the app. This is so sad.
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9 months ago, Ugh6.7
It does the job but kinda annoying
Every time I try to pay with my saved card info it tells me that my payment has been declined and I have to manually enter it all in.
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8 months ago, KSAT-GG80
Love Santikos App
Great company for all they do in community. It makes me happy to choose Santikos bc of the community work. App is easy to use and has great appearance. My only choice for theaters!
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6 years ago, Ha rule
As bad, if not worse, then the website they have. Information was fully placed and correct, would not let me go forward and pay to reserve our seats. It timed out, I lost the tickets, couldn’t make the show. Just goes to show you, you can put make up on a pig, it’s still a pig. All the fanciness of this theatre, does not escape the fact their customer service/interface is T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E.
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5 years ago, Cynthalia
This app is really easy to use. Tracks points and rewards and keeps them in one convenient place.
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6 years ago, Dualingamotion
Great app
We absolutely love it. The app makes it so easy to book movies and to check on your rewards, never disappointing. Easy, secure and done👍🏻
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4 years ago, TKeyser
Latest Update removes key features
The latest app update removes two key features - the option to “add to calendar” and the option to add tickets to your wallet. They’re completely gone now. This seems like a major oversight.
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7 years ago, Texas Colonel
App doesn't work properly. Always says "no movies found" when I'm looking for showings and times. App doesn't even have the most current theater listing to chose from and usually tells me "no cinemas found" as well. Just a horrible app! I've had it for some time hoping an update would soon fix these issues, but the recent update did not.
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5 years ago, cbehd
Seamless UI
This app is fantastic. Every transition is perfect, the UX is extremely well thought out. The only improvement could be accepting Apple Pay!
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5 years ago, Pinay_Samurai
Nice Theater application
This is a very nice theater. The seats are very comfortable, food options on point. I am grateful that this app allows me the choices of seats, theaters, and times. This app is easy to use and saves desired information.
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11 months ago, Texanray01
Seating gap
If there are only four seats left in one row, this app will not allow you to select three seats. The app will give you an error message that there is a gap in between seats, forcing you to either pay for all four seats, even though you only needed 3 or not watch the movie.
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5 years ago, Bortee95
Convenience is key
Easiest most practical way of buying tickets. I’m not sure I ever want to get in line to buy a ticket for a show.
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5 years ago, Jaja274
Very simple
Idk what all the negative reviews are it’s a very straight forward app, that makes buying tickets to any Santikos theater super easy!
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10 months ago, Dmedina2010
I accidentally booked for today instead of tmrw and I can’t refund on this app. I’ve tried going online and calling but they are only open M-F. I booked $$.$$ and I don’t think I will be refunded. I call the movies and no one answers. You have to leave a message and someone will call you 24 hours! 🥴
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10 months ago, Trav Kal
Car data issue
I’m not sure why, but no matter how many times I save a card on file it will not work at purchase and I have to enter a new card number every time. This is super inconvenient. Seems to be a glitch on saved cards and file.
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6 years ago, CaptainChaos!
Good app, lost Wallet support
I use this app regularly to make my movies purchases, however, I lost the ability to add my passes to Wallet after I upgraded to iPhone X. I would give this app a higher rating if that functionality was restored.
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5 years ago, Kingpinky4u
Not to bad but needs help
It’s clunky at times and payment shows Token invalid when I try to use it. When I add another card it works fine. The sad part is this I’ve had the same card in it for years and now just stopped working.
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